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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate December 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2020 Glam Bag Ultimate!

February 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Ultimate this month:

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (44)

  1. My bag is just like yours except I have a different palette. I have all the VV palettes Ipsy has offered so I picked one of the MG palettes. I really love all the stuff in Ultimate, but it seems like I always get more than one mask and more than one moisturizer. I’d rather not have category dupes.

  2. The only actual make up in my bag this month is my choice item, one of the MG palettes. I love getting skin care items to try, but wow this is nuts. Would love to get a fragrance, never once have any of my subs sent me one, or a nail polish… this is the first time with Ipsy that I’m actually disappointed.

    • Same here!! So frustrated! A few skincare options are okay but I have my choice item (a MG palette) and a lipstick and the rest is skincare. I have been putting it off but I might just cancel the Ultimate after this month.

    • That is interesting. In my Glam Bag, or my Plus, I’ve gotten nail polish and/or fragrance in most! Even more interesting…I have my profile set to occasionally on those two categories. I always get a great variety of items, though.

  3. Has anyone noticed how the regular ipsy glam bag fits your profile better than the plus or the ultimate? It must be because the regular pulls from 40 or so products and the other two only pull from 20 or so. The regular bag gives more variety. I also think my bags match my profile better when I don’t pick anything. I think if the Ultimate gives you 12 items then they should have more products to pull from.

    • There is such a big selection of items for the classic bag. Mine is always awesome!!! I’d be thrilled with that level of customization in the Ultimate bag!

  4. I skipped the ultimate this month & seeing a lot of ppl that skipped. I’ve been getting the ultimate since it’s release & haven’t been happy with the options. I was looking forward to February & March because the “winter spoilers” looked amazing but I’m not seeing those products here besides the sweater Weather palette & the facial roller. So idk 😐 glad I skipped! I got Plenty of body creams & lip products /facial masks/eye creams Over the last few months! Give us brands we know Ipsy!! Give us makeup and good skincare! I’m sick of body lotions, the same brownish lip products,chap sticks and masks or peel off masks & exfoliaters. I’ll prob skip next month but gonna wait until choice day to decide.
    I did Keep the $12 base bag I thought why not & even it’s awful. I really loved Ipsy so I’m not one to usually bash but wow it was bad! I got a hand cream, a brown ugly lip product that won’t work for me, another brush ,the tarte eyeliner which I chose and the murad eye cream which I’m ok with. I did get off boxycharm prem. Waitlist so I may just go with boxycharm for a bit.

  5. I’m so confused. Am I wrong or did Ultimate used to be 6 full size and 4 samples? I saw this reveal and thought, “wait that’s more than six full sizes…”
    Then near the end it explains what the “New Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate” consists of.

    If I’m right and this is truly “new” and a major change from the previous contents I wonder why Ipsy didn’t announce and/or promote this. I would’ve expected to at least see something on MSA other than a footnote on this post. And being a former unsatisfied subscriber precisely for the lack of value I would’ve expected an email or multiple emails even. Did I miss something or did they really make this change super quietly almost as if it was a dirty secret instead of a much needed improvement?

    So many people have been disappointed with the value of Ultimate considering the $50 cost so I would think they’d want to shout it from the rooftops that they’re now giving you two more full size products. Personally I think they still need to work on the quality and variety but this is definitely progress and shows they’re listening and trying to increase customer satisfaction.

    • It’s always been 8 full size and 4 samples. But, it does get confusing because some products (like sheet masks) are hard to tell whether they are considering them full size or not.

      • Yes! Sometimes the “full size” items are stuff that also appear in the regular glam bags (e.g. – single shadows, lip balms, etc), & at that price point, the “full size” items SHOULD be things that would appear in the Plus bag in order to be actually a good value. That’s where a lot of the confusion comes in.

    • It is 8full sizes and 4 deluxe. This will be my last month for Ultimate box. The value for my ultimate box this month is $249. 50 for 12 products and my Plus box is worth $285.00 for only 5 products, now tell me why is my $25 dollar box worth more than my $50 dollar box? I’m just beyond frustrated with Ipsy.

      • Wow, that’s staggering. Math, y’all, whew.

      • I’ve noticed that my Plus bag has made me far more impressed than my Ultimate. Im going to see what happens in March and just cancel the Ultimate.

  6. I haven’t been interested in ultimate until reading this reveal. This collection looks great to me.

    • This is why they will never please everyone. The spoilers were terrible to me so I paused this month. I was able to purchase the ONLY item that I wanted (The Feel Rose Petal mask) for $10 shipped.

  7. I cancelled all my Ipsy subscriptions. I have not been interested with their spoilers for several months now.

  8. I’m pretty happy with my Ultimate bag this month. I want to give it a couple more months and then cancel. I want to cut back on my subscriptions.

    Tokyomilk handcreme
    Polaar lip balm
    Nature’s Cartel eyeshadow trio
    Violet Voss Berry Burst eyeshadow palette
    Feel Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask
    Avette water cream
    Catherine Malandrino Dream Fragrance
    Skylar body lotion
    Folly Fire lipstick
    Grace & Stella facial roller (my pick)
    Shaina B brush set
    Trestique starlight powder stick

    Add ons
    Kazu Beauty 24k Gold Sheet Masks
    Merci Handy hand cream
    Pure Brazilian hair mask

    I’m okay with getting lotions/hand creams because my hands are so dry from constantly washing my hands at work. I’m surprised I didn’t get any sheet masks. I rate them high. I love getting them. I usually get them. I also get them as add ons. I have a large collection of sheet masks I keep buying from Facetory when they have them on sale for $1 on Mondays.

  9. I LOVE my bags and will use all the products except those roller things. I do not follow junk fads.

    Was especially happy to see the great mixtures of palettes and a set of 3 cream eyeshadows in my bags.
    I think I’ll love the Playa hair mist.
    Know I love the Tokyo Milk hand cream.
    Got the Sweater Weather palette as an add on.
    IDK, looks like all the options I like, without ANY awful mascara or eyeliner.

    Happy to finally get a fragrance from Ipsy. I’ve been waiting for years. 🙂
    New brands this month in some products. The brush set has an inflated ” value” but they always act like their brushes are classic Jane Iredale quality.
    Chose the two cleansers in one box to have more full sized skin care.

    Not high on the samples. Would prefer all full sized items, but I doubt they ever give us that.
    Now that I’m in Boxy Premium and BoxyLuxe on 2 accounts, I think Ipsy is going to fall off my buy list. Not sorry at all but making the most of the last bags.

  10. I skipped ultimate this month and I feel fine about it, especially after seeing all of the options. There is nothing there I really want and I just would have been disappointed in Ipsy ultimate. Again.

    • I did the same and it seems like the items they picked for my regular and Plus Feruary bags significantly improved over the previous months when I was also receiving the Ultimate bag.

    • Me2 ! So glad I skipped. I’m just wondering what happened to the “winter spoilers” they released because only thing I’m seeing is the facial roller & a eyeshadow palette (I think)
      Where’s the top brand products!?

  11. I’d be pretty disappointed if I had Ultimate. My Plus bag is way better. I’m sad ipsy hasn’t stepped it up with Ultimate.

  12. I got the Tula cleanser in a box before and it’s been surprisingly great.

  13. Nothing that excites me. I only have experience with one item so I guess that’s a good sign. Try new things. I like the bag the most.
    I got;

    – Toykomilk Handcreme- Pleased
    – Polaar Lip Balm- I was running low on lip balm
    – 3pc sheet mask set- not mad
    – Feel Harmony Face mask- Nope
    – CATHERINE MALANDRINO Dream Fragrance- intrigued
    – Tula Face Cleanser- not exciting
    – Playa Day mist- meh
    – Skylar lotion in Capri- ok
    – FOLLY FIRE Matte Lipstick in Sunset Blvd- Nope
    – Grace & Stella face roller- Nope
    – Makeup Geek Peach Bellini Eyeshadow palette- ok
    – Shaina B Brush Set- Meh

    Added on Pillow Spray and Farmacy Cleansing balm.

    • Hey, if you ever want to sell or trade that Makeup Geek palette, I got the Violet Voss one and a brush set I dont really want.

  14. Skipped all three bags this month and not even sad about it 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I hope fragrance is not going to become a regular thing…..

      • Me2 not everyone can handle perfume & perfume filled products. I have asthma & so does my child. We both also have very sensitive skin & I can’t use perfumed products.

  15. A bit annoyed i got two palettes in my ultimate and neither are the ones I wanted.

    • Whoa. I only see eye shadow palettes in this month’s Ultimate. Did you get 2 eye palettes?

      • There’s the violet voss palette and 2 makeup geek palettes

      • Yeah, I’m curious as to where those MG palettes are? They weren’t available as add on’s and so far all I see are people getting the VV berry palette.💁 I would have thought Ipsy would have a lot to go around with Makeup Geek rebranding. Kind of strange…

      • Many people (including me) chose one as their choice item. Maybe that took up all the stock they had.

      • Sorry, yeah there are two MG palettes like the other kindly posters mentioned (i had trouble responding on my phone, thanks for the responding in the meantime 🙂 )

        But, I got the Nature’s Cartel and Violet Voss. I guess technically Nature’s Cartel isn’t a palette but, I lumped it in there as a palette. I actually wanted to try one of the MG palettes instead of NC because creamy eyeshadows literally feel like it drips off my face every time I blink. I also have the Dominique in the plus and a single in the regular bag coming.

        I use eyeshadow 5x times a week and I am yet to finish a palette since 2017. (I weirdly keep track) So, I was hoping to at least get one that I wanted.

      • Awh…wish you had gotten the MG! 5 times a week is some serious commitment. I wear eyeshadow maybe 5 times a year, yet I love getting eyeshadow palettes…they are just so pretty!😂 I create really pretty looks when I do use them, but it takes me forever, so I lack the motivation. I don’t know why I don’t feel right slapping on one matte color and just being done with it? Why is that so hard these days? My friends and I have ongoing joke’s about my makeup museum and how I only visit it a couple times a year.🤦💁😂

      • lol, sad to say I am the one who slaps one color. I try blending but, then everything becomes a muddied mess lol 😀

        Also, ROFL on the makeup museum. I am going to say that the next time I get called a hoarder/addict. (Also, I am in the same boat, I love getting more palettes but, I have to keep reminding myself I have boxes and boxes of ones I never even opened and I actually bought those separately)

      • Oh, yeah, I definitely see why you count the 3 shadows as a palette.

        Kind of strange that they’d send you so much shadow in one box!

  16. Looks a bit underwhelming, but I could be wrong.

  17. I got a similar products. Just a different palette & I got Tula cleanser instead of skylar body lotion. I’m disappointed in February ultimate. I feel my ipsy glam bag plus was of a higher value.

    • Same here.

      • Not wrong in my opinion! I was underwhelmed with my bag. Ultimate should feel more special. More exciting, higher value products. Its basically glam bag plus with a few more items, for twice the money. If I’m going to spend $50 (+tax) a month, I want to feel spoiled (like boxyluxe makes me feel).

      • I agree – that is why I chose to get the basic 12.00 bag this month and throw in a few add ons. You can kind of build your own bag for less $$$. I am really happy with how it worked out this month

      • I wish we could build our own regular and plus bag every month. Like pick all 5 products.

    • Same! No stand out, wow factor.

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