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CAUSEBOX Summer 2020 Box Spoiler #6

We have a new spoiler for the Summer 2020 CAUSEBOXFYI – The Summer 2020 box has sold out. If you sign up now, you will receive the Summer Welcome Box. Check out the Summer Welcome Box here

The Summer Box is stuffed with a range of products that will add a splash of self-care to your summer. We curated a collection that showcases the best in ethical and sustainable brands, highlighting companies that are not only doing the right thing, but are also delivering the highest caliber products. This season’s selections are worth over $250.

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc.

Use coupon code SUM20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Summer box includes:

The 6th spoiler item is a choice:

Malu Day Cream SPF 30 from honua skincare


Essential Oil Roll-On Duo from Savhera Wellness


Fringe Earrings from Matr Boomie

AND in case you missed the previous spoilers, this box will also include:

AltCooking Hub Silicone Stretch Lids – Set of 6

Leftovers thanks to all that cooking you’ve been doing at home? We’ve got you covered — literally!

Maybe it’s a stretch, but we’re coming to you with back-to-back spoilers this week. *It’s a holiday, after all.* In every core Summer Box, we’re including a Set of 6 Silicone Stretch Lids from AltCooking Hub! 🥳

Whether this is a product that’s been on your list for months (🙋‍♀️) or your ears are perking up hearing about it for the first time, keep reading to learn more about why we’re so over the moon to be including it.

We’re always on the hunt for better alternatives, especially to single-use plastics, and these ultra-stretchy, clingy, and convenient silicone lids are designed to replace the ziplock bags, plastic wraps, and aluminum foils that we find ourselves reaching for so often in the kitchen. They’ll conform to any shape (round, oval, square, rectangular — you name it!) to create a secure, leakproof seal that you can put in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer, AND dishwasher!

AltCooking Hub is in the business of finding alt(ernatives) to everyday kitchen essentials, taking normal household items and innovating products that helps improve our quality of life while all preserving our environment.

And for those wondering: yes, they’ll even fit the Set of 3 Bowls 😍


Prepare to be amazed when your Summer CAUSEBOX arrives, strangely heavier than usual, and includes a Set of 3 Nesting Bowls! “HOW DID THEY DO IT!” you might even hear yourself say aloud.

This set was custom made for CAUSEBOX in collaboration with Pepper + Vetiver and with a two-tone, watercolor design and includes a large salad bowl, a medium cereal bowl (for all the cereal you’ve been eating for dinner), and a small dessert bowl. Use them for a big, colorful salad or an ice cream sundae, to display your jewelry or knick knacks, or, simply place them on a shelf to admire!

Pepper + Vetiver believes that home isn’t as much a place as it is a feeling — a feeling of belonging, centering, comfort, and love. Incorporating the right home style and decor can allow you to create a warm, welcoming and comforting environment with a positive influence on your mental and physical well being!

They also believe that this sense of belonging should extend beyond the walls of the house you live in, and support the Malala Fund in their effort to provide girls from all cultures and backgrounds with a sense of belonging, comfort, and opportunity in this world.

More than 130 million girls are out of school, and with the Summer Box, you support the Malala Fund and ensure that every girl has the opportunity to learn and lead 👏


Nanaka Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts OR Doctor Rogers RESTORE® Healing Balm

Go on a juice cleanse — without the celery juice! Introducing a new end of the day ritual: grab a book, light a candle, add Juice Cleanse Citrus Bath Salts from to a relaxing bath all to yourself, and soak it up as vibrant citrus oils polish and brighten the skin for a fresh-pressed juicy glow, while epsom salts remineralize and detoxify the body and calm the mind.


Become the friend you wish you had — the one who always has good advice, a stick of gum, and RESTORE® Healing Balm on hand! This multitasking miracle worker (the Healing Balm, not you) is good for just about everything: chapped lips, flyaways, eyebrow styling, cuts and scrapes, eczema, dry nails, and so much more.

So, which adventure will you choose? Annual Members, start brainstorming — customization is right around the corner!


PMD Clean (Blush, Teal, or Navy) $99

The PMD Clean is featured in every Summer CAUSEBOX! Bring the spa home to you – with the ultimate self-care tool! It firms, tones, and lifts by breaking down dirt and oil from within your pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute! Its flexible wand allows you to deeply clean in the difficult spots (like your nose), and it is made from ultra-hygienic silicone, which means it’s waterproof, antibacterial – and you’ll never have to replace expensive, wasteful, disposable brush heads!


Every Summer CAUSEBOX includes the Feya Candle Co. Reed Diffuser ($35 value) in your choice of scents!

Bergamot & Grapefruit or White Tea & Ginger — which will you choose? There has never been a better time to fill your home with the fresh, clean fragrance of summer.

🍍Flip over the reeds to refresh the scent — lasts for a year!
🍊 Made from recycled materials
🍉 Vegan, Cruelty Free
🍇 Meals are provided for every Feya Candle Co. product sold

What do you think about the spoilers?

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Comments (69)

  1. This is my first box, I was also looking for more summer type stuff too and I really wanted a pocketbook/bag. I had a coupon code so I am not too upset and like all 6 products. I like the bowls but kind of want 2 sets so not sure if I will keep them or regift.

  2. Does anyone know if there will be any more items? I am really hoping for a beach accessory since it is the summer box. As a younger individual who lives in a tiny apartment I feel that this box missed the mark for me.

    • I think I read somewhere that there will be 7 items in the box.

  3. I filled out the request to upgrade to annual, but haven’t heard anything yet. I really want to customize- does anyone know when they usually allow people to upgrade existing subscriptions?

    • It should be rapidly updated. Contact them. Customer service is very good.

    • I filled out the request to upgrade 2 days ago. when I didn’t hear anything, I contacted CS, who got back to me to just say I had to wait for the email. Still waiting.

      • Me too.

    • Don’t upgrade from quarterly to annual by waitlist e-mail!
      Wait until you can do it yourself from your online Account Dashboard.
      After I confirmed via e-mail that I wanted to upgrade, I was charged and sent a “go ahead and customize” e-mail, but the annual sub does not show up on My Subscription page, and I have tried two browsers. I’ve reached out to customer service, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it if you upgrade this way.

      • There shouldnt be a waitlist to upgrade anyway…it should be automatic. Since it isnt, I wont be upgrading and I am not too thrilled that this is how they handle it. It says that the window for upgrading isnt open yet or some nonsense like that. They wont be getting my annual sub after all now.

  4. I bought the silicone covers from the market add on last time. They work great, especially the small one on half a lemon. Plan to gift this set. Good value in this box, like other’s have said, what I don’t need or want usually will work as a gift or share with others in my family.

    • Good to know on the lemon. I wouldn’t have thought to use one directly on the food rather than a bowl!

  5. Anyone in here knows if causebox ships to APO addresses ?
    Thaaank you

  6. Has there been any mention anywhere on when customization will open?

    • I just checked the website and I was able to customize.

      • Yes, I was able to customize today as well

      • Thanks for this, I just customized mine! 🙂

      • Thanks for the heads up, Beth! I was able to customize too.

    • It opened sometime last night. I woke up this morning with the customization email from Causebox in my email. I hope you get your email soon!

    • Just customized today, not sure why MSA didn’t announce customization time is open.

  7. I’m looking forward to this box as I skipped Spring. I’m picking the Bergamot, Navy PMD, bath salts (jetted tub)…I’m having difficulty picking between earrings or sunscreen. I have sensitive skin so not sure about sunscreen ingredients…I love the earrings, but my ears become itchy after a few hours. First world problem.

    • I’m picking the same stuff as you, except definitely getting the day cream 🙂

  8. Important to note:
    The “Tracy’s Grace” essential oil is “Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women” as per Savhera’s website

    • Thank you! I was just going to look into this. Looks like I will choose the earrings instead.

  9. Very happy with this box! Glad I skipped the fall box and am getting summer instead as it will be the last box of my annual. Not in a position to renew with so much financial uncertainty, but will miss Causebox especially since it seems to be heading back in a good direction.

    • Are you only allowed to customize if you’re an annual subscriber? My account doesn’t let me customize my box… 🙁

      • You can only customize if you are an annual

  10. Just no earrings please. I don’t have my ears pierced haha.

    • I don’t have pierced ears either, but these are so cute I’m tempted to get them and use them with clip on converters! You can get them from Claire’s, or from lulu boutiques (small chain local to DC/MD/VA)

      The day cream is tempting too, though!

      • Oh my gosh, I didn’t know that was a thing! I have pierced ears, but i’be stopped wearing earrings because they’ve started getting irritated every time I use them. Very good to know!

  11. Anyone know if the bowls are plastic or ceramic. I didn’t see it anywhere, thought maybe I just missed it.

    • They’re bone china.

  12. On the fence about going annual on this one. On one hand, I am pretty much ok with all the choices except for the bath salts (I dont do the tub thing), but I do have preferences. Not sure if I should take the big plunge on this one.

    • I feel the same way!!

  13. Cannot wait to try this day cream!!

  14. Spf for me, yay! This is a great box this season with very useable items, love it!

  15. When I first saw the pics I thought it was those sunglasses and I was going to have been tempted to go annual to pick them, I’m on the fence about annual anyhow but I don’t have any preferences on the 4 customization options this round so I will leave the choosing to them

    • I have preferences, but I am not sure they are strong enough to go annual for. I really don’t want the bath salts, and I would prefer the earrings, but the other 2 are nice as well. I also don’t care which reed diffuser, but the white tea and ginger would be my preference. And the pmd is going to sit in a drawer when not in use so the color doesnt really matter, but would choose navy blue if given the choice. So I don’t know if I have strong enough preferences to justify going annual. Still thinking about it.

  16. Looking at the brand’s website and product reviews, it sounds like the day cream with SPF is scented with jasmine. I’m wondering if it would trigger my allergies, especially since I would be using it on my face. Has anyone tried this product before? How strong is the scent?

    • I have not tried this before but I also have a jasmine allergy. Gives me headaches and congestion. Which sucks because it’s my most favorite scent! The website shows the ingredients being jasmine oil and jasmine flower extract. Which in my experience will trigger my congestion and headaches. 😞

  17. This is my first box! Can anyone tell me if this is the last item or is this just the last customizable item? Happy with everything so far just hoping for maybe one more thing!

    • Someone posted that they had seen on IG the box would have 7 items. I didn’t see that so I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but if so there will be one more item, probably not customizable.

    • Pretty sure their spoiler ad said this was the last customizable I assume we still have one more spoiler coming.

  18. The day cream looks TINY. I went to their website and it looks like it’s only 1 oz. ( value $42) but that surely won’t go very far. Essential oils for me, at least they will last for awhile.

  19. Does anybody know when customization begins?

    • It’s open now!

  20. Day cream OR essential oils OR earrings. Causebox does it again: the weirdest combination of choice items!

    That said, not at all bothered, I’d personally be pleased with any of the choices this time around. Yay! I was hoping for something textile, but that’s okay.

  21. I’d be thrilled with any of these. This box is my favorite summer box so far

  22. I’m seasonal and with my luck I’ll get the earrings. I don’t have my ears pierced and I don’t know anyone who wears that style (tbh those wouldn’t be my style either). Hopefully I’m wrong and I’ll get something else, or I’ll meet somebody who will appreciate them.

    • I’m also seasonal and don’t have pierced ears…so I’m assuming I’ll get the earrings, too. Lol

      • I was thinking the same thing – I am seasonal without pierced ears so I will end up getting them, lol. I will just give them away if I get them. I am sure I can find someone who might like them, though they aren’t my style.

      • Same, I don’t wear earrings either. I am hoping for oils or cream, but will probably get the earrings 🙁

      • Hope you get your preferences. Normally I am mot but picky but I actually prefer the earrings in this case and would trade if I get oils since I’m picky about which I use, or the spf since I have a ton to try already thanks to my other beauty boxes. Maybe trading will be open here by then. I think that’s such a cool option provided by MSA! My sister gets boxes so we trade sometimes, my mom is happy since we share a lot of goodies with her. The rest I put aside for gifts since I make baskets and donate to the women’s shelter. I never feel an items wasted.

    • Hi! I am going to choose the day cream, but if you get the earrings, I would love to trade you for them… I’ve got lots of face masks, serums, etc…

      • Hi Jodi,
        I received my box yesterday and had the day cream (no earrings). Just wanted to let you know I’m case you were looking to trade.
        Have a great weekend!

    • SAME…

      • I’m also seasonal (lost money on an annual that went out of business) and don’t have pierced ears. I bet I’ll get the earrings.

  23. I’m seasonal so I don’t get to pick, but I’d be okay with any of those options. More sunscreen is always good, the essential rollers are blends I enjoy and I think the earrings are very cute and summery.

    For spoiler two, I would rather have the balm, but the bath salts would be easy to gift. If the Fall box looks as amazing as this one I’m going to go annual!

    • I got 4 boxes before I went annual and I wish I had just done it from the start! I appreciate that they let annual members skip boxes if one doesn’t appeal to you.

      • That’s good to know. I’ve been tempted to get an annual but occasionally the boxes are misses for me so knowing I’d have the option to skip might just tip the scale for me to sign up.

      • Do you know how many times you can skip?

      • I don’t know of a limit on skipping. I skipped the spring box and they just asked me for feedback on what I didn’t like about it.

      • This (well, the summer welcome box) will be my first box. I’m considering going annual depending on what the choices are just because I have a little money now and I can see being all excited to get a little present a few months from now when $$ is a bit more tight. Also, the box really isn’t worth it to me if I don’t get the things I want. That said, this box… the choices don’t matter to me that much. I mean, I prefer the essential oils but other than that it’s not a huge deal with the other stuff.

        But I’m not getting this box!! And who knows what’s in the welcome box! Lol.

      • Coco & Didds , No limit to skipping. I went annual last summer 2019. I skipped Fall 19 and Spring 20. I gave them feedback as to why and they appreciate it. They just extend until you have received your four boxes. I cancelled so it will not auto renew. I’ll decide to resub after my contract is over so I can use another coupon code.

  24. Day cream for me.

  25. I am also going to pick the day cream. It seems perfect for summer.

  26. kinda glad they saved this for last. none of them wow me any more than the others, but I will choose the day cream as you can never have too much SPF in Florida.

  27. Day cream for me.

  28. I dont know how Causebox does it but every season they seem to read my mind on what I want but haven’t bought yet!

  29. I’m picking the day cream for sure and I’m pretty excited about it!

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