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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the July 2020 Glam Bag!

Ipsy February 2020 makeup subscription review

The July 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

FYI – Some subscribers will be receiving a different glam bag:

We wanted to let you know that due to an inventory issue on our end, your July Glam Bag products will be arriving in one of April’s bag designs (a much-loved Ipster fave). This month, we experienced unprecedented impacts in our supply chain due to COVID-19, and we want to apologize that it had an impact on your Glam Bag. Your products will still be new, personalized (of course!), and from July’s assortment, but the bag itself will be from April.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. To thank you for your understanding, we’ll be adding 600 Points to your account by Friday, July 3rd, so you can treat yourself to a free product in the Points store. Please note that your total Points balance will be updated, although you may not see it in your account’s “Activities” tab.

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. My ipsy bag isn’t here yet I’m so bummed 🙁😭😭😭😭 it currently hasn’t updated since July 15 and I tried emailing them but they said due to Covid-19 there might be a delay and it shouldn’t take later than 15 business days!!!

  2. My ipsy July glam bag hasn’t arrived yet I’m so bummed out 🙁 😭😭😭 the last update I got was on July 15 and currently it still hasn’t updated yet. I tried emailing them but they told me due to COVID-19 it takes awhile to get here and it shouldn’t be no later than 15 business day!!!

    • Sorry it’s bumming you out, I am bummed too and I still haven’t received my bag yet either and I only get the glam bag but opted in for the glam bag plus but first bag will be the new August drawstring one. Mine is stuck in Georgia I think last time I checked ….

    • Sorry made a mistake, my glam bag started with dhl in Grand Prairie Texas, on the 20th and the last tracking was scanned on the 22nd and says it’s in New Jersey and turned over to the usps but usps says through tracking that they are awaiting to receive… 😔☹️ I’m in nyc and it’s almost here .. hopefully

  3. Hope everyone is doing well!

    Has anyone’s Glam Bag(s) – regular, plus or ultimate – shipped yet?

    I checked the Ipsy website this afternoon and both my regular and plus are still in “fulfillment/assembly” stage. What’s weird, though, is that the dates along the standard timeline are now gone. Usually dates were listed for the various stages from billing-match-reveal-assembly-ship-review-etc., but there is now no information listed. Seems really bizarre…

    • I got my Ipsy email yesterday (Sat) that my glam bag had shipped via DHL. I went into the DHL system and saw that it had already moved from NC to NJ. I’m expecting it sometime this coming week. I’ve noticed that aren’t a lot of Ipsy unboxing videos on YT for July bags yet. Maybe the July 4th holiday being effective on Friday, July 3rd, has slowed down their shipping a bit.

    • My bag is still showing fulfillment/assembly also. I did receive an update yesterday that due to an inventory shortage, I would not be receiving one of my add-ons. They did refund me for the item though. They did not mention when my bag would ship.

    • My bag is also still showing fulfillment/assembly stage. I did receive an update yesterday stating that one of my add-ons would not be included in my bag due to an inventory shortage and that they had refunded my account for this item. They did not state when my bag would ship.

  4. I still have a couple free ipsy bags to send out if anyone wants one…

    • Jordan that is so nice of you ! I’d love one , can I ask what bags you have to choose from ?

    • I would love one Jordan 🙂 That’s so Awesome of you

    • Really Jordan, that’s so sweet of you. I’d love one. I’m thinking of ordering but it would be so cool to try it out first.

  5. I just subscribed again to get the mystery bag. Will I get the July bag or August first?

  6. I am getting the exact same bag! I was told i was getting 600 points because they are sending me an item i have already received. The glow lip balm. I loooooooove that lip balm. I have tried so hard to. Buy more. Its out of stock on Glow. So i got another item i love plus 600 points, yay! The rest of the bag is just a bonus.
    I usually am bummed when they sneak in a chapstick. This one isn’t just wax in a tube, its so soft and addictive.

    • Good to know about the lip balm. I usually do not like chapstick style balms since they irritate me. I’m willing to give this one a try if I happen to get it in a future bag thanks to your comment. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I chose to skip June and July and subscribe to Allure and just shop the IPSY sales since I was tired of always being disappointed with my bag and I can officially say I have no FOMO. Yes, there might be an item or two I would have liked, but, hopefully they’ll be available later on as a second chance add-on or in a shopper bundle. I would just so much rather know that I’m going to like what I’m getting than waste my money on products I’ll never use.

  8. did anyone get the sunday riley face oil..? I did not, and I have 2 ispy bags.

    • I didn’t.

    • I did! I’m excited as I’ve never got anything from Sunday Riley before and everyone seems to be obsessed!

      • I was all excited to try them too, and they’re actually a very shady company. Sunday Riley pays employees to post fake reviews on Sephora. It’s been a huge scandal. The Luna sleeping oil is heavily dyed, but they claim it’s the blue tansy oil that makes it blue. They’re also extremely overpriced. If you ask the company about their ingredients, they delete your comment and block you from their social media. I found a nice dupe for the sleeping oil on Amazon without the heavy dyes. Geneva Naturals is the brand. Same ingredients, but no dye.

      • I hadn’t heard any of this type of news about Sunday Riley. If true, that’s very disturbing. I have a couple of their products, thanks to Ipsy, and they’re ok but I enjoy products from other brands much more. So I didn’t go all ga-ga over getting the Luna oil. But it’s nice to know you found a decent alternative on Amazon that is more natural. I will keep it in mind and thanks for the brand name tip.

      • I can’t buy from Sunday Riley after the Sephora review scandal. I believe they had to pay a fine or something like that. Look it up, it’s legit. I refuse to buy from a company that forces it’s employees to leave a quota amount of positive reviews.

  9. Hours later my comment still hasn’t posted. So much for being part of the conversation.

  10. I skipped GBP, so I’m only receiving the regular bag for July. Three of the items I will be receiving are full size. I will be receiving:

    Naked Cosmetics in naturally nude 3: not a big fan of loose powder shadows, but the color looks nice and it has a lot of good reviews so I’m curious about it.

    Skin Regimen cleansing cream: if this is anything like a lightweight cleansing balm, I will definitely have a use for it.

    Ariul hand cream: the tube is cute, and I like herbal scents, and who couldn’t use a good hand cream with all this hand sanitizer we’ve all been using?

    The Balm will power blush in perseverance: I honestly do not need another mini blush, but at least the color looks decent.

    Thrive lip liner in ghizlan: this with my pick. It looks like a nice natural mauve shade that will wear well and not transfer too much to a cloth mask.

    All in all, a decent 4/5.

  11. This was my first GB as I have subscribed to GBU since March. Decided to add it when I saw the spoilers and . . . No regrets!

    Purlisse BB cream – medium (my choice)
    Bellapierre banana setting powder – medium
    RE:P Cica serum
    Skin Regimen cleansing cream
    Kenzie Life Beat parfum

    ADD ONs: IT brow pencil & Kate Somerville wrinkle warrior
    (I buy stuff from IPSY shopper every darn week and I figure I will see some of the other stuff in bundles eventually)

    • *GBP not gbu

  12. I am weird I do not look at my reveal as I like to be surprised. I do pick my item and they usually show that on the screen when I can do my add ons. This month they did not and I am not happy that I’m getting beauty for real in the red. I have lip set to rarely. The past two months they have sent me items I just do not use, I even went in and checked my profile to make sure I did not change something.
    I have my son scroll through the bag if there’s a add on I want to make sure it’s not in my bag. I will ask him if I will like my bag when he’s done and this time he just said I’m sorry. Last month it was you will like one thing, which I did. I’m not ordering a add on this time to see if that makes next month better. The only thing I wanted to try anyway is the hempz.
    As far as the bag itself I wish I was getting April’s again I really am not fond of this design.

    • Your son sounds adorable!! ❤️

  13. I am so disappointed in my bag, I love makeup and do not care about skincare products much at all because I already have so much but two of my products are skin care, even though on my quiz I put I wanted skin care items as less as possible. I’m getting a body lotion! I mean come on why does anyone want a sample of body lotion! I have so much from Bath & Body works as is.
    This I what I’m getting:

    -BASD Body Lotion in Seductive Sandalwood (I definitely do not want body lotion in my Ipsy bag)

    -IT COSMETICS Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil (none of the choices really interested me so I figured I could try it)

    -JULES SMITH BEAUTY Power Duo Palette in Wise Guy & Gold Mine (this is one of the few things I actually want to try)

    -SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Luna Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Black ( I suck at liquid liner)

    -HAUNGJISOO British Rose Sheet Mask set (I’m not excited to try it, it’s just a sheet mask I can use sometime)

    That’s my bag! Nothing exciting and it’s just kind of there, I’m very disappointed and I was so excited to try it again! I will give it another month and see if it gets better, if not I’ll just cancel. Anyone think the Plus is any better?

    • I got the same exact bag!! I chose the eyebrow pencil as well. I also had rarely for body lotion, sheet masks, and eye liner… ughh

    • Same bag and also chose the brow pencil ; bag is meh but I’m not negative when it comes to subscriptions I understand not everyone can be happy it is what it is with these things overall Im Always happy with most of it

  14. My base bag could have been better but there are a few items I like and I was able to get the add-ons I wanted. Skipped Plus this month.

    HEMPZ Citrine Crystal and Quartz Body Lotion – Just nope. I rated Hempz as poorly as I could last time but I have body lotion rated highly. Ugh.

    LUXIE 205 Tapered Blending Brush – Awesome. I especially love having a gazillion eye shadow brushes to push out brush washing and I like Luxies.

    NAKED COSMETICS Naturally Nude #03 – Blah. I received an entire set of these before in a plus bag as well as individuals in my base. They are nice but I prefer the convenience of a palette. Will pass on to niece or daughter to experiment with.

    KAT VON D BEAUTY Tattoo Liner in Trooper – Great. My daughter loves liquid liners so will be pleased to get this.

    VERB Curl Cream – My choice, love Verb products.

    Added on:
    AWAKE Glow Pill Super Serum (this is what I wanted to see in my Plus this month).
    TULA Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 Gel
    PURLISSE BEAUTY Illuminating BB Cream SPF 30 in Fair
    RE:P Phytocell Moisture Cica All in One Serum

  15. I got an email on my deactivated account (from when you had to have separate accounts for Glam bag + plus) to re-sub & receive a full size gift. Like a fool, I did it! XD

    … so of course my 2 Ipsy bags have 3/5 the same things:
    – Naked Cosmetics loose pigment 😘
    – Slmissglam blending brush ☹️
    – Re:p serum (I picked this for my second bag!)

    Original sub also has:
    – Pixi lip gloss in rose (choice)
    – Skin Regimen cleanser 👎

    Reactivated sub has:
    – Hempz body lotion
    – It! eyesbrow pencil

    Overall, not exactly a great deal, but I was considering adding on the Hempz & It pencil so I guess Ipsy at least does know me well. I’ve rated Naked pigments highly in the past (actually one of my all-time favorite Ipsy items is the duochrome one they sent 2 or 3 years ago), & I’m not mad about having 2 serums.

  16. I’m not seeing that anyone received the Juno oil?

    • I’m getting Juno which is a pleasant surprise as the rest of my bag is a dud.

  17. I’m pretty happy with my bag.

    Thrive lip liner [my pick]
    Ciate watermelon lip oil
    Biorace pearl clay mask
    Kensie perfume
    Benefit clear brow gel [meh]

    • Interesting! I am getting the same bag, but I picked the lip oil. I have the same meh as you 😕

  18. I usually love, or at least, really like my Ipsy bags. But I’m receiving the worst choices ever. I’m getting another one of those lotions that no one could get a drop out of the bottle. You can’t even squeeze the bottle. Worthless.

    My WALMART box for $5 had a better selection.

  19. Overall, I am pretty happy with my bag!

    Pūrlisse BB creme in light medium (excited)
    Seraphina Daisy + Pearl radiance booster (ok)
    Verb hydrating mask (love)
    Re:p serum (my pick)
    Firma brush

    Add on- Ciate watermelon lip oil (yay)

  20. To anyone/MSA: Now I’m confused on the bag change. If my reveal shows the pink bag with the little blue plane, does that mean I’ll still get the July bag or could I still wind up getting the April bag? I haven’t received an email from Ipsy stating I wouldn’t get the July bag or be getting 600 extra points. If people are getting the April bag instead, were they notified by Ipsy about the change? I’m hoping for the pink bag like my reveal shows. Thanks all!

    • April was pink dragonflies for regular bag. Is that what you are talking about? I would just send an email to ipsy and ask for clarification. MSA probably won’t know the answer

    • Patsy if you didn’t personally receive the email stating you were receiving April’s bag you will be getting July’s.

      • Oh excellent! Thank you for clarifying, Stacy. It sounds like so many are disappointed this month. I usually get pretty good bags but this was my worst month ever, that I can recall. I chose a Thrive Lip Liner and that’s the only thing I even care for. Pooh! I got four add-ons to help myself feel better about it. I expect another Flash Sale with some more good stuff to come along soon to lure us in. I will try to stay strong and decline! So hard sometimes, tho.

  21. I have a GlamBagPlus that was skipped for this month. I do NOT have a GlamBag subscription, but they sent me an email to see my bag this month’s bag. I was a little surprised, and even checked to find that it is, indeed, Inactive status.

    It has a few items that are nice:
    Firma Beauty blender brush
    Huangjisoo Radiance Pads (10)
    Kensie Life Beat parfum (ugh)
    Benefit Cosmetics clear brow gel
    Murad C-Day sunscreen

    Plus, I was able to add one of my favorite SR items that I have purchased numerous times: Luna oil in the full size ($105, I think), plus an add on of a The Balm tin eye shadow palette that looked cute. I went ahead and went with it, then wrote an email to them to cancel after this month. Hope it works out okay.

    • Bag twins! ❤️

  22. I would like to cancel my order. I have been trying to cancel for months but they will not let me. It started out $10 then went up to $13. So please CANCEL MY ORDER. THANK YOU

    • Nobody here can cancel it for you. This isn’t an Ipsy site. You have to email them, or tweet them for help.

    • Ipsy Is one of the easier subs to cancel. Just go into your account on their website or app and look for view membership. And just cancel.

    • Email support(at), or DM ipsycare on Twitter.

    • Deborah this is NOT the Ipsy site, it’s my subscription addiction. It’s very easy to cancel. It’s not a matter of them “not letting you”. Go to, log into your account, click “account”, click “your memberships”, go down to “manage membership”, either click “help me stop my membership” or “contact Ipsy care” or simply log in and under account scroll down to “contact ipsy care” and email them. You can also pause your bag or switch to every other month billing. Ipsy did increase to $12 a month anything over that is taxes and not Ipsy.

    • Not sure how you’ve been trying for months to cancel, it’s a few taps on your app and you’ll be done. Literally takes under 60 seconds.

      This site isn’t IPSY – writing a comment on an unrelated site isn’t going to prompt a cancellation to happen.

  23. Overall Meh. I am excited to try the mask and my SR Oil Add-on, though.

    Watermelon Lip Oil (I was hopeful, then just read reviews. Oh no! We’ll see! (my choice))
    Space Case shadow (second month with a shadow color that is similar to my skin tone… meh)
    TheBalm Blush (in a brown… I thought it was a shadow… we’ll see, but MEH from experience)
    Blending Brush (okay. I can always use one)
    Clay mask (Yay! Love clay masks!)

    • I actually love that lip oil! I was skeptical at first because I read that it’s really sticky, but after a minute it’s not sticky at all. It’s still an odd lip product, but it makes my lips look and feel soooo nice! I was excited to grab another one in add ons

      • I really like the watermelon lip oil too. I got it last month (I think). It made my lips feel so good and I LOVED the taste of it. My husband also enjoyed the taste of my kisses when I had it on! lol It’s something I’d consider purchasing or grabbing another one from Ipsy if possible. Maybe it will turn up in a Flash sale.

  24. Me too, I’m getting re-bagged this month! Meaning I’m not even getting the july bag!! Cuz they “ran out” apparently!! So I’m now stuck getting a bag I already have, and wasn’t a huge fan of in the first place, I even had to spend extra $$ to get what I fully wanted this month!! #feelingyourpain

  25. Actually kinda up-set I’m getting re-bagged this year, cuz they apparently ran out July bags, I’m now stuck with the May bag AGAIN!!! Well I don’t want that bag again!! … As for the products this month they are alright, had to spend more money to get extra products this month to get what I fully wanted, but whatever right!? Has this ever happened to anyone else!?

    • Kimberly actually you’ll be getting April’s bag design. There was an issue because of Covid, not Ipsy’s fault. This pandemic is effecting a lot of businesses. What do you mean “has this ever happened to anyone else”? Has what happened to anyone else? Buying add ons? Of course, that’s a perk.

  26. I’m very underwhelmed with mine. It might be my worst bag in almost two years. The only thing that excites me is my pick of the Thrive Lip Liner in Ghizlan (sp?). So I added four add-ons to help my excitement level.

    Thrive Lip Liner (my pick)
    BASD body lotion in Sandalwood (not too sure about this fragrance)
    Biorace Clay Mask
    Firma Blending Brush (I have so many brushes like this already)
    KVD Tattoo Eyeliner (my turn to get the dreaded eyeliner marked rarely in profile)
    Purlisse BB Cream in Fair (add-on)
    Pixi Lip Gloss in Rose (add-on)
    Lavender body cream (add-on)
    Hey Honey Soothing Moisturizer (add-on)

    I will add the KVD Eyeliner to my daughter’s birthday gifts coming up in August so it was actually a good time to draw this dud! LOL

    • I picked the thrive lip liner and got the same. I was peeved at first because Sandalwood is one of my least favorite scents (makes me sneeze), I have super dry skin and won’t use a clay mask, tons of brushes like you, although the eyeliner is something practical that I’ll eventually use. Soft 2/5. BUT, I haven’t yet seen an alternative bag option that I like better. Idk what was with Ipsy’s assortments this month.

  27. Man I wish I got your bag. I was so close to picking the BB cream but I added it on.

    I got:

    KVD tattoo eyeliner (I actually need a liquid liner, so this is fine)

    Thrive Causemetics lip liner in Ghizlan (my pick, very excited! I already have 1 and wanted a different color)

    Biorace Pore tightening clat mask (probably can’t use this. I have dry skin)

    BASD body lotion in Sandalwood (I’m gonna have to smell it to know if I like it. I’m not typically into earthy scents)

    Firma Blending brush ( love getting brushes!)

    Overall, it’s fine. I would’ve rather have gotten the Hempz body lotion because I know I like citrus scents. I’m not mad about it, but it’s not my favorite bag.

  28. Bag 1: Kookie Cosmetic liquid eyeshadow (my choice)
    Beauty for Real lip cream (Really Red? I never wear red)
    Ciate London lip oil
    Huangjisoo radiance pads (cool! Something new)
    SLMissglam blending brush

    Bag 2: Purlisse bb cream (my choice)
    Naked Cosmetics eyeshadow in dreaded boring nude
    Re:P photocell serum
    Seraphine Botanicals eyeliner
    Verb hydrating mask

    Can’t complain. I’ve had two bags for 3 months and have never gotten a duplicate.

    • The Naked Cosmetics pigment isn’t just an eyeshadow! You can use it for pretty much anything… highlight/blush, put it in nail polish, mix it with the Ciate lip oil from your other bag to make a lip gloss, etc etc.

  29. I don’t know…ehh..not bad, not exciting….
    Banana powder, purlise bb cream, clear brow gel, re:p serum, huang pads…

    Ended up with 5 – $3 add ons…lol…
    I keep debating getting off the yearly subscription so I can go every other month…then I maybe would Not feel torn about buying essentially a second bag of the things I am actually excited about…

    • Kandi, my annual runs outs after November. I won’t do an annual again. I’ll prolly still subscribe on month to month so I can do add-ons but might consider the every other month program too. I’ve received so many sample sizes now after doing Ipsy for almost two years. I think Allure is pretty good so might just switch to it only but then I’m sure I’d miss Ipsy’s add-ons and Flash sales.

  30. I’m pleased with my Classic glam bag. This month I’m getting: Ciate London lip oil, Verb Hydrating mask, Benefit brow gel, Kensie parfum, Thrive lip liner (my choice item). This is the first time in five years, I’m receiving a fragrance, so that’s pretty cool.

  31. I accidentally re-subscribed to the regular glam bag (I usually just get the Plus) – was disappointed in both. I’m getting:

    HEMPZ Citrine Crystal and Quartz Body Lotion (meh – I’ll use it. ***)
    SLMISSGLAM Eye Blender Brush E25 (meh – I’ll use it. ***)
    SPACE CASE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Space Food (meh, I don’t really like brown eyeshadows – they make my eyes look tired. **)
    BENEFIT COSMETICS 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel (I don’t use brow products – have them rated low every time, and then I always get them…. *)
    CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Lip Oil (I chose this. I got it as an add on last month and forgot. It’s an ok lip oil. ****)

  32. is anyone else getting an old bag? My reveal shows I am getting the ugly bag from April which really sucks since I would have skipped this month but wanted the bag. Plus the contents this month are awful.

  33. – VERB Hydrating Mask
    – CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer
    – HUANGJISOO Sheet Masks
    – PURLISSE BEAUTY BB Cream in Fair (my choice)

    I wasn’t too happy with my bag at first. I prefer more of a variety, and this will be my third black eyeliner in four months despite having eyeliner marked as something I rarely want. Once I took a look at all of July’s products, though, I realized that this was the best mix for me.

    I added on the Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior moisturizer because I got some full-sized Kate Somerville add-ons last month that I LOVE!

  34. I decided not to make any picks this month and I swear every time I start wondering whether I should renew my sub, ipsy reaffirms that I really shouldn’t

    ciate lip oil. I hate lip oils, prefer lip balms
    luxie blending brush – I have brushes set as rarely, but at least its a good brush
    space case brown shadow. I have shadows set as rarely, especially anything of nude variety. and from experience space case cream shadows crease like crazy on me
    biorace caly mask – the only thing i’m looking forward to trying, though isn’t that brand essentially ipsy thing?
    benefit clear brow gel – well.. its useful, so there’s that.

    I did get a couple of addons, including a derma roller, but.. honestly ipsy has been particularly terrible lately for me :/ so… no renewals.

    • Leah, are you saying Biorace is an Ipsy brand like the Counter Culture brushes? I wasn’t aware of that. I think those brushes have been pretty popular and I like the one that I got along the way.

      • I could be wrong about that, its just something I remember someone say, but for the life of me I cannot remember who. when searching for the brand, I found a few post mentioning that ipsy products from them seem to be different from products on their site, so maybe that’s what it was?

      • Leah, yes that switching of formulations/ingredients seems to be showing up more frequently in some of the sub box brands. I know there were issues with Ciate and 111Skin. I know it’s happened in Boxycharm as well, when I was still subscribed to them. I wonder if it’s showing up in Allure. I like that sub but am new to it, only receiving two so far, but it seems like a pretty classy sub to me. I guess I’ll have to do some research. I get mine thru Amazon so I can skip the month if I want to. Overall, I’m still happy with Ipsy and will continue with them but change to a monthly subscription when my annual runs out in Nov. I want the option to skip if necessary. Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  35. This is the first month I’ve been disappointed in a long time. The products didn’t match my profile at all.

    • Same 🙁

    • Me too

    • I feel like they’re starting to send crap that doesn’t match our profiles so we spend more money on add-ons that we really want. Smart but shady AF.

  36. Loving my bag this month:

    *THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Lip Liner in Devin

    *BIORACE Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask

    *BENEFIT COSMETICS Clear Brow Gel (I don’t use brow gel and I’ve had a bunch stocked up from various sub boxes, I recently started using it to tame flyaways when I’m wearing a ponytail and it works like magic!)

    *KENSIE Life Beat Eau de Parfum (love trying new scents)

    *CIATE Watermelon Burst Lip Oil (my choice)

  37. My bag isn’t too bad this month. I have had better, but I have also had worse. I’m getting:

    Nude Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Naturally Nude (Yet another nude eyeshadow. But I didn’t notice much in the way of different colors this month anyway)

    Firma Beauty Blender Brush (I will never complain about getting brushes even though I have so many)

    Ariul Fresh Herb Hand Cream (I love hand creams so I’m happy about it)

    Kensie Life Beat Perfume (I love perfume)

    Ciate London Watermelon Lip Oil (My pick)

    Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil (Add-On)

  38. I’m getting:

    – HEMPZ Citrine Crystal and Quartz Body Lotion (Interesting, I’ll use it.)

    – SPACE CASE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Space Food (*sigh* Brown for a person with brown eyes, ok. Will gift.)

    – THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner™ in Devin (Yay, was hoping to get one of these! Haven’t gotten to try Thrive yet.)

    – FIRST AID BEAUTY FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask (Will be gifting since I have a full size already, but great mask!)

    – THEBALM COSMETICS Will Powder Blush in Worth the Wait (My pick!)

    So a 3.5 or 4/5 bag, nice. Also added on the Luna oil of course!

  39. My bag s*cks, haha:

    — Thrive lip liner in Devin (my pick)
    –KVD Tattoo liner in Trooper (ugh, at least it’s a good liner 🤷‍♀️)
    –Firma Beauty tall blending brush (good)
    –Hempz lotion (eh, fine)
    –Biorace Pore Tightening Clay mask (good)

    Okay, maybe it doesn’t s*ck that bad after all, hahaha. Just not an exciting month for GB. My Plus is awesome yet again. Good luck everyone!

  40. I’m getting the KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner (my pick), basd body lotion, Lavido cleanser, and SLMISSGLAM eye blender brush. I’m happy because these are all products I don’t have (I’ll run out of body lotion and cleanser by the time the bag arrives).

    My 5th product, Naked Naturally Nude 03 eyeshadow, looks unflattering in the photos both here and on Naked’s site, but maybe it will be better in person.

  41. My bag is unusual:
    Lip liner (my pick)
    Ciate Lip oil (I’m happy to try this)
    Biorace clay mask (rarely category)
    Benefit Brow Gel in Clear (rarely and I use a colored gel to fill in my brows)
    Kensie perfum (rarely and I don’t do well with floral scents)

    Add ons:
    Rated Green Scalp Pack
    RE:P serum
    Neogen cleanser

    Technically the bag is cheaper than the lip liner, but had I paid full price I would have picked a different color and I bought almost $10 in add-ons after tax. I’ll see how August goes, but maybe it’s time I take a break.

  42. I’m surprised no nail polish in any of the bags this month.

    • Ooooh, I didn’t even notice that. I wonder why.

  43. Identical bag twins!

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