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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate July 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate!

Which product are you picking?

Here’s a look at the bag design:

 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Comments (37)

  1. Feeling like angry so how is the glam bag plus way better than the ultimate it’s such a waste of money to upgrade when they’re offering such great products example Sunday Riley Luna oil and good genes in or only the plus and then if I want it I have to pay an additional $18 on top of all the crap that I have to pay for for $50 and not even getting those great products that should be premium that’s why I upgraded feeling like I want to quit ipsy so bad it’s not even worth the $50 anymore they sent out a bunch of junk

    • I sub all three tiers. I have had Ultimate since the very first month I think it was October maybe? And I have had the plus since it’s beginning as well but not the first month…like two or three months in….the regular bag I have been subbing for about 4 years….for the Plus, I ALWAYS get the SR as a choice option whereas I see others not being able to choose it….I am starting to feel that we are given choice based on our subs so if we sub all three, we get the best choices overall at choice…of course I could be WAAAAYYY wrong but it does seem that way to me. I am happy with all three in that I don’t keep everything, I share items I won’t use with family and friends who are always so happy for the gifts!

      • If that’s true, I wonder why Ipsy doesn’t advertise it? It would be an incentive for people to sub to all 3, like other boxes do with Annual subscribers getting more perks than monthly subscribers.

      • I too sub to all three (plus and regular for 1+ yr and Ultimate from the beginning) and this is the first time I have been able to choose the SR. I think the other times it was a SR product that didnt address my selected skin issues. I am set on oily skin, redness and sensitivity and fine lines and wrinkles. I cant remember the last one, but I think it was for acne and another one for darkspots and lightening? Anyway, it was a choice for me for the first time ever. I didnt choose it because I wanted choice of the eyeshadow though. I think your skin issues is probably a factor.

      • @Valeri…yes!! I also sub to all three levels & have since they we’re offered (I was in on the 1st beta group in 2011 or 2012)! I too always get SR & all the best choices! I have also been a part of several beta groups (free bags, $6 add ons, opt outs & choosing items I do/don’t want for the next few months). Do I love everything I receive? Nope, but like you I pass them along, to my grown daughters. Throughout the year I put items back each will like, from my subs & snag some great add ons too. At Christmas they get a personally curated box with 30+ items & a 3 piece set of matching bags. They look forward to these boxes & love them. The rest of my unused items go into bags for women at a domestic violence shelter.

  2. I just skipped again and hope I won’t have Fomo once they release all spoilers.
    The GBP is just so much better!

  3. How do I skip the box? I’ve never skipped before but nothing appeals to me here

    • Go to your account tab, select Glam bag ultimate and you will have the option to skip or receive it every other month.

  4. I signed up thinking I could choose the Awake serum, but never got a choice. Is signing up now too late for the choice option?

    • From what I’ve read from others + my personal experience: when I’ve reactivated my (previously canceled) account on Choice day, I was able to pick; others who have subscribed for the first time on Choice day may or may not get to pick.

  5. First time I’m skipping an Ultimate bag i’ve always gifted what I didn’t want but nothing in this was appealing to me so bummed. Wish they would take a look at what they are sending got two of these items already in bags.

  6. I was torn between the Seraphine palette, because I love everything I’ve received from the brand, and those hair masks, but I picked the masks, my haircut has been taking a bit of a beating.

  7. Skipping again, for the 3rd month in a row. Not a thing here that interests me and if these are some of the hero items, it doesn’t bode well. Agree with everyone that Plus is soooo much better–I couldn’t decide for my choice item!

    • Ditto

  8. It’s deeply weird to me that many of these choices (Awake serum, Ciate primer, Ofra highlighter, possibly others) were spoilers for Plus, not Ultimate. Does that mean they won’t be in GBP bags after all? The serum and primer were a big reason for why I subbed to GBP this month (along withe SR Luna oil, which wasn’t even a choice for me, womp womp). So if they won’t be in GBP, I would prefer to know so I can cancel.

  9. Just an fyi the Awake Glow Pill serum is 25% off right now

  10. Skipping again this month. The bag is terrible and aside from the Awake and Ofra, the products are too.

  11. I went with the awake serum because I had my eye on it for a while and when they spoiled it I added GBU just to get it because It retails for $39. $11 for 7 other full sized items and 4 deluxe samples was very worth it to me!

    • Exactly! There was quite a variety of choice items. I have subbed to ultimate from the beginning & have always been pleased with my bags. If something isn’t for me, I pass it to one of my very grateful daughters. I think the bags are cute. They have an 80’s valley girl vibe to them. I ♥️ the ✈️ zipper pull!! I wouldn’t mind the hair masks & the serum landing in my bag…see what I did there?!

  12. I picked the Awake serum. I was going to let ipsy pick for me but I thought I might be less likely to get the hydrating primer if I chose something else xD I never use primers (my rosacea treatment doubles as a primer) and they always send them! I want the ofra highlight and those shadow sticks too. Received those brushes this month and absolutely love them, they work so well I’ve used them every day since receiving them.

    • I also went with the Awake serum. Was a bit tempted by the palette, but I’m overrun with eyeshadow and blush palettes right now and haven’t been wearing much makeup since working from and mostly staying home. Same with the shadow sticks and highlighter. So I figured skincare was a better choice, and this serum seems to have good ingredients. I also don’t use primers!

      • I was checking the ingredients and it looks like 3 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid which is awesome for plumping plus niacinamide which my skin loves! Anyway, happy with my choice, but still hoping they throw in the highlighter and the shadow pens lol

    • Also have rosacea and I picked the Awake serum too! I love when Ipsy has products that have truly good formulas and are safe for sensitive skin. This one looks awesome!

  13. I mean I know its just opinion, but I feel like the plus is always better looking than ultimate.

  14. I skipped again, I think that’s now a few months in a row. Might be time to just outright cancel.

    • Me Too!! I think that it’s time for Ipsy to re-evaluate their Ultimate bag!

      • Same and agreed that Ultimate needs to go back to the drawing board!

    • Last month was my first since October. I loved it, but that’s a long time between bags I thought I’d like. I think I’ll cancel too, and just resubscribe if it looks like a good one (but I’ll do it for both the ultimate and plus, since I haven’t liked plus either).

    • Yes I agree. I did cancel last month after skipping 4 months in a row. Got one box in May and canceled. This box isn’t worth $50. They need a major overhaul. I got plus, but I’m thinking I’ll cancel it too. The only one I’m ever happy with is my $12 bag.

  15. I like seraphine botanicals but it’s a little weird to see that palette as a choice for ultimate considering I bought it, plus two other items, plus a bag for $10 in the popup shop a week or so ago.

    • I thought the same thing! I always assume that the popup shop is leftovers, and would never ever expect it to be items from FUTURE bags.

      But hey, it’s a great palette! I’m glad I got it as a popup item because this saves me from any temptation to get an Ultimate bag this month. 😀

      • I purchased that from the popup also! Was also surprised to see it as an Ultimate choice. (Saw it here, no longer get Ultimate but can’t resist looking at the peeks).

      • I’ve often thought it was stuff that they were sent but didn’t get enough of to put into the bags… which still doesn’t explain this. LOL.

        But I would like to acknowledge that you all have great taste in makeup. 😀

    • I also bought it in the pop-up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yes, I purchased from the pop up sale too.

  16. Definitely skipping this month. Yikes! What a disappointing selection this month… I’ll do better to hold onto my coin and make an Ulta run instead 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • GOOD POINT!! I could skip and get the new Ultraviolet palette from Urban Decay for the same price!! At least I know I’d be happy with that vs ANOTHER bag of stuff I dont want and struggle to swap on here because no one else wants it either LOL But oh, the FOMO!!

      Still, thanks for the idea! I’m going to try like hell to work up the courage to SKIP!

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