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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Full Spoilers + 20% Off

CAUSEBOX Fall 2020 Box Spoilers Round #5 + Coupon!

The Fall 2020 CAUSEBOX is available to order now and we have a new spoiler!

The Fall Box is stuffed with a range of products that will fill your Fall with all kinds of cozy. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that not only are doing the right thing, but also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel  OR Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff  OR Volim Love Scrub


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel – $39

First it cools, then it warms. Made with black pepper and ginger, this gel might just be your new post-workout BFF.

Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff – $42

Handmade in Moradabad, India, this stylish bangle features a criss-cross design in rose gold.

Volim Love Scrub $56

Scrub away the day while red tea, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid hydrate and nourish.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Each Fall box will include Spoiler #4:

Core Bamboo Serve Set

Core Bamboo Set

Prep, plate, and serve with the Bamboo Serve Set by Core Bamboo. The bamboo used to make these tongs, spatula and cutting board is organically grown, FSC certified, antibacterial, prettier than plastic– need we say more?

Spoiler #3:

Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern OR Tease Tea Glass 3-in-1 Tea & Fruit Tumbler

*Annual subscribers get to choose


Spoiler #2:

Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value


Bathen Waffle Towels (Set of 4) in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value

Towel set include two bath towels and two hand towels

First pick your style, then pick your color 😍 For when you’re not quite ready to get ready, the dries-so-fast Bathen Robe or Towel Set has you covered. Handwoven by artisans in Panipat, India, these luxuriously soft after-shower pieces feature a waffle knit made 100% ethically with 100% cotton. Waffle knit creates space for additional air to flow through the fibers, allowing them to dry incredibly fast.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Spoiler #1:

The Green Co. Set of 10 Reusable Facial Rounds OR Buzzy Seeds Basil Grow Kit

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Herb garden 101, Buzzy Seeds makes it easy with their all-inclusive kits. Freshen up margherita pizza or pesto with home-grown basil.

Reusable to the rescue. These facial rounds by The Green Co. can replace up to 12,000 cotton balls or makeup wipes and can last a lifetime with proper care. They come with a laundry bag to make washing easy.

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  1. Received my summer welcome box. Got it late due to FedEx not releasing it. Love all the items in it. Wow. So worth it and am looking forward the fall box even more anxiously now☺️

  2. Karine (somehow cannot reply to your comment), thanks for posting that facial scrub has aluminium bead, in fact, that’s the 1st ingredients. I just removed my choice for the scrub.

  3. This might just be me but is it annoying to anyone else how home goods centered this box is? As a college student I don’t exactly imagine myself sitting in my dorm with my bathrobe and Bamboo serve set. The water bottle, cotton rounds, and scrub are kind of nice, I just wish there were other options, I know FFF has more of that kind of stuff but the ethical aspect of Causebox inspired me more than the superficial feeling of FFF did.

    • I’m far from a college student but I completely agree with you. I’m ok with the practical items but I don’t want a subscription box for those sorts of things. I want it for the fun things. I know Causebox has had more of what I would consider fun stuff in the past so I’m hoping this box is a bit of a fluke and the next boxes will be more fun. Bit the ethics in it keep me with CB. I’m also subscribed to FFF but I’m going to let that one expire and keep going with this one.

    • I actually LOOOVVEEE how home centered it is. Especially now that I spend so much time at home this is absolutely perfect and I love home wares in boxes. My only complaint is the lack of fall vibes. This is very neutral or summer leaning. But I do really like this box. The value isn’t exactly there this season like summer was. But I’m certainly still very content and am loving that the bamboo serve set is included!

      • Agreed! There are so many other boxes for fun things like fab fit fun. I usually find most of the items in subscription services to be useless. After reviewing several Causebox boxes I see myself using every item. I can’t wait to get my box!

    • I really enjoy the mix of this box. I’m out of college and in my own home, so I find all of the items really useful. I purchase environmentally friendly, handmade items whenever I can afford to, so this box makes it affordable without having to choose specific things. Also, when I was in college, the old robe my grandma gave me was my best friend, but I know some people don’t like using robes.

    • I like the home based box but maybe they should give an option for those who feel the way you do Mia.

  4. I went with the towels. You can find a bunch of options for waffle robes on Amazon for great prices but it’s really difficult to get waffle weave towels without spending over $50.

  5. Causebox and Bathen need to release the sizing on that robe. The two robes listed on the Bathen website measure 26” and 28“ across the back waist.

    I’m on the fence about going annual to take a chance on the robe or skipping/cancelling. I don’t need hand wash bamboo despot it being pretty.

    • On instagram Causebox said “The Waffle Bathrobe is a one-size fits many piece, designed with the diversity of our community in mind. With a 42″ length, 50″ seam-to-seam waist, 21” drop sleeve, and 72” belt, this luxuriously soft piece will easily make everyday feel like a spa day! “

      • Thanks Lauren! That seems to have a waist just a little smaller than the robes available on their website but still ample.

    • I saw a screenshot somewhere, where someone had asked the manufacturer about sizing for this particular robe and they responded by saying up to size 16.

  6. I’m so confused by this rollout!! Not all of the items have been announced yet but customisation is open already? I’ve been checking Instagram obsessively to find out the last two items. I’m pretty bummed out that the last choice item hasn’t been announced there yet 😭 How am I supposed to decide with zero information 🤣 thank you MSA for giving me all the info on these three products!

  7. This is my first customized box and I’m pretty excited! I can’t choose between the towels and robe though.. and oh my gosh then having to decide the color! What’s everyone doing? A nice robe would be great but I’m think towels would be more useful to me. Ugh so hard to decide!

  8. I actually really like this box. But only if i could choose for the robe and lantern. But i cant afford to pay fora full year up front right now. Just went thru almost $250 in add-ons. At FFF in their never-ending sales. Lol

  9. Is there a discount for an annual membership?

    • I used the code “michel” and it paid for my tax. Think it was $16 off

    • Is there a discount if you pay for a full year?

      • I purchased an annual last year with Black Friday discount offer.

  10. Hmm… I’m considering canceling this sub. The only two items I am interested in are the robe in either color, which I may not get, and the plant kit. I can’t imagine using the other 4 items, though I guess they could be used as gifts for people. Thoughts?

    • I think there will be plenty of people looking to trade those items. If you’re on FB, there’s a Causebox group dedicated to buying and trading CB items. As far as gifting goes, I would be happy to receive the cutting board, lantern, infuser bottle, or cuff as a gift. It would probably be odd to give muscle gel or scrub as a gift, but I do love that muscle rub so I’d even be happy with that! But it probably takes the right person to appreciate that, or the facial rounds.

      • I agree I’m not really impressed by the options of this month’s box. I’m glad you posted that there is a FB group where people buy and trade CB items.

  11. Customization is open!

  12. Customization is now open – I’m confused though: I thought there would be 6 items, and the total RV of the items posted is still short of the $250 mark. I’m guessing the last item will be an everybody gets item? Or are these five items all we should expect? Does anyone know?

    • And, also – I can’t decide between the cuff and the facial scrub – anyone have advice?

      I also can’t decide between the towels and the robe…but that’s probably my own struggle, lol.

      I’m excited for this box. First time I’m confident I’ll use everything in a box!

      • The last item is the bamboo cutting boards and wooden spoons that everyone gets.

      • Hi,
        I’ll personally go for the cuff because the facial scrub has aluminium beads which isn’t good for the environment when washed off, it also has fragrance. As for between the towels and the robe, I’m having a hard time to choose too! I spend more time in my bathrobe than in my towels though, so I’m gonna go with the robe! 🙂 I’m hoping that we’re going to get at least one last thing, as I feel like the past boxes had better value.

      • Idk if the scrub is good or not but I really don’t like the practice of fake or shady reviews. This company conveniently has almost all of its reviews on this specific product posted on the same day, yesterday. The day that this choice was announced. Statistical odds of that happening are slim to none which means it was most likely employees. I hate when companies do that and have worked at a company that did that before. That’s enough for me to hard pass on that item.

      • I’m still counting five items, Chelsea? Hopefully there is one more as the value doesn’t seem to add up to $250.
        basil/makeup pads
        serving board set

        Good call on the scrub, Karine! I think I just wanted an item I can picture myself using while wearing the robe, lol. I have a scrub coming from FFF so I’ll just move it to this box when it gets here, lol. I do think the cuff is really pretty and I don’t have very much rose gold, so it’s definitely an item I could get use out of (I started in to rose gold after getting the three earring stud set from CB in maybe last year’s Winter box and I’m obsessed with them – my favorite earrings – so I had to get some rose gold items to go with (nice excuse, huh? 🙂 ).

      • I’m getting the robe, the cotton rounds, the Tease bottle, and I think either the cuff or the muscle gel. I looked up reviews on the products and there are a bunch of good reviews for the muscle gel. And it seems easy to find it online if I decide to repurchase. I couldn’t find any real reviews for the scrub though, and very little info about it online. Plus the fact that it’s a face scrub and I don’t know how much I’d want to scrub something on my face especially since I have a lot of redness on my face already – I thought it would just be safer to go with the muscle gel or cuff. If you don’t have that issue though, you might like the scrub.

        I’ve been having sore ankles and calves from my new job, so I figure the muscle gel would come in handy. Although I do also think the rose gold cuff is really pretty, and I don’t have anything that’s rose gold. I’m still a little torn between those two. But I figure that I for sure would use the muscle gel, whereas I’m not sure how often I’d wear the cuff. I’d also worry about the rose gold possibly flaking off down the road and not looking so pretty and therefore go unused. I wish it would have been sterling silver, as I wear a lot of silver. I looked up other jewellery the company makes too and it seems they use brass as their main metal, which is a turn off for me. So yeah I think I’ll go with the muscle gel.

    • Yeah there’s still one item to go. There should be 6 items, and we’re only at 5. I was a bit confused by this one too. For the Summer Welcome Box, customization didn’t open until after all items were revealed, and also it was like a few weeks I think after the last item was revealed. With this box, we still haven’t seen all the items, and customization is already open. Also, with the Summer Welcome Box, it took a while for all items to be revealed. But this time it’s like 5 of the items were revealed within 2 weeks. I don’t know, strange. It seems kind of like they’re rushing to get the spoilers out. I signed up for annual with the summer welcome box. I like the fact that I get to customize everything and know exactly what I’m getting.

      I used to be with Boxycharm before and oh boy was that a disaster. Way too many variations, and they don’t use their beauty quizzes so they will send you concealer and foundation that isn’t for your skin tone. Not to mention bait and switch you with items they show spoilers for that you don’t get, instead getting something else not even mentioned or shown anywhere. Plus you only got to choose 1 item for the whole box. They also make claims like you’ll get 6-7 items in Premium, but it’s NEVER 7, only ever 6. Same with their luxe box – claims you’ll get 8-9 items, but it’s NEVER 9. They also said you would get all full-size items, and instead they’ve given out mini items numerous times. You can’t even safely buy stuff in their add-on or pop-up sales, because you’ll pay for it all up front, but then a month or longer goes by and you still don’t have anything after they claim they shipped it out, only to get a refund 2 months later and none of the products you bought. Not to mention losing money because of the exchange rate. Plus they have seriously horrible customer service. Ugh. Causebox is just such a fresh of air compared to them.

      • Thanks, Elizabeth!

    • The last item won’t be spoiled until after boxes start shipping.

  13. I’m excited for this box, I upgraded to annual to choose the Charcoal robe.
    Cotton rounds, I’m going to use these all the time. Tea infuser, I will add this to my huge collection.
    I chose the Rose gold cuff. I kept going back and forth on the cuff vs the scrub. That looks like a nice scrub and I will probably swap for it.
    I love the cutting board set.
    Everything is useful to me and all of them are reusable instead of being products that run out and expire!

  14. At first glance I was not feeling this box. However… I’m getting really excited to have my at home spa time. I need some pampering. Covid w 2 LO’s and now virtual learning in the fall. This box is all about me. No… I would not necessarily go out and buy these things individually. But that’s what I love about these boxes. They allow me to try items that I necessarily wouldn’t gravitate to. I’m an annual and feel that’s the best thing for your buck. You get to choose. I’m also a member of FFF as well. Both are completely different and both serve their purpose. I do love Causebox though…. i think the quality and value is there. I can’t say that about other boxes. I’m picking the mint robe, cotton rounds, tea infuser, and face scrub. Hoping the last item is either slippers or a hair drying turban. Here’s to wishful thinking. Overall extremely happy!!! Love the theme!

  15. For anyone who is curious the Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel is FANTASTIC!
    I got it from fff several years back & for a while I didn’t even use it. Boy was that my mistake! I’m super picky about muscle gels & this one has become my HG!(the only one I use) It’s more natural which I love & even being so it has stayed good for a very, very long time. You get a lot of product & you don’t need much so it will last you a while. Just be sure to shake it first before using! (It really makes a difference with the cooling aspect of it!)

    I have fibromyalgia & this helps so much. It doesn’t irritate my nerves, it’s actually one of the very few things that can helps my sore muscles.

    If you get it in the fall box maybe give it a try & don’t write it off like I did! It really surprised me in a good way! Just wanted to give my .2 cents that nobody asked for but hopefully will help someone or at least encourage you if you do get it in your box! 🙂

    • Thank you fur your details about how to use the product. I, too had an old one that I just opened last night and love it!! I did not think to shake it, though, so tonight, I’ll hopefully get an even better experience for my sprained ankle!! I went with the facial cleaner, since I already have this.

      • Janet I’m glad I could hopefully help at least one person! It takes a lot for me to really praise a product. I know many people might be bummed to get a muscle gel (like I was when I first got it) but hopefully hearing at least some people are big fans might make it feel more of an exciting item to receive especially if there seasonal & didn’t get to pick!
        I’m not annual & I think I’m going to skip this box …just to many variables & the chance of getting what I would want is to low. Hopefully they’ll have more intro boxes & I can snag the gel in one of those or market place. I almost bought a new one but I think I’ll wait to try to get it cheaper!
        I hope your ankle feels better soon!! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh thank you for sharing! This is my first customization box, and my first thought was to get the muscle gel because of my post-surgery ankle and chronic neck/back pain. I was worried it may not be effective as it states though. I really appreciate hearing a firsthand account. I’m going for it now 🙂

      • Marissa-
        Congrats on this being your 1st customized box! I hope you really enjoy everything in it-especially the gel! I do hope it helps your ankle post surgery & neck & back pain too! Which reminds me I should put some on my neck tonight! Lol. Everybody is different but I really do hope it helps you too!! 🙂

  16. Towels, TeaseTea, Muscle Gel and basil for me

  17. Does anyone know how long the customization window is open for?

  18. I don’t love or need everything in this Fall Box, do bummed I missed out on the Summer Box so a hard box to follow. But, this would be my 2nd time signing up for an annual because the most important thing about this box is in its name – the CAUSE. I love getting something for myself while supporting the artist behind the box design, small business owners, women, communities in less privileged countries, the environment, and overall giving back at the same time. Annual is the best way to go since it’s the only way you can customize, get first dibs on the boxes or even choose to skip this one. I think a win-win overall 🙂 peace & love

  19. I decided not to bite. Not an annual subscriber anyway. I have all the kitchen utensils I need and more, and have a robe and towels, so . . .

    Decided to save my money for all the advent calendars coming out within the next six weeks.

  20. Customization is open!!

    • Thank you! Chose cotton rounds, robe, tea infuser and muscle gel.

    • Thank you so much for the heads up!!

  21. Caved in! I liked the muscle gel a lot from FFF last year. Already saved my choices on the customisation so far. This Fall will be box galore as I also signed up to Margot Elena & Merkaela..

  22. Such a nice box! I’m choosing the basil, charcoal robe (need a nice lightweight robe), cuff, and probably the tea tumbler. Or maybe the lantern. Not sure about that yet, lol. I’m not sure if I’d use the lantern, but it’s very pretty.

  23. I’ve been following Causebox for a while but never signed up. This box got me to sign up for an annual! The mint towels are beautiful, my mom will LOVE the tea infuser, I need facial rounds, tongs, and a spatula anyway, and can’t decide on this last spoiler! Thinking the scrub

  24. My 2 cents: I know there are a lot of unhappy folks with this box, and I wish they would be offering two robe sizes so they’d be more size inclusive.

    I view these boxes as ways to get treats I wouldn’t normally, to expose myself to new things, and to get Christmas shopping done. A ton of my FFF stuff is going to tweens as Christmas gifts this year — so much of it seems to skew younger than I am, and not the nicest quality. (I keep saying my FFF stuff is “fine for Zoom.” 🙂 )

    I’ve only gotten 3 boxes from Causebox (2 intros and a summer) but I love the quality, the feeling of specialness, and the values in terms of supporting charitable causes that I really respect. I never thought I’d love the bowls this summer, but bought a second set because I love them. When I got the diffuser I thought “gross, ginger,” but I love the white tea scent anyway. I thought “essential oils — what would I do with them?” and turns out my husband loves them. I thought the lids would be stupid, but I gave a set from an intro box to my MIL and she wants to give them to her quilting group for Christmas. So even the things I don’t love from these boxes initially turn out to be loved by someone in my family. I don’t expect them to nail everything based on my (questionable!) taste and preferences, but overall I think Causebox does a great job.

    • I completely agree with you. I never had fff but my mom and grandmother did so I got to see what was in the boxes and the quality was not the greatest and definitely not worth the price they say the items are worth (the robe like item for example was apparently worth $60 was was extremely thin and not well made). I just signed up for causebox this summer (summer welcome box) and love everything (except the serum. Just not a fan of the company). It is all well made and well worth the subscription. I actually love that there isn’t a lot of cosmetic products too. So excited for this box. I get people’s point about the robe in this box but at the same time it would be hard for causebox to know how much of each size to order as I’m sure they are order well in advance.

    • Meh, as a plus size woman and avid gardener, there’s just nothing in this box for me. To each their own, but consciously avoiding plus size women is enough for me to never subscribe again.

      • Moonjock1 I completely agree with you. The best thing in the box seems to be the robe, but most likely will not fit my plus size. I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to have a “regular size” option and also a “plus size.” Oh well. This will be my last box anyway. I am not renewing. Maybe there is a subscription box out there somewhere that caters to plus sized women?

      • If you really want to be size inclusive, then you’d also need a “petite” option, as lots of us tiny people can’t fit into “regular size” either (comically large does not equal “fit”). I think it then becomes too expensive and complicated which is why they have a towel option. For $8-9 an item I just don’t think you can expect that level of customization.

    • @Lauren tall sizes too!

      • @Lauren I entirely agree — “one size” clothing always makes me look like a child playing dress up in mommy’s closet. It’s not just a question of having to hem something; the garments are unwearable unless you’re okay with looking ridiculous. Getting things tailored to that extent costs far more than the price of the item, and it still never looks right.

  25. I received the Summer Box 2 and absolutely loved it. LOVED IT!

    This box, no so much. I think the robes/towels look very thin and won’t withstand 1 wash. I don’t like it enough to even think of prepaying. It’s a shame. I have really wanted to live this box for years. There is always something that is off putting.

  26. I am not currently with CauseboxI did pick up the fabfitfun box and so for far I do like that they have the option to do customization even if you’re not a yearly subscriber at least for three items so that’s kind of winning over this box just seems kind of blah.

  27. I am choosing the basil, charcoal robe, the lantern and the bangle.

    • I’m picking the exact same options! I’m very excited.

  28. Did anyone get their Summer 1 Intro box yet? Their site says they all shipped but mine still says awaiting shipment and their Support isn’t answering the email I sent last week. I got it for the Glass Ladder Folio.

    • A lot of people in the Causebox community group on FB are still waiting in Intro box 1… So at least you haven’t been forgotten.

    • I did not receive mine. I requested a refund and they gave me the refund.

    • I have received my intro box 1 last week week and will be getting Botha the intro box 2 and 3 later on this week. I have the shipping for all of them. Though the shipping has taken awhile!

    • So apparently when I emailed about mine they said there was a group of the intro box 1’s that Fed ex had potentially lost and that they’d be sending out replacements this week… hope that helps!

    • I actually got mine last week. I also got it for the same reason. However the smell is rather strong. Like a petroleum kind of smell. I got it in the gray which is beautiful but it does need to air out still. Hopefully the odor goes away soon enough.

    • I finally have tracking and mine is going to be here Thursday… I hope you get yours soon!!

    • Contact customer service!
      I hadn’t gotten mine yet either and sent them an email about it.
      I got a return email back today saying Fedex had lost some of their boxes, but they are sending me out a replacement box by the end of the week. They even said if the first one eventually shows up I can keep that one too.
      Yours may be lost in the same bunch.

      • I just got an email and mine is one of the lost ones so it will be shipped again this week.

  29. I do like the cuff but overall this box is very meh for me. I just invested in reusable cleansing rounds for me and my daughters, I don’t need a bathrobe or towels, I have water bottles and tea glasses aplenty (though this one is nice) and I would not use the lantern. The bamboo board and servers are OK. Need to decide soon whether I will skip.

    • I’ll have the cuff for swap – have way too many similar items

  30. My picks facial rounds, charcoal towels, Tumbler, muscle gel

    • Same but so far it’s very meh. Still hoping to be wow-ed by the remaining spoilers.

      • I hear there are only 6 items so just one left. I’m going to pause my annual and if I am in love with the final item I’ll buy it as a seasonal, since it will be an everyone gets item anyways. I’d rather save my annual subscription for the next boxes in the hope that I like them better.

  31. I’m loving this box. Im glad I signed up before it sells out.

  32. I have been waiting for this spoiler to help me decide whether to skip this box or not. I have wanted to love this box so much but it has just seemed off the mark for me. The trouble is that I don’t love the robe (reminds me of a hospital robe) or the towels, and that’s the big ticket item. Other than that, everything is fine, and this last spoiler actually is probably my favorite thing. But I decided to get the Erin Condren box instead (I know, really different but still a special fall treat). I hope everyone who gets this box really loves it. I ADORED the summer box.

    • 110% agree

    • I couldn’t agree more. I thought Causebox knocked it out of the park with the summer box, and the spring box was strong as well. This one missed the mark for me, too. They started out with a weak first spoiler and never quite recovered. I cancelled my seasonal subscription today. I have hesitated to commit to annual because the appeal of the offerings is so wildly inconsistent from season to season.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the Erin Condren box! I didn’t get an email.

    • I get the EC Surprise box every season and it’s one of my favorites!! Between that box, owlcrate, and CB I’m pretty happy and so I might cancel FFF. CB isn’t always phenomenal but when they get it right they really get it right imho! This will be my second CB box for a Fall season and it seems that historically Fall is their weakest season.

  33. My feeling here is that unless I had an annual subscription this box is a bit of a crapshoot for me– but I don’t like it ENOUGH to go annual. So I’m skipping.

  34. IMO this is one of the worst boxes I have seen from this company,because there is way too many variations…..The reason I say this is because people who do not pay annually are going to probably end up with a lot of things that do not like….I can not afford to pay annually so this box sucks for me…Usually there is only three variations a box,and I always get the items I do not want….So this box is going to suck for me this time around,because every item is a variation,and I know I will not get anything I want….I would cancel,but then I will forget to subscribe in time to get the winter box….So I am going to put my big girl panties on suck it up and deal with it,because every box can not be a winner,and hopefully the winter box will be more to my liking.

    • I am annual, but I still don’t really want the box. The last 3 boxes were so amazing, but I can’t get excited about towels/robes. And all the other items are just inexpensive little things.

      • Same. Nothing excites me.

    • I feel like I really wanted to love this box but there’s too much variation and not enough things I want. Usually I have about one item that’s a coin toss and I might not love one variant. With this fall box, I don’t even really want some of the best options. Honestly the robe was the only thing that really had a lot of potential to me. I’ll see what the welcome boxes are like or wait until winter.

    • I think you could email them to skip! Just do it before September 1st.

    • You are allowed to Skip boxes an Anniual Subscriber. Just send an email Causebox Customer Service before September 1 to Pause your Subscription and not get the Fall box. Your Subscription then is extended by one Box.

    • You can skip the fall box without canceling your membership. I already checked with them because I’m not overexcited about this one either. I’m probably going to skip too but I believe we need to email them soon or it will be too late.

    • You could do what I did. I waited for three seasons to pass, saved the $ I would have spent and then on the 4th month did the annual subscription. I think it was worth the wait to be able to customize.

  35. Grey towels, Tea infuser, muscle gel, basil, I love this! Very excited! I know this is supposed to be 6 items – will the 6th item be their art print or will that be in addition to the 6th item?

    • There should be a real 6th item. Fortunately, the postcard doesn’t count as an item.

      CB takes too long releasing spoilers. My annual is up this season and I think I’m going to cancel. This box looks nice, but I always feel I need this stuff then I don’t end up of using the products. If I don’t, I’m choosing the gray robe, tea bottle, makeup remover rounds, and either the cuff or scrub.

  36. Oh my – I’m having so much trouble picking my options in this box. I think I’ll choose the bracelet, the tea tumbler, the makeup pads, and the charcoal robe, but tbh I keep going back and forth. I might just let Causebox choose for me LOL!

    I love the theme – I see it as very spa like (which is why I might get the scrub or muscle gel instead), which is totally something I need right now.

    • Having same issue! Kind of want them just to choose for me because I can’t for the life of me decide between the towels and robe!!!

  37. The Fall box looks a little disappointing, I don’t think I want this one, nothing looks interested to me in this box.

  38. I would love to know what everyone is choosing if they are willing to share! 😊

    • Towels, facial rounds, and cuff (just because I have enough beauty stuff from my beauty boxes). I’m still going back and forth on the bottle and lantern. I already have a few similar bottles but don’t think I’d use the lantern….

      • Same! The lantern and tea bottle are the hardest to choose between, plus that cuff is really cute

    • I was holding out but just signed up annual because it seems that in every category I love one item and hate the other! My plan is to choose:

      – Charcoal robe or towels
      – Reusable cotton rounds
      – Tea tumbler
      – Scrub

    • Rounds, Robe, Tea tumbler and cuff so far. I thinks this box is great! Not super fall, much more on the self care side of things which we could all use a bit more of right now!

    • Charcoal robe, tea tumbler, facial exfoliator, and probably the skin rounds (been back and forth on the rounds vs. basil kit)

    • The charcoal bathrobe, the cotton face rounds, the Tease bottle (I have many stainless steel bottles, but none that are glass. I’m curious about it) and I’m debating between all 3 of the 5th spoiler. The bracelet does look pretty so I may do that one. I’ll have to look up reviews of the cream and scrub to see if those sway my opinion. I’m hoping for a totally bomb 6th item.

    • bracelet, the tea tumbler, the facial rounds, and the charcoal Towels. I wonder what the last item will be maybe a mask considering everyone is wearing one so a reusable one is good.

    • Mint bath robe, facial rounds, cuff, lantern. I’m actually psyched at how beauty-less this box is turning out to be, because I also get FFF and I’m on product overload with them right now..

    • My current thinking . . .
      – Mint green robe
      – face rounds (not something I’d normally buy but they make so much sense!)
      – lantern (but if they allowed you to add on this water bottle too I would!)
      – the rose gold cuff

    • Charcoal robe, facial rounds, lantern, cuff.

    • Lantern, cotton rounds, cuff and gray robe for me. Excited about this box!

    • So far it’s looking like:

      Minty fresh robe (on the fence still… might want charcoal towels!)
      Starry starry night lantern (already have a tea tumbler or would have gotten that!)
      Cloudy cotton rounds (honestly just don’t need anymore plants 😂)
      Rosey pink cuff (gorgeous!)

      I wasn’t excited about this box. I honestly could go either way with pausing or keeping it. But I always say that and then I always love my items once they get here.

    • Basil, mint towels, lantern, and muscle cream for me!

    • – Cotton Rounds
      – Muscle Gel
      – Tea Tumbler (although that lantern is so cute and I kind of hate passing it up!)
      – And I THINK I’m going to do the robe in charcoal. I feel like the towels would be more useful, but then again they’re only on me for a second! My boyfriend pointed out that the robe is a more of a treat than the towels are, so I think I’m going to just treat myself with it 🙂

  39. I will actually use every single item in this box regardless of the customization so i ended up getting the fall box!
    it is a bit eclectic but again, i would use it all so no complaints here lol.

    customization i least like: muscle gel
    customization i most like: reusable cotton rounds

  40. I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m really excited about this box! I will have a hard time choosing between the muscle gel and the scrub because I use both types of product frequently.

    • I really love this box too. It’s full of items that I have actually been wanting to purchase (robe, facial rounds, glass infuser). Guess there was a reason I haven’t got around to making the purchase 😄

  41. I’ll choose the facial scrub. I really like the box, but mostly because I needed a new robe anyway 🙂 And I’ve been wanting a second cold brew tumbler for my tea, too, so win-win! Everything else is just a bonus!

  42. I love that muscle gel! It works really well for me and I’m almost out but hate to plunk down $39 for it. I’m so torn though because that bracelet is also really pretty! Ugh…
    But, the early spoilers I struggled with because I really didn’t want any of the items. I guess this is a better problem to have…

    • Would it be good for sore neck and shoulders/headache?

      • It works well for me on sore neck/back, also my arthritic foot, shin splints…
        I’ve never tried it for a head ache but now you gave me an idea!
        It’s so hard to say if it would work for you personally, though. Seems it either works really well for a person or not at all…

      • Hi JJ,

        Like Melody says it really depends on the person, for me, I was in a horrific car accident and it’s one of the few things that helps with the stiff/aching neck and shoulder. I prefer aromatherapy and natural based things, but it reminds me of icy hot… I find a little goes a long way. As for headaches, again it’s tricky. Some people are hypersensitive to scents when they have a headache.

    • That’s so interesting, because I feel the opposite! To me, the muscle gel is just a nice scent. I’ve never felt results from it at all, I just use it as a kinda nice aromatherapy if I’m bored after a workout XD

      • I was surprised to see a few people on here say it didn’t work for them. It must be such a personal thing. I’m pretty sensitive to supplements, too. And for some people, supplements do nothing. Very interesting…

  43. There’s no theme here, and it really doesn’t seem like a Fall box. It’s more like a box of random stuff thrown together, with none of it being terribly interesting. 🤷‍♀️

    • I see a “stay at home theme” and/or “spa” theme depending on customization (which I think it well timed with the pandemic and all).

      Robes/towels – definite say “stay at home” or “spa” to me
      Lantern – “stay at home” – what a nice touch to an at home date night or story time with kids 🙂
      Tumbler – “spa” – I love having a nice beverage when I’m pampering myself. These are also handy for cold brew in the fridge so nice for working from home
      Facial rounds – SPA!!!
      Basil grow kit – “stay at home” – what a neat thing to do at home if that’s your thing
      Cuff – I admit I see no fit on this one
      Exfoliator – “SPA”!!
      Muscle gel – “stay at home” or “spa”
      Serving set – “stay at home” – make yourself a nice charcuterie at home. I guess you could make it fit into a spa theme if you wanted

      Just my perspective.

      • Yes, definitely agree! And I think the serving set could feel like a spa aesthetic as well. The bracelet does seem to not fit, but I think I’m going to get it anyway. 🙂

      • I agree with you! The cuff is so cute though, and I would totally choose it if I didn’t hate wearing bracelets 😂. But yes, I think the stay-at-Home theme is pretty much everything, and I’m here for it!

    • I agree. The fall box is terrible. It does seem like a bunch of random left overs just put in a box. A robe, towels, a cutting board and wooden spoon and clamps, a nightlight lantern or a tea bottle ??? I could easily get all of this for less than $200. Not to mention any add ons you want to actually make your box a little more themed or customized to your needs. I dislike the fall box very much

  44. I would be happy with two out of the three listed.The muscle gel is a repeat for me and I believe it has lavender.

  45. Muscle gel is useless. I have one from FFF and it does not do anything.

    • Yup agreed.

    • I agree on this muscle gel – it did nothing for me.

    • I really like the muscle gel! It is akin to a “ice hot” type gel, mentholated, makes the skin sensation which brings blood flow to the area

    • I had one from FFF, not sure if it’s the same you are referring to, it was very sticky and wasn’t pleasant imho. Hopefully this is not the same type!

      • The one I got from FFF was last Fall I think… but it was a pre workout caffeine gel thing. I agree it is definitely a sticky mess but I use it all the time before yoga to unlock some of my very stiff spots. I can usually feel my core activate better/faster when I use it. I think the one here is probably more like icy hot as it’s a post workout thing. Either way I prefer the cuff anyhow! 😁🤷🏽‍♀️

  46. When is customization? Does anyone know?

    • can customize now

    • Now! I just checked and I was able to customize!

  47. Do annual members get to choose an option for Spoiler #5 or will it be a surprise for everyone?

    • In reading it, says annuals get to choose

    • Annuals get to choose.

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