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Ipsy Glam Bag March 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Which product are you choosing for your March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag?

Here’s a look at more March spoilers:

TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream
TARTE Sea Quench Hydrating Primer
COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Eyelid Brush
PACIFICA BEAUTY Hemp infused eyeshadow in Quartz, Dusty, Smokey Quartz, Tiger, Crystal Flower
MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation
OFRA COSMETICS Bronzer in Americano

FYI – In March, every Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate subscriber will receive a free bonus product in their bag. The bonus item will be a sample-size product, personalized through IPSYmatch.

So the Ipsy Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus will each have 6 products and the Glam Bag Ultimate will have 13 products!

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (113)

  1. I’m just wondering if anyone else ordered “Watermelon Skincare Duo
    PACIFICA & HANHOO” from the Flash Sale? Mine arrived today and it was missing one of the two sheet masks. I’ve contacted IPSY about it. Is anyone else also missing their mask?

  2. New Ipsy point rewards finally up! I got the BELLE EN ARGENT
    Auteur Matte Lip Color in Light and Angles .

  3. I am getting the TATCHA dewy cream and water cream on another glam bag account. I am not getting Ultimate or Plus in March. I do love the HEY HONEY brand, the cc cream is what I have and use it on my face and undereyes. My beauty profile is set to getting brushes, skincare items, and mail polish on often. I don’t like sheet masks too much anymore. I love ipsy and the bags are really fun!

  4. What the hell I always miss the choice period… I guess ipsy doesn’t send emails to let us know when choice is open

    • I never get the emails either. This month, though, I actually got a notification from the app! Nice new feature, (or at least new to me)!

  5. I have so many moisturizers already but I’m going with the tatcha. Need to see what everyone is raving about. hoping the lip mask ends up an add on though (although I’ve tried the laneige one and no drastic difference in my lips. But hey, it makes me feel better lol)

  6. I was very tempted by the brush but wound up going with Tatcha Dewy. I’m struggling to find a daytime moisturizer that will really help my 64 yo dry skin. What I really got excited about, though, was after I made my choice, I was directed to a flash sales page and grabbed a $42 Elemen Zephyr eyeshadow palette for $16. Totally made my day! Now I’m seriously trying to convince myself I don’t need to buy any add-ons on March 2nd! lol

    • That palette was soooo beautiful! If I wasn’t drowning in palettes AND getting all 3 ipsy bags this month, I would have gone for it. Hope it works out for you!

      • It really is! After her post, I looked at it. That’s also when I discovered the Viseart Bridal palette for $30!

    • If I don’t get a bunch of add-ons AND it’s still available, I will def be snatching one up 🙂

  7. I chose Tatcha and I think the bag is cute!

  8. I chose the Tatcha Dewy Skin… I am crossing my fingers that the Awake Lip is an add on or one of my bag items… fingers crossed.

    • I could actually build a bag I’d kill for just from these choices!
      I have two bags so I am getting both Tatcha to try. I’m hoping to get a brush, the lip mask, and the tarte also!

  9. I chose the lip mask. My poor lips have been so miserably chapped for weeks and nothing is seeming to help. This gets excellent reviews so I’m totally excited it give it a shot.

    • Same for me, Lori. My lips are so tired of winter, hopefully this will help.

    • Me too! Figured the Tatcha creams are going to be add ons since they’ve been leaked as choices for weeks. Here’s hoping the lip salve works for my chronically chapped lips.

  10. I am going with the surprise factor again. Hoping there are some lipsticks and nail polish for me this month.

    • I did that last month and mentioned it in the comments about how I was hoping that by not choosing I would get a bag closer to my profile. It did not work out well for me. My last bag wasn’t horrible but it did not seem to match my profile any better than normal. And I have been getting lipsticks like crazy lately, which I have set at rarely and I give unhappy faces every time I receive one.
      Wondering if anyone else that didn’t choose last month felt their bag was more tailored to them?

      • I haven’t picked the last couple of months and felt my bag better fit my profile. Since there is nothing that I can’t live without, I am not picking this month. I did pick for glam bag plus.

      • Still new-ish to this but I didn’t pick for January or February for Glam Bag. January they did good and February they did great! When you do reviews, 5 stars for things you want and 1 star for things you don’t want. And take a look at all of the spoilers before they put your bag together and make your quiz match what you want out of the month. If you can’t find it, it is under your account membership. Of course now that I spoke up, I will probably be happy with only 1 or 2 items this month. LOL However, like Linda, I do make a choice when I get GB+. I’m ok with gambling on $12. Not as much with $25.

      • I used to change my preferences every month based on spoilers until I saw a video ipsy did where they say it takes 2 months for your profile changes to affect your bags. Just fyi.

  11. Tatcha Dewy Skin moisturizer, for me. 🙂

  12. I immediately chose the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, didn’t even need to look at the other choices. I got a sample of it from Sephora and it lasted me several days, almost a week. And by sample, I mean one of the teeny little clear pots they put a dollop of foundation in or whatever. Just a small scoop on my pinkie was enough for my whole face. I have very dry, flaky, acne prone skin and after my sample was out, I could feel a difference in softness and dryness. It smells really nice too!

  13. Tatcha Water Cream for me.

  14. I think the regular GB had the best option out of all three bags. It was so hard for me to choose. I chose the Tatcha Dewy Cream since I have tried that one before, but really want the eyeshadow brush, the bronzer, primer and body cream

  15. I chose the Tatcha Dewy Cream. I wish I could pick my entire bag from this selection! The perfect bag for me would also include the brush, the Belle En Argent lip gloss, the Youth to the People cleanser, and the Awake lip mask.

    • I agree, that would be a great bag!

  16. I really want the Tatcha dewy BUT I’m almost out of my go to primer so I thought I should give a new primer a try and actually get something I need 🙄 fingers crossed I’ll still get the Tatcha.

  17. I was excited at first and going to choose one of the tatcha creams, but then i read the ingredients for both and they are all just silicones, dyes ,and fragrance. Eww and straight alcohol, shockingly bad really for such a high price tag. It’s literally dollar tree lotion in an overpriced bottle. I went with the youth to the people cleanser, but i may end up just skipping this month.

  18. I thought the choices were great! I chose the lip gloss by Belle en Argent but hopefully the lip mask is an add on so I can try it. I’m really surprised that so many people like the Tatcha creams! They both contain dimethicone which totally clogs my pores and causes bumps under my skin that take forever to go away ugh.

  19. I’m so excited to finally get to try the Tatcha dewy properly. Every time I get a sample of it from Sephora (or even Tatcha themselves), it comes all dried out in the packaging.

  20. I chose the Tatcha dewy, and hope to add the superfood cleanser and lip mask. I’ll probably add the water cream too if that’s still available but from what others are commenting that it is no longer a choice, it sounds like they are out.

    • I just chose the water cream about 15 minutes ago. Still showing as available. I’m hoping for the same though! To add on the dewy. I checked Sephora and I can’t believe (I can actually lol) that the 10ml sizes are $26 cdn…🙀

    • Water cream is there. I just chose it a minute ago.

  21. I am so psyched Tatcha’s Water Cream was a choice option! It’s one of my staples!! 🙂

  22. I chose Tatcha The Water Cream. I really like this product, it works really well on my oily, acne-prone skin. very hydrating and refreshing without feeling greasy.

    • That’s great to know! I didn’t choose it because I’m on overload with skin products, but I am hoping I still get it or is available in add-ons. Though I doubt it, because everyone is going bananas for the Tatcha, haha.

      • Lori: If you haven’t tried Tatcha’s water or dewy cream and are curious about it, I’d recommend you get it as an add-on (if available). Ipsy’s info page says the product is 10 ml, which retails for $20. You’ll get to sample it for $3 ($1 if you use your $2 coupon) and I personally think that’s a great deal. ;0)

      • Thank you, crossing fingers it’s available!

  23. I am interested in trying Tatcha, so I chose the dewy cream. Was tempted by lip mask and lip gloss, so I’ll be looking for those in add-ons! I thought these were good choices.

  24. I picked the lip mask, but I’m probably going to pause again lol.

  25. I don’t see any choice twins. I chose Grace and Stella lavender body cream. Ipsy never sends me body cream. Hopefully by choosing it will fix algorithm.

  26. Like most on here, I chose the Tacha (the Dewy Skin Cream, to be exact). I’m not convinced it’s the same size as the $20 mini others seem to think it is, but it still looks to be a good size. Very tempted by the Awake lip mask and Complex Culture brush, though.

    I added on the $5 Billion Dollar Brows/Firma complexion brush set, because Ipsy is great for feeding my brush addiction.

    • The description indicated that it was 10 ML, which does seem to be the same size as the mini. Even if it’s not, though, I’m still happy for a chance to get to try it 😁

      • I missed the size in the description – that’s good to know! Even more excited for it now.

    • I was tempted by the awake with mouse but I chose the Yensa foundation.

      • Whoops I meant lip mask

    • Where did you see the $5 Billion Dollar Brows/Firma set?

      • Ater the choice, there’s an add on page where they offered $5 (2 items), $16 bundle, past mystery ipsy bags (regular, plus & ultimate).

    • I was wondering the same thing especially since Sephora has a reward offer for the water cream and it’s 0.24 oz. It would be nice if it is a larger size though.

  27. Aghhhhh. I’m already putting my my alarm on for 6am on March 2nd because it was hard to choose just 1 item lol.

    • Not sure where you live but add ons are live at 7:30 EST 4:30 PST and some will probably sell out fast .

  28. Perfect timing, IPSY! I’ve been looking for a night moisturizer-enter Grace and Stella!

  29. I. Chose the ofra bronzer… I have never tried their bronzer so I wanted to see how it worked..

    • Their bronzers are GREAT! I would’ve gone for this one but Americano is way too warm for me. I think you’ll be happy with your choice. I’ve seriously never gotten an Ofra product I don’t like.

      • I second that, OFRA products are quality.

  30. I chose the Youth To The People cleanser but then remembered I have already tried it before. I wish they would sample the toner. I will probably just skip.

  31. I was actually pleased with the selections from both the regular Glam Bag (Murad Eye Cream) along with the Plus (lol, I just forgot). In any event, I was happy😉

  32. I picked the Belle en Argent lip gloss. I got a shimmery gold toned one (still a clear gloss, just a golden sheen) from them ages ago that I loved, and actually used all the way down until I was scraping it from the sides. That never happens with me. I’m so happy to get a new one from them!

  33. Bought 4 Glam bags to get $80 worth of Tatcha Dewy Cream! YAY!

    • I have 3 annual subs and I bought 2 more just to get the Tatcha!

  34. The purple sample of Tatcha is $20. OMG, I just bought 4 Glam Bags for that one product!! 🙂

  35. The glam bag plus options were pretty terrible. I typically choose from skincare but there’s little to choose from – an eye cream and something glamglow but I avoid that brand like the plague after having a terrible reaction to a mask. I don’t want more eyeshadow or bLush pallets. The regular bag options look much more interesting!

    • For what sample size skin-care? 😂😂😂

      • um, yes? The regular bag IS sample size products.

      • Yeah I know what it is and that’s the main reason I switched to plus cus I was tired of ridiculous stock piles of skin care you will never get a result out of cus it’s literally jus a tiny sample like I’m sorry but how many tiny tubes of skin care products does one person need? I got wicked tired of tryna find people to give them too, sure good makeup starts with a good base and that’s your face which can only be managed using good skin care but I wish everyone would hop off the bandwagon so Ipsy could chill out with all the very underwhelming tiny lil skin care samples 😂 highly unimpressive I’d much rather be drowning in blush and eyeshadows and brushes and even BLACK liquid eyeliner for the next 3 years than sign back up for regular and be disappointed every month by which tiny little skin care sample I might get next in my bag! That’s just my opinion, I think everyone saying plus looks terrible is rather entertaining given these regular glam bag options like honestly who complains about getting MAKEUP or being tired of makeup in a makeup subscription box I’m sooo over the skin care rave 😂 even when I get a skin care product in my plus I barely keep it for myself cus chances are I won’t be impressed enough or blown out of the water enough to drop the money on another full-size to keep up with any given results from said product cus skin-care gets VERY expensive. I think Ipsy needs to bump it up w/ the regular glam bag samples and definitely NOT in the skin care department, sorry to all you who are skin-care obsessed but that’s jus my opinion but hey whatever floats your boat, right? 😂💯

      • You do realize that you get blush, eyeshadow, AND EVEN black eyeliners in the regular bag, right? I hope your day gets better, sounds like you could use a Snickers.

      • I’m well aware and skin-care SAMPLES are wack if you ask me ahahaha sorry if my opinion bothers you that deeply but that’s how I feel, but if you’re obsessed w/ skin care or even want to go spend over 40 bucks on 4 glam bags like these other ladies here so you can get 4 Tatcha samples then go for it 😂

      • Samples are a chance to find out if a skincare product works for you, or – especially important for those of us with reactive skin – if it irritates you. Maybe you enjoy spending a bunch of money on full size products without knowing whether it will work for you, or make you break out, or worse, but I don’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • I’m really unsure as to how you interpreted my response as being hurt deeply by your opinion, or how you assume that I bought 4 bags for multiple Tatcha samples. I am personally of the opinion that Tatcha is overpriced to begin with, but I still picked it because what I’ve tried from the brand has been nice. Almost all of the sample sizes I’ve received have been enough to decide whether or not I like the product enough to purchase a full size, and that is EXACTLY what these bag are for. If you think ipsy is “wack” then don’t subscribe. Cheers

      • The sample sized Tatcha products are $20 each retail…It makes complete sense if you enjoy it to add a couple of extra subs to get more.
        Also, just want to make the case for sample sizes, it’s why I love Ipsy…if you don’t like something you’re not stuck with a FS 🤷‍♀️ To each their own.

        For the record, completely unbothered by any opposing opinions lol 😂

      • That is a rude comment, Kyxo. A person gets 5 more samples this month. They have other products a person will receive. It is a great deal. It is fine to speak your mind about products but please do not insult other people.

  36. Never tried tatcha everyone won’t stop talking about it so it’s tempting to want to try and be curious about but then I think about it and it’s like that tatcha sample is barely enough for someone to get an idea of the product foreal it’s going to last you what a week at most and I also love Tarte but a primer sample…umm that’s great and all but also only enough product for what one to two days worth of a face full of makeup? Definitely glad I have plus but I do hope to see that brush as an add-on 😈

    • I like samples for the fact that I’m not trying them to see if they work in 1-2 uses, it’s more for the fact to test if they react to my skin, or if I like the color, scent or the texture. I hate “testing” a full-size product and finding that in 1-2 uses that I can’t stand the smell or that it breaks me out, and now I have a mostly full sized product I’m not using (looking at you SR CEO Cream). I for one am definitely glad for regular Glam Bag and the price point. I actually went back from GBP to regular for this fact.

      • Same! I had to drastically cut down my subs next month, but I keep ipsy because I still get to try new things without feeling like I’m overloaded. Plus, I keep my extras at work and dont have to worry about lugging around my regular makeup if I want a touch up during the day

      • most samples except 2-3 ml u can get a lot more useage then “a few applications” especially primers . Plus it’s awesome to try before buying nothing wrong with that

    • The Tarte primer sample is 10ml…that’s definitely more than enough for several applications. If you’re only getting 1-2 uses out of a 10ml primer? 😂 there’s a problem or you’re just using it wrong…

      • I’m always amazed at the amount of people stating that they are only getting “1-2 uses” out of many of these samples but especially things like the primers and foundations. Like how much are you putting on🤔 Most of the primer and foundation samples are around 1/4 to 1/3 of a full sized product. So then you are basically telling me you would go through a full sized foundation and primer in a week. Doesnt make any sense.

      • Agree 100%, Lori!
        I just saw a similar comment…going off about how they can only get 1-2 ‘wears’ from a 0.24oz of moisturizer…😮
        Wait, What?!? Are you straight up bathing in it? 😂

      • Yeah maybe I just don’t use a lot but I make even the tiniest samples last for weeks lol. it takes me forever to finish my products

  37. I chose Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser.

  38. I went for the brush! Was tempted by the tatcha dewy skin cream but I have way too many moisturizers.

    • Same here. I’m hoping I still get the water cream just to try, but not holding my breath.

  39. Thank you MSA for the heads up. I have been looking for an email from ipsy from the morning and still didn’t receive anything.

    • Same, I couldn’t seem to get to the link at all!?

  40. I knew I wanted to try one of the Tatcha products but couldn’t decide which one. I finally went with the Water Cream since my skin is very prone to break outs. Fingers crossed I can choose the Dewy Cream as an add on🤞

    • Same I selected the water cream , my skin is very oily and sensitive ,pro acne and the regular cream is very heavy for me

  41. Anyone else having trouble with adding extra products? I can’t click on them for more info and when I scroll down past the first few $5 rows it’s just a long blank screen. I can’t add anything or back out.

    • I have this issue on my phone for some reason. I have to load the whole page first and then it seems to work fine

    • The same thing is happening to me! Frustrating!

    • Yep, still won’t work for me…maybe a site problem?

  42. Yensa Foundation is not a choice for me. Could be that they’re not sending Fair this time; could be that I already received it in a past bag.

    I actually don’t care for any of these choices, so I didn’t pick anything. Nervous. :/

    • They were out of it when I picked at 10 this morning! I chose the lip balm, but I would have chosen that one had it been available. Here’s hoping for add-ons!

      • I picked at 6am PST. 🙂

        I’ve had weird, restricted choices in the past, too, like not being shown all the Huda palette shades.

  43. Chose the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream – love it! I love pretty much all things Tatcha and am a sucker for them.

    For anyone with oily skin – the Water Cream is a godsend. I’m not sure whether the Dewy cream is geared towards a skin type, though I’ve tried it before and loved it 🙂

    Generally, I have normal/dry skin, but I had a bout of oily skin issues a couple of years ago, and the only thing that worked was the Water cream.

  44. I chose the Tatcha dewy cream. The foundation and Tarte primer was tempting as well.

    • Same here.. I didn’t have lip mask as of one of the option for me but that would have been another tempting option

      • The lip mask tempted me as well!

      • The lip mask also really tempted me. Hopefully it’s an add-on!

      • I got the lip mask! I have such love for them. I keep a little glass jar by my bed with all of my lip mask samples in it and use a different one every nights. I LOVE sample size lip masks! In my heart I know they are just fancy chapsticks but I don’t care and I want them ALL!!!!

      • “fancy chapsticks” honestly I never noticed a huge difference from just using a chapstick and I wondering if I was missing something why everyone raves about them lolol. I’m glad you said it. I still feel fancy using them though lol so i probably will

      • I am also hoping for the lip mask to be on add-on and hopefully they have enough quantities as well. 🤞

  45. Such disappointing choices. Worried about the bag now.

    • Just out of curiosity, what are your concerns? (IMO) These are a spread of a pretty good variety of nicer brands and different types of products (with zero black eyeliners anywhere 🤭) what would you prefer?

  46. Went right for the dewy skin cream!

    I’m actually super excited for this month. There’s several things I would have picked and been happy with. GBP not so much lol

    • I picked the Awake lip mask! Never tried that brand and could always use more lip treatments. Plus I already have samples of both the Tatcha creams from Sephora lol.

  47. Wow…no Tatcha was offered when I made my choice….

  48. Dang it! I should have chose the brush, but instead I chose Tatcha cause I’ve never tried it…

    • I’m a sucker for tatcha… I love it!

    • I chose the brush after being tempted by the Tatcha and of course, I’m second guessing myself, too. The great thing is, I can get a sample of Tatcha at Sephora anytime and it will only last a little while, but that brush will get used hundreds of times!

      • Choose the Tatcha water cream! Sooo many good choices though!

      • I have a few of the brushes and they really are lovely! In fact my favorite brush that I use for multiple purposes is one of their bigger, fluffy ones (I can’t remember what it’s called and to be honest, I’m much too comfy in bed to get up and go look at it 🤣)
        But all of them that I own are really soft and I haven’t had any shedding. I think you’ll be happy with your choice.
        Right now I have so many brushes that I have complete sets I haven’t even taken out of the packages. But if it happens to show up in my bag, I definitely won’t be disappointed.

      • Omg the brush I got a couple months ago now (?) from Complex Culture is my all-time fave! Soooo plush 🙂

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