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BoxyCharm February 2020 Choice Spoiler Update + Coupon!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

We have a new spoiler for the February 2020 BoxyCharm base box choice items thanks to Yosef! (BoxyCharm is $25 a month.)

Choice will open on 1/13 of Luxe and Premium Subscribers and Waitlisters. Choice will open on 1/14 for all subscribers. The choice items for February are:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Cream 15ml

Iconic London Day To Slay Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation

KATE SOMERVILLE Kx Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you picking?

In case you missed the previous spoiler, the February box may also include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code GETMYSKINCARE to get Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask with your first box!

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (92)

  1. Okay, so maybe this is a silly question, but this is my first time making a choice since subscribing. I chose the foundation. But is there a chance of still receiving one of the other products in my box?

  2. Am I the only one who didn’t get the email to select the one of the products? I searched my inbox and nothing!

  3. I don’t understand why they put the two coolest items in the box and the choice for premium was super sucky! I am so sick of ugly eye shadow and the one tome they had a decent palet they put pt with the foundation which I chose as I couldn’t decide which was more important. I’m also sick of getting serums and creams. I have at least two creams for each thing and at least 5 serums. UGH!!!

  4. Seriously?! WHY is the “choice” the month BEFORE the actual box?! I would love the Becca foundation, but if I sign up I can’t choose a shade(plus the nearest Sephora/Ulta is 100+ miles from me so can’t get shade matched)…
    I’ve never gotten to choose a product because of this(even after begging their horrible customer service to let me)! I want this sub so bad but this is why I cancelled…I can’t afford their system and can’t pay for boxes I don’t want.

  5. I missed premium yesterday, got in the MINUTE add ons opened, literally, and they’re all gone

    • Never mind, now they’re showing in stock!

      Bummed I never got to pick the Hourglass, though.

  6. Bummed I didn’t even get the option to pick the Hourglass blush….

  7. I found this information when I tried clicking add-on in the dropdown tabs, “All Access to Add-Ons opens today at 2pm ET”

    So 2PM Eastern for us base box subbers, lol.

    • I’m going to go make some tea and get a snack.

      • Does anyone know if you have to pay full price for an ad on product

      • Add ons are $12. Some might be less, I can’t remember for sure, but they all seemed to be $12 this month.

      • The large storybook palette was 18$ the rest were 12$ or 6$…the elemis rose collagen facial oil was 12$ the too faced dazzling lip gloss was 6$ .. Etc.

  8. I’ll be picking the palette but I’d also like the foundation! Can regular boxy subscriber do an add on product? As if so how much extra does it cost?

    • Yes .. In the add on tab. But I’m not sure what’s not sold out. Hurry up 🤗

      • where do I go to pick my product usually I get an email and I pick that way and I haven’t gotten the email yet

  9. Does anyone know why the add-Ons page list free shipping at the top and then they turn around and charge 5 dollars for shipping? It’s that sort of sketchiness that will drive costumers away. It’s straight up false advertising. Also wanted to point out that it only shows up on the desktop. Not your phone.

    • It was a bug in the system. The 5$ shipping is being refunded , they caught it right away. I messaged them as soon as I put my order in about the shipping but they already were aware and were refunding the erroneous shipping charges… Not false advertizing, just a bug in the system ❤

  10. This is looking great to me! I’m having a hard time deciding between the eye cream and the KS serum, I want them both!

    • I’ve read many reviews of the serum. A lot of users report a sticky finish and little absorption. I’m going to pass on it and select the palette of gorgeous, wearable shades (finally).

    • I am still awaiting my email to get to make my choice. Did something change about selection while I was in the hospital? I’ve been checking since 7 am.

      • Choice and add-ons starts for premium members and luxe and luxe waitlisters at 1 pm today , all access starts tomorrow . it’s announced on Instagram and other social media ❤ happy shopping

      • Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I missed last month and was disappointed with my selection. Hopefully it will go much better this time. Thanks!

      • Your so welcome! I’m only waiting to go in to the add-ons and choice myself right now

  11. In one of the latest reveals videos, Yosef stated the palette is too big for the box so it will be a smaller version. When a company makes a version specifically for Boxycharm will it be the same quality and formula?
    I have been so inundated with skincare lately I was thinking about actually choosing the palette then adding on the KS. (I can’t resist her products and even TJMaxx has been coming through lately with great prices on her line. )

    • Thanks for this info. Usually it’s a poorer quality product when this is the case. The Ciate blush in December’s box for example was a different, cheaper formulation containing talc. I think I’ll skip the palette.

      • Ciate said they actually changed their formula and the blush always had talc is just that they were using the fancy name for talc in past ingredients lists. I saw people on Reddit who had the blush bought from retailers and indeed the formula had talc in it but listed under a different name.

    • I thought he said it was too big so they have to use a bigger box. I can’t find that video now to go back and watch it again

      • Okay, I’ll see if I can find that video as well. I don’t want to give wrong information. He was showing how the palette is so much bigger than the box while talking and I just remember thinking, “How are they going to get all of those pans into a smaller palette then?”

      • I did find the video. And yes, he says those getting the palette will have a different size box so that’s great news. YAY! I think I will choose the palette then and try to listen more closely to the spoiler videos going forward.

      • Thanks for the update. There’s potentially a BIG difference if we were looking at a palette specially made for BC (as a prior comment noted, likely a lower quality). I was leaning towards the palette but then was concerned about a BC-specific one. I’m happy to learn it’s just going to be a different box. Palette of wearable colors it is!

    • I’m staying with the palette. Gorgeous, wearable shades. Serum has mixed reviews (sticky, poor absorption). Foundation is a crap shoot for the correct shade. Eye serum is fine; however, I have favorites already. Palette it is!

    • What time does the choice open today for luxe members? I’ve missed it the last two months, so I set a reminder, but it isn’t open yet.

      • I’m pretty sure it opens about 12 eastern time. But they will post that it’s open on Instagram .. I usually just check at 12 on the dot on the boxy website and get in that way.

  12. If I just get the reg boxy charm do I still get to make “selections”.. also, If so- do I make those selections on my boxy charm dash board? And is their a certain date and best time to make those selections?

    • Please circle back and review this post for info on what day you can make your choice. The specific time of the day choice opens generally is not announced, so you need to follow BC’s social media (FB and insta) for that, or just keep checking if it’s open yet. There will either be a new link on the website to make your choice, or you will get an email with a link.

    • Yes. For regular boxy also known as the base box, choice and add ons are tomorrow the 14th ❤

  13. Yosef said somewhere (IG or something), that you should look up your shade in advance. That implies to me we will be able to select our shade. I’m choosing Kate and then adding on Becca if I can choose my shade. That’s the only way I will get it.

  14. If they have the shade that Sephora’s online shade matcher said to get, I’m getting Becca. Otherwise, maybe Kate S??? I haven’t tried anything from Iconic ever but it doesn’t look like something I will use.

  15. Is there a way to subscribe now to get choice for February but NOT get January’s box?

    • No. The first box doesn’t get choice. You get the box of the month you order in 💚

  16. I’m not currently a subscriber. If I sub now, will I get choice?

    • You should since Choice doesn’t start until Monday. I just reactivated my subscription tonight and that was my understanding. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t get to pick an item. Not after the terrible Premium box I received today especially. I’m getting rid of it and going back to the regular/base box along with Luxe.

  17. FYI, I received an email showing 3 add ons: KS serum for $12, Iconic palette for $12 and R+Co Sand cast dry texture creme for $6
    So if you’re hesitating between the choices and want to use add ons like I plan to, this should help make your choice. I wanted to get the KS and the Becca foundation and maybe the palette. So will be choosing the Becca and crossing my fingers that they’ll give me the correct color. Unless someone else can confirm that Becca foundation will be available as add on? Please reply to my message if you know that. In which case, I’d be better doing add on for becca so I could select the right shade.

    • Thank you!

    • If we choose the becca as our choice, we are supposed to be able to choose our shade as per @yflmartin

  18. Definitely choosing the palette! I am excited to see a palette with some wearable colors for me. (The last few palettes with the bright colors, while pretty, were hard nos for me.) January’s box ended up being a dud for me, so I’m happy I’m actually excited about something for February’s. And hopefully I can grab the foundation as an add-on.

  19. I m going with KS. for sure, Im not to impressed with the QMS brand, I think there really overpriced. I m hoping to get the becca foundation in the add on sale. I think boxycharm is killing it lately.

  20. Will the foundation and/or the kate sommerville cream be samples? Cause I think I will choose between these two.

    • Boxy sends full size items.

      • Now that is embarasing! Thank you! I got confused with the other boxes I am subscribed to!

  21. Does anyone know when it goes live? 9am PST?

  22. I’m actually really looking forward to this box! Hoping I can get both the foundation and also the serum as an add-on

  23. I received the Becca foundation Samples as my shade selector a short while ago. I’m sure the shade will match accordingly, since I didn’t have to choose my shade for the concealer that I received this week in my box. I own the Day to Slay palette, purchasing it from a London site about two years ago. It’s quite nice! I’m picky with my shadow brands (Pat McGRATH, Tom Ford, ABH, Tilbury, UD, and the Likes) and I would recommend that palette. It’s soft and pigmented with a wonderful mix of neutral mattes, satin, and shimmer. No glitter, but vibrant shimmer.

    • I was hoping knew about the quality of the shadows, thanks! It’s a pretty, work-appropriate palette that I’ll get a lot of use out of if it’s decent quality, and it sounds it like is. 🙂

  24. There should be a shade choice, if not we did fill out the quiz so they should go by profile I would think

  25. Why are add-ons before choice for premium? Hope they don’t overlap

  26. What a tough choice! Lol I really like that palette but I’m interested in everything 🙂 well, I’ll be interested in the Becca if they have my shade…if not I’ll probably pick the eye cream or the palette

    • Piece of unsolicited advice: pick the eye cream. You can always buy eyeshadow palette on e bay cheap. Skincare from boxes sold for higher prices close to RV, where make up from sub boxes you can buy very cheap. Makeup has lower demand then skincare, the prices on e bay adjusted accordingly.

      • Very good point! Thank you!

      • Really good advice!😉

      • You are more than likely purchasing counterfeit products on ebay, which is why they are so cheap. They are extremely dangerous as they may contain toxic chemicals. There’s a documentary about it in the netflix series Broken. Highly recommend.

      • It’s pretty obvious when you are purchasing from another subscription box lover. I am confident buying recent Boxy, or Ipsy skincare on Ebay, especially if I already own it for comparative purposes.

      • I would never buy pallets from there if they were not in sub box. It is a high risk, however I am comfortable buying pallets that just recently were sent in boxes. Also, I look at the pictures. Usually fake product has on picture or pictures taken from brand site. People who sells pallets from sub boxes usually take pictures of actual pallet and you can tell that it was done in home setting.

      • There is so much counterfeit makeup out there on ebay and other sites.. Even Tati’s palette has been counterfeited and it happened within weeks from her palette launching.. Jeffry Star, James Charles, etc, has also been counterfeited.. So, I don’t trust palettes or other makeup/skin care on Ebay or Amazon. The counterfeits are cheaply made and not the same quality.. And some of the product has unhealthy ingrediets.. Just sharing this because there is so much buzz on “fake” make up on Youtube right now.

      • Totally agree. I got burned on a fake Too Faced palette. I couldn’t understand why they were sold out everywhere but Ebay had TONS. I paid close attention to the description, photos and seller feedback (plenty of folks bought this same palette and were pleased—ignorance is bliss I guess, and even purchased one of the higher priced ones. I knew it was a fake as soon as I opened it. Several little things were just slightly off or missing. Luckily I went back online and found the genuine palette on HSN. I paid full price (double what I paid on Ebay) and figured if I was wrong I could just return the HSN one. Unfortunately I was right so I took pics of both palettes side by side and fought to get a refund. It was rather time consuming and frustrating and not something I will ever take a chance on again. I did more research after my experience and I think it’s safe to say the vast majority of eyeshadow palettes (and lots of other cosmetics) on EBay are cheap knockoffs. And often the seller will fight you even when you have irrefutable proof. And Ebay spouts their strict buyer protective policies but they weren’t any help honestly. So I will never ever risk buying makeup on EBay again. If I want it bad enough I will pay full price, watch for a sale or buy from someone on Poshmark or a similar site. I trust someone that’s selling ONE palette far more than someone who has sold or has 100 available and yet the palette can’t be found at any other retailer. That’s another big red flag.

      • Yes there are a lot of fake product, however I would not buy this pallet now, I would wait till end of February when boxy ships their box and people start putting it on e bay. Also I usually see what other item seller has for sale. If there are items for sale from other boxes I feel confident that this pallet legit and came from one of sub box.

  27. Finally an eyeshadow palette full of colors I can use!

  28. I’d love to try that eye cream but it’s only HALF an ounce! And it would cost $156.64 (plus shipping) if I really like it to buy more!

    • FYI 15ml or .5oz is standard sales size for eye cream.

      • I agree, .5 oz is a decent size eye cream

    • As stated, that is a pretty standard size for eye cream. They last incredibly long as you are only using a tiny amount. I have been eagerly waiting for my Murad eye cream to be used up so I can try something new.

    • That eye cream is wonderfully moisturizing. A little goes a long, long, long, way. Mine came in a tub, and with one tiny finger touch of the product, I have enough for both eyes and extra for around my lips. If you are worried about the size being to small, it’s not. And if you love it, you can probably swap for it on the MSA swap site.

      • I love it too! I have 4 backups!!

  29. Are there no spoilers for February Boxycharm Premium at all yet?? Seems odd.

    • I agree. Maybe because our choice day is later in the week? I still don’t like it. I’m not completely sold on Premium yet. I’m surprised I feel this way but I think I might go back to base + luxe.

  30. I wasn’t impressed by the QMS lip product we got so I’m not picking this QMS product. The palette looks nice, I have the Iconic Sunrise to Sunset palette and I like it but I have over 100 eyeshadow palettes so I dont need it. I’m leaning toward the KS product even though the reviews are mixed. I tend to look at bad reviews over good ones to see what people complain about. Alot of people say this products leaves a film on your skin and makes it hard for moisterizers applied after the serum
    to absorb. If there is no exact shade choice for the foundation, I may still get the KS though because the good reviews do say it helps with fine lines. If I end up getting it, I’ll only use it at night.

    • No . It doesn’t leave a film at all.. it absorbs super fast . You only use 2 drops of it and it’s enough for the entire face.. I’m using with 2 different moisturizers and have no problem at all. That’s why it will be my choice … I got The deluxe sample from sephora and it almost running out..

    • Omg I’m in love with that qms lip serum. For me it does exactly what it states.. I’m 52, with wrinkles around the skin above the top of my lip.. Been using that qms regularly and now even I can barely tell I had the adult children are amazed and offered to pool together to buy me another when I run out.. It’s made specifically for the skin above the lip and I’m thrilled it does the job! I put it on my laugh lines now and it even puffs those up

  31. KATE?!! Are you kidding me?! 😭😭😭

  32. Thought my money was safe..ugh..haha. Signed back up for the Dr. B Micro, love that stuff! If there is a choice of shade, I will pick Becca and hope to get Kate in Add-on. If No shade, then I’d go with Kate. Fingers crossed for great selections! May the odds forever be in our favor!

    • Sounds like my favorite show Vikings ! May the odds be in our favor 🤞👍

      • It’s “Hunger Games”, right? Love it!!

      • Yes, Hunger Games! 🙂

    • Speaking of “The Hunger Games”, on last night’s Jeopardy Greatest of All Time there was a question about the prequel which is coming out in May. I had no idea and am very excited. It’s called “The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes”.

      • Awesome, I didn’t know that either!

      • OMG, how did I not know about this prequel?!? Thank you for unintentionally informing me, I just preordered it 😍 I need this badly, after both Game of Thrones and Star Wars were ruined last year.

      • How do we set it up so that we can choose? I assume we need to set up an account page but have no clue how to do that

  33. Any idea if there will be a shade choice for the Becca? That’d be the deal breaker for me. lol So that or the Kate product I’d go with. 🙂

    • I think there is SUPPOSED to be a shade choice. Really great overall choices!! Thus will be my first month choosing…???…😍🤗.

      • My first month to choose as well. I’m leaning towards The KS serum or the QMS eye cream. The palette just isn’t calling me nor the Becca.

      • They said in a video that if you have the option to head down to a department store and get shade tested for that exact type of her foundation and we should be able to choose.

    • Yes, Joe said we get to choose our shade.. Also I’ve seen posted some boxy influencers are suggesting getting matched to your becca concealer at Sephora before we choose a shade today, if the foundation is our choice

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