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Allure Beauty Box May 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

We have the full spoilers for the May 2020 Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The May Allure Beauty Box will include:

Allure Beauty Box May 2020 Full Spoilers

  • Skin Inc My Daily Dose of Glow Illuminate & Brightening Serum (Full Size)
  • AHC Essential Real Eye Cream For Face (Full Size)
  • VDL Lumilayer Primer OR Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
  • When Glamour Base Firming Sheet Mask
  • Acure Resurfacing Glycolic & Unicorn Root Cleanser
  • Curology Smooth Sailing Moisturizer

What do you think of the full May spoilers?

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the April box. Click here and scroll down the page to see the full spoilers.

New subscribers will also receive this free gift with their first box:

  •  Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (travel size, $23 value) in your choice of shade:
    • Translucent: perfect for very fair to medium skin tones
    • Translucent Medium Deep: perfect for medium-deep to the deepest skin tones

Click this link to get the free gift!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (84)

  1. I’m wondering if anyone else had this problem but my curology moisturizer tube had cleanser in it?!

    • I do. I thought Im crazy. It says moisturizer on the package but it is definitely cleanser.

    • Allure just sent an email about this and MSA just posted about it as well. There was a mistake in packaging.

      • I checked what I got after receiving the email, and I really like the cleanser!

  2. Hey Lori, have u tried the bijou beauty box? That’s a good makeup one n this month is awesome. Also tribe beauty box is really good. Oh and glitz glam bag is makeup too and it’s under 20 bucks! Hope this helps!!

  3. Agreed! I don’t even like the brown gel because it makes them feel very stiff and crunchy 🙁
    I’ve always been pro allure but they seem to be slipping 🤷🏼‍♀️
    the boxes had gotten really good for a while but now they seem to be going the way of Sephora

  4. SUPER excited about that skin inc serum! The eye cream looks really nice too! I don’t miss Play at all haha

  5. I’m really looking forward to this box!!

  6. The 2 full sized products make it worth. I’ll be in May!

  7. Love this box! Allure beginning to step it up again these past 2 months. Loved my April box. I had cancelled the previous 2-3 months as I wasn’t a fan. Yes this is skincare heavy but I feel
    many months last year were make up heavy. I’d rather a skincare product than another red lipstick or highlighter. But I will take ALL the black mascara! Don’t think I’ve bought mascara in about 2 years as enough in sub boxes.

  8. I can relate to those who hate the heavy skin care also because i have such sensitive skin. I was doing some research on Makeup only subscriptions that are reasonably priced monthly and i came across one. So susan. I have not ordered yet but i am thinking about it. The makeup comes in adorable bags, and its $20 and change a month. Also they send all Vegan and cruelty free stuff. Just figured i would share in case anyone wants to check them out.

    • Yesss please

    • Deck of Scarlett

  9. I bought that AHC Eye Cream for Face from stylekorean last month for almost $20 so that alone makes this box worth it (I love the cream btw!). I actually might resub to Allure for this box. It’s the first Allure box I’ve paid attention to in a while because I was so sick of getting an eyeliner and mascara in every box. This is like my dream box. Thanks for the spoilers!

    • I ordered my first box yesterday and never got a confirmation letter and now i have having a hard sign into the beauty box page. Has this happened to you? Or anyone have a hard time signing in? Can i order a box without a account? This whole thing is confusing but am exciting for my first box!

      • I always have a hard time with my allure account. It’s one of the reasons I canceled, because the website is not user friendly. I check back each month to see what’s in the box, I found a phone number that I can call and re-subscribe if there’s a box I like, although I haven’t done that yet because I like the internet better than phone calls.

      • The best way to subscribe to Allure IMO is to do it through Amazon. It is easy to cancel any box and the next month you can just start it again. It bills about the 15th of the month, I think. Go to amazon and choose “subscriptions”. Great way to get just the boxes you want.

      • Do you know if I’ll receive the free gift for signing up if I go through Amazon? I want the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I don’t see an option to choose my shade on Amazon, but the option is there on allure’s website.

      • It renews/bills on whatever day you sign up. Mine renews on 2nd. There is not a free gift for signing up through Amazon.

  10. Any news on the amazon allure box?

    • I got my Amazon Allure box….received the perfume which I really wanted!

  11. Got my April Target box today and the Acure was in it. The size listing for it on the Target website is the same as the size in the picture of the May Allure box, but the actual size that came in the Target box was half that size. Hopefully we’ll get the bigger size from Allure.

    Looking forward to trying it out and the rest of this box!

    • Isn’t the one in the target box a mask and this one is a cleanser though?

  12. If I subscribe now, will I get the April or the May box?

    • I got my first box last month. (Loved it) but I didn’t receive any free gift. Was I supposed to get the Laura Mercier setting powder?

      • No, the powder is the April gift. March was Glamglow Supermud and an OFRA highlighter, so you should have gotten one or both of those in your first box.

      • In my experience, the Allure gifts usually arrive separately, sometimes several weeks later than the actual box.

    • April

  13. I have not bought it in months because I do it for makeup not skincare. The skincare makes me break out.

    • Same! My skin is EXTREMELY acne prone, and there are tons of ingredients (including all fragrance) that cause my skin to break out- even that Curology moisturizer breaks me out. I don’t like how skincare-heavy the boxes have been lately. Fortunately, the full-size serum we got last month doesn’t break me out, and it looks like this month’s full size brightening serum shouldn’t break me out either (fingers crossed). But other than that, I can’t use anything else in this box. Hoping for more makeup next month!

      • I agree. It’s all skin care stuff with a random eyeliner here and there thrown in. I break out and have skin issues too and it seems like allure is over doing it with skincare. I hope they find a balance soon.

    • I love the skincare! I am lucky that I have never had a reaction to any skincare in my life. I could put skin cream with perfume in it on my face and nothing happens. I do have some sun damage from my years of baking under the sun at the beach. I was definitely born in the wrong decade because no one warned us about skin cancer or how the sun can ruin your skin.

  14. Is it just me or does anyone else not like changing skincare products constantly. It can’t be good for your face to use one thing for a week, then another, and then try this one. There’s just too much of it in all these boxes – my last Allure box had 3. If June is the same. I’m out.

    • I always wonder how reviewers are able to test all these skin care products without breaking out.

      • Sometimes they do.

        One reviewer chronicled how constantly switching products irritated her skin to the point she needed professional intervention.

      • I think I just have very tolerant skin. I change stuff up all the time (mostly because I review so much!). I also do a lot of more aggressive peels and exfoliation, so I think my skin is just used to “punishment”. Knowing if there are any ingredients that you react negatively to helps (Marne can’t do anything with pearl in it), as does just knowing what ingredients your skin likes. Sadly, we do often get the occasional red spot or two, but I blame sleeping with my face in my hands most of the time. Hope that helped!

    • I agree. I try to sample things for a couple days only because I get so much I could never get through it all if I did a week or a month. If I like something, I add it to my rotation, but I never do get a good feel for whether something really works or not.

      I’ve been organizing all my products since I’ve been in quarantine and the skincare FAR outnumbers every other category of product, which sucks because it’s my least favorite thing to get for exactly why you mentioned–I’m oily and acne-prone, so I’m reluctant to try so many new items, but if I don’t, it feels like a huge waste.

      ALSO, funny enough, I recently went a week with my old, simple skincare routine (before I got any boxes) and my skin looked better than ever! I was shocked, thinking all these fancy moisturizers and creams had to have been making a difference!

    • I can’t say I’m in the same boat; I like receiving new skincare and I’ve always been into trying new products (as well as restaurants, brands, etc.). However I always use one or two items and stick to it until it’s empty unless my skin really isn’t vibing with it (similar to another commenter I have oily, acne prone skin as well). Once I amass a few bottles of skincare I stop my sub box and restart once I’m low again. I think switching up skincare too much won’t let your skin get all the benefits—some products take weeks or months before you actually see results

    • I love to change things up and find it benefits my skin. Like everything I’m sure it greatly depends on your skin. But there is some research that shows when you switch up shampoo etc that it helps your hair.

    • It’s not good for your face to change your cleansing products or base make up products such as primers and foundation, concealers,etc… I am an older woman who knows this through experience. I have very clear, very resilient skin too so I would imagine it’s much worse still for a girl with problem skin. I also am a hoarder of beauty product, a purveyor of beauty boxes of all kinds so much so that I could never think of using it all. I guess I just like seeing it, having it??? I DUNNO. I end up giving stuff away before it goes bad so it doesn’t go to waste anyway. All that being said ice used lancome my entire adult life and would never change. The only other face creme I’ve ever used that was even comparable is lamer and it stings my skin a bit so I use lancome because it does not. The cremes, seems, and lotions used on your face are the most important aspect of your skin care routine. You must use a high quality face creme after the age of 30 especially. You can get away with more inexpensive skin care as a teen and through your 20s however once you’re in your 30s you must use good product to hydrate the face with. Wash your faces every night too girls. Never never go to sleep w makeup on. It’s the absolute worst thing for your skin besides the sun. Most brown eyes girls dont have to worry as much about getting some sun but we blue eyed and green eye girls must be more careful. We have less melanin in our skin and therefore thinner skin that doesn’t tan as well or easily and is much more easily damaged by the sun. Ok thats some of my older girl wisdom. By the way, I still BOTOX from the midface up every 6 months and have been since my mid 30s. Also a reccomendation of mine. Don’t freeze your 25 year old beautiful faces. You don’t need to. Skin is still so resilient up until you’re 30s that it’s unnecessary. Begin the heavy botoxing of the midface and up though at around 35 so as to prevent any wrinkling from taking place. My reccomendations for staying beautiful. They work if you follow them.

  15. Hmmm…my might be time for a break. My skincare cup runneth over. And over and over…

    Then again my makeup cup isn’t much different. I finally admitted to myself that I am a hoarder. Only beauty products though. It’s still rather shameful how I can’t stop buying and adding to my ginormous stashes but at least keep it all clean and free of old newspapers and animal feces.

    • I bought an Alex drawer organizer just for all my beauty products and it doesn’t even fit everything. I don’t mind makeup because you can experiment with that everyday, but I could never get through all my skincare stuff and it feels like a waste.

    • Yes, all skincare and no makeup makes May a skip month for me too. I’ve got too many products I won’t use and products that I’ve used that have been a step above water. I understand the theme may be self care due to the current circumstances, but I still love to wear makeup and look forward to a lippie or a liner every once in a while. At least something?! I assumed beauty box would be more than just face creams, masks and serums. I can’t recall ever getting anything for nails in an allure box. Bro! We need decals and cuticle oil. Lol

  16. This box is pretty much brands I haven’t tried before.

    Impressive, because I get a lot of samples.

  17. Do we know which ones are not a
    Variation? I’m already subscribed and I want to know which ones you get for sure 🙄

    • The primer is the only variant (so far). It’s either that or the brow gel.

      • So we get the serum and the cream in all boxes? ♥️

  18. Yay! Another solid box. With us stuck at home I think a skincare box would help. Especially after wearing these same masks all the time!

  19. Considering the eye cream is almost $30 and the serums retail for $65, those two items alone total almost $100. For a $15 box? I’ll take it. Skin care is something I’ll never be angry about unless it’s in those teeny tiny Ipsy size tubes.

    • Agreed – although sadly, it’s almost an obsession with me at this point. I need more stuff like I need a hole in the head, yet I LITERALLY cannot stop perusing MSA then diving down the rabbit hole of skin care boxes…..and there are so….many…..boxes.

  20. Allure will be like: “Y’all staying home so you don’t need make up no more!”

    • ^Haha, omg, so true. This is worse than Ipsy.

    • They have been doing this for a longtime now sadly. I just hope they do not start throwing hair gunk in the mix too. It would turn into a sad glossy box. Lol

  21. I wish that cleanser was in different packaging but otherwise looks like a solid box.

  22. I am so excited this box is all skincare. I don’t have need for makeup right now but am all about self care and taking care of my skin! Plus I do need a new primer for when I am going to be wearing makeup again. Yay!

  23. Not bad, but I wish there was more makeup products. I have a lot of skincare, but I’m still excited about the brightening serum! I hope I get the eyebrow gel, because I need some new brow products.

    Side note, does anyone know when they typically ship the box out? I ordered my first one a week ago amd was curious when they would ship it

    • At least 20 days for your 1st box.

    • I got my first box rather quickly. I ordered it on the 3rd last month and got it the 15th.

  24. to the powers of allure,

    give me a new sign up gift and i’m yours.



    • Girl, same.

  25. I love that VDL primer, but if it is the same sample that I received before it is tiny. Also it is a variation 🙁

  26. Looks like a really good month. I am really looking forward to trying everything out.

  27. This is a great value and a lovely box for skincare, which ends up working out since we’re all stuck at home. I’m bummed there’s no makeup, as that is what excites me. My other boxes have been skincare heavy, too, lately. I wish I could find another strictly makeup box that I liked as much as Ipsy or the old Boxycharm.

  28. This looks like a nice box! Allure always has interesting products in it. Though I definitely don’t need any more eye cream.

    • But it’s an eye cream.. for your WHOLE FACE! Lol

      • Eyecream is great for laugh lines and fine lines/wrinkles on the face. Also for firming/defining the lip contour. 🙂

      • I’m glad we saw that. I was going to put it on my butt.

        This box is of no interest to me whatsoever. I have too much skincare.

  29. Wow… Another great box! I hope to receive the VDL primer, which is amazing. I received a full size of it, in a Glossybox a few years ago and use it sparingly because it’s costly and THAT good. Either way, May is a nice box, for sure.

    • Avon just started selling the VDL primers if you want to purchase it. I just ordered one. I can’t wait to get it. I ordered the luminous primer. This looks like a great box. I can’t wait to get the May box.

  30. Love it!

  31. I’ve had several issues with allure…and this is why i’m not with them anymore..for now.

    • Do tell. I’ve been with them for years with no problem.

      • 👍

  32. This looks great. Really excited about this box.

  33. Very nice. Hope I don’t get the brow gel again. Anything skincare is good with me.

  34. May here I come

  35. Wow, ok, I’m a little surprised to see the ABH brow gel back again so soon. It was in December’s box and now again (as a variant) in May?

    • Usually that is just for those who are new subscribers and therefore haven’t received it before. I could be wrong though.

  36. I wish they would quit saying new subscribers will get the Laura Mercer powder. I newly subscribed a week ago and they canceled my order. I only found out through MSA comments that other subscribers had their orders canceled because of issues with having the correct powder color or something. I never heard a peep from them as to why my order was canceled for April. So far I am not impressed.

    • I meant Mercier powder, lol.

    • Good to know! I was tempted by that and wanting to try the brow gel but I’ll probably try something else instead!

      • I called the customer service line for the same reason today and supposedly they fixed it and resubmit my payment so try calling.

    • They cancel orders if you have a duplicate account.

    • Same. I got an email from them asking me to confirm my color choice for the Laura Mercier powder because there had been a glitch in their system. When I emailed to confirm my choice they responded by saying my order had been cancelled. I was like wtf? This was my first time subscribing to Allure, so that was pretty disappointing.

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