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Written by Emily Cosnotti

Emily Cosnotti

Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She’s really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

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  1. I agree with most of the others. No product reviews please. This site has been a part of my life for so many years. I can’t put my finger on what has sadly changed. It just doesn’t feel personal, not like family to me like it used to. Other than Luna’s amazing insight that is!

  2. I just came to the MSA site this morning to read about the new Target box released this morning and there is nothing. I usually receive an email about it. I went to Target’s website and there is a new box called Nailed It! which has a nail care theme. I enjoy reading comments on these boxes before purchasing. MSA, please, please, please stay with sub boxes reviews only.

    • It’s posted now. Better late than never.

  3. I used to be on this site multiple times a day, now I may pop-in a couple times a week. It can take over a month to see a review of a box I’m interested in and by that time all the excitement is already gone. Typically I scroll through, See the same few boxes multiple times and don’t click on anything. When I do bother to look at something anymore, I’ll look at the review to see the items and the comments for the actual review.
    I also think if a box is having massive trouble with shipments ther shouldn’t be anymore promotion of the box. It’s one thing to be a couple weeks late, but another to go months without a shipment. I thinks it’s dishonest to promote something you know is unlikely for people to actually receive. It’s part of the reason MSA has lost its appeal for me.
    On the other hand I’m spending a lot less on sub boxes.

    • Yeah same here. I used to pop in a few times a day now l might check a couple times a week. I moved to Reddit awhile ago and haven’t looked back. If there’s any pertinent info from MSA it’s cross posted. Everything on MSA feels so contrived and l don’t trust the reviews or recommendations, they are obviously ads.

  4. I don’t really trust the reviews on MSA. While I Would want to see more product reviews, I wouldn’t want them to be through MSA’s usual ingratiating filter. I come here for spoilers mostly, but damn, a glowing review means it’s average and the slightest grade below that means BAD. The real review/discussion will be in the comments anyway.

  5. Spoilers for Bombay and Cedar were put up yesterday on the other box site, which MSA apparently won’t let me name here. Customization is open for the first spoiler.

  6. I agree with a lot of these comments. Spoilers, box information, and box reviews are the reason I visit the site. I am not really into product reviews as I can read them on many other sites. There haven’t been as many spoilers lately. There are many boxes out there that aren’t being posted about. I would rather see more spoilers and a wider variety of boxes.

  7. Glad to see so many people in agreement. I discovered (and became addicted to sub boxes 7 years ago) due to MSA. It has become more commercial and less personal. I realize they need to make money but there seems to be favoritism to the larger boxes with the highest values (which means nothing to me if they are over priced or not something I’d use.)

    I desperately still miss the camaraderie of the forum and a place to ask questions. I also miss the swaps and am starting to get a pile of items to list. It does not require going to the post office to mail a swap, you can print postage and get pick up at home. Online ordering is at an all time high right now due to quarantines, people are getting sub boxes with no place to swap.

    I miss when MSA was smaller and more personal. I would not like weeding through product reviews. If I want a product review I go to amazon. I still go to MSA daily to read reviews but it’s not as exciting and I’ve noticed a lot less comments, so it seems without the swaps there are a lot less people going to the site.

    Go back to your roots and focus on what MSA does best, no to product reviews. And if you decide to do them, please keep them separate from sub box reviews.

    • Thanks for this, and I agree (just filled out the survey.) MSA seems to be one of the few places doing really great, detailed box reviews – I always *always* check it for box reviews when I’m looking at a specific box, even if I heard about it somewhere else. I’d so much rather they spend more time/energy showing off more boxes, rather than product reviews. We get plenty of product reviews via box reviews (i.e. when they review the items that were in the box) – and that’s fine/great/helpful. I don’t want to have to wade through product-only posts to try to find box posts…

      I don’t think that I was here when they had forums, but omg. I would LOVE forums. Seriously.

  8. Sure! I’ve cancelled all but one of my subs because, after a year it’s just too much stuff lol. But it’d be interesting to read reviews of some of the stuff you see advertised on IG or wherever.

  9. Stop with the non sub box stuff. If Sephora has new favorites people will find it on their own. If Birchbox has new gift with purchase people will figure it out. I don’t need to see reviews for Sephora favorites or Birchbox kits. This site is called my subscription addiction but more than half the content is non subscription stuff. People can find tons of makeup tutorials or fashion shows elsewhere.

    • OMG, thank you for saying that about the sephora favorites!

  10. I also want to add that this site absolutely needs to stop accepting free boxes. It really makes me doubt anything you say. When I see a glowing review for a box that is laughable it makes me think how would the review be if they had paid for it. And seeing a review that says the reviewer believes it’s worth it when they haven’t actually paid for it makes you lose all credibility.

    • This is a pretty valid point. Sometimes, i feel like all the reviews are overly gushy and phony. It’s okay to dislike something. Sometimes I think real opinions are withheld so that commissions can be collected. I was actually surprised when one of the reviewers were pretty ‘meh’ in their boxycharm review, cuz it WAS a really ‘meh’ box. Kinda want to relate half the time when i read a review. And i want to know if something is really worthwhile the other half. The more you say everything is great in every sub box or cosmetics line, the more I don’t believe ya.

      • Yes to this! One of the reviewers was actually asked that very question of would she be farting rainbows if she had actually spent her own money. She said she would because she’s always a positive person which makes me doubt anything that particular reviewer says now as it’s so obviously a scripted answer. You can be very positive while not claiming to love everything.

      • Yes, this. Thank you! (I would have posted under Megan, the next nested post down, but there wasn’t a reply button there. Sorry, Megan!)

        I often find myself having to “calibrate” when I read the reviews for items in a box… i.e. having to mentally done down what I’m reading here, thinking that it might be a little… over-inflated. Overall, I still think the reviews (of the products in a box) have value – and I love the details and swatches and pictures of it in use. But, I usually assume that the product isn’t going to be quite as good as it sounds when described here. 🙁 Sorry.

  11. This is still my favorite site, but lately I’ve noticed spoilers and reviews posted much earlier on other sites.

    I would love to see more reviews of new boxes, especially home decor and lifestyle boxes. Also more timely and consistent reviews on existing boxes would be appreciated too.

    I can find product reviews elsewhere, so I would prefer to read timely spoilers here.

    Thanks to the MSA entire staff for all their hard work and for asking for reader input ❤️

  12. I think you should bring the forum back, I can honestly say the number of boxes I get without splits and the community have gone down.

    Is there a date for swaps to reopen ?

  13. I agree with what many of you guys have already said. I come here mainly to find out the latest deals and look at spoilers. I love reading reviews here and everyones comments. I have noticed how I see spoilers/deals posted on other sites before MSA and that reviews seem to be coming out later. I would think priority would be trying to make MSA the place to get the news first. Also – nothing is more annoying than reading a review for a box no longer available and wanting to buy it after reading the review, but unable to. I totally get there’s nothing that can be done if it’s not received in time though.

    I understand money has to come from somewhere to keep this site in business and I’m guessing it comes from when people buy through your links. It makes sense to me that you want to release the news first so people click through on THIS website instead of finding out about it through reddit or instagram and then just going to the website on their own to purchase. Anyways, I vote just stick to box-related stuff.

    Oh and I agree with what some people have said wanting “less sugar-coating” in reviews, but not trashing products so you don’t make people feel bad who really did like the product. That’s probably why I value the comments here so much too.

    Again, love everything you guys are doing and am appreciative to have you! I read the site daily and am even excited when I come back from vacay to have catching up reading to do here 🙂

  14. This entire site has now gone downhill. Liz needs to jump back in and create an MSA seasonal or monthly box. I will prepay a year without any spoilers. I am now for the first time looking at other sub box sites. Don’t get me wrong, LOVE everybody here but it’s just not the same.

    • Sadly I agree. It’s become old and tired and I hate to see it become a joke. It’s probably time to just close up if nobody wants to go back to the basics of this site

    • I agree. It’s probably just time to close up.

  15. So… does one become a part of the MSA Team? Is there an application process that includes a full review of a box one already receives (not for publishing but as a sample of writing/review style)? I would love the information; you guys rock!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  16. NO separate product or services reviews please! Despite Liz’s departure from MSA, the original mission of the company, subscription box reviews, should remain the focus. And as many others have pointed out, the timeliness of reviews has really fallen off. Why would MSA even consider doing any other types of reviews when they aren’t even promptly posting box reviews?? Just no.

    • I agree! It’s likes when Oprah quit doing her show lol. For the first time in many years I am looking at other sub box review sites. This used to be my ONLY source of sub box info. Again, Liz needs to create her own monthly or seasonal sub box and would have a million sales, without spoilers even…

    • I agree as well – just sub boxes please. Also would like the reviews on a more timely manner. Never saw anything for two months on Beautyfix reviews, so not sure what happened there. If something happened that it could not be reviewed, then just let us know, please.

  17. Not interested in reviews I can get anywhere, especially with more precise testing. I come here for sub boxes – that’s what distinguishes you.

    Absolutely agree with: more diverse reviewers, Ragan is awesome, more varied boxes!

    Too many beauty boxes. Maybe they could be varied over the months, ie: not every box every month. So many other sites review beauty products.

    Would love more game/puzzle boxes, garden boxes, sports, home, really anything other than beauty and fashion.

    • I agree about Ragan being awesome! Her and Nicole are my absolute favorite reviewers!! Would love more from them!!

    • Cat boxes were my gateway drug into subscription boxes, so Ragan is my favorite!! I love her informative, honest posts.

  18. The reviews do seem to be later and later for some boxes. For example, I had my May Barkbox for several days before the April Barkbox review was posted. And this tends to be the pattern, not a one off situation. There seem to be just a few reviewers doing the vast majority of the reviews right now and that leads to a lot of the reviews being delayed and sounding the same (ie cheery and not critical… I don’t expect reviewers to tear apart items, but at least be honest in pointing out the obvious flaws and false claims like Ragan does!). Diversify your staff and get more opinions from people who are different (more males, a range of ages and backgrounds). At times, MSA has done this well by having Hispanic, black, and Asian reviewers. Now the only diversity we get is in hair color/texture and skin tone (very pale to light is the range, aside from ONE reviewer).

    Further, the two primary reviewers honestly seem to be converging into one person. They work together, go to school together, and their reviews sound identical. I’ve been reading MSA for at least 7 years, probably longer but I don’t want to overestimate, and used to play a fun game with myself where I would skip the name at the top and just read the review. While reading, I would try to guess who the reviewer was. I was right the vast majority of the time because the writers had such unique styles and voices and factors they brought to the table! That has been next to impossible to do for the last few years because they all sound the same, except, once again for Ragan’s reviews, which still carry her trademark wit, sarcasm, and facts from her whip smart scientist brain.

    • I love Ragan’s reviews, especially mask where she give us quick course of chemistry. I read it only for that.

    • Not to mention the constant cut and paste best box ever that’s in most verdicts and the constant cut and paste errors show how lazy this site has become.

    • I played the reviewer game too! I thought I was just being weird, lol. While I don’t share your huge love of Ragan (to each their own), I absolutely agree on diversifying the reviewers. I like Megan, but whatever happened to Sara, who used to review the clothing boxes? She was very honest and straightforward about things. So was Emily with the red hair. They used to have Anna, who was representing a different age group and background, and Eric used to do reviews so there’s a male perspective. I’m sure more in the 7 years I’ve been reading too but it’s late and I can’t think.

  19. What I dont understand is why is their a survey for product reviews when the site needs improvement on the reviews. There are to many reviews that are a month or two late. I have no desire to see a review on a box 2 months later.

    I used to love going on msa. I dont any more. I would read reviews see spoilers then get the current box.

    The swap portion is what made this site unique. Now that’s ob pause mode. Which basically makes this site no different and worse then other sites that have current box reviews not from boxes a few months ago

    I agree with some of the other comments on the bigger boxes the reviews seem more positive if the boxes are sent for review. All boxes should be reviewed equally. Some of the smaller boxes are critiqued by value instead of quality. I a makeup product is awful or if jewelry leaves rust stains those are things that need to mentioned.

    The forum had great potential yet needed more beta testing before it was live. Gradually allowing more and more people on.

    Back to the swap aspect … I would even consider paying a $5 membership fee a month to get back on swaps. That’s how much I miss swaps

    If swaps dont come back up. Please consider seasonal exchanges on the main site. I like so many others have a lot of swap stuff to get rid of and would rather swap it or do a random exchange verses selling the items on Ebay .

    If this site starts doing reviews with product links maybe the name of the site needs to be changed. To something other then subscription addition.

  20. I’ve thought more about this. I use this site daily and love it. Could you expand to reviews on Instagram products? Bleusalt for example is something IG keeps showing me and I cannot find reviews on the longevity of their products. Perhaps keep it in a separate section of the site?

  21. I’m not interested in reviews of non-sub items. But I would appreciate a more honest critique in the box reviews that are currently done. Also, there are lots of lifestyle boxes that are not reviewed here. I would love to see more non makeup/ skincare/ fashion boxes. For example Decocrate or other home item boxes.

    • I completely agree! I’m very interested in lifestyle/home items and I’m finding that there aren’t many boxes like this that they review — perhaps they don’t take an interest in them? But really it should be for the reader. I’m having to go to different subscription box review websites to get these reviews.

    • I agree 1000%. More lifestyle/home boxes and less beauty/skin/makeup boxes please…

  22. I agree with a lot of the other commenters here that subscription boxes are why I use this site and I can get my product reviews elsewhere. I would really love to see a renewed focus on subscription boxes – I’m starting to see more and more posts pop up that aren’t related to subscription boxes (i.e. Universal Standard sales – I know they have had one time boxes, but they aren’t a subscription box, they’re just a regular clothing company, so why are you posting about their site sales that have nothing to do with boxes?). I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of boxes that used to be reviewed that aren’t any longer, and the overall number of reviewers on the site seems to have dwindled (or maybe it just feels that way because a lot of the regular reviewers I remember aren’t reviewing as much as they used to or seem to have disappeared altogether).

    I also know that there are some really unique and cool looking subscriptions that are constantly coming out, especially on Cratejoy. I would love to see some of these reviewed here instead of just the more mainstream boxes! I have so many boxes that I’ve already subscribed to and tired of after several months, so it would be great to see some fresh new boxes on here. I’m always hesitant to subscribe to the boxes on Cratejoy without seeing a review.

    And as always, thanks for everything you do and for taking feedback from your viewers/users!

    • I agree with you! I don’t want to see regular product reviews here either. It has bugged me the times they have done non-sub boxes. That isn’t what this site is for! It’s literally called My Subscription Addiction. I’ve often wondered what happened to some of the other reviewers. They do need more people. Having the same 5-6 just feels like those people have too many, to actually have the time to try each product. (Which is probably why some reviews seem delayed)

    • Casey! Thank you for mentioning Cratejoy. I feel the exact same way. I pass up so many subs from Cratejoy because I’m not comfortable subscribing without seeing a few months of reviews. And you are right, there are TONS of boxes on there that look so great. Maybe there could be a new Cratejoy box or 2 reviewed every month. It would be cool if MSA took a poll of several box choices and then started reviewing them. Like perhaps a 3 month subscription at least?

      • Yes, I totally agree with you on the polls! I remember they actually used to do this – polls or at least posts on what new boxes people would like to see reviewed. Not sure why they stopped – maybe they just don’t have the bandwidth anymore.

  23. Of course I remember the negative Walmart review. It was great, and Walmart deserved it. Sometimes you just have to let commenters argue it out. Anyone who wants to discuss $1 items, pro or con, isn’t a commenter I want anyway.

    There is no way that MSA reviewers like so many beauty items. Please help us believe in more, by telling the truth more! Authenticity! It’s especially troublesome in the Finale Breakdown, where it always says:
    But if you consider the variety…
    I liked the curation theme…
    The value isn’t that high, but it’s worth it to me to get a box in the mail…

    Just spit it out! Not a good box!!

    I don’t need product reviews (I only read beauty boxes here anyway), but what would be great is if your Search box was much improved. We can find boxes, but never individual products. If I saw that palette or whatever reviewed, I often can’t remember what box it was in, especially months ago, and I would want to read that to consider another box!

    I also miss the forum – someone said it was negative, but not at all. Great to get advice there…now I’m turning to reddit.

    • I always forget to add my “G” until another Dani posts. LOL

      Anyway… I definitely agree about the Search feature. It would be fantastic to be able to search by products instead of having to go through a bunch of box reviews trying to find something.

      I also agree with many others about the Swap feature. I literally have several large plastic totes full of perfectly good, never used items from years of Popsugar (from back when it was monthly), FFF, lots of beauty boxes, etc. I would love to trade for clothing, jewelry and home decor (especially candles) items.

      While I may not be quite as bothered as some, I do have to say there are definitely a few boxes that are consistently given very positive reviews even when they absolutely don’t deserve it. In some cases it’s rather insulting to our intelligence. The one that always comes to mind is for a $50 clothing & accessories sub that has been known to send repeat items not just twice but sometimes three times in way under a year. Even if the item was awesome (and it never has been) there’s no excuse for that and to not only give that issue a pass but to rate that month positively overall is pretty ridiculous. I like the person that reviews this box and enjoy most of her other reviews, especially the ones with her kiddies, but that one always kills me.

    • I have turned to reddit as well. I still come here pretty much everyday anyways, but I’ve started to find out more about boxes on reddit faster these days. The whole thing with comments not going through right away sometimes and not being able to write certain names of things or websites here drives me crazy. That’s one thing I think reddit has over this website unfortunately.

  24. First let me just say I love MSA and every reviewer on here. Truly, madly, deeply. I come to this site multiple times a day. You all are my favorite. But as some others have mentioned, unless there is going to be a large increase in staff it feels like maybe adding to the plate right now is not the best idea. I also feel that I go to other sites for reviews of products and come here for a specific need which is subscription box spoilers, announcements, reviews, etc. As others have said sometimes when boxes are reviewed they are late or feel not super thorough. So I would prefer more attention paid to things like that.

    I also get a weird feeling thinking about reviews on here. I feel like MSA already refuses to say anything even a tiny bit negative about products so I would feel like I didn’t really get a true review. And it also feels like it would just be for revenue. Because MSA is a very specific site. And that’s why I come here. So this feels like heading in a different direction.

    In my opinion, there are a ton of ways to stick to subscription box reviews but still spice things up on MSA. Reviewers over 50, male reviewers, or reviewers of color could all enhance MSA without changing the core of what it is which is a subscription box site.

    I hope none of this is taken as criticism. It’s not meant that way at all. I just love MSA and would hate for it to lose its specialness. Thanks for the opportunity to give our opinions!

  25. If you guys need to start asking about doing anything you can to fill space it’s time to admit defeat and end this site while you’re still ahead. Don’t be like a tv show that can’t bring themselves to end on a high note and waits until they have no viewers left. I think it’s time.

  26. Absolutely not. Instead of desperately trying to find filler for your site do the basics of the site reviews and spoilers and do them well instead of the fake best box ever cut and paste that is put on every verdict

  27. I completely agree that I’ve never read a review here where someone didn’t say, often glowingly, nice things EXCEPT one time on a WalMart box and people lost their minds in the comments section that the reviewer wasn’t appreciative enough of a $3 deodorant sample and a $1 disposable razor. Given that, I’m not sure how MSA would win here because unless the reviewers are paying for the items themselves, it’s going to inherently be more difficult to be objective. I certainly am much more “forgiving” when I get an item on say a 75% sale and it doesn’t perform as hoped it would than when I pay full price.

    • I regularly say negative things about items, if they are warranted…

      I also recognize that other people may have different taste than I do, though, and I don’t want to offend someone who might like something that I didn’t, so if I can think of whom an item might work for, I do also mention that. But I have no problem with criticizing gross snack foods (freeze dried avocado…), recalled dog treats, relabeled expired hemorrhoid cream (yes, that is something I received in a subscription box), a terrible styling service, poor overall value, unsuitable materials provided for craft projects, receiving the same repeat item 3-4 times, and bogus scientific claims.

      • Ragan, you are one of my favorite reviewers on this site because you do tell it like it is! I also appreciate your scientific perspective – I am always skeptical of product claims, and I appreciate you pointing out when ingredients are scientifically proven or have the potential to actually help with something vs ones that are totally overstated and blown out of proportion.

      • Ragan, it was not my intent to offend you. I typically don’t read pet, crafts, snack food, etc. reviews because they aren’t things I’d purchase because they aren’t applicable to my lifestyle, so I’m unfamiliar with your personal reviewing style. I’m on this site for makeup and lifestyle box spoilers to decide if I want to make a purchase because I’m a month to month vs annual subscriber. I’m only one voice and I’m here for subscription boxes rather than product reviews.

      • Ragan, you’re my favorite reviewer. I always appreciate your perspective!!

  28. I am not interested in individual product reviews. That spans a lot of territory miles away from why the majority of us are here…subscription box information. I would like to see continued, timely in-depth box reviews and coupons, deals and spoilers posted in time for us to sub or cancel.

    I’m 60 and I would love to see a reviewer in at least the 50+ age range, And, wouldn’t it be lovely for a sub box tobe available which focused on mature skin, hair, and makeup/supplies?

    Thank you, MSA, for everything you do.

  29. I would rather see occasional “here’s what we love lately” posts that review. I feel like the reviews in boxes are often too soft on problematic products. I don’t want scathing snark or dissing, but some stuff sucks and I’d really like to know when that’s the case. So unless you guys are more willing to address the suckitude, I think I’d prefer a here and there list of great stuff (unsponsored!)

    • I agree. Maybe individual reviews on crappy products from boxes. Which would at least be interesting.

      • That would be fun!

  30. I prefer in depth reviews. I’m even fond of finding negative reviews (which is very unfortunate if your staff does not like a product). I feel a sense of honest in somebody saying why they didn’t like a product or why a product didn’t work for them, even though it could be suited for somebody with X,Y, and Z tastes.

    I feel like in sub box reviews we are also getting product reviews (as we should) and I’m not too excited about the idea of stand alone product reviews.

    • I agree just like I mentioned in the reader Ipsy review, what was your least favorite and why. Seriously no way you like every product and everyone has a different opinions. Not to say a bad product for all, but for me personally and why.

      And seriously why is msa ignoring the tons of comments about the swap site, are you challenging Oui Please by ignoring your customers?

  31. I’m not pining for product reviews nor am I against them I just hope for more in-depth, honest reviews. The new product reviews sometimes seem like thinly veiled attempts at shilling products. Perhaps the box reviews aren’t bringing in enough income 🤷🏼‍♀️

  32. I would much rather see time and attention devoted to PROMPT reviews of boxes. Often, a reviewer speaks of “when I got this box” or “I’ve had this box for a while”. And, then the box is unavailable for purchase any longer, even though I knew it was available for a long time after delivered.

    Please ask reviewers to review within a few days of receiving the box. Otherwise, pass the torch on to someone else.

    And, for products – nah. There are a lot of places on the internet where I can get product reviews. I am here for box reviews, deals and swapping.

    • ^This. So much this! I hate seeing reviews way after they’ve sold out. Also there are so many new subscriptions popping up. (VNYL) and so many old ones you no longer review (Lavish Bath Box)

  33. I would rather see MSA pay more attention to the swap site and posting sub box deals, timely box reviews and related information faster.

  34. There are so many products I’d love to have reviewed well before they make it into subscription boxes. However, I hope these reviews keep in mind that the standard for a full priced product is much higher than that of one obtained at a substantial discount. Sure you like that mascara, but is it really better than 4 tubes from the drugstore or another luxe brand?

  35. Interested in seeing swaps back up. I also enjoyed the forum.

    As far as product reviews, not interested since I read reviews on the sites I purchase products on prior to purchasing them

    I ve been on msa for years I went on msa for box reviews and swaps. Swapping made me purchase more boxes. Since swaps are not active I went from getting 10 monthly boxes to 2 boxes

    Please bring the swap site back

    • I cut down similarly. I would like to see the swaps back up. I enjoyed the ipsy review done by many people and if the staff was in short supply I think getting reviews that way would be great. I found it an intresting read and like the different points of view on the different products.

  36. I’m only interested in sub boxes. I would totally trust MSA reviews but the amount of products out there to review…! yikes…Also, what someone on staff at MSA likes may not work for me, and yet I buy the full size based on the review….I like reviews here of individual boxes, often times I subscribe to boxes based on them… 🙂 the proof in the pudding is actually using the products myself and that’s what the boxes provide….an inexpensive way to try what’s out there. IMHO….

  37. I’d also be fine with seeing other reviews but I’d want something different than what the market already has. I can read reviews on Amazon, on the companies website and on YouTube. I’d want MSA reviews to either be different or be reviewing products that don’t have reviews everywhere. I hope that helps.

  38. Please make sure you don’t spread yourselves too thin. While I don’t have an objection to product reviews, I come here for sub box spoilers, info, and reviews. Don’t let your sub box priorities get lost by focusing on something different.

    Also, to be completely honest, sometimes it feels like MSA’s reviews of the products in the sub boxes can be a bit sugar-coated. I pay as much attention to the MSA community’s comments as I do the reviewer comments. If you decide to start doing product reviews, please make sure you come from a place of objective neutrality.

    If done well, product reviews could be a nice addition (perhaps in a separate category/ area, so they don’t clutter up the sub box feed?). There would be added value in seeing what comments that the MSA community posts about the products as well.

    • I second this. Thank you, Angel.

    • Well said! I love the positivity in MSA reviews, but I don’t feel that I’d find it useful for actual product reviews. I can’t imagine the super sweet MSA staff saying anything directly negative about even the worst products out there!

      • 💯

    • I agree with these ladies.

      • Me too.

  39. I usually only check out reviews for beauty products, so that’s all I can speak to, but if a beauty product is reviewed it’d be nice if the review was posted after the reviewer used up the whole product rather than giving only a first impression or only using it for a few days. A full review of beauty products is something I think would be fun to see since first impression reviews don’t give us a full story on how the product could truly perform, but rather just how it feels and how the reviewer’s skin/hair initially reacted to it. I’m sure we all know that sometimes our opinions can change (good or bad) after we fully finish a product from when we first tried it. I know for makeup it’s usually not necessary to finish a product to get a feel on whether it works for a reviewer, so I’m thinking more along the lines of skincare, body care, and hair product reviews (I remember Marne’s review of that hair growth product after using it over time which was nice). Also, it could be a great opportunity to solicit feedback on what readers’ thoughts are on that reviewed product if they’ve tried it before or if they’ve tried something similar that they enjoyed using and could share with the community. 🙂

    • I second this… something like a monthly empties review would be great! Just how the favorites posts are done, but empties the MSA staff have finished that month.

    • Completely agree, I am much more interested in a review on skincare if you’ve used the product for a month or longer. Makeup wouldn’t need to be used as long but I think it would be a better review if you tried the makeup for at least a week to see how it responds in different situations, like with/without primer, on a hot day vs a rainy day etc.

    • Here here!

    • Luna, you are reading my mind. I would love to see progress in a skincare item especially when it has a high price tag attached to it. There are only so many masks and exfoliant’s, serums, and moisturizer’s you can test out. I believe that the majority of the product’s on here are “tested” only once. How to know how the long term effects of blue tansy, vitamin C, Retinol “alternatives.?” I can go on and on. My skin would be a mess! But, that’s me. Do you do a mask more than once per day? I can barely do an overnight mask once a week. I welcome the cleansers, Luna. That is a product severely lacking in sub boxes.

      • Hi Ashley! I’m with you in that I can’t mask everyday (although, I know some people can with no issues). I do a sleeping mask 2x/week, a wash off 2x/week on the same days I do a sleeping mask. I like doing one “flash” mask (a mask that takes 5 minutes or less) mid-week and a longer wash-off mask on the weekend. I also do a sheet mask once per week on the day I do the longer wash-off mask.

        As a few of us commentors have mentioned before, I think a sub box empties post could be fun on here… and it doesn’t have to only be beauty products, but other non-beauty items people have used up from their sub boxes or used enough times to form a solid opinion on them. Especially with beauty boxes, I understand it’s a double edge sword the reviewers have to deal with in terms of doing an unboxing fast enough to showcase a recent box, but also attempting to do a thorough review of its contents (which we know actually takes time over many days or weeks of use to see how a product truly performs… even then the review/opinion is still quite personal since we all have different skin, chemistry, and preferences). I’m sure it can be hard for a beauty box reviewer to finish a product, so maybe just a monthly post soliciting readers’ comments on what they’ve finished/used and liked and/or disliked from any of their boxes would be a great way to start a discussion between readers (and MSA reviewers if they’ve finished anything) and allow us to interact with each other in a way that’s sort of reminiscent of the forum days. This way there’s still a product review post related to sub box items. 🙂

  40. It really depends on how often and how many products will start showing up in the feed. I feel like I already scroll past a lot of boxes I’m not interested in, but some products might be nice.

  41. I would LOVE to see a subscription beauty box made for women in the 50+ range. The beauty industry is missing out on a huge generation of women who want to have skin care and makeup made just for us!! Your skin and makeup needs change in this age group and it’s not easy to find products and advice catered to our age group.

    • I agree! When I hit pre-menopause, my skin changed overnight. (As did my sunny personality, but that’s another story, lol).

      Not only that, I have more money to spend as well. But it’s hard to find a sub, or a reviewer, that addresses the over 50 crowd.

  42. I would but only if the products were actually used for a period of time to determine if they were effective or not. Let’s say at least 2 to 3 weeks to determine efficacy. I’m tired of youtubers and bloggers reviewing and recommending something (like skincare) that they obviously only used for a day or two. I go to this blog and support it because I have trust and faith in it and its moderators. If products are going to reviewed, I expect an honest review and not just another opportunity to shill something – basically an unboxing disguising itself as a product review.

  43. Always looking for honest reviews before purchasing. This would help, because I trust you.

  44. I would love to see online product reviews. Before I purchase a product I want to know how to worked for others. I trust MSA as a legit source foe honest reviews.

  45. I think it would have been a good idea to give the survey responder a chance to write about why or why not or maybe they’d be interested in reviews.

    • Hi Lizc,

      If you select no as your answer and hit submit, the survey will take you to a next step that asks why not with 3 options, the last being “other” with a field where you can write your own answer.

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