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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your June 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Which product are you choosing for your June 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Here’s a look at the bag design:

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (76)

  1. I ended up going with the Ciate shadow in Entwine. I actually had wanted to purchase this in a similar color, so I’m glad it popped up this month and I’ll probably buy the wicked shade if given the option. I had been looking for something like this since I got the Huda New Nude palette last year and absolutely loved the marbled shadows…I’m hoping these has the same finish with a shimmer and different sizes of reflective bits. Supershock shadows are close and I love Ladybird, but it’s not quite the same.

    Everyone seems to really be enthusiastic about the sunscreen. Hopefully we all get something worthwhile in our bags this month!

  2. I didn’t have all these options. I had way less options. What’s up with that???

    • what was left?

      • If you had less to choose from, the other options were probably already sold out by the time you got to pick your item.

  3. I know that its just my opinion only but I feel like the plus is always way better than the ultimate

    • I feel the exact same way! I ended up cancelling the ultimate bag and adding on a second plus bag. There is usually only one or two products I want from ultimate and I typically am able to get those as add-ons.

  4. Heads up that it looks like they are testing out the ability to opt out of up to three items from your account! I just got the option in my app. Super excited and grateful that ipsy is making this an official option!

    • Was there a pop-up?

      • Yes I think it said 72 hours.

      • I guess I don’t have that option. I’m happy for those of you that get to take part though 😊 So, does it give you all the choices for next month and you get to opt out of three?

      • I accessed it through the app, and it was just subtly added to the list of options in My Account. And just to clarify, it’s not opting out of a given month’s products, it’s opting out of categories, like many of us usually do by contacting ipsycare!

        The categories we can opt out of haven’t changed (it’s still “eyeliner” not “black eyeliner,” “fragrance” and not “scented products”) but it’s just super great to have this option more accessible. And you can set whether you’re opting out for 3/6/12 months, so I can see using this to avoid certain products you really don’t want in a given month.

        I am SO excited to know that I won’t be getting any sheet masks for a year!

    • I didn’t get this option, but this is exciting! I hope they can pull it off because if I never see another black eyeliner it will be too soon.

  5. I chose the sunscreen. I like several of the items, so hopefully some of them will also be in my box

  6. I went with the Haus gloss, but I really want the Purlisse and the Tula, too. Hopefully the Ipsy gods smile upon me. :o)

  7. Give me all the watermelon, always.

    • I have an anaphylactic allergy to watermelon. Despite repeatedly requesting to opt out of anything watermelon, they refuse to do so. If a watermelon product is available, I ALWAYS get them. Every. Single. Time. 🙄

      • They arent able to opt out for allergies. Their system isn’t set up to be able to do that. It’s not that they are refusing to just because, they physically can NOT do it.

  8. I chose the eye cream. I’ve had several products from this line and they’re all lovely clean beauty. A few of these choices items were gone by the time I was able to choose.

    • Me too! The brand seems really clean and fresh and I love that!

      • It truly is!

  9. Does anyone else do the beauty quiz after seeing choice selection?

    • Just a heads up, ipsy has said on videos in the past that it takes a minimum of 2 months for your beauty quiz to influence your bags.

  10. I chose the Purlisse for one bag and the Tula sunscreen for the other.

    Not a great selection. Hoping the total bag will be super, as I really liked last months’ bags in all 3 sizes. 🙂

  11. The Tula “sold” out…just as I was clicking to select it, after debating for two hours. Oops. XD

  12. I picked the Tula because I’m still looking for my HG facial sunscreen, and the ingredients list looks good. I wouldn’t be mad if the Ciate shadow in Wicked or the Haus Labs gloss showed up in my bag, either.

    Really hoping the fact that the Honey Jarret cushion compact wasn’t a choice item doesn’t mean it’s only going to show up in a handful of bags, like the Supergoop! eyeshadow last month.

  13. I went with the Haus gloss, I have been wanting to try it

  14. I went with the Haus lip gloss because a close friend has been raving about it.

  15. I chose Purlisse this time. I looked at the Haus lipgloss reviews and they weren’t that great. Hoping to get the Laura Geller palette in my box.

  16. Happy I skipped!

    • Same! Nothing excited me and that bag design certainly didn’t. Gives me a month to work through the stash.

  17. I went with purliss and added on the b. Tan set as I absolutely love that self tanner! I’m happy with my choice this month I just hope the rest of the bag is as good!

  18. I went with the Ciate in Wicked, because I love purple eye colors.

    I’m kind of loaded out on sunscreens because of the Sephora Sun Safety kits.

    There really isn’t anything I’m dying for as an add-on, but I’ll have to see how my bag shakes out.

  19. This was sooo easy for me. I went strait for the Purlisse Watermelon Aqua Balm!! I love that stuff. The scent is uplifting & happy. And it is just a plump water gel that splashes into your face & sinks fast. It’s good stuff. It screams Summer!! Yae

  20. I chose the Purlisse. I just love that line.

  21. Snagged the Tula sunscreen, was really hoping the Honey Jarret cushion foundation would be a product choice.

    • Me too! I love that type of formulation and I love trying new brands and products. I’ve tried a face wash from that brand but nothing else. It’s so convenient. Although I was happy to be able to try the Ciate marble eyeshadow so that was a good second choice for me. Fingers crossed we’ll get the foundation in our bags!

    • Me too & me too! That I’m definitely interested in, I love cushion compacts. The bags are cute too!

    • Same, and same! Hoping it’s not another bait-and-switch like the Supergoop! eyeshadows.

  22. I got the tula but hope to get the nacifica eye cream in my bag

  23. I was trying to read up on the eye cream and apparently selected it. My first choice was the Tula sunscreen. Can selections be changed?

  24. I had went with the acne spot treatment. I wanted the wicked eyeshadow mostly but I already have too many shadows and barely any skin care based on my skin concerns. I hope to see the reveal of what my box will look like. 🙂

  25. I picked the Tula sunscreen because I live in the Valley of the Sun so I need it. But I wanted that Haus hippie so bad. Praying I get it in my bag or that I can add it on.

  26. I went with the Tula sunscreen. I am skipping the regular and ultimate bags this month and just going with the plus. I have rarely worn makeup these past 2 months and will probably continue for the near future so this is just what I need right now.

  27. I, too, went with Tula. I scanned the ingredient list for fragrance and didn’t see any, so I’m content with that. And dagnabit!! I looked through the add-ons and found something i kinda wanted. I really, really enjoyed the Wander beauty foundations that were sent in the last box. When i saw full coverage, and the doe shaped applicator, i updated my profile to medium, though I’m rather tan, and it turned out to be my perfect shade and the coverage was great. I only used it underneath my eyes, on eyelids, and around my mouth corners and under my nose, but it makes a huge difference. I do worry about expiration, but for the fraction of the cost —it is worth $40, I’m happy with it, and theres a morphe contour kit included. I have never used morphe products and am skeptical but i’ll see how it goes.

    • I also really liked the Wander Beauty foundation. By far the best liquid foundation I’ve used in a long time. I got the Morphe contour palette a few months ago in my Ultimate bag and I really like it too.

  28. I chose the Purlisse.

    • I have it, its okay.

  29. I chose the Tula sunscreen. I was torn between that the Haus lip gloss and the Ciate eyeshadow in the purplish shade. I ultimately chose the Tula because I have a ton of eyeshadow and lip products already. I’m really excited to try this sunscreen. I also chose the cica sunscreen for my Glam Bag

  30. Speaking of the Tula sunscreen, they should really add a category for SPF to the quiz.

    • I was just thinking the same thing! While in general I am not a fan of getting trial size or even deluxe size skin care, I am totally here for SPF samples. I definitely wish I could indicate that!

  31. Went with the peel off mask 🙂

  32. I went with the Tula and am pretty excited about it. I have combo skin, so hoping the gel sunscreen is easily absorbed and that it smells like pineapple!

    • Whoah! I wish I’d read the sunscreen’s description before choosing the Ciate. I have plenty of sunscreen and really wanted to try the eyeshadow but I would’ve picked the Tula had I known it was gel and pineapple scented! Hopefully I’ll get it in my bag or be able to add it. Plus is really impressive this month. Ultimate is quite sad looking. That works out well for me though since I grabbed quite a few things from the flash sale, including the brush set I would’ve gotten in my Ultimate bag. Now I pretty much have to skip it this month. Luckily I don’t like the bag so that makes it even easier. I don’t like any of the bags for June but I give them credit for trying to change up the design. I’m just not big on patterns unless they’re polka dots or chevron-type designs.

  33. I went with the Tula, but I am new to this and I hope it doesn’t mean they fill my bag with a bunch of skincare as opposed to makeup! I got Ipsy for makeup, but that looks like a good, gentle moisturizer so I couldn’t say no.

    • I’ve found that for me (with very high rankings for skin care in my profile) generally there are 1 (sometimes 2) skincare items in my bag, so you should still get plenty of makeup!

      • Same here. I prefer skincare and make that very obvious but I still get plenty of makeup. More makeup than skincare nearly every month in fact. I don’t mind too much because at this point given how many skincare-only subs and one-offs I’ve purchased I’m almost as equally overloaded as I am with makeup.

    • I have super high rankers for skincare too and last month I got my choice which was a skincare item and all makeup 🙂

  34. I was really torn between the two Ciate London eyeshadows. I went with Entwine and hope Wicked is available as an add-on.

    • I did the same, chose Entwine

  35. Hard to pick this month but I went with the Haus! I could do without the rest, but would welcome them in my bag!

  36. I was so torn between Haus and Ciate London. Ended up choosing Ciate London in Wicked, and praying I get the Haus gloss too.

    • Same, girl. Same lol

  37. I went with the Tula sunscreen gel lotion. You can’t go wrong with a light weight moisturizer for those steamy summer days… the spf is a plus.

  38. I picked the lip gloss because I really want to try Haus. Looks like a good mix of skincare and makeup this month.

  39. Went straight for the Tula! I already own it and love it

  40. Ugh, I saw items I already recieved. I went with the Tula sunscreen gel. I have oily skin, with a deep tanned skin tone,I hope this works out for me. Fingers crossed

    • If you get an item in June’s GBP that you received a previous month, Ipsy should send you a replacement product.

  41. I decided I had to have the Tula sunscreen. Something I wear everyday. Paused the regular bag this time

  42. I chose the Tula sunscreen. I hope to also snag the Laura Geller palette. Ended up skipping the regular bag this month.

  43. I went with the Laura Geller Pallete. It looks like it has gorgeous colors!

    • So did I! I think it looks perfect!

    • I’m not a fan. I’ve gotten some of her other products and the texture is really bad.

    • I just got it in this month’s ultimate and the value is $14! It’s alright, but looks more muted in person.

    • I got it in last month’s ultimate bag and liked it much more than I thought I would. They eye shadows look greige, which is unlike any other colors I have.

  44. Was really torn between House Laboratories and Tula, but went with Tula and crossing my fingers I can add on the gloss.

    • Me too!

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