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Ipsy August 2020 Add-Ons Available Now!

The August 2020 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, or Glam Bag Ultimate subscription.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ipsy Add-Ons:

Add-Ons are available for 24 hours!

You have to reveal your glam bag spoilers to gain access to Add-Ons. To access add-ons, visit or the ipsy mobile app for your monthly Spoiler Alert. Once you complete the Spoiler Alert, you will see a selection of products that can be added to your bag. Select the products you’d like, confirm your order, and the products will ship with your glam bag

You may choose up to 8 add-on products per month. These items will be added to your glam bag shipment. And shipping is free!

The Add-Ons will be a small selection of products, some of which are from that month’s Glam Bag assortment.

Here are the Add-Ons!

Full Size ($25 each):

Full Size ($18 each):

Full Size ($12 each):

Deluxe Samples ($3 each):

Which add-ons did you pick?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to learn more!


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Comments (43)

  1. This month i got 18 add on’s total (between my 3 bags) lmfao

    -2 x Sunday Riley Tidal’s – I heard this is a great moisturizer for oily/combo skin so i took the chance and got two. I have been loving the other Sunday Riley ipsy has feat. so why not lol.
    -1 x Sunday Riley Luna Oil – I got this in my July GBP and i’m obsessed so i got a back up for whenever my current runs out which will be a while but hey, at least i don’t have to spend $105 on another one.
    -2 x Jersey Shore Watermelon Lip Balms – these are amazing. i got the strawberry in a previous bag and they are very moisturizing AND they work amazingly to take off matte liquid lipstick lol.
    -1 x HEMPZ Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Crème – Anything lotion i’m obsessed and add hempz to that and i’m double obsessed.
    -1 x BALANCE ME Congested Skin Serum – looks like it’ll be good, really only interested in trying this out and possibly using it for whenever i’m going into the city.
    -1 x GLAMGLOW BRIGHTEYES™ Illuminating Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream – another product im only interested in trying out. I have found my 2 holy grail eye cream and serums from ipsy.
    -1 x LOTTIE LONDON AM to PM Eyeliner in Espresso – I love anything that isn’t liquid black eyeliner
    -1 x IBY BEAUTY Eye shadow in In Bloom – the color looks pretty and i don’t have any iby items.
    -1 x LARUCE LR112 Blending Brush – i have like 9 other laruce brushes so im really interested in completing my little collection.
    -1 x PIXI BY PETRA Endless Silky Eye Pen in MatteMulberry – another non black eyeliner
    -2 x H2O+ Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer – i have another h2o item from ipsy and i looove it so i figured why not x2 lol.
    -1 x BUBBLE T COSMETICS Peach Ice Tea Body Cream – lotion obsession remember.
    -1 x BRIOGEO Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Mask – glad to see some hair items, i am intrigued by the kiwi.
    -1 x SUNDAY RILEY ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream – why not give it a shot lol
    -1 x MOTD COSMETICS Pigment Packer Small Shader Brush – looks nice

    • Wow! I hope they all show up w/o incident. A lot of ppl are missing addons. My gbp comes today! What were thE HG products you found through ipsy?

  2. Can anyone please get to Ipsy on Social Media? They are trying to charge me for 15 add-ons when I only wanted 8. At one point they had removed the add-ons from our bag, so many people rushed back to re-order their items, thinking it was yet another glitch. Turns out they had kept (but not shown) the original info and….now I’m showing 15 instead of 8. Not happy. Yes, I know that a few hours later they sent out an email about it, but by then it was too late. 🙁

    • I had extra product also,I emailed them,they said…all sales final…period…I said cancel my membership…they must know that sale was completely messed up.

      • Well it took 2 emails and nearly 3 full days but it looks like they are cancelling the add-on order. It was unclear if they are cancelling one order or both, but either way it is fine as long as I don’t receive and pay for double products. I’m so glad they are fixing it because I am stubborn enough to quit Ipsy over this. And that thought was making me sad, especially since the August bag was the best match to my preferences thus far.

  3. Did anyone get an email telling them they could add more add ons? I did and was able to get the GBU bag!

    • Yeah, I got the email.

      I also saw someone on Reddit say they got a $3 credit for next month’s add-ons due to a glitch (that happened yesterday, I think).

      • I got the $3 BOGO add-ons email but not the email saying I could add more add-ons.

    • I didn’t get that email. Oh well – I think I had previously added what I really wanted anyway.

    • Yes, and the one thing I wanted was sold out.

    • What’s the GBU bag?

      • Glam Bag Ultimate

    • Yep, got the same email, even though I was one of the ones able to get in when the glitch was resolved and see everything available and get what I wanted. Just for fun I still looked, but all the popular stuff seemed to be sold out already.

  4. Is anyone else having trouble with chosen add-ons not showing up at all? I purchased add-ons this morning, received an email confirmation and my credit card was charged. The add-ons were showing up earlier along with my glam bag items. Now, only my glam bag items are showing and there is the option to purchase add-ons! I am certainly not going to purchase the same things again and be charged twice. I have sent an email to Ipsy. Hopefully, it will get resolved soon. I just want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?

    • Yep, same thing here. So confusing. I have saved my confirmation email just in case.

      • The email from Ipsy saying they have add-ons again says this:

        P.S. You won’t see your original Add-Ons order that you placed earlier on your Glam Bag page. Don’t worry—we have it on file, and you should’ve received a confirmation email. On the 4th, your account will reflect everything you bought.

        Hopefully everyone’s orders are correct!

  5. I went on this morning and saw a lot of things were already sold out. I went ahead and added a few things. I saw this afternoon that items had been replenished, so I added a couple more items. Now when I look at what’s in my glam bag, the items I purchased this morning are no longer in it and I can’t access the add on page anymore. Can you only purchase add ons one time? Does it cancel out previous add ons if you add more? I didn’t go over the limit. I received an email both times saying I was charged.

    • See the post comment above from “Doreen.” The original adds-you purchased this morning are still in their system and you will receive them. It’s confusing because despite this, you temporarily will not be able to see them listed on your profile as part of your bag. Apparently you will be able to see them on the 4th. The ability to re-access add-ons is to allow you to purchase additional add-ons you may have not not been able to access earlier (these are add-ons to your original add-ons…lol 🙂 It does NOT cancel out or replace your original add-ons order. It’s confusing since you cannot see the original order right now…..

  6. The out of stock issue this morning was weird. Fortunately, I got the things I really wanted.

    Plus day add-ons:
    – Jersey Shore watermelon lip balm
    – Inc. Redible roller gloss

    Glam bag add-ons:
    – Pixi Matte Mulberry pencil
    – Bubble T peach lotion
    – Araceli eyeshadow in Horchata
    – Dewytree pore minimizing serum

  7. I didn’t buy add-ons yesterday with Plus because I wanted to wait and see what I was getting on the regular bag and avoid duplicates. This morning I ended adding only the Kistch Scrunchies and the KISS & SMINK lip crayon. The color looks pretty and it’s refreshing to see something besides red and brown being offered. Let’s hope the formula will be nice as well.

    • How did you get back to the addons page?

      • Hannah, I was only able to access the add-ons page today through the regular Glam Bag (after they fixed the glitch).The Glam Bag Plus didn’t give me the option to buy more add-ons today. After I confirmed my glam bag plus yesterday with my 3 choices and no add-ons that was it. They moved me to “you built your bag, now the assemble process follows”
        I checked a few times after some people posted they got emails from ipsy saying they could go back and buy more add-ons. I didn’t get that email, so I assume it was only a chance for a chosen few.
        I hope you got the items you wanted.

  8. I could access add-ons yesterday, but I can’t figure out how to get back in to add more. Anyone know? I clicked the link, but it just takes me to my “box” page.

    • You cannot go back and add more.

      • Technically you should be able to as according to their page it closes for everyone tomorrow at 6 PM est. I sent an email saying I couldn’t access the add ons a second tine and then the next time I logged in I was able to access the add ons… unknown if it was my email or it was indeed a *glitch*

  9. Everything was sold out at 7:30

    • There was a replenishment sometime this morning. Half the things were marked as sold out at 5:30 this morning (west coast), but when I checked again at 9am, most things had been refilled.

      • Yes, but they punished those of us who woke up early and bought addons believing a restock wasn’t happening (since they said NOTHING about this just being a glitch for several hours—Ipsy CS had literally told me they must’ve sold out, which is when I settled for a fraction of the items I planned on adding) by not allowing us to access them again… even if we didn’t order close to the 8 item/bag limit. This has been the most frustrating experience with them and enough to make me cancel.

      • Natalie,
        No one was “punished” it was a glitch.
        I wish I was able to catch the hair scrunchies. They were “sold out” both days. Eh, maybe they will show up next month. Also the Sunday Riley oil was sold out already as well.

      • Natalie, try to remember that this is a HUGE change for IPSY and little glitches like this should absolutely be expected. If anyone was going into the new format expecting perfection I don’t know what to say – I’m actually very impressed with how smoothly it has gone so far. Implementing something like this takes a lot of work, testing, time and patience (for those making the changes on the IPSY side) and the customers need to be equally patient and shouldn’t expect 100% smooth sailing across the board. That’s quite unrealistic.

      • Natalie, my philosophy is subscription boxes should be fun. If you’re not enjoying your ipsy membership, if you feel punished, you should cancel. No one gets everything they want, whether it’s ipsy or life in general. Glitches happen. If you’re unhappy, move on.

    • When I looked at 8:06 this morning, most of the good stuff was sold out. But when I looked again at 11:30ish just to see what was left, everything was available! I got the 111Skin pair. If you didn’t buy anything earlier check again!

      • How do we get back in to the add ons?

    • You’ve both responded well after the fact and likely didn’t experience the stress and confusion that those of us who got up early for the add-ons and tried to follow Ipsy’s usual rules (first come, first served, for instance) dealt with, but thanks for the condescending contributions. Are you on the Ipsy payroll?

  10. Ipsy needs to check what we got as add ons on the first before doing the regular bag. I have 3 repeats coming, only one I don’t mind is the Sunday Riley ice moisturizer because I chose it I didn’t need another glamglow eye cream or pixie mulberry eye pen. Asking them to switch those two won’t happen. That’s okay I planned on quitting after this month and enjoy everything I have just on big time products overload anyways. I would of like the Tacha dewy spray and the it night moisturizer and the other pixie pen but neither of those items were available either day as add ons. Hope shipping doesn’t take forever this month again.

    • That would be ideal but it is probably not going to happen because you could buy so many things in your add-ons from Plus that there are no (pre-baked) bags for regular GB that don’t have all those items. For Ultimate tho, they should make the Ultimate bags before Plus and then not allow you to choose (for your 3 choice products) anything that is going to be in your GBU.

      • There has been talk around the interwebs that they might stop doing the ultimate and that’s why they worked on and rolled the new things out for plus, and the new tier “add ons” .

    • your Bags are already made, once you do choice they pick your bag. So maybe wait until the second to pick your add ons. This is a very first world problem complaint.

      • The bags are already made, but I don’t think they are assigned to you yet. During Plus add-ons yesterday all the items I received in my GB today were shown to me to pick as add-ons. Today, once by GB was revealed, none of those were shown to me as add-ons, but they were available to others.

        It could be a glitch in Plus add-ons selection, IDK. It was happening for Ultimate people too. They picked Plus Choice options yesterday and they got them in GBU today.

  11. I got:

    –Ciate London Watermelon pressed powder (knew this was an add on, so I picked Wander foundation because I’ve never tried it and wanted to)
    — Thrive mascara (because I can’t have to many of these, great mascara!)

    I have to say that with the way they laid out the choices with Plus and the add on spoilers/videos being released ahead of time, I was able to get everything I wanted AND strategize what to choose versus what I could add on. I’ve been saying this is what I wanted for months, so I’m a HAPPY CAMPER!!! Wishing everyone their dream bag 🙂

    • Lori I agree – I’m thrilled with my August GBP and excited about the new format. I just cancelled my Beautyfix (sadly) because they’ve been pretty disappointing lately and after I saw the Beautyfix August spoilers I knew I was done. IPSY and Allure are now my 2 monthly treats and I’m really happy about IPSY’s change! I hope you love your bag! I know I’ll love mine, regardless of when it arrives. 🙂

      • Thank you, you too! 🙂

  12. MSA – I think that might be some old copy wrt the # of allowed add ons? It went up to 8 from 5 a little while ago.

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