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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the April 2020 Glam Bag Plus!

ByMSAMar 30, 2020 | 116 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2020 makeup and beauty subscription box review

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
4.2 overall rating
247 Ratings | 33 Reviews

April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 5 full-size products! You’ll also get a makeup bag once every three months.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I got the DOC liquid lipstick in Plum Queen and hated how dark and ugly it went on with its applicator. Then I sheered it out with a lip brush and applied it that way—much better. It’s definitely a shade I’ll keep for fall and winter, but it wasn’t as awful as I first thought. So maybe try that if you’d like to see if you can make it work for you. It really stays on well.


I’m seeing people getting a drawstring pouch instead of the super cute bag shown in our reveals and promos. Anyone get the drawstring? I sure hope I get the zipper bag.


I got the drawstring and I’m super disappointed. The regular bag is way better than this junk


I just got to see what my items will be today. I am very happy with everything I’m getting this month.

Shaina B eye shadow palette
Tarte eyeliner (I haven’t tried their eyeliner so happy about this)
Ciate London mascara (Surprisingly I don’t get mascaras so thrilled with this)
Cela Creme rose lotion (I love getting good quality lotions and I was really hoping it would be one of my items as well.)
Foxy Bae Leave in Conditioner (My choice item)

I chose two add ons
Goomee hair ties (I was getting ready to purchase some on Amazon) Only $3 for 4 so Thanks Ipsy.
Neogen Real Vita C serum (Running low on it so was glad to see a small version for $3)

This was a welcome surprise today.
I hope everyone is staying safe and social distancing.


My bag arrived today! After not being able to access my account, I was shocked to see it had arrived by 4/3! Way to go, Ipsy!


I got this exact bag, and it’s the first time I’m super disappointed with my bag!


I got
Cela creme rose – sounds great.
Mascara – always need mascara.
Starskin sheet masks – my pick, nothing really looked promising by the time I logged in.
Context nail polish – I’ve been doing my own nails weekly while I’m working from home.
Tarte black eyeliner – my stepdaughter will take it.

Really no complaints. It’s a solid bag. I know everyone got the dreaded eyeliner but if that’s all we have to complain about we’re pretty blessed. For $25? It’s a bargain.


The eyeliner is no good then

Stephanie L.

We are bag twins! And I agree that our variation is a very solid bag. I’m not crazy about the variation MSA got and would’ve been disappointed if that’s what I got.


In case anyone wanted the Foxybae conditioner & didn’t get it, it’s one of the items in the Spring Refresh kit in Ipsy Offers today.


Does anyone know if the eyeliner is full size or mini?


I believe it is full size based on the retail value.


Did anyone actually get the Bobby Brown lipstick, or was that just a clever ruse on ipsy’s part to get our hopes up?


I got it! Not sure if it’s my color though.


What else was in your bag? Did you choose an item? I need deets! 😆


I had asked the same question. I’ll bet they did have the Bobbi Brown lipstick, but they had like 100 of them and 100,000 of the Dose lipsticks and 200,000 of the Shaina palettes.


CÉLA Crème Rose body cream–I will use the heck out of this.
CIATÉ LONDON Triple Shot XXL Mascara in Black XXL–I will use it eventually.
SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Eyeshadow Palette–Not excited about this one. Just not my colors.
That freaking Tarte eyeliner. Don’t care.
FOXYBAE Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner–this is my pick and I am really excited about this. I love getting hair care stuff and I use leave-in conditioner daily.


I’ve used it. It’s really nice.


Kinda wish I had held out to see if I got the Plum Queen lipstick. But there was literally nothing else I wanted. I got:

DOSE of colors lip in Campfire (my pick, still very excited because it’s good for spring)

Tarte Eyeliner (I would be pissed if I wasn’t almost out of pencil liner, but I’m okay with it this time. I don’t use liquid eyeliner.)

VIP mask duo (I’ll use them, but not exciting.)

Cela Creme Rose Body Lotion (meh)

Girlactik Jello Gloss Balm (this is cool, but I also feel like they would put this in a glambag)

The thing I don’t understand is how they curate this. I have eyeliner and sheet masks as rarely. Honestly I would rather have gotten the Bobbi Brown lipstick, and had 3 lip products instead of either the masks or liner.


I feel the same way. Half of what I am getting in my plus is marked as rarely. Plus is really starting to be a disappointment if this is the best they have to offer. I feel like they have one good box every few months and the rest are just random leftovers.


I don’t care what anyone has to say but I’m super excited for my April box. The add ons were totally worth spending because everything that was on there I basically added to my bag. This is definitely one I can’t wait for and it has a while for me to skip my box but not this one. 🙂


I know I post this almost every month, but OMG, is anyone else DYING to know how they decide which bag you get? Maybe I’m just a really analytical thinker, but I want to know how they prioritize your preferences, how many of each product they order, etc. I know they won’t reveal that much because it will likely spoil the facade of personalization (I think they do personalize, but are limited by logistics). I wouldn’t be mad as I totally understand they have to be efficient and follow a process, but I sure would LOVE to see how it works…


Totally agree! I know they wouldn’t tell us, but I’m so intrigued.

Nicole Grantier

I have 2 of each bag, spread out over 3 accounts. My profile is identical on each. My plus and ultimate bags are almost always identical, with slight variations typically based on my choice item. That leads me to believe that they do indeed use our profiles in some way, shape or form. Even if it isn’t exactly how we want them to, lol. My base bags do tend to vary more than the others, but there are a lot more products to choose from in this bag. I think another factor is that one of my base bag accounts is pretty new, so I can receive a wider variety of products (they would be repeats on my other account, but not on this one) and I have fewer reviews for them to go off of.

That’s my experience for what it’s worth ❤️


Thank you for sharing 🙂


I’m getting the Dose of Colors in Brick (choice), Cela Rose cream (sounds nice), Ciate mascara (always up for a new one), Shaina blush/highlighter palette (meh), and the eyeliner.

Still sick of black eyeliner.

Add ons are the Goldfarb hand cream and the Jules Smith eye palette. The palette’s colors are more my style.

I still have to go to the office because I’m deemed essential, but since I’m the only one there, social distancing is easy.


I’m in the same exact boat. I’m the only one in the office for now and my commute is down from 35 minutes to 12 minutes. I feel so lucky to still have a job and not have all the awful stress that most folks are feeling. But I have found myself “stress shopping” way more than I should be, although a lot of it was small “add-on” flash sale type items.

Both my parents have come down with “it” (they don’t even like to use the term) which is my current reason for being stressed. Kind of crazy how it reframes your entire way of thinking about life. Eeeek!


Ugh saaame girl!

We’re considered an ‘Essential” business a well and I have to be here no matter what its annoying. Works completely dead for us, hence why I read these comments and now subscribed for the first time to Ipsy LOL. They’ve blocked ALL of our YouTube and Facebook access so this is all i have.


I’m so sorry, I hope your parents are OK.


How lucky you get to be the only one who still has to come in…. 😒

Stephanie L.

I paused my April bag initially because none of the spoilers I wanted were available as choice items. (The item I really really wanted was the Bobby Brown lipstick.) But then I decided to just give it a shot and take my chances, I’m actually relatively happy with my bag. I’m getting:

– Starskin Sheet Mask Set (my choice because Sunday Riley was no longer available when I picked, and I’m looking forward to trying an ultra expensive sheet mask I’d never pay full price for)
– Cela Creme Rose (was hoping I would get this, I’ve been using a ton of lotion with all that hand washing to trying to keep the virus at bay)
– Context Skin Nail Polish Duo (meh, not my usual colors)
– Ciate London mascara (was hoping for this one as well, the wand is the type I tend to like)
– Tarte double take eyeliner (meh, I guess I don’t mind trying it out)

So 3 out 5 items I really wanted is pretty good!

Add On – $12 Full Size Bloomeffects Dirt Mask (hope this will help with my recent break outs)

Was really disappointed with the lack of Bobby Brown Lipstick not being available as an add on. And it seems very few people (if any) actually got it in their bag. Probably a unicorn item.

What did you get in your bag? Are you happy with your bag?


I got the same bag as MSA :
–Shaina B Eyeshadow Palette
–Tarte Eyeliner
–Bloomeffects Dutch Dirt Mask
–Girlactik Jello Lip Balm
–Dose of Colors in Plum Queen

I didn’t choose and item and this was my best bag in awhile! Super pleased!


It feels like ipsy has really used the “choice” feature to get around the storm of opt-outs they used to get…and have an excuse to send anyone and everyone black eyeliner. XD

But all in all I’ve grown to love my spoilers over the course of the day! Tarte eyeliner ain’t bad, I use mascara even if I don’t love the formula, I’m getting the neato Maelle concealer pen which looks fun, and I’m getting the rose cream (which really isn’t my thing but I know a lot of people wanted it, so I’m grateful!). The one thing I’m not hyped about is the orange lipstick, but…we shall see.


I didn’t choose so that I wouldn’t get stuck with my opt-out items (liner and mascara). Got liner in my plus and mascara in ultimate :/


Subbed in March. Got black eyeliners in both bags even though I selected that I rarely use eyeliner and when I do I rarely use black.

I know it’s not a big deal, but I ordered this to treat myself while all this scary stuff is going on and it’s a little bit of a let down. I did email them about it. We’ll see.

Other products are the Sunday Riley (choice), Ciate mascara, Girlactik jello gloss, and the Lavido mask/exfoliator. I added on the Cottage Greenhouse mask and the Trestique lip glaze set.


Lavido facial mask
Shaina B blush and highlighter mask (ugh! who is this?)
Starskin duo face masks (seriously?)
DOC in Campfire (I’m cool-toned, so this probably won’t work)
Tarte Double Take liner

Add On:
Verso Dark Spot fix


I’m glad I didn’t get the Sunday Riley Martian, I love how it makes my skin feel, but I can’t get over the smell. I got a full size I’m forcing myself to use; none of my friends would take it off my hands. The smell just doesn’t go away for me. I’ve tried layering it with something smellier (in a good way), but I still get whiffs of it. What does everyone else do?

I got the jello gloss balm (interested in trying it); black eyeliner (wish it were any other color); nail polishes (happy to get these, now that we’re shelter in place, I paint my nails more often, just a pop of color to cheer me up); masks(again, using these more since I’m working from home); leave in conditioner (I will use). So, not a bad bag at all!

Amber W.

Dang it, I forgot to resub last night, and did it this morning, but now I can’t shop the add-ons! I’m so disappointed in myself.


I’m sorry! I’d be so upset, too 🙁


Mine was all face care with eyeliner and mascara. I’m not complaining. Most of my add ons were also face care products. Judging by the options for this box and add-ons, it seems their intention was self-care.


Probably the worst bag I’ve gotten. Plus is usually my favorite too.
Sunday Riley Martian Toner (my choice)
Bloomeffects Dirt Mask (this just does not sound appealing but I guess I’ll try it)
Tarte Liner (it’s a black eyeliner so you know, I’ve got 27 and I’m opted out)
Shaina B Mami Palette (this could have potential but I have so many similar ones, plus the low value makes me question ingredient quality)
Dose Lipstick in Old Flame (okay, this is the WORST color they could have picked, I have skin that is pure white, orange is an awful idea!!)

I would have loved the Bobbi Brown!!


I have almost the same bag, but I’m excited for mine. I picked the SR, I have oily skin so love a good mud mask, I have bought the Tarte eyeliner multiple times in the past and am happy to receive another, and I think the eyeshadow palette is pretty. The only item I really don’t like is the Dose of Colors lippie in Play it cool, I look dead in those cool shades. I really wanted the Bobbi Brown or would have like the girlaktic, but overall I am happy with mine. Added on the Seraphine botanicals gloss and verso, very excited for both of those.


Anyone have any experience contacting @ipsy on twitter or insta? I can’t seem to get ahold of them and am locked out of my account 🙁


Thanks everyone – got a response on Twitter. They were def able to bill me and I have a bag, but they’re not sure why I can’t get into my account 🤔


I sent them an email and the answered pretty quickly!!


Not sure if you tried already but I usually have good luck through their email link actually I’ve gotten answers back with a few hours even if you go to and click get instant answers at the bottom it’ll take you through a quick process to get to the email link, never tried reaching them through insta or twitter though😕


Thanks, I tried that, too. I’ve never had a problem like this. I keep getting an error message, so I guess we’ll see. Oh well, I guess that I can always work my way through my stash this month 🤣


Did anyone received the Bobbi Brown lipstick? After all that hype, it seems like no one received it and it wasn’t an add-on item.

My plus bag, after skipping the previous three months, was a 1 out of 5. I will be receiving:

Starskin mask duo. I like sheet masks, but I had a problem with this brand in the past, so I’ll be passing these on to friends.

Girlactik lip balm gloss. I suppose this is okay. Can always use a lip balm, although I prefer basic balms from Burt’s Bees or EOS.

Shaina B highlighters. I do not need more highlighters, but I get the feeling they’re pushing this brand pretty hard, so I wasn’t surprised. Wish it was the shadow palette instead, though.

Lavido scrub mask. I would have preferred the Dutch Dirt scrub mask, but this will get used. I bought the Dutch Dirt mask as an add-on.

Tarte black eyeliner. I already got a black Tarte eyeliner in my regular glam bag last month, so this is essentially a repeat.


So disappointed 😔 Not getting Dose of Colors or either of the palettes. I am getting liquid eyeliner that I will never use and 3 other items that I marked no on my profile. This looks like the worst bag (plus or regular) for me personally that I’ve ever received. I was so excited for the spoilers! Count me annoyed 😠

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.