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Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 Spoiler #2

Margot Elena Discovery Box Winter 2019 – FULL Spoilers!

We have the full spoilers for the Winter 2019 Margot Elena box!

Each box will include:

  • In Love Shea Butter Handcreme by Lollia – $25
  • Eucalyptus & Mint Travel Candle by The Cottage Greenhouse – $12
  • Dead Sexy Eau de Parfum by TokyoMilk – $36
  • Linden Perfumed Shower Gel by Library of Flowers – $24
  • Wet Face Mask by The Cottage Greenhouse – $32
  • Share The Love Boxed Notes by Margot Elena – $16
  • Pomegranate Facial Serum by The Cottage Greenhouse – $32
  • Tour Eiffel Hand Soap by TokyoMilk – $12
  • Bath Salt Sachet by Lollia – $15
  • Lip Elixir by TokyoMilk Dark – $7

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (75)

  1. Honestly was a bit disappointed in this box. Lovely stuff, but not the least bit wintry or holiday inspired.

  2. This looks like a quite a nice box. I missed out on buying Winter but planning on getting Spring box. Hoping it’s a good one. I would prefer to have the hand soap and stationary replaced with something else but that’s also personal choice as I tend to not use those items.

  3. I’m actually disappointed. I like the textiles. My kimono is still gorgeous and I get tons of compliments. I really loved the mug. The bell was festive. I missed out on the Turkish towel and would give anything to have it. I’m surprised they kept this secret. What is in it that is festive? Wow. This is actually a let down. I have no interest in the pomegranate face oil. This has me considering canceling. I do LOVE her products but what is in this box that I will still have in a few months? The candle isn’t even festive. The fall box had an apron and towel, I was thinking omg this one has to be the best ever since it’s so secretive! I do love the linden scent but it has been in every box! I truly regret not getting the box that had the mini soaps. I love the soap bars. Maybe they should have a questionnaire when you join asking if you would like more facial items or textiles? My dream box would have more home items, bigger candles, soaps, etc. no face creams, oils and makeup type items. I’m dying to try let them eat cake products! I never pay full price for things and I keep waiting for them to be in the boxes. I might end up swapping items in this one. Sad.

  4. Just got my box, it’s truly lovely. The perfume is the hero, but everything else actually feels super substantial and follows suit. You won’t be disappointed!

    • The perfume isn’t the hero item by any means..She just gave them out in IGBP. The hero items in her boxes are usually something special and exclusive only to the box.. Not something I can buy on her sight or anywhere else. There was no hero item in this box at all, and it definitely isn’t the perfume.

  5. I’m pretty happy with this box, but I have been with most of her boxes. The kimono was so not my style (though absolutely gorgeous!!), and although all her stuff is beautiful, I’m not crazy about clutter, so I have swapped most of the textile/house items except for the towel and apron.

    I love her bath/scented products, though. I like most of her scents, and having a back stash of her things has encouraged me to “use the good stuff” on myself instead of hoarding it for some sort of special occasion (crazy right? but I do tend to save the special stuff). Dead Sexy is not a scent I like, so that’s a bummer, but I’m sure I’ll be able to swap it.

  6. From the pic the stationary looks like it could be in a reusable tin. I do miss a hero item but it looks like that might be nicer than an ordinary box of stationary.

    This is my last month and I’ve been with them from the start. I’m kinda sad. It’s such a pretty box to get but I end up swapping it gifting more than I use.

  7. It looks to me like they really took the criticism of the last box to heart and curated this accordingly. The household items seem to be hit or miss for subscribers and a lot of people complained about the seemingly overinflated values of the textile items, the tiny bottles of perfume and bubble bath, and the small facial mask. I’m impressed with the value of this box and excited to be receiving it. Well done, Margot Elena!

  8. MSA I received my FedEx Tracking update for this box I noticed it only weighed 0.60 which is 9.6 ounces does that seem right for this box? Anybody’s welcome to chime in!

    • This posts every time on this box and I have seen it for other boxes too. I think it updates later.

    • Sometimes the fed ex weight is not accurate.

      • Mine weighs 3.5 pounds.

      • agree. I am supposed to receive it on next Thursday and according to Fedex tracking, it says 0.5 lb which is obviously wrong… hope it’s not empty. lol

  9. This is the first box I’ve missed since they cancelled my annual and I didn’t sign up in time. I wasn’t too sad when I saw the hero item was the Dead Sexy perfume (not my personal favorite, and I already have a mini of it) – but I would have loved to get another of the Pomegranate face oil! Mine is almost out (I rotate it around with some others like the Sunday Riley tumeric oil) but I love it since it is so hydrating. It’s a ‘gentle’ face oil as well so I use it when I feel my skin needs a break.

  10. I accidentally got signed up for 2 boxes. I’m kinda glad I did, even if it does mean I paid 100 bucks. Since it is already sold out. Linden is one of my all-time favorite scents so I’m glad to be getting two full-size bottles! I’m also excited for the pomegranate serum and the facemask.

  11. Oh I hope the wet face mask is the Charcoal lemongrass one. The ingredients look amazing and we can all use a good deep clean every now and then

  12. If you’ve never gotten anything from their big sales at Margot Elena dot com, then keep your eye open for that email. I got a comforter and pillow covers from one a few months back and loved it so much got one in another color this last time. King size light weight bed cover with 2 king shams, 2 regular shams and a Christmas decoration for under $100. Great deals on things that are really nice quality.

    • Wow! Thank you for the heads up!

      • This looks like a good box to me. The kimono was si not me so I gave it to my mom. I can do without the textiles in every box but I love the stationary. This is like my sixth box and other than the kimono I have been impressed with all her products. The kimono material was beautiful though!

  13. If anyone who gets this box would like to trade the linden shower gel I would love to have it. I have tons of things to trade. Just let me know.

    • Hi,

      I wouldn’t mine trading. I can only shower with oatmeal products due to sensitive skin. (I hate it, but have to deal). I will get back to you.

      • Thank you!

  14. I believe the perfume is the hero item only because it was the only one that she announced. I love all the items that she sends out I missed out on the Bell,kimono, Turkish towel and cup. And I really would have enjoyed one of those. I’m also very happy with everything that I’m going to receive Merry Christmas to me and and to all of you and a Happy New Year.

    • The kimono while pretty is really shoddy. Like coming apart at the seams if you hold it up so you didn’t miss out. I’ve been embarrassed to put it up for swap because of the quality. The turkish towel was great and sorry you missed out on that.

      • I think you might have gotten a bad one then. Mine is holding up really well and I’ve washed it several times.

      • My kimono was poorly made as well, the fabric is chintzy and the stitching came out fast. After one wash it looked very wrinkly. I still need to hang it up sometime to steam while a shower is going.

        I’ve loved all her other exclusive items – the turkish towel and apron and hand towel, etc. have all been excellent. The kimono quality was a huge miss, though.

      • I thought the kimono quality was fine. I however keep mine hung at all times when not using it to avoid wrinkles. So maybe that is part of it. I thought the quality was fine though. Nothing spectacular but certainly didn’t fall apart just from holding it up or anything even close to that.

  15. Can’t wait!!! I love this box. I hope it arrives before Christmas! I do miss a textile item, though. That apron was just too cute.

    • Not going to lie, it seems like it’s missing a non perfume or soap item. Miss those. I have been subscribed since the first box, kinda sad for a repeat, although I do like the face oil. I like this box allot, just not in love like I usually am.

  16. Last winters box was so beautiful

  17. A lot of people complained about the kimono, the kissing bell, the various peacock items, and several of the custom items (except the apron and dishtowel, which everyone loved), so I’m not surprised that they gave us a box with mostly their standard items. I happen to love the soap and use it. I’m happy in general with this box and gift more than half of the items.

    • I hated the apron. It’s currently on my daughters floor.
      But I miss this box so much!!

      • The apron was so large and long. Very awkward on me. I would have loved a tea/dish towel. I love kitchen stuff as it’s always needed!

      • Didn’t it come with a tea towel? I missed the apron box and was bummed.

    • People were so mad about last box that it seems like they overcorrected. There’s more full size products in this one and no textile/mug/etc. because people were so enraged with autumn. The non-beauty products were some of my favorite, but the new subscribers dIDn’T GEt $300 WorTH and complained about everything. This is my least favorite box out of all of them 🙁

  18. I keep thinking that I will try this box, but it’s always sold out & I’m not big on surprises, so I like to see spoilers beforehand. Oh well.

  19. Last winter had a kimono, mug and stationary. I was hoping for another mug for winter. I love mugs, especially pretty ones and nope, I dont have more then 2 matching mugs yet I have 30. I’m really happy with the Tokyo Milk items. I really like those scents. I’m excited to try the pomegranate serum also but the rest will probably get gifted. I’m need to create a spa basket for my DIL in January so this will help out with that.

  20. I adore this box! Every one of her boxes is absolutely wonderful!

  21. This is my first box. I was really hoping to get a perfume crema since I really want to try those. But if I like any of these scents, then I’ll just go buy one of my choice.

    • I have 2-3 perfume creams I’d be willing to trade!

  22. Quick question, once ordered, I am part of the sub box now? Or do I have to reorder each season?

    • The sub automatically renews until you cancel it.

      • Thank you!

      • They send it an email prior to charge which is nice reminder if you want to cancel.

      • I was in the fashion industry and enjoyed the silk kimono. It was a very hard to make piece! I love entertaining in it! I always have neighbors knocking and I can throw on this amazing piece. It is like a piece of art!!! 😍

  23. Nice looking box, but I don’t like when there’s no CLEAR hero item

    • The perfume is the hero item… so excited! I don’t need a random apron or kissing bell…

      • I gave the kissing bell as a necklace to my niece. Wrapped get present with it

      • I tied the ribbon bell on a knob in my girls’ room so they could use it to hold hair bows. But mostly they just like batting the bell.

    • The perfume is a VERY CLEAR hero item… LOL! So excited about it too!

    • I agree that the perfume is definitely the “hero” item.

  24. I’m Happy..I do feel like it is missing the hero item, I missed the box that had the apron and was disappointed. But all in all this looks good, I am really happy about the full size library of flowers shower gel, that is my favorite of her line. The face serum looks to have only good ingredients and I love the travel candles and little bath satchels.

  25. It’s interesting they’re already repeating products since the face oil was in a prior box.

  26. What exactly is a “bath salt satchel”?

    • It’s a typo. “Sachet” but I think you already knew that

    • A satchel is a small bag FYI. So no it’s not a typo and satchel is perfectly fitting. It doesn’t contain potpourri and it’s original purpose is not to scent its surrounding environment (the actual purpose of a sachet). Satchel is actually much more appropriate. Since we want to be all grammatically correct lol. But in case you really were actually wondering. A satchel is a small bag, this satchel contains bath salts. Hope this helps.

  27. Canceled after the fall box, and no FOMO. These products are average soaps and lotions in pretty bottles.

  28. Not bad. I see a lot of really elegant items for my gift stash, because I’m pretty good on bath and body items myself. The note cards are gorgeous! I was hoping for some kind of textile item too, based on what I saw in past boxes. But maybe next time.

    • I agree with Ruth about the lack of a textile item this season. I was subscribed from their second box ever until right before this one that I won’t get because I decided not to renew. My stash of bath and body items currently fills 3 drawers but I’m still a bit sad about not renewing.
      Anyway…every box until now has had at least one thing that wasn’t for your face/body (other than candles and notecards) in some way. A scarf, apron, even a gorgeous hanging holiday bell in one box. Obviously the value is still there but I always enjoyed the surprise of the non-beauty item we hadn’t before received once let alone in almost every box. Although now I’m a little relieved because it lessens my FOMO. But only slightly.

      This is definitely the most elegant, beautiful, feminine box I’ve ever seen. And the most giftable for anyone who loves face and body pampering products, candles, and stationary and isn’t super sensitive to fragrances. I think the most impressive aspect is that you can really wow someone with a gift subscription/entire box or just subscribe yourself and keep what you like and gift ANY item you don’t without looking like you’re just getting rid of your rejects because each and every item looks and feels luxe. There have been a few things that weren’t necessarily my style or my kind of scent but never once has a single item felt like a dud. That’s almost unheard of in the subscription box world.

      In case it’s not obvious enough, I HIGHLY recommend this subscription and even if you pay full price (I had a discount code for my previous annual subscription) it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel you didn’t get more than your money’s worth. This is especially true if you have other women (or men, not trying to exclude anyone who appreciates a good body lotion or face mask 😉) in your life you often enjoy giving thoughtful little gifts to whether they’re friends, family, coworkers, teachers, etc. If that was true for me I wouldn’t have bothered to take a break from my subscription. Truth be told, if I happened to find another coupon I’d probably resubscribe anyway just for the joy and excitement of opening the box each season. Out of all the subscription boxes I get currently or have gotten in the six years I’ve had this addiction, and there have been probably close to 100 or so, this one is the ONLY box I never looked at any spoilers or read reviews for until I received my own box because I so enjoyed the experience of opening it and discovering the surprise of which products and scents were inside. It gave me that kid-on-Christmas Day feeling.

      I’m starting to think maybe I should apply to work in their Sales or Marketing department. 😄
      The truth is it’s always more tempting to comment when you have a negative experience with a subscription, at least for me anyway. So I try to be equally positive to make up for my Ipsy and Boxycharm rants. 😊. As appreciative as I am of this site for soooo many amazing finds, updates, ideas, etc., I’m equally grateful to have a place to vent my frustrations and commiserate with others sharing the same experiences and feelings.
      Sorry to get a bit off topic here but thanks MSA, for ALL you do! ❤️

  29. When I go to their website I only see an option to order the upcoming Spring Box, not this Winter Box. Am I missing something or are are we not able to order this one?

    • It’s sold out already.

    • It was sold out in November. You can pre order the Spring Box.

  30. I agree, there is no hero item, a robe may have been nice or a household item for the holiday’s.

  31. I’ve been annual since the beginning. They cancelled annual and instead of rolling over membership to seasonal they just cancelled me….. so I missed this box(and the email stating this). But, like the person who said it is missing a ‘hero’ item I kind of agree so maybe it’s a good thing my account was cancelled =) I can start fresh with Spring. This box is still one of my favorites out there

  32. I might have to cancel this subscription…..hand soup? Who needs that, soup is made for eating! 😉

    • You don’t like soup made of hands? Ok, picky. 😊

      • Hahah 😀 I am sorry if I don’t like it if my food gets handsy with me 😀 😀

      • Thanks for the answers on the weight I received another update and it weighs 5.10lbs. it gained a lot of weight and shipping.😂 FedEx had me going there for a minute with the 9.6 oz.

  33. Looks lovely, just seems like it’s missing the “hero” non-beauty item (in times past an apron, or water bottle, or kimono, or the eye mask!) Stationery doesn’t scream “hero” to me. But lovely, nonetheless.

    • Hey, you’re right, I didn’t notice that at first, but I always love that item. There’s usually a paper product type item. I like it anyway. Except for the bar soap, I have so many.

    • I was thinking the same thing kind of like is this the same amount of stuff that’s normally in there

  34. It appears that they are only taking orders for the Spring 2020 box per their website.

  35. I love reading the reviews of this box, and everything always looks so pretty. I wish it shipped to Canada.

    • Daria, me too! Let’s hope they do someday!

  36. Yay! Excited for it all.

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