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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag April 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the April 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

AHAVA 24K Gold Mineral Mud Mask

GLOSSIER Priming Moisturizer Rich

BAREMINERALS Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Courage

BUXOM COSMETICS BUXOM® Lash Volumizing Mascara in Blackest Black


ARACELI BEAUTY Ojos Perfectos Gel Pencil Eyeliner

What do you think of the spoilers?

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!


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Comments (115)

  1. I’m really worried about seeing AHAVA here. I just joined last month, and in no way can I support this company or let my money go towards its purchase. I am not a customer who is picky. I have never complained about anything. Kat Von D’s brand was boycotted after she stated she would not get her child vaccinated. AHAVA is far worse. They ignore international laws and regulations. They claim their product is made in Israel when they are actually operating in occupied territories, contrary to law.

    They are stealing natural resources from oppressed people for our beauty products.

    Before you think I’m just throwing crazy things out there, Demark will not allow this product to be imported into their country.

    Their illegal activities and constant false statements about their operation resulted in an end to Japenese distribution.

    Abigail Disney, principal investor for the Roy E. Disney family fund disclaimed her shares of the company and called them plunderers and pillagers.

    With such information, I am not sure how I can support the people involved in this company.

    • Thanks for the heads up on this!

    • I second your statement and agree fully, thank you for having the courage to post. <3

    • Thank you for that information!

    • Thank you for enlightening me!!! Will def be skipping Ipsy or cancelling until this is rectified!

    • According to Wilki this is no longer going on as of 2016

      “The company’s administrative headquarters are currently located in Holon, while the main manufacturing plant and showroom are in Mitzpe Shalem,[a 1] an Israeli settlement and kibbutz located on the Dead Sea in the West Bank.[8][9] However, as of 2016, they are vacating their Mitzpe Shalem factory in the West Bank and building a new factory on land leased by Kibbutz Ein Gedi.[10]”

    • I hear you. I’ve been to the Dead Sea Israel, and it’s a pretty opulent area surrounded by Bedouin tent villages

      The Palestinians people are at HUGE risk with Covid-19 runing rampant and I believe it is time to shift profiteering off oppressed people.

      We scream if a product is made with the pigment of a crushed BEETLE (carmine) but it’s super legit to be made with stolen resources that have been condemned by world protection agencies???

      Yea, I’m not cool with this at all.

  2. No to the lipstick — Can’t do red with my rosy face.

    Yes to the mask…….. and cream, and gel eyeliner

    Ipsy’s bags look more designer-ish lately.

    After 100 bags………… they have to get crafty!

    • Oooh I hope I do get that lip colour! I am super pink faced (red hair, blue eyes, freckles and pink pink pink skin) and I LOVE the combo of red and pinks.

      Hehe if you get it maybe we can trade of I don’t?! 😊

  3. I hope I receive or can add on the lipstick. Hopefully they will have a couple of shades as well.

  4. Hoping I’ll be able to get the lipstick in my Plus or as an add-on.

    The rest I can take or leave.

  5. I’ve never tried a lipstick from Bare Minerals so really hoping to get it. The color looks beautiful on their website. I dont wear black eyeliner and have been lucky to have only ever received 1. The rest is just ok. Certainly wont be mad if I get any of it.

    • Finally a gel liner ( not liquid )! Been waiting for the day

  6. That is such a fantastic idea!! I rarely travel and have been trying to come up with what to do with products that don’t suit me. I don’t know if a women’s shelter will take them (I.e. pallets that are unused, lip glosses, bronzes). All unused but no way to prove it. Any ideas?

    • Hi Tracey, I’ve donated plenty of times to my local women’s shelter without a problem. I’ve also put unwanted products in a spare IPSY bag and just left it in a public place with a little note saying free for the taking.

      • I love these ideas of leaving random Ipsy bags with unused/unwanted products in different places that people who would appreciate finding such a lovely surprise. I was actually introduced to Ipsy after finding a small pile of makeup at my workplace with a note saying: “free to anyone who loves makeup”! I’ve never looked back since!

      • I also do this.

        Lots of the samples we get have that little metal thing that shows it hasn’t been tampered with and that satisfies most to show it’s sanitary and uncompromised.

  7. This was my first month to get ultimate. I get plus and the regular one. I got the regular IPSY bag and the ultimate in the mail today. The stuff I got in the Ultimate was not some of the stuff listed on the website for what it said I got or the card. I got duplicate of an item and some items that are not even listed. I am missing the product I picked, and some of the addons. I also got some items in the ultimate bag that were listed for the plus bag. I have not gotten my plus bag so I hope the rest of my products are in there. Has anyone else ever had this happen? There is over 10 items i got in my ultimate bad that are not right.

    • Contact Ipsy. They were very helpful to me to make an issue right.

    • I have ordered several things that were shipped to my daughters house. No idea how that happened. But no luck putting them away from her after she gets them.

  8. I absolutely love these bags! They say spring! They are a dainty pretty floral pattern and I love the pastel colors, I’m just sad that being in Canada I can’t get the plus bag and it’s not offered in the add ons like the ultimate bag is, which I’ll be 100% getting! The plus is my favorite! I know I’m not always going to get items I’m going to use ,but I collect all the bags I don’t use and all the products I don’t use ,and then I buy boxes of tampons and pads, deodorants, toothpaste and toothbrushes, dental floss,perfumes, etc. I travel at least twice a year and I make bags up using the ipsy bags and products that I don’t use and give them to the maids and ladies in the town’s we visit, we go to Dominican Republic for 2 weeks every fall/winter, and Cuba every spring/summer, the women love these bags of essentials, plus I always try to put some fun things like makeup and makeup brushes in them, they love red lipstick, lol so that’s where all my red lipstick goes lol, I actually have 3 accounts now, so I can collect more bags and goodies for them, and give stuff to my daughter as well! Lol, so if any of you travel, this is an idea you can do with the bags and products you don’t use! And they will be extremely appreciated!😍❤

    • This is an adorable idea, Tammy you are so cute.

    • That is such a fantastic idea!! I rarely travel and have been trying to come up with what to do with products that don’t suit me. I don’t know if a women’s shelter will take them (I.e. pallets that are unused, lip glosses, bronzes). All unused but no way to prove it. Any ideas?

      • Tracy B, Usually women’s shelter will take them.

  9. So after reading the comments, I realize that most people just like to complain mostly. I have been getting IPSY for quite a few years and I have done the Glam Plus and went back to the regular IPSY. Are all the bags total winners for my taste? NO. But I like trying new products and enjoy the ones that are winners. So I take the items that are not for me from IPSY and other boxes I subscribe to and I put them in a “bucket” all year. ON Christmas Day when my family gets together, all the females ( and one of my nephews) go crazy when I dump the Ipsy bucket for them to fight over. They say it’s the highlight of their Christmas and they start asking about it at Thanksgiving. If you don’t like something, regift it. If you don’t like a lot of it, stop subscribing. It’s a no Brainer.

    • I agree, I use all my castoffs for gifts and donations. I let coworkers shop my stash atbthe holidays and bring in a big grab bag to my favorite coffee shop every year as well. I mean, I do have preferences and an occasional gripe (I really wish Ipsy broke down eyeliners like the do lipsticks, with a different category for liquid versus mechanical/like bullet lipstick versus gloss etc.), but I agree that some folks seem upset every month and that maybe subbing isn’t a great choice for their happiness and/or blood pressure!

    • Haha… yes, sometimes it’s like one giant gripefest. I can’t help but roll my eyes at people who post that they’ve never been more upset in their life over a black eyeliner or a concealer that’s too dark. Lucky them, they must have led an incredibly charmed life if that’s the biggest problem they’ve ever encountered.

      • Yes, well said!! We all know what the next months bags look like before we are billed for the coming month. We also get to select our choice item before getting billed. If you don’t like any of your choice options or many of the spoilers then unsubscribe!! Save your money to use on items you actually want. Personally, I love the surprise. Of course I don’t love every item or bag, but the second I consider canceling or pausing my subscription…the next months spoilers suck me right back in!

    • I LOVE this idea so much!! Can I come to your Christmas? LOL! My sister lives a few states away from us, so when we visit we stay at her house. She has subscribed to a couple of different beauty boxes over the years. The items she won’t use and can’t use (she has a severe gluten allergy), she puts in a large jar and leaves in her guest room. It is always fun to see what she has in there each time I visit 🙂 This Christmas my sister actually made me my very own personalized beauty box that she curated! She filled it with her favorite items that she thought I’d enjoy! PS. On a side note…I totally agree that a lot of posts on this board are complaints. As long as I like the bag and 2-3 items in it, then I am happy. There is no way to make every member happy with every item and bag.

    • Yes I agree! Cancel your subscription if your dissatisfied and save yourself $10. I personally love trying new products . Whatever I’m not going to use I pass onto a friend that I know would use that product. There are plenty of other beauty box subscriptions to try unhappy with sephora play.

  10. Love the Plus & Ultimate bags for April fo sho. Interested in the Glossier cream. Waiting on more spoilers though.

  11. please no black eyeliner…please people trust me at age 59 do not were blackeyeliner…only will make you look like a hooker at any age over 50…please be easy with eye stuff only a little mascara, and a little brown eye liner is all you need.. loving the other products.

    • I so agree… I’m 56 and black eyeliners are a big NO! Please stop. Can’t we get a nice brown, taupe or even gray??

    • Speak for yourself but not for me please. I am 59, have black eyeliner on today and I am ROCKIN it!!

      • Really this is to each their own. I personally don’t like liquid liner and don’t wear black, but I know many people love both at all ages! We all have our preferences, but be easy with issuing dictates for everyone over x age etc.

      • Seriously. I wear black eyeliner every single day and I’m over 50. Could that be why men keep waving cash at me and asking if I’m looking for a date?

    • Hooker?! Oh please Tammy G! 🙄
      Perhaps you don’t know how to apply it correctly? Because I look fab with black liner.

  12. The bags look cute for ultimate. And maybe for glam bag for a change purse……if these are just glam bag spoilers MIGHT sign up for glam bag this month. That blush brush looks good and the glossier I’d like to try. I enjoy red lipsticks but get every other color I dont wear and would love reds. Also the gel liners in a pencil looks good too…..

    I’ve been pausing ultimate for months now…depending on spoilers I might get it or if they are bad, I’ll get plus and glam bag. Seems glam bag gets better stuff then the other tiers.

    I don’t get how people are saying they get no cool tones that’s all ipsy has had the past couple months are chalky cool toned pallettes. I always give them away because that’s not my style…but that Dominique whatever was as cool tone as you can get!!

    I hope ipsy picks things back up. I’m really cuirous how many customers they have lost. I’m always shocked when I see people say they have like 2 ultimate subs and 3 plus subs and 3 glam bags per month!!!! They HAVE to be reselling …but I’m curious how many people have actually cancelled the past few months since things have been looking so bad for ipsy.

    It is said that one of the first owners are still working and own ipsy, but they also brought on a guy that used to run walmart and that’s why we’ve seen the product selection go way down, trying to save and make ipsy way more money instead of listening to what people want.

  13. Hmm… these spoilers are a great big dose of “oh, no, honey… no” for me. I’ll be interested to see what’s in store for plus, though.

  14. I love that lipstick shade!!!, i want it in my bag!!!!

  15. Finally a gel eyeliner pencil!!!!!! I’m very happy about it….IF I GET IT IN MY BAG! I HOPE IT’S MINE TO CHOOSE! I’m tired of the marker type eyeliner! Just like I’m tired of red lipstick every *¥#@*÷ month! Do I tell them to stop sending it? Yep!
    It’s on repeat! Please! No more red lipstick. No more blush. No more highlighter. No more contour. No more red eyeshadow. No more eyeliner marker style! I know I left something out…..but you get the idea!
    So 1 out of ? is 1 less I have to give away! I’m tired of spending money on the bags and getting stuff I’ll never use!
    As for the bags? I think they are one of the ugliest, cheapest looking ones they’ve had! Usually the bags are a much classier looking style/design!

    • I like the bags. I love the minimal design. I’m happy we aren’t getting the usual gaudi crap. It sounds like all you want is certain colored eyeshadows, mascara, and lipsticks in your bag. Your type of personality sounds more suited to buying what you want. Not a mystery bag.

    • You keep saying “no more” but there isn’t much left since you practically covered all the makeup needed for a face. I don’t get your expectations. You should change your preferences because I never get red lipstick as my preference is neutral tones and that’s what they send me.

      • Unfortunately it doesn’t work out so well for everyone. I have “Often” selected on every color range except neutral (“Rare”) in the eyeshadow category and for YEARS now they’ve only sent me neutrals. I rate them poorly and I have even politely and respectfully contacted Ipsy several times and yet month after month… brown, gold, gray, taupe only.

        And the whole black eyeliner thing? I’ve kept eyeliner on “Rarely” unless there’s a spoiler of another color on a certain month and I change it to “Often” or “Sometimes” temporarily. But I never ever take Black off “Rarely” under eyeliner shades. I keep the Adventurous shades on “Often” at ALL times and Brown and Plum on “Sometimes.” And yet I have enough black pen/marker eyeliners to use a different one every week for probably a year. Mostly Eyeko ones. And it’s not just the regular bag. I get Plus and/or Ultimate off and on depending on spoilers and trust me…if either of those bags are offering a full size black eyeliner that month… I WILL get it. I’m not being sarcastic when I say I am genuinely thinking of taking up calligraphy because receiving so many that I will not need before they expire has inspired me to find an alternative use for them.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually upset or stressed about these things. I choose to focus on the other products I get that I love and the overall value. Not to mention the extra membership privileges like Add-ons and Ipsy Shopper. Plus at least I can try the formula out if I’m that curious about the brand.

        I know some people seem to take this stuff too seriously but you never know. Maybe Ipsy is the only thing they buy or do for themselves each month. Or it happens to be their only source of joy or or excitement. No matter the reason, I’m a firm believer in all of us having the right to speak our minds about our own bags. We’re all adults that shouldn’t need to police or be policed by others because of a lack of positivity. Everyone is well aware that they can cancel and no one needs to remind or recommend that just because someone is venting. Just as they can cancel to remove the object of their complaining, comment complainers can just stop reading. I think it’s ridiculous for people to criticize or complain about other people for complaining. Pot calling the kettle…

    • Anyone who says no to that many things you can find in a beauty box shouldn’t be subbing. Or at least should find a sub that’s maybe less makeup heavy, since you don’t seem to be a makeup lover.

    • I’m going to make a very gentle suggestion here and advise you to take a break from sub boxes for a while. You have pretty much listed off most makeup that comes in the boxes. There are some people brand new to subscriptions and want to try everything. Then there are veterans who get pickier as time goes on. I will admit to it. I’m not a fan of black liquid eyeliner either, but I know others are. So I just give away what I don’t use, or skip, or cancel. Perhaps you would be happier if you spent your money on products that you want specifically, instead of insisting that your wants be catered to exclusively. IPSY is very easy to skip or cancel. Maybe a different sub would be more to your liking? Please understand I’m not trying to bash you, but you need to adjust your expectations, or try another subscription because this one is clearly not working for you. Spend your money on what makes you happy, not frustrated and angry. Life is too short to be this upset over a sub box. It’s just not worth it.

      • Woooow…. Who do you think you are? Scroll on and mind your own business if you don’t like someone else’s opinion. This isn’t a therapy session. MYOB

    • @LongIslandGirl Maybe you should list what you DO want? I’m sure it’s much shorter.

    • Remember, the things you say “no more” will not be the same opinion for new subscribers. I would hate to not ever get a black eyeliner (that my over 50 face wears everyday that goes nicely with my over 50 black hair). Anyway, I do find that almost regardless of the box (make up, home goods, clothes) I just get tired of it after a year or so. While not EXACTLY repeats, you can only use so many leggings or waterbottles. I recognize that is my opinion and others might routinely go through leggings and waterbottles (like my daughter) so I don’t expect them to change what they include in the box. I expect ME to use my money more wisely and either change up my preferences like several have suggested here, or move on to a different box for awhile.

  16. That’s one of my favorite mascara. Love it for traveling. I can never get enough brushes, so I’ll be happy if I get one.

  17. I like the bag and a one of the few that needs a black liner. Have been looking for a red lipstick and always need mascara. Skin care is great.

    • I agree cheryl!!!

  18. I’m still waiting for my March bag to ship. I just received my Plus and got my Ultimate last week. I love 💕 the April bags and would most like to try glossier.

    • My Plus bag has been stuck in DHL limbo since last Friday.
      It’s in transit. I guess.

      • My Plus bag was sent by DHL to a state north of the ipsy warehouse. I’m in a state south of the ipsy warehouse. #Logistics.

      • Same!

      • Mine too Pink5 Its stuck in DHL since Friday as well

      • I haven’t gotten any shipping notifications for any of my bags 🙁

      • Mine’s finally broken loose and with a heavy dose of luck will have it on Friday.
        But Saturday’s good too….

    • I got my regular bag yesterday. It was even delivered by FedEx! That was surprising, it didn’t transfer to the post office first.

  19. The Glossier moisturizer is the only thing that got me excited. Hope I can choose that when the time comes. I do love brushes so would be okay with the blush brush.

  20. I’ll take all the Glossier, please. I’m way out of their target demo but my skin seems to love their products.

  21. Omg bag designS are so cute


    I really don’t understand why they continue doing this knowing it actually p&$$es people off when they are bombarded with something they can’t use. Just relax on them for two months and we can settle down.

    • 👏👏

    • I actually haven’t received a black pencil liner in some time. I’m still on the hunt for a good pencil liner that doesn’t transfer for tightlining. Someone above said they actually want one and newer member probably don’t have a stockpile.

      • I can never have enough black eyeliner, and I am supposedly too old to use it. I use it all the time, I have a teenage daughter, and her best friend, so it’s definitely a staple around here. I don’t really get mad at anything in my bag. It’s supposed to be a way to try new products, including eyeliners, and I don’t sweat the small stuff like that. If I don’t want it, I put it in my box of gift bag stuff and it makes a good gift down the road. Why waste energy on something I am buying, knowing I am doing so at my own risk? Just seems silly.

      • I don’t care what your age is. You wear that black eyeliner and rock the bleep out of it! It’s about you and how you feel, not what others think.
        I have a friend that is in her 50’s. She recently had hers tattooed on! Wing and all!!! Awesome!

      • amen!

    • Most people can and do use black eyeliner. It’s just the more vocal people on the MSA boards that make it seem like people don’t like black eyeliner. I work in a national drugstore, and black eyeliner sells far more consistently than any other shade.

  23. The only thing I’m interested in is the red bullet lipstick. I like using it for a blush stain. For some reason the things I keep getting repeats of is highlighter, metallic eye shadow and when they do send a blush it’s an earth-tone not a cool shade which is my coloring. I like when I get brushes because that is something I will use.

    I got a good bag for March (still waiting for it to arrive though), hope it gets here.

    Yeah, I wish they would send me some bullet lipstick in pinks, mauve and not brown or rust colored pinks.

    • My February Glambag is a disgusting me. Everything in my profile is cool toned. I’m medium to tan in skin tone but with red and pink undertones. I got a tan blush, brown eyeshadow and orange lipgloss. I don’t really like walking around looking jaundiced. Thanks but no thanks Ipsy. Why even bother with filling out profiles?
      I wonder if I completely changed my profile, would I get good bags?

      • The information you fill out is data that is collected by Ipsy to sell to the companies who place products in the box. That’s the transaction. So they aren’t using It for personalization whatsoever.

      • Janet I’d like to know where you got that information? From speaking to Ipsy and Boxycharm customer service and doing research online it seems Ipsy does actually use our profiles to customize our boxes to the best of their ability. They have different set boxes for the month and using our profile information try to match us with whichever one fits our profiles the best. It’s not an exact match but close. Boxycharm on the other hand uses our profile information to gauge interest in future products but not for customization at all.

      • The products I get usually match what I have on my profile. The only oddball thing really is I got foundation in February, and I have it to rarely, but since I bought a foundation as an add-on, they are sending me another foundation this month. Oh well. I am on a search for the perfect foundation and too lazy to go to the makeup counter to be matched.

      • At almost 45 years of age, I think I’m done with foundation. I still have some It Cosmetics cc cream, but even that’s not the same as foundation. I haven’t even worn that in a few weeks. I’ve been using concealer under my eyes and nose. I do a second layer of concealer under my eyes in a shade lighter. I use a tiny amount just on the darkest area. I will set it lightly with translucent powder. Then I cover my face with a tinted yet translucent powder, brush the excess off, then go back with a damp beauty blender to remove powder from any lines and creases.
        I used to wear a full face almost every day. Then after I got sick around 12 years ago, I had to quit working. It didn’t take long before people would comment about my face. Not trying to be mean, just what’s going on??? It wasn’t because of the lack of makeup, my entire face was covered in a rash but not red like one would think… Foundation made it look worse. So I stopped using it.
        So what if my freckles show. I like them. So what if my aging sunspots are showing.
        Hubby came home just as I was finishing getting ready and he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at me like I was cupcake!
        He didn’t ask any questions, just told me how pretty I looked and that my skin looks really good. We did not watch a movie that Friday night after dinner. 😂
        I’ve given away all foundations, powder eyeshadow, eyeliners, highlighters, bronzers, and anything else that I don’t just love. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to play with makeup and I kept certain items for dressing up, etc., I have a collection of primers, concealer, powder, blushes, eyebrow pencils (I don’t have eyebrows anymore), 2 mascaras and 4 cream eyeshadow shades.
        In the last year alone, I think I have tried at least a dozen foundations. I hate going to Sephora, but, if I get a sample of something and the shade is off, I will go to Sephora to get a sample of the right shade if I like the formula. Problem is, I just don’t like the way it looks or feels anymore.

  24. I like the glam plus bag but I’m curious as to what would be April spoilers box. Lately I’ve been not much into Ipsy past few months but hopefully in this one spices up a notch.

  25. I wonder if Ipsy is aware that lipstick comes in a large variety of beautiful shades. I believe they are only aware of brownish nude and red. I would so love a nice rose color for once!

    • They are. Their business model specifies that the products that are in the actual Glambags are not paid for. They can try to negotiate, but in the end, it’s what shades the companies are willing to give out.
      This may have changed by now…
      I’m definitely not wishing they would. We are paying more now and this months bag is full of fall colors and none that match my profile. Products do, but nothing else about it.

      • Lmao ,I don’t think ipsy or boxy knows that there are other shades out there. I have enough browns and red to paint a mural 🤣🤣 it’s like hello !!! Its almost spring ,wake up sub boxes ..smh

    • All sub boxes are at the mercy of what companies are willing to sell for cheap which means you’ll get colors and products that are not selling well. Very rarely will you get a “hot, new” product from an established brand in a subscription box.

      • But that’s not really true. Sunday Riley is often in sub boxes with their latest skin care, even full-sized products. As is Kate Sommerville, Benefit, Murad, Nomad, and many others. I know we are at the mercy of beauty boxes so to speak, but it’s not just trash we are getting. I still don’t understand why so many people are so unhappy, and monthly talk about nothing being useable, it’s going in the trash or to a shelter, or kids, but they keep subscribing. I feel like with Ipsy and other subs, I have def found lots of great products, sometimes before they became huge.

  26. I love getting face brushes (powder and blush etc.) and I’ve never tried Glossier and am hoping I’ll get to, so that’s two items I’d be thrilled with out of this first Spoiler.

    I love bullet lipsticks but cannot wear reds, I think I’m traumatized by all the musicals and plays I did grade school and beyond. Every time I try a red I feel like I’m in stage makeup.

    I too wish we’d see eyeliners in green, bronze, purples, navy, etc. Colourpop makes my favorite gel liners that don’t require a sharpener, I just wish Ipsy would have more like those from different brands, or even more from Colourpop in bold colors.

    • Oh man – I feel seen! Same with the stage makeup. I honestly think it’s why I never wore makeup until I was close to 40.

      • Aw, glad to help you feel seen! I’ve just resigned to the fact that I’ll never like how I look in red lipstick. There are many other shades, even some I’ve worn after getting them in a beauty sub that I would never have chosen for myself (hot pink, bright orange)…I just wish there were more colors offered on a more regular basis besides dusty rose/mauve and bright red…I feel like Ipsy throws out purples and nudes and more of an array than most subs, I just wish they had bullet lipsticks in more month’s selections.

    • If Colourpop had a sub box I would sign up instantly.

  27. I’m probably going to skip April, I love Ipsy and got all 3 bags in March because I liked the spoilers and the extra item! I received my Ultimate and was disappointed that 3 items were missing, which they said they will replace but I’ve had them replace stuff before and got the wrong items. I’m super excited about my plus and add ons but it shipped on the 6th and hasn’t moved so I’m afraid it’s lost in the mail. Not sure why they continue to ship through DHL, such a disaster and I’m also excited about my regular glam bag which shipped through FedEx so here’s hoping it doesn’t get lost!

    • You aren’t alone! Mine was the 5th with no movement.

      • Mine supposedly shipped on the 6th via FedEx. It started in Arlington,Tx and hasn’t moved. I also noticed it took extra long for an Ipsy offer to arrive via DHL. I’m usually home on Tuesdays and today has been odd. I normally see delivery after delivery after delivery in my neighborhood. Only noticed 3 today.

      • I try to not get disappointed about it, but considering they left stuff out of my ultimate, it is worrisome that it hasn’t moved yet for all of us! I understand there can be shipping issues but it does seem like this happens a lot! Then Ipsy won’t do anything until after 10 days and most of the stuff is sold out!

  28. I’m so disgusted with my March Glambag, I’m not looking forward to much from Ipsy except the perks of free shipping….
    Everything in my Glambag is a fail except 1 item. Even the extra item doesn’t make sense. None of the shades match my profile at all.

    • Sarah… I’m right there with you. I am opted out of bronzers and eye liners. Yet, I received an eye liner in my Feb bag and in my March bag. Also, my past reviews and my beauty profile reflect, I do not want eye shadow… however, if they must send me an eye shadow, I would prefer neutral, soft colors. Don’t you know, I’m receiving the eye shadow palette that has dark colors, this month (Glam Bag Plus). I wrote to ipsycare. They said, the box I was assigned BEST fits my beauty profile. I told the rep, that’s unacceptable. If that’s the case, they aren’t really going by our beauty profile, likes and dislikes. They’re clumping us into beauty profile groups, which includes items we specify we do not want or like. It’s disappointing. I hope April is a better month for you. Enjoy your goodies. 🙂

      • Well, at least everything in my Glambag will get passed on. My nieces want everything I don’t. I will enjoy my rewards points item and add ons.

      • I spoke with a man there who said that the boxes are premise and that they will get as close as possible.

      • I spoke with a man there who said that the boxes are premade and that they will get as close as possible.

    • When you pick an item, it may throw you into a bag grouping that does not match your profile well.

    • I cancelled, then reactivated after a few months. My bags are great now. I didn’t change my profile or anything; only change is that I cancelled and then came back. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but maybe not.

      • That happened to me too! When I first subbed, I was subbed for at least one year, and I consistently gave away 2 or 3 items in every single bag. I just accepted that was how it was going to be, and I wasn’t too upset about it because I still got the bag and 2 or 3 great products, and it still felt like $10 worth to me. Then I cancelled for a while, then re-subbed and during that 2nd round of subbing my bags were phenomenal! The majority of my bags during my 9-month sub period were all keepers, and I think that whole time I only gave away one item! I’m not subbing anymore to Ipsy, but just buying their mystery bags if I see a bag I want, and funny enough even the mystery bags have mostly been on point for me! (I usually have to give away only 1 item, but that’s still pretty good!)

  29. May skip this month. Last month I loved all the spoilers, but my bag ended up being disappointing. I don’t like any of these at all. The bag is cute, though.

  30. None of these are really jumping out at me. Unless there’s something really good for choice, I think I might just let the algorithm do it’s thing and get my first bag based solely on my profile.

  31. Love the bag! Can’t wait to see what’s in mine. 🙂

  32. Very nice and I love the skincare….

  33. Looks great…except for liner, lol. Love Ipsy.

  34. I’ll be skipping this month. Not mad though, I’m really glad they give us spoilers and the option to skip! Save some money

  35. Another pass, based on these.

  36. The bags are so cute this month! And I’d love the Ahava, Glossier, and blush brush. I think I’ll get both regular and plus and try to add on the bag from Ultimate. I’ve never got all three before but I just love those bags and it would be so nice to have the set for summer travel.

  37. The blush brush is calling my name. I like all of the spoilers, except the eye liner. Hopefully, April will be a good month. February and March were both bummers. I’m opted out of eye liner, yet received an eye liner in both months.

    • If you are truly opted out and not just marked ‘rarely’ I’d contact them and let them know. I have done that in the past and they corrected the issue.

      • I did write to ipsycare. Their reply was an apology and an explanation saying, the box I was assigned BEST fits my beauty profile and past reviews. To make up for the confusion, the rep said she was sending me a special gift. I don’t really want a gift. I just want five items I’m going to enjoy. Anyway, I’ve been with them for about five years and do enjoy the sub. I just wish they followed our beauty profile and preferences, a little better. 🙂

      • I had the same response when they sent me an eyeliner last month. They confirmed I was opted out and said it was the best they could do. No offer of further compensation.

      • That Ahava gold mask is terrible! I used it once, and all it did was get gold glitter EVERYWHERE. Even after cleansing my face multiple times and even toning, I still had gold glitter on my face. Horrible. Love the brand, but not this mask.

      • How do you opt out of something?

  38. I like the bag design: cherry blossoms.

    I really don’t want more mascara, black eye liner, brushes, or red lipstick. I would like a nice hand cream, nail polish, different colored eye liner.

    • I thought they were abstract dragonflies! Hahaha.

      • One-legged ballerinas!

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