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Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2020 FULL Spoilers!

ByMSAMar 12, 2020 | 86 comments

Margot Elena Subscription Box
4.7 overall rating
57 Ratings | 18 Reviews

We have the FULL spoilers for the Spring 2020 Margot Elena box! (Thanks, Beth and Wendy!) This box is no longer available. If you sign up now, your first box will be Summer 2020.

Each Spring box will include:

  • TOKYOMILK Song of the Siren No 49 Shea Butter Handcreme – $22
  • TOKYOMILK Dead Sexy No 06 Fearless – $12
  • TOKYOMILK Finest Perfumed Soap – $12
  • TOKYOMILK Dead Sexy Lip Balm – $10
  • LOLLIA At Last Eau De Parfum – $60
  • LIBRARY OF FLOWERS Arboretum Parfum Crema – $21
  • THE COTTAGE GREENHOUSE Japanese Plum & White Tea Dry Body Oil – $26
  • THE COTTAGE GREENHOUSE Cucumber & Honey Bubble Bath – $32
  • LOLLIA Dream Perfumed Shower Gel – $22

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

“Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Subscription Box filled with $200 worth of luxuries. With your purchase, you’ll be enrolled in our seasonal membership and receive a box of beauty every 3 months delivered to your doorstep as long as you remain a member."
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I love the scent of the bubble bath. If you do not take baths, has anyone use the ME bubble bath as a body wash, or does it remain tacky on the skin with any residue?


I used it as a shower gel. It is very light and gentle, and I did not notice any residue


Thank you!

Leslie Kennedy

I would like to know that too. I have boatloads of bubble bath, but really only use the shower gel.


I received my box a few days ago, and as per usual, I enjoyed opening everything and seeing all the lovely packaging. The scents are very nice and everything is so pretty. I really don’t miss the textile items. I loved the kimono and pencil case, but really can’t think of anything else I could need. Probably would rather have what they sent as I love the candles, lotion, perfume, etc. I preferred the last perfume to this one, but it’s still very nice. All this said, it’s time for me to cancel. I have so much product and with all the craziness going on, it’s time to save rather than spend. I am down to just Boxy Premium and considering letting that one go too.


Happy to trade causebox and FFF items for anything in this box. I have rose gold straws and face sponge and silicone straws with case and watermelon face mask


I received my box yesterday and I am completely happy. Everything arrived in great condition, looks and smells beautiful, and is bringing me joy in these dark times. I will use every single item in the box, and I don’t care that the dry oil is a repeat as it is a real winner for me! I like using the oil so much more than a heavy body cream or a lotion, because the oil sinks right in after a shower and keeps my skin moisturized. It’s difficult for me to understand why anyone would complain about this box. It’s an incredible value (a tube of the hand cream alone costs $23 at my local store), and anything you don’t want or need makes a very nice gift. I gave the water bottle to my mom as part of a larger gift for her birthday and she loves it. As for the textiles and cards, that type of thing is not important to me. I have never used the apron, although I did use the dish towel, and the cards are in my closet somewhere likely to remain unused. If ME does go back to including a home item, I agree that a pretty soap dish to go with the soaps we receive would be a great idea, but another box full of the type of items I just received would be just fine with me. I am more than happy to keep subscribing!


I finally received my highly anticipated box today – it really filled me with joy in such a stressful time. Upon opening, I immediately enjoyed the floral scent that felt so on-point for spring. The box was FULL of items that were carefully packed and arrived in excellent shape. The fragrances actually had a nice variety upon closer inspection, from the fresh cucumber to the very feminine Lollia perfume. It’s hard for me to imagine feeling unhappy with this box. Would I have enjoyed a home item? Sure! But this is great, too. What a wonderful box that I am so happy to receive.


Got mine today- and I LOVE it. I have subbed for years and it remains my favorite sub.


Just received my 3rd box and love it. Everything smells amazing and I absolutely love the perfume! I really enjoy receiving items I can use.


I’m annoyed to get the dry oil again. I think it was in a different sub box. Also, I like the non beauty items, they make it feel more well rounded and thought out. This feels like whatever clearance items they wanted to get out of the warehouse.


Just got this box today. My first one and I absolutely loved it! Not understanding why all the comments about this box being a bad one are here. I feel like the value is more than there and the variety is great!


I love it too! I’ve never been disappointed with this box

Ida Dine

Just got my first box today. Everything is packaged so beautifully. All of the items are scented so strongly of flowers though. I don’t know what I was expecting, but maybe more subtle scents. Usually I go for musky, vanilla, citrus type scents. Hopefully I will come around to the smells and end up loving them. My perfume came with the packaging coming off like some of yours did. Not sure if I will get the summer box.


I have been reading about this subscription box for the last couple months and am so excited to receive the Spring 2020 box. The box was delivered yesterday and I love every single item. I was so impressed with all the full size items and variety of products. My one regret is that I wish I would have ordered a second box to give to a friend who is having health problems. I plan to do that with the summer box. Thank you, Margot Elena, for making my day a brighter one.


This is the first box I was able to actually get before it sold out. I got it yesterday and I am in love. I hope that I can get in on future boxes as this is such a beautiful curated box. I love the pamper myself items since I am on overload of skincare and makeup! The candle smells so yummy even my dog tried to eat it.


I have been subscribed since the first box, although this is by far my most favorite subscription, I truly miss the extra special items, I have loved everyone! Please bring those back..

Tessa T

I’m really disappointed by this box. It almost seems like we are being punished for the complainers, who no matter what items were in the box that weren’t lotions, oils or soaps, didn’t like them. Well I subscribed BECAUSE of the kimono, towel, apron, pencil case, especially the stationery! I considered the scented items to be the bonus! Everything would smell beautiful! So many people complained harshly about how the kimono was too big, how the kissing bell(which was a sentimental object/idea she shared with us), the tote bag, dish towel, apron, even once they complained about bubble bath because they don’t bathe! I’m saddened to see the box declining. Yes the products are good (of course because her line is amazing) but the special items I looked so forward to for 3 months at a time are GONE. While I realize I’m complaining, I’m actually complaining about the serial complainers, the ones who were never satisfied. Are you happy now? Since they are no longer accepting the year long subscription and the textiles are gone, I’m concerned they might be ending the sub box in spite of it selling out every time! I was VERY disappointed with the Christmas (aka winter) box. I felt like it was missing so much and a lost opportunity to make it special. While so many sub boxes celebrate by making December boxes better, they dropped the ball. It was the worst ever..until now. I will give it one more chance and if it doesn’t live up to the standards set from the beginning box, I will cancel. This is not a cheap box. Yes I do see the prices are still over $200 but they always were. The “big” item from December was a perfume and I have yet to find a perfume from her items that I like. Perfume is so specific to certain people that it’s either a hit or miss. For me it was a huge miss. By having textiles in the box it allows for everyone to have something to love. Please don’t think I’m coming across harsh. I still love ME but the box not so much. I agree please bring back the extras.


I never really noticed these *special* items that everyone is complaining about not receiving. I never cared for them. I neither missed them- or hated them. It’s crazy to see so many people up in arms about them no longer being there. Who knows- maybe write to customer service and see what they have to say?


I completely agree Tessa!


I’m just here to complain about the people who complain about the complainers. Everything else is great. Except the kissing bell. That was pretty lame.


I love this sub ❤


This is my favorite sub box, such a treat! I much prefer the self care items over the non-beauty items. So glad this one was full of items I will use!

Leslie Kennedy

This looks amazing, can’t wait to get mine!!! I am totally okay not getting the “special” thing as I usually had no use for those.


I just got my box!! So fun to unbox, as always. And now I can see/feel while nothing extra was added, – this box is packed! It’s the heaviest feeling of all the boxes I’ve gotten so far and there really isn’t much extra space between the large size of the full size products and the packaging to keep them safe. Maybe she could have slipped in a card or two on top, but not much more.

The perfume bottle is so pretty! (and larger than I expected!) I’d recommend storing it in a dark place though since light can degrade perfume. I’m not a huge fan of the atomizer, it spurts out more than mists, but I really like the perfume itself. It’s elegant and feminine, and not too sweet. I was worried it would be too powdery but there is only the lightest touch of the powder note.


I agree!!! Such an amazing box!!!


I will probably sell my box. I’ll post my info as soon as I go home and make sure I don’t want to keep it/everything is in order.

If anyone doesn’t want their box, please PM me. I tried to sign up but it was sold out.

Kathy S Piccini

Yup. Sold out before I could grab it too unfortunately. I love everything in this box 😍


Love this box and love that all the items are full size instead of the travel sizes. I felt the travel sizes artificially elevated the RV of the box. The dry oil is a repeat for me, but that’s okay because I can just gift it! Happy to have a full size bubble bath and full size perfume in scents I haven’t tried before!

Heather S

I am also sad there isn’t an exclusive non-beauty item, but I am still totally loving this box! The At Last scent is one of my faves and the bubble bath smells so great too! Always love a hand Creme and body wash! I haven’t disliked any of the Margot Elena scents yet so I’m very happy!


I was so excited to get the Atlantic Last perfume in its pretty bottle today, but upon picking it up, I was shocked to find the decorative white “lace” and wording crumbled off (as well as one large strip of the paint). Did this happen with your bottle?


Hi! Something similar happened to me in a previous box – the items was a glass water bottle with “painted” images on it, and they were scratched and peeling. I emailed customer service and they mailed me a new one. GL!


Mine was the same way:(. The perfume had leaked and the piece you push down to spray is permanently down so I can’t spray it at all. So sad but the rest Of the box is beautiful and felt like just what I needed during this time of extreme chaos. I’ve reached out to ME to see if they’ll replace the perfume. This box is fabulous!


My bottle was in perfect condition. Maybe email customer service?

Heather S

No, not at all everything was in perfect condition including the perfume… sorry to hear that!


WOW this box looks incredible. I can’t believe ppl are actually complaining about it! That Lollia perfume alone (one of my faves btw) covers the whole cost of the box!! If anyone who was able to get their hands on the box doesn’t want it, hit me up… 🙂


This is so obviously a fake response from an employee at Margot Elena. Try harder.

Cindy C

This looks like the best box ever!!! I LOVE that it is entirely bath/body products! So excited.

Meredith P

Need to try this! See New Skincare Box has been my go-to but I would love to get on board with this one as well! Loving all the new self-care boxes that have been starting in the subscription box industry.


I have to laugh, everyone complains about the home/non beauty items and now everyone has something to say about not getting a non beauty item. I would be frustrated if I was in charge of curating this box.


Yes! Before the last box I noticed people complained about getting the kimono, apron, cup, etc. When I received the last box (winter box) I was so disappointed there wasn’t that special unique item like in most of the previous months. I am glad I canceled my subscription before this round was charged due to this. I loved getting the special non-beauty items! It’s good to know the company listened to the complaints about what’s included, but I won’t be resubscribing unless they add it back.


There were so many complaints on this site about the non-beauty items (kimono, bell, etc.) that I’m not surprised they stopped offering them! I really enjoyed them, though! Especially the Tokyomilk greeting cards. Margot Elena, I hope you bring back some of those creative, fun touches that made the box feel really special!


Me too! I miss them


I agree 100%


I agree! Bath and beauty boxes are a dime a dozen. I loved the gift items.


Most of them have been great. The bell was cute, but not very practical, so I wasn’t a fan at first. However, I hung it in my toddlers’ room as a sort of play ribbon/hair bow holder and it has had a long and happy life there.

The kimono was pretty but the fabric washed terribly. Still, I put it with a belt if I wear it and it gets loads of compliments.

And I love the apron, towel, little rose bag, turkish towel, and so many of the other textiles that have made it in. I keep hoping she will make a pretty soap dish to either go with the TokyoMilk or Cottage Greenhouse soaps, too..


OMG, a soap dish would be fabulous!


I love their dry body oil!!!


Me too! I am so happy to get another dry body oil, and I loved the fig scent – don’t care at all that it is a repeat bc it smelled and worked fantastic. So happy there isn’t a non/beauty item inside too, personally. Give me all the FULL SIZE bath/body!!! 🙂

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.