Universal Standard Mystery Boxes Available Now!

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The 2020 Universal Standard mystery boxes are available now! FYI – these sell out quickly so make sure to grab any box you want quickly!

The Box: Universal Standard Mystery Box

The Cost: $50-$175

The Products: Univeral Standard offers sizes from 00-40. Available in the following categories: Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Luxe, Petites, Athleisure, Classic Style, Bold Style, Premier, and Surprise Me.

Are you going to grab a mystery box? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone who is upset by this tried to cancel their order? Their customer service is amazing, and before you condemn them it might be good to talk to them. I am not worried in the least (and I am a worrying kind of person) I know what I get will be well worth it, but I understand that this is upsetting some people. I think you should talk to them.

    • Cancelling isn’t the issue here. People purchased with the value represented on the site. when people originally reached out they just acknowledge the issue said they won’t fix it. I am glad from comments earlier they decided to honor the claimed values. Also just providing a different perspective. From previous comments you mentioned the listed of boxes you have purchased “2 tops 1 bottoms 1 premier and 1 bold”.
      Tops box($50)- Which makes each shirt/top $16.67. For the quality of their products. Doesn’t matter which item you get from them, it will be worth it. Even getting the cheapest items from their site.
      Bottoms box($95) – $31.67 per bottom seems pretty safe also, most of their pants are pretty pricey
      Bold box($95) – Not a lot of bold style items on their site, each individual piece I consider bold have a relatively high retail value. $31.67 per item. Seems like a safe bet also.
      Premier box ($145) – $48.33 per item. Now we get into an interesting spot. When I purchased the Luxe box/ Premier box, I sorted the page by price and trying to play a mathematical game trying to figure out the sum of the items that could roughly add up to the claimed value of the box. In order to decided if I like the potential items that could be in Luxe or not. If the box content is not around $650, there are just too many uncertainties and outerwear pieces I am not interested in to spend $175($58.33 per item). Will end up better spending the cost of my Luxe, Premier, classic box cost ($415 in total) buying some pieces that I know I will love.In reality I have enough clothes and don’t need to get anymore thing that will just end up sitting in the bottom of my closet.Haha I just realize after typing all of this. Maybe I shouldn’t have bought any. I have enough clothes. I hope this provides some insight to why some are worried about the issue.

    • I did reach out and requested that they cancel and refund my order given the misleading advertising language, and they obliged with no argument, which I truly do appreciate.

      I am also happy that it appears they are now going to honor the stated box values for those that are sticking with their orders. But I am still shocked that people are being so understanding about this, and I still think the way they handled this situation was horrible. When I reached out on the 19th this is exactly what the conversation was:

      Me: “Hi there, I am interested in your mystery boxes but have a question. I read a comment on MSA (I used the web address) that for example, the Classics Box will have pieces valued UP TO $475, and that the value could be lower than that. is that true? The way the boxes are advertised (“VALUED AT $475” on the pictures, “Valued over $475″ in the description), it seems the value would be at least $475. Can you clarify?”

      US: “Thank you for reaching out to US! It is valued up to $475, we apologize for that misleading language! We are notifying our marketing team but today is the last day of the promotion so I don’t think it will be updated at this point”

      Me: *waiting a couple minutes to see if they had anything else to say* *crickets*

      Me: “OK, thanks”

      That was it.

      At the point when I reached out to them I had actually been interested in purchasing additional boxes, but when I read the comments here and realized there might be a problem with how they were advertising, I still gave them the chance to fix it. They didn’t offer any additional information. They didn’t say they would honor the minimums after all. They didn’t say I could return/exchange if I wasn’t pleased with the values. They didn’t say they would address this with everyone who participated in the promotion. They just said sorry, now it’s too late to fix anything.

      A few hours later, I checked to see if they had updated any of the language online, which they did not. At that point I reached out an asked for a cancellation/refund (and said if they didn’t, I would be requested a chargeback). They handled it the next day and the money was instantly refunded to my paypal. Again, I really do appreciate that.

      I really hope that everyone who is getting a box ends up happy, and many of you seem to be OK with the boxes, even if you get less than what was promised in advertising. That’s great.

      I am happy I got my order canceled and refunded.

  2. In my opinion, people are being too understanding about this “mistake” by Universal Standard. I bought items based on the representation that the value will be “OVER $X” not “UP TO $X.” The website clearly shows a promised value OVER $X and I purchased in reliance on that representation. The company cannot now say, “oops, we made a mistake, the value will actually be less.” And the fact that the company representatives have admitted that they were aware of the error but made the decision NOT to correct the error on the website is unacceptable. Increased sales as a result of the “mistake” cannot be brushed aside with a “so sorry, it was an honest mistake that we specifically chose not to correct so we could continue to sell a bunch of items.” Did the company send out an email telling us of the mistake and allowing us to cancel orders? NO, we had to find out here. I, for one, will NOT be okay with a lower value than what I was promised and purchased.

    • I feel the exact same way. I would have given them the benefit of the doubt if the only place the value was listed was on the marketing piece with the images. That in itself would have been a huge oversight to make, listing it as “Valued at $xxx” instead up “up to $xxx”, but I could have forgiven that as a legit mistake. But given that a “mistake” was made in each box description as well by stating the value is “over $xxx”, I have a hard time believing this wasn’t a conscious marketing tactic.

      And yes, the fact that they didn’t address this other than by basically saying “oops, sorry! Our bad. But we aren’t going to bother to fix it” when asked about it… that makes me believe that this was done on purpose even more.

      They were able to send an email to everyone and include a cutesy chat screen cap when they were advertising that the box promotion was going to end early… last chance to get yours! But they couldn’t do the same to address this issue and apologize to everyone for the false advertising or tell us how they plan to fix it.

      I too have a marketing background and if this was a “mistake” I made I would be doing my best to make it right to EVERYONE who was impacted. If it was deliberate… “oops sorry!”

      • Also… to clarify, I would never do something like this as a deliberate marketing tactic!

    • After all the negative comments I contacted customer service. They said they were looking into the negative comments.
      I was assured all boxes are valued as represented. I believe this. Also, if you have a problem with your box you can contact them for replacement. Looking at the comments some have done that and raved about the service.
      I was also advised that everything in your box is on their website so you can check out the pricing.
      I for one felt very relieved talking to this super nice customer service rep.
      I believe all boxes will be worth much more than we are paying.

      • This is wonderful news! Such a relieve since I bought 7 boxes before discovering the issue. This also very different response when people first reached out.
        The response I got initially was similar to others “ops we made a mistake and this is the last day , we are not going to change it.” 😀 I think there was enough people reaching out and they probably decided to make it right for everyone. Yay!

  3. Two little words could have eliminated the confusion: “Up to…”. I’ve worked in marketing for decades, this was a big thing to overlook, but I do believe it was a mistake and not done with deceptive intent. I think sometimes we are very quick to jump and accuse companies of nefarious intent, when in reality, we’re all fallible humans who makes mistakes. Ultimately, if I’m happy with what I receive, retail value is a non-issue.

  4. Disappointed to hear that they may not honor their box values based on the marketing piece. The values stated should have been a range. Hopefully the 3 boxes I ordered are great and the promised value will not matter as much.

  5. What are your thoughts about the actual claimed mystery boxes value could be lower? The classic box for example is valued at $475 and the description of the box claims “Pick this Mystery Box and our team will personally select 3 classic pieces (valued over $475)” . However the reality is the boxes will have a range of values and $475 is the maximum value for that box(Confirmed through online chat with customer service). Some one the sponsored blog posts / insta post shows boxes content even within the $280 range for classic box.
    Is this false advertisement?

    • I don’t think they make that clear at all! How disapointing! I ordered the premium box (along with the classic and tops) because of the stated retail value. I don’t think they should post a retail value unless they plan to meet it. It needs to clearly say “up to a xxx retail value” if that’s the case.

    • I agree that’s not very clear. But honestly as long as the value is greater than what I’m paying for the box, I’m not super upset.

      • I agree the boxes wills till have great value. Just not a fan of how deceptive the marketing was done. Considering the same rules will apply to the Luxe and premier box. Technically there is no lower bound for the total value of the box. The Luxe/ premier box might have values equal or lower than the classic outfitting box while you are paying premium for the box.

        It would been better if they had a disclaimer listing the range of the values of the boxes. What is the minimum and maximum value per box type. Using the classic box for example,they should also remove the labeling of the box as as sale mark down from $475 to $95. Removing wording of “valued over $475” if there will be boxes not meeting that requirement. The marketing wording is giving false expectation for the people that are purchasing the box.

        They make great products and have a really good goal. They don’t need the inflated prices for the boxes to sell. The disappointment is not getting a box at 60% off instead of 60%, but the anticipation/expectation versus reality.

    • Their description indicates as follows for the premier box.
      “For the ones who prefer to elevate their look, here’s a full outfit for you! Pick this Mystery Box and our team will personally select 3 premier pieces (valued over $550) – a top, a bottom, and maybe some outerwear – specifically”

      I’m expecting the retail value to be as stated otherwise I will be doing a charge back on my credit card and indicating I did not received what was stated. Value here is retail price. No excuses.

    • I for one am really upset to hear this, and couldn’t believe it when I read it here, so I went and confirmed via chat as well. They apologized for the misleading language and said that they notified their marketing team but since it’s the last day of the promotion they probably won’t be updating the language.

      This makes me angry because I bought 4 boxes, first time customer, because I thought the value was amazing, and I thought it was An amazing way to introduce their product to new customers. Now I have no idea what the value will be, but beyond that, I feel lied to. It is blatant false advertising when the pictures all say “Valued at $XXX AND the descriptions all say “Valued over” that same amount. That implies the value is at LEAST what is stated in the photo.

      Honestly even if I love what I receive the chances of me shopping this brand again are pretty much nonexistent. They just lost a new customer.

      • It’s unlikely we’ll get the full chargeback amount, but I would start taking screenshots and pdf prints of anything you ordered because they all so OVER $xxx value.

        I would say most likely we’ll receive % charge back – like if I received $280 worth of items for $350 value box (80% Of the promised value) at $90, so I’m probably gonna get refunded $18.

        Be firm, and know your legal rights when engaging with customer service afterward. Per FTC regulation: Advertising and Marketing Basics – Under the law, claims in advertisements must be truthful, cannot be deceptive or unfair, and must be evidence-based. For some specialized products or services, additional rules may apply.

    • I read that review too. I think the reviewer had 3 boxes? When I was reading the review, I was guessing they weren’t all the classic box as she said but were 3 different types of mystery boxes and the $280 was the surprise me box. I hope next year they’ll phrase the value more clearly but for those who have ordered I wouldn’t worry. I ordered last year and have ordered since and been very pleased with the quality.

    • Wow. This is super disappointing. I don’t think they would have had the response they had if it was labeled correctly. So glad this was on here and I want to thank ya all. I went in and SS every box I purchased as well as the original page in the event I need to contact my card.

    • I also reached out – here’s exactly what they said about the Luxe box:

      “We apologize for the confusion! Because of the combination of items each box will be valued differently but will be an average value of $650 for the Luxe Outfitting Box!”

      • Hehe I want to know what’s the standard deviation for their average.
        In an extreme example, one box of $1300 value and one box with value of $0. Average is still $650 😛

  6. Wow, they have been so helpful! I ordered several boxes (uh, 5), and have nervous about sizing. I was completely surprised when I found out they recently opened a store in Portland where I live. I was able to go in and try on different sizes and styles. I’m so glad that I did because I would have ended up with a bunch of oversized clothing. If you have one nearby, try some pieces.

    BTW, I am usually anywhere from 6-12 depending on brand, but solidly a 2XS in US. Hopefully that helps somewhat?

  7. Bottoms now sold out. Something wrong with that sentence.

    • *snort* OMG.

  8. I want to give a shout out to their fantastic customer service. I’ve contacted them a couple of times and have been really impressed with it. Also they just told me boxes should start shipping the week of Feb 24th.

  9. Bold is now sold out, but I am sooooo close to ordering a Premier (I’ve already ordered a Classic and Tops.)

  10. Just bought another which makes 5! They need to end this sale or someone needs to break my fingers before I order another one. 2 tops 1 bottoms 1 premier and 1 bold

    • Haha me tooooo!! I ordered 3 and then 2 more and now I’m trying my hardest not to order another 2. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to hold off for another 6 days! Ahhhh!!!

  11. I wear a size 16 jeans but a size 14 in Universal Standard. In tops I’m a steady large/XL in most brands and wear a size small in US. Last year I ordered two boxes and loved everything I got but had ordered the wrong size. One sweater worked and I do wear it constantly though. Since then I’ve bought several other pieces and live in their jeans.

    I ordered two more boxes again this year and as long as they don’t send me overalls I’m betting I’ll love it all now that I’ve figured out the sizing. I’m hoping Liz will add this box to swaps this year. I would have loved to swapped the stuff that didn’t fit. I would up selling it.

    • My whole closet is Universal Standard, their dresses and shirts are my favorites. They have wonderful lounge & activewear too.

  12. Liz can you add Universal Standard Mystery box to the swaps. I’m hoping I can swap items if I don’t like them.

  13. Katie, I bought both. They have a tab for athliesure, so you can see some of the possible items. I thought the overalls, top, and hoodie we’re cute, but those 3 items are nowhere near the promised value of $475. So I will have to see what I get.

    • Michelle,thanks for the advice! I had replied to my original comment (but it hasn’t shown up yet) that I went ahead and ordered the Classic Box after finding some reviews of it that had shown items I’d be happy to receive. Can’t wait to hear what everyone gets:)

  14. I was going to order Classic Style but then saw a review and the lady got overalls,turtleneck and cropped jacket. I wouldn’t be happy with the overalls or cropped jacket so I am thinking Athleisure, Wonder what could be in that box. Anyone choose that?

    • I caved and ordered the Classic box. Keeping fingers crossed I get something I love. I did get the survey right away but it was just about sizes,colors and allergies to fabric.

  15. I grabbed a tops & a classic – hoping I haven’t wasted my money. But the quality from all accounts sounds amazing and I like the simplistic styling, so crossing my fingers. MSA team – please review – I’d love to see what others end up with. Also, is this box listed on the swap site?

  16. I bought 9/10 boxes – all but the bold one… a tad excessive maybe but considering the value and how I usually have to splurge to buy full price from them I considered it less of a risk. I noticed they said they will follow your likes and your dislikes so I’m hoping they look at what you Heart and go from there. I had added 35 things to my loves list so I’m really hoping to see a few in the boxes. I’m looking forward to seeing a review from possibly a straight size person and plus. That way it would allow everyone to see how their sizing works for both body types.

  17. Yes, absolutely look at the sizing chart. I’m a size 12 and only at Universal Standard does that make me an XS! Also, I’m short at 5’1” and it was only when I recently ordered a tshirt dress in both XS and XS petite that I realized how much better the petite is for my proportion.

  18. In my experience their number sizes run smallish for the number they are, at least for plus (eg their 24 seems smaller than a Torrid, City Chic, or LB 24) but they were founded as a brand that was centering the average woman, so (for example) their medium is the average USA size of 14-16 and would definitely be much too big for anyone who normally wears a “medium”.

    The quality, especially of the fabrics, is really high. I have a bunch of their foundation items, a skirt, some leggings, and a couple knit dresses. I got the athleisure and “surprise me” bundles. The survey lets you pick your number sizes in tops and bottoms separately and also note colors that you do and don’t like.

    • I’ll add some more fit feedback in hopes that it is helpful. In most brands I wear (including Lucky, Madewell, LOFT, and Gap), I am either a 12 or 14 in jeans and a medium or large in tops, depending on fit. In Universal Standard I am usually one size smaller in jeans (10 or 12), and a consistent XS (which US defines as 10-12) in tops.

    • Agreed! I’m a 22 or 24 in most plus size brands, but prefer 26 from Universal Standard. I have some L (22/24) and some XL (26/28) stuff from them, and while all fit I personally prefer to wear my clothes looser so I reach for the XL items more! For t shirts L is way better, but I like my weird glamorous garbage bag dresses to fit like the glamorous garbage bags they are!

  19. Any promo code?

    • Do an internet search for the company. I found a 10% off promo code off of a blog.

      • Thnx!

  20. last year I got a dresses box, and it arrived the day before I left for Paris…one size down from what i had ordered…(I guess when i filled out the survey they thought I’d like tighter fitting clothes but my hips don’t allow that.) The blue Geneva fit, but nothing else. So, i emailed them, and they sent me a second dress box, free of charge, and let me keep the items that didn’t fit (which i gifted). Their CS is unparalleled.

    • I haven’t received a survey. and I didn’t get one last year either! How did Universal Standard send the survey/questionnaire?

      • You should have gotten an email. You should contact their chat and they’ll give you a link. Their CS is really responsive.

  21. If you go to last year’s listing for the mystery box you’ll see what a lot of us wrote back about it. I think they included foundation pieces in most of the boxes which it doesn’t sound as if they are doing this year. You do want to look at their sizing charts – and size up for active wear. which I do with everyone.

  22. I bought the top box and the athleisure box. I didn’t get any surveys so I think it will be a complete surprise.

    If they would have sent a survey for each of the boxes, I would have also purchased the Luxe box. But without a survey, they would no nothing about me past my shipping address and it is just too much without knowing my lifestyle. Darn.

    • My confirmation email said I would get a survey, but I didn’t receive one either. I’m wondering if it’s a manual process and they are just backlogged.

    • My survey came within 5 minutes of ordering this morning.

      • Well that doesn’t bode well for me! I’ve never ordered from them before, so they don’t have any account history for me either. I’m going to reach out to customer service.

        • it may have been sent to your promotions tab or spam! Mine ended up under promotions right after i got my order confirmation.

        • I responded to the confirmation email that I never got a survey email and then they sent one 5 hours later

    • I didn’t get a survey either so I chatted with their customer service and they gave me a link to fill it out. You might try that!

      • I also did not receive and did a chat and a link was sent for the survey. I was told the survey was sent right after the order so if you did not get one you should contact.

    • I did receive 1 survey about an hour after purchasing 2 boxes. Will they use that for both boxes? This should be fun! Seriously, I’m really looking forward to it. I love oversized cotton pieces in neutral colors so I’m sure I’ll love them!

  23. I’ve bought two of their Rex T-shirts and they are my fav shirts that I own. The quality is so great. The colors don’t fade and they hold up well. Makes the quality of my other t-shirts look like crap lol if I wasn’t on a no but I would buy the tops box because that’s a great deal.

  24. I’m interested but I don’t see any previous reviews from MSA.

  25. I’ve never ordered from them before, but decided to try the dress and the classic boxes. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Hi Jeannie, I’m interested in the dresses box, as I love all of the casual styles they have, but afraid to bite because I don’t do anything dressy. Did you (or anyone) that bought the dresses box, receive a survey on what styles Or colors you preferred?

      • They didn’t ask about styles unfortunately, but they did ask about color. I too prefer the casual styles they had on the website. Hopefully we will get lucky! And I’m thinking that we might be able to do some trading if we aren’t crazy about what we get.

    • I chose the same boxes! I’ve never ordered from them before and I’m a little surprised I took the plunge to the tune of $200(!!), but I’m excited!! I hope we both get some amazing pieces.

      • I hope so too! I’m thinking that we might be able to do some trading if we aren’t crazy about what we receive.

  26. I bought 2 of the tops and emailed them. They said they shouldn’t be dups. The quality really is great.

  27. Thanks for the heads up on this!! I’m going to try them out with a tops box. I think the fact that they send the questionnaire asking about color preferences is awesome! That way hopefully no one will end up with a color they would never wear.

  28. Their clothes are expensive but super high quality. The idea of a mystery box gives me heartburn but the value is so good. Between this and the Sunday Riley box, I’ve spent far too much money today, LOL.

  29. When I saw the size range I was super impressed. The prices are kinda crazy BUT if the quality is there and they are outfit staple level pieces I won’t mind so much.

    Grabbed the tops mystery box since alot of their pants seem to not be my style. Got the questionaire and just finished filling it out. Fingers crossed I get some good items and I love them. Would be great to find a company with “regular women” sizes available. lol

  30. I was so disappointed with the petite box I received last time. I got three basic tees that didn’t represent the value I was expecting.

    • Same here – I got an undershirt, a sweater that was absolutely enormous, and a pair of pants that look like pjs. I am trying once more because the quality of their tees is really good. I adjusted my sizes down – their stuff runs huge. If I am disappointed again, shame on me I guess.

      • They run large? That’s good to know!

        • Run large is an understatement. They make Victoria’s Secret sizing look spot in in comparison. Definitely check the size guide. I’m a size 6 so in theory I’ a 2XS.

      • Oops. I like slightly loose fitting clothing and so I went with a larger than normal size. I’m a 6/8 and I marked that I’m a 10/12. I’ll probably have giant clothing. Haha!

        • If you email customer service they can cancel your box for you and then you can re-order in the correct size! I’m between sizes so I’d sized up but then I panicked after seeing people’s comments. With my luck now everything will be too small but it’s worth a try.

    • Same here. I haaaaated my box last time, but ordered two more this time in hopes of getting a few pieces I’ll love. 🤞

  31. I’m on no-buy 😭 But I love Universal Standard and wear their stuff quite often especially when I travel.

  32. I’m getting error messages from shareasale when I try to click the links.

    • Me too!!🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  33. I bought a dresses one last time and was pleased. This time I got a petites and looking forward to seeing what they choose. Their styles are so unique. Even if I don’t care for one of the pieces, it’s a bargain for the other items.

  34. Take my kidneys now.

  35. I’ve never ordered from them before, but I like their business model and goals. I got a tops box and received a questionnaire just a few minutes later asking me for size and color preferences, Including colors that I don’t like to wear. This was fun and I can’t wait to receive!

  36. I bought one last time and have continued to purchase from them through warehouse sales. I bought 3 this time, they’re promising nearly $1000 for just over $200. I love their clothes’ fit and quality!

  37. I bought these last time and they were great! Bought 4 this time! Especially if you are a curvy person they are wonderful! Love their clothes. I recently bought some exercise tops and found they ran smaller than promised.

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