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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons!

It’s time to pick three of the items for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open from 1st – 3rd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 1st.

Here’s what Ultra Personalization looks like for one of our accounts:

First, Ipsy will show the two products they have chosen for your bag.

Choose your first product!

Choose your second product!

Choose your third product! (Your product selection will differ based on your profile and availability)

At the bottom of the page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

Which product are you choosing for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:

The August 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag Plus!

Here are the Add-Ons:

Here’s a look at the bag design:

Glam Bag Plus is also getting a little makeover. Now, all your full-sized faves will arrive in a new, larger take-anywhere drawstring Glam Bag Plus that holds all of your essentials. Use it to keep those always-lost lip balms in one place or gather your on-the-go makeup items for your travels—this size is super functional.

Your drawstring bag and products will be sent to you in a recyclable mailer.

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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  1. I really like this format. Ipsy picked the Cryoboost serum and the mascara. I chose the thrive mascara, the highlighting palette, and the laura gellar bronze liner! Why did i choose these things? Well, the thrive mascara is my absolute favorite and even though they chose a mascara for me, I still wanted the thrive! The other will go in a drawer and I’ll use it as a back up or gift it. I use a bronze liner by UD that is almost out and the laura gellar one looked similar so decided to pick that one! Also, the highlighting palette will be something i can regift. There really was not another good option in that category but the holidays will be here soon and I know people who would love that.

    With that said, I’m glad we get to personalize our items! I know we only pay $25.00 each month and get 5 full size items, but some people don’t need anymore eyeshadow palettes or 43 mascaras or a black liquid liner every month! If you do, great! That’s why we have options. While I will not use everything I chose this month, I can make use of it!

    • What brand was the highlighter palette?

  2. Ipsy chose Huda in Lady Boss and the Murad SPF. I really wanted the SPF and I am happy to try the Huda. The berry shade I will wear, but I wish it had been Bonnie (the pinky nude)… which I added on to my regular glam bag.
    My choices were the coffee face scrub, the Murad eye cream and the Ciate mascara. I added on the Glamglow eye cream, SR Ice ceramide cream, the Hey Honey balm….
    This brings me to my only complaint, I added on 2 items I ended up receiving in my glam bag. I got the SR Ice ceramide cream and the GlamGlow eye cream in my regular glam bag. I wish all reveals were the sane day!!!!! That is $6 I could have saved or spent on different items. The good news is the personalization on the GBP was great and even though dupes, they nailed my glam bag as well…..

  3. I was kind of amused to see most of the options for the three picks show up in Add-Ons. I guess the people at Ipsy decided that if we really wanted it, we’d buy it.

    Ipsy’s choices for me were the 111 serum and Huda lip is Boy Collector, which looks nice.

    I chose the Estate palette, the Laura Geller liner in bronze, and the Ciate powder. I’m curious about this one.

    I added on the Tony Moly eye serum; I like their sheet masks and one face serum I tried. Also the Briogeo hair mask since I like other stuff I’ve gotten from them, and finally added the Pixi eye pen. I’m hoping I’ll like the liners. I have a laura Geller liner in another color and it’s pretty good.

    Now if they could fix the delivery time issue, I’m good to go.

  4. I’m thinking I should wait to see what I get in my ultimate bag tomorrow. There has been so much overlap between the two. It’s frustrating to have to choose before knowing what else I’m getting. If they had been more individual in the past I wouldn’t be as concerned.

  5. I just ordered for the first time tonight so I’m not sure about the process. When do I get to choose my 3 products and add-ons?

    • You might not get to choose this month. If Ipsy processes your payment on/before the last day of the month, then you will most likely get to choose. But if your payment doesn’t automatically go through on the usual billing date (last day of the month), they go through the active accounts that need rebilling cyclically. So you have to wait for one of those cycles to process your payment. Sometimes they extend choice for a day or so, or give new members a choice selection even when it’s not choice day, so there might still be hope for you. Keep checking your account, & maybe try contacting IpsyCare.

      • I just went though this—I reactivated my account on the first (yesterday) and wasn’t given any choices. I contacted ipsycare and their response was that because I didn’t get billed the day before the first I won’t be able to participate in the choice process until September. I won’t get a bag at all in August as a matter of fact. I’m pretty upset about it.

    • I ordered this morning and sadly they won’t let me pick this month. It feels like bait and switch since they don’t mention that anywhere on their site or in their advertising and the whole reason why I got the bag was so that I could make selections.

  6. I’m actually happy with this bag (and I had some serious doubts with the spoilers). I love mascaras (I wear mascara daily). I got 3 mascaras (all good brands), a huda lipstick (I don’t care for huda, their products are subpar) and a coffee scrub (not bad).

    I added on two Sunday Riley products (because these are the only ones that seem to get rid of my rosacea).

    Also pro-tip: the choices started at 9 am here in California. If Ipsy announces a date, it’s always a few hours in advance. They probably do this so their site does not crash.

    • 😱😱😱 Someone who actually got the 3 mascaras! You are a unicorn, Trish Baker!

      This is actually a great reason why this new customization feature is better — no way could they send out a box variation with 3 mascaras to the general public because it would make so many people unhappy, but someone who actually wants that variation CAN get it & be happy!

    • I too am in Cali I thought we would be choosing at 12 noon, glad I kept checking the site all morning or I would have missed picking my three items I am excited we get to choose three of our products, totally makes this bag worth it for me

  7. I signed up for plus today and I’m not getting any choices whatsoever. It’s not letting me pick ANY of the products. Aren’t I supposed to be able to pick 3 myself? What’s happening?

    • Hey there, Justin since you signed up today like I did more then likely you will end up getting the September glam bag plus so we won’t be able to choose since it’s our first one

    • Actually it says in my account that I’m getting the August one.

      • It said the same to me but I emailed them because I couldn’t choose either or do my add ons and they told me they didn’t expect so much for the demand this month and that I was getting the September one

  8. I am absolutely thrilled with my August bag.

    Ipsy picked
    111Skin Cryo Booster
    Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

    I picked
    Laruce Face Brush set, repeat but I love them
    Murad Eye Cream
    Beauty For Real HI Def Mascara

    Added on Huda Lipstick in Bonnie, plus a bunch of $3 add ons Dewytree serum, Jersey Shore Watermelon Balm, Sunday Riley ICE, and 2 hand sanitizers.

    Yay! And I got two mascaras because I need new mascara, I cleared out some old ones today.

  9. First, I still do not have my July Plus or Ultimate and Ipsy CS refuses to locate their wherebouts. So, take that as you will. I’m a long time subscriber and I do not appreciate being ignored by Ipsy.

    Now, to August. The process of selection was seamless. I liked being able to see everything up front. I did not like that Ipsy selected a mascara for me…and in all three of my categories there was a mascara. I found that comical at best. But, I had another issue. I selected two of my items and had to step away to check my cooking. Gone 3 minutes. When I returned, one of my options in third category had been removed and replaced with…another dang mascara! The item removed was the bronze liner, which I wanted. So, go to add ons. You guessed it, the bronze liner was there.

    Purposely done by Ipsy?! Who knows?! I sure as heck didn’t purchase it.

    I stated all of this to the survey.

    Sure wish I would receive my July items.

  10. I think I need to look deep into my soul to figure why I keep getting brown lipstick. It looks terrible. Why do they keep sending it?

    • Because it’s what the companies have leftover in their stock to sell to Ipsy! 😂

    • Agreed! I keep holding my breath for ant other color but brown that doesn’t look like anything on me

      • OMG I keep getting red and would love a brown lipstick. I’m blonde and white as a ghost, even my husband gives me an odd look when I try on Red or Magenta lipsticks on that I get. My bestfriend loves the quarterly surprise packages I send her.

    • Hi, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the Huda demi-matte in She-Ro or She-eo but if you do some internet searching you’ll find that those colors are actually quite pretty. I’m pasty white with blonde hair and at first I thought “Ugh!” when I saw the Huda She-Ro in my bag. IPSY’s photo makes it look straight-up brown. I looked at YouTube swatching and reviews and now my opinion of the color has totally changed. I’m really excited about it after watching about 7-8 swatching videos. In fact, in about 5 of the 7 videos I watched, the person reviewing the lipsticks said that She-ro was their favorite of all 15 colors!

      If you’re not talking about the She-Ro color, sorry for the long comment.

  11. I’m so disappointed that none of the Murad products were choices for me. Most of my choices included eyeliners and mascara, which are two products that I definitely have marked rarely on.

  12. I’m seriously loving this month!

    Ipsy chose:
    -Huda Lipstick in Mogul (10/10, this color is WAY better for me than the 3 that were in spoilers!)
    -111Skin Cryo ATP Booster (10/10 I’m a sucker for expensive skincare)

    I chose:
    -Callyssee Coffee Scrub (7/10, didn’t like the other options and it was worth getting my husband his own face wash so he’ll leave mine alone!)
    -Complex Culture Powder Brush (10/10 LOVE these brushes! Almost chose the Ciate watermelon powder, but I already have a few powders I’m working through! Hopefully it’ll be a choice next month too!)
    -INN Candy Apple Lip Oil (10/10 I was not yet getting GBP when this was first released and it looked so nice, I’m thrilled it was a choice!)

    Being able to have 2 lip items in one bag is amazing, I’ve seen several ppl who were able to build a full face of makeup, or were able to get 2 Murad products in their bag. I think the Ultra Personalization is great!

    • You’re going to love the lip oil!

    • Yay! At least one person got matched up with a Huda shade they like!

  13. Pretty happy with my bag for $25 and only one $3 Add-on:

    IPSY chose:

    111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster
    Huda Lipstick Demi Matte in Feminist (unsure about how this shade will be IRL)

    I chose:

    GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator
    COMPLEX CULTURE Plush Powder Brush
    LAURA GELLER Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze


    KITSCH Satin Sleep Scrunchies ($3) really like their products

    • So crazy, that’s exactly what they picked for me, what I picked, and the only add on I chose! Total twinning this month lol!

  14. Someone mentioned how great it would have been if, since it seems like we were all inevitably going to get a Huda lippie, we could have chosen the shade as one of our options, and I can’t stop thinking about that! I’m sure some people would disagree and feel like that was a waste of a choice, but with how often people get bummed that they are receiving the wrong shade of something, especially lipsticks or foundations, I think using this new choice of structure to address that would be super awesome! (That said, I suspect that asking on the quiz whether we have cool vs warm vs neutral undertones would go comparably far…)

    Also, interesting observation, I had the Laura Gellar eyeliner as an option this morning but it disappeared when I actually went to choose a few hours back. So it does look like things definitely “sell out” if they’re particularly popular!

    • Same happened to me with the bronze liner.

    • It was in the add ons. Shady, Ipsy.

    • I have so many lip products I will never use them all so no, I would not have liked that to be one of my choices. I am getting a Huda which I don’t care about so I am happy that I got some other great products to choose.

    • I’m glad ipsy followed my profile pretty well and didn’t give me a Huda lippie as I hate liquid lipstick. It was also not a choice for me. Congrats to those who wanted it and got it though!

  15. If given the choice I would have picked the nomad palette or the balm palette.

  16. I love being able to pick my 3 items. I really wish they didn’t group them as they did… as all three items I wanted were in the first group unfortunately. It’s still a great bag anyway.

    Ipsy picks (not a fan of either)
    -HUDA BEAUTY in Lady Boss
    -BEAUTY FOR REAL SHADOW STX 24-7 Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Marathon + Ever Starstruck

    My Picks:
    -CIATÉ LONDON Triple Shot XXL Mascara

    -CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder

    -LARUCE Face Set

    (I Really really wanted the goldfaden MD scrub but it was grouped with the Laruce brushes and I’m just incapable of resisting face brushes)

    • Next time, check out add on spoilers because you could’ve gotten the scrub and added on the brushes. Unless you didn’t want to buy more, of course. Just a tip for next time.

  17. If anyone is interested, the September bags have been revealed. Google it.

    I sent the link to MSA nearly 5 hours ago, but guess they aren’t as prompt anymore. Liz was on it, most times I emailed her a spoiler.

  18. I loved this month’s box

    Ipsy chose
    Huda lip in Mogul
    Murad day cream

    I chose
    Complex culture blush brush
    Dermedicine (will give to my sister)
    Illamasqua lipgloss

    Add ons:
    Huda lip in Lady Boss
    Tonymoly eye serum
    Glam glow eye cream
    Sunday Riley Ice moisturizing cream

  19. Ipsy Picks: Huda in shade Day Slayer(will not wear but I’m sure I can trade it sale) & MURAD Day cream.

    My Picks: Ciàte Watermelon setting powder
    Estate Cosmetics Palette
    Ciàte XXL mascara

    Add On Huda in the shade Bonnie.

    Not a bad bag at all I just wish if they was going to let us pick our 3 choices we could pick from all the products not just the products ipsy picks based on our profile or however they are chosen.

  20. I’m beyond thrilled, I got everything I wanted. Ipsy chose
    -111SKIN and a mascara
    I chose
    -Laruce (a new set to compliment the other laruce brushes I have and adore)
    In the regular glam bag this month they also have 2 large eyeshadow brushes that were not available as add ons, anyone know how to order them?
    -Illumasqua lip glaze
    -complex culture brush

    This was a great way to do it! I pay knocked it out of the park for me!

  21. I received from Ipsy

    eyeko mascara 🙄
    Murad spf, meh I prefer mineral sunscreens but I’ll use it.

    I chose

    Laura gellar bronze eyeliner, give me allll the non-black eyeliners!!!

    Laruce face brush set, I have enough brushes but best option and some ridiculous RV

    Murad eye cream, just finished my day eye cream and have Murad retinol eye for night so hoping this complements nicely

    All in all Absolutely thrilled, $25 for all that? Like over $300 RV and I’ll use everything even boring mascara.

  22. My Ipsy picks were:
    – Murad Moisturizing Day Cream
    – Eyeshadow sticks duo

    My choice options were different than the ones in this post. I picked:
    – Lovecraft beauty Aurora Bourialis Highlighter Pallette
    – Murad eye cream
    -Illuminasqua -mascara – they have beautiful packaging and seem to perform well, so I thought I would try this.

    Add ons:
    – Luruce brush set (believe it or not I have never received this from Ipsy.
    – Thrive mascara

    I’m not overly blown away by this months offerings – but I do like the new system. Now hopefully my bag arrives in a timely manner 🙏

    • Debby, the Illamasqua product is a lip gloss.

      • Oops !! Thanks for the clarification!! Actually that works out since I added on the Thrive mascara..

    • I had different options from others as well, and wasn’t blown away with my choices. I’m okay with my bag, though, and look forward to seeing what I’m able to choose in the coming months!

  23. None of my posts have posted even the ones from this morning.

  24. Still have not got my July bag, so passing. Hope you guys have reasonable shipping for

  25. I’m pleased with the 111skin serum that Ipsy chose for me, but I felt my options were blah. There were a lot of brands I’d never heard of, and some things that I’d already received from Ipsy in the recent past. The other item they picked for me was the Beauty For Real eyeshadow stick duo. It’s ok. I’m more of a palette girl. I chose the Wander Beauty foundation, Illamasqua (never heard of it) loaded lip polish in glaze and the Laruce (never heard of it) face brush set. The value is good, but I thought the choices would be more exciting.

    • I wish I had the Wander beauty foundation as a choice, I know I already got it but I’d happily take another bottle, I love it.

      I chose the LaRuce brushes because the flat foundation brush is AMAZING (also have gotten in a past bag) so Im happy to have another one.

      I’m excited for the 111 Skin item also, I had a moisturizer over the winter from them that I loved.

      My bag probably isn’t super exciting to most but I’m really happy with it. I’m just bummed I missed out on a couple of add ons I wanted.

      • To anyone who’s getting the 111Skin serum, make sure to SHAKE IT WELL before using. I’ve been reading various reviews as well as the 111Skin website and they say to make sure to shake the bottle prior to applying.

        Just wanted to let others know this – I’m not sure if people are in the habit of shaking serums (I usually don’t unless I’m told to).

  26. Did anyone else have this issue:
    I chose my add-ons, selected Complete my Bag, then it popped up with an error message and my selections were still checkmarked and the Complete my bag button was pink again. I tried again, it kicked me out completely and showed my “completed” bag…with NO add-ons. And there is no option to get back in. Got an email confirming my choices, and no add-ons. I’m soooo frustrated!

    Let alone already frustrated with some of the choices being items/categories I have marked as Rare (and sent negative reviews for) yet all 4 options were like that in that group. So I had to choose the best out of the non-desirables lol, but for that it looks like I’m not the only one. Just the add-ons glitch it seems (and those add-ons would have at least made up for the non-desirable bag items.)

    • Take the survey via the link at the bottom of your confirmation email!

    • Exact same thing happened to me. No add ins. Frustrating.

  27. Ipsy picks:
    Huda Bonnie (mattes are drying on me, but good color)
    Shadow STX (not bad, but didn’t expect 2 cheaper picks)

    My picks:
    Dermedicine spf (want to try)
    Inn Beauty lip oil (beats black mascara any day)
    Murad eyecream (repeat I’m happy to have)

    Glam glow eye

    Would have liked many of the choices I wasn’t offered, but I can’t remember the last time I successfully avoided a black eyeliner and a black mascara. I will definitely try all 5 items which is a big win, but I’m missing a hero item that’s not a repeat.

  28. Mine is not letting me choose, I’m not sure what is going on. It just takes me to the main page and is not even letting me see the choices. Anyone else having issues?

    • Same issue 🙁
      I’ve looked through my email for a link. I’ve refreshed the page and nothing…

      • I discovered my issue… I set my account to ship every other month :'(

  29. Not surprised that this went live early, which is why I checked as soon as I woke up.

    Bag incudes:

    Ipsy picks: Huda Beauty Demi Matte lip in Sheeo(really wanted this but not in this shade, I wanted SHERO, so im bummed now)+ Beauty For real shadow stick duo(not thrilled)

    I chose: Laruce Face set(options in this category sucked) +Murad Renewing Eye cream(this category had 3 of the items I wanted!, come on ipsy!) and Laura Geller Kajal liner( Another lackluster category, but I was eyeing this so glad i got to pick)

    Decent bag.I was really hoping the Estate Cosmetics palette woudve been included, had to add it on.

    Add ons:

    111 Skin Duo, Huda Beauty bundle,(both $25 tier) Sunday Riley Tidal +Sunday Riley Luna,($18 tier) Bailey Sarian Palette( $12)Thrive Cosmetics mini, Kitsch scrunchies , Pixi by Petra Mulbery Liner( all $3 tier)

    Clearly I am insane because I haven’t even received either of my July bags and add on’s and today I dropped$117 on add-ons,not including the cost of both bags.. Most excited about the add-ons of course, but when isn’t that the

    • I messaged ipsy to ask for my july bag. They said since i only subscribed in july 17 i will get the august bag not the july bag.

  30. Really happy with my bag!
    Ipsy picked for me :
    111skin booster
    Beauty for real shadow stick duo
    What I picked for myself :
    Illamasqua lip polish
    Murad eye cream
    Callyssee Cleanser

    Due to the quarantine I’m preferring skin/hair items to makeup so I’m really happy 3/5 of my items are skin care! I’m so glad we can pick 3 products now , I always give away the ipsy bags anyways so the new bag isn’t a problem to me

  31. I know some are asking why people were unhappy. My main issue is that 4/5 of my items were makeup rather than skincare (or hair). The two they chose for me were makeup (liquid lip and mascara), then only one of the three groups had any skincare in it (I chose the coffee scrub). I’m seeing others got choices in that category that I didn’t that would better match my quiz (like the Murad eye cream–and I never received that in a past bag or anything).

  32. What time did the personalization open up at? In the original blog post/announcement on ipsy, they said it would start at 3pm Eastern time. But this article was posted around 12pm Eastern time. 🙍

    • Mine was open when I checked at 11:25 ET

    • It opened at 11 EST

  33. I like the new choice feature but I’m not happy with two items Ipsy picked for me. They picked the Huda lipstick in Day Slayer. I would have loved one of the other pretty shades but the shade they selected looks like a brown color. They also selected the Murad perfecting day cream which I have no interest in. I would have loved the Beauty For Real shadow stix instead.

    • Ha! That’s what I wanted. I’ll trade you. I got the shadow stix duo and want the murad day cream. Geniusdoer at gmail

      • I will email you .

    • Monica,
      I got the Shadow sticks and would love the Murad if you have any desire to trade.

  34. There are almost all new items to redeem for points now. Entire page full of new things. 🙂 I got a lip gloss crayon like the one I already selected a couple of months ago that arrived too damaged to use.

    I had a fun time choosing a few products for my Plus bag that were outside my usual choices.

    In one bag, Ipsy chose a Huda lipstick and the 2 shadow sticks.
    I chose the Estate palette, the Ciate’ watermelon powder compact, Illamasqua clear gloss. I added on the Sunday Riley Tidal Water cream, and the Kitsch hair ties.

    In the other bag, Ipsy picked the Murad Day Cream and the same bronze- toned shadow sticks.

    I picked Love/Craft/Beauty highlighter duo that I’ll probably use as blush, Thrive mascara, and the Laura Geller bronze liner. Three products I’m not over the moon about but the other choices were Eyeko and black eyeliner and brushes. I didn’t like their choice pool too well for this bag.
    I still don’t have one July GBP with the SR Luna Oil so I bought another bottle of it, more satin hair ties, and a couple more Huda lip colors.

    All in all, a fair mix of skincare and makeup… Probably the happiest I’ve ever been with my two Glam Bag Plus bags.

    • Thank you so much for this! I just looked a couple days ago and there was nothing new, but I was just able to grab the Maelle crayon I’ve been coveting! Wish I had more points!

  35. Ipsy picks:

    Huda liquid lip in Bonnie (super happy!)
    111 skin Cryo Booster (I’ll try it)

    My picks:
    Estate x Bailey Eyeshadow palette (really wanted it)
    Thrive Causemetics Mascara (my holy grail mascara)
    Laura Geller Bronze Eyeliner (this is what I liked the best in the category. Not black so it’s a win)

    I was so strong and didn’t do any addons. I’m hoping by doing no addons my box will ship sooner. That said I might add some stuff on tomorrow to my regular. There was only a couple $3 ones I was interested in.

  36. Omg! That sucked! I upgraded cause I wanted that scrub and moisturizer and had ZERO choices for skincare. It was literally all makeup and a brush. Every category had mascara and liner in it. Literally ALL eye makeup except a brow gel and a setting powder option. And I only wanted skincare lol!

    They choose a lip color that’s too light (day slayer) and eye shadow sticks for me.

    I should have just stuck to regular! I prefer makeup in the the regular bag cause I usually get full sizes, so I’m sure my profile is why this happened… But geeze! So disappointing!

  37. Ipsy picks:
    Murad Day cream + spf
    Huda Beauty Demi-Matte lipstick in Mogul (wouldn’t have been my choice of color)

    I chose:
    Laruce brush set
    Ciate watermelon setting powder
    Laura Geller bronze eyeliner

  38. Anyone else mad that SR Luna Oil was “sold out” so they only gave you a $5 credit on your July bag and then they see it as an $18 add-on?

    Just me? Ok

    • Me too!!

    • $25 / 5 = $5 per product. How much would you have expected to get refunded?

      And have you ever heard of restocking?

      • I get what youre saying, but I’m sure they knew in advance that they would have more stock of this.. so if I were in her shoes I’d be pissed too.They also don’t usually repeat the add ons this soon, usually takes a few months. But on the other side, I’m thrilled it was available again because I added it on this time around because I haven’t received my bags and it was my choice for last month, so I didn’t want to risk not having one. And if my bags ever arrive, then I’ll have a back up.

      • Offering the Luna oil for sale a third time when they haven’t met their obligation for orders placed in June is wrong.

      • That’s the logic Ipsy uses, but I personally don’t agree with it. The Luna Oil was a Choice item, which means some people kept their bags solely to get this item for the $25 cost of the GBP. If I pay $25 for Luna Oil + 4 items, I expect to get Luna Oil + 4 items. I’m not agreeing to pay $20 for 4 unknown items.

        They got me with that last year when all the June 2019 glam bag pluses mysteriously went missing in the mail — except it was worse, because not only did they not send me the Sunday Riley CEO cream I was supposed to get, they also refunded me for the Suva hydra liner that I also wanted. So I ended up paying $15 for 3 things I just did. not. want. with no desirable product to make up the cost deficit.

    • That’s very frustrating. I imagine your bag arrived only a couple of days ago and they actually had Luna. I was fortunate enough to receive my Luna, but was missing the SalmonVgene eye cream (also oos). The rest of the bag was cheap filler to make up for the premium choice item. They definitely should have shipped the Luna choice bags before sending it to add-on and second chance add-on orders… or honored replacing it.

  39. Overall I’m happy with all the items except for one of Ipsy’s picks!

    Ipsy chose:
    *Huda Beauty in Revolutionnaire (not sure of the color)
    *111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster
    My Picks:
    *Goldfaden MD Scrub
    *Murad Renewing Eye Cream
    *Wander Beauty Precise Brow Gel

    I was so happy to see choices I was torn between in my add-ons so I just had to get them!
    *Dermedicine Skincare (was in the category with the Goldfaden MD scrub)
    *Ciate London Watermelon Burst Powder (was in the same category as the Murad)

    I was shocked to see the Sunday Riley Lina Oil, and I just couldn’t resist. I feel like I’m stealing candy from a baby y’all 🍭🍭🍭

    • Bag envy!!! You had awesome selections!

      • I was skeptical how the new choice selections would work, but I’m super impressed! Were your choices in each category just meh? I’ve been rating my skincare products much higher the last several months (I’m in a N95, shield and goggles all day-not wearing much makeup these days) maybe that has something to do with the good selection of skincare?

  40. I didn’t get to choose from items that I really wanted I am most excited about the lip glaze, sadly.

    They picked for me:

    Cryo ATP Sports Booster (this has Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil in it which can be a problem for sensitive skin. Hopefully I can swap it)

    SHADOW STX 24-7 (I have gotten to an age where cream shadows just don’t work for me anymore and I don’t care this brand-I’ll give them to a daughter)

    I picked:

    BLUE LOTUS 4~in~1 Cleansing Milk (I wish I’d been given the choice for the green tea primer, I love that stuff! Although this cleanser has several citrus oils that are bad for sensitive skin, you wash it off, so it should be fine for me)

    Plush Powder Brush (I don’t really NEED another brush, but I will add it to my collection. I am sure it will get used).

    Loaded Lip Polish in Glaze (This actually sounds pretty good to me-and the value is the entire price of the box, so okay).

    I added on the glamglow for $3 interested in trying that out. Overall, I am feeling meh about my box. I probably would have skipped if I’d known in advance but I’m not so disappointed that I wouldn’t try again next month.

    • I’m glad someone else is excited for the Illamasqua gloss, too, lol. Loved the lipstick I got from them.

      The way you phrased your assessment of the eye shadow sticks is cracking me up: “I’ll give it to a daughter.” Someone’s daughter. Anyone’s daughter! Doesn’t matter whose daughter, I just want to get rid of this!

    • I have a severe allergy to eucalyptus. I have asked them to switch it out for me but I doubt they will. If they don’t, I’ll be cancelling my subscriptions.

      • My cat is allergic to fish and I can’t use the salmon cream, but they would not switch it in July.

      • So, if I ever get the box, I’m tossing it.

  41. I skipped this month and I am not mad about it seeing the choices here. I dislike they putting the choice in categories and the choices seen here are super boring and i wouldn’t have wanted anything for this month anyways.

    • Wish I had skipped.

    • I can honestly say I wish I had skipped this month, and I have 2 subscriptions! Time to take it down to 1. Love the concept, but the choices just didn’t do it for me.

    • This just shows once again that IPSY can’t make everyone happy all the time. I’m thrilled with my bag and had amazing choices – I couldn’t be happier – and am looking forward to many future months of GBP.

    • The choices seen here were not the choices everyone got. Mine were fantastic and I had a hard time picking for the first two groups. The third group was less exciting.

  42. Ipsy chose:
    Beauty for Real eyeshadow sticks
    Huda Day Slayer
    I chose:
    Goldfaden scrub
    Murad eye cream
    Laura Geller eyeliner
    Other than the Huda lip color, I’m happy.
    I wish we could have chosen the Huda color. I would rather have Game Changer or Bonnie.

  43. I have mixed feelings this month. I love that we get to choose three items instead of just one, but a little bummed at how limited the choice items were. For me, at least half of my choice items were products I’ve already received in a box, so it was a bit tough to call. Regardless, still happy enough with my haul:

    – 111 Skin Sports Booster Serum (10/10, love this choice)
    – Beauty for Real Eyeshadow Sticks (3/10, I don’t like this brand and shadow sticks are not my thing at all. Plus I have like 800 eyeshadows in these shades already)

    – Goldfaden MD Microdermabrasion Exfoliator (7 /10, I like a good md scrub, so I’m cautiously optimistic)
    – Wander Beauty Foundation in Light (8/10, love Foundation choices!)
    – Illamasqua Lip Gloss (7/10, not a big gloss person, but this brand has one of my all time favorite primers so looking forward to trying other products of theirs)

    I also added on the Sunday Riley Luna Oil and Huda Lip in Bonnie.

    • I’m a dork & since you put all your ratings, I couldn’t help but do the math: your ratings average out to a 7/10. Would that be an accurate assessment of how you feel about the bag overall?

  44. Very happy with my bag this month yay.
    Ipsy pick 111 skin booster, Eyeko mascara

    My pick Callyssee clean face coffee scrub, Murad eye cream, Laura Gellar Bronze eyeliner

    Add ons Dewytree serum, S R ice moisturizer cream, Pixie mulberry eye pen, Glamglow brighteyes.

    I am so happy with everything I’m getting , I like doing my choices and was please with what Ipsy picked for me 😊

  45. I’m thrilled with my bag!

    IPSY Chose:

    Huda lip in SheeRo (looks brown in IPSY’s photo but on other sites it looks like a pink nude-ish color, i have this formula in bright red and it’s pretty good yet slightly drying. But I love liquid lips and can deal with the dryness)

    I Chose:
    Estate x Queen Bailey pallet
    Dr. Brandt primer – my pores need all the help they can get!
    Ilumasqua (sp?) Lipgloss

    Honestly I’ll use everything here, and there were a few choices that were difficult because I wanted all of the options!

    • Forgot about add-ons. I displayed an incredible amount of restraint and only got the Glam Glow eye cream, the PureHeals mask, and the Hey Honey lip balm. There were *so* many full-sized items I wanted but I’m trying not to spend every last dime at IPSY. : /

  46. I did receive a confirmation email almost immediately after submitting my choices, so if you didn’t get one, I’d re-check the site & take some screenshot of your choices, just in case. (Actually, I’d recommend taking screenshots anyway, lol.)

    • I went crazy with my add ons: hAha

      Ipsy chose murad moisturizer
      Beauty for real eyeshadow
      I choose:
      Wander beauty foundation
      Wander brow gel
      Lurace face set

      116 skin-impulse buy regretted after
      Sunday riley moisturizer-love this
      Luna sleeping oil- did not have july 🙁
      Rose roller- impulse again

      Almost bought the glamglow i cream but it takes a year for me to finish eye creams and i still have a big one

  47. Overall I’m happy with all the items except for one of Ipsy’s picks!

    Ipsy chose:
    *Huda Beauty in Revolutionnaire (not sure of the color)
    *111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster
    My Picks:
    *Goldfaden MD Scrub
    *Murad Renewing Eye Cream
    *Wander Beauty Precise Brow Gel

    I was so happy to see choices I was torn between in my add-ons so I just had to get them!
    *Dermedicine Skincare (was in the category with the Goldfaden MD scrub)
    *Ciate London Watermelon Burst Powder (was in the same category as the Murad)

    I was shocked to see the Sunday Riley Lina Oil, and I just couldn’t resist. I feel like I’m stealing candy from a baby y’all 🍭 👶🏽

    • Wow! You had awesome choices. I wanted the 111skin and it was not in my Ipsy Pick nor was it a choice in any of my selections. Even though I was very clear about wanting serums.

  48. I’m happy -ish with my bag. My choices weren’t super great but not terrible by any means. Wish I had a palette as a choice. I just feel like so much of the time the spoilers we see are only available as add ons. It’s like a tease to keep subscribing only to pay $25 for a meh box with the ability to spend more! I don’t think it’s fair. I’m not looking to get every great spoiler…just one would be nice.

  49. I’m so over you Ipsy. I’ve been a customer for 4 years and I’ve always managed to stay a happy one overall. But not anymore. This year has been nothing but month after month, bag after bag of disappointments, wrong products, missing products or repeat products.

    I’ve been trying for an hour to do my bag. It just keeps refreshing to the main screen every time I click Choose My Products. I’ve tried both using my Apple Phone and my Chromebook and same thing every time.

    This was all I had left as far as holding on to my sub and I’m officially over it. I will be emailing, I will be canceling and I will be getting a refund.

    • SAME. Katy I feel your pain. Same thing is happening to me. Bye IPSY 👋

    • OMG! The exact same thing is happening to me for almost an hour as well. :((

    • I don’t even have option to choose. It just shows that ipsy is working on my bag. 😭😭

  50. Interesting glitch (?), if after doing your GBP, you go to see all products, it shows you all the products for both regular glam bag and ultimate.

    • Last month was my first month with Plus and I admit, I wasn’t too excited about my items (I still haven’t received it due to shipping delays) but this month is amazing!!

      Ipsy Picks:
      – Huda Liquid Lipstick
      – 111Skin Booster

      My choices:
      – Laruce 4pc Face Brush Set
      – Thrive Mascara in Brynn
      – Wander Clear Brow Gel
      – Thrive Mascara mini (Add on)

      Can’t wait to received it 😀

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