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April 2020 Allure Beauty Box Available Now + FULL SPOILERS!

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If you sign up now, your first box will be the April 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The April box includes:

  • Akar Skin Balance Toner
  • Thrive Causemetics Lip Liner in Valisia or Kackie – Full-Size!
  • Lue by Jean Seo Balance Hydrating and Calming Serum – Full-Size!
  • Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment
  • Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume OR Ciate London Dewy Stix
  • Eva NYC Man Magic 10-in-1 Primer
  • Purlisse Matcha Green Tear OR Watermelon Sheet Mask OR Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream

And new subscribers who subscribe in April will also receive a Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Translucent or Translucent Medium Deep (you choose!) as their new member free gift.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get the free gift! 

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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (77)

  1. Ok this might be weird y’all but I like the Ciate stick as a lip balm :O I know, it’s weird and honestly I don’t know if it ok to use as a lip product but hey, better than tossing it?

  2. I didn’t get one thing I wanted!!! They really need a preference section. How hard can it be all these upstarts do it ….were talking ALLURE!!!! The QUEEN MAGAZINE OF BEAUTY AND THE FAMOUS ALLURE AWARDS..MANY PEOPLE’S BEAUTY BIBLE💗💗

  3. I got my box today.

    luckily, nothing leaked.

    I got the perfume, the green tea mask, and my lip liner is Kackle, which in my opinion is a fugly brown.

    The Dr. Jart I’ve been using and I like it. The toner and serum will go into the rotation, as will the hair care.

  4. I tried to sign up for this box today and it still hasn’t taken money or sent email. How long does it take for them to do it? I’m used to sub boxes taking money right away

  5. I hate that people get what they don’t want. If they are doing variations is it so hard to do a quick survey to figure out who to give what? I got the perfume and I am allergic to perfume. I would have loved the highlighter instead. If they had a profile on file someone who loved perfume would have gotten one and I would have something I can use. I can only give away so much perfume lol. I get at least 4 per month with my subs and throw half in the garbage.

  6. I got my box today and instead of the Ciate London highlighter or the perfume, I got a Natasha Denona single eyeshadoe 🤷‍♀️

    • What color is the eye shadow, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m getting my box (supposedly) today, but I’m so impatient! I can deal with the eyeshadow if it’s a reasonable color, but I really want the perfume. If I get that balm stick again, I’m going to scream.

      • It’s 126K from her sunset palette. It’s a a gold shimmer shade

  7. My serum also leaked but not a significant amount. The screw on lid wasn’t on properly so the tape on the lid didn’t help🤪. I was so excited to get the perfume and no repeats! I have been “pausing” my subscription vs canceling through Allure. So far, “fingers crossed” this has prevented me getting duplicates.

    • My serum also leaked. Not happy. It’s a good box though

  8. I received two repeats, including Ciate and alpine berry cream( Any ideas what to do with the 2nd ciate stick during quarantine? Can I use it on my dog? My boyfriend? Make dewy face masks?

    • I did also, I am so disappointed,no perfume they did put out as a spoiler. I love allure but disappointed with these highlighters all the time.
      I have that highlighter from just a few months ago when I originally signed up. I have been with them 7 months and I really hoped that I would have gotten the flowerbomb or they could give us a choice once in a while for ongoing subscribers!

    • I received my box today and I also had 3 repeats from earlier boxes. I didn’t receive a shipping notice this month, so receiving the box was a pleasant surprise. I do wish that I hadn’t gotten repeats, especially since I can’t use those items because they have coconut oil. Oh well…looking forward to trying the serum and toner.

  9. Hi! Anybody else having issues with shipping from their Amazon purchased Allure April Boxes? My box has sat in the same spot since 4/6 and it’s just not moving. And the location its sitting at is not too far from where I live. Just wondering if other people are seeing similar shipping delays.

    • Mine came on time but a lot of us received half empty serum from them . Spilled all over my box. So be prepared for that .

      • Was just going to ask! My serum spilled all over too and is only half full. I ordered through Amazon so I’m not sure whether I should contact the normal help email or what.

    • My serum is open too.

      • Was assured they would mail a replacement

  10. I hope, hope, HOPE I get the Flowerbomb mini and NOT that terrible Ciate “highlighter”. I already got THREE of them from Ipsy a few months ago, and they aren’t even that great. I sold one and used another for lip balm (and it doesn’t even do a great job of that). That’s all it is. Ciate has convinced people to pay for lip balm and put it on their faces as “highlighter”. That “glow” comes from the fact that it’s grease. It’s a grease shine. I will be majorly miffed if I get that instead of the perfume.

    • Well I got it once again . I am extremely disappointed,I wanted the perfume after being a subscriber for 7months I got a repeat highlighter and I do not like it either!!! Hope you get the perfume, I think I may cancel for a few months and wait for a good product to convince me to sign up again.

      • I’m right with you. If it wasn’t for me having constant FOMO (fear of missing out) I might have canceled them long ago. They are starting to get like Birchbox, TINY samples and too many repeats. Allure used to be one of my favorites, but they are losing my love.

      • Lol.. that is me… I’m a fomo also!

  11. I opened my Amazon April Allure today and sadly the cap of the Jean Lue Serum had opened during packaging or transit and spilled out all over inside my box. I have a message out to them and hopefully they can at least send me a new Serum.

    So, don’t wait too long to check the box contents!

    • Curious which items you got in the Amazon box? I get regular but sometimes get through Amazon also if I prefer its contents.

      • I was reading through the other comments and on April 1st I had mentioned how I had never had to contact Allure CS. And here 8 days later I had to contact them. Ouch!

        Akar Skin Balance Toner
        Thrive Causemetics Lip Liner in Kackie
        Lue by Jean Seo Balance Hydrating and Calming Serum
        Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment
        Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume
        Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer
        Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Mask

        It is a great box. Well, I did smell the perfume because everyone seemed so into it and found that I didn’t care for that scent. But I will give it another try when I don’t have the leaking serum all over my hands.

      • I received the same items in my amazon allure box…and the lue serum leaked all over my box too!! It was completely emptied!
        All the boxes that housed any items were history, the red tissue paper was pulp in some places. Any product was a sticky mess. The plastic that was wrapped around the white allure box held it in, because that box was damaged too. It had to be like that for days.
        I have sent 2 messages though amazon to the allure/seller account in the past 3 days, no response. I offered pictures, and that I don’t want a refund, but would appreciate a replacement box. I was really looking forward to this month’s box, I hope they come through!

      • Does your lip liner retract up to reveal more product? Mine is either broken or is doesn’t twist up…odd!!!

      • Got mine today.
        The top section near the tip twists up and down for me. I got the kackie shade and it is a great nude.

      • Thanks below for the info!

    • Mine spilled all over the box as well 🙁

  12. I watched the unboxing video on the Allure site and based on what was shown, depending on the recipient’s preferences, this month’s box could range anywhere from gah! to AHHH-MAAZZ-IINNGG!

    It was like they needed to clear warehouse space or something.

  13. Any direct Allure subscribers get a shipment notification? I just got one, but I suspect it’s for the March box. I was paused for February and March. I called on April 1st to get April’s box. She confirmed that I wanted April’s box, but I got charged on 4/1 and 4/3. My call this morning confirmed that one was March and they would be refunding it.

  14. I subscribed about 4 months ago for the Hot Tools brush promotion. I’ve been charged $10/month since then, until today when I was charged $15. Did this happen to anyone else? Do you know why it would?

    • The normal price is $15 per month, $10 was just a limited time promotion.

    • Sometimes they do a four months for $10 promo, and first box is usually $10, too. Regular price is $15, so just means the promo is over.

      *Sometimes* if you email wanting to cancel they will offer the great 4 month promo. I got it once and it was great. But it’s offered pretty randomly – probably so people don’t take advantage or think $10 is the usual price.

      • Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Yes me!! I think it was updated to the price. We were charged promotion for 3months ,their mistake. I did not even get the good box!

  15. I was actually given a full size Flowerbomb awhile back that I’ve barely used, so I hope I get another Dewey Stick. I guess I’ll give the mini to someone if that’s what I get.

    • I love flowerbomb, I’d purchase it from you if you don’t want it.. or swap

  16. I love Dr Jart cicapair and it’s the only thing I want in the box. Anyone know what size it is?

    • Based on the unboxing video, it’s a generous sample size. Good thing is, you don’t need to use a lot.

    • It’s 5ml.

  17. I used the link to sign up and chose the one month plan and paid with Amazon pay and they ended up charging me for $174??? Now I’m trying to email Allure and Amazon to see how this can be cancelled?!

  18. Does anyone know what size the Flowerbomb is?

    • I got it awhile ago as a free gift, it’s a cute little mini bottle. It’s decent size, way more than you get in the little tube like perfume samples.

  19. Not bad… I like the akar brand so cant wait to try their toner! Happy with this box!!!

  20. I might resub, but I want another Dewy Stick, so I can’t go through Amazon this time.

  21. Hi guys if you get the box though Amazon,you will be getting the perfume and the Purlisse Green Tea Matcha Mask.

    • Do you know if you still get the new member gift if you sign up thru Amazon? I cancelled a bit ago.. but I’ve received the dewy stick & also the Primera water cream from them already, so I’d much rather get the amazon variation. I love the Laura Mercier powder though (too cheap to buy the full size myself 🤦🏼‍♀️😂) so it’d be a big part of why I decide to resub!!!

      • Hi Ali and Lori,I do not believe that you will get the free gift though Amazon,you might want to call them and ask……I have never seen them give a free gift with their subscription,I think the only way you will get it is though Allure……I hope this info helps,stay safe and have a great day.

      • No, you don’t. I subbed on both Amazon AND on Allure because I wanted both the setting powder and the Flowerbomb, hahaha.

      • People always say no but I signed up through Amazon about a year ago and I got a new member gift.

      • Even when Amazon sent gifts they were different than Allure gift I got a spongelle but they stopped all gifts over year ago.

    • Thank you! I was about to ask if anyone knew this 🙂

    • Good to know, thanks!

    • Thanks, that’s the variation I was hoping for!

    • I got it through azon to ensure the perfume. And I got Glossybox for the flanking perfume flowerbomb nectar which is supposed to be smokier/sweeter and sounds interesting.

  22. I sub through Amazon and paused again this month.

  23. Allure is a great subscription and always such a great value for the price! I like Ipsy as well, but it seems I have to contact them twice a month about receiving a damaged item or even the incorrect item. To be fair, they always make it right, so far. But I’m starting to get exhausted with the fact that I have to resort to that so often. I’ve never had to contact Allure over something broken or damaged. And the items seem to be very good quality. <3 Allure!

  24. Just resubbed for monthly and they charged me $176 for the entire year. I was told that this has been an issue today…. I was also told I would get a refund within 7-10 business days! Very upset. If you dont want to pay almost $200 up front… just wait a few days until they get this situated so you dont have to go through this. Maybe even go through amazon, you may have better luck.

    • Same thing happened to me. It’s crazy that they can charge your card for an amount you did not approve and that they cannot or will not immediately refund the money back!

  25. Yikes. I used to love the allure box and have been subbed continuously for YEARS with no pause or anything but these boxes lately have SO many repeats there’s maybe like one new item per box if youve been subbed a while.

  26. I’m excited for the Dr. Jart’s color corrector! I’ve heard amazing things about it. Looks like a good box this month. 🙂

    • I’ve used it on and off and it’s terrific. The coverage is such that you almost don’t need to use foundation.
      Sure, you look a bit ghoulish until it settles in, but after that – clear sailing.

  27. Liz:
    Do u know if the Laura Mercier setting powder is FULL SIZED and do we get to CHOOSE which shade? Thanks in advance!

    • I just signed up and do get to choose your shade, but there was no indication whether it was the full or mini size.

      • In the May spoiler that was posted today, it was specified that it’s the mini size, not the full size.

  28. I’m going for BeautyFix this month because it’ll match more with what my wants/needs are, but will check out Allure for May and see what they have when those spoilers come around. 🙂

  29. I received the Ciate London Dewey stick in a past Allure box. I like it, but don’t love it. I hope this time around, I get the Flowerbomb item. That would be awesome. It’s a nice box, this month.

    • I thought they are not supposed to send repeats. You should be getting Flowerbomb. If not, contact them and tell them that you got a repeat and they should send you the perfume

      • I’ve been with Allure for about five years now. They’ve been pretty good with not sending repeats. For the most part, if you receive an item, you will not receive it again. Of course, “things” happen and well, that’s just part of the experience. I’d really love that perfume, though! 🙂

    • Some angel on this site mentioned a while back that the Dewy Stick can be used as a lip balm since the ingredients include Hyalaraunic (sp?) acid.

      As a woman of a certain age who doesn’t and shouldn’t use highlighters on her face, I fell in love with my Ciate Dewy stick as a lip balm under matte drying lipsticks and for dry lips in general. Give it a try, you might love it!

      • Wow, interesting. Thanks for the tip!

  30. I resubbed again through my Amazon account. I like this box!

  31. I am in for April. I hope I get Flowerbomb

  32. I don’t need the primer or color correcting treatment. The other stuff looks nice.

  33. I’m thinking I’m going to resub.

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