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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons!

It’s time to pick three of the items for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus recently announced Ultra Personalization – subscribers will be able to choose 3 of their 5 full-size products every month! Choice will be open from 1st – 3rd. You also have the option to skip Choice and let Ipsy choose all 5 items for you. You will also have access to Add-Ons on the 1st.

Here’s what Ultra Personalization looks like for one of our accounts:

First, Ipsy will show the two products they have chosen for your bag.

Choose your first product!

Choose your second product!

Choose your third product! (Your product selection will differ based on your profile and availability)

At the bottom of the page, click “Confirm & Shop Add-Ons”. You also have the option to skip Choice and go straight to the Add-Ons. In that case, Ipsy will choose all your Glam Bag Plus products for you.

Which product are you choosing for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month:

The August 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag Plus!

Here are the Add-Ons:

Here’s a look at the bag design:

Glam Bag Plus is also getting a little makeover. Now, all your full-sized faves will arrive in a new, larger take-anywhere drawstring Glam Bag Plus that holds all of your essentials. Use it to keep those always-lost lip balms in one place or gather your on-the-go makeup items for your travels—this size is super functional.

Your drawstring bag and products will be sent to you in a recyclable mailer.

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

How do subscribers rate Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

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  1. I went to sign up for my first Ipsy bag and wanted the plus version. Every single time I try to select it, I get re-directed to the regular Ipsy bag. It says there is currently no waitlist for Plus, so idk what the deal is. Can’t seem to find an email address for customer service, either…

    • The email address for Ipsys customer service is support(the at sign)ipsy(dot)com

      Sorry for typing it that way but the first time I typed it out the normal way my comment didn’t go through

  2. I received my GBP today and all 5 of my add-ons were missing. After reading the comments, it seems like a lot of people are having the same issue. I am also still waiting on my July GBP. Tracking shows it was picked up on 7/24 and has had no movement since. Hopefully, Ipsy will have my add-ons in stock and will be able to send a replacement.

    • I opened my GBP and 4/5 items were correct but one of my choice items was missing. So sad! It was (of course) the one I was looking forward to the most. Customer service was very nice and prompt, but said they would either send me the same item or “an equivalent.” Seriously, if I get a highlighter or bronzer instead of the translucent pressed powder, I’m going to do the world’s biggest eye roll.

  3. My GBP just arrived, but missing my add on Sunday Riley Tidal Cream. Contacted customer service, hope they can get my item sent to me soon. Excited to try this cream!

  4. Just got my GBP. Everything was correct and it’s the best Ipsy experience I’ve ever had! Even my points items were included. Shocked and thrilled! No shipment on my regular glam bag yet. I will say the drawstring bag is an odd size, I’d say 8” tall and 7” wide but don’t quote me on that as I didn’t break out a tape measure – and this one is very thin. Mine is stitched poorly and I do hope these get better with other fabrics.

    • LJ and others, is the bag big enough to stash a pair of shoes in? I’m thinking for travel, in a suitcase. Thanks.

      • No, it won’t fit adult shoes, maybe child’s pair. I was hoping they would, oh well!!!

      • This is my first Ipsy. I was really confused by the bag. I do hope they aren’t all in this type of bag. I wouldn’t call this a makeup bag at all. I could buy a bottle of Crown Royal and get a nicer bag. It’s such a weird choice for makeup. I totally didn’t get it. They could have chosen that cute space-looking bag but instead we get the cheaper-than-cheap-liquor bag. 🙄

  5. Mine was here 2 days early! Scheduled to arrive on the 10th; it was here today on the 8th.

    Definitely one advantage to having these larger drawstring bags: all my items were able to be tucked inside the bag, including my two $3 add-on lip products. Usually add-ons just get thrown in the shipping bag/box & jostle all around. Considering that my shipment this month came in a mailer envelope that wasn’t sealed very well, I can easily see those little lip products sliding out & getting lost otherwise.

  6. My GBP arrived today, no notice it was shipped. Glad to get it in a timely manner. I was shocked at how small the add-ons were and how cheap the drawstring bag is.

  7. I only got 3 items in my shipment. Wtf!! They forgot 2 of the items. This is my 2nd every Ipsy box. Does this happen a lot? What will customer service do? I just emailed them 🙁
    I’m so sad they left out the 2 things I really wanted and the 3 Items left are kind of crap waahhh

    • Missing items (& surprise bonus items!) happens every so often at Ipsy. I wouldn’t say it happens “a lot” but it isn’t super rare, either, lol. Judging from the posts that have been popping up on Reddit, it’s a little more common this month with the push to get these new boxes out.

      Historically, Ipsy has been really good about fixing these types of issues — I wouldn’t be concerned if this happened to me, just a little annoyed at having to deal with customer service.

      • Jackie…exactly what Marion said. I have been with Ipsy for about a decade and it happened once.

  8. After receiving my July Ipsy Plus 3 days ago, I just received my August Ipsy Plus today.

    Talk about improvement!

  9. Omg !!! No shipping email from ipsy for august bag. I just checked mailbox and its my august plus bag !!!! Crazy speed shipping BUT …… all the add ons i bought werent in my package 😒😞. I only received the thin new drawstring bag and my 5 items. I sent message to ipsy so we will see now whats going on with my add ons . Im shocked i got it so quick but without my add ons so they better be with my other bag or ill be upset. I was supposed to get my luna and a few other add ons that sold out. I hope some of you have a treat 📦 waiting in your mailbox today .

    • I had the same thing happen… did ipsy get back with you about the missing add ons?

    • I had the same thing. Got my shipping notice today and also received my bag today. My add-ons were included. Hope everything works out for you guys.

    • I didn’t get my add-ons either and my bag arrived earlier that indicated.

  10. Is anyone besides me surprised that Ipsy is not announcing their shipping window?

    • Maybe no one should be surprised, girlfriend! After the July fiasco (I just got my July GBP today). And I just got a tracking number for the August GBP. Hurrah – they’re sending it DHL (DH Hell?) instead of Pitney-Worthless-Bowes!

      Perhaps July was an experiment to make us think well of DHL in comparison. It’s working on me.

      • DHL has always been hit and miss for me. Sometimes they are fast, others they take 15 days and beyond. Last month was the earliest I ever received Plus, I think I had it by the 6th…I wonder if it shipped from a closer warehouse? I’ve noticed Ipsy has at least 3. I don’t know, but I just got this months shipping notice today, so I’m happy and also happy to hear others are having a better experience this month! I’m so excited to receive my box, since we got to pick 3 and I was really happy with one of the two products Ipsy selected for me. If they can keep the shipping straight, Plus easily takes the top spot of my two subscriptions. I was getting frustrated with the lack of adherence to my profile, I’m so happy Ipsy has taken on feedback and made Plus a truly customized experience. Plus is plenty for me, but I do hope they follow suit in the future for people who have the other tiers.

  11. So I just logged into my Ipsy account – curious to see if anything would indicate whether my bags were still being assembled or had actually entered the shipping process (the emails from Ipsy that announce shipping have been arriving after my bags arrive, so not helpful) – and the timelines on BOTH my Plus and GB have completely disappeared. No info whatsoever! Has this happened to anyone else this early in the month? I’m wondering if it’s an attempt to keep everyone in the dark about the abyssmal shipping.

    • Same thing with my glam bag plus. Then I got my Usps informed email and to my surprise my box is out for delivery today. I am shocked, I have never received my box this early. I still haven’t received an email that my box shipped from Ipsy.

      • Did you happen to order any of the bundles/products on choice day for regular glam bag? My bundle is close to being delivered as well.

      • Joy- I did not. I have twice tried to do add ons since they started and both times had issues with my box.

        I actually did just get a shipping email notification as well. It looks like they shipped my box on the 3rd from tracking. The app still says its in order fulfillment.

    • Both my GB and GBP timelines are completely missing too. Super frustrating especially when you hear other people are already getting theirs in the mail. I hope our timelines show up soon so we know what’s going on with our bags this month

    • Cheryl, my timeline was missing this morning, like yours. I just checked and it’s back and says “assembly”… but then I noticed that the timeline does not include shipping! The items in the time line are billing, build your bag, assembly, watch and learn, reviews, ipsy flash, stay tuned. Nothing about actually shipping the bag. Interesting.

    • Mine has also disappeared. Glam bag plus. I looked for it last night and figured it was incompetence on my part since I’m brand new to Ipsy. Glad it wasn’t me but would sure like to know when my bag is coming.

    • My timeline was gone this a.m. but it’s back now!!!

      • Both of my timelines are back now too

    • UPDATE:

      Thanks, everyone, for the replies below.
      I just checked my Ipsy account: both timelines are back and do include a shipping window. My regular glam bag (via DHL) is estimated to be delivered on Monday. My GBP is marked as “assembly” so who knows.
      Glad to hear so many are receiving their August GBP. I hope I get lucky.

    • UPDATE 2

      O.k. There is sketchiness going on. Went to look at available Ipsy offers, went back to my GBP info and the shipping window has disappeared from my timeline–this after being there in the timeline not 15 minutes ago. Ipsy is playing games…

  12. Canceled Ipsy today. Too many tiny samples and the full sizes are sketchy brands made in PRC (and I had Glam Bag Plus!). The regular Ipsy has the skimpist selection of tiny samples and also crap brands. Prefer Boxycharm for better brands, more full size items.

  13. Omg…I feel like I won the ipsy lottery!!! I had the most awesome picks with this new system AND my bag arrived TODAY!!!! I normally do not receive my bag until the 26th of the month. Ipsy please continue with this wonderfulness 🤩

  14. My bag was suppose to arrive today, but is still showing stuck in Atlanta for the 3rd time since July 9th. Ipsy did refund me for the add on and my bag. I think my bag is lost.
    If my bag arrives, I will be giving away the items, if anyone wants to take a chance on items that have been in transit for over a month in the heat, your welcome to them.

    • Mine just arrived! I’m glad you’ve got a refund.

      • Mine juuuuuust moved into the ZIP code and should be out for delivery tomorrow! Now, let’s place bets on whether the two add-ons and the brush redeemed for points are actually in it.

        This saga literally gives me a bellyache.

      • My add ons were there. I hope yours are!

      • Mine finally arrived 2 days ago. I am also concerned about the heat and weather or not that has caused issues with product integrity.

  15. Ipsy charged me this month even though I asked to skip in my profile. I double checked and yes, it’s on skip. Has this happened to anyone else before? Do they do this frequently?

  16. I am SO bummed. I finally received my July bag today and it was missing my pick-the Luna oil. I haven’t ever had a missing product before, and of course it would be the one item that I wanted the most. They are giving me a $5 refund. My bag didn’t even ship until 7/23. Mi it problems in the grand scheme of things, I know, but I was really looking forward to it. I am almost out of my A+ and was going to replace it with my Luna. I did manage to grab it as an add on, but now I’m worried about receiving it as well.

    • Why would they give you a $5 refund that makes no sense

      • Because she only paid $5 for this item. $25 divided by five items = $5.

    • Yeah-it is a very logical refund amount based on what I paid for the bag, but it sure would have been nice if they had offered me a similar replacement product Instead!

  17. I am very excited about my bag this time. I can’t wait to get this one. Really impressed with it.

  18. I gotta say, IPSY customer service is AWFUL…it takes forever to get an answer and when you do it’s just to say “sorry, can’t help you! Enjoy your bag anyway”. I had my credit card hacked and forgot to change over to my new card, however, the minute IPSY told me they had trouble billing I changed cards and had them bill me immediately, which they did. What they couldn’t do immediately? Give me access to my choice and add-ons. Pay immediately, yes. Get your benefits that you’re expecting, no. They should have a much better system than this in place.

    • I have had much better service when I talk to ipsy care on Twitter instead of through the website.

    • I have to say, I’ve had nothing but terrific customer service experiences with IPSY. Any time I’ve had an issue they’ve handled it quickly and professionally, and it always seems very fair.

      Sorry you experience wasn’t the same.

  19. Wait for it they well send a email but first they will let people choose that already paid on the 31 keep checking email good luck

  20. Interesting. I had the same choice selections offered in each of the 3 categories as Megan, even though Ipsy chose for me the 111Skin Cryo Serum and Huda lippie which was very different than Megan’s Ipsy selections.
    I ended up selecting the Estate eyeshadow pallet, Complex Culture brush, and the Lip oil. I only added on a Thrive mascara but now wish I had added the Sunday Riley Tidal cream.
    Love this new choice selection process and my August bag!

  21. What a gimmick! My selection pool were full of cheap lipsticks eyeliners mascara I don’t use or repeats. First I thought maybe they ran out, but person who picked on the 2nd still got 111skin as choice or addon, I didn’t even have it as addon! Now I can’t even skip! Thank you, but I don’t think it would make things better to pick 3 zombie products, I rather just have 1 good product and I marked skincare as high, the only skincare I could pick was Purlisse green tea, and there’s no eyeshadow palette either!Worst month ever! I am annoyed that I can’t skip, but not to the point to cancel my subscription.

    • I agree!! I just saw those choices above and was like… mine were not that good… and I was online pretty early. Boo!!

    • Do you really want the 111skin stuff? I am deathly allergic to eucalyptus and they refused to trade it out so I’d be happy to trade with you! (I asked for it to be swapped out about 10 minutes after I selected my choices and they told me my bag was already made and couldn’t be adjusted – yeah right!)

  22. I still have not received my July bag and just keep getting run around apologies.

    • Still waiting on my July bag too. Pitney-Bowes managed to convince ipsy that they “are operational again,” but that seems to be a lie. Twenty-six days since ipsy gave them my package. And counting. They have still not given it to the USPS, even though they finally brought it to my state, days ago. Why won’t ipsy put a foot down with them? Why didn’t anyone at ipsy bother to spend 30 seconds on Google looking at reviews for Pitney-Bowes before signing that contract?

    • Hey..same here…no July and I had got 8 add ons…of course) I emailed and took awhile but you will get it but in my case, I didnt get my top choice items and I wanted the Sunday Riley BAD….and low stock so good many items are now not available. They wl do a make good with similar items so I left mine alone…I was major ill but I let anyone mess up due to the shipping and such…and we will see….hope it gets in line again…seems to be a good start!

    • I recent Ultimate today. My Plus is,still missing.

      • Received

  23. Is anyone actually getting the Nomad palette? I was so excited to see it in full spoilers and was hoping it would be in add-ons, but obviously it wasn’t and it doesn’t look like anyone got it as a choice, either!

    • I have the palette, got it several months ago in an Ipsy plus bag. It seems very muted in color. I swatched a few shades then never played with it…maybe i will now tho

      • Same. But, maybe because I’m on Pallette overload is the reason I don’t reach for this Pallette.

      • I need to work with what I have but then I see something different and buy it…case in point Sarian B. Estate palette 😁😁😁

    • I was wondering the same thing. I really wanted it, I love Nomads eyeshadow formula. I definitely did not have it as a choice or add on option though. I didnt even have the Estate palette as a choice option

      • Don’t be too sad, I got this Palette in a box literally 6 months to a year ago they’ve been holding onto massive stock piles of these palettes for a long time now, I loved mine at first it really is nice but the colors aren’t anything special or unique, but the formulas is buttery smooth and very nice. I’d suggest buying one off their actual website or wait I’m sure it will be around again since they’ve been pushing the Nomad Berlin Palette for a long time now. 😊

    • I am, but it’s in my ultimate bag, not the plus.

      • Same here. Really excited it for it. Eyeshadow palettes are my jam.

    • Don’t be too sad, I got this Palette in a box literally 6 months to a year ago they’ve been holding onto massive stock piles of these palettes for a long time now, I loved mine at first it really is nice but the colors aren’t anything special or unique so I rarely reach for it now if ever actually. The formula is buttery smooth though and very nice. I’d suggest buying one off their actual website or wait I’m sure it will be around again since they’ve been pushing the Nomad Berlin Palette for a long time now. 😊

    • i got the Nomad palette months ago. I’ve attempted to use it a few times. The colors are just off, to me. It never looks right for what I’m looking for. lol

    • I’m getting the nomad palette. I’m excited to try it!

  24. I wasn’t pleased with how they grouped my choice items really.

    Ipsy chose for me a Huda Lippie in She-ro and I’m definitely not excited that they chose that shade for me, and also the beauty foreal eyeshadow stix.

    – Laruce brush Set
    – Complex Culture Brush
    – Laura Geller eyeliner

    I didn’t get any add-ons cause I was just so annoyed by Ipsy that I didn’t bother.

    ***Drop your emails if ya interested in a FREE glam bag, I have 2 that are about to expire soon!***

    • How does the free thingy work?

      • They randomly selected me to have three free bags to give and send out, I have two left and it will send a link to your email saying it’s a free bag from me or something like that and once you do it you’ll get one free glam bag and then after that you will be charged regularly the $12 per month for it or you can decide to skip/cancel, it does ask for your debit info i believe but only so they can charge you for the next month if you don’t decide to cancel or skip after you get your free bag. It’s mostly to get people interested into Ipsy that have never tried it, it’s like an introduction to Ipsy to test out if you enjoy it or not 😊

    • I would LOVE one, thanks for the offer!
      mlpdjpon3 at icloud dot com
      Take care!

      • I’ll send it to you right now!

      • It told me you’re not eligible for the offer for some reason, possibly the type of email?

      • It told me you’re not eligible for the offer for some reason?

    • DON’T drop your emails! Bots scrub the comments here!

      • Are you saying it’s not safe to email her or for her to post her email because there’s bots?!

      • How come everybody always shares their emails on here then to swap items and give free bags etc. I see it all the time and even a few comments below.

      • It’s not safe to share your email. There are programs that scan this website for emails & sell them to spammers & scammers.

        It happened a few years ago, & that’s why people break up their addresses & do stuff like writing [at], but whatever tricks/workarounds you can think of, so can the people who write algorithms.

        Before you hit the post comment button on this website, it literally displays a warning not to post your email.

    • Also let me say I caved on add-ons cause I was so mad that the complex brush and ciate powder was in the same choice selection that I just had to buy the powder in add-ons after contemplating it for the longest time, damn you Ipsy. Have another $12 😂 i used powder daily though so I’m excited bout it I guess even though I knew this new choice thing was going to cause multiple items you may want to be in the same choice category so you have to choose one over the other 🤔🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Also let me say I caved on add-ons cause I was so mad that the complex brush and ciate powder was in the same choice selection that I just had to buy the powder in add-ons after contemplating it for the longest time, damn you Ipsy. Have another $12 😂 i use powder daily though so I’m excited bout it I guess even though I knew this new choice thing was going to cause multiple items you may want to be in the same choice category so you have to choose one over the other 🤔🤦🏼‍♀️

    • I was hoping for SHE-RO and they’re sending me SHEEO instead. Let me know if you’d be interested in a trade/swap!

    • Same, most items are repeats for me, funny Ipsy rather let me select among repeats And opted out items than offer me 111skin or estate eyeshadow that I don’t have yet. They insisted those repeats were according to my profile, BS. I am 200% sure I marked skincare high, some one who picked on the 2nd got 3 skincare product.

  25. Does ipsy do anything if you get a duplicate item in plus and ultimate? I have the same item coming in both bags plus getting a palette in the ultimate sub that I received in plus already.

    • Yes. Contact them. CS is slow now, though.

  26. I’m pretty happy!

    IPSY Chose:
    * 111 SKIN – Cryo ATP Sports Booster
    * EYEKO – Black Magic Mascara

    1st Choice
    * GOLDFADEN MD – Doctor’s scrub. I’ve been wanting to try this for more than a year.

    My second and third choices were from the same selections available to Megan
    * ILLAMASQUA – Lip Glaze. I’m a lipgloss junky.
    * CIATE – Watermelon Burst Pressed Powder. I was intrigued, and don’t have any pressed powder that hasn’t expired.

    Added on:
    * SUNDAY RILEY – Tidal. So happy this was a choice!
    * PURLISSE – Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm. Have heard great things about this, and was hoping to get it last month. Now I have it. Yay!
    * REAL HER Lip Gloss in Be Limitless. Again, lipgloss junky. Although it makes the inside of my mask look like a crime scene. Oops! :o)

    Very happy with this change.

  27. Ipsy chose for me Huda Lippie boy collector which I am really happy about I really wanted it love red
    Also chose for me is 111 skin super excited really wanted that love that skin company

    I chose highlighter
    Loaded lip polish
    Watermelon powder

    really loved this bag and definitely liked that we got to choose the items

  28. I am getting the Huda lippie in Day Slayer, it doesn’t work for me I had one of these int he past. If anyone wants to trade I would love the Shade Bonnie. Let me know!! I am on the swap site we can do it that way or try to arrange another way!!

    • Hi Annette! I got Bonnie and would rather have Day Slayer. I’m not on a swap site… how do you want to arrange?

      • Hi Tammy, try ….. email me muttelfam @ yahoodotcom

    • Email sent! Thank you!!

  29. It clearly says on the Ipsy website, that the customization is “supposed” to go on until the 3rd. If you are billed even on the first, and they want to pull that crap of you not being able to, when it says until the 3rd of August, that is false advertising. I resubscribed on the 1ST and it’s not letting me choose anything. Then some people are saying that the same happened to them and they won’t even get an august bag. How is that possible if Ipsy CHARGED for the month of August? Pretty annoyed right now. I don’t want to pay $25 for a bag and i’m not even getting one for over a month. Who does that?

    • No, ipsy is not like BeautyFix. ipsy has always been very upfront that to be subbed and choosing for a month, your account must be active or activated by the last day of the previous month. No fraud here.

      • I was coming to say the same thing. You have to subscribe before the first to have your bag revealed, pick your add ons and choose your items (for Plus that is) on the 1st or 2nd. Ipsy is very upfront about that. If you subscribe on the 1st or after it takes a while for them to put your bag together and for you to be able to see the contents. They have done nothing wrong in the situation described above

    • I would keep looking. Signed my daughter up for one last night and a couple hours ago it let us chose the 3 items

      • That’s what ultimately ended up happening to me too. They told me I wouldn’t get a bag at all in August and then lo and behold, I got an email at about 7 tonight telling me it was my turn to customize my bag and choose my three items. Like wtf… They had chosen the Murad Perfecting Day Cream (yay) and the beauty for real shadow Stx (meh but ok) for me. I chose the Purlisse matcha green tea primer (yay), dr Brandt pores no more luminizing primer (repeat I’ve received before but I like it ok, so eh) and Illamasqua lip polish in glaze (also getting this in my other gbp account but 🤷‍♀️) I’m glad I got a second gbp this month, since that’s what this was set up as, my second gbp account, but Ipsy needs to work on their communication. With all the glitches and miscommunications today it was hard to know what was going on with them, they charged me twice for my add-ons. 🙁

  30. It’s not letting me choose anything!!! It says still making my bag!

    I have been subscribed for months! I was going to cancel last month after yet another mediocre bag, but decided to stick around for the extra choices this month.

    Not happy at all right now!

    • The same thing is happening to me! I decided to resubscribe due to being excited about choice, and when i click on the thing to customize, it goes back to the main screen saying that they are making my bag. I will be really annoyed if i don’t get to choose. The whole reason i decided to keep GBP.

    • Same here with mine 🙁

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