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Breo Box Summer 2020 Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

ByMSAJun 4, 2020 | 31 comments

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We have the third spoiler for the Summer 2020 Breo Box!

Breo Box (regularly $159/quarter) is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box. Their box focuses on “health & fitness and everyday lifestyle essentials.” With every box, you’ll receive 6-9 essential products selected for the season.

Use promo code MSA for $15 off your first box when you sign up for a subscription! Or, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off a one-time gift purchase.

And here is the latest Summer 2020 box spoiler:


Made with high-quality Brass 260 Alloy and an ergonomic design, the KeySmart CLEANKEY™ helps to reduce point-of-contact area by over 99% and it gets better:  the Brass 260 Alloy is ANTIMICROBIAL, this means 99.9% of bacteria on the CLEANKEY™ is killed in 2 hours!*

*pending EPA approval



Veho TA-8 Automatic Smartphone Cradle with Qi Wireless Charging

Designed in the UK, the Veho TA-8 is compatible with a wide range of smart devices and features Qi wireless charging technology.

Qi wireless charging

Great for ultra fast in-car charging, the Veho TA-8 features Qi wireless charging.

Auto sensing open/close clasp system

The clasp to grip your smartphone opens automatically via infrared sensors.

Easy installation

Quickly mount with either the suction cup windscreen mount or using the air vent mount.

Securely set your phone in the automatic cradle, pull up the directions to your destination on your phone, and enjoy the journey.


Ace of Spade Portable LED Projector

Miss going to the movies?  Bring the movies home to you with the Ace of Spade Portable LED Projector.  Featuring HDMI (up to 1080P), MMC, and AV inputs, this unit can project all your favorite movies up to a 60 inch screen!

With the built-in speaker and low-power LED bulb, this compact projector can be used on go or outside for a fun summer movie night by using an external power bank (not included) or can be plugged into power via the included adapter

Featured in the Summer 2020 edition BREO BOX!

Tech Specs:

Imaging Technology


Lighting Technology


Native Resolution

 320 * 240 pixels

Input Resolution

 Up to 1080p



LED life Span

 30,000 hours typical

Projection Distance

 5 to 6 1/2 feet

Projection Size

 24 to 60 inches diagonal

Projection Ratio


Aspect Ratio




Power Consumption


Unit Size

 4.98 in. x 3.38 in. x 1.88 in.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $159/quarter

If you haven’t signed up for Breo Box yet, use promo code MSA for $15 off your first box!

The Products: Receive a box each quarter with 5-8 essential tech, home, and fitness products that are carefully curated to fit each season.

Check out all of our Breo Box reviews!

BREO BOX is a quarterly subscription service for both men & women, curated with the coolest and most unique products that you never knew you needed. Discover the latest tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness products, and more, all to enhance your lifestyle. Hand-packed every 3 months, curated to fit th... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Received my box today. The pretty outer box is back! it’s the Tiffany blue box that we never received last quarter. i won’t spoil the contents (unless folks ask) but as always I am very happy with the box. I do want to add that the box is unisex but in the literature every photo has a guy using the item so it makes it appear like a more masculine box.
Once you get to the $129/quarter this sub really is a great deal

Sarah C

Please share the contents!! I’m on the fence about ordering this one!


It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who have to be nasty. These are subscription boxes. We buy them because they are fun and exciting and useful. If you don’t want it. Don’t subscribe. Why do people have to make other people feel foolish just because you don’t like the item. Be nice. Be kind. We are all under so my stress these days. Stay safe everyone.


Does anyone know hard is it to cancel a Breo Box subscription?


How hard is it to cancel a Breo Box subscription?


I had no trouble. Of course I didn’t sign up for an annual and try to cancel after the first box. I asked to cancel right before receiving my last box, so it wouldn’t renew.


It is very easy to cancel as long as you set up your account at the time you subscribe. Juigning up doesn’t create your account. Once you have the account just go in and cancel. CS was responsive, it ma take a few days.


I want this box, but I need a good reason to spend so much on this. Is going annual worth it? Are annual discounts higher?


I wish I got my box before last week when I was painting. I had paint coated on my hands (long story – not the norm) and could have used the key to open the back door 😉


I’m actually excited about this key as I was just about to purchase it. I have always been a germaphobe and take care to not touch public items with my fingers or hands,

All you need to do is drop it into a smaller zip lock baggie that fits the size of the key (if it doesn’t already come a slipcase, etc.), and we all receive plenty of those in our beauty boxes. There are times when I don’t carry a tissue or paper towel to open doors and touch key pads, so I appreciate the timing of this item.


Thats a great idea. When I am making bread, I end up with flour on the cabinet pulls etc.
As for in the world, I think having things like they key reminds me to be careful. Before COVID 19 Americans were really careless about hand washing, covering sneezes, etc. Some still are. If nothing else, as you age you need to be more careful, and the steady increase in new viruses makes it a smart practice all the time.


This looks like a nice addition as does spoiler 1, don’t know when I’ll actually drive much since I haven’t had to put gas in my car since March.
BUT what I really want to know is when will the box ship?? I was charged in April.


Just a point.
The key thing says it will kill 99% of bacteria.
Covid-19 is a virus, not a bacteria.


That’s true, but anything that’s copper or copper alloys like brass ARE extremely effective at killing viruses including coronaviruses. So they’re advertising the wrong thing but the product does what you want it to!


Yep. And you don’t use this to kill germs, but to avoid them. I kinda like this, but really don’t need another item on my keychain!


Just a point.
The key thing claims to kill 99%of bacteria.
Covid-19 is a virus, not a bacteria.


Or even a bacterium.


I saw this in another sub box and it gave me the idea of using my car key for keypads in stores and it works! Some keypads are no touch but the ATM is not nor is Trader Joes.


I’ve been doing that forever! High five!


My main Walgreens had out a box of q-tips. One with clean, one with dirty. I ended up putting a few in my purse for pin-pads at the stores who don’t have anything. Works great!
(can’t open a door with it, but most doors are automatic now anyway)


I don’t understand why public bathroom doors don’t have the little metal thing at the bottom to use your foot to open a door. Why handles? I don’t want to touch a dirty handle after I’ve just washed my hands.


Thanks for the tip……pun intended😁


This is brilliant. I am going to do that as well


There was a KickStarter program that I participated in funding these by I think the original company. I traverse the NYC subway systems for part of the year and so many things to avoid touching will make me feel better. It’s easy to clean and put away, just like NatlovesMelody wrote. Nobody is making anybody buy the box, so if someone doesn’t like something in it and has zero plans to subscribe, then why make disparaging comments?


I find that thing amusing. That would be something you put in a time capsule with a letter of explanation and in 20 years teach your grand-kids (or whoever) the history of this time. Something that you would never think you’d need or use.


I think everything will be touchless by then and they will marvel at all the things we touch and don’t think about. Or that we let had buffets or let other people prepare our food. Not because of this virus specifically, but because we were heading that way anyway out of convenience as well as microbes. I’m biased, though, as I have a master’s in public health.


Colleen, you do have a point but I can see myself using it. I keep a box of “safety supplies” that I use while out running errands and once back at the car disinfect, let dry and leave in car for next outing.

As each of us learn to maneuver to avoid possible infection, it is nice to have items to try and possibly add to our “toolbox”.

Thank you Breo, for always making your boxes fun, innovative and at times like these, practical.


I’m sorry , but that key is just stupid. Your going to touch the key that touched the door or the screen and what? Put it 8n your purse? Wipe it off and then wipe your hands?


Colleen, the virus doesn’t live forever. Yes it isn’t perfect, but if you drop it in your purse it gives it time to die. If you are in your purse constantly or touching that much, try a disposable glove. When you pull it off, grab at the wrist and pull toward your fingers turning it inside out. Drop in the trash.


Exactly. Just wrap a Kleenex around your finger like my grandmother, who had OCD, used to do.

You need to wash your hands right after using this brass thingy anyway.

There’s a gimmick born every day and something else born every minute.


Great box! I love that Breo includes useful items that we didn’t know we needed.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.