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The May 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


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  1. I just realized when I opened my Visa bill today that Ipsy didn’t cancel my May glam bag, even though I asked them to before the end of April. I’m actually happy to be getting it, after reading rave reviews of the mascara on another post. Nothing else in the bag looks all that great, though.

    * Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara in black (my pick)

    * F.A.R.A.H. Brushes large blender – This looks pretty, but I already have a fairly new eyeshadow brush.

    * Ciate’ London Fierce Flicks in black – for a 67-year-old with crepey eyelids? I’ll try it in the privacy of home, and will be amazed if it looks good.

    * theBalm Cosmetics Autobalm Day2Night in Lombard St. – Pale skin, light gray eyes and gray hair with dark, dark brown eyeshadow? Do they read our profiles? Maybe applying foundation on top of it will lighten it enough.

    * Marc Anthony True Professional Leave-In Conditioner. I have never tried a leave-in conditioner, so that’s a plus. So tired of coconut oil in everything, though.

    No add-ons. I wanted the beach set, but didn’t order it right away and by the time I decided to, it was sold out. That’ll teach me! (This is my first box.)

  2. My bag has:
    Wander Beauty Foundation (light medium)
    Tarte Lip Gloss (Below Deck)
    Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call
    Catherine Malandrino (Special moments)
    Space Case (Intense Stargasm)

    Really wish I was getting an eye brush but I’ve gotten a few before so I guess I’ll live 😉

  3. Mine won’t reveal my bad. It’s so weird. And there aren’t any date under the Upcoming Events. My address was all wonky (it was listed 3 times in a row, once for my name, once for my address line 1 and once for my address line 2). I have no idea what is going on.

  4. I got 2 overnight face masks 😑 the fab pharma and the goldfaden. I’ll use them but ehh.
    Also got farah eye brush, rollerlash mascara and wander beauty foundation

  5. My glam bag:

    Slmissglam brush (happy, I love getting eye brushes)
    FAB Pharma Relief & Rescue Mask ( I like FAB so I’ll try it)
    Tarte H20 lip gloss in Sail Away (love lip glosses)
    Yensa concealer in fair cool (my pick)
    Pure Brazilian anti-frizz serum (eh. Will probably give to my sister because I really dont have a frizz problem)

    Add ons:
    Tarte Jelly lip mask
    Cover FX setting spray

  6. My bag does generally match my profile, which is nice and unusual:

    Non-Rarely Items:
    Slimissglam brush – I like brushes and I feel this is where I get most of the value of the bag
    FAB Mask – my pick and I’m very curious about arnica
    Yesna concealer – not sure on the shade, but I’ll give it a try
    Marc Anthony leave-in conditioner – not super excited, but again, I’ll give it a go

    Rarely Items:
    Tarte lip gloss in Below Deck – I prefer liquid lip but 4/5 non-rarely is amazing for me and Ipsy

    Would have loved a nail polish, which I have marked always, but overall pretty happy.

    No add-ons.

  7. My bag is ok this month. I’m getting:

    Goldfadden MD Overnight Treatment (my choice item)

    Pure Brazilian Anti-Frizz Serum (I’ve never tried this brand before so I’m happy)

    Soroci Spot Light Eye Cream (I love skincare and eye creams, so I’m also happy for this)

    TheBalm Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Wall St. (I would have preferred the Space Case color)

    Tarte Lip Gloss in Below Deck (I would have preferred the Sail Away color but I’m still happy with this)

    TonyMoly I’m Honey Rescue Mask – Add-on

    OneKind Nighttime Moisturizer – Add-on

    I didn’t go crazy with the add-ons because of the current state of affairs in the world with this virus. I don’t know when I’m getting back to work and I am trying to be frugal with my money.

  8. I’m sad I missed out on adding on the Yensa concealer in Fair Neutral 🙁

  9. This months bag is ok.

    -Tarte Lip Mask (my pick)
    -First Aid Beauty Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask (can’t wait to try it)
    -Yensa Concealer in Fair Cool (hopefully it matches)
    -F.A.R.A.H. Brushes Large Blender 25EL (I love getting brushes)
    -TheBalm Cosmetics Autobalm Pic Perf in St. Charles Ave (not sure about the color)

    Add ons:
    -Nomad x Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Palette
    -Soroci Eye Cream

    • bag twinzies!

    • Bag twins 🤗! I got the exact same as you, with Tarte jelly glaze lip mask as my choice item. Really wanted the Yensa concealer and Farah large blender eye brush so I like this bag (just not into thebalm eyeshadow). Also, I added the same two as you lol, plus the Sunday Riley good genes and Hey Honey sweet treat recovery mask.

  10. I’m getting:
    Tarte lipgloss in Below Deck (my pick)
    Farah brushes blender brush
    Wander Beauty foundation
    Goldenfab MD Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment
    Pure Brazilian Anti-Frizz Serum

    Overall I’m pretty happy about my bag!! Super happy to try the Wander beauty foundation and I love getting brushes so that’s an automatic win for me! I’m not happy about the hair product but oh well. I added on the Tarte Sea Jelly Lip Mask and the Coffee body scrub.

    • This is my first Ipsy bag ever! I’m happy to be getting this same bag. My choice was the Goldenfab. I saw Tati like the foundation, makes me excited to get to try it.

  11. How come they never send me a nail polish? ☹️ Lol.

    • The same reason that I receive one nearly every month. You would use it, I rarely do. Profile means nothing.

    • How come they keep sending me the same 2 colors of nail polish? Lol

      • Same reason they keep sending me eyeshadow brushes. So we will buy the add ons we want??? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔🤣

  12. I am happy with my bag and selections!
    My Bag:
    SLMISSGLAM SS57 brush (will probably gift, not a fan of the sparkle style, but okay)
    First Aid Beauty Arnica mask (my choice)
    YENSA Concealer in Fair Cool (wow, they chose the correct shade!)
    TARTE H2O Gloss in Sail Away (another good shade choice!)
    PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum (not interested, probably will swap later)

    KATE SOMERVILLE – BOTH Wrinkle Warrior products, PLUS the Kx Active Concentrates Serum
    SKYN ICELAND Pure Cloud Cream
    Sugar Rush liquid lipstick in Sprinkle
    SOROCI Spot Light Eye Cream
    CoverFX Setting Spray
    REAL HER Success is Mine Dual-Ended Brow Brush

    I went a bit crazy with add-ons, but this was my first chance to grab good deals on stuff I will use since not getting anything for a while.

  13. There’s only one item in my Glambag that I will use. I certainly do not need yet another eyeshadow brush. Most of my bag just seems off this month. It happens once in awhile and I usually look at all the products available for the month before I decide if it’s a fail or they did the best they could… This month is a fail. But, there’s always next month.

    • I’m in the same boat, I found most of the last 3 bags I got enjoyable but this month has been a dud:
      ONEKIND moisturizer (my pick and kinda meh about it since I only chose it because the Tarte jelly lip mask was all sold out. I have a lot of night moisturizers, let’s hope this wows me.)
      WANDER BEAUTY Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Fair Light (I don’t wear a lot of foundation, I prefer only concealer and primer. Also, it is really hard to find my skin color, I’m a really light Asian, so I have neutral and yellow tones, but I can’t wear anything with too much yellow either.)
      BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Mascara in Black (I’ve used this before and it’s not my fav, fail)
      CIATÉ LONDON Fierce Flicks in Black (I just received a waterproof eyeliner in April’s GB, so back-to-back fail)
      PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum (Asian, poker-straight hair that doesn’t get frizzy and needs volume, fail again)

      KATE SOMERVILLE Kx Active Concentrates Ceramides + Omegas Serum (I got this as a GWP and like it a lot)
      TARTE SEA Jelly Glaze Anytime Lip Mask in Strawberry Jelly (somehow it was “sold-out” as a choice item but yet I can pay for an add-on? Not sure how I feel about this, but it’s definitely not good)

      I was going to skip this month but I stayed on for the KS. I will just skip next month unless a lot of the spoilers wow me.

  14. I love my Regular and Plus bags this month! I know this sounds stupid, but I had been a bit glum lately because of everything that’s going on right now, and seeing my reveals this morning actually made me feel lighter.

    I’ll be receiving:
    TARTE jelly lip mask – I picked this, because my lips have been dried and chapped lately.
    FARAH shadow brush – I actually have this brush from the previous (different colored handle), and I love the short, dense bristles.
    TONYMOLY deep moisture mask – I love k-beauty, so im looking forward to trying this mask.
    YENSA concealer in neutral – Hope the color matches my skin tone. I don’t use much concealer, just a few dots below my eyes, and around my nose, so a mini concealer is great.
    PIXI blush – The dusty rose color looks nice, and I like pixi as a brand.

  15. I’m pretty happy with my bag this month:
    – Tarte lip gloss in Sail Away (choice)
    – Nails Inc polish in Lilac Grove
    – Goldfaden night treatment
    – TonyMoly honey wash-off mask
    – Space Case eyeshadow in Intense Stargasm

    The only thing I’m unhappy with is that ipsy sent out SC Intense Stargasm shadow like a year ago. I wanted it then & didn’t get it, so I’ve already purchased it through ebay. This is why I hate zombie/leftover items!

    • Zombie items…LOL…made my day!

      • There are SO MANY of them this month in every tier!

    • Bag twins!

      • Do you like it?

    • I’m getting the same bag. I’m mostly happy with it. I don’t really like getting make-up and prefer skincare but I like Tarte and I have a 13 year old so any make-up I don’t want will be used.

      • Haha, lucky kid! My mom & older sisters did minimal (if any) makeup, so I was trying to figure out everything for myself at 13!

        I definitely find myself more excited to try skincare items now (at 35) than when I started Ipsy a few years ago!

  16. I’m getting:
    TARTE sea jelly lip mask in Strawberry Jelly
    Yensa concealer (my choice)
    Farah large blender blush
    Tony Moly I’m Honey Deep Rescue Mask
    Pixie by Petra blush in Beach Rose

    • I got the same bag! The concealer was also my choice item.

  17. I’m getting the Tarte lip mask (my choice), the Miss Glam brush, the Pure Brazilian anti-frizz hair serum (yes!), Pixi by Petra blush in beach rose (they have brown Rose’s on the beach?), and the silver Space Case eyeshadow.

    I’m happy with it, but went a bit crazy with add-ons. Got the Skynn Iceland face cream, the Nomad palette, Tarte Sugar Rush liquid lipstick, all 3 of the little Tarte glosses, Yensa concealer, and Naturelab Tokyo hair mask.

  18. My Glam Bag Plus was amazing!! My regular glam bag was probably the worst assortment of products I’ve ever seen. Not one good one to be had. Second month in a row that I got an Estate highlighter & another lip balm. Thank goodness im only out twelve bucks.

    • Haha, I felt the opposite! I like my glam bag & hate my Plus.

      Would it make you feel better to know that the Estate Cosmetics highlighter was in the ~exclusive~ $6 add-on section? Obviously you got one of the premium products this month!

  19. This is probably my least favorite bag in a while, but I’ve been getting bags i really like so I won’t complain. Also added some of the expensive skin care.

    What I’m getting:
    One kind moisturizer (my pick)
    Ciate eye liner i don’t use liquid liner, but its been a long time since I’ve gotten an eyeliner
    Farah large blender brush ive gotten brushes the last two months, so I’m little less excited about it
    The balm eyeshadow in Lombard st, this im not excited about at all lol. Not a shade I will use.
    Marc Anthony leave in conditioner, this is something I really need for my hair so I’m excited.

    So overall not my favorite, but I haven’t had a bag I didn’t like in a long time so its all good.

    • I got that leave in as part of their pamper yourself thing last month and it is AMAZING on my hair.

      • Awesome glad to hear that! Quarantine has done a number on my hair lol and it needs all the help it can get.

  20. I’m getting:

    -First Aid Beauty
    Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask (Love FAB!)

    -YENSA SKIN ON SKIN BC Concealer in Fair Cool (my choice)

    -Tarte SEA H₂O Gloss Lip Gloss in Sail Away (I absolutely love these glosses, so happy to get a new shade)

    -PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum (summer is coming so this will be handy)

    -SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 8 (wish I had gotten the lilac shade I saw but this is still pretty)

    I am so happy with my bag this month! 😊 And the Add-Ons were AMAZING! I snagged the Kate Somerville Serum, a Coloured Raine palette, the Tarte lip mask, a brush and a couple other mini Tarte glosses.

    • What a great bag! I would have used everything in it.

    • I really wanted the SUNDAYS Nail Polish lol I ended up getting the Lilac Shade

      • Hah! And I got the Sunday no 8 and wanted the lilac. I’m happy I got nail polish though, because at least it will get used.

    • We’re bag twins but I chose the FAB mask. I was so excited for the nail polish until I saw in my other account I was getting the same one in my ultimate (insert eyeroll).

  21. I’m getting:

    -First Aid Beauty
    Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask (Love FAB!)

    -YENSA SKIN ON SKIN BC Concealer in Fair Cool (my choice)

    -Tarte SEA H₂O Gloss Lip Gloss in Sail Away (I absolutely love these glosses, so happy to get a new shade)

    -PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum (summer is coming so this will be handy)

    -SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 8 (wish I had gotten the lilac shade I saw but this is still pretty)

    I am so happy with my bag this month! 😊 And the Add-Ons were AMAZING! I snagged the Kate Somerville Serum, a Coloured Raine palette, the Tarte lip mask, a brush and a couple other mini Tarte glosses.

    • I wish I’d picked the yensa in fair cool. I said “Surprise me” this month, and then that shade wasn’t in the add-ons…
      But I’m still really happy with my bag :

      Sunday nail polish in 8 – nice summery shade
      Farah brush – I don’t need it, but it’s pretty, so no complaints!
      Etat Libre D’Orange She Was an Anamoly: always happy to try a new fragrance!
      Tarte gloss in Sail Away: perfect
      Jeju sleep mask: Sure. Looks fun to try
      Added: TonyMoly I’m honey

  22. This month’s bag is the worst bag I have ever gotten which is so disappointing after receiving such amazing bags this whole year. I can’t really be mad about it though since I was able to add on the Sunday Riley for only $18.

    I got:
    lilac nail polish (eww – and marked rarely on polish)
    An eyeshadow brush (with no eyeshadow and I got a similar brush last month)
    Tarte liquid lip in Hang Ten (my choice)
    Onekind moisturizer (saw the ingredients – nope)
    Pure Brazilian hair serum (hair products marked rarely)

  23. YOU’RE MY IPSY BAG TWIN 🎒 🎒 🤗🥰

  24. Ipsy is really killing it, I got the Good Genes with lactic acid, 18 dollars what a great price. I canceled Boxycharm to be able to get all 3 Ipsy.

    • Same here

      • I’m getting almost the same color nail polish and eye shadow as I did just last month. I’m ok with it though. Just strange when there are other options.

    • $18 is a great price for GG. I found the smell to be a deal breaker for me unfortunately. In the future? For anyone who likes this product, but wants to save a ton of $? I’ve gotten great/equal results from the 10% lactic acid + HA from The Ordinary. Just wanted to note in case anyone loves GG but hates the price tag ☺️

      • That’s a really good dupe suggestion! I picked the SR good genes add on but if I’m hooked would only pick it up again on a deal. Hope I can take the smell though lol. Thanks for the heads up 🤗!

  25. Yensa concealer (choice)
    Farah Brush
    Pure Brazilian Anti Frizz Serum
    Purlisse Body Butter
    Benefit Mascara

    Not too bad, my plus was pretty good too. Coulda cashed out on add-ons but I figured I probably shouldn’t..they might do second chance add-ons again this month anyways.

    Between my 2 bags I Added on

    Tarte lip Mask
    Wander Beauty Foundation x2
    Yensa Concealer
    Miss Glam Brush
    Naked Cosmetics Lip Scrub x2

  26. Well, my GBP was a total bust, but my regular glam bag is perfect. I’m getting:

    YENSA Concealer in Fair Cool – my choice

    FIRST AID BEAUTY Arnica Relief Mask – love FAB products

    TARTE Sea H2O Lip Gloss in Sail Away – love Tarte products and this a gorgeous color

    PURE BRAZILIAN Daily Anti-Frizz Serum – my hair has been super frizzy lately so this comes at a great time

    SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 8 – I love when I get nail polishes in my bag! This is such a pretty color and not like anything I have in my collection.

    My regular bag being so on point makes the disappointed of my GBP sting a little less, but I’m left wondering how they could get it so close to my profile for one bag and so totally off for the other….

    • You’re my bag twin! 🥰 I could have copied and pasted your text. 😂 So happy with my bag. I love getting polishes too.

    • I have the same issue!! My plus is the worst aNd the reg bag was great!!

    • Bag twin here as well! Love everything in it. Added roller lash and the Goldfaden mask. I’ve been happy every month. Ipsy, for $12 sends me 5 fun products plus add on options!?! What’s not to like. I have a teen daughter who loves it all and happily picks add ons and takes the items I do not love. A welcome sight the bag is while sheltering.

  27. I’m getting totally different items this month in my GBP.
    Nomad x Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Palette
    Sugar Rush Liquid Lipstick in Cupcake
    Sunday Riley Good Genes–my pick
    Wander Beauty Brow Gel
    Beauty For Real Hi Def Mascara

    For me, this was a great bag–first in a while that I can actually use!

    • I got the same SR my pick only thing different instead of wander beauty I got the cr eyeshadow palette in browns.

    • This is the regular glam bag thread. 🙂

    • I’m getting the EXACT same GBP. At first I was a little disappointed considering my age and preferences, but after reading reviews of the mascara (it’s supposed to be incredible!) and adding up the retail values (~$170) I feel a bit better. It’s my first plus (I get the GB usually) so I’m not sure if I’m gonna get plus again next month.

      I wish swapping was up because I’d love to trade my Nomad pallet, liquid lip (only because it’s not the right color- another more suitable color would have been great), and the Wander brow gel…..

      Either way I’m very happy to get the Good Genes and the mascara. The other things might be given as gifts.

  28. My gb was ok. I went crazy with the add ons tho.
    -Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
    -Tarte jelly mask (my pick)
    -Slmissglam brush
    -First aid beauty rescue mask
    -Lilac nail polish

    Now for add ons i got the coffee scrub, the sand and sky mask, the Clinique hydrating jelly, the rose quartz facial roller, the naked cosmetics lip scrub (loveeee lip scrubs), the Tonymoly rescue mask and the real her brow brush(you can never have to many lol)

  29. love your bag selection! I did get the same brush and aloe mask. No nail polish for me this month! 🙁 I did skip next month. I got the SR on add-ons! 🙂

  30. My two bags are ok.

    1) Tarte lip gloss in icky brownish shade, Wander Beauty foundation, Goldfaden facial treatment (my choice), Niu Body lip polish, Space case eyeshadow

    2) OneKind nighttime moisturizer, Yensa concealer(my choice), Farah brush, TonyMoly rescue mask, The Balm eyeshadow in my usual dreaded beige shade.

    Added Clinique hydrating jelly and Smashbox foundation. Nice mix of items

    • That is a great variety!

  31. My gut told me to skip, but they charged early this month. My choice ended up being available as an add on, which is even worse. I got:

    — Tarte gloss in Sail Away (my pick)
    –Swiss Glam Brush (fine)
    –Moroccan Magic Manuka Honey Lip Balm (realllllly?)
    –TheBalm Auto Perfect in St. Charles (not a fan of eyeshadow singles, but okay shade)
    –Dr Botanicals Cocoa and Coconut Hydrating Mask ( I have oily skin, so maybe I’ll use this on my body?)

    Thank goodness my Plus and Ultimate were good this month cause this bag was kind of a stinker. I’ll probably skip or cancel GB as the other 2 tiers are so much better now!

    • Hey I was just wondering if anyone who gets all three bags loves Ultimate and do you ever get repeats or do you get all different variations? I’m thinking of adding Ultimate to my subscription I already get regular and plus.

      • I’ve not gotten a repeat yet. I was initially very disappointed in my first 2 Ultimate bags, but the last couple months have been great. I’m thinking of canceling my GB and just keeping Plus and Ultimate since I usually get some samples in Ultimate and can add on more if I want.

    • Lori, you and I are bag twins, we also picked the same choice item. I’m not so trilled with my bag, which kinda bums me out since Ispy had been doing really well for me with prior GBs. I mean, it’s just one bag, not the end of the world, but I’m also a little sour because my GBU this month was terrible, and at $50, that one hurts a lot more, lol.

      • Oooh, ouch. I know that feeling, when Ultimate is a fail. I’m sorry! Hope your next one is way better!

      • Omgosh! Sherri, I had to share this with you, hopefully it’s not too late! I emailed ipsy customer service, telling them I meant to skip this month and could they please cancel? They did! I sent it this morning and got a reply within a couple hours! I rushed to add ons and added my GB choice item to my Plus, too! I wouldn’t have thought to ask, but someone commented that they did it, so I figured I’d try. For $50, it’s DEFINITELY worth a try! I think they don’t start assembling until 5/5. Best of luck to you!!!

      • Lori – oh my gosh, you are so kind to alert me to that. Thank you so much. But… I already promised someone on the forum that I would sell them the hairbrush that is part of my box, and I would absolutely hate to renege on my offer. So I’ll just plan to put most of my box up for swap for when that opens again (there’s literally only 3 things I won’t be listing, and even for the three I could totally live without them, lol). Ah well, live and learn.

  32. I’m getting:

    – SOROCI Spot Light Eye Cream (Yay, love eye cream!)

    – TARTE SEA H₂O Gloss Lip Gloss in Below Deck (Cool, I like Tarte and the color.)

    – WANDER BEAUTY Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Fair Light (Great, I haven’t tried many foundations and this sounds goo.)

    – GOLDFADEN MD Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment (My pick!)

    – THEBALM COSMETICS AUTOBALM® DAY 2 NITE in Wall St. (Meh, I have too many eyeshadows already, including one of thebalm’s palettes.)

    So, overall good.

  33. I’m almost bag twins with whoever has the posted bag. Only difference is instead of the Tarte gloss, I’m getting the Tarte lip mask. I’m happy with this bag!

    Plus bag – not happy at all. Sigh.

  34. After a few stellar months in a row, I’m pretty unenthusiastic about my May bag:
    *ONEKIND Dream Cream Nighttime Moisturizer
    *SOROCI Spotlight Eye Cream
    *WANDER BEAUTY Foundation (shade looks too warm)
    *BENEFIT COSMETICS Roller Lash Mascara (excited to try the formula, I’ve heard great things)
    *TARTE Lipgloss in Hang Ten

    No add-ons this month.

  35. Is anyone else having a hard time getting into Ipsy website?

  36. [Oops, I posted my glam bag under the wrong post lol.]

    I’m happy with my bag this month (Tarte lip mask, Yensa concealer (my pick), Pixi blush, Tony Moly mask, and a brush). Ipsy has been picking me pretty good stuff lately. I only added on Good Genes.

    Not going to get too excited until the bag safety arrives with all of the contents intact though lol.

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