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Fabulous You Box – Should We Review It?

Fabulous You Box is a new quarterly subscription box for women.

Fabulous You Box is a women’s lifestyle subscription box created and curated for women by women. It’s a quarterly box filled with a mix of products that range from home, fashion, wellness, tech, beauty, skin care, indulgent treats and more.  Fabulous YOU promises to ship you a box packed full of lifestyle products never too heavy on any specific type of product. A little bit of everything so you have a well-rounded box filled with uplifting, luxurious, pampering, indulgent items. All based around you and giving you that well deserved me-time all of us FABULOUS woman crave.

We also offer our own signature wines as a special “add-on” subscription. All at a incredible value of OVER $400 in every box for only $165 with free shipping.

If you sign up today, February will be your first box. The February box includes:

  • Kendra Scott 2-piece set: Ever Silver Pendant in Slate Cats Eye & Edie Silver Cuff Bracelet in Slate Cats Eye – Total Retail Value $105
  • Margot Elena TOKYOMILK 5-piece Set – Total Retail Value $92

The Box: Fabulous You Box

The Cost: $165 per box

Coupon: Use code SAVE10 to save $10. Expires January 31st.

The Products: Our boxes will always be jammed packed and well rounded…never too heavy on any specific product type. We always feature 6-10 brand and 8-20 products per box shipment and each box will have a retail value of OVER $400.

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (70)

  1. Nope. Looks like another Luxor Box style overpriced disaster. I got burned by that luxury box. No interest in another overpriced box.

  2. I got my box yesterday, it is quite lovely!! Not sure if I will continue yet but who knows!!!

    • What else did you get in it? Was it worth the $165?

      • It was the spoiled items, 5 Margo Elena items and 2 Kendra Scott. Then there was 4
        Spongelle products, a pedi buffer, and 3 diff scents of buffers, all full size.

        a Sprigs Pocket wrist wallet, really cool item!!

        A teami Rose gold on the go Tumbler (high ticket item $55) and bag of Chai loose tea $30, not sure i would pay this for tea!!!

        Cacao Bag of snacks, Graham crack and 4 piece box of chocolates
        A set of Idrop it Wine glasses, Seems like Valentines left overs, plastic meh!!

        Total of 7 brands, 17 instead of 16 items as promised!! Total value $412 and change

      • There it is…sorry if it reposts !!!

      • Yay, it posted! That’s a lot of items! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

      • i posted the contents, lets see where it went before i repost , it took awhile LOL

      • items that were spoiled : , 5 Margo Elena and 2 Kendra Scott, then :

        Sprigs: pocket wrist wallet in black marble (cool item) RV $20
        Teami: Luxe Rose Gold on the go tumbler (high ticket item, $55 RV)
        Chai tea: bag of loose leaf RV $30 (not sure I would ever pay that much for tea??
        Spongelle -3 various scent sponges and 1 Pedi buffer (4 items, total RV $68)
        Cacao: Snack Graham Crack and 4 piece box of chocolates RV $18.50
        The drop it: Set of 2 plastic wine glasses, looks like Valentines leftovers, meh!! RV $24

        7 Brands 17 items total (16 promised) RV $417 ish

      • I have posted 3 times with contents , no luck…sorry!!!

    • Which Tokyo Milk bag and items came in the 5 piece set? I wish I could have afforded this!

      • In my box they were the Zebra bag, which just happens to be the one I got in ME box quite awhile ago, boo!!
        Bar soap, Tokyo milk Midnight in the Garden
        Handcreme: Awaken Within
        TokyoMilk EDP Song In D Minor
        Bob Bon Lip balm in Rosewater

      • Thanks for your reply! This makes me wish I could have gotten this box even more. That zebra bag would have been the one I wanted–soooo cute!


  4. Website states SOLD OUT!

  5. It’s a no for me.

  6. Something about the logo/branding makes me feel like it won’t be as luxurious as it’s trying to be. I’d be interested in a review or two but not long term

    • Yes please! I was tempted by the offer to Luxor subscribers but didnt pull the trigger. It looks like a nice box!

  7. Not for me. I could get some pretty awesome hiking gear for $165…or a new Kate Spade bag….I don’t understand spending that much on something you may or not want. That’s a ridiculous price. Although I do love your reviews.

  8. Yikes, the wine add-on for subscribers is $89.99 for THREE bottles.

  9. A bit on the expensive side but I’d love to see a review.

  10. Meh. for that cost, it will never even be a temptation for me.

  11. I just subscribed, it seems the first “launch” boxes are always amazing! Hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

  12. I’d definitely like to see a review.

  13. Not in my budget maybe at $100 but the wine is a add on geez

    • The wine pretty much has to be an add on unless they want to exclude a bunch of states from even being able to get the “base box.” I wasn’t planning on getting the wine add on anyway, but my state is included in the list of those where it cannot be shipped.

  14. Yes, please review.

  15. I would be happy to read the review.

  16. Yes, please review. I am interested.

  17. Nope

    • Yes I love the reviews, just a little pricey for me. I can purchase things I want for 165.00 these are retail prices, most things you can find on sale, that would bring down the price.

  18. NO, do not give them the time of day!! R

    This box has SPAMMED me for over 3 months with PINK emails about “FABULOUS YOU” and I had no clue who they were or how to stop the spam. Finally, there was a link yesterday to ” unsubscribe”.

    I do not think they are above board, so to speak.

    • Ah ha! That explains it. I’ve been getting them too and had no recollection of ever hearing about the box, let alone signing up for emails. I just assumed it was my poor old memory failing me again.

  19. I’d have to see it reviewed before contemplating.

  20. Yes! Please review!

  21. Not interested, seems like a snooze

  22. My vote is “Yes, pease review!”. Also, thank you to you Liz and your team for always keeping us up to date on subscription boxes new and old.

  23. I got all excited until I scrolled down to the price. Seems steep. But wine. LOL. So yeah, I would love to see review to get an idea of what it’s all about.

    • It does say that wine is an add-on, so I think it would be more expensive yet with wine. I would have to see a pretty incredible box full of things I definitely need before I would shell out that much cash.

    • The wine is an extra add-on, though.

  24. I would love to see this reviewed because there aren’t that many splurge boxes reviewed compared to the smaller beauty boxes.

  25. I would love to see it reviewed!

  26. Nope–I’ve grown quite tired of the home/style/hand lotion boxes that pretty much I can duplicate with a couple of runs to TJ Maxx or Marshalls for a fraction of the price. I find myself not even reading the reviews. And this is NO reflection on the reviewers, I think they are all excellent and engaging on MSA.

    I still read all the beauty box reviews, regardless of items at the discount stores, mainly because I am curious about the reviewer’s take on the items. But how the reviewer feels about another agate coaster for example, meh.

  27. I like the contents but it does seem pricy. I would have expected more like $100. I would like to see a review but I don’t think it’s viable at this price.

  28. Personally, I wouldn’t spend $165 on a box as I’d rather just buy what I want with this amount. Plus, is this value based on MSRP because we ALL know the mark up is ridiculous.

    • Yes! Both of the spoilers have me interested. I realize the cost of the box is high but Kendra Scott pieces go for a good amount, even used. I just sold both of the pieces in the spoiler for $60 on Ebay. $25 for the bracelet and $35 for the necklace. I appreciate when I can use something and then sell it for a similar price I paid.
      I would be interested to see what the rest of the box holds. And I’m guessing they have coupons to sign up?

      • I don’t think so. They did offer Luxor box subscribers a $20 per box discount but the window was VERY short and has closed.

    • There’s actually no markup in the Kendra Scott- that’s what the sets sell for at her stores and Nordstrom. I believe the Margot Elena is also at the correct RV based on her website.

      However, if I’m going to get Kendra Scott, I live in Austin, her home base. I love to go and build my own pieces at the color bar. So many options!!!

      • Lucky you!!!

      • Yes, I live in Austin too and would much rather shop local.

  29. For that price these spoilers do not interest me. I would like to read the reviews though.

  30. Their site shows 7 brands and 16 items for this box. 2 brands and 7 items are spoiled, 5 brands and 9 items are remaining. I’d love to have the Kendra Scott set, but I’m overloaded on Margot Elena stuff, as I’m a subscriber. Combined with the astronomical price point, it’s a no for me, but I’d love to see it reviewed.

  31. I could never justifying that kind of money on a box filled with unknown goodies. For under $20 or so, I’m all about a box of mystery fun even if I never use half of it. But for that much money, I had better need everything in it.

    • I totally agree.

  32. Is this actually Luxor but under a new company name? I have received many emails from Luxor telling me about this subscription.

    • I’m also curious about the connection between these boxes?

    • I certainly wondered.

  33. Sounds like there is no customization at all. If I could afford such a price point, I’d go with one of the subs that offer me a choice of color/design/item (like the nice French stuff one).

    But I want to see reviews, so I can feel some schadenfreude.

  34. What a really nice box! I would consider subscribing to this box even tho it is pricy. Please do review it.

  35. Maybe I’m weak because it’s been a rough month or overly excited because I cut down my other subs so much but I just signed up. Excited to see silver jewelry, no earrings and I love Margot Elena stuff so these spoilers all spoke to me. I’m assuming these count towards 7 of the items and they have a value of $197 so I figure that’s probably about half of the box’s contents. I’m willing to take a gamble on the rest for some fun and a gift to myself. I’ll see if I cancel or not after I get the first box. I also like the background info about cancer since a friend who already beat aggressive lung cancer once a couple of years ago just had a biopsy yesterday and her oncologist suspects it has returned. Like I said…moment of weakness? Maybe….but I’m hoping I’m pleasantly surprised!

    • The feb box says 16 items from 7 Brands, so 9 more items…I am intrigued as well.

  36. I would be interested to see a review. So far, I like everything but doesn’t seem to justify the high price point of the box. At $165, I would expect some higher end hero items. To be fair, I would like to see what else is left unspoiled before I make a final judgment on value.

  37. Nah, overpriced.

  38. I received an email about this sub and I’m curious.

  39. $165 I’d like to see it but would never subscribe.

    • Same!

  40. Yes, please. Intriguing.

  41. Yes, especially since Luxor is sending its subscribers to this box.

    • Yes, please!! Very interested.

  42. The guaranteed value seems low if they plan on having up to 20 products in the box. But sure I’d read a review on it. The spoilers do absolutely nothing for me.

  43. Not in my budget so it’s a no

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