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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate February 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your February 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate!

Which product are you picking?

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

VIOLET VOSS Berry Burst Fun Sized Shadow Palette

MAKEUP GEEK Peach Bellini Eyeshadow Palette

FEEL Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask

PLAYA New Day Mist

NATURE’S CARTEL Eyeshadow Trio

MAKEUP GEEK Champagne and Rosé Eyeshadow Palette

GRACE & STELLA Rose Quartz Facial Roller

We also have the glam bag design reveals for the February 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate!

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month. Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

How do subscribers rate Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

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Comments (45)

  1. I have been skipping the regular Glam bag and the Glam Bag Plus for a couple months. I got reminder I’d be charged for them if I didn’t skip by yesterday. I went on when I got the email to skip again, and it said I had no subs to either. Confused, I contact CS who tells my I signed up for Ultimate and opted out of the other 2 Bags. I didn’t. I sent a screenshot of the email and demanded a refund. I’m canceling after this $53.50 charge is refunded! If nothing happens by Monday, I’m going through my bank.

  2. Completely underwhelmed, I skipped because I just don’t need another eyeshadow pallet at this time.

  3. Fun fact, that exact face roller was at Marshall’s a few days ago for 8 bucks. Just saying

  4. Dang, Ipsy is really hitting rock bottom with these boxes. I have the Violet Voss’ palette and just run out of the MD eye cream. I’m considering fully canceling as this will be my third box in a row I’m skipping.

  5. VIOLET VOSS Berry Burst Fun Sized Shadow Palette was a redeemable reward for points earlier this month, I redeemed my points for it on the 11th, I received an email confirming it and everything. Now that they put it as a ultimate option it is no longer there, they gave back my points, and removed it from the rewards. It was a damn over stock product, that’s how it became a reward option, now they threw it in as a choice, took back my redemption of points. SKIP!!! NOT to mention I am OPTED OUT of SHEET MASKS, and LOTION. Yet got two sheet masks and a lotion in January’s ultimate, and all throughout my three Ipsy’s (glam bag, plus, and ultimate) I mainly received products and shades I had marked as rarely (even though they had tons of options and shades that fit my profile exactly). I am about to drop all but my regular Ipsy glam bag and renew my fab fit fun, and add the annoying 3 month prepay for BoxyLuxe to my other two boxycharm subscriptions. I would rather just buy 5 add ons, when I typically buy the add ons as is and spend the $50.00 on a subscription that doesn’t just give me filler crap and left overs, cheap brands, and sheet masks I can get for $1 at marshalls. Hell I can buy a super cute case at Marshalls for $7.00, for $12.00 one way bigger than the one sent in January’s ultimate (the size of that was so misleading and disappointing).

    • I ended up cancelling all 3 of my Ipsy bags and they sent me an email offering me a free gift if I signed back up. They offered me the Apto Pomegranate Mask, which is an item I had received before and I was also opted out of masks on that account.

      • Yeah, Ipsy use to be my favorite. I thought when they made a Ultimate it would atleast be comparable to BoxyLuxe but :(. Not even close, I may get a sheet mask here or there but never get a 9 out of 12 products complete misses, and completely ignoring my profile. Not to mention :
        Hi Tara,

        You’re welcome!

        Please, let me know if you ever need anything else, always happy to help.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

        Best regards,
        Show quoted text
        My Ultimate contains two sheet masks, and a ahava lotion, I opted out of both, please send replacements.
        Show quoted text
        Hi Tara,

        Thanks for your message.

        While we’ll do our best to avoid sending opt out items, we can’t completely guarantee that you won’t receive them because of the way our personalization works. While, I was happy to make earlier exceptions, I’m unable to continue to replace further products. We hope you continue to find value in the overall products we chosen for you.

        I can understand your concern, especially since your skin is sensitive and therefore you’re unable to use certain products. I can assure you we work closely with our brand partners to make sure all of our products are safe for general use. However, we have a very diverse community with a lot of different allergies and sensitivities, and it’s difficult to be sure that none of our products contain possible allergens.

        If you’re interested in trading some of your products, there are sure to be Ipsters who are looking for the items you have, and vice versa. To find all the places many Ipsters go to swap with each other, head to our Facebook Page:

        From there, search “IPSY swap” or “IPSY trade” from the search bar at the top of the Page. Facebook will generate a list of results to direct you to other Pages or Groups that you can join to exchange your products with other Ipsters.

        Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for being part of IPSY!
        Show quoted text

        That’s what I got from a super helpful person, which in all honesty is proof enough for a charge back, not getting what I paid for and was promised. Our credit cards come with guarantees, and especially when not being sent what was promised. I think Ipsy has forgotten that. I am going to do a charge back for sure. I said no dark anything, adventurous to them means whatever the hell they want not cute colors, seems mainly reds. Lipstick wise. I loved highlighters but only certain shades, but they don’t include it in their quiz other than blush. Ipsy is all over the place.

      • Ummm I’m actually satisfied to hear they wouldn’t let you opt out for sensitive skin issues since they wouldn’t let me opt out of all those watermelon products recently. Not a sensitivity thing, I have an anaphylactic allergy to watermelon!

      • I actually didn’t opt out for “sensitivity”, I am actually allergic (hives, swelling, breathing, the whole nine yards) to all cream based soaps, cleansers, masks, and have been since I was born. Her reference to “sensitivity” was her calling my allergy a sensitivity. I didn’t post the entire correspondence. I am opted out of sheet masks and lotion, period.

    • I’ve completely cancelled my Ipsy – just waiting for the current subscriptions to run out.
      Personally, I think Ipsy has “broken” their Glam bag customization software. In recent months, it nearly feels as though they’re going out of their way to send people the items & colors they’ve specifically said they don’t want. I get this feeling of “Oh, you said you don’t wear this color/use this type of product? Well, WE think you should give it a try. So here ya’ go.”
      My skin tone is MAC NW15 (not the absolute palest, but pretty pale) and I have gray hair. I consistently get shades more suited to a medium skin tone and the BRIGHTEST lippies. I’ve pretty consistently given away all the makeup I’ve received from them in the past 4-6 months.
      Are they a good deal? Only if you can actually USE the products you receive. I’m done.

  6. My choice skip. Overload

  7. I chose to skip again. I literally wanted none of these items. Ultimate has been such a huge letdown to me. I will see what next month brings.

  8. Do you not get to choose your item when first sign up for the ultimate bag?

    • You should be able to today. Contact customer service.

  9. No FOMO here, like the Sweater Weather palette in Plus so much more than these. Yay!

  10. Makeup Geek Champagne & Rosé for first bag and Violet Voss for second bag – love all the great things to choose from this month!!

    • The champagne and rose is gorgeous!

      • I own it, and it is one of my favorite palettes- more beautiful in person. The formula is excellent, and I have tried a lot of high end brands.

  11. All of these products are ones that once would have been included in Plus. Some of them – like the Violet Voss palette and Goldfaden – have been included in Plus before! It really steams me that items which in the past would have been part of GBP are now only available to GBP subscribers as add-ons. (I want that roller!)

    • IIRC, the Violet Voss palette previously sent by Ipsy was the mini HG palette, although I have to admit, this Berry one looks verrrrrry similar.

    • The Goldfaden was a scrub.

  12. I made my item choice and they tease you with an option to shop the flash sale. Well their site seems to be crashing because I cannot access it from a computer or on the app. Seriously, Ipsy should be able to handle the internet traffic by now. smh

    • I finally got in and it’s all sold out.

      • I see the same. I think that’s a glitch. Keep checking. There’s no way all the mystery bags, etc. sold out. They have been available for forever..,

      • Yeah, I finally got in as well only to see everything sold out.

      • It’s working now. Nothing sold out 🙂

  13. I chose the Playa. Figure I’ll get a man eyeshadow palette and any one is fine. Hoping for some skincare and that hand cream! But definitely surprised that the higher end options seem to have been in plus. Probably lots of complaints that it was going downhill when ultimate started. Eh, who knows. I need to cancel a bunch of subs but have fomo or something lol. Prolly just fomo for an empty mailbox haha.

    • Exactly, on the empty mailbox!

  14. I chose “Sweater Weather” palette from Dominique Cosmetics. I didn’t have the Makeup Geek or Violet Voss choice or I would have chose one of those instead. Sweater Weather looks like a good casual/day palette however, so I am sure I’ll be pleased. I also chose the Hola Neon lippie add-on. We shall see!

    • The Sweater Weather palette was a choice for Plus. the MUG and VV palettes were choices for Ultimate.

  15. I get ultimate but it looks like plus type items. Low retail values, not exciting, not a good mixture, not many prestige brands…

    I just looked at the choices for Plus and they’re WAY more varied, valuable and exciting!

    I’m so disappointed!

    • Ultimate isnt prestige brands, it’s the same as plus, just more products with a dash of deluxe sizes like the glam bag!

      • Yep, like plus + regular and a few more items.

    • That’s been happening for a few months now. Like you I thought Ultimate was supposed to have the best items because regardless of what they say now, that IS what they advertised at first. When customer service acted like I was crazy for expecting better brands/selection/etc from Ultimate since I was paying double what I’d been paying for Plus I had to rethink these plans and do some calculations.

      Here’s what I came up with. If you compare Ultimate ($50) to regular + Plus ($37), Ultimate gets you ONE more full size item but one LESS travel/sample size. Since month after month Plus has the better items (in my opinion/for me personally) you’re much better off to cancel Ultimate and get one regular bag, one Plus bag and a full size add-on at $12 making your new total $49 and getting the same number of FS and one more travel/sample size for less money. Once people start realizing that and going that route Ipsy will be forced to step up their game with Ultimate or just do away with it. I personally think they should just add another full size to Plus as well as sending the bigger/nicer Ultimate-level makeup bags and increase the price to $35. Customers could still get a regular bag (maybe even with say, a $2 discount for getting both) for $47 total (or even $45) if they really want the smaller sizes as well. Or they could just make more of the travel/sample sizes available as add-ons. Just think, the new plan would give you 6 full size products with two of them picked by you and 5 travel size add-ons, ALL picked by you for $50. Talk about personalization! Plus you’d still get 4 surprises if you’re as big of a fan of those as I am.

      I just think they need to greatly improve Ultimate or restructure their subscription model altogether if they want to stay competitive.

      • Holy moly! Thank you for this! Agree, btw.

      • You’re welcome! I’ve started doing some variation of the possible combinations I mentioned each month. Although I wait to see what’s available as far as spoilers and choice items before making a final decision. I keep all 3 subs active and pick an item for each and decide which one (or two) to skip based on all the products revealed before the end of the month. Once I decide I just go in and pause whichever sub(s) I don’t want that month.

      • I thought Ultimate had 8 full size products, though. That’s 3 more full size. BUT they have been passing off sheet masks and nail polish that you used to get in the regular bag as “full size” items, so it’s def not better than what you’d get in Plus. Plus has gone down a bit, but not as bad as Ultimate.

      • No, I’m pretty sure Ultimate has always been 6 full and 4 travel/sample for a total of 10 products. I think one month they threw in an extra product but not sure if everyone got it. It is confusing though because when they first announced Ultimate with those numbers (6 and 4) people kept asking why not just get 2 Plus and get 10 full size for $50 instead. Their response was that for one thing that requires two accounts so you might get duplicates and two, you’re paying for better/top brands and products you can’t get with the two lower tiers. Of course they’ve since back pedaled on that second reason and said the only perk of Ultimate is quantity. But I disproved that by coming up with better combinations and they chose not to respond to that part of my email.

        But even at only six you’re right, they’ve definitely tried to pass off things as full size that really weren’t. So some months some people get less than 6 full sizes. But I feel like they’re pulling that scam with Plus as well. A set of two lip balms is a full size product? Come on. I truly do wish they’d get it together. Boxycharm/Luxe/Premium is beating Ipsy’s pants off right now and I’m not able to resist. I really hate giving them my business because in many ways they’re routinely incredibly shady and oftentimes downright unfair or even unethical. But they’re sending better products overall (even though just like the base box, now that Premium has a bunch of variants I usually end up with the worst ones), they also let you pick a product, have add-ons and best of all have the pop up sales. But they’re being unreasonable as far as not letting you get Luxe with Premium. Requiring people to pay for 2 boxes of full size products each month and basically a third box (the $25 luxe upgrade charge) every three months. And you can’t just cancel the base until the next Luxe month because you’ll end up waitlisted and wind up paying for the base and Premium that month ($60) for no reason. Then you’re stuck doing that for the next three months if you want to make sure you’ll get Luxe the next time. They need to let people get Luxe with just Premium or cut out the shady waitlist tactics.

      • Ultimate is 8 full and 4 sample.

      • The only problem with your calculation is that Ultimate gives 8 full size items, which is 3 more than the 5 that Plus gives, not 1 more. Other than that, I agree. I used to love getting my Plus every month. Now I rarely look forward to getting my Ultimate.

  16. I chose to skip for the first time, but watch it be the best Ultimate yet! 😂

  17. I love my ipsy.. all 3 bags.. but these have been the most underwhelming choices in memory 🙁

    • AGREED🤦‍♀️
      So over the ripoff…

  18. These used to be the items in plus?! I don’t get why plus has to go downhill for ultimate to thrive? Just wish they could balance it all out because I really enjoy ipsy🥰

    • Because they want to force people into spending $50 a month, instead of $12 or $25. Corporate greed at it’s finest, they know people who want the better products will switch and that those people will likely still include add on’s for the stuff they miss out on. Well played Ipsy, but this girl isn’t falling for it. As soon as Plus gets bad enough that I don’t see the personal value, I’ll just cancel. I won’t be signing up to Ultimate just to get the better products and I hate sample sizes, which is why (that and price difference) I stick with Plus. I’ll just be done if they can’t offer better products in Plus. I agree that for the most part Ultimate has been better, but if I get the right combo for me, I don’t think February is so bad. I’d really like to see Plus alternate brushes and tools through the months. Nobody needs new brushes every 2 months, but I bet a lot of people would like to see some sort of beauty tool instead of brushes every now and then. It’s improved significantly in Jan and Feb, at least we aren’t seeing a bunch of house collab products anymore, so hopefully they heard us on that. But yes, I’d also like to see things a bit more even between them.

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