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Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle Available Now!


Beauty Bakerie has a mystery bundle available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Sherry!)

Who doesn’t love a secret recipe? Sample the best of the Bakerie with 6 FULL SIZED FAVORITES for just $50 (over $100 value!). And even sweeter, Mystery Bundles ship FREE to the U.S.!

Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free cosmetics line with a playful dessert aesthetic. Check out their full line of products here.

The Box: Beauty Bakerie Mystery Bundle

The Cost: $50 + free shipping

The Products: 6 full sized products

Good to know: All sales are final. No additional discounts.

Are you going to grab a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. I got *4* items:
    — Contour brush
    — Karak Chai mini lipstick and eyeliner set
    — Setting spray
    — Milk and Honey palette

    So, I never buy a mystery box without looking at past reviews and unboxings just to make sure they’re decent. I watched many from June 2020 and decided they looked totally worth it. This time around, however, I noticed I was about 60/40 on items I liked, so of course I got every item I DIDN’T want (except for the brush, that didn’t matter which I got).

    I get it, that’s mystery boxes for you, but the discrepancy between boxes is SO NOT COOL. I saw some people get 5 lip products and other people get 3 pallets or a lip set and still get all six items.

  2. I FINALLY got my mystery bundle today, and just like other people on here, only got three of the six items. The mystery is obviously what happened to the other three items. Major disappointment. I’ve emailed them, but no response yet.

  3. I just got my mystery bundle and its so disappointing. I got a concealer brush, a lip scrub a lip whip and the 5 minis, but not in a pretty package, just in a plastic wrap. I’ve never tried beauty bakerie before and I never will again. This wasn’t worth $50 and if they say we’re getting 6 full size products, why are they not sending them? I feel like they are trying to rip us off and hope that no one complains. So disappointed.

  4. I am so interested to see what everyone else got because I opened my box and thought maybe they had made a mistake. Not because I didn’t like what I received (I mean, I actually didn’t like any of it, but that’s the chance you take with a mystery box, I have no issues with that part) but because it was missing HALF of what I was supposed to receive. I only received 3 items when they clearly stated it was a 6 piece mystery box.

    I was pretty irritated so I emailed them. They wrote back the LAMEST response I have ever heard.
    But, they are sending me an additional 3 items to fulfill my order. Or at least they claim they are sending them. I really don’t believe anything they say at this point. The entire experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Shady shady shady in my opinion.

  5. I got only 5 items and 3 of them were lip products.
    1 setting spray and 1 concealer brush.. Very disappointed.
    I know mystery bundle is whatever you get but I wasn’t expecting this to be very heavy lip products or I wouldn’t have bought it. I personally dont wear lip products and i thought maybe getting 1 lip stuff to try out would be okay. NOT 3.

  6. My box contained:
    Foundation brush
    Makeup setting spray
    Liquid metallic lipstick
    Karak chai set which contains 1 black eyeliner and 5 mini lipsticks all in shades of brown

    Not 6 full size products. Curious what others have received. Was hoping for a palette or flour setting powder.

    • I received my box this evening. I also received the mini Lippie set in various nude shades, an eyeliner brush and a metallic lip whip. I’m incredibly disappointed. Like why did I waste my money on lipsticks, a tiny brush and a lip whip. Literally very little i can use considering i wear a mask all day. Meanwhile, i saw multiple social media posts where people got one, two, and even 3 palettes.

      • Same! I went back and reread 6 full size items. Wasn’t expecting a brush, but ok. I can use it. I received the metallic lip whip, eyeliner, and 5 mini nude lipsticks. I can use all of this, but like you, I’m highly disappointed considering the expectation was what was printed. I felt misled and the surprise was anticlimactic. I love the brand and the items, but unfortunately, this will be my last mystery box.

      • I saw those boxes as well. Someone received 2 palettes and the flour finishing powder. So jealous. I know a mystery bix is a gamble but I’ve soured on this brand as a result.

  7. I received my box this morning, but it only had 3 items. Did anyone else experience this??

    • I thought there were only 3 but i dumped the box out and there was a smaller 4th item. The box was 85% paper sizzle and 15% product. I wish it wasn’t so lippie heavy. Lip products are the only makeup I’ve stopped wearing since it just rubs off on the mask.

    • Yes. I received 3 items as well. I emailed them and asked for the other 3. They claim they are sending them. I would do the same if I were you.

      • I emailed them last Saturday after I only received 3 items. They are my mailing me 3 more.

  8. Anyone get shipping info on this yet? I saw some unboxing videos from June and they look promising, so I’m excited!

    • Hi, yes on the truck out for delivery by FedEx today.

    • Mine hasn’t shipped yet 🙁 I’m so impatient!

  9. They are out of stock.

  10. I went for it!

  11. I couldn’t resist, I bought one!

  12. I’ve heard good things about this brand and I like their concept and packaging. But I’ve spent too much recently. If this was a deal in maybe in a month, I might have gone for it.

  13. Don’t forget to include they’re a Black owned business please.

    • Discrimination? There are a lot of people who want to support Black owned businesses right now and it was just informational. POC have been long excluded in commerce and many are trying to make up for that by supporting these businesses. No one expects someone to buy from them if they’re also not a great product.

  14. I looked up past bundles and it came with

    Lip scrub
    Lip gloss
    Lip whip
    Setting powder
    Breakfast in bed palette
    And it all came in a train case style bag [6th item]

    Total value was $112 without the bag cost included

    • A recent (maybe a month ago?) unboxing I saw for this mystery box contained the same items as you’ve listed, except the Milk & Honey highlight palette instead of the eyshadow palette you’ve listed.

      • THanks for sharing!

  15. I LOVE Beauty Bakerie! Thank you for posting.

  16. I have a couple of problems with this entry. One is, that never having heard of this company, I had no clue what “6 FULL SIZED FAVORITES” would involve. It could be, anything! You know, lifestyle items, beauty, skin care, books… Having an inquiring mind, I went to their site to find out. It’s apparently beauty, and sweet treats. OK, that’s fine. I do think that it’s an oversight not to provide a clue on this page.

    The second is, that I didn’t find out if they offer a subscription box, or if they just sell online. There’s a difference between a business which sells online, and one which uses the subscription box model. This site has been my sterling go-to for sub boxes; not just general online sales sites. Maybe I missed out on finding that they do have a box sub.

    I love mystery boxes, from sub box companies; and think it’s reasonable to ask what categories they contain.

    I hope that this site has a policy as to what’s relevant to the site, and what isn’t. Maybe it’s been changed, recently?

    • Beauty Bakerie is a cosmetics company that has been around for quite sometime and is available through Ulta. Their makeup is inspired by baking so while they do not sell treats, they are definitely influenced by them. This is not a subscription box, it’s a one-time mystery bundle of their existing (and AMAZING) products. Sincerely, a huge Beauty Bakerie fan!

    • I understand what you’re saying and why, but I enjoy buying mystery boxes from companies and I appreciate that MSA posts them, because I wouldn’t know about them otherwise. I don’t like getting emails from every beauty and cosmetic company out there, but I love mystery boxes and consider them as falling under the subscription box umbrella, even if they are not technically a sub box. Additionally, I’ve only tried beauty bakerie products from getting them in sub boxes, so the overlap is there and imo, justifies MSA further in posting about it.

    • This is definitely relevant to this site. Beauty Bakerie is a fab company that has been featured in several sub boxes, including this month’s FFF. I have always appreciated MSA telling us about one time mystery boxes, which is not new to this site. Ill be picking one of these up. I love B.B. products!

    • Hi Carol!
      Sorry for the assumption that everyone would recognize this brand – I’ve added a short description to the post. As for mystery boxes, we tend to post some that are from subscriptions (Bombay & Cedar, Ipsy, PinkSeoul, etc) but also a lot that are from brands either featured on our site or that are in subscription boxes regularly (Burt’s Bees, Hank & Henry, Pretty Vulgur, Charlotte Tilbury, etc). These do tend to lean towards beauty/skincare so we thought Beauty Bakerie fit in there – and we always like to include boxes that readers sent in! Hope that helps. Thanks!

      • MSA shouldn’t feel responsible for educating its readers about every beauty product company they review/spoil/discuss. It’s 100% up to the readers to educate themselves.

        Anyone who needs to be made aware of a company’s products and mission can literally google the company name and find the information at the click of a button. It’s simple. Don’t apologize for readers’ lack of knowledge please.

    • My thanks to those who’ve sent in their take on this, and for the restraint which was shown! Also, to MSA for adding a little explanation in the description.

      Following up with brands which are often included in boxes, makes sense to me.

      I also love mystery boxes, and when I’m notified of a special offer or special sale or mystery box, like in today’s email, for BuddhiBox, I forward it to [email protected] this site, so they can make a decision as to whether to include it here.

      Carry on!

    • To be fair, MSA will always post if its recurring in the form of the price tag. You can differentiate a sub box from any other one time deals when they say the price and the frequency in which you will be charged/issued.

      The quote listed is verbatim what they have in the website as a box description. I actually don’t think they will send sweet treats, I think it’s referring to their packaging that all look like sweet treats or baking items.

    • They have always listed all kinds of mystery boxes from stores from ModCloth ( a clothing store with no sub box model) to jeffree Star cosmetics ( no sub box model) and KVD cosmetics ( again, no sub box model) and I’ve been using this site for six years now. So they usually do alert us to any kinds of “mystery boxes” they see as I guess their thinking is it’s a box of surprises and to be honest I’m very glad bc I’ve gotten some awesome deals bc of it! Especially those ModCloth surprise boxes! I miss those so much!!!

    • Hi carol,
      I think MSA might still be in the process of determining its range. They recently asked readers if we’d like to see more product reviews. And the new owners probably see a strategic benefit in owning this site and we may well see changes coming from that. I do think MSA will keep us informed as they go. As for me, please give me details of any beauty bargain, be it subscription box, mystery box or just an awesome deal, and I’m a happy camper.

  17. I’m getting one. I love their flour powder and after canceling Allure, Boxy and FFF this month, ipsy and NBTT is all I sub to anymore. August is my birthday month, anyway.

    BEWARE, though, that Beauty Bakerie says they are not liable for stolen or lost packages. With all the shipping issues lately, I thought I should mention it. They offer protection for .98, though.

  18. I am really torn about this one. I’ve never tried anything from them but I’ve heard great things. I’ve always wanted to try their matte lipstick (amazing reviews) but I’m worried I’d get a color I cannot wear. But the mystery is half the fun right? Hmmmm…

    • I don’t know if this helps but what I like to do is look at the entire available products (ESPECIALLY the for sale) and try to calculate how much of the stock I would be disappointed to receive. So! How many shades do you NOT like and may be on sale? If the answer is high I recommend avoiding purchasing. But, if the answer is low…! 😉

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