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Burt’s Bees Mystery Box Available Now!

Burt’s Bees has a mystery box available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Luna & Inge!)

The Box: Burt’s Box Mystery Box

The Cost: $25 with free shipping

The Products: “Our Mystery Box is back and filled with more than $90 worth of goodness for just $25. We can’t tell you exactly what’s inside the Mystery Box, but we can promise lip balm and lip color—which makes it a perfect pick-me-up treat for you or a lucky friend.”

Good to know: No returns or exchanges

Are you going to grab a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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Comments (64)

  1. Wow, they weren’t kidding about the lip product tease. It’s all lip product! I wouldn’t have ordered if I had known the whole box was going to be lip balms and lipstick. Oh well, I have 7 and 11 year old girls who descended on the box like madmen, so at least they’re happy!

  2. Did people receive a confirmation for their order? I did not Thanks.

  3. I just received my box and here’s what was inside (along with prices listed online):
    Flavour Crystals Lip Balm in Sweet Orange 3.99
    Flavour Crystals Lip Balm in Red Raspberry 3.99
    Beeswax Lip Balm 3.49
    Beeswax Lip Balm 3.49
    Cucumber Mint Lip Balm 3.49
    Vanilla Bean Lip Balm 3.49
    Gloss Lip Crayon in Santorini Sunrise 8.99
    Gloss Lip Crayon in Outback Oasis 8.99
    Gloss Lip Crayon in Pink Lagoon 8.99
    Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint 3.49
    Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Cucumber and Sage Extracts 10 Count 2.99
    Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Towelettes with Peach and Willow Bark 5.99
    Satin Lipstick in Wine Wave 8.99
    Lip Shine in Peachy 6.99
    Purifying Sheet Mask with Kiwi Extract 2.99
    Rejuvenating Eye Masks 2.99
    Moisturizing Lip Mask 2.99

    The total value is $86.33. I paid $26.50! I’m thrilled. I will use some of these in happy mail and enjoy trying some new things.

  4. I loved this box! I’m a chapstick addict so I will use all the lip products. My only disappointment is that none of them have SPF so they don’t provide any protection from the sun.

  5. I do not have enough chapped lips for the mystery box that I bought. If only I had waited a couple days and read the reviews and if only it had been sold out to stop me from spending $25. Ugggghhhhh! What in the world can I do with the 50 lip balms in my home?! People have started adding those to boxes now. It’s the new sheet mask filler item. Oh, please take these from the face of the earth! It’s like a plague of biblical proportions!

  6. I received the same and I’m thrilled. Hands down the best value there is and these days wearing a mask has changed my makeup routine. Lip balm is very welcome. Love the variety.

  7. Mine arrived yesterday. Received same items as described in detail in other post. Super pleased with the value. 18 items (counting the two pack balm as individuals). It’s a deal and, of course, Burts Bees quality.

  8. Well, I’m a bit bummed and hoping CS is good. This is my first mystery box and it arrived pretty beaten up. When I opened it up, I was missing several of the same items everyone else got. I’m missing:
    Cucumber Facial Cleanser Wipes
    Eye Mask
    Lip Gloss in Santorini
    Satin Lipstick in Wine Wave
    Chai Tea chapstick
    Flavour Crystals lip balm Sweet Orange
    Cocoa Mint or Christmas themed box.

    Disappointed : ( And of course, they are closed today. Sigh.

    • I hope they are not running out of the items that add variety to their basic lip products. I ordered Tuesday morning but won’t receive my box until sometime next week, probably because of the holiday weekend. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the contents are as fun, varied, and plentiful as some of the reviewers have mentioned. I’ve never ordered a mystery box and have more product than I can possibly use in a lifetime stashed away. It is hard to resist the thrill of the surprise element for such a reasonable price, especially while sheltering in place!

      • I also ordered two on tuesday, because the April one was really good. They’re supposed to arrive today. I’ll post if both boxes are the same, and the same as everyone else’s.

      • Mine arrived today and contains the same items/flavors/colors as everyone else has mentioned. What a great box! My husband even thought it was a great value.

    • Oh gosh, that really sucks! I hope they’ll make that right for you. But now the long weekend wait. My box arrived a little banged up but still contained everything and nothing was broken. My Target order also arrived today and it was terribly beaten up! Good grief!

      • UPS and USPS have been doing an admirable job. We get quite a few deliveries and have been especially disappointed with FedEx. They usually dump packages in the driveway without bringing them to the door or ringing the bell to let you know you have received a package. The news has shown that there are people who follow around delivery trucks just editing for this sort of thing so they can easily take packages. Kudos to UPS and USPS for being professional and careful – I’ll offer you a bottle of water any day.

    • When I opened my box the Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes had a big hole torn into it. I emailed customer service. I’m hoping I can get a replacement. This is only the second time I’ve ordered something from them. Hopefully customer service is good. Just have to wait and see.

  9. I ordered two..both the same exact products and colors as listed. I’m extremely happy. I am hosting a shower and will be placing a burt’s bees product in every treat bag. Paying $1.47 for each item including tax and shipping can’t be beat!

  10. I recieved a lot of good skincare in the green burt’s box. It’s on sale for $50 marked down from $90, a little more than the mystery box but you can see what’s in it.
    It was really good, I ended up sending one to my mom too.

  11. Holy smokes! I figured for 25 dollars I’d probably get a couple lip balms and maybe two full sized products. It’s just a lip product avalanche! Not that it’s a bad thing but oh man!

    1-10ct Cucumber facial cleansing towelettes $1.59
    1-25ct exfoliating facial cleansing towelettes with peach and wilow bark (on sale)$4.79
    1-moisturizing lip mask $2.39
    1-Purifying sheet mask with Kiwi extract $2.39
    1-rejuvenating eye mask $2.39

    Total- $13.55

    On to the lip products!
    1-Gloss lip crayon in “Santorini Sunrise”(412) $8.99
    1-Gloss lip crayon in “Pink Lagoon”(413) $8.99
    1-Gloss lip crayon in “Outback Oasis”(401) $8.99
    1-Lip shine in “Pechy” (013) $6.99
    1-Satin Lipstick in “Wine Wave” (524) $8.99


    1-Vanilla Bean $3.59
    1-Chai Tea $3.59
    1-Flavour Crystals lip balm in “Sweet Orange” $3.99
    1-Flavour Crystals lip balm in “Red Raspberry”$3.99
    1-2pk classic Beeswax lip balm $6.29
    1-classic Burt’s bees lip balm “Christmas box”? I don’t see any difference in the tube packaging so essentially 3 classic Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balms in Peppermint with Vitamin E $3.59
    1-Cucumber Mint $3.59


    Total box value based off of the pricing on Burt’s Bees website – $85.13

    Phew! That is just a ton of stuff for $25 dollars (The lip balms on their own exceed the price of the box as a whole), not sure if all colors/flavors are the same but it looks like the box is still available, so if you and a friend wanted to split it, it’s a great deal!

    • This was my exact box also. Quite amazing, especially considering it had free shipping and arrived three days from ordering.
      (That’s a major plus in my book!!!)
      It is full of lip products. However, they are all wearable and worth every penny. The towelettes will always have a place in my bathroom. I just bought a pack of Acure towelettes yesterday.
      (It’s a great box and what a deal for $25.)
      ***If anyone purchases a second box after you have received the first, will you please let us know if it has same products. Thanks!***

    • Andrea, thanks for the detailed breakdown! Wow, what a haul for $25! I’m so glad to hear the lip crayons are gloss rather than matte. I was hoping for some gloss! This is my first mystery box from any brand and I’m so excited to receive it. I’ve always shied away from mystery boxes, afraid to be disappointed in the products and the cash I put out for it But sure sounds like I won’t be disappointed with this one.

  12. Mine arrived today and I’m pretty sure I got what everyone else got. I think we may have all gotten the same colors/types as well. I got:

    – Lip Balms: 2 Plain (duo pack), Mint Cocoa, Cucumber Mint, Chai Tea, Vanilla Bean, Red Raspberry (flavour crystals type), Sweet Orange (flavour crystals)
    – Lip Crayons: Santorini Sunrise, Pink Lagoon, Outback Oasis
    – Lip Shine: Peachy
    – Lipstick: Wine Wave
    – Facial Cleansing Towelettes: 25 pk exfoliating w/ Peach & Willow Bark, 10 pk regular with Cucumber & Sage Extracts
    – Purifying Sheet Mask with Kiwi Extract
    – Moisturizing Lip Mask, Meadowfoaam Seed & Almond Oils
    – Rejuvenating Eye Masks, Rosehip Seed Extract & Jojoba Oil

  13. Got mine today! It was the same as everyone else’s. I was a little disappointed that it had 8 lip balms (including a 2 pack of plain ugh) but my kids were happy to have them and I’m loving the 2 flavor crystal ones for myself (orange and raspberry yum!). I also got a lip shine which I love (peachy shade) and the colors of the 3 gloss crayons are absolutely gorgeous. The satin lipstick I received was a bit dark (wine wave) but is easily toned down so I don’t mind. Overall I’m happy. My box was worth about $88 before tax FYI.

  14. I received mine today. 8 lip balms, various flavors, 3 lip crayons, 1 lip stick, 1 lip shine, 2 packages of facial cleansing wipes (one 25 pack and one 10 pack), lip mask, eye mask and one sheet mask. I will use everything except the lipstick. Am very happy with this as I always buy their lip balms and pay about 4 dollars each. I always buy Mango so it will be nice to try all of these different flavors!

    • Hmm, a lip shine? I hadn’t picked that up from anyone else’s description. Hope I get a lip shine! Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Can’t believe how fast it’s getting here and I’m so excited. I need a little excitement cuz my Ipsy bag reveal for July left me feeling a little bummed this morning. LOL

  15. Just got my box. What a letdown. Should have guessed it because I finally ordered. If you love lip balms(I got 8)! 5 lip colors that won’t work for me at all. I guess I was expecting some skincare or more of a variety.

  16. Mine came today!!!! That was FAST! Y’all it is chock full of awesome! 17 individual items for just $25, among them: 1 face mask, 1 lip mask, 1 set of eye masks, about 8 lip balms, 3 lip crayons, 2 packages of wipes, and a bullet lipstick. I’m thrilled!!!!!

    • That was fast! Mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I’m a lippy fan but I’m sort of disappointed to hear it’s mostly lip products. I was hoping it would be close to the one released in April – I guess I was really hoping for a lotion. Oh well, I subbed to Margot Elena so I guess I’ll just have to wait until September!

    • oh, I was hoping for a lip gloss and maybe a facial product (that isn’t wipes). Seems a little heavy on the lip balms. But still fun to see what everything will be. I just ordered yesterday so maybe early next week delivery for me. Thanks for sharing, Kim!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’m pumped to hear about the lip balms (maybe not eight but I was hoping for some as they’re my favorite product from Burt’s bees!) Are they all different flavors? Either way it sounds like we’re getting an awesome bang for our buck!

    • Thank you for sharing. Mines comes in tomorrow!

  17. Do they charge for shipping?

    • No, as noted in this post: “The Cost: $25 with free shipping”

      • Thank you for the info! When I went on the website it said tax and shipping calculated at check out. Must be for all purchases.

  18. Just received notice that mine will be here tomorrow. Wow that was fast!!

  19. I couldn’t resist any longer. I just ordered one. The last one was so good!

  20. Last one was so good, I got two this time before they sell out.
    Thanks for the heads up MSA!

  21. Mine has shipped!

  22. Thank you Burt’s Bees for the shipping label 1 day after payment! I love this company and the chance to purchase another Mystery Box. Thanks also to MSA <3

    • Was there a problem with your order that caused you to need a shipping label to send it back?

      • I think they just mean that it is shipping fast. I saw some other people say theirs shipped already too

  23. I had cancelled all my subscriptions except for OuiPlease, and then I had to do a chargeback on it. So, finally I will be getting a treat in the mail.

  24. Just ordered one. This will be my first mystery box from anywhere so excited to get it. I checked our their last box (April?) and it looked pretty great. I’ve always liked BB’s products. Have used their lip products for years.

  25. LOVE Burt’s Bees, cannot wait to open it when it comes! Love their Body Wash!!!

  26. LOVED the last box sooo getting this one

    • Just followed the link to their website. There are two listings for mystery boxes. One is sold out and one is available and I was able to order it. Does anyone know what the difference was? (One had a square next to it and one did not.)

      • The one that’s sold out is the one that came out in April. 🙂

  27. Ordered one. Never new that they had this. I always go for mystery boxes. Thanks

  28. I have loved Burt bees for years and never knew they had mystery boxes. I’m kinda new to the subscription box world but when I saw this for $25 I had to buy it. Especially after watching you tube un-boxings of the April mystery boxes. Seems like such a great deal, hoping this box is just as good as the last one .

  29. Got one. Don’t need one, but can’t help myself.

  30. I got one. I waited too long last time.

  31. Well worth the price! Stuff in last box that did not have a ‘perfect’ utilization for me was used for COVID surprises in care packages and/or saved for stocking stuffers.

  32. Got one. Christmas shopping.

  33. So glad I just checked MSA right now. Grabbed the last one and loved it. They go quick

    • I just looked and their still available for those who still want one 😊 I grabbed one just now and it’s my first time trying this mystery box so I’m excited about it

      • I think they mean the the last box that was offered a couple months ago(: not the last box available.. (:

      • Yes, I meant the last mystery box went quick! I know we’ll love this new one 😍

  34. Snagged one of these bad boys

  35. Got it!! I loved the last box!!

  36. That’s great. It’s tempting but I still have stuff from the last box.

  37. The last box was awesome, totally worth the $25!

  38. I just ordered one, thanks! LOVE Burt’s Bees!

    • Woohoo! I just ordered a box. I ordered one a few months ago and was so impressed!

  39. I went for it. Free shipping sealed the deal!

  40. Oh geez, I have so much product right now, but the last box mystery box was SO GOOD that yeah, I’m getting this. Thanks for the heads up MSA (and Luna and Inge)!

  41. I LOVE my last mystery box! It came with a lot of stuff. I’m ordering this one for stocking stuffers! I know it will be good, heck even if it’s a repeat of the last box, I’m ok with that!

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