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The April 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (94)

  1. Here’s what I got:

    The lavender nail polish ( I never wear nail polish, but maybe I’ll try it now that I have time. Or ill give it to my sister.)

    Superberry YTTP mask (super excited! I almost picked this, and I’m so glad it ended up in my bag.)

    Shania B Miami brush (I love getting brushes, even if I don’t keed them. This one looks like good quality so I’m excited.)

    Serraphine Botanicals Lip gel (really excited for this! Love lip products and this color!)

    Christophe Robin Sampl Scrub ( my pick. Really excited I’m in need of something to help my scalp.)

    Add ons:

    Bellapierre lipstick (this is for my mom)
    Dermology Vitamin C serum
    Wonder Eye Cream

    Overall I’m happy with my bag. I mean I got 3 full size items in a 12 dollar bag so can’t complain much

  2. I’m so freaking confused right now. Why were ipsy bags early this month? I didn’t pay until the 31st so of course I’m just now checking my app today and still my products aren’t being shown. Also I saw where it said second chance for add ons. I’m just confused. I guess I missed the boat on that one 🚣

    • Me too!

      • Well at least I’m not the only one 😊

    • Leslie, I just logged on and it took me to a “second chance” add-on page even though I already added-on. Choose up to 8 products and it will ship separately from your bag.

      • But, not as big of a selection available.

      • I saw that I was thinking this couldn’t have been all they had the first time around! Sucks I missed out.

      • Honestly, I bet they didn’t have a ton of people adding on this month with people losing their jobs or just trying to save money so they were probably like well, lets try this again. 😁

  3. New rewards points items are up!

  4. Overall, I like my bag.

    NOMAD Tuscany Intense Eyeshadow in Aperitivo (my pick) I generally love the Murad eyeshadows they’ve given me, and this looked like a nice shade, so after waffling over options I finally picked this one, and I’m glad I did.)

    MURAD Nutrient-Charged Water Gel (Generally a brand I like, and I’m becoming obsessed with water-creams since Ipsy sent one a while back. I love them for my last step before sleeping – my dry skin has never been so healthy! I can barely even call it dry skin anymore.)

    LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Lipstick in Fausta (I’m not sure I’ll love the shade as it seems to be really light/close to skin tone. But I can always layer or mix with a balm, and I’m not sure if I have tried the brand before or not.

    AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask (The one meh item for me. When I first started IPSY I loved getting masks, but now that I have quite a backlog I only get excited if they are something really new like the charcoal pore thing I got last month that I finally used a few days ago and love – my skin feels so smooth and soft and my pores are way clearer.)

    Helios Livin’ Lovely Nail Polish – I don’t usually wear pastel colored polish, but it’s pretty and the formula sounds interesting. I can always use it to paint flowers on top of another shade if it is too light, or throw some sparkle over it.


    Neogen Dermalogy Real Vita C Serum

    Technically I don’t “need” another serum or vita-C serum since I have a backlog, but I really like trying the different brands out. Vitamin C serums usually work well for me.

    • I didn’t join until last night. Will I get another chance at add on’s on the 2nd or no?

      • No they did them early this month because of the virus so they wanted to get the bags out earlier so it didn’t affect anything.

      • Brittany – YES – go now! The 2nd chance add ons are live, this morning!

      • Thanks for the heads up! The Kokie concealer I wanted was sold out, which was a bummer, but I ended up getting the Lovecraft lipstick in Fausta, which I regretted passing on the first time around. Also grabbed the Nomad eyeshadow in Apertif, because I can’t resist a rose gold shadow.

  5. I got-
    Glossier moisturizer-my pick
    Kaleido cosmetics blush
    Estate highlighter
    Bellapierre lipstick
    Balance me eye cream

    Add ons-
    Luxie brush
    Goldfaden hand treatment
    Tony moly cleanser

    I’m pretty excited.

    • You got a great bag. I also picked the Glossier moisturizer and got
      Neogen Dermalogy vita C serum (overloaded on vitamin C serums)
      Kismet vitamin C primer (ditto; and why 2 vitamin C products in the same bag?)
      Space Case bronzer (a rarely and repeated bad reviews)
      YC Collection setting powder (meh)

      Absolutely no color in my bag. This is Spring?

      • That’s a bummer. I’m sorry.

      • I have a very similar bag, but I’m thrilled with it because I’m older than the typical Ipsy crowd and much prefer skin care over makeup.

        Glossier (my pick)
        Seraphine lip gloss (love all things lip-related!)
        NeoGen Vitamin C serum (love all serums!)
        YC powder (love face powders!)
        Estate Highlighter (least fave of my bag but still excited because I’ve given away all of my highlighters in the past and now I am curious)

        H2O+ Oasis face lotion (my 6th one, love this stuff!)
        Aromatica Calendula face lotion
        PureHeals toner
        Hey Honey toner
        Christophe Robin Sea Salt scrub shampoo
        YTTP Dream Glow Mask

        I know people can get down on Ipsy but I adore them. Even when I don’t like everything in my bag, it’s TWELVE DOLLARS (plus add ons, lol). So much fun stuff and I can create gifts for people with all the extras I don’t need or want.

        LOVE YOU IPSY!

      • I get three regular glam bags and two glam bag plus each month plus add-ons and absolutely love Ipsy too!! I especially love giving my duplicates and/or things I don’t want to my daughters, I just save them up for a few months and then send them each a surprise box, they love it!!

  6. My regular bag is much better than my plus bag. I would rate it a 4 out of 5. I will be getting:

    Youth to the people sleep mask. My pick.

    YC powder. I don’t know anything about this brand, but I use loose powder everyday that I apply makeup, so this will be used.

    Balance Me eye cream. I’ve used this before, and quite like the texture and non-toxic ingredients.

    Lovecraft lipstick. looks like a nice neutral color, and I appreciate the full size.

    Spacecase highlight. Another highlighter 🙄

  7. I got a really great GB this month! There were a lot of good choices. I received:

    Full size – Seraphine lip gel in rose
    Full size – Kaleido blush in primadonna
    Full size – Oryza nude eye quad
    Full size – Luxie eyeshadow brush
    Deluxe – Verb Ghost hair mask

    So happy to get 4 awesome looking full sized products 💖💖💖💖! I added on these too:

    Full size – Kokie concealer
    Full size – IBY enlighten eye palette
    Deluxe – Hey honey toner
    Deluxe – Christophe Robin scalp scrub

    • Yuo got an absolutely amazing glam bag!! There weren’t very many good choices or add-ons left when I was able to choose because my payment didn’t go through the first time they billed me and I had a big problem trying to change to paypal payment because all of a sudden my debit card stopped being accepted (its a prepaid debit Direct Express Mastercard from social security) I was so bummed because I have been with Ipsy for 3 years and they have been accepting it all that time! It was a real hassle took all day! I had to unsubscribe from each subscription (I get three glam bags and two glam bag plus boxes each month) and each bag had to be unsubscribed from separately and then resubscribed to. Not a very friendly website for that at all! But at least customer service was available to email me back almost immediately twice the first night it was going on and then three times today they answered me trying to help. Plus now I can’t see my bag spoilers but I added add-ons even though I don’t know what I am getting! What a fiasco, but I am addicted to Ipsy and Boxycharm, Allure, Sephora Play and Glossybox. It just makes me so happy and with what’s going on in the world I don’t want to fall back into a depressive episode.

  8. I kind of wish they had a “donate a bag” and/or “donate a product” for their front line worker bags they’re putting together.
    I didn’t pick any add ons this month. I love that they’re donating bags. I’m happy to do a little contribution so they can do more of those.

    • I’m sure there workers get to take home and try products too.

    • Oh my gosh that’s such a fantastic idea you seriously should send them an email they could put it up on their page if people wanted to purchase a bag to donate that would really help I saw something on their page about the fact that they were matching money donated or something I think.

  9. This was supposed to have been cancelled, but I got charged and did not choose, since it was supposed to not be active:

    Neogen C Serum (Neogen is fine, but I do not need more C serums)
    Large Luxie brush
    Oryza (wth?) shadow set
    Balance Me eye cream (ugh! I have so many better creams)
    Kaleido Cosmetics (wth?) blush (already have sooooo many blushes!)

    Added on:
    SR Martian toner (already have full-sized, but need one for travel)
    Margot Elena Cottage mask

    • Same. Even though I chose to skip every other month..I still got charged this month. Not thrilled. I thought maybe I made a mistake, but seeing your comment made me confident that I did not.

  10. I haven’t seen anyone with my bag yet, so here goes!

    *YTTP MASK (my choice)


    Overall? I’m super happy. Ipsy have been consistently sending out awesome bags (IME) since I unpaused.

  11. I’m pleased with this month personally.
    I will be receiving:
    -Araceli beauty gel pencil liner
    -Seraphine Botanicals- Berry + Juice lip gel
    -Hey Honey! Herbal toner
    -Kokie Cosmetics illuminating concealer in golden beige
    -Aromatica juicy cream
    Add Ons:
    -111skin Hyaluronic Acid aqua booster (took a chance on this, I just hope it’s worth it!)
    -Youth to the people hydrate + glow dream mask (excited to try!)

  12. A got the bare minerals mascara, vitamin c primer, vitamin c serum, blush brush and calendula cream. I added on the tonymoly cleanser and oat face scrub. A lot of things weren’t options as add-ons for me. 🤷

  13. Almost skipped, and very glad I didn’t!

    *Tonymoly cleanser – Eager to try this. I generally wind up loving Tonymoly, and as always, the packaging is too dang cute.
    *Murad Nutrient-charged water gel – was on my wishlist! Yay!
    *Oryza Beauty metallic shadow – My pick
    *Bareminerals lipstick in Courage – I rarely wear reds, but I actually look forward to trying this one for a change of pace. And if the color doesn’t work, I can always layer to tone it down.
    *Luxie shader brush – I’m always happy to get a brush.

    Dutch Dirt mask
    Eco lips scrub
    Seraphine botanicals lip gel
    Thann oatmeal face scrub

    Best part: No black eyeliner this month, finally!

    Looking forward to a very cleansing/hydrating sort of April 😀

    • Bag twins! I was super happy with my bag. I do wish I’d gotten a nail polish but other than that it was the best bag I’ve had in a long time! I also added:
      Christopher Robin Scalp Scrub (AMAZING product)
      Hey Honey Toner
      Purheals Toner
      Youth to the People Mask
      (I’m a major skincare junkie)

      I also took a BIG chance on the Ultimate bag this month and I was just as surprised and pleased. I’ve gotten about four total here and there and this was the best by far. I think I had an RV of over $350.

      Watch out Boxy, Ipsy’s gettin’ back in the game!

    • Bag Twins as well! I also chose the eyeshadow as my choice. I think it’s a great bag🤗

  14. My bag has Araceli gel eyeliner kind I use, TonyMoly moisture boost jel, Kismet vitamin C primer, Glossier moisturizer, Luxie lg shade brush. My add ons Neogen Vita C serum, Ciate London mascara, I love mascara wear it all the time. I am very happy with my April bag. Can’t wait to try everything.

  15. I’m meh on my bag but really happy with the add ons. Getting:
    Buxom mascara (my pick)
    Kismet vitamin C primer
    Neogen vitamin C serum
    Murad gel
    Araceli Blending Brush

    Add ons
    Christophe Robin Hair cleaner (love this stuff but it’s super pricey!)
    Sunday Riley mattifying toner
    Araceli gel pencil (I use gel liner on my lower water line and am totally out)

  16. I got the nomad eyeshadow (choice), murad water gel (sweet), lovecraft beauty lipstick, araceli chiquita brush, and space case bronzer (which I would have liked more if they hadn’t sent me a bronzer last month that I really like…) Pretty great bag for me.

    Added on the full size sunscreen (assuming I will be allowed back outside by August), TonyMoly cleanser, BellaPierre lipstick, calendula cream, and goldfaden hand cream. That’s the most I’ve ever spent on Add-ons! (And I had to talk myself out of the IBY palette!)

  17. The murad, glossier and bare minerals weren’t in either of my 2 bags – nor were they available as add ons. They must reserved for the special people 🤣. My bags were ok. Not thrilled with the purple nail polish. Oh well – it could be worse.

    • I was really hoping for the Glossier or Murad too

    • I am getting the Murad and am not an influencer or anything.

    • The Murad was in my bag and my choice was the Nomad shadow. The Glossier wasn’t even an option for me, which was disappointing. I’d grade my bag a B-, but I maxed out on add-ons, so I’ll be very happy when it arrives and won’t have a problem re-grading my bag an A.

    • I got the murad water gel, too. I thought it was interesting since they sent me the Tatcha water cream last month and a belief aqua bomb recently – but that might be why? I never got moisturizer type things in my back but once they sent the first water cream I loved it so much I gave it a good review. So I’ve gotten several of that type since. They are great to put on as my last skincare step at night. Ipsy seems to work by when it finds something I like it sends me loads of the same thing. Like, I never got polish for a couple years, but then they finally sent one. I liked it, so now I get polishes frequently. I also think I have given murad products good reviews before.

      • That’s an interesting way to use the water cream moisturizers. I’m in my mid 40’s. I’ve been using them as a serum, then moisturizer or facial oil at night. I never thought to use it as the last step. I’ll have to try that. Thank you!

  18. I am pretty happy with my bag:

    YTTP mask (my pick), Kaleido Blush in Primadonna, Kismet Vitamin C Primer, Helios Nail Polish, Verb Ghost Hair Mask.

    The only thing I am not sure about is the primer (because I don’t wear foundation). I love the nail polish we’re getting!

  19. I canceled all my other subs for financial reasons. I decided to stick with Ipsy for the price point, Choice, and the $3 add-ons. This is the 1st month in a while I’m actually looking forward to my bag as it’s actually pretty consistent with my profile:

    Christophe Robin Scrub: My choice. Love this brand and haven’t tried this product
    Hekios Livin’ Lovely Nail Polish: This is in my always category and I rarely get it, so I’m excited
    Araceli Beauty Blending Brush: Don’t know the brand, but like brushes
    Ahava Mud Mask: I think 24K gold is a little gimmicky, but I’ll give it a try
    Kaleido Cosmetics Blush: Looks non-shimmer so I’m excited to try it

    Youth to the People Dream Mask – I love this brand and haven’t tried this product
    Sunday Riley Toner – I’m mixed on the brand and it was $12, but I’m almost out of toner

    • If you got the Primadonna shade it’s a shimmery blush.

    • You’re gonna love the hair/scalp scrub! I kid you not, my very very fine hair was SO shiny and full of body after I used this. I added it to my April bag and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  20. I got Balance Me eye cream, Bellapierre lipstick in Incognito, Glossier moisturizer, YC setting powder, and Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner. I don’t care for the lipstick color and don’t wear eyeliner. I’ll just give those to my friends. I added the Luxie 209 brush, YTTP dream mask, and the IBY palette. The palette was my big splurge. I’ve never added on a $12 item. But, it’s $25 on the IBY site so it’s a good deal plus it has beautiful spring and summer colors. So, overall, I’m pleased with April.

  21. Ipsy Did a pretty good job for me this month. Did not select an item.
    -Murad water gel, yes!
    -Kismet vitamin c primer, I’ll try just about any primer.
    -YC collection loose powder in 215, not sure about the shade. Looked this up online, only 4 shades, website is odd, reminds me of fb type adds that take you to a website and then it takes longer than a wish order to arrive. I’m a little leery of this…
    -Neogen vitamin c serum, perfect! I need serum!
    -Luxie 209 shader brush, completely useless to me. This will be donated.
    -Add On- realher eyebrow pencil. I don’t really have eyebrows anymore, I like the fact that this is waterproof!

  22. Happy with my bag and add-ons!

    Tony Moly moisture boost gel
    Oryza foiler metallic eyeshadow (my choice)
    Aromatica Calendula juicy cream
    Luxie Large shader brush
    Buxom mascara

    Added Seraphine lip gel, Sugar waterproof eyeliner (I really liked the Sugar pencil eyeliner I got before), Goldfaden anti-aging handcream

  23. Seraphine Botanicals lip gel in Rose currant (excited to try this)
    KALEIDO Cosmetics Blush in Primadonna (I love blush)
    Araceli Beauty Grande blending brush (love getting brushes)
    Oryza Beauty eyeshadow quad (may be too warm for my taste but I’m excited to be getting an entire quad!)
    Goldfaden MD Hand Treatment (meh)

    A pretty good bag! No add ons for me this time.

  24. My first bag is horrible, all brown tones and highlighters. Hoping my second bag (that I can’t see yet) is better. No add ons

  25. i’m just staying with the ipsy bag…after all you can buy what you want on add-on days, that’s in the other bags..

  26. i’m loving my bag this month:
    *GLOSSIER Priming Moisturizer (my pick)
    *SPACE CASE COSMETICS Fakecation Bronzer (bronzer and mascara are my fav beauty products)
    *HELIOS Living Lovely Nail Polish (the only eh product for me this month)
    *CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Cleansing Purifying Scrub (heard great things about this product last month, looking forward to trying)
    *SUGAR COSMETICS Waterproof Eyeliner (i’m happy it’s waterproof)

  27. I decided not to choose on my primary account this month, and it did result in a bag more to my liking then when I had chosen!

    Nomad Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Apretivo (would’ve preferred either Orzya option but I got the quad in a previous bag)

    Murad Water Gel – love murad, sounds like a nice weight for the season

    Ahava 24k Gold Mask – I’m pretty eh on gold but love Ahava

    BareMinerals Hydra-Smoothing in Courage – looks too orange for me, and I generally avoid shiny lippies. but I’ll see how this is in person

    Luxie 209 brush – YES love it!! Not my absolute favorite colorway of theirs, but it will go to good use for sure!

    I did add on the Orzya quad since I had chosen in on my secondary account but that one got goofed up and who knows what’s happening there (was supposed to have been a free month but then the app is yelling at me about billing, CS says they’ll send it)
    Worst case scenario I end up with 3 Orzya quads which is fine by me, I quite like them!!

    TLDR: if nothing compels you strongly in choice, just skip it and it may or may not result in a better bag!

  28. This is mine

    Tony Moly Moisture Boost Gel To Water Morning Cleanser (meh, i have so many cleansers right now)

    Murad Water Gel – LOVE Murad

    Araceli blending brush = ok

    Helios nail polish- -orchid shade – YAY! I haven’t got polish in awhile. Love the shade for spring.

    ORYZA Nude Shimmer & Contour Eyeshadow – ok. Will be good for the makeup bag in my purse.

    Only added on 2 – Goldfaden hand cream and YTTP dream mask

    Overall I am happy with this month. Its a nice mix of skincare, polish, a tool and make up. The bag is super cute to me, too!

  29. I also got the:
    -Araceli brush 😠 don’t use eye shadow
    and -Helios nail polish 👍
    -TonyMoly Moisture Boost Gel to water morning cleanser 👍
    -Glossier (my pick)
    -Sugar waterproof eyeliner (OK, I do need waterproof eyeliner, just wish it wasn’t in another black)

    Verb ghost hair mask (would love a less-expensive option to my HG Moroccan Gold)
    SR Martian toner (🤔 hype?)
    Ultimate glam bag only (so cute)
    Youth to the People mask (MSA reader commented this was great, 👍 recommendations!)
    Verso Skincare Dark Spot Fix ($150 regular price on Dermstore for $18!!! Although I hope it doesn’t end up as an HG as I can’t afford it otherwise 🤦)

  30. Love mj y bag this month

    .context nail polish!
    .YTP mask
    .lovecraft beauty lipstick
    .Lucie brush
    .CR hair scrub [my pick]

    So far no I dont want addons. I already got stuff from the flash sale

  31. I received the Youth to People Mask
    Thann Oatmeal Scrub
    Nomad Eye Shadow single Cantucci
    A Blending Brush
    A Black eyeliner

    That is ok. I will be needing that eyeliner very soon.

  32. Really happy with my bag this month! I’m getting:

    MURAD Nutrient-Charged Water Gel

    SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Lip Gel in Rose Currant

    ORYZA Foiler Alert Metallic Eyeshadow in Rose Gold (my choice)

    NEOGEN DERMALOGY Real Vita C Serum

    LUXIE 209 Large Shader brush in Summer Daze

    I added on the Christophe Robin scrub, the Youth to the People mask, and the Hey Honey! toner.

    This was *exactly* the pick me up I needed in these anxious times.

    • Nice bag! I had hoped the Murad & Oryza liquid shadows would be add-ons, but I guess I’m out of luck!

  33. I’m receiving…
    Seraphine lip gel
    Oryza eyeshadow quad
    Glossier cream
    Tonymoly moisture boost gel
    Luxie eyeshadow brush

    I missed choice, but feel like I’m receiving a great bag!

  34. I chose Christophe Robin scrub my other items were YTTP superfood mask , lavender nail polish , Lovecraft lipstick, and pretty shader brush. I added Seraphine lip gel.

  35. I’m getting:

    – YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask (Yay! I have a full-size, but more is always good.)

    – LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Lipstick in Fausta (Yay! I love lipstick and loved the blush palette I got from this brand.)

    – LUXIE 209 Large Shader Summer Daze Tan Brush (Nice! I love Lucie and it’s a pretty bush.)

    – HELIOS Livin’ Lovely Nail Polish (Meh. I don’t hate polish but I never ask for it.)

    – CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt (Yay, my pick! Hope it helps my itchy/dry scalp.)

    Great bag!

    • We’re bag twins! They did so great with this bag! This is probably one of my favorite bags and months!

    • Also a bag twin. I’m really pleased!

  36. Did anyone else have trouble getting billed, finally got billed late last night, then not be able to see their bag or do add-ons? I had that problem for both my bags. Ipsy was no help really.

    • I had issues with billing & I can’t see my bag or do add ons either. Hopefully, it will get fixed, not had these issues before with Ipsy.

      • I’ve never had a problem like that before. I really was hoping they’d fix it too. I hope we get to have it fixed.

      • I have the same issue.

  37. My bag is amazing this month! I loved a lot of the choices too.

    Full size Seraphine lip gel in rose
    Full size Kaleido blush in primadonna
    Full size Oryza eyeshadow quad
    Full size Luxie eyeshadow brush
    Murad water gel

    And I added on the Full size Kokie concealer and the sample size Balance Me eye cream (a fave).

    • Did you make a choice this month?

    • That would have been my dream bag! Did you participate in choice this month?

  38. April 2020 is bring me: THANN oatmeal face scrub, Bellapierre Cosmetics lipstick in Incognito, Glossier moisturizer (my pick), Helios nail polish in Livin’ Lovely, Sugar Cosmetics eye liner. I give this bag a 4 our of 5 stars. I am opted out of eye liners, yet I have received one in Feb., March and now April. I wrote to ipsy about it, but I already know what they’ll say… “This bag best suits your profile.”. Yadda yadda… Stop sending me eye liners. HOWEVER, the rest of the bag is very nice.

    • Bag twins. I’m opted out of eyeliner AND lipstick, though. I’m happy about the nail polish, moisturizer and I’ll use up the scrug, but I can’t use the lipstick or the eyeliner. I see tons of products that would have suited me, and several that I’d actually like to try and that match my preferences. I don’t get it. It’s not like they don’t have options to choose from.

      • What they’re doing is prepackaging “pre-made” boxes, which cuts back on shipping and preparation time. I get that. I appreciate that. However, it’s allowing for items that do not follow our profiles, to be included in these boxes. It takes away from the accuracy of them following our profile. I hope they work on this system and try to fine tune the profile-match process.

      • I wish I could be opted out of 2 categories, but they wouldn’t let me add a second.

      • It used to be, you could opt out of three categories (up until about two years ago). Then, they changed it to two categories (as of November 2019, it was still two categories). Perhaps now, it’s one category.

    • My exact bag – I am opted out of eyeliner and nail polish. I’m not pleased. I emailed them since I have received an eyeliner in 3 of my last 5 months – see if they’ll do anything – besides the standard ” we can’t guarantee – yada yada”
      I have to admit though that on average I like my bags so I guess statistically I will receive a dud at some point.

      • I am opted out of highlighter and bronzer. I wish I was opted out of eyeliner as well. I get one EVERY month and ALWAYS black. This month it is a brand called Sugar. I leave them on the table at work. Someone always snags it. I also had a weak few moments and added 8 products. The Verso serum was the only full size. I love Verso. I believe that everyone who is receiving the Seraphine lip product will enjoy it. I had received this in a past bag and I love it. Added another. Everyone take care. Even with the black eyeliner, I still look forward to this bag. I am an annual, so I locked in $10. A freat deal at that price.

      • I was wrong – I had it changed to opt out of highlighter and bronzer a few months ago. I’m locked in at $10 too – until August I think. Usually I like my bag – oh well.

  39. I’m very happy with my bag this month, apart from another highlighter. I’m getting:

    Seraphine Botanicals Lip Gel in Rose Currant

    Neogen Dermalogy Vita C Serum – I break out with Vitamin C, but I’ll give this a shot

    Glossier Priming Moisturizer – I chose this product

    YC Collection Loose Setting Powder in #117

    Estate Cosmetics Highlighter in Lit – The one product I am not happy about

    Luxie 209 Large Shader Brush – (Add-On)

    TonyMoly Moisture Boost Cleanser – (Add-On)

    • The Estate highlighter is nice! I know it looks super yellow in the packaging, but I find it a lot more subtle on the skin. It’s fine & shimmery powder with no glitter chunks.

    • We are getting the EXACT same bag, and I feel the same way about highlighter normally but am excited to try this one.

      I think we scored this month! I love almost everything. I got 6 add ons though, which I probably shouldn’t have,

  40. I saw someone on Reddit who was bag twins with me already!

    – YC powder in #117 (choice)
    – Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream
    – Space Case highlighter in 1A (near miss… I like the brand, but not their highlighters or this particular shade)
    – Youth to the People mask 👌👌👌
    – Lovecraft lipstick in Fausta (dud… not sure about this brand; don’t typically use bullet lipstick; this brown shade will not suit my cool undertones)

    Overall, I’m happy with it!

  41. Glad I skipped this month. I’m starting to like the add ons more anyway

    • I feel like I’m never really happy with my bag except for the one item that I’ve picked. This month I got:

      KALEIDO COSMETICS Skin Blush in Primadonna—I don’t wear blush
      ARACELI BEAUTY Chiquita Blending Brush—I don’t use brushes
      AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask—I literally would have preferred any other skin care item since I read such bad reviews for this one, but I’ll try it
      HELIOS Livin’ Lovely Nail Polish—I’m hoping for the best with this. I do like getting nail polishes since I get a monthly pedicure. I’m hoping the color is deeper like it shows on Helios’s website and not as pinky as on the Ipsy site
      CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt—My choice item. Can’t wait to give it a try

    • Can you still purchase add ons if you skip that month?

  42. I’m happy with my items: Luxie brush, Murad moisturizer, lip gloss, metallic eye shadow, and serum.

  43. I got a lipstick, blush, highlighter, glossier primer, and an eye cream. Not too shabby overall

  44. Booooo my two bags have the exact same items in each one 🙁 🙁

    • ☹️ Mine too. My choice item was the YTTP mask for each. Each bag also has Buxom mascara, Araceli Beauty Chiquita blending brush, Thann oatmeal face scrub and Helios Livin’ Lovely nail polish. Would rather they didn’t match- especially the nail polish.

      • I chose the Buxom mascara, but we’re still bag twins! Sorry you’re receiving two of the same :/

  45. There are numerous items here that are not an option for my bag.

    • I think the items shown are all the possible items that could have been in your bag, not necessarily the add-ons that you’re able to purchase or what’s in your particular bag.

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