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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

We have spoilers for the July 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the choice items for July:

COMPLEX CULTURE Contour • Blush Brush

TARTE SEA surfer curl™ volumizing mascara

SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil

FYI – Choice for July opens on 6/24

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:



IL MAKIAGE NEW YORK Color Boss Multi-Dimensional Eye Color in Shopaholic, Alter Ego, Eyes on the Prize, News Flash, and Jackpot

CIATÉ LONDON Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer

AWAKE Glow Pill Serum

PLAYA New Day Hair Mist

OFRA COSMETICS OFRA x NikkieTutorials Glazed Donut Highlighter

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (79)

  1. Ugh I was bummed about choice, I never got the email to choose, but I kept cking the app and finally when it popped up there wasn’t hardly anything good left…. I choose the eye cream because I can always use that but idk I skipped last month and wondering if I shlda skipped July as well. 💁

  2. Doesn’t it figure. The brush showed as available, but gave me an error every time I tried to choose it, and the eyeshadow selection offered to me didn’t include the color I liked the best. I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother.

    • I had the same problem.

  3. Luna wasn’t even an option for me. :((

    • Me either. Very disappointing. I only had the brush, the eyeshadow in every color and the mascara. Did not need any of those so I did not pick. ☹️

      • Those were my options too! I tweeted Ipsycare and they responded with “Our goal for Choice is to provide the best personalized options across all memberships based on your beauty profile. This means the assortment each member sees may vary slightly.” Very generic answer that makes no sense. Clearly their personalization algorithms are not working. Why hype something as a Choice product and not offer it? Very misleading!

      • I had those, plus the Playa spray and an eye cream from a brand I’ve never heard of. No Luna oil. If the Ciate primer or Awake serum had been available to choose, I would have picked those instead, but they were Choice items for UItimate instead? Very disappointing. I’ve contacted Ipsy to cancel.

      • @Jen, I have face oil listed as “send often” and have rated every SR I’ve received highly, so the idea that my profile somehow told them I didn’t want the Luna oil is ridiculous. Ipsy just needs to own up and admit that it’s a crapshoot whether you’ll have all Choice items available to you or not.

      • @Charlotte, Same here! I do not wear eyeshadow often and do not rate it well, but they offered five different eyeshadow colors for me instead of the Sunday Riley. Last time that I tried to pick SR for Choice, they were “sold out” so I even emailed them to ask about this. And this time, it just wasn’t even offered to me. So disappointing! 🙁

      • did it close already ? I forgot

    • I’m thinking its a first come, first serve type of option. It was that way when I wanted the SR in my Ultimate in May.

      • no bc it shows up but faded when its out of stock. i think it was never even an option. i have serums and oils as send frequently, my profile is skincare heavy, and ive rated high all SR products oh well just another one of ipsys stupid bs things. i cancelled boxy, fff, and others bc im just over all of that stupidity.

  4. Has anyone been able to pick anything yet?

    • Not me! 🙁

    • Still waiting.

    • I got to pick luna!

    • picked luna

  5. I prefer palettes to single eyeshadows which is one of the reasons I switched to the Plus. I haven’t received any good ones in a long time. Based on that and the fact that the regular glam bag has included the full sized Ofra highlighter recently, I am switching back to the regular bag. I will still have the fun of getting a package in the mail every month, but for half the money.

    • start real easy that makes you break out like a mutha….when i started my skincare journey bought all sunday riley stuff….huge waste of money……HUGE , but if you do love SR and it works for you , not sure but MINTD box (not sure if it is still on their site) but they have an exclusive SR XMINTD box for like 100 bucks for like 5 products….check it out if you dig SR

      and FYI- the OFRA highlight was free with purchase this past week or so on ofras site in glazed donut….just saying

  6. Love SUNDAY RILEY Luna Oil, will definitely pick that one.

    • If u want it then u gotta wake up at like 4:30 am because if you dont then it will be gone. I woke up at like 6 to try to get the sunday riley good genes and poof it was already taken

      • Yes that happened to me! I was logged on right at 6am and it was all gone! Gonna try 5:45, can’t make 4:30 yet haha. Hoping to get the at oil too — good luck!

  7. Im gonna predict my July bag.
    Ofra highlighter
    Tarte mascara
    Awake glow serum
    Ciate primer
    Eyeshadow shade in purple, green, or champagne

    • What did you get?
      I add on the Sunday Relay. I got the mascara. Thankfully not the highlighter, but one single eyeshadow.

      • So I’m shocked, I’m getting
        SR Luna
        Tarte mascara
        Il Makiage eyeshadow
        Duft n Doft eye cream
        Natures Cartel lip gloss
        I picked 4 add ons too: pixi lip gloss, rose mary scalp pack, it Cosmetics eye brow pencil, and KS wrinkle warrior

    • Lol. You predicted my EXACT ipsy plus bag

  8. Anyone know if it’s safe to sub now without worrying that you’ll be sent the June Plus bag?

    • Yep! I pinged them on Twitter and we’re safe! I signed up a week ago and I’m getting July 😉

  9. I got a sample of Surfer Curl mascara from Sephora. It was so bad that I straight up threw away the sample after just a couple of uses. I’ve never had a mascara flake on me like that.

    • Is anyone having problems logging into Ipsy? I cant access my account

  10. I actually got a draw string bag with my plus last month. Same print. Ipsy sent me a survey asking how I like it.

    • I skipped last month, but would have loved the drawstring bag!

  11. my june box was great…I hope they will keep getting in new products..

  12. I’m going to pick the SR oil. I’m currently in a skin care load up phase since I have too much makeup. Once my mini fridge is full, then I’ll stop skincare and maybe even subs altogether for awhile

    • That’s what I am picking for sure!!

  13. And I just remembered why I never post comments here. Anything remotely critical of a brand is delayed in posting. That’s too bad. I miss the old MSA.

    • Same

  14. There is really nothing that I can justify the box for. I just purchased the Covent Garden highlighter is the pop up sale, I have serum and Allure has the Peach & Lily in July, Sunday Riley does not agree with my skin and everything else is just ok. I’m on product overload so I don’t need much. I’ll still wait until choice to make a final decision.

  15. Can we please note that the bags are now the size of the original glam bag bags?

    I wish I could opt out of bags and just get the products, or they had a quarterly makeup bag option. Bags started getting smaller in January/February of this year.

    • I agree. They’re really too small to be useful.

    • You are right. I have a couple of [early] Plus bags that are somewhat larger than the original glam bag, but lately they are the exact same size. Wish Ipsy would have held to the initial concept.

    • Not me I love the bags. All of them are great. Guess we are all different in what we like.

      • Fair. It’s just that one of the selling points they mentioned was the different sized bags. I loved the Betty Boop plus bag and I liked the size of the Gigi Gorgeous bag. Just personally, I could live without the bags if they’re going to be the same size as the regular glam bags.

      • Same I really kind of just want this bag! Honestly none of the products really intrigue me this time lol except maybe the SR.. but idk I already have quite a few retinol products I haven’t even used lol

  16. These spoilers, while not exciting, are ok, but if I once again allow Ipsy to take my money will I actually receive anything? I still have not received my Plus for June, and the tracking link is now gone from my Ipsy app. It never did show any movement, just that a label was created. The response to my email to support was “well, we did send you your glam bag.” Yes, I did receive my regular bag, but not my Plus or the add-ons I paid for. Yes, I know we are in a pandemic but why remove my tracking link, and pretend that getting my $12 bag makes it ok that I haven’t received my $25 bag and add-ons?

    • Tracking is still there. You just have to go to a different spot. Click “account” at the bottom. There you will see all your memberships. Click the membership and scroll down to the bottom and there will be a option to track.

      • Thank you Christina, for helping me find it! Looks like I’ll be getting it on the 25th, latest I’ve ever received any subscription box! Thanks also to all who commented, all were helpful. This community is great!

    • I just got my plus yesterday. For some reason they used DHL for it and Fedex smart post for my ultimate. Took way longer for the DHL ugh. So you will likely get it soon, it’s just really slow shipping right now!

      • If I get another ofra highlighter I might just lose it 😂😂

      • DHL is the worst🙄🤮

    • I have the same issue with them must go. It took me ages to get them to the nearest bag after not having received the original for several weeks after it said it had shipped. Then, suddenly, both bags showed up within a couple days of each other. I really think that they have lost their sense of customer care. I found the people that I worked with to be mostly rude until I was lucky enough to get someone helpful at the very end.

      • I agree with you. I used to tell people that ipsy had the best customer service in the biz but for some reason this year they have really went downhill. I’ve had to contact Customer Service three times so far this year and they were very rude I was actually shocked and I even told them this. And the girl was rude but in a polite way 😂

      • Not sure what IPSY customer service has to do with the delivery of your bags..?? Once IPSY ships them out, the bags are out of their control. It becomes the responsibility of the courier/mail service if the bag is late (and odds are the bags will be late since we’re in the middle of a pandemic.)

    • My bag did the same thing I had to go back in my history to get the tracking my bag moved after tens days and my bag will be here tomorrow

    • Mary GT I’d email again. Usually their customer service is really good. A lot of shipping is taking longer because of Covid and USPS is SLAMMED. I’ve talked to a few friends that are postal employees n they said they are busier than Christmas right now and with a smaller staff and Covid precautions they are overwhelmed

    • My Plus shipped on the 5th. It is still somewhere in shipping limbo. I’m not impressed with Ipsy’s model this month.

  17. I bought the playa hair mist in an ipsy deal a month or so ago so knowing my luck ill get that again

    • Yes me too. And I was not impressed. I already have two of them.

      • Same! It made my hair greasy, not refreshed and I hate the smell!

    • So did I! I was most looking forward to the scent. It is made with neroli and sugar cane, so I thought it would smell amazing. The product works for me, but it smells SO bad, and the scent lingers in my hair for a really long time, so I hardly ever use it. (it is described as “one part fragrance” according to Playa’s website.)

  18. Will some brands not work with them due to their business model? Out of ALL the brands in nicer Dept Stores, Sephora, Ulta, brands that used to be in Riley Rose, Organic brands, Luxury Brands, these are the only companies that are an option? … i wish we knew… it’s getting worse the past few months.

  19. I’ve received the brush twice before and while it is nice, I don’t need a third. I will probably pick Luna.

  20. Why is the Pill Serum (worst name ever) in two different bags this month?

    • Came here to ask this very question.

    • Ipsy got a big batch of it?

  21. The SR Luna broke me out like crazy last week, so I’m passing on that one if I don’t skip.

    • The Luna oil is a retinol product, so if your skin isn’t used to retinol, it will purge. The same thing happened to me when I first tried Luna, but after two weeks my skin looked absolutely amazing.

  22. Watched the ipsy live yesterday and the swatches of the IL MAKIAGE NEW YORK Color Boss Multi-Dimensional Eye Color looked amazing. Hoping for choice of color for that

    • Same here. Granted, I have purple eyeshadow selected as often, but that’s about the only color I really want.

    • I agree! Some of those shades would not work for me, but the formula looks great, so getting to pick the eye shadow color would be ideal for me.

  23. Meh. I joined Ipsy last month and I was not impressed. And I’m not impressed with this selection either. Unless the choice items are amazing, I think I might just skip or

    • give it a chance I thought the same cuz they weren’t things I would normally try but I force myself a year subscription for that reason and have found some of my faves through here

  24. Glad the SR is a choice!

    • Are these the choice items or just spoilers?

  25. I really want the glow pill serum, i really hope it s a choice item!

    • It’s really nice, if it’s an option I think I’ll pick that as well. I purchased it off the Awake website and ever since, I have been hoping to see more Awake products in sub boxes.

  26. Probably going to be my first Plus skip. Nothing here is calling to me.

  27. So far, the two items that really catch my eye are the Ofra highlighter in Glazed Donut and the Complex Culture brush. The Sunday Riley oil is nice, too.

  28. Quite a few re-runs, but I’m okay with that unless I get doubles of something I disliked the first time, haha. Awake Glow Pill serum is by Tarte’s sister brand and I suspect this will be a solid item, so I’m hoping for that if I don’t skip. I know Sunday Riley has a lot of fans, but after having lackluster results from a few of her products, I’m skeptical.

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