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CAUSEBOX Fall 2020 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

The Fall 2020 CAUSEBOX is available to order now and we have the final spoiler thanks to This or That! (Thanks for the heads up, Laura & Victoria!)

The Fall Box is stuffed with a range of products that will fill your Fall with all kinds of cozy. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that not only are doing the right thing, but also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

Each Fall box will include Spoiler #6:

Way of Will Brightening Face Serum

Spoiler #5:

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel  OR Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff  OR Volim Love Scrub


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel – $39

First it cools, then it warms. Made with black pepper and ginger, this gel might just be your new post-workout BFF.

Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff – $42

Handmade in Moradabad, India, this stylish bangle features a criss-cross design in rose gold.

Volim Love Scrub $56

Scrub away the day while red tea, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid hydrate and nourish.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Each Fall box will include Spoiler #4:

Core Bamboo Serve Set

Core Bamboo Set

Prep, plate, and serve with the Bamboo Serve Set by Core Bamboo. The bamboo used to make these tongs, spatula and cutting board is organically grown, FSC certified, antibacterial, prettier than plastic– need we say more?

Spoiler #3:

Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern OR Tease Tea Glass 3-in-1 Tea & Fruit Tumbler

*Annual subscribers get to choose


Spoiler #2:

Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value


Bathen Waffle Towels (Set of 4) in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value

Towel set include two bath towels and two hand towels

First pick your style, then pick your color 😍 For when you’re not quite ready to get ready, the dries-so-fast Bathen Robe or Towel Set has you covered. Handwoven by artisans in Panipat, India, these luxuriously soft after-shower pieces feature a waffle knit made 100% ethically with 100% cotton. Waffle knit creates space for additional air to flow through the fibers, allowing them to dry incredibly fast.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Spoiler #1:

The Green Co. Set of 10 Reusable Facial Rounds OR Buzzy Seeds Basil Grow Kit

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Herb garden 101, Buzzy Seeds makes it easy with their all-inclusive kits. Freshen up margherita pizza or pesto with home-grown basil.

Reusable to the rescue. These facial rounds by The Green Co. can replace up to 12,000 cotton balls or makeup wipes and can last a lifetime with proper care. They come with a laundry bag to make washing easy.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box!


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  1. I’m very disappointed they included a robe or towels that are high value and pretty much worthless. Can someone share wash instructions for the towels?

    • “ As they are handmade, it sometimes requires a tad bit of care. To get your towels back to its normal length and shape, you can get your towels damp, and then stretch it out onto a beach towel and roll it up. This will allow the fabric to relax and continue to stretch inside the towel very gently. About 20- 30 minutes unwrap the towel and allow to air dry. Once the towel has dried you can iron it out a bit to flatten the waffle knit.

      For future care, as the Waffle Towel Set is handmade from 100% cotton, so for optimal preservation and minimal shrinkage, we recommend following the instructions listed below to handle with extra care. Depending on the washer and dryer used, the cycle can be a bit stronger and hotter, so the below instructions are best.

      Hand or machine wash your Waffle Bathrobe or Towel Set in cold water (Bonus: washing in cold water is an easy way to save energy and prevent carbon pollution!), and lay flat to air dry. While waffle weave will naturally contract, it should typically stretch back out to its original size in time. To maintain the fabric exactly as-is, you can use warm iron as needed.“

      Hope that helps!

  2. This is my first box and I will definitely use all the items. I really ordered for the robe but was pleasantly surprised that I loved all the items I chose; robe, tease and rounds. It was certainly a good value but, as most have you have said, I wanted more of a wow factor.

  3. Hey did anyone get their robe, wash it, have it shrink to their waist, and have it come out of the dryer with holes and lose threads. LOL. Does any know how I should go about voicing my concern with causebox?

    • I just washed my towels tonight and I can’t believe how much they shrank!! They aren’t even fully dry yet but the bath towel shrunk so much that if I wrap it around my torso, it doesn’t even cover my hips, let alone anything else.

      Really disappointed.

    • HO-LY-COW!! My robe had a funny smell to it so I decided to wash it. Tag says wash in warm and tumble dry medium. It’s 100% cotton so instead I washed it on cold and dried it on low. I can’t even believe how much this shrunk, I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s ridiculous, seriously about 1/3 the size it was. I can’t even pull it closed around me now. The length is a good 8-10 inches shorter, sleeves a good 4-5 inches shorter. Unbelievable! My lint screen is full of short little mint strings. Boo Causebox!

      • I did the same for the same reason! Awful smell! I followed the washing and drying instructions. Mine shrank as well and it looks hideous. Happy with the rest of fall box.

      • ***UPDATE***
        So as I said above I am very disappointed in this robe. I emailed Causebox Sunday afternoon expressing my displeasure, and today (Monday) I received a reply back. They are sending me a new robe and they also offered some tips on possibly restoring the other one as well as tips on washing the new one. (UM, definitely gonna wash in ice-cold water by hand and lay flat to dry.) Anyway, while this solution doesn’t make the quality of the product any better, it does speak highly of Causebox and their customer service. This is the first complaint I’ve ever had with them and they handled it wonderfully.

    • I got the towels instead and after washing, the bath towel shrunk so much that it will barely cover my 9 year old daughter! Absolutely disappointed.

      • As Deb said, I emailed Causebox and got a pleasant reply, another set of towels, and tips for maintaining the towels. I will not be ironing towels, but I appreciate the thought.

        Everything else in the box is great. I picked the muscle relief gel on a whim and just love it. Really nice on my back after a day at the computer.

    • My robe came already 3” shorter on one side than the other!

  4. Got this box (2nd year as a Causebox subscriber). Have to say I’m mostly happy. Really like the tea bottle – nice quality, imo. Plan to keep some items as hostess gifts. I chose the towels over the robe as I already have a nice robe. The towels aren’t great. I washed them and because of the light waffle weave they immediately shrank about 30%. Definitely NOT worth $90. Maybe the robe is better and doesn’t shrink as much, but this is the first time I’ve received such a disappointing item. I canceled FFF and switched to Causebox because I was tired of receiving increasing amounts of mediocre quality stuff (if you’ve had FFF, you know what I’m talking about). Hoping the Winter Causebox is better.

  5. Question for those that have an annual subscription. On your dashboard does it show boxes that were previously shipped. My dashboard only shows awaiting shipment for my 2nd box. The tracking number on my first box disappeared and there is no indication that I ever received my first box. Does delivered items disappear off the dashboard when the new season boxes start shipping. What would show if you were skipping a box. I’m just curious how one would track boxes gotten if there is no indication especially if you plan on skipping a box or overlap due to delays (some didn’t get spring boxes while summer boxes were shipping).

  6. Got my Fall Causebox delivered yesterday (yes on a Sunday even).

    I love, love, love everything in my box.

    The robe turned out to be of better quality than I expected. I wouldn’t recommend the material for towels, but good for a lightweight robe, and it has pockets.

    The tease glass tumbler came with a solid bamboo lid and grey insulated sleeve, better than any I’ve seen locally .

    The bamboo serve set with cutting board is again more solid than expected.

    Rose gold bracelet is simple so wearable.

    Basil isn’t exciting, but what the heck I’ll try to grow it for the winter months.

    Don’t know anything about the vitamin C serum but looking forward to giving it a shot.

    Another Causebox win for me, consistent quality of items and I’ll use everything in my box. It’s what keeps me coming back over and over.

  7. Is there an algorithm or pattern that determines the order at which items ship? or is it totally random (which doesn’t make sense to track). If there was we can get a better idea when our boxes would ship. I’m still waiting for mine. For example it is based on when you customized first in first get, based by alphabetical name, based on the box you getting (2 of 4?), based on the time you customized (all 9am go first vs 5pm last), or just you box contents. Waiting for the box while seeing others get is frustrating because you don’t know if you getting soon or in 2 months for a box you paid for.

    • Based on my experience it’s like FFF. Like customizations ship in batches. As an annual member I’ve usually received my box quickly so they may prioritize annuals but I’m not positive on this.

      • I’m annual and customized on Day 1 it was opened. Still no tracking so it means its not even in process.

      • I order the towel, bracelet, facial rounds and tumbler. Also this is my 2nd box. Not sure if this is how it works but the tracking number for my first box is no longer showing. So I guess they only show one box at a time. Not sure how they would track how many boxes you have shipped if you skip. Is this an internal tracking on their end. I would assume they show a history of what was sent which they don’t at least not on mine.

      • I’m annual. Customized first day. Still waiting.

  8. Does anyone have their phone number?

    • 855-228-7326 They are based in California.

  9. Does anyone know when the Fall box will ship,will it actually ship this month

    • Mine says awaiting shipment and I can no longer choose my items, so it will be shipping soon. Maybe by the end of this week, but most likely next week I would think. Soon though. So excited!

    • Mine just shipped today. 🙂

      • Lucky! Still waiting on mine to ship, same with my market purchases. Getting excited.

  10. I wouldn’t count on the winter box for Christmas. The last winter box arrived late January.

  11. I liked this box and that it wasn’t all cosmetics. I like the annual with the choices and that I can pause any time I’m not happy. And the marketplace was amazing! I had previously been a member and didn’t renew after a year because I felt the contents weren’t to may taste, but I like the new model and didn’t renew my FFF to subscribe here instead. I agree unless you are an annual, this box could be disappointing.

  12. When will Causebox get it that no one wants an uncustomizable box? People don’t want it!!!!! Let us choose every item at seasonal level. Offer a discount to go annual or a gift.
    Most people are over these boxes of crap you don’t want. I haven’t ordered a Causebox in a long time because I can’t choose what I want. Meanwhile I’ve been giving my money to RZBOS, PopSugar, Bombay & Cedar, etc…
    If they changed their model tomorrow, put it up on all the media sites and allowed people to customize every part at seasonal, people would flock to sign up!!!! I guarantee it!
    Take a page from Ipsy, boxy, B&C, FFF and change to fit the customer’s wants & needs. Wake up!!!

    • Never will happen because there would be no incentive to pay for an annual sub. Personally I like their model, annuals get to choose 2-4 items each season and can skip if the box doesn’t appeal to them that particular season. Seasonals get to use discounted coupons each season so that is their benefit and I don’t think they should get to choose anything.

    • Really don’t get this post or the anger. Why even comment if you don’t even get the box? Also, you do realize that seasonal subscribers can cancel at any time, right? Why would the company bend over backwards and give perks to subscribers who can just buy 1 box and then cancel? There’s no commitment for seasonal. They can cancel at any point. For yearly, you’re committed for at least a year, that’s why you get a small discount and get to choose items. It’s not unfair at all. It’s the perk of going annual, if you’re able to. If there was no perk, no one would go annual. At least Causebox isn’t like FabFitFun, Ipsy, Boxycharm or many others that have ridiculous numbers of variations, where you really have no idea what you might get. With this box, there are only a couple of choices per category (with the exception this month of the robe/towels which also come in different colours, so really 4 choices). Still way better than FFF with their 5+ choices PER category, which means you could really get a mixed bag of stuff you really don’t want. Sure Causebox could let seasonal choose at least one item in the box, but making demands with this kind of attitude and anger will get you nowhere.

    • I got the summer box as a seasonal and was super alot with everything in the box except for the earrings…
      I got this box because I’d be happy with eith the towels or the robe and the cutting board and serum make it worthwhile seven if I don’t care for the makeup removers or the bottle or lattern. I’m still excited to get it…

    • Yeah, I’m with you. Clicked on the article to see if I might like the box at discount, but am turned off at the thought of receiving multiple items I don’t want and don’t use. Let me choose and I would be right there. Not willing to go annual if I don’t know that I will like the service.

    • It’s especially frustrating because one of two choices for the hero item in this box is not size inclusive. It feels like a real slap in the face to seasonal subscribers to include an item that many of us could not wear, and not give us any way to opt out of it. I absolutely would have picked up this box if there had been a way for me to specify that I did not want the robe, but because I couldn’t, I cancelled. My money isn’t good enough for Causebox, I guess. 🤷‍♀️

      • Causebox did say that seasonals could call or email to request the towels over the robe if you were concerned about the robe sizing. I don’t think it was widely publicized because within 24 hours seasonals were emailing to request the robe, which wasn’t what the offer was.

  13. I got an email today saying I was getting the Fall box and they charged me… I order Intro Box 2 and cancelled right after because I didn’t want the Fall box. I 100% know that I cancelled (I should have taken a screenshot). Anyone else have this problem? Sent a message to their customer service and hopefully they take the charge off… :-/

    • When you log in to your account, does it say cancelled under your subscriptions? I bought a second Fall box the other day and cancelled any further boxes and it says cancelled right beside it. If it says cancelled when you log in and you were charged anyway, then they should definitely give you your money back.

  14. I feel like Causebox shoots themselves in the foot a little bit with the number of intro boxes they sell. It’s so easy to feel burned if you buy a box at full price for one item, only to find that a week later that item is included in a $25 box. It makes me wary of buying any Causebox that doesn’t completely wow me, in case there’s another better/cheaper one the day after I check out!

    • I’m new and don’t understand this comment. For example, I wanted the lantern so I bought the sub. Are you saying the lantern will turn up in a $25 box? and how can I get a $25 box in general? Thanks in advance

      • Last Summer the big ticket item, from an MSRP standpoint, was the PMD. The Summer box sells out. Then they sell the Summer Welcome box. Same price; same number of items, but not the same box. I believe, but feel free to fact check me, the PMD was included. It was the smaller items that differed.

        Fast forward, then they sell the Summer Intro Box #1 – fewer items, but yes $25 dollars + tax. Then Summer Intro box #2 and … Summer Intro Box #3 – each $25. Which one you get depends on when you signed up. Want to buy them all? Create 3 accounts, which you can do in one profile. I don’t remember which intro box the PMD was in, but it was in one of them. Another featured a crossbody purse.

        Now as the lantern wasn’t the hero item for Fall, it’s less likely to be featured, but yes it could, potentially be included in one of the many intro boxes to come.

        I hope that helps!

      • Generally speaking, any items can show up in welcome ($55 without a coupon, also there are many coupons out there for $10 or so off) or intro ($25) boxes. These extra boxes only show up when the main box sells out. The intro boxes only become available when the welcome box sells out. No welcome box for that season unless the main box sells out; and if there is a welcome box that comes out then no intro boxes for that season unless the welcome box sells out.

        With the welcome and intro boxes, you get items from previous boxes. From what I’ve seen, the welcome boxes ($55) have some of the items from that season’s main box and then some items from previous boxes. They also have a similar value (at least $250+). With the intro boxes ($25) you MIGHT get an item from that season’s main box or something else. They also have a lower value (I believe $200 or less), which is why the boxes are cheaper. I believe the intro boxes will have 2 or 3 surprise cheaper items that you won’t know what it is until you get the box, but they do give spoilers for the other 2 or 3 items that are more big ticket items.

        I believe for the summer welcome box, there were 4 items that were also in the main summer box, plus 2 items from previous boxes. The highest value for the summer welcome box was $321, depending on choices. Not sure how much the main summer box was as I didn’t see prices listed here for many of the items, but I’ll assume the main box was also worth over $300. There were also 3 different intro boxes for this summer, but looking back on this website you can see that only 1 of the intro boxes had big items that were in the summer box (the PMD and stretch lids). The other 2 intro boxes had items from previous boxes. I hope this isn’t all confusing. lol

    • I’m reading up on this. So it sounds like someone who orders after they run out of the seasonal box will get a smaller box at less cost – called a “intro box”

      • Michelle, correct. Sometimes it’s called a “summer welcome box” and sometimes it’s the “intro box.” They often have up to 3 of each.

      • The welcome box is a regularly priced box that replaces the core box when it sells out, and often has some of the same items as the core box, and costs the full price. The intro boxes are only $25 and have less items. They come if the welcome box sells out too.

  15. I paused my subscription. This is a very unimpressive box and it would have been my first ‘full’ box because I only got the Summer Intro box so far. I don’t understand herbs in a fall box. As I am in Canada this is very useless to someone like me. For a spring box this would make more sense. I also don’t get a one-size-fits-all item. Also useless to me. I feel like more and more these companies are forcing you to become annual so you can choose your items, which isn’t fair. I do not have that kind of money.

  16. I’m always up to trying new Vitamin C Serums! I And can’t wait to use Way of Will.

  17. So unimpressed. Was hoping to subscribe this season but so glad I waited until after the spoilers.

  18. Unimpressed. First box I’m skipping since Summer 2018. The only think I actually like is the Muscle gel but I already have it. everything else is a strong Meh. It also looks like a FFF editors box (a mixture of previous season’s items) and not a true Fall box.

  19. Didn’t we just get a serum in the summer box?

  20. Is that everything?

  21. Nothing in this box is something I would normally get, but I can imagine myself using it if I have it. I wasn’t really excited until I saw the lantern. If you are not annual though, I feel like it is a complete toss up since the choice products are soo different.

  22. This doesn’t feel very fall, it seems more like spring with the basil and the infuser bottle. This gives the aura of light and refreshing, not the cozy, snuggly, warm atmosphere with fall. Not terrible for a spring box, but I’m entirely disappointed with these items as a fall box.

  23. I like the box but am waiting for a solid discount. And i need to finish moving lol

  24. Can anyone answer this question for me?

    I placed an add on market order, but I do not want to get this box. If I cancel my subscription, will they still ship my add on order? I am a seasonal member, not an annual. I was thinking about upgrading to annual for this box because I would definitely want to pick and choose which items I get. But when I’ve seen the last two spoilers, I’m like no thanks.

    • As long as you are an active member when you place the order, you should be good to go. Now I can’t 100% guarantee it, but last season I did the same thing without issue.

    • Yes! Add ons ship separately so you should be good to go

  25. The last two spoilers are blah 🙁

  26. I don’t love every item—nothing is too thrilling. But…my goal with this sort of box is to use what suits me and then fill my stash with things suitable as hostess gifts, “just because” surprises for my family and friends, game night prizes, and even to donate for fundraiser raffle baskets for church or my son’s team. Just have to keep things moving along if they expire 🙂

  27. I made my selections (annual subscriber since Summer 2020 box, which was great) and then emailed CS to let them know I’d like to skip. The towels and robe looks lovely but I don’t need either. Same goes for everything else. I was able to pick something that I like in each category, but I just don’t need any of it and I didn’t feel excited. It seems like CB may have miscalculated with this curation. But everyone’s needs and tastes are different, so I’m sure there are lots of people who are thrilled with this box. I’ll just have to hope Winter 2020 is a better match for me.

    • Is it possible to skip boxes??

      • I emailed a couple of days ago to ask if I could skip. They said yes, but asked why I didn’t want this particular box. I read somewhere that you need to request by 9/1 (tomorrow). I don’t know if that’s true, but I’d send an email today.

  28. If I was in need of a robe or towel set, this box would be completely worth it for me and everything else would be a bonus. As I need neither of those things, I’m passing. I understand how many would be into the spa at home vibe. Personally, I was hoping this would be more traditionally Fall themed. Here’s hoping for Winter!

  29. The summer box with both the handmade bowls and the PMD clean was definitely going to be a tough act to follow. This box fails to wow, and none of the items really have the value of the summer box. There are going to be a lot of frustrated customers when they see what washing and drying does to the thin waffle weave towels and robes. I imagine the COVID situation has affected what they were able to source for their box this fall. Hopefully they bounce back for winter!

  30. I canceled (quarterly subscriber). This is the most I have ever spent on a single sub box and I just didn’t feel the value this time. I also read in another spoiler thread that the towels/robes have to be air dried which would be a problem as they would inevitably end up in the dryer at my house. Nothing really excited me that much either except the cotton rounds (which I am sure I could find a good deal on elsewhere) and the serum (which I don’t need any extra of right now anyway). So I will put the money towards another cruelty free box (a one off or mystery box) which will likely still be less expensive than this and I will see if winter spoilers entice me to reactivate!

    • I believe you only need to hang to dry if you don’t want any shrinkage. Due to the robe/towels being 100% cotton and having the waffle weave, it will shrink a bit once in the dryer. So if you get it and it’s the perfect size for you, you’ll probably want to hang dry it so it doesn’t shrink. As for serums, they are made to be used together with other serums. What I mean is that you can make a sort of “cocktail” to suit your skin needs with serums. Some you might also want to use during the day, others during the night. I’ve seen so many people say how they’re using another serum, not knowing that you can use more than 1 at a time.

      I wouldn’t say that this box excites me either, but I can see myself using every single item in the box and that says a lot. I chose the rounds, robe, Tease and muscle gel. I’m even debating getting a second box, in hope of getting the towel set.

  31. I just sent my email to CS to skip this month. So disappointing since I just joined as an annual subscriber just before the spoilers started coming out. Fingers Crossed for the Winter Box to be Amazing!

  32. Happily skipped this one. Looking forward to the winter one!

  33. I’m not impressed with the final spoiler but still it looks like a really good box.

  34. Still have two of the serums from FFF that I haven’t used. I have a tond of stuff to use up. CB will not be getting my money this season.

  35. I’ve never tried their serum, but was hoping for something else since I still have the grace&Stella serum that was in a past box (spring maybe?) and in their summer welcome box 2.
    Btw, has someone tried the grace&Stella hyaluronic acid serum? Is it worth shipping the serum overseas to a dear friend or should I just gifting to a less dear friend living nearby?:P

    • I wouldn’t pay the shipping. It’s fine but it’s nothing amazing. I got a second one for an intro box and am putting in a Christmas gift box for my SIL. Not a dear friend. 🙂

      • Thank you! The serum won’t live the country then 😉

    • The Grace & Stella has been meh for me. I have dry since and don’t find it super hydrating – keeping in mind it’s a serum not a cream. The pump on mine also is a little questionable. I’m gifting my second bottle from an intro box to a friend, but stateside 😉

    • I have to say I really love the grace and Stella serum! It really hydrates well for a serum . I pay big bucks for my usual skincare but I have decided I’ll purchase this instead when I’m out. I have very sensitive , dry skin. This has helped a lot. Very pleased and it’s so inexpensive.

    • I’ve been using the G&S serum nightly and I like it! My skin is pretty sensitive and it hasn’t bothered it at all. I’ve also noticed my facial skin being a lot softer overall. And the bottle is pretty.

  36. I’ve enjoyed my annual,but I’m not planning to renew. I simply have enough ‘stuff’!

  37. Why are they including old fff items? There was nothing new? Weird. This sub has been tired for a while now!

  38. Egads. I still have two unused bottles of the Way of Will serum from FFF. Will have to pass this time.

  39. This looks like a pretty great box! I upgraded to an annual subscription this season. I think I will use every single thing.

  40. This is my first box back in a few years. I was so looking forward to a very autumnal experience. I’m not getting that at all with this box. Initially, I was disappointed, but I’m getting more excited as time goes on. I’m still not exactly excited for it but it’s growing on me. I chose the charcoal robe, the lantern, the muscle gel (this is a miracle product!), and the facial rounds. I wish I could also add the infuser bottle…
    I’m hoping winter will be cozier and have more of a wow factor!

    • I literally chose the same items as you! I wish I could choose the robe and towels set! Haha.

      I also hope the winter box is cozy!

  41. I do like way of will, and received this from FFF before. I did like it until I dropped it, so I’m good to try it again 😊
    I also chose the aromatherapy, which I’ve gotten from FFF. I still have some but I really like it and know I’ll be happy to add another backup to my stash.

  42. Well it’s a pretty great box other than this item. I’ve yet to find a Way of Will product that I like.

    • I’m so glad to hear someone else say that! This will be my third Way of Will item and so far for all the hype everything I’ve had has been pretty meh. Hoping for the best though.

  43. Last item is just so so. I was hoping for a candle or another kitchen item, but 5 out of 6 winners is pretty good!

  44. Wellllllll, that’s not exciting but it’s not horrible. I think I’m getting a few FFF vibes now so it’s good that we’re stopping here.

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