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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus April 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Which product are you choosing for your April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Here’s a look at the bag design:


And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (92)

  1. Ipsy articles for the month of April are up! They contain some new spoilers for April items!

    I think this is the only new spoiler for the Plus bag:
    – Context nail lacquer duo in Rocker Queen & Don’t Cry

    They appear as a duo in article links, but they also appear in the photo for the “Score Amazing Beauty Deals At IPSY Shopper” alongside other Plus products, so that’s why I think it’s a Plus spoiler & not Ultimate (but of course I could be wrong lol).

  2. First time I put my plus bag on pause. More so because of product over load 😊. I did sign back up for the regular bag for the flash sale and add ons. I took advantage of those bundles in the flash sale. I am going to have so much skin products I won’t be needing any for months. I just love my ipsy

  3. I see all the complaints about fall lip colors. I guess I am a rebel as I wear what ever lip color I feel like wearing. I don’t go by seasons.

  4. I checked more than once yesterday for choice time but it didn’t show up for me and they don’t send me an email letting me know. I finally was able to get it show up via firefox, but most of the items were gone… I tried to skip but that part of the website wasn’t working (both in safari and firefox). I finally just cancelled. It shouldn’t be this difficult!!

    • I never have any issues getting into Ipsy on either my android phone or IPad maybe it’s your device

  5. SR wasn’t a choice for me, skipped this month. I just need to cancel, I skip more often than not.

    • I canceled April as well. Disappointing offerings. plus Ipsy took the three most most interesting, desirable and expensive items out of the spoilers and I didn’t get to choose from them.

      Did you notice that most of the choices were Miniatures and not full size?

      • Three of the 5 spoilers were on my choice. Plus a few other nice products. The posting says here are some “spoilers”. It does NOT say “here is what will be on your choice list”. So I am still not seeing the bait & switch that you have mentioned quite often in your negative tirades.

        And if you cancelled why are you still here spewing your negativity?

      • I am simply expressing my opinion like you are expressing yours.

        I am no more spewing negativity than you are licking Ipsy’s boots and simply do not see things the same way that you do.,

      • But a lot of what you are saying just isn’t right, in my opinion. But if it makes you feel better to keep responding to comments with your complaints, go right ahead.

      • Lynda correcting you on your inaccurate information does not make her a “boot licker”. I’m sure she, like I, get tired of seeing people give inaccurate info or complain about things because they didn’t read the information correctly. Most of the spoiled items were available for choice including the more expensive items and none of the choice items are miniatures.

      • “Lynda correcting you on your inaccurate information does not make her a “boot licker”
        I agree, it does not. That was my whole point.

        SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Eyeshadow Palette
        SHAINA B MIAMI Mini Miami Blush and Highlight Palette

        These are choice items and they are miniatures. “Mini” means miniature.

        Here are links to full size versions of the same:

        As far as “inaccurate information” I simply do not see things the same way you do. Deception does not always involve fine print or verbal guarantees.

      • I am getting the Sunday Riley and the Dutch Dirt mask in my Plus bag and I didn’t “choose” either. I chose the DOSE of color in “Campfire”…..super happy!

      • I bet you are! I had my eye on the the Dutch Dirt Mask. And it retails for $49!

  6. The Sunday Riley was there, but I waited too long and it was gone by the time I made my choice. It’s sold out everywhere, which leads me to believe they are either changing the formula or discontinuing it, so I’m not too terribly upset. I may end up getting it anyway. *shrug* I actually picked the eyeliner. I like that it’s a pen and pencil, and will be great for my gym bag. The DOC colors are horrid and I generally hate liquid lipsticks to begin with; so drying. I was not impressed the last time I got a DOC liquid lip from one of my boxes, and hoping I escape without one this time. I won’t be angry if I get either palette, but I am not super eager for them either. I’m feeling pretty meh this month, but have a feeling I’ll be happy when it arrives.

    • I so agree! Lip colors to choose from this month were effing ugly. plus they look like fall colors, not spring. This leads me to believe that the vendor had a lot of extra stock so contacted Ipsy to dump it.

      • That’s how sub boxes get most of their stuff. That’s how they can charge so little for the boxes. Personally I liked 2 out of the 3 lip colors. Can’t please everyone all the time and that’s the gamble we take with sub boxes

  7. You notice the Ipsy bait and switch? April 2020 Spoiler showed:

    BLOOMEFFECTS Dutch Dirt Mask $49

    CÉLA Crème Rose – The Very Best Cream Rose $39

    Bobbi Brown Lipstick

    NONE of them available for choice. Ispy claims “The spoiler products and your choice products may not be the same”. Then why show them? This is legalized bait and switch, deceptive marketing and lack of integrity. I canceled the April bag.

    They claim the difference is due to “customization using your profile to find the best product for you”. NO! To find the CHEAPEST products for you. Unless they are customizing to find all my “rarely” and to take out all my “often”, this using “customization” as the culprit is a corporate lie.

    Ispy should not dangle expensive spoiler products in front of their customers, then remove them from their choices. This is unethical and Ispsy needs to be called out on this!

    If you are going to have a “spoiler” make it available to all your customers. If it is not available to your customer then don’t pretend that they may get it. Ipsy has a dark under belly and this is a good example.

    • WOW. I don’t see a bait and switch here. I don’t think Ipsy ever promised to have every product available to everyone for choice. I (and I am sure many others) have received some great and expensive products in my bag that were spoilers but not necessarily Choice products. and some that were not even Spoilers. So I am sure you still have as much a chance of getting those products (Spoilers) as anyone else.

      And why would you even subscribe to a company that you feel is so devious and deceptive?

      • It did not become apparent until this month. And as soon as it became apparent, I canceled my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

    • Spoilers mean you MAY get some of the items in your box.
      Choice means you WILL get that item and they are letting you choose from some items available. That is not bait and switch since the items are still possibilities and will be in some boxes. As for customization there are so many box variations with different items divided up to all be equatable in value. An algorithm is used to match your quiz responses and reviews up up to which box most closely matches responses. While also leaving room for you to be exposed to new products you might not Have considered. You won’t get everything you want every month. It’s a subscription box and a gamble. If you’re not open to trying new things sub boxes aren’t for you. Save your money and buy exactly what you want.

  8. I picked the eyeshadow palette. I don’t like any of the dose of colors liquid lipsticks and everything else looked junk. The blush I skipped because they all look the same to me. I’m still excited for this month.

  9. I decided to chose a Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Campfire because I disliked the other colors so much I wanted to be able to control which on I got. I really feel like since there are three for choice and another color as well that we can get, we will all get a Dose of Colors liquid lippie in this bag.

    • Whether you like it or not! Dose musta paid them beaucoup bucks.

  10. Sad. Choices are really bad. I guess they’re trying to make ultimate best, but we all can’t afford that. Geez.

    • Maybe consider subscribing and skipping every other month? Just an idea….

    • Yeah the Plus was a disappointing collection of lesser expensive products this month. Ipsy’s vendors make smaller sizes just for them masquerading as “full size”. Notice how the most expensive items in the April 2020 spoilers” were magically not available for anyone’s choice? Deceptive marketing and Ipsy needs to be called out on it. I canceled the April bag.

      I actually do not think the Ultimate is a better way to go. Heard similar complaints about it and how people regretted going Ultimate. Ipsy has a dark under belly. The April bag is a good example.

    • They are sad choices this month, aren’t they? I canceled my April glam bag Plus. Another thing to take note of is it Ipsy is moving from full-size products to miniatures. Both of the pallets as well as the Sunday Riley toner are Miniatures. They are half the size of what these companies are selling on the retail Market. I wouldn’t mind it if Ipsy was up front with Glam Bag plus customers and told us we would be getting a combination of full size and miniature products. But they don’t. They assure us we are getting full size products. This is deceptive marketing.

      • Agree. I’ve noticed it as well. I was going to make my choice…the SR was there…I stopped to place a tea bag in my cup…SR was gone. I was ticked off. So, I know that no way in heck it would be in my box with another choice item. I’ve been really pleased with my Plus…until this month.

      • Sunday Riley does actually sell that size on their website. $25.

  11. Another possible shade for the DoC liquid lip is Plum Queen — just swatched on an Ipsy luce, if that affects anyone’s choice.

    • *An Ipsy live (on Instagram).

  12. I went with the eyeshadow. I wanted the blush but it wasn’t a choice, neither was the SR

  13. I went with the eyeshadow pallete. I wanted the blush but it wasn’t a choice, neither was the SR

  14. I’d pick the leave in conditioner! I cancelled all my subs though. I just spent $100 at Sephora for part of my Easter gift on hair products.. I have so much makeup & skin care I don’t use them fast enough.. Hair products though!! 💖 Been super into them since Christmas! I use them all up asap.

    My treats 😍

  15. I always pick skincare items, so I went with the SR toner. Seems to be the smaller one ($25).

    • I went with the Sunday Riley

  16. I did NOT like any of these choices! The lipsticks were ALL too dark for me and the Toner isn’t a choice it’s not there. This was probably the worst selection yet for me😑

    • I agree with you on the lip colors. I don’t know what it is with Ipsy and these dark and ugly lip colors lately. Does Dose need to unload inventory or something?

  17. I picked the SR for my teenager. I like to share these bags with my kids. This may not be the best bag but its certainly a fun distraction right now.

  18. I chose the Shania B eye palette on one account and the Shania B blushes on the other account.
    They are really cute. 🙂

    • They are sad choices this month, aren’t they? I canceled my April glam bag Plus. Another thing to take note of is it Ipsy is moving from full-size products to miniatures. Both of the pallets as well as the Sunday Riley toner are Miniatures. They are half the size of what these companies are selling on the retail Market. I wouldn’t mind it if Ipsy was up front with Glam Bag plus customers and told us we would be getting a combination of full size and miniature products. But they don’t. They assure us we are getting full size products. This is deceptive marketing.

    • It is sad when you have to have two accounts in hopes of getting to pick the choices you want.

      • You come on this ladies comment with your negativity smh She never said she was “sad” with her choices or that she felt she “had” to have two accounts to get the choices she wants. Many people have multiple accounts for a myriad of reasons. Maybe she has kids she shares her boxes with, who knows n it’s nobodies business. She actually seemed quite pleased with her choices.

  19. And skipped. Nothing here I need or want right now

    • Ditto. Don’t want any of it this month, so skipping.

    • Agreed! I did the same.

  20. Don’t have the SR toner as an option,which is what I wanted, so going to skip this month. gotta save my money anyway, since ive been laid off due to the lockdown in Los Angeles.

    Looks like everyone got 9 options tho. they mustve sold out.

    • I only had a few options. Really disappointed.

      • Well, really only 7 options to choose from, of which you will receive five. Unless you count Dose lipstick in three ugly fall colors as three different options.

  21. I don’t have SR toner as choice, is it normal? I checked early this morning. My profile is set with combo, blemish skin.

    • I don’t have the toner option either. hmmm

    • It wasn’t one of my choices, either. I could only choose from DOC lip products, those off-brand palettes, and a liner. Luckily, I already have the full-sized toner. Such a shame we can’t choose it.

    • The brands that I like aren’t a choice, so I’ve just cancelled my subscription. If only the items were available that I was given a choice, I’m definitely preferring to save my money and buy what I want.

      • I canceled this month to and for the same reason. Dangling spoilers in front of us and then not allowing them to choose them is a bait-and-switch practice and deceptive marketing. Shame on you Ipsy!

    • I had it as a choice option as did many others when I got on as soon as choice opened. We all have the same amount of items to chose from so they may have only had so many SR available for choice to assure they had enough stock to also include it as an option in boxes.

  22. I reactivated so I could select the Shaina B eyeshadow palette. I scoped it out on their website, and while the full palette is only $29, a lot of the other colors are very dark or bold and are not something I want to experiment with. Since I’m trying to avoid palettes where I only like half the colors, and this mini is the half I do like, I figured I may as well– the whole box is less than the full size palette anyway.

    I originally thought I’d just wait and see if it was available as an add-on to my regular bag, but I got one of their blushes in my regular March bag and really like it, so I didn’t want to chance the palette being unavailable (which would totally be my luck). 🙂

  23. Well, the toner is no longer a choice. Might skip. Saving money.

  24. I think the SR toner is the small $25 size, which is a bummer.

    • Maybe maybe not. The items in the spoiler are not the items that you get to pick. I found that out the hard way. And cancelled my subscription. Ipsy decides which items you get to pick from.

      • Yes, Ipsy does decide which items will be available for Choice. This is probably a business decision based on item inventory. Ipsy is a subscription box . A gamble. I thankful we are even given a choice. How many other sub boxes give you a choice? Sure they may be different than spoilers, I look at it being able to see more items that may possibly be in my bag. No guarantee I’ll get what I’m hoping for.

  25. I got my last Ipsy Plus in Jan 2019 and have not missed it at all and still do not miss it

    • Same for me, I think I’m going to skip this month too

  26. I chose foxybae. The palettes are cute

    • I chose the leave in conditioner also! The way my hair has been lately, just makes me want to add a lot more moisture to it!

  27. I love a Sunday Riley product! I’m excited to try the toner. For me the April bag is worth it for that alone.

  28. I had skipped but resubbed for the leave-in conditioner. Everything else will be a bonus. 😊

    • I’m a leave in conditioner fan too. Tempted to unskip too

  29. I went with the Shaina B. Miami blush / highlighting palette. I love blush, so it’s calling my name.

  30. I chose the eye Pallette for the spring colors but would love ❤️ to get the Foxybae conditioner as well.

  31. Skipped April and glad I did. DOC lipsticks are very drying for me. SR is for oily skins, but I have dry skin. I would choose the blush if I stayed, the colors look so natural and wearable, just what I need.

  32. I really wanted to pick the Sunday Riley product but with dry skin it didn’t seem like the best choice for me. The lip colors are definitely questionable for spring so I went with the highlighter palette. Hopefully it’s good!

  33. I’m bummed I don’t like any spoilers and will probably skip because I really wanted to experiment with not choosing an item this month and see if it improved my bags.

  34. I picked the Foxybae conditioner. My inner skincare diva was not happy. I have a lot of skincare and hardly any hair care though so diva had to calm down.

    I think I will probably end up with the SR in my bag anyway. I typically still get the $$ skincare even if I pick something else.

  35. I reactivated to get the toner. I have too many products but couldn’t resist.

    • if I subscribe to glam plus I can choose a product

      • Yes!

      • but buyer beware that you may not be able to pick the items in the spoiler that you have your heart set out on. the spoiler is not what you are allowed to pick. Ipsy decides what you are allowed to pick and you may not like the ones they offer you.

  36. Anyone know, if I reactivate today will I get to pick one of these? I really just want that gel toner… Lol.

    • Yep! Did this just today for plus and chose the toner!

    • Maybe maybe not. The items in the spoiler are not the items that you get to pick. I found that out the hard way. And cancelled my subscription. Ipsy decides which items you get to pick from.

  37. Those are some interesting lip color choices for spring….

    • That’s what I thought. I love a vampy lip, but I went with the pink shade since it’s spring. I really wanted to try DOSE so I’m excited

      • There isn’t a pink. Campfire is a brownish coral, Play it Cool is a greyish brown, & Brick is a dark red.

      • Yes. Effing ugly colors aren’t they?

      • I love a good Vampy lip color too and I don’t care what season it is lol

  38. Lip stuff is my least favorite, but I picked the dose in campfire so I’d have some control over the shade. Would be happy with anything else! Hope the cela creme is in my bag or an add on

    • I picked the DOSE campfire for the SAME reason as well! Hahahaa! I knew they were giving EVERYONE a DOSE lip color when they offered three at choice so I just went with the one I would prefer over the others……

      • Oh, I hope that’s true! I picked the SR but would love a Dose lippie!

  39. I picked the Martian. Excited, bit disappointed the Bobbi Brown lipstick wasn’t an option.

    • Me too! I really want that lipstick! I picked the SR, I’ve used it before and liked it.

    • Ipsy Tangles the expensive products for us in the spoiler, and then takes them out when it gets as far as the choices.

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