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CAUSEBOX Fall 2020 Box Customization is Open!

FYI – Customization for the Fall 2020 CAUSEBOX is open for annual subscribers!

The Fall Box is stuffed with a range of products that will fill your Fall with all kinds of cozy. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that not only are doing the right thing, but also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel  OR Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff  OR Volim Love Scrub


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel – $39

First it cools, then it warms. Made with black pepper and ginger, this gel might just be your new post-workout BFF.

Tribe Alive Rose Gold Criss Cross Cuff – $42

Handmade in Moradabad, India, this stylish bangle features a criss-cross design in rose gold.

Volim Love Scrub $56

Scrub away the day while red tea, seaweed extract, and hyaluronic acid hydrate and nourish.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Each Fall box will include Spoiler #4:

Core Bamboo Serve Set

Core Bamboo Set

Prep, plate, and serve with the Bamboo Serve Set by Core Bamboo. The bamboo used to make these tongs, spatula and cutting board is organically grown, FSC certified, antibacterial, prettier than plastic– need we say more?

Spoiler #3:

Artisan Direct Milky Way Lantern OR Tease Tea Glass 3-in-1 Tea & Fruit Tumbler

*Annual subscribers get to choose


Spoiler #2:

Bathen Waffle Bathrobe in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value


Bathen Waffle Towels (Set of 4) in Charcoal or Mint – $90 value

Towel set include two bath towels and two hand towels

First pick your style, then pick your color 😍 For when you’re not quite ready to get ready, the dries-so-fast Bathen Robe or Towel Set has you covered. Handwoven by artisans in Panipat, India, these luxuriously soft after-shower pieces feature a waffle knit made 100% ethically with 100% cotton. Waffle knit creates space for additional air to flow through the fibers, allowing them to dry incredibly fast.

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Spoiler #1:

The Green Co. Set of 10 Reusable Facial Rounds OR Buzzy Seeds Basil Grow Kit

*Annual subscribers get to choose

Herb garden 101, Buzzy Seeds makes it easy with their all-inclusive kits. Freshen up margherita pizza or pesto with home-grown basil.

Reusable to the rescue. These facial rounds by The Green Co. can replace up to 12,000 cotton balls or makeup wipes and can last a lifetime with proper care. They come with a laundry bag to make washing easy.

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  1. Maybe I’m in the minority, but is anyone else finding the backlash about the robe and towels ridiculous? I’ve seen so many nasty comments on Facebook and Instagram about the sizing. As a plus sized gal myself, I honestly don’t get it. Yes it’s a shame and sucks to get something you MIGHT not be able to use, but I also know that unless you try it you have no idea whether it will fit or not. I have had countless items of clothing fit me when it was a much smaller size. I’ve bought jackets, dresses, shirts and pants all 2 or 3 sizes too small on the label, that actually fit me. It all depends on the fabric and how stretchy it is and the way it was designed. Sometimes the way it’s designed I have to go up a size too. I have come to learn not to focus so much on the number, but on the fit and the type of fabric used. I have items in my closet that are a size 18 that fit, even though I normally wear a size 22. I even have some comfy hoodies and zipped hoodies that are a Unisex size MEDIUM and also Large that fits me. ME, a size 22/2X, fitting into a MEDIUM!! Like I said, it all depends on the fit and fabric used.

    I contacted Bathen and they stated that due to the waffle weave, the robe has give to it and is stretchy. A girl on Facebook also posted about buying a similar robe in the last add-on sale, and she said she was a size 16 and the robe was huge on her at first. After she washed and machine dried it, it then shrunk down to the actual size. The company also said to avoid the shrinkage you can hang it to dry. I just feel like so many people (or at least those who are vocal about it), are making such a huge deal about something they haven’t even tried on yet. They’re even complaining about how choosing the towels is also a bad option because they’re too small. To me, if the towels are too small, then use them as guest towels. Or use them to wrap your hair after a shower/bath and the other to dry your hands and then use a different one to wrap around your body. There’s also the option to give either the robe or towels as a gift to someone else if they don’t fit. And really, you could also just use the robe to lounge around the house in and have open instead of tied closed. I do that all the time, especially on colder days.

    I just really don’t get the outrage. There are even people saying they’re cancelling their subscription because of the robe/towels and Causebox’s “lack of inclusion of plus sized customers”, even though the robe would fit them. It just seems so ridiculous and out of hand to me, all because of a robe/towels. Causebox can’t please everybody. Yeah they could have a robe that goes up to size 30, but then what about the people who wear a much smaller size? And would people still complain about that size not being big enough too? Causebox can only do so much. Most companies would only offer sizing options of S/M or L/XL, which people would still complain about. I’ve seen plus sizing go up to 6X or 30 (and there are some others that go higher). I would never expect to see those sizes reflected in any subscription box. I just think people need to get a grip. Sorry for the rant, just needed to say my piece, as the people on Facebook are especially nasty.

    • I agree. For $8 an item, these people need to chill the eff out and buy a robe somewhere else. I’m size 00 and there’s no way the robe wouldn’t look comically huge on me, but I’m not accusing the company of discrimination over it. Either choose the towels, skip the month, or don’t subscribe. It’s very entitled.

      • Yup, totally agree. They can’t seriously expect a company to cater to every single person/size. And they are completely judging an item they haven’t even tried. They’re just fixated on the numbers. It could very well fit them even if they’re bigger than the recommended size, especially if it’s stretchy. Just because it says it fits up to size 16 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. As I mentioned, I have multiple different sizes in my closet that fit me, even as small as a unisex size medium, and I normally wear a size 22/2X. It all depends on the fabric, design, fit, etc. Not to mention body shape. I do want to lose weight though and am not happy in my size, so for me it’s just also more of an encouragement to lose weight. I’ve never had such a pricey, luxury robe. But as you said, they could just get the towels, or skip the month, or not subscribe/cancel. They could also give it as a gift. It’s a $90 USD set that I’m sure a large number of people would love to get as a gift – parents, siblings, cousins, aunts/uncles, friends, etc. I plan on picking the robe for myself. The outrage over this is just so over the top.

    • I made the mistake of putting in dryer. I am a size 10 and it barely goes around me. Don’t put in dryer.

    • I’m a size 28, so no, the robe would not fit me.

      I canceled.

      Are we mad at people for canceling, now? Seriously? I’m under no obligation to pay money to a company who won’t accommodate my size.

      And btw, they didn’t have to use a larger robe. I totally acknowledge that my size can be difficult to source clothing for – BELIEVE ME, I know. They could have just given every customer – annual AND seasonal – the opportunity to choose robe or towels. They didn’t. Too bad, so sad, better luck getting my money next time, Causebox.

  2. I’ve been debating signing up for an annual sub. Does anyone know if all the selections are still available?

    • I just logged in to my customization page and it doesn’t appear that anything is sold out

  3. Do we know how many additional items there will be?

  4. One day, when I can afford it, I will def sub to this box!!

  5. If there were matching slippers to this is be all over it! And stop work the no name skin care.

  6. Make-up rounds, mint robe, muscle gel, and lantern for me. To be honest, I’m not all that excited about this season’s box. Maybe I’ll love it when I actually have it, but nothing here seems exciting, or even fall-ish.

    • That’s exactly how I feel about the box.

    • Is the robe one size fits all? I picked the robe but one size usually doesn’t work out for me.

      • It’s size 0-16

  7. That lantern is so pretty. I love everything about Aromatherapy Associates. Not sure ill subscribe again tho. I got too many summer boxes so i could give each niece a PMD.

  8. Gray towels, lantern, basil, cuff. Honestly I’m most excited about the towels.

  9. Compared to the past Fall boxes, this is a letdown. Why is customization open before all the spoilers are revealed? The spring and summer boxes were amazing compared to this. Just my opinion…

  10. Uh-oh. . . Went into customize and realized I have two subscriptions — I thought I cancelled in time but I guess not. Yikes!
    This is what I’m thinking — any thoughts?
    – mint robe and mint towels
    – 2 lanterns (1 for gift I think)
    – 2 cuffs (debating that one — thinking 1 for gift but maybe I should do the muscle stuff for one of them?)
    – 1 basil and 1 face rounds but thinking I may switch to 2 face rounds.

    • Keep the 2 lanterns so you have a matching set!

      • Ah, good idea!

    • You can cancel before 9/1, I believe. Or at least defer.

      • I cancelled a couple of weeks ago but it still shows that I’m supposed to customize a box.

    • Some people said they received the muscle stuff in another box and it didn’t work.

      • Used the muscle gel on someone who has constant muscle pain and it worked so well bough additional boxes to have the product.

    • You can still cancel – by Sept 1st

  11. I went with gray towels, lantern, cuff and facial pads.

  12. Gosh, I’m getting really tempted to re-subscribe!

  13. Grey towels, tumbler, muscle gel, facial rounds

  14. Cuff, tea glass, mint robe, facial rounds.

    • Almost the same. Was going back and forth on the color of the robe and went with grey

      • I went back and forth on color, too. In the end, I decided the mint pleased my eyes more than the grey…but, I love grey!

  15. grey towels, lantern, face rounds, and face scrub. I am quite pleased with the choices. Doesn’t scream fall at all, but all very useful and appreciated curation.

    • Box twins! I agree, I’m not feeling fall with this at all, but I do see a nice spa theme.

      • Me three. I still use (and love) the pink robe from a PS box a while back. I love how Causebox gives us so very different choices in each category.

    • Me four 🙂

  16. Question: this will be my first CAUSEBOX – are there additional items they don’t tell you about in spoilers (like FabFitFun), or is this the entire box?

    • There is one more item,that we do not know about.

      • This is my first box as well 😊. Are we able to select additional items from the selections like FABFITFUN? I really want the robe and towels 🙃

      • No, but they may be in the marketplace.

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