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Ipsy Glam Bag Billing + Shipping Updates For April

ByMSAMar 27, 2020 | 97 comments

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FYI –  Ipsy is shifting billing and shipping for April:

When we started IPSY in 2011, I never in my wildest dreams imagined we would be facing the current situation. We launched the company on November 21st, and just 24 hours later—after five influencers, including IPSY co-founder Michelle Phan, posted about the Glam Bag—we were sold out of our entire supply of 7,500 bags. It was an amazing start, but we were unprepared for this sudden demand. I was the company’s sole employee, and together with my wife Ana, we had to post on social media, respond to member emails, and ensure we could assemble and ship all of the Glam Bags—something I had never done. By Thanksgiving Day, three days later, we had over 1,000 member inquiries and I had to politely excuse myself early from family dinner to make a dent in the email volume.

Fast forward to March 2020, and we now have the most amazing team I could ever hope for. It now spans the world and includes a global IPSY Care team, warehouse-partner associates, a manufacturing and packaging team, and thousands more employed by our brand partners. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the safety of every single one of our extended team members. I’ve written previously about the aggressive measures we’re taking to combat the pandemic, and I’m extremely relieved that so far no one at our company has been diagnosed with the disease.

Having adapted strict working practices for safety, we are not only on track to ship your April Glam Bag but we are also aiming to ship it early. So, how are we doing this? First, we’re aiming to ship out the bags as early as April 3rd. Second, we will move the Add-Ons window to begin on Monday, March 30th, at 9 a.m. ET. Finally, we will shift billing by 48 hours to this Sunday, March 29th. We believe these changes will allow us to serve you best in these difficult times. I’ve heard from so many of you in the community that the Glam Bag is truly a welcome respite in the midst of the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19. Our team is working safely and diligently, and we promise you that we will do everything in our power to get your Glam Bags to you in April and beyond.

Finally, IPSY is a company built around community. At this moment, we are in a position to help, and we believe it is our moral imperative to do so. Every day, our healthcare workers are at the front lines risking their lives for us; they are truly heroes. Just as they care for us, we want to do our small part in sending them a self-care package. Starting next week, we’ll be reaching out to over 50,000 healthcare workers to ship them a self-care package with beauty products. It’s a small token of appreciation, but we know from our community that a delightful surprise at the end of the day waiting for them when they get home can help ease anxiety. We hope to give healthcare workers a moment of self-care after the hours they spend caring for others. We’re also partnering with the American Nurses Foundation, and will be matching every dollar donated to them by our community, up to $50,000. All of the full details around these plans will be announced in the coming week.

Thank you from all of us at IPSY. Nine years ago, I never imagined we would be here. I couldn’t be more proud of the community that we have built together and everything it represents.

Stay healthy and safe,


Quick takeaways:

  • April bags will start shipping as early as 4/3
  • Add-Ons will be available on Monday, March 30th, at 9 a.m. ET
  • Billing will be shifted by 48 hours to this Sunday, March 29th

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At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Jenni C

I am super annoyed that they made this big fanfare about charging early so we could enjoy our products sooner, only to have my bags sitting at their facility not moving since Friday. I feel like they did this charging early because they knew tons of people would cancel or skip due to new financial worries due to COVID-19 so they could still get their $$$.
Not cool Ipsy!


Right how dare they take a few days to ship out your non essential stuff.

Jenni c.

Right, because it isn’t them that said they charged everyone early, with no notice no less, so that we could enjoy our products early. Funny how I just received my package yesterday, which is later than it comes on normal billed months. Again, sounds to me like a money grab. Nothing else.


So annoyed at being charged. I thought it was paused for 3 months but guess not. I completely cancelled. I should have done that to begin with. I never received the last bag I paid for and it normally takes about 8 weeks for me to get the bag in a “normal mail” situation Which I think is totally unacceptable. Now with mail taking even longer who knows.

Tammy Ikonen

I don’t get paid until the 1st so I don’t even think this is feasible downright despicable


I think it’s REALLY sad they moved up all the billing dates. I feel like they were doing this to catch people Unaware. People paying attention to OTHER things in their life. Like unemployment. Like sickness. I went ahead and straight up CANCELLED all three bags. I can’t get down with that. Bye ipsy. 👋

Tara W

I think that they are worried that they might HAVE to stop shipping soon, or that their warehouse staff is reduced now so that it will take them longer to fill the orders. The bag reveal and add-ons are like…the only thing that I’ve looked forward to in weeks.

I also saw this mentioned beforehand through this website, another website, my email from IPSY, the IPSY site, reddit, etc. The news of this change really was out there…


While I don’t think this was some grand conspiracy by Ipsy I do think they should have given subscribers more than a couple days notice for sure.

Elisabeth Berlowitz

It’s great there doing something for the health care workers but what about us truck drivers? With out us there would be no food, medication, testing supplies, TP, cleaners, makeup, nothing! We are risking our health too. Shoot people are trying to rob us, and more and more states are shutting down rest areas, food places, and truck stops. So it’s is so difficult to get a bite to eat, a safe place to sleep, take a shower, or get basic necessities. It’s hard enough to be away from our families to deliver goods but now we have this to deal with as well. People are forgetting about transportation employees. We are risking a lot out here.

Carol Ann.

This screams entitled.


Thank you for what you’re doing! Since truck drivers are primarily men, it might not have been on their radar. My step sister drove years, until she got pregnant. You are appreciated!


I’m glad I came here. I didn’t know why I got charged for my ipsy bag so early. I didn’t even get an email from them


I cannot believe that Ipsy OVERDRAFTED my account. My balence is negative $30. Who does this? Ive been a loyal customersfor years and this is how I’m rewarded?
How can you pretend do be a compassionate company and then bill millions of furloughed, no income American at the end of the month.
Theyre not doing this to make sure everyone gets their bags, they’re doing thisto make sure they get money from people who were on the fence about canceling.


I couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry that happened to you.


You balance your account not Ispy.


I’m sorry for you. If you never had your bank refund you for any fee this year, you should give them a call and they should do a courtesy refund of your fee. I have done that several times before for various reasons out of my control and my banks always refunded me. Good luck.


Oh, please. They sent us emails, it’s been posted on their fb page & website, not to mention here and in several beauty groups. You were given ample warning to pause or cancel, if necessary.
Your comment is the disgusting one.

carol Ann.

uhhhh how much did they charge lol


Great job Ipsy!


I’m a healthcare worker. How will I know the are reaching out? Will it be via instagram?


They are not reaching out to individuals but rather specific hospitals and health care charities and sending care packages via those organizations.

Carol Ann.

They probably have designated hospitals they will be contacting.


I think that is really great what Ipsy is doing for the frontline healthcare workers. They are very often under appreciated, over worked, and under paid (wife of a firefighter here). So any little thank you and acknowledgement goes a long way.


Yes I am a RN in CA and think that Is awesome!


I just want everything back to normal. I haven’t put on makeup in 2 weeks. I want a time travel machine so I can go back to 2019.

Tiffany Adair

People were really complaining that 2019 was a bad year, well folks 2020 is a lot worse and we are only in March!


We just need to delete and reinstall 2020 with better anti virus software. The IT department needs to get on this.

Sabrina Boswell

Can I repost this quote on Facebook with you getting credit? You won the internet today!!!!!!!

Sabrina Boswell



They already tried to bill me! At midnight last night!






Kudos to Ipsy for sending out special packages to so many health care workers, front line medical staff, and working with the American Nursing Federation These are unprecedented times and I hope more companies will support our medical workers with a little something special during this crazy, crazy time, as they are working so extra hard to treat and care for those more seriously impacted by the Covid19 virus.


I haven’t even gotten my March bag!


Me either….ugh… then to charge for april…ugh


me neither. fedex received it on the 5th & it’s been sitting in OKAWVILLE, IL since the 7th. tried calling fedex & after 30 minutes someone finally “answered” with loud clucking, then set the phone down while they all laughed & sang “you are not alone” in a foreign language. i tried to get their attention for 30 minutes until i finally had to give up trying. tried calling back & no one answered that time. so i sent fedex an email & they never responded back. hoping it will miraculously appear in my mailbox without tracking updates showing its movement.


I’m thrilled to get mine a little early!


I’m happy they’re doing this, but I do understand what a bummer it is for folks who don’t get paid until April. I’ve been there, re: not having paydays that line up with when subscription boxes charge.

Carol Ann.

I contacted Ipsy, and they are putting me on pause, and I contact them on the 1st to let them know to charge me, and I’ll be getting the same bag.


I agree.


It says they’ll BEGIN billing on the 29th and that add-ons are open for 48 hrs this time…

So it sounds like if you get paid the 1st, you should still be fine. They’re just getting a head start, I think. Lol


Or the most likely option is that girl everyone is so concerned about is probably a teenager or a college student!! My daughter would totally do that because I wouldn’t buy her all those boxes (just me) opps haha


I cannot believe that Ipsy OVERDRAFTED my account. My balence is negative $30. Who does this? Ive been a loyal customersfor years and this is how I’m rewarded?
How can you pretend do be a compassionate company and then bill millions of furloughed, no income American at the end of the month.
Theyre not doing this to make sure everyone gets their bags, they’re doing thisto make sure they get money from people who were on the fence about canceling.

Tiffany Adair

During these times I would deselect the option that overdrafts in my checking account. Then when you have low funds instead of getting racking up NSF fees the item will simply decline. Its available at every bank you just have to opt in/opt out. Handle your business people, no one advocates for you but You! 🥰


Oui Please should take lessons from Ipsy on how to treat customers.


If you have a separate checking account for these things then you can simply transfer the money….just a thought as it takes two seconds….


I am so happy Ipsy is doing this.

I am more than a little disappointed in how some people took this positive and turned it into a negative, or used it as an opportunity to ridicule others, for stressing about not having the money to cover their bag, since they changed their dates. Yes, some ppl don’t have money in their checking account, especially right now. The fact someone was ridiculed for that is disgusting and appalling. I am running short this month, because I am buying groceries for two households and also having to buy necessities whenever the store has them, rather than as a regularly scheduled grocery trip. Shame on you all, you don’t know anyone’s situation. I am keeping mine because I work for a hospital and this is going to be a bright spot in my otherwise busy and chaotic life.

I wish all of us were as well off and as entitled to those criticizing and laughing at those living paycheck to paycheck. So immature.

Tiffany Adair

People are becoming so weird these days. I’ve been finding silver linings to Covid-19 lately taking place in my family. For the first time in 20 YEARS! I saw my mother on Saturday and Sunday, she has her own business so every weekend she’d be gone. We have been getting meals regularly 🤣 and there is less fighting amazingly ❤. I bought a hard cover book and began reading “real” books to pass time. Find the positive in your situation and be grateful. Thanks for listening folks

april jk

You know “the poors” aren’t allowed to have anything remotely nice. Even if it’s a great deal on decent makeup many probably need for their jobs.


👏👏👏 EXACTLY!!!👏👏👏
I am a retired HOSPICE nurse and one of the ppl who live paycheck to paycheck!!! I watch and feed 9 kids on a daily for free so their parents dont have to pay for childcare or have to worry about how they’re being treated. Ipsy doesnt just serve the younger generation!!! I look forward to mine every month as well as recieving the add-on’s. Due to unexpected and or added expenses it looks as though I may not be able to enjoy this months pleasure/add ons. I seen someone say billing and add ons will be opened for 48 hours (March 31st)… still not good for many ppl. Doesnt seem fair to me…. Why couldn’t there be a choice of whether we wanted to receive the sub earlier or a change in billing date? None of this is making any sense to me…

Hallie Gottlieb

Well said Suzy, some people just dont get it because they have never been there, then they judge people that are there. It only takes 2 second ssn to keep your privilege in check.


Thank you. Some people don’t understand the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, always keeping careful track of your money and what you can spend on which days. I am fortunate to be in a place where a $12 cost moved up a few days won’t break my budget, but I’ve been on the opposite side of the issue, too.

Stephie G

Thank you!


I completely agree with you. There are some commenters on here that are just so rude and nasty.


Excited! Lucky to be able to work from home through this…PLUS early IPSY! YAY ME!


I paused both of mine today as well. My job furloughed me last Friday so I’m gonna pinch pennies where I can. Even though I love my Ipsy, I have tons of product right now and can stand to use some of it in the meantime.

Annie S.

Conserve money where you can. If you see something you’d like to have, perhaps you can swap/trade for it when the swap site reopens. If not, there will always be more make up being released at later dates.

I hope and pray that you and others in your situation are able to get through this challenging time.


Thank you, Annie. Your words are appreciated.

I’m lucky in that my children are grown and my husband and I in a good place financially (for now). However, you never know when that’ll change and $40 may make or break you.

I echo your sentiment and hope and pray we all make it through the other side of this without too much loss, in whatever form that could take.


For anyone saying they can’t pay that early for whatever reason, I am truly sorry and do what you can in these times including pausing or skipping, because ipsy is a luxury.
I am really happy they’re doing what they can to help and also show their appreciation.


I don’t get paid till the first so what? I’m screwed this month?

Tiffany Adair

No, pause until you can pay then un-pause and get billed. They are billing early this month to get ahead jump on building and shipping bags. Remember this month they are also going to be making an extra 50,000 bags and sending those out too! Worse case scenario: you get your around the 18th-24th of the month but it’ll still be April’s bag.


I just let it go and they bill it on the 1st. It happened to me back last year when they were billing on the 30th.


They will keep billing u untill it goes through, they try 3 or 4 times I believe so you will still get it 😊 hope this info helps ❤


You can skip a month


I just paused all 3 of my subscriptions. Am off work until this nightmare is over.


I’m so sorry. I hope you get back to work soon. Stay healthy and safe. Big hugs.


They won’t be able to bill me successfully until April third as that’s when my check hits my account. I guess that means I won’t see the reveal or get to add anything on. I have two glam bag plus boxes and three glam bags subscriptions.


Maybe keep one of the regular glam bags and pause the rest? That way you still get one and can get add ons.


I have. Special checking Account that is separate for these boxes. Maybe she does also

Chelsey Wilson

Lol! Right? That’s insane


That’s a bit unnecessary. Maybe money kept is for pertinent bills or other things and on the first she has an allowance for her bag. So rude.


I would just pause everything, until you get paid. At least that way you still get something fun, which we ALL need during this time.

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