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CAUSEBOX Spring 2021 Box Full Spoilers + 20% Off

CAUSEBOX Spring 2020 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

We have the first spoiler for the Spring 2020 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code EG20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Spring box includes:

Every CAUSEBOX comes with a Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit! Hand-stitched in Jaipur, India, and made of 100% cotton material, these 5 mesh and muslin bags are designed to replace single use grocery bags. Mesh bags are perfect for fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, while the muslin bags are great for dry foods such as rice, pasta, and coffee beans!

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Comments (68)

  1. Slingin’ these drawstring over your shoulder would be must cutting. Especially when bagging up a melon. 😉

    But seriously…these are great for taking snacks to the beach too. Can’t wait to get these.

    Love all the boxes I’ve collected which work well to store sweaters and other treasured items.

  2. I have a lot of the store totes you can buy at the register.. which will do just as well or better because the handle are flat and doesn’t make it hard to carry.. Plus those hold a lot so I will put the produce in one of those small plastic carriers that are by the carts and while I am rining out my produce, I put them in my reusable shopping bags.. So, I have no use for these really. I will wait for the next few spoilers.. I am a new member.. You can skip a box can’t you? Or do I have to cancel and sign up again if I like the next box? I am hoping for something that will wow me that will keep my interested in getting the box..

  3. The bags sure have people talking about bags, reusable bags. Plastic bags, cotton bags…. It’s important because plastic bags end up in oceans and in whale and sealife. 🙁

  4. My one and only experience with Causebox was the Cyber Monday catastrophe- Ordered on 12/2/2019, received on 1/21/2020 with items missing- which they were very good about reshipping -received on 2/4/2020. Did this situation cause me to rebook an overseas flight or otherwise foul up my life- NO. Did this situation sour me on Causebox enough to not want to do business with them again- YES.

    • Yeah, they left a sour taste in my mouth too. I’ve looked at these bags in the market a few times, so depending on the next spoiler or two, I might consider the box, if it’s full of stuff I’m interested in and can justify the price. Luckily this isn’t the winter box, where people are planning on gifting items or even the whole box, so a massive delay isn’t as much of an issue.

    • Ugh…, I hope the items offered will improve. I have no need for these tote bags and these should have been offered as a choice item.

  5. I bought 3 sets of these from the winter marketplace. I kept one set and gave each of my daughters a set. Not sure if they use them, but I use mine every time I go to the grocery store. Prior to that I just kept my produce loose. My husband will always grab a plastic bag, but I give him the stink eye for it. lol

    Not overly excited about this since I have plenty, but I still prefer this over an eye mask or a cup/mug/water bottle.

  6. Keep in mind

    Unless you reuse these bags at least 300 times, you are actually polluting the environment even further.
    The carbon footprint of so called ‘echo’ options are more that 300X of a normal plastic bag.
    I normally use plastic bags twice, so 600 times minimum for me. Unless I use these echo options exclusively for 2 years, then it makes sense to own one. But do they last that long??

    • That may be true but some areas are banning single use bags anyway (like where I live) so I have no choice but to use something like this…unless I just want to keep bringing my own Ziploc bags to use instead. Also, a major point of the single use bag ban is to avoid the pollution after use. I don’t see very many of these types of bags blowing down the road, floating in rivers/lakes, stuck on animal’s heads or in their digestive tracts, etc.

      • Both great points, thanks.

    • Cotton will last far longer than two years, and if it rips can be repaired easily.

  7. Looks like a Laundry bag to me.

  8. This is not making me want to buy the box at all, there ugly.

  9. I’m drowning in reusable bags now. It started out well and good, but now it’s so trendy that I find it to be counter productive. It takes so much energy and resources to make one, it’s only “good for the planet” if you use one all the time for years.
    I haven’t put my produce in any kind of bag for “sorting” or storing in ages

  10. So when you go grocery shopping, these are meant to be used for produce instead of plastic. Got it. But then do you have to pay for the extra weight of the bag when you check out? Or do you remove the 8 apples you’ve put in the bag to weigh them, put them back in mesh bag and then put the mesh brag inside your reusable bag? If I’m reading the comments correctly, they aren’t necessarily meant to just carry the fruit around as the strap would dig into the hand/shoulder. But I don’t understand the process of using these.

    • A lot of grocery stores give money back if you bring your own bag. I believe at my local Kroger it’s $0.05/bag. Maybe ask your grocery store if they have some way of compensating for shoppers who bring their own bag.

    • Most of the reusable bags I have for dried beans, etc have the tare weight on them that is subtracted by the cashier when you check out.

    • The bags will have the ‘tare’ weight on them and is subtracted at checkout from the total weight of the dry goods. Sorry if I have multiple comments, for some reason it is not letting me post.

      • I didn’t even realize this! I use self checkout. I’ve been paying for my own (thankfully lightweight Baggu) bags. 🤦‍♀️

  11. I like this item but how is it the spoiler to hook people into buying this box? It’s a nice useful item but has very little if any wow factor.

    • My thoughts exactly!
      Could I use those: yes of course, however I can make my own or buy them cheaply elsewhere. Nothing at all about those says “Spend $55 on me!”

      I’m already wary of them after having over a month of zero communication and then finally demanding a refund Mid-January on my Black Friday box, but with spoilers this dull, there’s no way they’re getting my money

  12. I keep hoping Causebox will be good but I am disappointed every quarter! So I keep passing it up. They are behind other boxes at releasing items. No surprises, items I need or want.

  13. I like this spoiler! I’m going to wait and see another one before I subscribe though–this is not “high value” enough to convince me and I want to see more of a hero item.

    I do like that everyone gets the same item though!

  14. 😕 I was really hoping for something a little more exciting from Causebox. I’ve always been told that subscription boxes were to get things that you normally would not buy for yourself, well I have plenty of these that I did buy for myself… and don’t use. FFF was a huge disappointment this spring also. Thank goodness for Rachel Zoe box of style!

    • Rachel Zoe was great until they upped the international shipping rates to 25% of the purchase price yesterday. Ridiculous. Pretty much everyone I know here in Canada cancelled today, including me.

      • Was that just this box or all international shipping?

  15. I have a set of these bags from Mighty Fix. They are all right, but not a reason to subscribe for me. I still use a lot of plastic for bulk products like nuts (hygienic reasons) and grains.

  16. I need these!

  17. Not it’s intended use, but the mesh bags would be great this summer at the beach for shells, beach toys, etc.

    • Yes! They can be used for anything!

  18. Useful item. Let’s see what the other choices are, and when is it supposed to ship? If you could only get your shipping issues straightened out, Causebox!

  19. Meh….these are the same ones that I purchased in their marketplace/Add-ons and I hardly use those.

  20. Cool! It’s the same fabric as the blanket in the Winter box! 🙂

    • 😂😂😂

    • Glad to know I am not the only one who thought the winter blanket material was blah. I feel like I am wrapping up in a giant tea towel.

      • I washed and dryer-dried mine in hopes that would soften it up…but nope…

      • You can try washing with white vinegar to soften the fabric. I do this before sewing with cotton and it REALLY works!

  21. This is a great spoiler and really in line with Causebox. May not be the most exciting thing (would’ve personally loved some color), but useful and a much better option than plastic bags!

  22. Blah! Those string handles cut into my hand, fingers and shoulders. Not practical at all.

    • I agree. Nice idea, poor execution. After I saw the ones from Oui Please a couple boxes ago, I bought a set online just like them. I LOOOOVE them, they are so perfect.

    • Don’t pick them up by the string. Just grab the top of the bag.

      • If I’m carrying tons of bags that isn’t helpful! I need to be able to carry the bag. If I’m shopping and have My kids my hands need to be free!

      • Well, gee, every carries a lot of bags. Place these bags in a larger tote! Shopping cart??! Lots of solutions to narrow strings. Look, I understand. No one likes anything cutting into their hands. Sorry if I offended you, just trying to help.

    • Despite the photo, bags like this aren’t meant to be carried on their own, like a shopping or grocery bag. When you buy produce and put it in the plastic bags the store provides, do you carry those into the house individually? Probably not! These replace those bags, they are not regular reusable shopping bags. These go inside a shopping bag.

      I have a set of reusable produce bags and I love them. I’m happy to have more! Especially the muslin ones which can hold fine stuff that might escape from looser weave fabric.

      • Exactly! Simple.

      • Well I live in Ulster County by and we are plastic bag free and do not get any bags from any store! I am intitled to My opinion. I don’t like them. The end.

      • I’m curious about this! I live in a place where some stores have gone bag free, and for a while there was a municpal tax on plastic bags, but the stores and municipalities have never expanded the ban/tax to the plastic produce bags. I bought some of my own reusable produce bags to personally deal with this single use plastic problem, but how do the grocery stores handle this in your area? Do they provide paper bags or something you want to buy a few apples? Or do people just bring their apples up loose? I feel like that would be a nightmare for the clerk trying to weigh them.

      • I usually just bring produce to the register loose, it’s never been an issue! I’ve been a grocery store cashier before, and sometimes people would do loose produce, that was fine! The only thing which made things harder was when someone would put like… four different kinds of apples in one produce bag. I’d have to untie the bag, separate the apples, weigh each variety, then re bag them! That always surprised people, who thought oh, apples are apples.

    • I think the purpose is more for storing fruits and veggies (replacing the little clear bags in the produce department) then meant to go into a resuable bag at checkout. I wouldn’t carry these around even though the picture depicts it.

  23. Love it. Something useful!

  24. Who doesn’t already own a dozen tote bags for this use, which have larger capacity and sturdy handles rather than these strings that will cut into your shoulders?

    • That’s what I use, when I shop at Aldi’s.

    • I use bags like these for produce and bulk items, both things I wouldn’t put in tote bags, which then go into the tote bags 🙂

    • I don’t, and seems lots of people don’t. And I do have large size bags but nothing Smaller for produce, and I don’t think these are meant to be tossed over your shoulder like a tote. I’ve tried to buy similar from their market and they were always sold out so I’m happy about this and it’s something that you don’t get in every sub box.

      • You are right…That’s a stupid photo. I would expect a barrage of side-eyes if I ran around the produce department with my flimsy plastic bags full of green onions and cilantro slung jauntily over my shoulder…in fact, I’d expect to have someone following me around the store for the rest of my shopping trip.

      • 🤣🤣🤣

      • 😂

  25. I will likely add these to my gift pile. Hopefully the quality is there, produce can get heavy. Nice addition to the box, very fitting.

  26. I already have reusable produce bags and don’t need more. Hopefully the other spoilers speak more to me!

    • Yeah exactly. I would also never remember to use these haha

  27. The spring Causebox is off to an amazing start! So glad I subscribe to this box.

  28. This reminds me of the ones sugarbash sent out long ago. Useful item.

    • Yes! I got those bags and they are super useful to keep veggies in the fridge. I keep garlic there or greens and it does not dry them out.

  29. Awesome! Looking forward to this box!

  30. LOVE!
    Causebox is the most useful curated box for me right now. I have so much FFF/PS/etc. stuff sitting around, it’s turned out to be repetitious over the years. My people appreciate the causes this box includes in its mission.

  31. This is really cool! I’ve been trying to cut back on plastic and this will help since everything but the produce bags are paper in this area.

    • Yeah! I’m excited about this one. I have bagguu bags that I use for the market but have been trying to get something like this so I can cut back in on those plastic bags too!

  32. I really like this spoiler!
    I may have to resub if the other spoilers are nice!

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