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FYI – Happy Rebel Subscription Ending

FYI – Happy Rebel has ended their subscription (thanks for the heads up, Susan and Whitney):


First of all, whether you’ve been a subscriber for one box or since the very beginning of Happy Rebel (long before I took over as owner), I want to say thank you. And if you’ve been on the sidelines and have never subscribed, thank you for hanging around.

I’ll just get in to the reason for this email- we’re ending subscriptions at Happy Rebel and becoming a company that focuses on our own products, individually or in a collection. Anyone with a remaining box credit in their account has already received an email from me with next steps.

Now, on to the reason why I am making this change. When I discovered the Happy Rebel brand, I knew that it could be more than a subscription box company- that just selling other people’s products weren’t fulfilling the potential of what Happy Rebel could be. I see Happy Rebel as a mindset, a lifestyle, and a community. When I describe the company to friends, they all say, “Wow, I want a Happy Rebel everything- hats, shirts, jewelry, whatever!”

Simply put, I no longer want to focus on selling other people’s products- I want to create and sell our own. I want everything people buy from us to be their choice and their selection to purchase- no quarterly skips and no more frustration at some of the items in the box. There are probably business advantages to keeping the subscriptions, but I am deciding to take a risk and forge a different path. Some of you may never purchase from us as a non-subscription company and that’s ok. We’re Happy Rebel- we’re not for everyone.

In 2020, you’ll see some new, limited-run Happy Rebel clothing items, jewelry, and more. Our new company theme is “Embrace the Dark and the Light.” This theme is based on our sun and skull logo- thinking of the balance of happy/sad and good/bad in life. Happy Rebel won’t be just edgy anymore, we’ll also be happy. We are also launching a podcast to share Happy Rebel stories, starting with people in my circle and (hopefully) eventually featuring some of you- our customers and community!

In the next few hours, all subscribers will receive emails confirming their subscription cancellation. If you have any questions about your account or these changes, please reach out to me at [email protected] – I’ll be monitoring my email all weekend.

Besides a few personal friends of mine on this email, you probably don’t know me but let me just say that if you stick around, you’ll get to see that I am a person who honors my word, who strives to connect with vulnerability, and who always tries to see the silver lining in every cloud. This is also what you can come to expect from Happy Rebel.

If you’ve made it this far- thank you.


If you’re a Happy Rebel subscriber with box credits, check your email for more information.

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Comments (37)

  1. This box was never fit any “rebel”. Not edgy at all.

  2. I guess this was inevitable. The HR branded items in the last box were OK, but not exactly what I wanted in a sub box. The Kiko bag saved it for me. I was going to skip and probably should have. I will check out the HR brand, but I don’t have high hopes. It’s simply not well known

  3. I would try some of their branded stuff if it wasn’t so expensive!!! I loved the skull necklaces but 50 bucks for one?! No thanks.

  4. I loved the oils In the last box. I requested a refund instead of store credit since there just isn’t much in the store that I need right now. The new owner is very responsive and already sent my refund. I’m excited to see what they will add to the store, but I’m sad that the sub ended. Even with the occasional miss it was my favorite box.

  5. Darn! Happy Rebel was my favorite box! Of all my boxes, and there are many, it was the one I most looked forward to.

    I don’t understand why she can’t do both a sub box and sell her own products. A sub box of her own products. The fragrance oils were amazing!

    A sad day for me, indeed.

    • My thoughts exactly. I liked the HR branded stuff in this box. I would give an HR brand box a try.

  6. Or the company wasn’t making any money on the subscription, maybe even losing money, and this tome about edgy happiness and visions of sugar skulls is a smokescreen. She owns the name and logo now (possibly her original target anyway), and can go in any direction she wants. Only time will tell what she’ll brand and offer for sale.

    • Time told: email today for a $36 grey sweatshirt with the logo on it. And gratitude journals. Super edgy.

  7. I was definitely one of those on the sideline regarding Happy Rebel sub. Just wasn’t for me, however, hats off for the classy way of ending it. So many times I’ve seen sub boxes just disappear with never a word to their subscribers, much less a refund. That alone makes me want them to do well.

  8. As a fan of the old Happy Rebel, I think it’s fitting that it’s ending. I loved the old owner and ALL of the boxes I received while she was at the helm of the company. The curations were beautiful and cohesive all the time. It was a shame so many people had such hateful things to say after the Fall Box. It’s a subscription box. You may not love everything all the time. I don’t get this new owner at all, think she’s all over the place, and even her original message to subscribers was misleading. Loved the skull necklace, but the rest of my box was covered in oil. Really hope the old owner launches something new in the future. I’ll be the first in line…You hear that Johanna? Please do something new! You have many fans 😉

    • Here, here!

  9. I am glad I bought the Winter box, so that I could a 2nd kiko bag which is really nice. I also liked most of the other items. I doubt that I would buy Happy Rebel branded items, especially not at full price and I would definitely not wear Happy Rebel branded clothing. It seems off to me that someone would buy a subscription box just to end it after one box. Maybe she loves the logo so much that she thinks this is where the value is add.

  10. I wasn’t a subscriber. But I have to say that letter is very well written and makes her goals clear. I’m inclined to check out the merchandise once it’s available. But I’m not a fan of skull designs, so I may end up passing.

  11. Well. I feel even more ripped off lol. Fall box was terrible. Winter was pretty meh and I only hung in to see if it got better . At least I’ll be saving $$ by not getting anything else from them?

  12. Just dropped the subscription and asked for a refund. Too bad, this was one of my favorite subs, loved so many of the past boxes and still use a lot of the items I received (“Treat Yo’Self” mugs, beautiful patent gym bag, geometric knife block, too many awesome items to count).

    Seems weird she wouldn’t continue a subscription box to build this lifestyle brand she wants to create.

  13. What happened to Joann?

    • I believe, she sold the company 6 months or so ago. The last 2 boxes were the new owner.

      • Wait, so the epic fail Fall party box was curated by the new owner? I had never heard that before!

      • Makes sense…I never subbed but read all of the reviews. The last 2 boxes definitely didn’t seem in line with past boxes.

  14. No surprise here.

  15. I canceled my Happy Rebel subscription in November and they never refunded me any money. I’ve emailed them twice and no response. Not a happy rebel for sure!

  16. Wow. Nobody wants anything that is happy rebel branded, ever. Stop this lunacy now!

  17. Shocker. That box went down QUICK. I bought ONE box back in Winter 2018, but no choices were left, so I skipped every box until this last one because I was worried about losing my money altogether. Now I wish I had skipped one last time and just got a refund. Oh well…good luck to her, she’s going to need it.

  18. I’m confused by the new owner’s vision. Happy Rebel isn’t that established. I can’t imagine people wanting to wear a branded hat or tshirt.

    • I have to agree. I’ll definitely check out the store once it’s up and running, but a lot of times “company branded” items just means cheap, mass produced items ordered from one of those marketing companies with a logo or company name slapped on it. I hope I’m wrong. The new owner (like most new business owners) seems very hopeful so it would be a shame if HR crashed and burned so soon after acquiring it.

    • The last box was full of Happy Rebel branded crap. I actually was planning to not subscribe any longer because I don’t need yet another Kiko bag or branded crap like pens.

      • LOL! I was just about to subscribe because I wanted a Kiko bag, only to find that the sub had gone kaput. Damn! Note to the new owner…I’m sorry, but we don’t really want HR-branded stuff.

  19. I loved the last box and most of the other boxes and am very unhappy they are ending subscriptions. Most of the complaints on the last box were about the happy rebel branded items so why they think this is a good idea I’ll never understand. No one liked the happy rebel branded items so going forward as only happy rebel branded items makes no sense.

    • I agree completely with all that you said. I also think it’s a shame the previous owner got such hateful feedback on her final box. She definitely messed up but I think she could’ve worked something out as far as partial refunds or something like that and just really worked toward getting back to the boxes that people raved about and what people were really wanting and expecting going forward. I didn’t get that disastrous party box but I did get this last one and enjoyed it very much. I just don’t know if I see myself shopping for HR swag in the future. I don’t generally promote a company unless I really know them well and trust them for a significant amount of time.

  20. I feel like “Happy Rebel won’t be just edgy anymore, we’ll also be happy” says it all haha.

    Though wasn’t it the “happy” party mess that really pushed them to this point?

    • Excellent point.

  21. Not related to Happy Rebel, but I notified MSA that Bulu box was ending, and there was never an announcement about it. I have notified MSA about new boxes with no acknowledgement. I have notified them about boxes ending with no acknowledgement. I have asked them repeatedly to add boxes to the swap page that they themselves have actually even reviewed, like the Children’s Miracle Network box, and I get absolutely no results and no acknowledgement. What is up with **THAT**, MSA???

    • Hi Melissa,

      So sorry about this. We generally post about a box ending if it is something we review and we know MSA readers are subscribers/interested in the box. In general, if we have news to post about a subscription box, and we feel a lot of MSA readers would want to know about it, we post it.

      And I’m sorry about the email situation. I realize you may be emailing an address that we use purely for form submission, so that explains the lack of response, but that’s not a great experience, and I’m sorry about that! I’ll email you directly to try to resolve it. Sorry again!

      • Liz
        I’ve also sent an email regarding Liv, Yes oh Yas and Face Sugar all closing in December. They’ve closed their social media and websites, the boxes were all owned by the same people. Those charged in December will need to contact their banks since they won’t be receiving their boxes.

      • Yeah, whenever I’m the reviewer for a box that’s ending, I make a note of it in my final review (like the example you posted above). I notice that people wishing to comment on a box we haven’t reviewed in awhile typically find the most recent post and comment there, where they would see whether a subscription had ended.

  22. I guess the feedback from the last box was heard loud and clear

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