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Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (115)

  1. I ❤ my bag
    Mischo Beauty nail polish Unbroken
    Complex Cul. precision eye brush
    Awake lip mask (choice)
    Belle Argent gloss in jealous of us
    Naked Cos. in mother nature #5
    Grace & Stella lavender body cream
    Hanalei balm tropical citrus (addon)
    Thrive Cos. Lip mate duo (addon)
    Balm Cos. Pic Perf (addon)
    Blackhead bubble pore (addon)

  2. I’m happy with my bag!
    Coffee Scrub
    Girlactik eyeliner
    Awake lip Mask (my choice)
    Belle en Argent lipgloss in jealous
    Naked Cosmetic eyeshadow in Mother Nature
    Ofra Bronzer in Americano
    $1 bonus Shaina B Miami blush in Bellini
    A make-up packed bag! Perfect!

  3. Bag 1 has:
    Shaina B Miami highlighter in Guava Glow
    Wander Beauty Bronzer
    Hey Honey Relax moisturizer
    Complex Culture Eyeshadow brush (choice)
    Rael sheet masks
    Naked Cosmetics mica pigment
    Wander bouquet eyeshadow (addon)
    Hanalei citrus balm (addon)
    Curology acne patches (addon)

    Bag 2 has:
    Yensa foundaction
    Complex Culture eyeshadow brush
    Awake lip therapy mask
    Hey Honey relax moisturizer
    Belle en Argent gloss (choice)
    Naked Cosmetics mica pigment

    I am mildly annoyed by three doubles, but I think I’m going to like the brush, and I like having doubles of my favorites, and the duplicate moisturizer will be fine if I like it. Not sure what I’ll do with two of the same brown eyeshadows though.

  4. Ipsy knocks Boxy Charm out of the water. They allow you to skip and the products are always top notch. I haven’t received Boxy Charm in awhile because Ipsy seems to much better for the money

    • I cancelled my Ipsy as I felt the opposite. I was always skipping or being sent repeat items or things I don’t want. In the end I canceled (second time). I have Boxycharm a 2 month break but now I’m back on it.

      • Yeah I cancelled- how many highlighters, bronzers and same shades of eyeshadow can one person use? It got boring instead of exciting. They really need to up their game and start offering more shades of eyeshadows, and makeup that’s NOT highlighters blushes and bronzers every month.

  5. I was mostly underwhelmed with my bag this month and also with the add-ons, I only purchased 3). I got:

    Tatcha Dewy Skin (my Choice)
    Firma Concealer brush – ok
    Wander Eye Shadow in Bouquet – meh
    Saem Mask Set of 2 – meh
    Miami Blush in Bellini – looks nice and is matte
    Girlacktic Eyeliner- blah, will give to a daughter
    I’m not sure which of the above was my free product.

    I added on: Belle En Argent Lip Gloss (I’ve decided I love this brand and have purchased three lipsticks outside of Ipsy)
    Raspberry Macaron Hand Cream
    Curly Hair Leave-in Product (don’t remember brand)

    Probably one of my least favorite regular Ipsy bags for content in the last year; but I do think the bag itself is quite cute.

    • I got exactly the same products in my Ipsy bag. I did however choose different add ons.

  6. HANALEI Kukui Lip Balm in Island Mint (obsessed with balms but the citrus would have been better as I don’t like mint balms)
    LOTTIE LONDON Shimmer Squad Highlighter in The Good Girl (I use highlighters, just overloaded right now)
    YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation in Light Neutral (love trying new foundations too)
    WANDER BEAUTY Trip to Costa Rei Bronzer (love to try this to)
    SKONE COSMETICS Brow Wand in Peanut Butter WTF? (the brow product is fine and I like getting them, but the color choice was not matched at all! I have dark brown hair and chose it in my profile. Yet this color is for BLONDES according to Skone’s website. Why didn’t they send me chocolate which is for brunettes?! And IPSYcare, didn’t care. (renamed to IpsyDon’tCare)
    TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream (my pick, I can’t wait)

    PLAYLIST Handle It Hand Cream in Raspberry Macaron
    AWAKE Lip Therapy Lip Mask
    TATCHA The Water Cream (glad this was an option so I can compare the two as I have normal/but sometimes oily skin)

    • If it makes you feel better, I looked at the ingredients for the Hanalei lip balm, & it also has peppermint in it.

      • *Hanalei Tropical Citrus balm also has peppermint in it.

      • Thanks! Now I won’t swap for it.

  7. I joined Ipsy again after a long break. I am loving we get a choice item. My bag is wonderful!

    Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us

    My extra item-GRACE & STELLA
    Lavender Body Cream

    Other 4 items-
    Mica Pigment in Mother Nature
    Nail Lacquer in Unbroken
    Precision Eyelid Brush
    Lip Therapy Lip Mask
    And I added on

    Blush in Bellini

    Highlight in Guava Glow

    Eyeshadow in Fire & Ice

    Handle It Hand Cream in Raspberry Macaron

  8. I like my bag this month it’s my second ipsy glam bag as I started last month.

    I’m getting:
    -THE SAEM mask set up 🙂
    -LUXIE BEAUTY 640 brush 😄
    -GIRLACTIK liner 😑 (just got a black eyeliner in the last bag but I’ll say this is the freebie and be happy, would have preferred a nail polish lol)
    Blush in Bellini ☺
    -Pacifica eyeshadow hemp set😉
    -Tatcha water cream (my pick 😃)

    So overall a nice bag for me. At least there are some products/brands I’ve never gotten to try or would usually not purchase at the beauty store on my own since I use other brands normally.

    My addons
    -Tatcha dewy cream
    Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us (looks pretty!)
    -Awake lip mask (seen this at ulta and have been thinking about it.I know It’s more fruity in scent and has a bit of color than the lanagie brand lip masks that I own but I’m a sucker for lip hydration products (and I was sadly disappointed in my addon of the polar lip product last month, that thing was nasty!)

  9. I think my Glam bags are better than my Plus and Ultimate.

    First Bag (I plan on cancelling this bag. I never got last months bag. I’m waiting for a replacement.)
    Luxie Beauty 640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush
    Tarte Sea Quench Hydrating Primer
    Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Mother Nature #05
    Honey Jarret Clean Whip Cleanser
    Tatcha The Water Cream
    Hanalei Company Kukui Lip Balm in Tropical Citrus

    Second Bag
    Firma Beauty Elite B 203 Concealer Brush
    Shaina B Miami Highlight in Guava Glow
    Caolion Blackhead 02 Bubble Pore Pack
    Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in Mother Nature #05
    Ofra Cosmetics Bronzer in Americano
    Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream

    • Your first bag is same as mine.

  10. This is what I got in my 7 bags this month:

    Bag 1:
    Firma Beauty Concealer Brush
    Shaina B Miami Highlighter
    Caolion Blackhead Mask
    Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow #05
    Ofra Cosmetics Bronzer in Americano
    Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

    Bag 2:
    Luxie Beauty Tapered Brush
    Illamasqua Eyeliner
    Tarte Primer
    Wander Beauty Eyeshadow in Blossom
    Honey Jarret Cleanser
    Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

    Bag 3:
    Firma Beauty Concealer Brush
    Tarte Primer
    Foxybae Hair Mask
    Honey Jarret Cleanser
    Pacifica Eyeshadow
    Tatcha Water Cream

    Bag 4:
    Hanalei Lip Balm in Island Mint
    Luxie Beauty Tapered Brush
    Shaina B Miami Highlighter
    Caolion Blackhead Mask
    Wander Beauty Eyeshadow in Bouquet
    Tacha Water Cream

    Bag 5:
    Luxie Beauty Tapered Brush
    Illamasqua Eyeliner
    Tarte Primer
    Wander Beauty Eyeshadow in Blossom
    Honey Jarret Cleanser
    Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

    Bag 6:
    Firma Beauty Concealer Brush
    Tarte Primer
    Foxybae Hair Mask
    Honey Jarret Cleanser
    Tacha Water Cream
    Pacifica Eyeshadow

    Bag 7:
    Hanalei Lip Balm in Island Mint
    Girltactik Eyeliner
    Tarte Primer
    Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow in #5
    Tacha Dewy Skin Cream
    Sugar Cosmetics Mascara

    • wow, seven!

      • Yeah, I get 7 regular GB (was 10), 3 GBP, and 2 GBP (was 3) every month. I like to have gifts readily available to give to family, friends, and my daughters who are all obsessed with makeup as much as I am.

      • 2 GBU*

      • Will you adopt me xoxo bag envy high . I get enough items I wont use with my GB, GBP, Boxy, FFF and Macys. I just scaled back to Macys and the original ipsy for april so I know the april items will be amazing haha. I’m wanting a marot elana box tho

      • Hallie- I’m obsessed with sub boxes. My husband and I made a deal that my income goes to my sub boxes and he doesn’t complain 😂😂😂 I also get 3 Allure boxes, Sephora Play, Macy’s, 6 Boxycharm/Boxyluxe boxes and 3 Boxy Premiums. I just love having packages shipped to me! It’s like Christmas every month 😂😂😂 My family loves my curated baskets I give them for holidays and birthdays. It’s just fun! I have not heard of the Marot Elana box though. I did try the Fashionsta box last month but I cancelled after receiving my first box.

    • Why do you get so many boxes? That’s a lot of money. Do you get the Ipsy Plus too and don’t you get a lot of duplicates that way?

      • Angela- Yes, I also get the GBP and GBU and there are lots of repeats. My friends and family get the extras. I’m kinda obsessed 😂😂😭

  11. I’m happy about this bag. I joined ipsy to try new things and here I am no longer in a rut! I got too many add ons for me though. I usually stick to one but I couldn’t choose and I was weak. Lol

    SHAINA B MIAMI Highlight in Guava Glow
    I may have to change highlighters to rarely because I have a bit of a stock pile now. Either way it’s a pretty colour and I don’t have one like it plus I’ve never tried this brand.

    COMPLEX Culture Precision Eyelid Brush
    I don’t have a huge brush collection so brushes are always welcome even if I’m not completely confident I’m using them for their intended purposes.

    Awake Lip Therapy Lip Mask
    My pick. It just looked like an interesting product.

    BELLE EN Argent Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us
    It doesn’t look like my colour but it’s a gloss so it probably won’t be too dark. Maybe I’ll love it.

    WANDER Beauty Eyeshadow in Bouquet
    This colour looks beautiful. Right up my alley!

    BUBBLE T Face Mask Duo in Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea and Lemongrass & Green Tea
    I can always use more sheet masks! These look interesting!

    Added on TATCHA The Water Cream because FOMO, SKONE Cosmetics Brow Wand in Peanut Butter because I need to up my brow game, HONEY Jarret Clean Whip Cleanser because it looked interesting and Tarte Sea Quench Hydrating Primer because Tarte and I’ve been thinking about it since I didn’t choose it on choice day.

    • Exact same bag! I picked the mask, too.

  12. Other than Tarte and a clay mask, probably the worst bag I’ve received.

    concealer brush (i have more than enough)
    illamasqua black eyeliner – I swear I received this brand’s eyeliner in another bag recently
    naked cosmetics – mica pigment – boring
    tatcha dewy skin cream – my pick
    generation clay mask
    uptown curl lengthening mascara – third one in three months

    Starting to understand why everyone complains about mascara and eyeliner

  13. Kinda loving this bag!

    Firma Beauty Concealer Brush – I’m getting the Complex Culture concealer brush in my GBP and it seems way nicer than this one. Hopefully this one will be good at packing on shimmers on my eyelid. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Tarte Sea Quench Primer – I just got the H2O moisturizer in my spring FFF box so I’m excited to see how they play together under my makeup. Happy with this. 😊

    Foxybae Hair Mask – I got one last month, I guess they decided I need another. It’ll get used! 🙂

    Honey Jarret Clean Whip Cleanser – love cleansers! It’s a super generous sized tube, too! 😁

    Tatcha Water Cream – my pick. If I travel and don’t want to take my giant Tarte moisturizer, I’ll bring this! 🥰

    Pacifica Wild Hemp Hemp Eye Shadow – I have eyeshadows set to rarely, but this one has mattes, and the “hemp” leaves are killing me 😂

    Not bad, I’m counting the mini-palette as my 6th item and I don’t even hate it!

    • twins! I’m excited for mine. I froze my GBP for the month to get the Glam Bag instead and am happy I did. I added on the Complex Culture precision brush, Curology acne patches, and Tatcha Dewy cream.

    • Twins as well!

  14. I have been happy enough with Ipsy that I decided to sign up for the annual plan (pay for 11 months get 12th free plus a gwp). And March’s bag is another excellent one:

    OFRA COSMETICS Bronzer in Americano (my pick)
    HANALEI COMPANY Kukui Lip Balm in Island Mint 😀
    LUXIE BEAUTY 640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush in Periwinkle Blue 😀
    SHAINA B MIAMI Highlight in Guava Glow 😃
    WANDER BEAUTY Eyeshadow in Bouquet 😃
    TATCHA The Water Cream 😀

    BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional: Pearl Primer (Thanks for the $2 credit, Ipsy!)

  15. I’m literally getting the EXACT same bag pictured above. Not really happy considering I requested no brushes or moisurizers or masks or bronzers. Those are literally the only 4 things I mark that I don’t want. So many other great options, like nail polish or powder or eyeliner, coffee scrub, perfume, but no. The only 2 things I’m actually looking forward to, and that make this month not a total loss, are the Tarte Primer and the Eyeshadow, which was my choice item.

  16. My previous bag was a one star rated disaster. But this bag is my personal gem:) I love all of my products and addons:) so happy!

    Skin on Skin BC Foundation
    Black Eyeliner
    Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation
    Replenishing Hair Mask
    The Dewy Skin Cream
    Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara in Black

    • Bag Twins! Love everything in my glam bag this mth.

    • Lucky! I was really hoping for the Makeup Forever powder!

  17. I love my bag! I got:

    Hey Honey moisturizer
    Youth to the People cleanser
    Belle en Argent gloss in Jealous of Us (warm shimmery peach)
    Shaina B Miami blush in Bellini (soft peach)
    Naked Cosmetics shadow in dark bronze color
    Luxie tapered eyeshadow brush
    Awake lip mask (added for $1)

    I will definitely use everything. A lot of people are complaining about the color of the Belle en Argent gloss saying it’s orange but it’s actually a universally flattering pretty peach color gloss that you can layer over lipstick. I’ve gotten at least 5 lippies from this brand and have loved them all! Try it before you complain – you might like it!

  18. I got probably my best Ipsy bag ever this month!

    I’m getting:

    TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream – I chose this

    MISCHO BEAUTY Nail Lacquer in Unbroken – finally a nail polish in a color I’d actually wear!

    LUXIE BEAUTY Pro Precision Tapered Brush – love Luxie brushes, and I don’t have a brush like this in my collection

    GENERATION CLAY Ultra-Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask – I love clay masks and I’ve never tried this one before

    AWAKE Lip Therapy Mask – I was hoping I’d get this

    BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us – I was hoping I’d get this

    I added on the Tatcha water cream and the NudeStix Magnetic Lip Plush Paint in Bahama Mama.

    Overall, just really pleased and happy with this month.

    • I am receiving the exact same items. It looks like the Luxie brush is the bonus item. I do not use clay masks. My skin is old and dry. I have used this before. It gave a burning sensation. This one is to my give-away pile. I am looking forward to both lip products. Although I rarely wear it, the nail polish is a color I will try.

    • Bag twins! I’m so happy with it- especially since I’m a lip product addict

      • Bag quadruplets! I chose the Tatcha Dewy Cream and I’ll use the lip mask. The rest – I won’t use that color nail polish, I’m not sophisticated enough to know what to do with so many different brushes, I won’t use a clay mask, and I won’t use a lip gloss with gold shimmer. My first response was intense disappointment with one of my worst Ipsy bags ever. But as I look at the full list of possibilities – if those were the only options, they did reasonably well. If they had to send me a brush (which they didn’t) at least it wasn’t another eye brush.

    • That’s a great bag! Congrats!

  19. *Mischo nail polish, even though I opted out of nail polish
    *luxie brush in blue
    *generation clay purple mask, which I got 2 months ago and 2 times before that
    *awake lip mask
    *belle en argent lip gloss
    *tatcha dewy skin, My choice

  20. I wish there was a skip choice. I only like the item I selected. The rest are going in the trash.

    Lottie London Shimmer Squad
    The coffee scrub
    Generation clay mask
    Hey Relax Propolis & honey soothing moisturizer
    ComEx Culture Shadow brush
    My choice > BELLE EN ARGENT
    Lip Luire Gloss

    • That shadow brush is REALLY NICE and expensive if you look it up.

  21. Tatcha water cream (my pick)
    Firma Beauty concealer brush
    Illamasqua black eyeliner
    Caolion bubble Pore Pack
    Curology cleanser
    naked Cosmetics mica eyeshadow in Mother Nature

    Added on the other Tatcha cream. Resisted from getting the Balm palettes. I use black eyeliner like crazy so happy about that. And glad to see wearable lip shades in the points rewards so picked up one of those.

  22. Pretty excited about my bag this month! Though I didn’t get nail polish or mascara as a choice and BOTH of those things are marked highly in my profile. OH WELL.

    THE SAEM Natural Avocado and Shea Butter Mask Sheet Set – I’ve become addicted to sheet masks and will throw these into my stash

    YENSA Skin on Skin BC Foundation in Light Neutral – Also addicted to trying out new foundations forever hoping to find the perfect one

    TARTE Sea Quench Hydrating Primer – On the fence here, primers tend to be a huge miss with me most of the time, but I’m looking forward to giving it a try

    HEY HONEY Relax! Propolis & Honey Soothing Moisturizer – Kinda stoked about this

    HONEY JARRET Clean Whip Cleanser – Curious to try this as well

    My add-ons:

    GENERATION CLAY Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask – Hoping this will help my summertime oily skin

    BUBBLE T Face Mask Duo in Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea and Lemongrass & Green Tea – See previous statement about sheet mask addiction

  23. Lavender lotion my choice

    Tarte Primer – I said rarely to primer I only like glittery ones but at least it is gel that smells like coconut.

    Lavender nail polish I was hoping for

    Bubbling black head mask was hoping for this

    Hanalei lip balm in mint was hoping for citrus .

    Mascara I hate getting mascara !

    I added Tatcha dewy so my $2 credit didn’t go to waste . Even if the cream is not exciting I can reuse the container.

    • LOVE that you’re reusing the container! The amount of plastic waste produced by beauty products is crazy. YOU GO GIRL.

  24. I’m getting
    Luxie precision brush
    Tarte sea quench primer
    Naked cosmetics mica in Mother Nature
    Honey Jarret cleanser
    Tatcha water cream (my pick)
    Hanalei lip balm in tropical citrus

    • Twins!
      I love this months bag ☺️ I also added on the Tatcha Dewy skin cream

      • I love it too! I added the dewy cream on as well to try for the cooler months!

  25. I’m happy with my bag, it’s much better than what I have been getting. I am getting two lip products that both look orange, which is not my color at all. I’m hoping that it will look more red than orange.

    Nail Lacquer in Unbroken

    640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush in Periwinkle Blue

    Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

    Lip Therapy Lip Mask (looks orange)

    Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us (looks orange)

    The Dewy Skin Cream

    My add-ons:

    Kukui Lip Balm in Island Mint

    Kukui Lip Balm in Tropical Citrus

    The Water Cream

    • I’m getting the same bag

    • I’m getting both of those lip products as well. The lip mask does look orange, but I saw them sample it on FB Live yesterday and it is colorless. On the Belle En Argent website the gloss is listed as a limited edition shimmery peach and it looks really pretty. Excited for both🤗

      • Yeah, I heard good reviews that is was really good and very nourishing for your lips. It’s not my color, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. My grandchild loves lip gloss and balms, she is only 8-years-old.

    • Bag twins! The lip gloss looks like a peachy-pink nude on Belle en Argent’s website. I think it’s going to be very wearable. The Awake mask is supposed to go on clear.

      • It appears that the one bag variation is super popular on these posts. I am happy with my bag other than the clay mask. I have no idea on the purpose of the Luxie brush, but that is the bonus item. Probably why it’s the bonus item. Add ons were unimpressive, so I only spent an extra $10. Would have added the brow pencil, but I was seeing red😡 over my Plus Bag. Plus I didn’t have the energy to look up the shade “Peanut Butter”

      • It seems like most people who chose the Tatcha Dewy got this bag, which confirms the theory that by choosing an item you limit yourself to one of only a handful (if that) of bags. That’s kind of disappointing, but at least it worked out well for me this month.

      • The fact that they have printed cards describing each item in the bag indicates that there must be a limited number of combinations set…

      • Yeah I got my most disappointing bag ever, and I wonder if I shouldn’t have picked a choice item. So much for customization!

    • I did notice that the makeup bag has that same material that reminds me of those Pajama Grams they were advertising on TV. If it hadn’t been for that commercial, I think I would have liked it better.

  26. I have two bags, in both I got:
    Luxie Brush (I’ve already got 2 of these from Ipsy one in each color)
    Tarte Primer
    Honey Jaret Cleanser
    One of each Tatchas

    Also getting:
    Illamasqua Eyeliner (I’m giving up fighting the opt outs and rarely rating with them)
    Blossom Eyeshadow (meh)
    Naked Cosmetics (extra meh)
    Hanalei Lip Balm in Citrus (not bad but would prefer mint)

    Not their greatest showing but I am able to several Tatchas which I’m excited for and I’m happy to try the Tarte primer.
    I’m annoyed that they sent me a brush repeat in one of my GBU bags in the last 4 months. I love the Complex Culture brushes so if they were going to send a brush I’d prefer shadow brushes.

    • If I had gotten one of each of the Tatcha creams, all would have been forgiven on my other crappy items…

  27. I’m receiving

    Tatcha dewy skin cream-my pick
    Yensa foundation in light 🙂
    Wander bronzer 🤢
    Naked cosmetics eyeshadow in Mother Nature 😐
    Foxybae hair mask 🙂
    Luxie brush 😐

    • This is my bag as well, and my sentiments regarding the bronzer as well 🙂

      If the Yensa foundation color is a match, this will be a decent bag. The hair mask is a generous one ounce tube. I’ve learned from being a subscriber of nearly two years that liking at least 3 items in a bag makes it a win.

  28. I’m very happy with my bag this month. I’m just wondering if the extra item they are giving out for March is different for everyone or the same? I’m getting:

    Firma Beauty Concealer Brush – (I have received a brush for the last 3 months, and I have it checked as sometimes on my profile)

    Caolion Blackhead Bubble Pore Pack – (This looks interesting, at least it isn’t a peel-off mask)

    Tarte Hydrating Primer – (I love primers, and I love Tarte, so I’m not mad)

    Honey Jarret Clean Whip Cleanser – (Love cleansers!!! Keep them coming)

    Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream – (I chose this product. I have never tried Tatcha but have heard many good reviews so I’m excited to try this)

    Sugar Cosmetics Mascara – (I love receiving mascaras, and can never have enough)

    Awake Lip Therapy Lip Mask (Add-On) – (I never tried a lip mask before, and my lips are super dry so I’m hoping this helps)

    Go-To Face Hero Oil (Add-On) – (Love face oils).

  29. Bag twins here, too!
    I didn’t pick a product this month, and I’m pleased with the bag that the good ol’ Ipsy algorithm put together for me 🙂

    For add-ons:
    – Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack (having a girls’ weekend, and this may be fun)
    – Complex Culture Precision Eyelid Brush (I REALLY need a new eyeshadow brush and once I get this, I can turn down my makeup tools frequency customization)

    • Oops! This was supposed to be a reply to SunnyT who received the following:

      Lip Therapy Lip Mask
      Skin on Skin BC Foundation in Light Neutral
      Mica Pigment in Mother Nature #05
      Clean Whip Cleanser
      The Dewy Skin Cream
      Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara in Black

      • This is my exact bag! Lip mask was my choice, mascara was my bonus item.

        I added on:
        the other Tatcha
        Concealer Brush (the complex culture one)
        Acne dots
        Coffee Scrub

        I know that I am in the minority here but I LOVE that coffee scrub!!!! It would be awesome if we could buy multiples of an add-on. I would have gotten 4 of those!

  30. LOVING my bag after skipping last month due to lackluster options. I’m getting:
    MISCHO BEAUTY nail lacquer in “unbroken”
    HANALEI COMPANY lip balm
    GIRLACTIK eye marker liner
    NAKED COSMETICS mica pigment in “mother nature”
    TATCHA the dewy skin cream (my choice!)
    SUGAR COSMETICS uptown curl mascara

    Really looking forward to the nail polish, a smokey lavender is just the shade I was looking for to get me out of my deep purple polish rut. I can always use more mascara and liners for my travel bag too.

    • OMG, is the nail polish lavender? ( I thought it looked beige.. didn’t read the description).

      That means they filled one of my Glam Bags with SIX items that are either purple hued or orange hued!!

      I’ve now laughed until tears are rolling down my face at the whimsey of it!!

  31. My bag
    I pick tatcha water cream
    Pacifica mini eyeshadow
    Kensie so pretty fragrance
    640 Luxie brush
    Wonder bronzer costa rei
    Shaina B guava glow highlighter
    Tatcha dewy cream add on

  32. After a super boring February bag, I’m LOVING March:
    *HANALEI COMPANY Kukui Lip Balm in Island Mint
    *BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us
    *YENSA Skin on Skin Foundation in Medium Warm
    *OFRA COSMETICS Bronzer in Americano (my pick)
    *POLAAR Night Cream
    *BUBBLE T Face Mask Duo

  33. I love my bag this month!
    I got:
    Mischo Nail Lacquer in unbroken
    Complex Culture Eyelid brush
    Awake lip Mask (my choice)
    Belle En Argent lip Gloss in Jealous of Us
    Kensie-So pretty Fragrance
    Grace and Stella Lavender Body Cream

  34. I got 4 Glam Bags, and all are fine, but one is hilarious.
    It’s Purple and Orange colored products-

    1) Generation clay mask- it’s purple
    2) Luxie brush in purple
    3) Tacha cream in the purple container
    4) Awake lip mask ( orange)
    5) Belle en Argent lip gloss ( orange gold)

    • Forgot, I got that beige nail polish as well, so it blends in with the purple and orange palette they put together in my bag. I still think this is the MOST HUMOROUS thing IPSY has done since I first started getting their bags under the old management in 2012 or 2013. 🙂

      It’s like finding an Easter egg in a computer game. 🙂

    • I got the same bag, and didn’t notice the color scheme until you pointed it out, haha.

  35. My bag is ok this month. I am getting

    Hanalei company kukui lip balm in island mint (really didn’t need another lip balm)

    Lottie shimmer squad highlighter in good girl (I don’t use highlighters and are marked rarely in my profile)

    Generation clay ultra violet brightening purple clay mask (not a fan of clay masks but I am ok to try )

    Tarte sea quench hydrating primer (excited to try)

    Yensa foundation in medium warm ( happy with it hope the shade matches)

    Tatcha dewy skin cream (my choice)

    And as add-on I got
    Bubble t mask duo

  36. I’m getting

    – Hanalei Lip balm in Island Mint
    – Luxie 640 Tapered brush in periwinkle blue
    – Shaina B Miami Blush in Bellini
    – Pacifica Eyeshadow in Quartz, Dusty, Smokey…
    – Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser (my choice item)
    – Grace & Stella Lavender body cream- hate the smell of lavender

    – Caolion blackhead mask
    – Curology Cleanser
    – Tatcha Water Cream
    – Tatcha dewy skin cream

  37. My bag:

    ILLAMASQUA Black Eyeliner (Seriously?!? I just got the Tarte black eyeliner last month. I have eyeliners marked as “rarely” in my profile.)

    TARTE Sea Quench Hydrating Primer (Not too exciting, but I love Tarte, and I’ll try it.)

    AWAKE Lip Therapy Lip Mask (My choice!)

    FOXYBAE Replenishing Hair Mask (This looks cool. I’ll definitely try this.)

    COMPLEX CULTURE All Over Shadow Brush (Brushes are also marked as “rarely.”)

    RAEL Hydration and Vitamin C Facial Sheet Masks (I love sheet masks, so I’m looking forward to trying these.)

    Added for $1: PLAYLIST Handle It Hand Cream in Raspberry Macaron (Boring, I know, but this winter has really done a number on my hands.)

    All in all, kind of a meh month. I’m happy about the extra product, though.

  38. New rewards points items are up!
    Only problem is, it says that I have redeemed points for items that I never have. I went through my entire 4+ years of points history to be sure, and, no, I have not. Anybody else???

    • I have one item that it says that but I did get it in my bag last month as part of my 5 randomly (I actually got 6 items last month too and this was the 6th other I that wasn’t listed on my reveal). I’m not sure why it says I redeemed it because there are other items listed that I’ve gotten before and they are up for grabs. I’ve been waiting for something awesome to come up on points for a while. Alas, nothing I like so far…

    • I redeemed my 1800 points for glam glow tropical cleanser but on my account if shows I have redeemed 600 points for cela skin cream. When I reached out to customer service they said they are sending me cela cream as a free gift. So looks like I am getting 7 items this month.

      Check your points history your points would not have been deducted for that item.

      • The creme de la creme was the extra item I got in my Glambag in February. It wasn’t listed as an item in my Glambag. I did hear back from them once. They said it was a technical problem and they were working on it. Now I am missing 600 points but it doesn’t show any activity in my points. I have replied back to the email, nothing. I have sent an email a day about it and only get auto responses. Sent a message through Facebook too…. called them out on Facebook publicly… My next step is to start publicly calling them out on every post starting Monday until I get an answer.

  39. I appreciate the fact that Ipsy is going to be gifting everyone an extra item in our Glambags that is supposed to be a sample size item based on our profiles. Well, considering what’s in my Glambag, I didn’t have my hopes set too dang high at all. There is only ONE item in my Glambag that is actually a match. 🙄 It’s as if they gave me an unmatched bag so I would purchase extra add ons…. Good thing we all got that whopping $2 credit!
    I’m getting another eyeshadow brush! Another one! 🙄 A REALLY DARK BROWN EYESHADOW! It’s coming up on spring!!! Number 1, I don’t wear eyeshadow unless it’s a cream and definitely not this shade. It’s not at all in the color categories I have marked in my profile. A blush in a shade that is NOT in my shade category at all. It’s more of a nude shade and actually really close to my natural skin tone. What the what Ipsy?! Then there’s the awful lipgloss! No! I’m opted out of it!!! And then the gawd awful orangey shade of it! 🥴 If I wanted to look anymore sicker than I already am, I just wouldn’t where any makeup. Much less something that’s going to make me look jaundiced. Total epic fail on my Glambag. I almost want to send an email asking them to only send the one item, surprise item, add ons and keep the other 4 items.
    No wonder Ipsy is now offering sign up gifts, etc. They got greedy and they don’t ipsymatch like they say they do.

    • Your bonus item is the make-up brush that I have no idea what it is used for….My Glam Bag is decent. The Plus, which I added for a birthday gift to me, is HORRIBLE. I should have used the $25 for booze.

    • Seriously, they should just stop claiming to customize and “Ipsymatch”, because theyre obviously not at all for a major number of us.

      • If you tell their customer service team that your bag isn’t customised as per your profile, they will say we don’t use profile to customize the bag. It’s just to know your preference and what products you are comfortable with and they would ‘encourage’ you to try different products which you otherwise would not have..

  40. I am mostly happy with mine!

    Luxie 640 precision brush-periwinkle (LOVE this line, pretty sure I have this one but its ok)
    Illamasqua black eyeliner (its fine)
    Tarte hydrating primer (YAY)
    Wander eyeshadow in blossom (ugh! I don’t like singles)
    Honey Jarrett cleanser (its fine)
    extra item – Tatcha Dewy cream (YAY)

    add ons – Firma concealer brush and Awake lip mask. Only $4 for both with the credit!

  41. I was sooo excited for this month, but it’s definitely been my worst bag so far 😢 I’m getting:

    HANALEI COMPANY Lip Balm in Island Mint—I hate anything mint. Hopefully, my husband can use this.

    THE SAEM Natural Avocado and Shea Butter Mask Sheet Set—These masks don’t really fit my skin concerns , but I’m sure I’ll use them.

    LUXIE BEAUTY 640 Pro Precision Tapered Brush in Periwinkle Blue—I don’t wear make up so I definitely don’t need any brushes.

    SKONE COSMETICS Brow Wand in Chocolate—I’m happy with my brows naturally so I won’t use this. I will say that the color looks like a good match, though.

    BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us—I like lip glosses but this color will definitely not work for me.

    TATCHA The Water Cream—My pick!

    I also added on the TATCHA Dewy Cream, Curology acne patches, Caolion bubble pore pack, and Cake Beauty defining curl cream. If it wasn’t for the add ons, though, I think I would be in tears right now.

    • Interesting! I picked the Tatcha Water Cream and received the exact same bag! Ha!

      • I also got the same bag and picked the Tatcha water cream. Definitely not one of my favorite bags.

  42. I’m getting:

    – Firma concealer brush (Meh.)
    – Lottie London highlighter in The Good Girl (Meh.)
    – Generation Clay purple mask (Yay, been wanting to try this brand!)
    – Tarte hydrating primer (Do not want.)
    – Awake lip mask (My pick)
    – Hey Honey moisturizer (Yay, excited to try.)

    So not the best month. Good thing they gave us an extra item.

    And I added on the Eva NYC and Foxybae hair masks, the Polaar night cream, the Hey Honey gold mask, and the Honey Jarrett cleanser 😅

  43. I love my bag this month! I’m getting:
    Yensa foundation in light neutral
    llamasque eyeliner (repeat but my dd loves it)
    Makeup Forever powder foundation
    Foxybae hair mask (love this brand)
    Tatcha dewy skin cream (my choice)
    Sugar Cosmetics mascara

    I added on:
    Polaar night cream
    Curology acne patches
    Tatcha water cream (for my dd, she has oily skin)

    Another great month by Ipsy. I can’t remember when I had a crappy bag!

  44. I got:
    Hanelie lip balm in island mint
    Tatcha water cream (my bonus item)
    Wander eyeshadow in bouquet
    Miami blush in Bellini
    Lucie 640 brush
    Caolion bubble pore pack

    Picked up the wander eyeshadow in blossom and naked mica pigment in mother nature.

    I think everything together will make a sweet, fresh look.

  45. I’m receiving…
    Lip Therapy Lip Mask
    Skin on Skin BC Foundation in Light Neutral
    Mica Pigment in Mother Nature #05
    Clean Whip Cleanser
    The Dewy Skin Cream
    Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara in Black

    I am happy with this months Ipsy glam bag!

    • Bag Twins!! My pick was the Tatcha Dewy Skin this month.

      I also got these Add-Ons:
      -TATCHA The Water Cream
      -BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss in Jealous of Us
      -COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Eyelid Brush
      -HANALEI COMPANY Kukui Lip Balm in Tropical Citrus

      • Yay! I have been a longtime member and finally decided to cancel my regular and stick with Plus (product overload). Ipsy offered me this month free not to cancel. I thought that was very nice of them. I might stick around a little longer:-)

      • I cancelled and didnt get any kind of offer like that- I wonder what makes them offer to some and not others?

    • This is my exact bag too! Lip mask was my choice, mascara was my bonus item.

      I added on:
      the other Tatcha
      Concealer Brush (the complex culture one)
      Acne dots
      Coffee Scrub

      I know that I am in the minority here but I LOVE that coffee scrub!!!! It would be awesome if we could buy multiples of an add-on. I would have gotten 4 of those!

  46. My bag isn’t bad, all new products that I am looking forward to trying. But I am most excited about the POREfessional Pearl add-on, because I am about to run out and I am obsessed with the stuff.

    I only got one makeup item in my bag though, and it is eyeliner which I had supposedly opted out of lol.

  47. All my bags suuuuuck this month 😭. I was so excited for the spoilers, too (I’m up at 5am just to see my reveal)!

    I’m getting:
    –CAOLION Bubble Pore Pack (only thing that I’m remotely excited for, even though I think it’s a gimmick)
    –GO TO Face Hero Oil (marked rarely as my skin hates oils and I’ve tried a lot)
    –GIRLACTIK Black liquid liner (ughhhh)
    –THE COFFEE SCRUB Coconut Scrub (tried this before and it’s AWFUL)
    –WANDER BEAUTY Eyeshadow in Blossom (not ugly, but the 100th time I’ve gotten this shade or similar)
    –GRACE AND STELLA Lavender Hand Cream (I hate lavender and have my scent preferences set to other types)

    Majorly bummed. Hope everyone else has better luck. Wow.

    • I hate my bag, too, but, honestly, I would have been happy with yours. Lavender is my favorite scent and I’m into anything skincare related.

  48. I didn’t pick an item, & I’m pretty happy with what I got!

    – Mischo polish in Unbroken
    – Hanalei lip balm in Island Mint
    – Tarte sea quench primer
    – Hey Honey Relax! Moisturizer
    – Foxybae hair Mask
    – Naked Cosmetics pigment in Mother Nature 05

    Only item I’ll be passing on is the primer. I’m really excited to try the nail polish & eye shadow, even though I’m not super excited about the beige shades.

    • You’re bag twins with my mom! She and my sister joined this month.

      • Your mom must be a classy lady. 😉

    • I wish I had nail polish available to add on – or in my bag!
      They haven’t sent me any in awhile and I have it marked as often.

      • I’ve often wished that, too! It’s been a while since I’ve seen any offered in add-ons at all. I wonder if it has to do with shipping restrictions on polish.

  49. If I start mine back up today, do I still get to choose one item & pick add ons?

    • You do no get to choose one item, but I’m sure you would could pick add-ons and get a bonus item that they will choose for you. I also heard that new subscribers will get a bonus deluxe sample of Thrive mascara with their bag.

  50. No $1 items!!

    • There is a $2 credit applied to your add on orders. So if you purchase a $3 add on, it is reduced to $1 upon checkout

    • They mean if you use your $2 credit the item becomes $1.

      • Yes, you get ONE one dollar add on…. woohoo… And a bonus item… a make-up brush which you may have no use for…. oh Ipsy. Thank heavens I locked in the $10 per bag annual sub…. sigh

      • Not everyone got the brush as a bonus item. I got mascara as my bonus item.

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