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BoxyCharm Add-Ons Launch 6/8 + Spoilers!

ByMSAJun 4, 2020 | 54 comments

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

4.3 overall rating
1986 Ratings | 232 Reviews

BoxyCharm add-ons will be available on June 8th for BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium & Luxe Active and Waitlisters..

Here are some of the BoxyCharm add-ons:

What do you think about this BoxyCharm spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

BoxyCharm ($25 per month) is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes that we review, with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both indie and established brands, with a total retail value of over $100 in every box. The beauty item... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I was really hoping the Elemis pads were still available but no such luck. I bought the BECCA foundation that I’ve wanted to try. It was nice to see so many shades available then I picked up a Too Faced Matt lipstick.

I’ve got so many products and I went crazy during the last Pop Up sale that I’m good.

My one gripe is having such a limited supply of items that are for Choice. If the supplies are limited then they shouldn’t be offered the 1st day in ADD ONS. It’s been a while since 3 choices were available on the 2nd day or even late on the 1st day. Also, I’m sure there are probably a lot of people who subscribe only for that one coveted choice item only to not get that option. Crappy business practice if you ask me.


will they add more products today? almost all good items are sold out


Any know what time choice and addons start today?


I’m wondering the same thing. I really wish BoxyCharm would stop playing these games and tell us what time the sales will start so we don’t have to keep checking.

Joy-Not the Other One

SAME!! I live in the Eastern time zone and I’ve been checking every half hour since 5:30 this morning. That is 5 hours so far. And now I’ve been at work for 2 for those hours.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get up just to check Boxycharm (my cat is a MONSTER and wanted breakfast at 5:30 and I am a Total LOSER who wants my cat to love me more than he does my husband so I give in to his every whim) but still. I have only been a member of Boxycharm for one month now. If this is what it is like I don’t think I will be able to hang. What in the world is the reasoning behind not just telling people when it will start?!


I had the same issue. After waiting 2 weeks I emailed them. They sent my shipped it with tracking the very next day.


Add me to that list!


I forgot I did an order too, 5 items ordered 20 days ago, still the status shows Ordered. Ugh and I am a Luxe, premium and basic member lol guess we will see how Luxe is this round, last one was in April was pretty good, but I may cancel if they keep up with the slow shipping. Ipsy is pretty good on getting orders out and their add ons ain’t to bad either.


Why did boxy-charm add those clip-less curling irons in the May boxes? I am seeing them for sale all over the internet! The box felt like a bunch of old items they had on hand and were trying to get rid of was very disappointing! I am going to see if June’s add ons are decent if not I’ll likely just cancel my subscription!


I placed two pop up orders $260 later the May 11th still hasn’t shipped the smaller order I placed on the 12th arrived today in a paper mailer three of my items were tore up the boxes opened dented like I dug them out of the garbage & I bought them as gifts which I can’t gift like this there was no care in shipping my order it should have been in a padded box not to mention the mailer looked like it was ran over black tire tracks willl not be purchasing from pop ups again pray my big order arrives in one oiece


Mine came the same exact way. Envelope, tire tracks, ripped up and tapped and a lot missing….it has to be on boxes end


I think the pandemic may be the culprit. Most businesses that were able to run in May were working with limited staff for safety reasons. Also, supply chains have been disrupted and shipping companies, including the USPS, have been significantly impacted. I believe companies, and subscription services, did the best they could, given the circumstances. I’m sure that if you contact them, they will make it right the best they can as soon as they can.


Thing is, they have always told us they are planned and have supplies a YEAR in advance. So if that’s the case, they should be fine if they have items planned put for the year andbitems… awful funny they have good items in pop up and add ons and send out junk monthly.

Amy Nicole

I think l did about six separate orders and my last one just shipped a day ago so they are still actively shipping. So don’t worry quite yet.


So they have enough Hourglass highlighters for this month’s add-ons but didn’t have enough for last month’s choice 😒😠

Amy Nicole

I know right? Their logic is hard to follow at times. I was lucky and not only selected it for choice but got a wearable color. Also they promote stuff that goes out of stock immediately so who knows how many they actually have in the first place.


They made more money selling them for 16 bs putting more in a box…sadly they have turned so greedy that its unreal and sad to see.


Definitely NOT ordering anything although I see stuff I’d like. I still haven’t received my pop-up order from May 12, no shipping info, and no response to my email about it. I’m just waiting for my June box to ship then I’m canceling. Mailing delays I can understand but completely ignoring customers’ emails I cannot! They were ok with charging me for the items immediately, they should ship them and stop using the pandemic as an excuse. I’ve ordered from lots of places since May 12 and Boxy is the ONLY one that I’m still waiting to ship. Good luck to everyone else, I hope you get you items.


I got an email from them AFTER they said my order had already shipped saying an item was unavailable and I was being issued a refund for that item. Still no tracking numbers or shipping alerts. If they’re just now noticing they don’t have certain items from the order then obviously it wasn’t already shipped as their initial email said it’s just now being packed. I’m beyond done now. Blatant lying is inexcusable. I guess I’ll have to get all my beauty box yayahs from Allure.


My boxes were getting ready to ship, then it they are settling there. It’s already the 7th. This makes it even more confusing.


My items shipped in 4 different orders. Assuming from different warehouses which is understandable. All the ones that came via USPS I got quickly but the last one shipped via DHL is still sitting in Dallas. My IPSY order shipped via DHL is also sitting in Dallas. Whenever I see something has shipped DHL I know it will take forever and a day.


My pop up order arrived and it’s a disaster! Three bottles of conditioner exploded in the box. It barely held together. The boxes inside mostly disintegrated. I order 10 palettes for gifts and only one is presentable. I’m going to pass on add ons


I still subscribe to BoxyCharm premium just fir the pop up sales. They are such great deals! I received both of my last pop up orders about two weeks ago.


My pop order is on its way! I definitely have to snag the farmacy honey mask! Hope its priced well!


I received an email inviting me to come back on one of my old accounts and it said that it would give me five dollars in Boxycharm money which would allow me to get the farmacy honey mask that you want for $9. It was priced in the email at $14.


My April box came destroyed and missing items including the Smashbox palette. They claimed they didn’t have anymore of the palette and gave me Charms instead. Now it’s in Add Ons?! I am SO SICK of getting Charms for every issue, big and small, bc they know we can’t do anything with Charms. They never stock it and when they do its with like 3 products that no one wants! SO frustrating!!!!


Wow, I don’t think charms are an appropriate reimbursement for a missing item. I was missing an Ipsy item from May add-ons and they also said it was sold out but they refunded my credit card. Try sending another email, and tell them you have seen they now have the palette and cannot use charms to purchase it, so you would like either the palette or a cash refund. I think their customer service is improving, so maybe the 2nd email will get better results.

Joy-Not the Other One

Last month was my first time getting Boxycharm. I shopped the pop-up sale but I have never shopped an Add-on sale. Are the prices for this sale on par with pop-up sale prices?


Most items are $12 each on average they all have between 50% to 80% off

Joy-Not the Other One

Thank you! I got some AMAZING deals in the pop-up sale so I’m super excited for this one. My favorite was Kopari deodorant for $5!


My pop ups from last month haven’t shipped. I’m sure as hell not buying anything else from Boxycharm until I receive them in proper condition.

Whitney Earl

Mine just got to my house yesterday. It’s like this with everything though. It’s the mail system with Covid bc the POSTAL system has less workers right now. Still freaking frustrating as ever, though. I ordered 2 days in a row from the pop up sale. The items I ordered the first day haven’t gotten here but the second day order has. ?? Definitely FRUSTRATING!! I hope you get your order soon!! <3


I actually forgot until I read this also lol!


I ordered from the popup sale may 11th, got three items last week and had to contact them on Monday for the remainder eight items. Immediately got tracking, but still have to wait another week for my items. So glad I cancelled luxe and base. I think the popup sale is worth it, so I may be back in August to get on the luxe list and buy from the sale and then cancel.


Hahaha! When the add on’s are better then the box itself 📦

Are the prices any good?


Yes and yes. The sale items are not only better, they’re actually available to ALL subscribers not just Influencers and such. In fact the pop-up sales are the only reason I haven’t unsubscribed for the past year or more. There are definitely serious bargains to be had. However…
Like the best box variants (usually the spoilers very few people actually receive) there are a limited number of the most popular products so they sell out FAST. What’s in your cart can be snatched away before you can complete checkout let alone before you actually finish seeing what else is available. So for addicts like me the whole process is stressful. You wait nervously for the sale to start (and hope the site doesn’t crash on you) and then wait some more for the items to load on the page so you can hurry and find the ones you already know you want from the previews. Throw those in the cart, check out, then go back to the sale to find out what else is still available you didn’t know about, try and grab those little treasures and race to check out all over again. I had three separate orders last time. I was so frazzled I accidentally bought one of the eyeshadow palettes twice. And much to my chagrin it didn’t even sell out until the last day or so of the sale.

Speaking of the last sale… I admit I way overdid it in part because I do have a serious beauty product addiction but also being forced to make snap decisions because you have to compete with other shoppers is also to blame. Anyway, my point is that although I probably purchased more items than most, I find it worrisome I’ve only received about 30% of what I bought back then. According to my account the majority of my products haven’t even shipped or even had labels created yet.

So far I haven’t had many quality issues with my purchases but I did buy something from an Add-on sale not long ago that disgusted me. It was a Korres mask (one that had not long ago been featured in some people’s boxes) and it arrived in a very stained and crumpled box that no respectable retailer would’ve ever had the nerve to send to a customer. More upsetting was the fact that there was no inner seal at all, not even the little thin plastic disc inside every jar of skincare I’ve ever seen. I think I lost $12 on that because no way was I putting something on my face that looked as if it came from a dumpster and had obviously been at least opened if not tested/used. I didn’t bother contacting customer service because A.) they are pretty much useless no matter what the issue, B.) it often takes multiple emails to get them to reply with something other than a form letter consisting of generic FAQ info that completely fails to be helpful at all and C.) prior to the mask, during a pop up sale I purchased a cream blush/highlighter duo that arrived unboxed, scratched, old/expired smelling, and with moisture droplets on the product and fog on the mirror. I politely requested a refund (only $6 or so) or just a few charms to make up for it as opposed to a replacement fearing the whole batch (or probably more accurately that particular wholesale lot) was bad. But noooo…God forbid they give a long time customer who spends close to $1K a year on their offerings a measly six bucks. Sure enough…the replacement was just as old wet and stinky as the first. Now I pretty much just stick to lifestyle items, jewelry and a few non-cream or gel based beauty products.


You are literally me! 😭 It’s become such a stressful experience that I’m not even sure why I bother sometimes. I left spending like $140, but in reality wanted twice that. I kept having things disappear though, so didn’t get everything I truly set out to. And the snap decisions… Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. 😆
But as someone subscribed to all 3 tiers, I’m not impressed anymore, and just like you stated- I stick around for the sale prices. I’m about to cancel prime. It’s just so boring and keeps sending things I already own and if I didn’t it’s because I really didn’t want it. I maybe get one exciting thing in each box. And that’s not worth the price to me. The base boxes can be really hit or miss too. I’ve hated the last few. And luxe started off great, but seems to be on the decline as well this second year. I know I’ll probably keep those two though just for the sales honestly. And the discounts they give you to shop from the brand site itself. 20% off with your boxy code can make a huge difference when you’re ordering from pricey sites like elemis. As many times as I’ve threatened to leave and wish I could, I’m hooked. They’ve got me trapped. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣


Omgosh these are all repeats! Literally nothing here is new in the spoilers ! Weird that they didn’t post spoilers for new products. Maybe it’s a smaller sale of all repeats this time. Well that would save me some money at least! I don’t like that you have to wait a month to get the popup items anyway. Last sale May 12 still no shipping info I contact them and all they say is be assured that we are working on it they will be shipping out all the month of June. Ipsy is way faster shipping out extras and usually they come in your regular monthly box.


It’s really frustrating to see Boxy continually put items in their pop-up or add-ons that are “sold out” for regular boxes.


I agree! I was just thinking that about the hourglass that so many people wanted but boxy marked as sold out..
It’s a way to make more money and that’s frustrating🤨


I finally got my Pop-up items and they were all thrown in a padded envelope with no filler so they bounced around for over a week while they made their way to me. Miraculously, the glass didn’t break and only one eyeshadow pan was broken. Boxy is trying to do too much. If the next Luxe isn’t fire, I’m out.


Same. Luckily none of my stuff was broken to a point it’s unusable.

Ashley C

What’s the difference between the pop up sale and add ons? Do add ins ship with your box? I’m still getting the hang of boxy lol


Add ons is items that are in past boxes that you lived or missed out on that u want more of that particular item. It’s kind of a small sale, whereas popup is a huge sale with everything you want and has a ton of different items . Both don’t ship with the box the ship them separately. Popup happens every couple months or so and add ons is every month. Hope this helps 😊


Add-Ons are all past items. Some are future items.

Ashley C

Thank you so much! It does! 😄


I still don’t have my May pop-up purchase, which was only a few items.

Morgan H

I just got mine yesterday.


I’m still waiting for May, also!


Well I forgot I even placed the pop up order it’s been so long ago. Remembered when reading the comments 😬


I don’t have shipping for my purchases either


I’ve got either 2 or possibly 3 pop-up orders and I don’t even have shipping information…

Amber W.

Amie, I’ve noticed that you’ll get more help if you comment on one of their posts on Instagram. Frustrating as heck that you even have to do that, but it might be worth trying.


They sent me someone else’s pop up order not mine, awhile ago, and no one will help me! I’ve contacted them several times but no one will respond – all I got once is a message to be patient for my goodies. No, I paid for things that you said I received yet did not. They don’t care.

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.