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BoxyCharm January 2020 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have full spoilers for two possible variations of the January 2020 BoxyCharm! ($25 a month.)

Here’s a closer look at the January spoilers:

Ace Beaute Eye Shadow Palette in Vintage Dawn or Scarlet Dusk OR Dr Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream

And all subscribers will receive ONE of the following

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter or Pretty Vulgar Under Cover Concealer

And some subscribers will receive:

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

What do you think of the spoilers?

We also have a spoiler for the February 2020 BoxyCharm  box:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

What do you think of the spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code ITSON2020 to get a Luxie 3 pc Brush Set + Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette with your first box!

BoxyCharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of BoxyCharm boxes, our posts of BoxyCharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I am very disappointed. This is my first month using boxycharm. I got one of the items listed….one. I got the watermelon flow facemask, and everything else looked like random stuff they threw in a box because than ran out of everything else. Im going to give it till the February box, if I’m still unhappy I’m cancelling and sticking with just ipsy.

  2. Just got my box today, looking to switch for the Too Faced highlighter or the Wander blush/bronzer! 💜😊

  3. I loved both my regular and premium boxy I got the two face In premium and watermelon sleeping mask And Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter all of which I wanted was super happy with both boxes and the brow set , it’s a little dark for my brows , but I can make it work

  4. Solo recibí 4 productos , en mi hoja aparecen los 5 que tenía que recibir

    • Deberá ponerse en contacto con el servicio al cliente para obtener su quinto artículo. Lo siento si esto no está bien redactado, tuve que usar un traductor en línea ya que mi español no es lo suficientemente bueno como para responder por mi cuenta.

  5. This is my first box and I’m looking forward to it so much! The only downfall is the coupon code ITSON2020 didn’t work.. regardless how many times I tried and waited for 30 min then trying … any customer service help?

  6. I am so disappointed in the box I got vs the spoilers. I didn’t get eyeshadow at all. I am so sick of getting highlighters. I have gotten one in every box for the last 4 months. I don’t need any more. How much highlight does boxycharm think we apply on a daily basis? I also have more face washes than I know what to do. And setting sprays. And lipstick that isn’t my shade.

    There seems to be very little variety anymore. I don’t want to cancel, but I’m disappointed. 🙁

    • What did you get instead of the eyeshadow? I would be willing to trade I will not use the eyeshadow.

    • I wanted the hightlighter but got the palette 😭

  7. We received that Ace Beauty palette already have we not?!! It wasn’t that great then. I really hope I don’t get it again :/ its still sitting in my drawer only used once. Id love the eye cream, wander beauty blush/bronzer duo in Daiquiri and the two faced. Fingers crossed :))

  8. I’ve only been subscribed to Boxy for a little over a year now and I just put through my cancellation for all boxes. I did appreciate the items I received. I think (in general) that subscription boxes are pretty cool and getting duplicates and/or not everything you want is not a huge deal for me.

    The thing though is that Boxy has gotten large…..VERY LARGE…and when you get this large and you don’t have a solidly engaged employee base and you don’t have a reliable set of systems (from CRM to Supply Chain), then you get what we’re getting today – example – choice emails not received by a significant number of subscribers (with the proper system, you can easily tell when it was sent to the subscriber, if it was delivered, if it was opened) and yet Boxy can’t even tell us that.

    I was one of many who never received the choice email and so whatever it is that I will receive in my January boxes – well – hoping for the best, but feel deprived that I was told we sent it – check your spam filter – oh well too late. I’ve never had an issue receiving an email from Boxy before and so I suspect that something happened in their process – emails either didn’t get sent out to a portion of subscribers, or perhaps there was an issue with the cloud provider they were using. My point is that it would have been fairly easy (if they had this tracking in place), to look up a name and verify all of this information.

    I also had two other issues towards the end of the year. First, my December box arrived and it was damaged. That could have happened through any step of their process…the other situation was the pop-up sale. I spent hundreds of dollars. I’m okay, given the season if there’s a delay in shipping – communication is key. But what happened in my case is that on my profile, it had a tracking number associated to my shipment and it said that it was delivered early December. It wasn’t. When I reached out to Boxy, they gave me another tracking number (which is still not reflected on my account). It really does go back to the systems and processes that they have in place and until I can see some evidence that they are willing to invest some $$$ and effort into supporting this large customer/subscriber base with more than just hard-working (and low paid) customer service folks, I choose not to subscribe. I appreciate subscription addiction’s info on the spoilers and will continue to monitor.

    • Did you ever receive your items from the popup sale or get refunded?

      • I received all my missing products like 20 of them from
        Boxy pop up CS was great and there already being shipped 🙂

  9. Maybe it’s just about complaining about something for some of you. I’ve been subscribed for over 2 years and for the price have continued to receive my boxes eagerly and happily every month. Always pleased with the new upcoming products and opportunity to try them out without the expense. Maybe not receiving what I’d hoped for, but knowing that it is a gamble with the options and variants that I might’ve received. Still, loving the surprise and “Christmas” like feeling I gift to myself every month. As I looked for reviews or spoilers for 2020 January box I come across this review… All I can think is MAYBE makeup subscription boxes are not for your problematic skin or MAYBE something like ipsy( for a fraction of the price, and if you didn’t know, product) would be better suited for you. Please consider the amount of subscribers, skin types, colors, and preferences they must consider and MAYBE they all can’t possibly match yours. Also there are options to swap your items with other hopeful receivers…look into it. Kudos team boxy!! Always out of the park!! Ready to see what 2020 looks like!
    (I don’t doubt she’ll be kicking herself!!;)

    • THANK YOU.
      I’m so tired of seeing people constantly complain. You’re not going to love every month. They can’t cater to everyone’s wants and needs. At the end of the day, you’re paying a really great price for the value you’re getting.
      And if you’re not interested in swapping, you can always save some items up that you won’t use and give them to a women’s shelter. Their Instagram is nothing but people complaining and I can’t tell you how obnoxious it is. I had two duplicates in my December boxes, which, yeah okay, was a bit disappointing, but I can pass those on to someone who would use them. It’s all about entitlement nowadays.

    • Maybe you have low standards and are easily pleased… everyone is different.

    • I agree with you completely! One thing to add, if I am unhappy with a company’s services, I walk away. I don’t continue to be miserable by allowing the relationship to keep going. Everyone is different and I get that, but it can be a bummer to read so many negative posts.

  10. I want the watermelon sleeping mask and the ace beauty eye shadow palette

    • But I’m still waiting for my Natasha Denona eyes palette they promised me. I received an e-mail that they were aware that they sent me duplicate products. It was the storybook cosmetics little briar rose. They gave it to me in my luxe box and my premium box last month. I was hoping to receive it by the 31st so I could cancel my subscription but still have not received it. I will be emailing them today

      • I’m waiting for mine too! I got two duplicates and didn’t get my choice item.
        December was a totally disaster😫

      • My Luxe and Premium boxes also had the same StoryBook palette, so I got the email. They sent the ND palette within a week or so. Hopefully, you will get yours soon. They definitely delivered on their promise, but I have experienced the same thing, because I’m waiting on two items that they charged in the Pop Up sale that still haven’t arrived despite being promised. It seems a little random, to be honest, if you will get what they promise or not. They definitely still owe me a pair of Raen glasses, for one of the missing items.

  11. I hope I get the glow recipe watermelon mask and the highlighter. I just got an email confirming my box has shipped already. yes I love my boxycharm.

    • I got both those and were super happy

  12. Not sure what’s been going on with Boxycharm lately but if you placed a order with Boxypopup double check your order. I only received about a third of my order. At first customer service said they were working on getting the products to send to me (End of November). Now they won’t even respond. I just want a refund. I love all the cool brands they are working with but they really need to work on customer service. They are heading down the same road as Ipsy in that way. I think at this point I will just talk to my bank to get a refund on the products I didn’t receive. My friend is fighting a similar battle too. She purchased close to $500 for gifts and her order was completely wrong. It looked like someone went along blindfolded and threw random items in her box. She is also not getting anywhere with customer service. So I’m not purchasing anything from Popup or Addons until they fix my order or they refund me.

    • Agreed I ordered a lot in boxy pop up and two boxes are missing , unacceptable they said there working on it :/ doubt that I’m furious

    • I haven’t gotten anything i ordered in that popup. I got a shipping confirmation but thats it; it never showed a tracking. So i emailed them and they said they had no idea when they would actually be shipping out (that was Dec 10th). I am super disappointed.

    • I too am having issues with the PopUp sale. I placed two orders about 15 minutes apart. The first arrived mid-December, even though I got no tracking info, no shipping confirmation email, and in my account it still shows as “ordered” and not “shipped.” The second order has not arrived, and I’ve received no communication about it. I contacted CS over a week ago just asking when they expect my stuff to ship, but still no response. Meanwhile, BC has had my money since Nov. 26. After six weeks, it’s hard to be patient. And in a week they are moving into add-ons, so I can’t imagine how that will go with PopUp orders still remaining unfulfilled.

  13. Are these two really variations? They both include things that were supposed to be either/or. I’d be really happy because I missed the choice window, but I find this confusing. But for me the first one is perfect, but the second one is nice as well.

  14. Wow the hourglass blush for Feb is the first time I’ve been tempted for a BoxyCharm box. I have never used BC before and I usually wait for full spoilers Or something to see if I want It and buy that months box. But I’ve read people talking about the BC waitlist; can someone tell me how this works? If I like the Feb box will I be able to sign up and get it or will I be put on a waitlist for the next month?

  15. Boxyswap on IG if that happens. Literally everything you don’t want i want and what you want i don’t. Find me in IG at icnataliejune if you want. I will 100% trade you if we get what each other wants

  16. I’ve tried to get this question answered using 3 different firm’s of communication with boxycharm. Maybe one of you can answer it.

    I signed up for Boxy luxe when an email was sent out towards the end if December saying we could get it for the month of December even though we had already gotten our regular December boxes. Does that mean that it will replace our normal January box? I guess I’m just not understanding.

  17. YES!!!!!!! I am super excited for February Box
    HourGlass is one of my favorite products. I have yet to come across a HG product that I don’t like.
    I love so many of there products (the ones I’ve tried) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. I’m really looking forward to the Dr. Brandt eye cream! I was so happy to see an alternative to an eyeshadow palette. Really hoping for the Glow Recipe sleeping mask because the last Skin & Co product I received made me itch terribly.

    • Can’t stand anything skin & co worst stuff I think IMO 🤮

  19. I bought the Ace Beaute Eye Shadow Palette in Scarlet Dusk through the add on/pop up sale and I really hope I don’t get a duplicate. I was very disappointed in the quality. It felt like something from BH Cosmetics. Very little color pay off even when swatching.

    I’m hoping for the concealer because I seem to never be able to find one that doesn’t crease on me.

    • I hope i get the palette. So if we don’t get what we want on IG it’s boxyswap I think is the name. It’s great it almost guarentees you will get what you want sometimes it takes a little work though lol

  20. Additional Base Spoiler
    GrandeDRAMA Mascara

    • 1) Ace palatte or Dr Brandt Eye
      2) Two faced highlight or PV concealer
      3) Glow recipe or skin & co or Avanti sleeping mask
      4) GrandeDRAMA mascara
      5) Wander Beauty blush and bronzer

  21. Other Plus Spoilers
    Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller’s Kit
    Saint Luxe Beauty Eyeliner Trio
    Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow
    Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum
    Laneige Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer
    Too Faced Palm Springs Dream Palette

    • I want that option 🤞🤞

  22. Hoping I don’t get the face gommage because I received that with Ipsy last month! I do like the product tho which is surprising because I have severely dry skin and don’t normally use exfoliaters but this one isn’t harsh at all! I have also been using it on my dry bumpy upper arms & omg what a difference it has made! I also received the smaller watermelon sleep mask in Ipsy 😂 so Idk 🤦‍♀️

  23. Slightly off topic, but is anyone else still waiting for an order from the PopUp sale? I placed two orders on the same day, about 15 minutes apart, and the first order arrived mid-December but the second hasn’t shown up yet (both orders have a status of “ordered” as opposed to “shipped,” although I did get a shipping notification email for the first order). I emailed CS but, yeah, still waiting for a response. Meanwhile, they’ve had my money since late November…

    • Yes I am still waiting, I ordered both pallets from the pop up and received a tracking showing they were sending them to a town i never lived in. Now they have them marked as received in my items although I have never received them. I contacted support but they are not much help at all. I am considering quitting this box as every time I order from their add ons they mess it up and I almost never get what I ordered.

    • I literally just recieved my last pop up order yesterday. It was worth the wait. Hope you get your soon. Do you have a tracking number?

      • Nope, no tracking number, no “your order has shipped” email. Nothing so far on the second order. 🙁

      • I haven’t received any part of my pop up order. I’ve emailed three times and keep being told that my message is important and they will connect me to the right department. I haven’t heard from anyone. It still just says that I purchased my items. 😢

      • After waiting over a week for a response from CS after emailing them, and still not having one, yesterday I got frustrated and sent a PM via Facebook asking if they could help me, and telling them that I didn’t want things to come to the point where I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charge. I was surprised when they responded to my PM 2 hours later and said they were escalating my inquiry. And even more surprised when this afternoon they PM’d me and provided a tracking number and told me they put 500 charms in my account to make up for the delay. AND they finally replied to my original email inquiry (just to tell me that they responded in full via FB). I’m frustrated that it took me asking via FB to get them to box up and ship out my order, and I’m still in a “I’ll believe it when I get it” frame of mind about the shipment, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have my order soon. So you might want to try PMing them on FB.

    • I have same thing happened ordered some much stuff and haven’t received two full boxes of product CS answers once in awhile saying we’ll try .. blah blah hope your enjoying your other goodies .. I said not really bc I’m missing 240 dollars in stuff that never came .. 😡😡

  24. I’m only finding 2 spoilers for premium box where can I find more for premium box

    • Another Premium spoiler for January is the Kat Von D Lolita single eyeshadow. 🙂 I’ve never tried anything from Kat Von D. Wonder if this is gonna be good?

      • Lolita can double as a blush as well. Most of her stuff is on clearance at Sephora.

      • I saw that single eyeshadow too. 😝
        That one doesn’t make any sense to me since there’s a whole palette of eyeshadows.
        Several months ago I really expected that highlighter to be in premium as well as the watermelon. Knowing my luck I get neither & my premium gets a single eyeshadow.
        One more thing am I the only one out here who does not own as a single lip liner.
        Might be taking another break from boxy bad bad boyfriend.

      • KAT Von D is always on sale at Sephora , idk but I like her brow powder

      • Dot what’s your point?

    • Check here
      YouTube glam with suzan
      At Dani Gets Social

  25. Can someone please explain to me why I can find full spoilers for the January 2020 base box but I’m only finding 2 spoilers for premium. Thanks

    • You can find full premium box on reddit

  26. I got this email today (after cancelling) and I’m surprised to see that Pretty Vulgar palette as a bonus. We got that palette in September of 2018. Hope that’s not old stock.

    • How many eyeshadow palettes do you think get made fresh for an order? I never understand that comment “old stock”. I mean how old do you think the palettes are that are sitting in a Sephora warehouse? A month, two, three lol. I mean they are good unused for a couple YEARS.

      • Seriously! Powdered eyeshadow is not going to go bad anytime soon. If you want brand new fresh off the product line products then sub boxes aren’t for you. I’ve had the Kat Von D Lola eyeshadow single in premium for over a year. It’s definitely not brand new.

  27. Ugh wish I knew I was likely getting a concealer in this box, I wouldnt have picked one from Ipsy. I figured I’d be stuck with my 100th highlighter, but maybe I’m getting both.

    Skin & Co gave me the worst reaction I’ve ever had to a skin product, so def selling that. Really don’t need the blush and bronzer, don’t like the eyeshadow and I’m lukewarm about the eye cream (my pick).

    Not thrilled with this or Ipsy this month.

    • Forgot to say but I’d be thrilled with the Glow Recipe. But I doubt I’m that lucky haha

    • Powdered eyeshadow probably won’t go rancid so I imagine it’s fine. I have powdered eyeshadows from years ago that are still fine.

    • Boxyswap on IG if that happens. Literally everything you don’t want i want and what you want i don’t. Find me in IG @icnataliejune if you want. I will 100% trade you if we get what each other wants

    • Ugh I forgot to cancel my subscription for both Ipsy and Boxycharm. Budgeting so getting rid of stuff. Oh well I hope I get the watermelon sleeping mask and the concealer and no highlighter. I can glow so bright from all the highlighters I have you can probably see me from the sky. Lol.

  28. If I get the Glow Recipe I won’t care about the rest of the box lol. Ok, maybe I’ll care a little.

  29. I signed up a couple months ago so I could get Premium, but apparently didn’t make the cut for Jan. Not feeling this box. :/

  30. I’ll be happiest if I can get a concealer since I just have too many highlighters, even if this one is highly rated, but I’m sure I’ll be able to swap on here for it if not.

    • I’ll swap you if we get what each other wants.

    • I got the concealer in the medium shade (which by looking at the tube is going to be wayyyyy to dark for me!) I would swap for something you don’t want!

  31. I’m praying there are no shipping issues. 🙏🤞I got my Premium on the 31st and never got my Boxyluxe 🤔😱

    • Just got great news from the Boxycharm customer service team. They are going to replace my lost Boxyluxe. So thankful. Boxy’s customer service has been so amazing and so responsive to me with my Boxyluxe fiasco. I do appreciate them all 🙂

      • Yay! I’m glad they are able to get them to you

  32. Omg hourglass blush! I have always wanted to try one and never wanted to pay for it… I hope it is for regular.

  33. I don’t know why I love that Too Faced highlighter so much but I really want it in my box. As a bonus I was charged for Premium this month so I guess I am off the waitlist.

    • Congrats! 👍🙌🤗

    • It’s super cool packaging and their highlighters are some of my favorite!

  34. I’m pretty sure they are sending me the pretty vulgar concealer even though the samples were no where near usable for me. I chose the Dr Brandt eye serum, which I’m excited to try!

    • Same here 👍

  35. I find both Boxy and Beautyfix super tempting this month.

  36. Kind of looks like it doesn’t matter what your choice item was, because you’re going to get both.

    • I was thinking the same thing. With both rounds of spoilers it looks like. I was wondering if everyone would get an eyeshadow palette even if they picked the eye cream. Looks like that’s true plus everyone may end up with both the concealer and TF highlighter. I wish I’d known that. I’m trying to cut back a bit on sub spending this year so since I started getting Premium last month I cancelled my regular box at the last minute. I really wanted the eye cream and the TF highlighter but I figured with my luck I’d get the concealer. I don’t need it plus I’m sure it would’ve been the wrong color considering for some reason I filled out both parts of the complexion survey multiple times but it won’t save for some reason. Of course I contacted customer service a month ago and 3 emails later they still haven’t sent me a useful response. Just the usual generic FAQ info they cut and paste or slightly rephrase that has nothing to do with my specific account. I decided not to keep trying because I shouldn’t have to email over 3x to get a relevant response to an uncomplicated but important question.

      Anyway…had I known chances were high I’d get the highlighter even if I got a useless concealer along with the eye cream I chose I wouldn’t have cancelled. I’m trying to tamp down my FOMO by focusing on the fact I don’t like either eyeshadow palette, don’t need/won’t be able to use the concealer and while I love almost everything from Glow Recipe, that sleeping mask is just too rich for my combo skin. And I don’t like the Skin&Co scrub (or any scrub with grains or beads of any type) plus I already have a few tubes from other subs. Of course value wise the eye treatment and highlighter alone would’ve been worth the $25 so I’m still struggling not to kick myself.

    • Yeah it looks like that is the case, unless we get variations no one knows about! And I did not want the pallete or the concealer!

  37. I want two faced and watermelon sleeping mask .. I’m dreaming lol 💋

    • Ugh. I’m pretty unhappy with Boxy right now. My premium box arrived on the last day of December and it contained 2 repeat items from my Boxyluxe on the same account (a second Briar Rose palette and Ciate highlighter). They promised no duplicates between boxes and I was really looking forward to the Dose or Natasha palettes 🙁

      • Did you contact them? I know it’s a majorly frustrating time-suck since every issue takes so long to get a relevant response from them but I would give it a try.

        They sent me the wrong Saturday Skin product from the pop up sale but after going back and forth for a few weeks on another issue that’s yet to be properly addressed I decided not to bother trying to resolve it. But in your case it’s probably worth it since it involves multiple products and hopefully the more people call them out for this the less it will happen.

      • I received an e-mail before I received my luxe and premium boxes for December. It said they had sent the same item in both boxes which was the little briar rose storybook palette. The promised to send the Natasha Denona pallet but I have yet to see it. Will be contacting them today

      • It should be in your next box. This happened to me with the curling iron/ moda brushes and boxy shipped the correct product in my next box. If they had no intention on replacing itiem, you would not have been notified of mistake. Boxy is good about replacements. I was once given the wrong masks from the charm shop, boxy cought it, emailed me before I even received them, gave me my charms back, sent correct masks and told me to keep the ones they sent. They have really good customer service.

      • They caught the ciate dupe and sent an email promising a replacement item. The email came after my boxes shipped. If I don’t see anything heading my way by the time I receive my January boxes, I’ll contact them.

      • I got the same email about my ciate duplicate on December 11th. On December 28th I sent an email asking of her an update and they replied the same day letting me know that everything is in order for the extra item to ship, and we will receive a tracking email once it ships.

      • That’s what they said when they sent me a kypris instead of the juice beauty I picked in November. They emailed me about it first saying they’d fix it. I reached out a couple times they said it was being prepared to ship and I’d get tracking. Emailed them again at the end of December, they said they were sorry for my missing box and sending me a whole new boxyluxe…. thanks but that’s not what was missing??? Lol so I’m not gonna reach out again, even though I really wanted that eye serum, since I have 2 of their other products and wanted to use them in conjunction with one another.

      • @Tabitha I had that same thing happen on my November choice. Back and forth emails and no action. Finally m I sent a message on their Facebook page and posted on a Boxy group’s open comments about the issue. I didn’t get a reply; BUTm I received a shipping email notice on my product within days and received it in a week. Social posts do help and get action because they despise public negative comments. Keep after them.

      • Email them. When I had an issue I did and they corrected it.

      • Same here 😒

      • Same thing happened to me 🙁 They’re customer service has been beyond terrible. Charged for boxes that were doubles that I notified them about yet they did the same thing the next month. And then the doubles on top of it. Whomp whomp they need to overhaul their CRM department.

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