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Ipsy Glam Bag August 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Which product are you choosing for your August 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at the August the bag design:

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! 


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Comments (91)

  1. I picked the blue blush brush. Super excited because I love brushes and I hardly get larger brushes from ipsy, and I love the color.

    I dont like tatcha because it always breaks me out exactly 3 days after I use ANY tatcha spray or primer..not sure why.

  2. I don’t see the option to choose a product – did I miss it? Thanks in advance for the answer.

  3. From the comments, I think I’m the only person who chose the Araceli Jalisco eyeshadow. The color doesn’t look super exciting, but as a jaliciense, it was hard to pass up, especially with the cool etching on the packaging. Hopefully the quality is great!

  4. Has anyone actually PURCHASED A PAST Glam Bag/Glam Bag Plus before?? Since I am new, I was looking at some of the possible items. Wondering if it’s literally a random mystery mix that has been pre-assembled or if they take into consideration any of your preferences? (i.e. if I am fair skinned, would I get a Dark foundation?)

    • I have. Short answer: Mystery grab bag – They have no way to link it to your profile. It’s also unlikely (imo) to get anything truly personal. I know it might sound odd, but after seeing the Nov bag in reviews I actually liked it. However that was the Gigi Gorgeous month and I’m just not a fan of Influencer collabs. So I ordered one a few months later. When the bag arrived, to my shock, there was not a single one of her products. I think I got an eye brush, Red nail polish, small Murad cream sample, a Wander beauty highlight sample, and one other small thing I don’t remember. Hope that helps!

      • LJ-THANK YOU!! I appreciate your input. I had a feeling it would be pretty random but most of the possibilities look promising, so I may pull the trigger 🙂

  5. This was one of the best months for choices. I ultimately went with Sunday Riley, but was tempted to get the Royal & Langnickel brush. That blue color is gorgeous!!! I am hoping it will be available as an add-on as well as the IT Cosmetics Eye Cream.

    • It was very hard! I’ve had 2 samples of that ice SR and I LOVE it!!!! Something about that smell just uhhhh makes me so happy, I love it! You will love it! 😊🥰. I was between that, the glamglow and the Tatcha. I went with the tatcha. Hope I can get the glamglow in the add ons. I may buy that SR in full size, it’s lovely.

  6. I am skipping August since it is the end of July and I still haven’t even had my July bag ship yet. Plus it has seemed like they are just getting rid of the same things that they are stuck with from past months or something for the past few months, I keep seeing the same stuff again and again. Hoping a month off will get me excited about my little gift to myself again instead of MEH.

  7. Glam glow eye cream for me! Was a hard choice, wanted the SR and IT cream too. But still waiting for my tracking info on my July bag, getting later each month😂😂

  8. First IPSY bag so I’m getting the Wander palette, but I still picked the Oryza Beauty Eyeshadow Palette because I checked the Oryza website and the upper left color is a dark green khaki sort of color which I love. I’m hoping i get the Hey Honey lip balm and the blush brush as well.

    • Wander Beauty is awesome! Anything I have gotten from them was wonderful! You will enjoy the palette! : )

  9. Sorry folks but it looks like I am one of the few who isn’t happy with the selection for August. I don’t like shimmery eye shadow and that’s all I seem to ever get along with makeup brushes. You can only use so many of those. I’ve tried adjusting my profile but it feels like that’s been a waste of time. I would like a mauve or pink blush but i usually only get bronzer or highlighter. And I have to agree with someone else who said that the bags this year have been ugly. I don’t mean to be a downer but the past several bags have been very disappointing for me and will probably cancel once my annual subscription is done.

    • Try rating brushes with one star moving forward. That should adjust your bag better than the profile will. I totally get it, yes, there are only so many brushes one can use! On the positive side of things I bet nice makeup brushes and sets are hot items in women’s shelters and group homes (and they don’t expire).

    • I’m with you. Nothing tickled my Fancy. I’ve gotten the Oryza Eye shadow previously and the package was so cheap it was underwhelming… Nothing else was fun. I’m with you, when my annual is done, I’m going to cancel and give it a few months and check back.

  10. I picked the Hey Honey lip balm!

    Let’s hope they actually send me my choice item this month! 😅

  11. I pick the blue brush.

  12. I just signed up for the August bag the other day when they offered the bonus Wandress pallette. This will be my first Ipsy bag ever. I logged in just now but I don’t see the Choice option. Would anyone have any insight about this?? Maybe this will give me time to really decide between the Royal & Langnickel brush, Glamglow, or Sunday Riley =D

    • Jen, I’m a newbie too and probably signed up the same day as you. I got an email from IPSY around noon EST today with the link to choose. If you sign into your IPSY account you should be able to make your choice if you didn’t get the email. Happy choosing!

      • Hi Sharon! YES I was able to make my choice. Phew! This is kind of exciting!

  13. I picked the Hey Honey lip balm; it looks nice and I hope it smells like watermelon lol. A hard choice between it and the Royal & Langnickel brush, I love them.

    • I did too, and I was torn between that and the brush, they’re so good!

    • I chose the Glam Glow but I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get the Hey Honey lip balm in my bag.

  14. I went with Tatcha! I was so excited to try this from them. My skin chemistry loves their products.

    I saw some people were considering the size and did some quick research.
    The 12mL size from Sephora is $20 and this sample is ~5mL.

    It’s something to treat yourself when I normally wouldn’t splurge on a $20 12mL Bottle.

    I also got the $5 flash sale bundle with the Tatcha moisturizer! Was excited to see that too.

    • The 12mL bottle is a mini size, the full size is 40mL.

      • Yep Victoria:
        the 12mL Mini Size one is $20 at Sephora

        The full size 40mL one is $48 dollars at Sephora

        So a ~5 mal sample in a $12 Ipsy bag of 5 items still seems appropriate. 🙂

    • I chose the Tatcha and also purchased the Tatcha set from the Flash sale. Tatcha is one of my top fave skincare brands. I don’t get why people are complaining. It’s a great high end item to receive whether it’s small or not. I’m very excited!

      • Agree. Someone made fun of my Tatcha choice earlier in the comments. I found it offensive. Humans are so mean sometimes.

      • Tatcha is owned by Unilever, the same company whose brands include Tresemme, Vaseline and Dove. They are an American company, not a Japanese company.

      • @Lourdes: Not sure what that has to do with anything? Most luxury cosmetics brands are owned by a parent company that also owns drugstore brands. L’Oréal owns Giorgio Armani, YSL and Lancôme. Estée Lauder owns Aveda and La Mer. Proctor & Gamble owns Head and Shoulders and SK-II. That’s just how the cosmetics industry works. Doesn’t make those products any less luxe.

        Also…why the shade on Tresemme, Vaseline, and Dove? Some of their products are great!

      • @Lourdes unilever is actually a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Britain.

      • Good to know!

    • I loved the Tatcha water cream but wasn’t so fond of the dewy one, do it helped make the choice easier.

  15. These are seriously good choices! I picked the glamglow eye cream for one of my accounts and the It night cream for the other. I hope the Briogeo hair mask comes in at least one of my boxes or I can pick it up as an add on. I got the Sunday Riley Ice in this month’s Allure and it’s really good too. I would love to get another of those as well.

  16. When my mother doesn’t like her choices, she lets me choose! She told me to go right ahead and I said no no you choose look there’s plenty of good choices, once she got to lookin she of course found something, lol. She chose the eyeshadow, that’ll be nice since she doesn’t have a collection of eyeshadow already. I thought the Lottie London eyeliner looked really interesting and the brushes, hopefully they’re in add-ons. I have the plus sub for myself so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens on the first🤔

    • I have 2 free bags to send off my plus sub for a free regular sub. bag, if anyone’s interested.

      • Nice! 🙂

      • Interested!

      • I would love an extra little something for this healthcare worker 😉 This is one of the few treats I do for myself as the breadwinner for my family of five. Getting to try new things makes makeup feel fun again.

      • I’m so sorry that I’m seriously 6 days to getting back to replying omg, but if you guys see this (it won’t let me reply directly to you guys for some reason) drop your emails I’d be more than happy to send you my free bags!!! 💖💖💖

      • I have 3 free bags to send….if someone wants to drop their email, I’d be happy to share

      • I would love a bag, if you don’t mind! I’m new to Ipsy this will be my first glam bad and I’m soo excited!

  17. Nice choices, but good grief, the bags this year have been ugly.

  18. Like many others. I chose GlamGlow eye cream. I’d love to have a travel size. I am getting frustrated with Ipsy, though. I haven’t received a shipping email for this month and when I check my account, it basically just says a label was created on 7/10. It’s been almost two weeks!

  19. I might be the only person to select the $4 Lottie eye pencil, but I like the color, and it got decent reviews on Ulta.

    • I chose it as well! I was tempted to try the Tatcha or SR, but figure this is what I’ll actually get the most use out of.

    • I chose it too! I had a hard time choosing but I kept coming back to it. I’m sure I won’t regret it.

  20. This was a difficult choice. I picked Glam Glow eye because have been wanting to try. Lots of great items…hope some are in add ons.

  21. I chose the Tatcha. Even if it is small, I do want to try it. I also ordered the dewy moisturizer in the Flash sale.

  22. Glamglow eye cream for me. I picked up one $5 duo in the flash sale (Cela body cream/nail polish).

  23. Good stuff! I picked the Glam Glow and hope that the hair mask is an add on.

    A little bummed that the point items changed. I have a bunch of points saved up and there were a couple of things I was going to grab, but I was paused last month. Oh well lol.

  24. I got the IT night cream. My skin loves IT creams. I hope i still get the glamglow in my random selection.

  25. I picked the hair mask. I’ve never tried Briogeo before👀🙌😊

    • I picked the same! I’ve heard a lot good reviews about it and my hair can always use a little extra tlc.

    • I also chose the Briogeo. I absolutely love their Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. Hoping this one is as good! Haven’t seen anyone else yet choose this.

  26. Wow so many good choices. I almost chose the Sunday Riley but went with glam glow. Hopefully I can add on the Riley, hey honey, it cosmetics and Tatcha if they aren’t already chosen for me.

  27. I picked the Glamglow eyes!

  28. I’m letting Ipsy choose for me this month! I’ve noticed that most people get perfumes when they don’t pick, so that’s my new strategy! Nothing really stood out to me as a “must-have”, so I’m happy with my (lack of) choice and I’m hoping for some good stuff in my birthday month!

  29. Wow, these were some great choices! I ended up picking the Hey Honey lippie; I could use ALL THE BALMS right now because face masks seriously dry my lips out. Crossing my fingers that the Briogeo hair mask and Pixi eyeliner from the spoilers also end up in my bag.

  30. this was tough! I chose the TATCHA bc I’m such a huge Tatcha fan.. hoping I also get the Glam Glow!

  31. So many great choices! I actually chose the eyeliner as I like the color and hopefully will keep me from getting a black eyeliner lol

  32. Glamglow eye cream for me! So many great choices this month!

  33. For the first time that I can remember, it was a really tough choice! I wanted like 5 things! Ultimately chose Tatcha, and am hoping at least one or two of the other ones I wanted end up in my bag (or at least are available as add ons).

  34. Was planning on choosing the eye cream but it is only 3 mL 🙄. I went with the hair mask, 1 oz should be enough for two uses at least 🥳

  35. These choices are perfect. I shattered my Oryza eyeshadow palette that I purchased from an Ipsy offer so it’s nice to get another one. The shadows were really pretty and they swatched amazingly well. It’s a very cute little eyeshadow palette that would fit easily in your makeup bag on the go.

    • Agree that quad is great!

    • The quad was my choice!

    • I liked it as well!

  36. So tough! I wanted all of them. I ended up choosing the it cosmetics night cream, need a new night cream. Almost chose the not black eyeliner but didn’t want Ipsy to think I really like eyeliner.

  37. There are some good picks for August. I skipped already. I’m still getting Plus though so I hope the lip balm and blue brush are add ons.

  38. I chose the Oryza Beauty quad. I love their original nude shimmer & contour quad. They’ve had pictures of this camo one (and a purple themed one) listed on their site for the longest time, but it was labeled as ‘coming soon’ and ‘out of stock.’ The quality of their original quad is great, and I’m excited for a new one. There are some things that I hope make its way into my bag and/or they become add ons.

  39. I have two glam bag subs and this months bag is really cute so I decided to get the Hey Honey Lip Balm and the Oryza Beauty Eyeshadow Palette. Def gonna add on the hair mask because kiwi is intriguing me lol

  40. I went with the Royal & Langnickel contour / blush brush. It looks like the brush head is compact, which is good when you have palettes with multiple blush options. Sometimes the pans can be small. Anyway, there were some really nice options to choose from.

  41. I chose the lip balm.

  42. This is why I’m crazy and get theee glam bags a month! I chose Tatcha most, GlamGlow, and Hey Honey lip balm since I love everything I’ve ever tried from Hey Honey. It was a tough choice with so many great products! The popup shopper sale had so many amazing g deals as well! I love Ipsy. I wonder where the choice for Glam Bag Plus is? I see Ultimate choice is up but not Plus? Does anyone know?

    • *I mean three glam bags per month

    • They are doing the Plus bag differently from the other two now. We won’t get to pick any of our products until the 1st.

    • Plus will be choose three on August 1.

  43. I picked Glamglow. I really hope the Bridges is an add on.

    • *Briogeo

  44. Tatcha since I love mists and have dry skin. I selected late and was surprised at how many choices there still were.

  45. The size of the Tatcha is a joke. The spritz applicator is bigger than the actual base of product.

  46. I was stuck between the Buxom mascara and the Lottie London eyeliner….ultimately went with the mascara because I’m a mascara addict.

    • Girl u made the right choice! I haven’t used this buxom mascara but I use the reg one normally and honnnneyyy, its amazing! Also choose this n have high hopes!!!

  47. That was HARD! Ahhh. I chose the IT Cosmetics. It has excellent reviews and I’ve wanted to try it for a while. I hope the Briogeo, Tatcha and R&L brush are in Add-Ons.

  48. Tatcha

    • I am all for quality over size but honestly, that teeny tiny thing looks like it hold two sprays exactly. Hahaa! Make sure that spray lands on your face the first time because there won’t be any second chances….

      • I believe I know where to spray, thank you for your advice though.

      • Natalie- exactly the same reason I wasn’t interested. I also want to avoid creating a taste for Tatcha when my budget is more like Aveeno or The Ordinary.

  49. Glamglow eye cream for me. I love to try an eye cream

  50. That was such a hard choice for me LOL I was going to pick the brush, but i figured I have enough brushes, but then I wanted to try Sunday Riley Ice….but then I saw the It cosmetics cream & was like oooooo …BUT I must have missed the Tatcha Dewy Mist! And when I spotted it I chose that LMAO …Hopefully I can pick those other things on the 2nd with add ons!

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