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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons!

It’s time to pick three of the items for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open from 1st – 3rd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 1st.

Here’s what Ultra Personalization looks like for one of our accounts:

First, Ipsy will show the two products they have chosen for your bag.

Choose your first product!

Choose your second product!

Choose your third product! (Your product selection will differ based on your profile and availability)

At the bottom of the page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

Which product are you choosing for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:

The August 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag Plus!

Here are the Add-Ons:

Here’s a look at the bag design:

Glam Bag Plus is also getting a little makeover. Now, all your full-sized faves will arrive in a new, larger take-anywhere drawstring Glam Bag Plus that holds all of your essentials. Use it to keep those always-lost lip balms in one place or gather your on-the-go makeup items for your travels—this size is super functional.

Your drawstring bag and products will be sent to you in a recyclable mailer.

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

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  1. I LOVE this upgrade!!! At first I was a little bummed because I guess I misunderstood how they were doing it. I don’t know what exactly I read that made me think they would just give you like a pile of 12 items to choose 3 from instead of doing the 3 different categories. So when I saw the ciate Watermelon setting powder and The Complex Culture brush in the same category and couldn’t choose both I gave a big sigh. Hahahaha but good marketing strategy Ipsy because they got me with the add-ons this month doing it this way. Hahaha I wanted everything!! Well played Ipsy…well played!!! Haha

    Ipsy picked the Murad day cream and beauty for real eyeshadow sticks for me. I love Murad and have never tried eyeshadow sticks so I’m excited.

    Then my 3 picks were….
    1.The Purlisse priming moisturizer
    2.The Ciate setting powder
    3.INN lip oil. I actually already have it but I LOVE it!! My kiddo was sitting beside me while I was trying to decide between that and the Illamasqua lip glaze and I heard”get that candy apple lip stuff you have so I can have it”. Hahaha

    Then I added on…
    1.Complex Culture brush
    2.Glamglow eye cream
    3.Hey Honey Lip Balm
    I almost added the Inc.redible roller balm but I was like good gracious you already are getting a few so I passed.

  2. Full spoilers are available if you click the View All August Products:

    The Kitsch scrunchies sold out very quickly, for anyone looking to put that in their add-ons tomorrow. Set your alarm for 7:30 ET!

    Ipsy picked:
    – Huda lipstick in Game Changer (would not have picked this shade for myself, but at least it’s not brown)
    – Beauty for Real shadow sticks (FOR REAL, how many times do I have to give this brand 1 star for ipsy to stop sending it??)

    I picked:
    – Estate shadow palette (and there was much rejoicing in the land!)
    – Ciate watermelon powder
    – Illamasqua lip gloss

    So if the top 4 things I wanted, I got 3. Kind of bummed I got the eyeshadow sticks from a brand I’ve rated low in shades I’ve rated low, when it looks like many people got the Murad cream I wanted in a combo as the same lipstick I received.

    Also, like, it’s completely illogical for them to have so many Huda lipstick shades available but STILL randomly assign us one when they now have a mechanism designed to let us customize better!!

    I tend to only get $3 add-ons, so I’m waiting for my bag reveal tomorrow to go ham on those. I did pick the Hey Honey lip balm for my choice, so I felt confident picking up the Jersey Shore watermelon lip balm + the Inc.redible roller gloss in my plus add-ons.


      Lady Boss, Bonnie, Mogul, Shero, Day Slayer, Révolutionnaire, Boy Collector, SheEO, Feminist, Provocateur, Game Changer

      Would’ve loved to have have picked Bonnie or Provocateur.

      What shade did Ipsy assign you? What shade would you have chosen?

      • They said there would only be THREE colors. I’m kinda irked because I really wanted SHERO and they sent me SHEEO(ugh, just caught that its’ not the one I wanted). My eyes deceived me this morning and I was so happy at first. Ipsy picked this for me , btw.

      • I was assigned Bonnie. Color doesn’t work for me so it’ll be going up for swap. I added on Lady Boss so I could have a color that would work for me. The cynic in me would think Ipsy assigned me the color they did just so I would do what I did…

    • Thanks for posting that! My GB should be fine (it looks like all the usual suspects), but I’m worried about Ultimate. There’s so few products and so many repeats! There look to be many more sample size than full size, too, though it’s hard to tell.

      • Yeah, there’s only 20 possible products this month with Ultimate. I don’t see how they could possibly customize well with so few variants.

  3. Money is a bit tight as my husband is an essential worker, so we didn’t get the extra 2,400 month unemployment 🙂 any-who still have not received my July Ipsy so not willing to take a chance on the August.

  4. Looks like a good month. Maybe in a few months I’ll get be back on track. I had to cut my spending. Am only getting the regular sample Ipsy bag this month. I also cut my budget on my cellphone service I’m trying out my local cable companies service. 😉Ha

    • I got rid of cable altogether about 8 months ago (still have streaming, so, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, etc). I wanted to cut back a bit and I can honestly say that I have not once missed having regular TV. I thought I’d miss my ID channel and Dateline, etc, but a lot of those types of shows are now streaming also. In fact I tend not to turn my TV on at all during the week and MAYBE watch a couple hours on weekends.
      Sorry to hijack this thread but just wanted to pop in to say this!

  5. I’m really happy with my Bag. I wish the eyeshadow palette had been an option for me but I got the other two choices I wanted so I really cant complain.

    Ipsy’s Choices for me:

    •Huda Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Feminist- this looks brown in Ipsys pic but I looked swatches up online and it’s actually a gorgeous nude pink shade. I’m in love with the shade and excited to try it

    •Beauty For Real Eyeshadow Stick Duo- this is the one dud of my bag. The shades are almost identical and they are very neutral. I love bold eyeshadow and rarely wear any neutral shades except for the one I use as a base. I also rarely use eyeshadow sticks and I already have a ton of them from Ipsy and other beauty subs. Since I love the rest of my Bag I dont really mind that I got one thing I’ll probably never use

    My Choices-

    •Ciate Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder- I am so excited that i had this as an option. It was one of the three products I really wanted. I love watermelon and I love every product I’ve tried from Ciate London.

    •Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub- this is another product I was hoping I would have in my choices. I’m super excited to try this. I’ve heard great things about it and I love Goldfaden MD

    •INN Beauty Project Lip Oil in Candy Apple- like I said I was really hoping for the eyeshadow palette but since I got my other two choices I’m okay with not getting that. I really dont need another eyeshadow palette anyways, I have over 70 of them already lol. I’ve heard great things about this lip oil and I’ve wanted to try it for a while so I’m glad I had it as an option.

    Add on-

    •Sunday Riley Luna Oil $18- I skipped July and this was the one product I really wanted. I already use the Luna Oil and it’s a holy grail skincare product for me so being able to get a FS bottle for $18 is amazing!

  6. It won’t let me click on the page, just keeps reloading… and I’m bummed because it said 3pm ET so how did ya all get lucky?!!

  7. Excellent change, Ipsy! Really happy with my bag this month!

    • Nice selection. Some are repeats. Which I don’t mind because if I like something, I get another one. It saves me money by not having to buy it. Even if it’s something I didn’t like, the value of just one item covers (or exceeds) the entire cost of the subscription. So, even if I just kept one or two items, I’m still way ahead. Many times I’ve received things I rarely or don’t use (like bronzer). If it’s in a color that’s ways too dark, muddy or orangey. I just give it away. Most of the time I mix my colors. Either way it’s a great deal every month. The drawstring bag is ok. I don’t use them. I give those away too. I prefer the little bags. But it’s ok. The only thing I’m afraid of is these mailers are not the most padded & some things could become spilled or broken.

  8. I have been skipping my GBP for the last few months but was intrigued by the opportunity to select products. I was blown away by the experience. I had a nice selection of different categories in the first two groups. In the final group it was all items I tend not to use (mascara, eye liner and lip products but I was happy to opt with a clear gloss that I think may be interesting.

    Ipsy Picks:
    111skin booster (super excited!)
    Beauty for Real shadow stix (these are right up my alley)

    My picks:
    Was hard to pass up the Goldfadden Scrub but I picked the Laruce brush set
    Murad Eye Cream
    Illamasqua Lip Polish

    Ipsy had a survey asking for feedback on the process.

  9. IPSY picked:
    111SKIN Cryo ATP Sports Booster
    BEAUTY FOR REAL SHADOW STX 24-7 Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Marathon + Ever Starstruck

    I picked:
    PURLISSE BEAUTY Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer
    I love, love, love Purlisse for my sensitive skin so I’m super happy this was an option!
    MURAD Renewing Eye Cream
    I’ve heard good things and I’m overloaded with highlighters from my regular glam bag
    ILLAMASQUA Loaded Lip Polish in Glaze
    Didn’t like any of these options so defaulted to the lip polish.
    Added on the Sunday Riley ICE and Glamglow.

  10. Ahhh Ipsy I love you so much. I’m glad I logged into my app to see if it opened up early because it did and I got absolutely everything I wanted. It does seem from reading the comments that they gave the Huda Lipstick to everyone though as one of the Ipsy Picks. I just hope it’s not a month long wait to receive anything like it was with this last GBP.

    1. HUDA BEAUTY: Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer
    – I googled the color, swatch isn’t as dark as it looks in the tube, whew-
    2. MURAD Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

    3. Laruce Brush Set
    -Didn’t like the other options but happy with this because I needed a kabuki brush-
    4. WANDER BEAUTY Frame Your Face Precise Brow Gel in Clear
    5. MURAD Renewing Eye Cream

    -SUNDAY RILEY ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
    (This got mixed reviews that it was too thick online but my dry skin needs something super rich at night)
    -LOTTIE LONDON AM to PM Eyeliner in Espresso
    -BRIOGEO Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Mask
    -KITSCH Satin Sleep Scrunchies (savior for creaseless post blowout hair the next day)
    -THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn
    -GLAMGLOW BRIGHTEYES™ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. (almost picked this in my reg bag but got the Tatcha mist instead. Glad it was an add on)

    I got another Sunday Riley Luna Oil. I literally just got my first one in the mail from last months add ons 5 days ago and I like it and didn’t want to pay $100 down the road for another one.

    • I didn’t get a Huda lippie, thank goodness. I hot the 111Skin serum and the eyeshadow sticks as my Ipsy choices. I have all lipsticks set to rarely in my profile, glad I managed to avoid this one

  11. So far, I’m really happy with the new customization program. Ipsy chose for me: 111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster and Eyeko mascara. I’m cool with both items, as I will get use out of them. I chose the following three items: Dermedicine Advanced Skincare Moisturizer w/ spf 25, Complex Culture Powder Brush and Illamasqua Lip Polish in Glaze. Super happy with this selection of items. Definitely worth the $25.00 fee.

  12. Ipsy picks:

    111SKIN – Cryo ATP Sports Booster (Cool, wanted to get)
    EYEKO – Black Magic Mascara (Meh, but not mad, Eyeco mascaras work for me)

    My picks:

    DERMEDICINE ADVANCED SKINCARE – Weightless Face Moisturizer SPF 25
    ILLAMASQUA – Loaded Lip Polish in Glaze
    MURAD – Renewing Eye Cream


    KITSCH – Satin Sleep Scrunchies
    KISS & SMINK – Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Marietas
    INC.REDIBLE COSMETICS – Rollerbaby The Original Rollerball Gloss in Rolling Like a Honey
    HEY HONEY – Trick & Treat Lip Balm Watermelon Balm with Natural Tint
    PIXI BY PETRA – Endless Silky Eye Pen in MatteMulberry

    Happy with my bag, most excited about my add-ons. Wanted the Complex Culture Brush but I passed it by in choice and add-ons because I have a gazillion brand new brushes in waiting.
    Was on the fence about the SR tidal brightening enzyme water cream in add-ons. Is it nice for dry skin? Wasn’t offered the SR Vit C serum in add-ons, probably would have added it if they had.

  13. I am very excited about my bag this month!

    Ipsy picks:
    111 Skin (Yay!! I was hoping I could add it if they didn’t pick it)
    Beauty for Real eyeshadow sticks (I love quick makeup looks for summer)

    My picks:
    -Ciate London powder (so excited to try this)
    -Illamasqua gloss (I love glosses)
    -Laruce Face brushes (I’ve never received them and I’m a brush hoader)

    A few add ons
    Glam glow bright eyes
    Huda beauty demi matte in Bonnie
    Thrive mascara (for my mom to try)

    I wish I could have added the deluxe makeup bag this month because I really wanted it!

    • Overall I’m happy! I’m surprised pick day opened as early as it did, i thought it was 12pm PT? Anyways Ipsy picked 111Skin cyro and Eyeko mascara, I picked Purlisse face wash, murad eye cream and Illamasqua lip polish. Then I bought ciate face powder, estate palette, CC powder brush and Glamglow eye cream…

  14. Can I just say I love the way they laid out all the choices, so you can see everything at once? I was really worried you would pick one and not be able to go back, but this makes such sense!

    • I know! I was very pleased at that, I too was expecting you had to pick one then the next page would appear and you wouldn’t be able to undo anything!

    • Me too! I didn’t notice it at first but then scrolled down and was relieved I could see all the options. That way I could pick a balance of skin care and makeup.

    • Agreed!!

  15. Their picks for me were 2 Eye shadow eye creams and the Skin 111 my choices were not great brushes on each pick, No Murad, No Huda. So i skipped again 3rd month in a row. I am thinking that’s why I got crap choices. And I was really looking forward to the new options and the bag.

    • It’s too late to skip. They already charged for the August bag. If you skipped the choices, it means Ipsy will choose for you.

  16. Thank you for showing the add-ons. I can plan now for what I want to get tomorrow 🙂

    • Just keep in mind not all add-ons are offered to everyone, unfortunately. Ipsy chooses which ones will be available to each person. I find it rather frustrating and disappointing when I see or read about add-ons I really wanted on this site that weren’t offered to me.

      I saw a ton I was interested in from the ones they did offer but without knowing what’s in my glam bag I didn’t want to buy many. I just bought 2 I can gift to my sister if I get a duplicate. I wanted several $12 items as well but I am proud to say I exercised an unusual amount of self control and only purchased one of them. Now if I can just keep it that way when they do the Second Chance Add-on Sale….

  17. Ipsy picks:
    Murad day cream spf 30 (wearing sunscreen daily so 👍)
    Beauty for Real shadow stix duo (I have never gotten stick shadows but will try these out)

    My picks:
    Bailey Sarian palette (happy)
    Complex Culture powder brush (would have gotten the Wander foundation but the Medium shade is too dark)
    Beauty for Real mascara (the meh category I fully expected—- at least it wasn’t all eyeliners)

    Add-ons: GlamGlow bright eyes, BubbleT peach body cream, Briogeo moisture mask, scrunchies

    I wish the third group had been more exciting. Even single shadows or a lip balm or cute oversized emery board. I don’t use eyeliners or clear gel brow but they probably would have sent me one so the mascara (I have so many tho) was the lesser of the four evils. Lol

  18. How is the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil an add on when they sent me a refund last month for my add on for the same product saying it was out of stock? I would much rather have the product instead of an $18 refund so that I don’t have to pay full price for it. This really pisses me off!

    • I agree, it was my choice item last month and not in my box. In fact my box only had 2 items, the lip gloss and single eye shadow. Customer service refunded me for my 3 missing items, the Luna, mascara and eye cream as they were out of stock.
      I can’t believe the Luna is another add on this month. The only reason my account is still active after 4 years is when I went to cancel on the 31st, I was already billed. They can’t provide my choice item but can sell it again for $18.00, my refund for the item was $5.00. Buyer beware!

      • That’s horrible! When it came back in stock, they should have given you the option to buy it again for the $5 they refunded.

  19. Ipsy gave me the Huda lipstick in Game Changer (color that I won’t wear) and the 111 Skin serum booster which I am excited about. I chose the Goldfaden scrub, the Murad eye cream and the Beauty For Real mascara. I added on some Feel sheet masks. Other than Ipsy continuing to send me lipstick shades that I won’t wear, I am very happy with this box.

  20. Liking this feature

    Ipsy picked: Murad day cream, Beauty For Real shadow sticks

    My picks, Dermedicine moisturizer, Complex Culture powder brush, Laura Gellar Bronzy pencil.

    The SPF and powder brush makes the bag for me. I love those brushes and I go through SPF like crazy, since I walk dogs for a living and am in the sun all day

  21. I am actually very pleased this month. Ipsy chose Huda Beauty lip color in Game Changer, which is a very different shade from anything I already have, and a day cream with SPF. I selected another SPF day cream, the pressed powder, and the bronze eyeliner. This is going to be a box full of stuff I actually use. Yay!

  22. I’m liking this new feature a lot! They picked Huda lip color in feminist (not sure it’s my kind of shade) and the beauty for real shadow pencils (I like!) and I picked the Bailey Sarian palette (I love estate!) the Murad eye cream and the illamaqua lip gloss! Super excited!

    • Bag twins! Exactly what they chose for me and what I chose!

    • They chose the Huda Demi Matte in Feminist and the shadow stick duo for me too. I wasnt excited about the Huda Demi Matte at first because that shade looks brown in the Ipsy pics but I looked it up online and it’s actually a very pretty nude pink shade. In excited to try it now. I didn’t have the palette as an option which was disappointing but other than that in happy with my choices. I chose the Ciate Watermelon Setting Powder, the Goldfaden MD Doctors Scrub and the INN Beauty Lip Oil. I was hoping I’d have the Ciate and Goldfaden products as choices so I’m really happy ! I also added on the SR Luna Oil because it’s a holy grail product for me and $18 is a steal for it

  23. Also, I thought it was interesting that the first category had 5 items to pick from when they said each category would have 4.

    • All my choices had 4 options.

    • Did people with the 5 items all get Ciate London mascara as the 5th option? It seems so random. Like who would’ve bothered to pick that given the other 4 options? 😅

  24. I’m really happy with the customization! Looking forward to everything I’m getting, which is shocking for GBP:

    Picked for me:

    – HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Game Changer (Yay, was hoping to try one of these and love the color!)

    – MURAD Perfecting Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ (Nice! Always need SPF.)

    My picks:

    – GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator (Great, love this brand.)

    – MURAD Renewing Eye Cream (Awesome, I’ve tried a sample before and liked it.)

    – WANDER BEAUTY Frame Your Face Precise Brow Gel in Clear (This is a repeat, but I like and use it so much that I’ll be glad to get another.)

    • Bag twins!

    • 👀👀👀 Nice bag!

  25. I admit I was skeptical going in but I am so happy with the choices and what they chose for me.

    They chose:
    111 Skin Cryo booster (I have wanted this as my choice item twice now and it was always gone. So YAY!)
    Beauty For Real eyeshadow stick duo (love the colors)

    I chose:
    Murad eye cream
    Ilamasqua lipgloss (every product I’ve gotten from this brand in boxes has been great quality.)
    Goldfaden MD scrub (excited to try)

    I went easy on add ons but got
    Cake Beauty curl cream. (I just purchased 2 of their hand creams on Amazon after buying a mini via Ipsy. The smell and feel of the cream is amazing.)
    Bubble T peach tea hand cream
    Hey Honey watermelon lip balm (first time ever getting a Hey Honey product)

    So yeah, I’m really happy with Ipsy today. My box before add ons comes out to MSRP $318

  26. My GBP:

    Ipsy Picked:

    ~Huda Beauty – Liquid Lipstick – SHE-EO

    ~111SKIN – Cryo ATP Booster

    I Picked:

    ~Wander Beauty – Brow Gel – Clear

    ~Murad – Renewing Eye Cream

    ~Estate Cosmetics – Venice Fling Palette

    Honestly, this is probably the best glam bag plus I’ve gotten since last year. I’ve skipped most of this year apart from three months and was planning on doing the same even after the ultra personalization came out but I reactivated my sub yesterday because I just wanted to see and I’m so happy about this.

  27. IPSY picks:
    —Huda Liquid Lip in Lady Boss (yes! the only color I wanted!)
    — Beauty for Real Shadow Sticks (these seem nice, though the shades are pretty light)

    My picks:
    —LaRuce face brush set (repeat, but it’s fine, my other choices were the palette and 2 purlisse items I already have and don’t like)
    — Wander Beauty foundation in light (shocked that I chose this over Ciate powder and Complex Culture Brush, but more on that below)
    — Laura Gellar eyeliner in Gilded Bronze (yay for not black eyeliner!)

    Sooo, I may have really messed up. I saw a video w add on spoilers, so I knew the CC brush and Ciate powder would be available, so I chose the Wander foundation (never tried, but have been wanting to). BUT when I got to add ons, I realized I still have my Ultimate and regular GB, so maybe I should wait for those reveals to buy the brush, powder and whatever else. So I got a Pixi liner that I wouldn’t mind paying $3 for if I got another in my bag.

    But then I realized the Ciate powder and CC brush might sell out today OR might not be available in add ons tomorrow. Anyone have any info or ideas about this?

    • They said somewhere (choice video or maybe FB live, can’t remember where) that each tier would have its own pool of add ons so that glam bag and ultimate wouldn’t have anything sold out when they start tomorrow. Good luck, I hope you get at least one in your bag tomorrow 🙂

      • Thank you, you too! 😊

    • I heard the each level has it’s own amount in each add on. So in turn if they had 3000 of 1 item then each level would basically have 1000 available. Hopefully they will have the add one you want!!

      • Thank you! Likewise 😊

  28. Ipsy chose for me…
    Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer

    The Murad w SPF

    My 3 picks
    Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator

    Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder

    Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze

    Then I proceeded to buy wayyyy too many add ons…but I did have 3 Sunday Riley choices which I am happy about Tidal cream, Luna oil, both full size and the the Ice cream in deluxe sample size…then i chooose some others too, oh god I need to hide the Credit card

  29. Am I blind I don’t see the Briogeo hair mask as an add on option. I did not get a plus as none of the spoilers looked like things I had not already received or wanted so I didn’t actually get to see the add ons myself. Maybe it just sold out before they posted this. I hope they have some left for regular and ultimate tomorrow.

    • They allocated add-ons for the different bag types, so there is a separate pool for GB, GBP, and GBU. Same products, just separate pools (per a live I saw recently on FB). So no risks of add-ons selling out for GB and GBU.

      • I hope this is true! The fact that choice opened HOURS before they said it would makes me worried. I think they’ll get a LOT of unhappy people if things sell out today.

    • It was there for me.

  30. I’m actually excited about my bag!
    Ipsy picked: Murad Day Cream SPF- love an spf for my fair skin
    Beauty For Real eyeshadow sticks- excited to use these for “no makeup makeup” days
    I picked: Bailey Sarian Palette- Recently discovered Bailey’s channel and I love it. I prob should have chose the brushes but I feel like they keep making an appearance so ill prob get stuck with them some other time
    Ciate London Powder- most excited about this! I’m almost out of powder and my oily skin is not happy
    Ila masqua lip gloss- even though we are wearing less lip gloss these days (wear a mask!!) I’m a sucker for new gloss

    And i added on the sunday riley luna for 18$ as a backup. I’ve been loving it for my skin

    • I made the same picks! 🙂

  31. I’m super fricken excited for this bag! I have gotten GBP in months and when I saw SR in the spoilers I had to! Didn’t know they would have a FULL SIZE Luna!!

    Ipsy picks:
    Huda lip dayslayer (meh I’m a gloss/ balm girl but maybe in the cooler months)
    Murad day cream

    My picks:
    Murad eye cream
    Dermedicine moisturizer
    LAURA Gellar bronze eyeliner

    Add ons:
    SR ice
    Tonymoly algae eye cream
    Generation clay mask
    SR Luna and Tidal

    So stoked! Would have been perfect if I could have gotten the doctors scrub but and hoping for it to be an add on for my base GB

  32. Really happy with my box!

    Ipsy chose:
    Huda lip in Mogul
    Murad Day Crean

    I chose:
    Goldfaden scrub
    Murad Eye cream
    Laura Geller bronze eye liner

    Add ins
    Huda Collection

  33. I’m pretty pleased with my picks, but TBH I’ll probably cancel both my Ipsy and Plus next month. I’ve skipped both of them for the past couple of months and didn’t die from FOMO (ha!).

    Ipsy picked:

    HUDA BEAUTY in Provocateur (not stoked about it being described as “brown”, but okay)
    111SKIN Cryo ATP Sports Booster (as an Old Person™, looking forward to this one)

    I picked:

    ESTATE COSMETICS X Bailey Sarian Venice Fling Eyeshadow Palette (my DIL loves Bailey so if I don’t love it, I’ll pass it along to her)
    CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder (looking forward to trying)
    CIATÉ LONDON Triple Shot XXL Mascara in Black XXL (I’m a mascara hoarder, yes, I have a problem)

    Low key bummed I didn’t get the Goldfaden Scrub as a pick because I love that stuff. I didn’t add any add-ons (was tempted) but did use up some of my points to get the exact same add-ons for free?!

    Redeemed points for:

    KISS & SMINK Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Marietas (at least it’s not brown?)
    GENERATION CLAY Detoxifying Charcoal Australian Clay Mask (love a good clay mask)

    • Provocateur is one of the shades I wish I’d gotten instead of the one I got — you should look up swatches! I definitely would not say brown for it, it’s more in the purple family. Maybe dusty plum?

      Could be a copy-paste fail, since there were so many Huda lip shades!

      • I’ve been looking at swatches/samples all morning long trying to figure out if it IS brown and you’re right, it looks more mauve to me. Dusty-mauvey-pinkish-plum? I’ll take it over brown.

    • I have Provocateur and it’s definitely more of a plum shade.

      • Thank goodness! It does look quite pretty in the swatches online, my hopes are high!

  34. Hi everybody! I wanted to do a reply to “all” who reached out to me about how my face was reacting to products and a spot on my chin. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions to me, I went ahead and made a video chat with my dermatologist and she believes I had a staph infection and put me on a couple medications for that. My face is already looking better. She believes the spot on my face was picked up from a mask but isn’t sure. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you to you all, I appreciated your suggestions and care.

  35. Ipsy. Picked

    HUDA Beauty
    Cream liquid lipstick in Lady Boss
    Beauty For Real
    Shadow Stix 24-7 Duo in Midnight Marathon/Ever Starstruck

    My picks:
    Laruce face set
    Complex Culture powder brush
    Illlamasqua lip polish in glaze

    Added on:
    Sunday Riley ice ceramide moisturizing cream
    Glamglow brighteyes eye cream
    Estate Cosmetics x Bailey Sarian Palette
    Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream

  36. That was definitely an interesting experience. I’m mostly happy with my picks, not so much with Ipsy’s:

    Ipsy Picks:
    HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Bonnie (shade doesn’t work for me)
    BEAUTY FOR REAL SHADOW STX 24-7 Eyeshadow Duo (don’t like cream/stick shadows)

    My Picks:
    GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator
    COMPLEX CULTURE Plush Powder Brush
    LAURA GELLER Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze (it’s not black!! 🙂 )

    CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder
    HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Lady Boss
    BRIOGEO Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Mask

    The powder brush and the Ciate powder were in the same category for me, and I wanted both – so was glad to be able to get the powder as an add on. Kinda bummed that Ipsy didn’t pick an appropriate shade of the Huda lipstick for me, it would have been nice to have it in my bag vs. getting it as an add-on.

    • I wish I had the doctors scrub as an option. I LOVE it and have gotten it twice now when it pops up in add ins or as a choice!

      • Thanks Emily, that’s great to know – I haven’t tried it yet but am looking forward to doing so.

      • It’s a bit harsh, just forwarning so be really gentle when you rub it on your face but it works great! I like it in the winter or if I get a sunburn and need to get the flakes off when it heels. But it is really effective!

  37. Not happy. I had 3 repeats in my choice categories which limited my options. The products I was most excited about were in the same category (the powder brush and setting powder). I skipped two tiers and refused to buy add ons this month. Between shipping and repeat products I’m considering cancelling.

  38. While I enjoy the choice, the two items they chose for me (Huda lip and Eyeko mascara) I have marked as wanting to receive rarely. The lip was then in a color I have listed as wanting rarely, even though it was available in a color I actually would wear and like
    . There were multiple choice items that I have received in the past. While the value is certainly there, they can do better and I wish they would.

  39. Ipsy picked
    Huda liquid lip in Game Changer
    Murad Day cream SPF 30

    I picked
    Estate – Bailey Sarian palette
    Complex Culture Powder brush
    Laura Geller eyeliner – gilded bronze

    Added – Sunday Riley ceramide cream & Cake Beauty Curl Cream (both $3)

    I’m freaking excited for this bag!!!!!!!!!!!! I was praying for that brush and Bailey’s palette!

    • Nice bag!

  40. Ipsy picked:
    Huda in Provocateur (Excited for this and thrilled it’s not a nude shade)

    Skin 111 Sports Booster (Never tried the brand and I’m open to it)

    I picked:
    Goldfaden MD (I love scrubs and am running out of my Dr Brandt from Ipsy Plus months ago)

    Ciate London Powder (Almost went for the brush but this looked new and fun)

    Illamasqua Clear Gloss (This category I liked the least. Would have loved the option for the Inn Beauty Project but not a huge deal as it’s not a black eyeliner!)

    Sunday Riley Lunar Oil (Sold out before I could sample it last time)

    Glamglow eyecream (Not in love with my Belif one)

    Briogeo Hair Mask (Didn’t love their 1st one but I’m low on hair products and I’m curious to try)

    Super happy with the new Plus!

    • The ingredients for the 111 skin look pretty good!

  41. I loved my bag! So happy I got to choose and it’s great because you can make it a skincare or makeup bag depending how you choose.

  42. I love this new system (so far)!!!. The site activated at 11:00 am EST (Ohio) and my bag is great.

    Ipsy picked:
    Huda Beauty – Demi Matte Cream Lipstick in Bonnie
    111Skin – Cryo ATP Sports Booster

    I picked:
    Dermedicine – Weightless Face Moisturizer SPF 25
    Murad – Renewing Eye Cream
    INN Beauty Project – Glaze #1 Lip Oil in Candy Apple

    and my add on are:
    Sample Size:
    Balance Me – Congested Skin Serum
    GlamGlow – Bright Eyes Illuminating Anti Fatigue Eye Cream
    Sunday Riley – ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    Full Size:
    Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Oil

    I am generally skincare heavy and already have several of the skincare items offered (Juice Beauty, Kate Somerville) but I did find that customizing a bag for myself was very satisfying. I hope the selections are this good every month!

  43. Glad I skipped this month, there’s nothing exciting here.

  44. Pretty happy with mine bag this month, got murad spf and the useless mascara picked by ipsy. Then I chose the murad eye cream, dermadicine spf and another useless item. add on added the SR water cream.

  45. I wish I’d cancelled. I love that I have mascara as “rarely” in my profile, they gave me the Eyeko mascara as one of their two picks from me, then *two* of the three groups I could choose from also included mascara… And I also have liquid lipstick as “rarely,” but that was their other choice for me…(Huda) I opted for the Coffee scrub, Wander Beauty foundation in light, and the Laura Geller eyeliner in bronze. Definitely canceling for next month…Ugh.

  46. Looks like we all got to pick from different choices. Even though I got to pick, I dont think there is a single product I’m actually going to use. Very upset about this box.

    • You couldn’t find even one thing you liked from 12 products? They were really varied in terms of skin, eyes, lips, etc.

      • All 3 options had a mascara so even if I wanted one of them that eliminated an option from the other 2 choices(unless they think people go through 3 a month) 2 different face scrubs in 1 option, why?!? I dont use physical exfoliants only chemical. So yes. The choices I had were kinda crap. In no choice group was I even given an option for face products (blush, bronzer, highlight. Eyeshadow, powders nothing)

    • Me too I got garbage even a repeat item was one of the items they picked for me that I’ve received in the past.

    • Just curious…what kind of stuff did you want? I am usually underwhelmed with my bag, but this time I was overwhelmed!! Just wondering what you were looking for?

      • Jeanine, I am thinking the same thing. Haters…..Subscription boxes are not designed to answer all wishes. Rarely is not the same thing as never. If you don’t like the surprise and risk of Ipsy then stop “gambling”. You can go to a store and buy what you want. Heads up… you will probably spend more $. Stop the complaining though!

  47. So much for their claim that this will open at 3:00 PM! Three PM in London, I guess.

    They picked for me the Huda lipstick and 111 Skin cryo thingy. I picked the face moisturizer with SPF, the Murad eye cream, and the Laura Geller kajal pen in bronze. Overall, very pleased, although I’m disappointed that the Murad sunscreen wasn’t an option for me.

    • It was suppose to be 3pm Et I’m in eastern and it’s live now! I already got a repeat product as one of my 2 they picked. Wish I could just cancel it

  48. I LOVE my bag this month!!! I got the 111Skin and Huda in Shero as my Ipsy picks and chose the Estate palette (gorgeous), Complex culture brush (love their brushes) and Laura Gellar eyeliner (love their inkliner so happy to tru this). I added the Luna oil because my July bag is still not here and I am starting to give up hope. Also added the Pixi liner and Glamglow eye treatment.

  49. Glad I cancelled. A lot of good add-ons, but not excited about any of the choices. I thought the Huda would be a choice from the spoilers. That was the only thing I was excited about.

    • I am just over the moon about my bag!! They pick Huda in a color I will use and the murrad day cream!! My picks were all great too couldn’t decide on all three, I liked at least two things from each!! Finally picked, derm…lotion ( also wanted the doctor scrub or the coffee scrub), the Lliam. Lip (wanted the Laura gelled eye liner too) and finally the watermelon powder (also wanted a complex culture it on add on). Plus got two Sunday add ons, glam glow, a rollerball, and scrunches!! Wow go Ipsy

  50. Ipsy chose for me…
    Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Day Slayer

    Cryo ATP Sports Booster

    My 3 picks
    Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator

    Watermelon Burst Pressed Setting Powder

    Kajal Longwear Eyeliner in Gilded Bronze

    Loved picking my three items!

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