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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the December 2019 Glam Bag!

The December 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. Received my glam bag today. Love the bag. Love my products and add ons.

  2. I almost added the skin regimen only because they are owned by defined hair care I’ve heard and it’s spa quality and clean. Definitely will be interested in products from them in the future

    • Devines hair care. Dang autocorrect lol

  3. My December bag is much better than November bag. I am getting:
    – COMPLEX CULTUREAll Over Highlight/Powder Brush (my pick)
    – TARTE Bronzer in Park Ave Princess (I don’t use ton of bronzers nor highlighters, but I am excited to try this shade and I think it will work on my eyes as well)
    – AROMATICA Rose Absolute First Serum (new brand to me and I love to try serums)
    – H2O+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment (Not excited about the brand, but review looks good)
    – TPSY Lip Crush Lip Oil (new brand and I haven’t tried lip oil before)

  4. I got the tarte blush in the warm shade; so I bought the kisses color. If ipsy thinks they are getting away with getting me to buy add ons, they’re also making me realize that I need to pick my own makeup. 🙁 I am one that would have loved the red lipstick. I know they are trying to push us to try new things, but I have tried all the warm orange peach blushes and shadows, nude lips, and they all still make me look like I am deathly ill. 😉

  5. I’m getting:

    Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in Empire State (I prefer more colorful shadow but I will try this)
    Little Moon Essentials Peppermint Shtick Lip Balm (cool that it’s a Colorado company)
    Lolii Cosmetics Luxe Creme Matte in Lavanda (nice looking color, too bad it has petroleum jelly in it)
    Thrive Causemetics Mascara (my pick—I love this!)
    Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Shimma & Shake (looks more like a bronzer in the photo)

    I added on SR CEO Cream, Tarte blush in Kisses, Belle en Argent lipstick in Click Your Heels, Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum, and Ittse Fulton Magnetic Eyeshadow Quad.

    I like my bag (except for the lip product containing petrolatum), and love my add-ons. I paused Glam Bag Plus this month, and cancelled Ultimate, and I am happy with that decision.

    • This is the exact same box I got.

  6. The last two months I have also been way more excited about my add-ons than my bag picks. After realizing that my GB and add-ons were adding up to $20+ a month, I cancelled my IPSY and went with Birchbox. It seems like a way better fit for me, $15 a month and more options. I like their brands better too. I am actually excited for my new sub and not so sad to let IPSY go!

    • Thank you for sharing this! I loved ipsy and gave the color choices a chance for years, but by now they know that I will always rate the peach/orange shades as not for me, yet here it is again. It’s not that I don’t like them. I look better without them!

  7. Idk why they keep sending me bronzers lol
    No really marked rarely used , always give terrible reviews when I get them , yet 3rd highlighters in 4 months – maybe there hunting I need some color ( I’m only laughing bc I get regular bag for $12.00 and love my add ons )
    Added on SR love SR
    Tarte finish spray
    Party pouch – forgot which one
    I’m okay with it , not the best I ever got from Ipsy for sure – seems as if their slipping a bit
    Glad I have paused IGBP for 3 months bc I don’t see any value on that lately , sadly I used to look so forwArd to IPSY GBP hope it comes back to its glory soon regular BC is owning it lately even with their shady aftermath

  8. I’m getting:

    Phase Zero eyeshadow in Banana Beige
    Skin Regimen night detox
    Avette fresh clean coconut mild foam cleanser
    Tarte blush in Shimma & Shake (choice)
    TPSY lip crush lip oil

    For add ons, I picked the Suva eyeshadow, an eye party pouch, and the green light keychain.

    I was initially a little skeptical of my actual bag contents, but upon looking at the items available and seeing other people’s bag configurations, I think that this is probably the bag best suited to me, so I can’t really complain about that.

  9. I decided to let the Ipsy gods pick for me this month. I’m still up in the air about it:

    Hanhoo – watermelon illuminator daytime facial oil. No idea what this even is so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Jolii cosmetics – luxe creme matte in lavanda. No idea. Purple isn’t generally my color???
    Cela – coffee scrub. What I wish I would have picked so I’m happy about this.
    Space case cosmetics – it’s not me, it’s my sign blush. I love blushes so I’m happy
    Tarte – bronzer. I’m okay with bronzées and I like tarte so this should be good.

    All in all pretty content

    • I keep forgetting that I can pick a product and add on😂 I get so mad every time I get my Ipsy bag but I guess it isn’t in the cards for me. 🤗

  10. Haven’t seen a bag twin post yet, so I’m gonna just jump in. I was kinda “meh” about my bag this month, but happy for enough things to be good with it:

    – TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Kisses (my choice)
    – AVON True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner in 24 Karat (a hard no for me)
    – LUXIE BEAUTY 237 Blending Dreamcatcher (good, I’m always happy for brushes)
    – COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS Glowlighter in Selfie (no thanks, I have a ton of highlighters)
    – BELIF The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb (good, I’m always happy for moisturizers)

    – SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream (Add On)
    – CÉLA Black Gold Supreme Coffee Scrub (Add On)
    – COMPLEX CULTURE All Over Highlight Powder Brush (Add On freebie)

  11. I also picked Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Kisses and my bag is totally different!

    Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in Empire State

    Complex Culture All Over Highlight Powder Brush

    Pure Brazilian Leave In Conditoner

    H2O+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment

    And Add-Ons:

    Thrive Causemetics Mascara

    Skone Cosmetics Tattooed Eyeliner

    Belif Moisturizing Balm

    I REALLY wanted to try Benefit Brow gel but it wasn’t an add-on option for me!

  12. This month wasn’t great for me. Would have preferred several different items, but oh well.

    I got:

    –Tarte bronzer (opted out of bronzers via email. Also got one last month and rated 1 star)

    –Kensie perfume (Fine)

    –Jolii liquid lipstick in Lavenda (Got this in the Jolii trio that was in GBP months ago, was an unwearable zombie gray shade and formula is very messy)

    –Nailmedic polish in Mauvy or Nice (I like polish and this is pretty, but I have so many similar colors. It’s okay)

    –Cela Coffee scrub (my choice)

    Add ons:
    –IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream
    –Hey Honey Retinol Eye Mask
    –Purlisse BB Cream in Light Medium

    My add-ons saved this bag for me, otherwise it would have been pretty disappointing. Add-ons themselves were not great, either. Here’s hoping it gets better…

    • Good news! Lavanda wasn’t in the Jolii trio that was sent in Plus! I think maybe you’re remembering the shade Lilla?

      I got Lavanda in one of my glam bags a while back & really liked it (I was disappointed when I didn’t get the Jolii trio in my Plus bc I liked Lavanda really well). Give it a try! You might be pleasantly surprised!

      • Good to know! Thanks for this, I’m happy to try a new shade!

      • Glad I could help! 😊

      • I’m getting it in my bag, and I like the color, but I hate that it contains petrolatum. It’s not a good ingredient, and it dries out my lips.

      • Oh no, that’s a bummer. Petroleum doesn’t seem to affect me/my skin that way, thankfully.

      • For drying products, if I like them enough I want to make them work, I apply a hydrating balm first. This really helps. I have to do this with all matte lipsticks.

    • I remember the Kensie perfume being rather nice! I am picky about perfumes so you may or may not like it, but hopefully you do.

      • Thank you, I hope so! I like trying new perfumes and the notes listed on ipsy seemed to run the gamut from clean to floral to vanilla–I’m super intrigued!

  13. This month’s bag was a 2/5 for me. I will receive:

    Tarte blush in kisses. I picked this.
    Avette cleanser. Not familiar with this brand, but it sounds like a basic foaming cleanser, so it’s fine.
    Skin Regimen night detox. I already have an acid exfoliator that I like, so I won’t be using this.
    Tpsy lip oil. I hate lip oil in general.
    Phase Zero single shadow in beige. Beige? No thanks.

    So, not the best bag this month.

    • I’m getting the exact same bag and picked the Tarte Kisses blush so apparently that choice decided the other items for us.

  14. Well, there goes that theory, I didn’t pick an item this month in the hope that the ipsy algorithm would work to get me a better more personalized bag and I hate the bag revealed from it. This is the last month in my annual sub and I will be cancelling ipsy entirely and glad to be rid of it. I did buy some add-ons today for the B2G1 dealy.

    237 Blending Dreamcatcher

    Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ in Brynn

    Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess™

    Firming Pomegranate and Refreshing Peppermint Sheet Mask Set

    Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask

    Confidence in an Eye Cream

    Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 30

    Illuminating Turmeric Polish

    • Does anyone know if you cancel the ipsy membership, do the accumulated ipsy points go away entirely or do they show back up if you re-up sometime before they expire?

      • The points will stay there, until its been a year since you earned them. They don’t disappear. Hope this helps.

  15. Avon Glittersticks…so old school. I wonder if their expired.

    • I think they’re trying to appeal to a younger crowd again. Which makes sense but ugh. keep it away from me

      • Avon, young? Avon appeals to grandmas who go to Tupperware parties. They have also started their own box, 6 full sized products for $20!

      • I have to object to the ageism in that comment based on the fact that I’m old enough to be a grandma and have been to Tupperware parties. Don’t assume that women my age are all alike…I enjoy rocking the black eyeliner and glittery eyeshadows as much as my twentysomething niece!

      • I am also old enough to be a grandma, have been to a Tupperware party, wear shimmery makeup and highly object to possibly seeing Avon products in my glam bag. Its not about the makeup, its about the MLM part. My grandma sold avon back in the day so I do remember it nostalgically, but mlms are extremely predatory now, especially in the past few years and supporting that business model is a huge no for me. Seeing Avon in Ipsy and Beauty Counter in Birchbox is a warning to me as to how those boxes will operate in the future. What’s next, Younique? Rodan and Fields? Luckily I am already in the process of cancelling those two subs, so I won’t be there to see further drops in quality.

      • Wow. I wish I could be around (alive, lol) when you reach ‘Grandma’ age, to see your reaction when someone your age now makes these sort of comments. Karma gonna getcha. We know the age will…if you’re lucky enough to reach it.

      • Haha. I meant Avon is trying to attract a younger crowd by going with Ipsy

      • So I’m guessing you’re… hmm 19 years old?

    • I thought the same thing. Avon?!? What are we 80 years old? This is a modge podge of unrecognizable brands, yet another tarte blush? The Avon tells me the direction IPSY is headed. Cancelled my remaining sub. So totally done and sad that IPSY, who used to be my favorite has imploded.

      • Were you able to get a refund in an annual sub?

    • I got that! It’s one of the better items in my bag! 😉 I was surprised to see Avon in there. I’ll give it a chance.

      • I doubt very seriously that the Avon products are expired. Avon is still a good company with quality products. As with any company, they have great stuff, good stuff and not so great stuff. The glimmer eyeliners are actually pretty awesome. They actually make them in waterproof too. Not sure if these are or not, didn’t look… But, Avon does have a website and they do have a line geared towards the younger ones too.

  16. I am obsessed with my bag this month!

    * THRIVE Mascara ( my pick, I actually received this a few months back and then after trying the sample, I bought a $12 full size add on. This is a holy grail of mascara for me. I have long lashes that always tend to give me raccoon eyes by the end of the day because of my lashes hitting my face when I blink. This is the only mascara I’ve ever tried that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes.

    * FLUID nail polish in Strut (the only meh item in my bag)

    * TARTE Bronzer in Park Ave Princess (bronzer and mascara are my fav beauty products!)

    * H2O+ Hydrating Treatment (yes! Skincare!)

    * GLAM UP Pomegranate Sheetmask + Peppermint Sheetmask (very excited to try the peppermint mask)

    Add Ons:

    * LITTLE MOON ESSENTIALS Peppermint Lip Balm

    * AVON Eyeliner in Sepia

    * IPSY Skincare Party Pouch

  17. – Avette cleanser
    – Tarte blush kisses
    – Skin Regimen Night Detox
    – Phase Zero eyeshadow beige
    – Tipsy lip crush lip oil

    I’m happy to try 4 brands new to me. However, I put Adventurous in my eyeshadow profile bc Ipsy always sends me boring bronzey shades, so what do I get? Beige

    • But it’s ~BaNaNa~ beige!!! 😂😂😂

  18. Out of all the products that Ipsy has listed I got 3 repeats… i love the thrive mascara, it works amazing… but the belief moisturizer I already have that and dont use it.. the blush I just got last month.. I would have been happy with a gold eyeliner… hopefully these products are gems in disguise.

    • That belif makes an amazing hand cream!

  19. Out of all the products that Ipsy has listed I got 3 repeats… i love the thrive mascara, it works amazing… but the belief moisturizer I already have that and dont use it.. the blush I just got last month.. I would have been happy with a gold eyeliner… hopefully these products are gems in disguise.

  20. I reactivated my Glam bag after a YEAR because of the Black Friday deal (free Violet Voss palette). Without that palette, I would have been disappointed with my bag, but now I am just very surprised and confused of the selection I got:

    COMPLEX CULTURE All Over Highlight • Powder Brush – I placed brushes “SOMETIMES” on my beauty quiz, but I am happy I got this, this is one of the only ones I am happy about

    AROMATICA Rose Absolute First Serum – Placed Serums as “OFTEN” and I got this. Sounds nice, but not overly excited. Have a feeling this is not very potent.

    TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Shimma & Shake – MY PICK. I love Tarte blush sooo much and this shade looked best for my warm toned skin.

    CAKE BEAUTY – Milk Made Indulgent Body Milk Creme – My first reaction seeing this was “Why?!” I have body products as “RARELY” and I got this one. Not excited and surprised it was included.

    AVON – True Colors Glimmerstick in Sepia – I have all liners set as “RARELY” and I have no idea how this very skin toned light pencil will work as an eyeliner? Like why?!?!?!!?!?? Maybe I can use it as a lipliner? Odd color for liner.

    Add ons:

    I decided this is my last Ipsy bag, all bags included and I went crazy with add ons and will cancel afterwards all my subscriptions to them due to being underwhelmed constantly.

    (3 dollars) TARTE Amazonian Clay Blush in Party Dress – Like I said, I LOVE blush and Tarte blush and this shade looked the nicest to me originally, but I was unable to choose it as my PICK product, so I chose it now.
    (3 dollars) IPSY Complexion surprise bag – wanted to try one of them and this sounded nice. I have no idea what to expect – will it have one item or multiple little ones?
    (12 dollars) SUNDAY RILEY CEO C-vitamin creme – I have always wanted to try this, so I thought that this is now my chance.
    (12 dollars) ITTSE FULTON EYESHADOW palette – I have looked for travel palette case for a while and thought that it is decent price and I get couple of nice shadows to go with it
    (12 dollars) VERSO Eye creme – heard really good things about this and I am low on eye creme

    Over all, I am completely satisfied saying goodbye to Ipsy. Best things I have gotten from them were couple of my first Ipsy Glam Bag Plus boxes with Pixi spray, Wander eyeshadow palette and Face hero oil, which is still my favourite. After that I got Huda Beauty Pink Sands and multiple other great products in that bag. Those were good times! But Ipsy has changed so much and there are so many collaborations and low quality products that I am totally okey to let it go. I will stay with Boxycharm Premium and Causebox for a while and see how it is.

    • That face hero is pretty good stuff , not as good as my SR , but yeah Ipsy and BC and play got me to buy products full size which I still do today. Without these boxes probably wouldn’t have found out how many great products are out there .. so thank you beauty boxes Ipsy and all 🥰😘

  21. It’s an ok bag this month. Could be worse, could be better. This month I will be receiving:

    Kenzie Free Spirit Perfume: (First time getting a perfume from Ipsy, and I’ve been with them for 4 years. I’m not mad because I love perfume)

    NatureLab Tokyo Hair Oil: (This was my choice item)

    Jolii Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Lavande: (I hate matte lipsticks and I received one last month too. I also reviewed matte lipsticks poorly and second month in a row I get one)

    Phase Zero Eyeshadow in Nude Newbie: (I actually don’t mind constantly receiving nude eyeshadows because they are the ones I prefer to wear so I’m ok with this)

    Tarte Blush in Shimma & Shake: (I don’t wear blush, and I marked blush as rarely in my profile and I get a blush.)

    It Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream (add-on): (I had the cream and the cleanser, I figured I’d try the eye cream since I liked the other 2)

    TPSY Lip Oil (add-on): (I’ve never tried a lip oil before and now that the cold weather is here it would be nice to see how it works)

    Hey Honey Retinol Eye Mask (add-on): (I like Hey Honey’s products and I have never tried an eye mask before, so I’m excited to try this)

    I’m more excited over my add-ons then I am with the products that was chosen for me.

    • If you don’t like matte lipstick because you don’t like the look of it, that’s cool, I totally get it, but if it’s a comfort issue for you, you might be pleasantly surprised by the Jolii formula. It’s pretty creamy!

  22. I’m mostly just happy I didn’t get Avon. I complained and they couldn’t guarantee I would avoid it, so I’m glad it still worked out this way.

    I got –
    Kensie -free spirit
    luxe creme matte in lavanda (I’ve been trying more adventurous lippies so I’m excited about this)
    coffee scrub (my pick)
    tarte – bronzer – at least it’s tarte so I might try it but I really don’t wear bronzer
    nailmedic nail polish – excited about this color
    lip oil
    Sunday Riley (full size)

    Pretty excited! Hopefully this bag doesn’t get stolen by my neighbors like the last one did lol.

  23. Not thrilled with my bag AGAIN this month. I’m getting:

    – Satin Eyeshadow in Banana Beige (marked rarely)
    – Peppermint Shtick Lip Balm
    – Night Detox Mask (marked rarely)
    – Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess (opted out of bronzers)
    – The POREfessional Face Primer (marked rarely and have many samples of this already)

    I added on a Skincare Party Pouch, Turmeric Face Scrub and Coffee Body Scrub.

    I agree with that I think ipsy is making the add-ons better than the bags now so we spend more. UGH

  24. ATTENTION!!! People have been wondering if Ipsy is going to include a 6th item in December’s Glambag like they did last year. My Glambag shows 5 items. But, I ordered 4 $3 add ons and I am only being charged for $9, not $12. 🤔 Sooo… Idk if you do add ons, they’re just gifting you one? Or if you don’t, maybe they’ll send an extra item? Anybody else notice this?

    • They’re currently running a buy three, save three dollars add on promotion.

    • All the add on were buy two get one free.

    • They are doing a holiday special, buy 2 add ons, get one free. It says so right on the add-ons page.

      • Oh… LOL!!! I totally missed that! Thank you! Note to self; shop when you’re awake.

  25. I’m actually very happy with my bag!

    Thrive mascara (my choice)
    Beauty for Real lipgloss in shine in the sunlight
    Nailmedic polish in mauvy or nice
    Belief the true cream
    Glam Up face mask duo

    Added on Sunday Riley, It eye cream, and a mystery lip pouch for the discount.

    Overall this is my third bag in a row that has been on point for me. I was nervous about this month since the choices are a lot of things I don’t like, but somehow I got the perfect bag for me.

  26. Well, I don’t love my bag this month, but I’m not mad at it either. I’m getting:

    TARTE Amazonian Clay bronzer in Park Avenue Princess – I’m opted out of bronzers, and this is the second month in a row I’m getting one. OTOH I’ve actually been wanting to try *this* particular bronzer, so…fine, Ipsy.

    AROMATICA Rose Absolute Serum – I like K-beauty and this looks like a decent toner.

    H20+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment – I’ll take all the hydrating serums I can get.

    BELLE IN ARGENT Auteur Creme Lip Color in Click Your Heels – I chose this.

    BENEFIT Porefessional Primer – Sure. I like this and am always happy to get more.

    For add-ons, I basically created a much better bag for myself:

    TARTE Amazonian Clay blush in Kisses
    BANILA Clean It Zero cleansing balm
    CROWN Fluff and Precision crease brush
    BEAUTY FOR REAL lip gloss in Stardust

    This is probably going to be my last month with Ipsy, for both the regular and GBP. Just been really disappointed overall with them for the past few months.

    • I think you have just proven that IPSY does not give two hoots as to our profile because you and I are bag twins right down to the item the item we chose. And that is is really funny because bronzers are the only thing I asked to not to get either. I said I would like to get blushes *frequently* and they were offering several blushes this month but I got a bronzer instead. I don’t need anymore proof that they simply have a set number of boxes each month with the products already selected in them and then according to which item you choose, that is the entire bag you get regardless of your profile. I don’t like having to spend an additional $15 (at the least) each month in order to get more than one item I like/want to try. I also don’t like the person I become when I start whining about IPSY so this will be my last month. 🙂

      • I forgot to mention my add-on’s. I chose the Babe Lash serum ( I just finished using Latisste for 3 months and decided to try this for maintenance because Latitisse is outrageously expensive but now I’m hooked 🙂 ), The IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light (I’m super excited because the last time we got this I got Light-Medium which sadly was too dark for me but I LOVED the formula and have been wanting to try the light), the TPSY lip oil (I have never tried a lip oil and have been wanting to), and the AVON Glimmersticks in Sepia. That’s right, I purposely chose and paid money for an AVON eyeliner. They make quality products and I figured I better take advantage of the only chance I’ve ever had to get an eyeliner color other than black (which I don’t wear but receive at least one a month between my sub boxes 🙂 ). There were three or four other products I would have liked to get as well but I’m so irritated that I am paying for a second glam bag just so that I can actually try some things I am interested in that I couldn’t bring myself to spend $3 more. 🙂

    • After reading through everyone else’s bag contents, I actually think Ipsy chose the best combo of products for me. Bronzer aside, the rest of the bag fits my profile to a T. I think the bigger issue is that there just weren’t a lot of products that excited me this month, but that’s okay – I was just in it for the lipstick; everything else is a bonus.

  27. I’m surprised there weren’t many eye shadows to sample this month since the whole metallic eyeshadow thing was an article.

    Anyway, I got two bags. First is mostly OK besides the Juliette has a Gun dud, second was underwhelming.

    Bag 1:
    Watermelon Illuminator Facial Oil (looks interesting, and a good winter product for dry skin)
    Fluide in Strut (sort of a dark denim color or maybe a navy. I’ll try this, and am happy to get a non-nude polish even if I lean towards wearing berry and metallic tones.)
    Tarte blush in Shimma and Shake (my choice) – I love getting tarte blushes in subs. I have quite a collection, now! I might pick up the other two shades as add ons.
    Juliette has a Gun not a perfume (Nooo. I finally get a scent from Ipsy, and its this one that I don’t like and have gotten from several other subs. Complete dud.)
    TPSY lip crush oil – I don’t think I’ve tried lip oil, specifically, so this is cool.

    Bag #2:

    Phase Zero eyeshadow in banana-beige (color sounds like it might be interesting, if a bit neutral for a December bag.)
    Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner (like hair conditioners, so OK)
    Skin Regimen Night Detox (choice item, want to try)
    Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave. Prinecss (No! The one item I was hoping to avoid. I already have this (albeit in a set) and not only is the color poor on me but the formula is not up to usual Tarte standards. It’s been hardpan since it was new and difficult to pick up any decent amount of product.)
    Benefit Porefessional face primer (I’ve been wanting to try this, but not enough to get it as an add-on, so it’s OK.)

    I’ll probably pick up the last two Tarte blush shades and the Hey Honey retinol eye cream as my add-ons. I like that we get a free one this month.

    Overall, though, I think this month was missing a bit of glitz and glam! I guess they were going more for a winter refresh theme. But their articles are all about red lips and metallic eyes and fancy manicures…so a bit discordant, there.

  28. Opted out of bronzer. Receiving bronzer. Really Ipsy, there are SEVERAL blushes you could have sent me. Opted out of highlighters, still received those too- 8 out of 11 bags. Seriously follow your own guidelines or don’t give customers the option to opt out. If I hadn’t prepaid for annual I would cancel. This is getting too ridiculous. I’m fair completed and never use bronzer, especially in the winter.

    • That have had this happen even when I didn’t pick an item. I would email them and say something. They should send you out an accommodation package which will be items that are picked by someone after looking at your account and profile. It will ship separately. If they say they don’t do this, tell them to forward the email thread to a supervisor. They sent me a full size Murad eye serum RV$85 for the repeat and repetitive item and the opted out of item in one bag.

    • Did you opt out via email or via the beauty profile? Profile doesn’t mean much, they can still send stuff you don’t check or mark rarely. Nothing in the quiz is an “opt out.”

      If you opted out of two categories via email, though, and still are getting them you can write them about it.

  29. I am pleased

    I’m getting

    – Benefit Primer
    – Thrive Mascara
    – Space Case Blush
    – Juliette Has a Gun
    – Hey Honey Eye mask

    Sunday Riley
    Benefit primer (sample)
    IT Under Eye (sample)

  30. For the first time in a while I’m super satisfied with my box! I am looking forward to everything!

  31. I got

    Tarte bronzer not only do I have bronzer marked rarely they sent me a bronzer last month and I gave 1 star but ok send another .

    Kensie perfume I was hoping to get this

    Jolii liquid lipstick in Lavenda uggg this would be great if I had not already got the trio with Ipsy points that had this color .

    Mauve nail polish I still have not opened mauve nail polish they sent me few months ago.

    Coffee scrub this was my choice item

    Add ons were meh I wanted Gingerbread powder and burgundy lipstick neither was option so I figured I would let Ipsy surprise me I got teal and red mystery satchets then for my free item I got the night mask the 15 ml retails for around $12

    • I got the same bag as you! Guess it came with the coffee scrub. I actually liked everything except the bronzer. I feel like everyone is saying no to bronzer so they are forcing it on us haha

      • Same here! Same bag, also opted out of bronzers! I got bronzer last month, too.

      • Also chose coffee scrub, just fyi.

    • I was also really hoping the Too Faced gingerbread body shimmer was going to be an add-on item.

  32. I’m super happy with my bag. I’m getting:

    – Kensie Free Spirit
    – Thrive Mascara (my choice)
    – Tarte Blush in Kisses
    – Avon Eye Liner in Sepia
    – Hey Honey Eye Mask
    – Purlisse BB Cream (add-on)
    – IT Confidence in an Eye Cream (add-on)
    – Skincare Party Pouch (add-on)

    • I choose the thrive mascara as well and got a completely different bag. No other repeats, all suited to what I like.

      Not sure what this means for the theory that all bags are the same based on choice lol. I’m going to continue choosing.

      • I also chose the Thrive Mascara and got a completely different bag.

      • I’m really torn on this as well. I def think choice affects your bag, but my bags have been about the same as they always have (3-4 out of 5 products that I like), so I’m not sure whether to give up choice for a month and see.

        I wonder if everyone would be happier if ipsy showed their algorithm/process for putting together our bags. I, for one, would be FASCINATED to see how they do it. Though the transparency may backfire, but I wish they would!

  33. R they running Out of well known brands so they gotta hook up with Avon? Weird!!! Nothing against Avon just didn’t expect to see it here

    • I thought the same thing! I’m getting the Avon eyeliner and I just thought… really? We’re doing an mlm brand now, ipsy?

      • The MLM aspect of Avon is changing big time. Due to online ordering, Avon Reps don’t make as much from those and if someone orders online period and not through a reps link, Avon gets it all. It used to be that when you went online to shop Avon, it automatically gave you reps near you to choose from and then continue shopping as normal. That way, reps could make $ and we were required to make contact with the customer to ensure everything was good and provide any assistance. It’s not like that anymore. We actually used to have an Avon store here. I think the days of Avon reps is short lived. I think the best advantage to having one is the attention, personal service, extras and the extra miles a rep is willing to take. I myself always kept samples on hand and would sometimes even add travel size products for free to match a customers online order. They took that online rep customization away. I even used to gift wrap and make deliveries. I think the mlm part of Avon will eventually be phased out or revamped.

    • Some of us middle aged women may have had something to do with that…
      Do you remember when they started putting brands from drug stores like Ponds in Glambags? Then they made fun of it and people who use it in a Facebook video? I certainly do. I know I’m not the only one that wrote in and said something to them. Sometime after that, I think about a year ago, I received an email an email back from someone asking me if their are any brands I would like to see in Glambags. I named Avon & Mary Kay. After that, I reached out to Avon regarding this. When I was growing up, we didn’t live near a big city and our choices of makeup and skincare were limited. Avon was the best way for us to get quality and fun. I used to sell Avon for years! I still use quite a few Avon products. I don’t own or use any other mascara. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, I’ve tried so many and I always go back to my Avon wash off waterproof. They have more than just makeup and skincare. Check out their website. Stocking stuffers galore!

      • I wouldn’t have been mad to get Avon at all in mine! My grandma and my aunt both sold it for years and I’ve loved a lot of products I got from them. Even their jewelry is pretty (definitely costume jewelry, but the prices were always spot on). I was surprised and happy to see Avon as a choice this month. Their skincare is amazing!!!

        Also, while Avon is technically an MLM, it’s an entirely different animal than 99% of them out there. First off, they don’t require bulk orders from their reps. You can purchase kits if you’d like, but my aunt never did, only ordered what we needed. Secondly, they never pressure you to become a rep. Finally, they are up front with their reps and don’t backdoor them into selling shady products.

        Avon was my Sephora long before we had one around here, lol. It always felt like a good mid-range between drugstore and department store makeup and before the internet, our choices were pretty limited.

        Avon’s good quality. I’m happy to see then including products and hope they will add more!

      • The only reasons I didn’t pick an Avon or buy anything online from them this weekend is because we actually had an Avon store owned and operated by an Avon rep in my area. Unfortunately, she chose to close her storefront. So, I spent some money and stocked up and I don’t use eyeliner.

      • I think you have a good point. There are a lot of absolutely horrible things about some MLMs, but not all of them are necessarily predatory or pyramid schemes.

        There are certainly some MLM brands I’d be grossed out by (Birchbox currently has Beauty Counter, which I would NOT want to receive), but in my personal opinion, Avon is mostly harmless. Of course, what you’re comfortable with is your own personal decision.

      • I chose an Avon item as an add-on. They make solid products at very reasonable prices. It’s too bad that people have a negative attitude toward them.

      • Which one did you get?

  34. My bag is pretty lame this month. I selected Tarte park ave princess bronzer and also received a little moon lip balm, skin regimen night detox, porefessional, and a phase zero eyeshadow..
    I added on the full size tarte setting spray, a coloured raine highlighter, a tarte blush, and a duo of sheet masks. The add ons make it worth it for me but otherwise a fairly disappointing bag.

  35. Oof. I purposely didn’t choose a product this month just to see what would happen, and I got a dud:

    LITTLE MOON ESSENTIALS lip balm (I usually don’t mind lip balm, but I got TWO OF THEM in last month’s bag.)

    FLUIDE nail polish in Strut (I love nail polish, but I won’t wear this color.)

    TARTE bronzer (Never use bronzer.)

    BEAUTY FOR REAL lip gloss in Starlust (Has potential.)

    JULIETTE HAD A GUN perfume (No, thanks.)

    Then, add-ons…

    SKIN REGIMEN night detox
    HEY HONEY retinol eye mask
    TARTE blush in Kisses
    Dec. 2019 GLAM BAG ULTIMATE BAG (I stupidly clicked on this, thinking it was some kind of holiday bonus with products inside. The joke’s on me, though. Turns out I paid $12 for just the bag. LOL!)

    Well, I learned a valuable lesson: Always choose a product. At least then I’ll get something I might like.

    • I chose the lip gloss and got exactly the same Glam Bag as you. This is now the 2nd month I’ve gotten bronzer (and via email I opted out of bronzers and Ipsy confirmed this), and not only did I get lip balm (chapstick) in this bag, but also in my GB Plus! Deliberately boycotted add-ons.
      Looks like I’m done with Ipsy.

      • This just made up my mind not to give up choosing a product each month. There are set variations (which we all knew) whether you chose a product or not.

        I REALLY want to see how their algorithm prioritizes our preferences and who gets which variation (they MUST use our profiles in some way). I suspect it is much simpler than ipsy would like us to know, given all the encouragement to update beauty profiles and rate products, but I think if we did know, we’d make smarter choices and be happier with out bags overall.

        Am I the only one who’s super interested in this???

  36. I picked the naturelab hair oil, so, I figured the rest of my Glambag would be whatever and I was right but I’m not mad either. Tarte bronzer- giving to my daughter, Fluid nail polish in a dark blue- yes!, Spacecase blush-4th blush in a row but this shade might actually work for me, and Juliette has a gun- daughter loves this!
    Add ons: IT Cosmetics eye cream- I don’t understand why I was aloud to add this item but not the Cake Beauty. I have never gotten either one in a Glambag but, I have redeemed points for the cake beauty and purchased the it Cosmetics as an add on or points, something. I don’t like it that we can’t purchase repeats. Daughter wanted this so I let her pick some other items. H2O,and Hanhoo. I picked the skincare part pouch for myself.
    I am happy to see Avon products though.

    • I picked the hair oil as well and got the exact same bag seems like the rumors are true that the bag is based on the pick you make

      • I also picked the hair oil and got the exact same bag. Laaaame. So much for customization! Might be time for another break from Ipsy.

      • Wow! That’s two of you that have the same bag. Lol! 3 of us so far.

      • Wow! I don’t get bag twins too often. Let’s see what we get next month. Lol!

      • I picked the hair oil, but I’m opted out of blush, so my bag is slightly different.

  37. Worst one yet!

    *Purlisse BB cream in light medium (I have fair skin and it’s marked rarely)
    *Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner (will use)
    *Benefit primer ( marked rarely)
    * Night detox ( my pick)
    *Tarte bronzer( also marked rarely)

    3 marked rarely items, very disappointed 😔

    • One of my bags I also picked the night detox. It’s *almost* the same as yours except instead of the Purlisse BB cream I got a Phase eyeshadow in banana-beige.

      Are you marked fair or light in the beauty quiz? Mine is marked fair.

      • I also picked the Night Detox, and my bag is 4/5 with both of you. I got the Suva eyeshadow instead of the Phase Zero/Purlisse.

        Closest I’ve ever had to bag twins with Ipsy.

      • I’m marked fair, so it’s probably won’t work for me. Ipsy profile fail.

    • I bought ‘light medium’ once and it was too light on my peachy/yellow skin. It may work for you…maybe. 🙂

  38. Seriously I need to cancel one of these bags. Perhaps ultimate. I am just not excited by Ipsy. Once I get off the waitlist for BC Premium I am done with Ultimate. It isnt hitting the mark for me for months and is $50

  39. Pretty happy with my bag and the only add-ons that I would be interested in (the Violet Voss palette and the Belle en Argent red lipstick) are in the bag I picked up with the Black Friday deal. Yay!

    I do wish that darker Belle en Argent lip was available as an add-on, so pretty and I like what I’ve tried from them. Oh well, I certainly don’t need anymore lipstick lol.

    • My sister and mom both like reds, and my sister has been looking for a red with no ‘pink’ tint to it, so I ended up grabbing the red instead of the pink Tarte blush shade that realistically I wouldn’t wear (Even if part of me wants to collect them all, lol.)

  40. In my bag this month…

    Free Spirit

    True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner in 24 Karat🙄

    Lip Gloss + Shine in Starlust

    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Shimma & Shake

    Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask

  41. Reactivated my old account to get the Violet Voss gift, so this month I have 2 glam bags!

    Bag 1 (primary account):
    – Naturelab Tokyo hair oil (choice)
    – Tarte Park Avenue Princess
    – Avon Glimmersticks in 24k
    – Juliette has a gun
    – Fluide Strut nail polish

    Bag 2 (reactivated):
    – Skin Regimen Night Detox (choice)
    – Tarte Park Avenue Princess
    – Phaze Zero shadow in Banana Beige
    – Tpsy lip oil
    – Little Moon lip balm

    I love both bags! The only things I don’t like are the bronzer (so of course I have a repeat of that!) & the perfume (which will swap easily). I also have received the bronzer in my old account before. Unfortunately, Ipsy is not showing what we got in glam bags that old any more, so I can’t send them a screenshot as proof. We also used to be able to go to our user page & see all the reviews we’ve ever left, but I don’t see a way to do that any more. Anyone have any tips?

    • I also picked Night detox for a secondary bag. Although, turns out I already had bought that palette as an add on before! So I guess I’ll gift this one.

      My box wasn’t identical, but was close:

      Night detox
      Tarte bronzer (one of their products that I have and hate the formula of, and I don’t wear bronzers anymore)
      Phase zero eyeshadow in banana beige
      Benefit Pore Primer
      Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner

      I got the lip oil in my other bag, though.

      • I bought the Pure Brazilian leave-in as an add-on! (For 2 of my bags, actually!) I usually use a leave-in conditioner & then a hair oil, so it may end up getting used with my Naturelab Tokyo hair oil from this month!

  42. I got a lousy selection this month. It’s also my 5th month in a row with an ugly blush I won’t wear. Guess I need to email again with two opt-outs. Wanted to see how my customization was without choosing items or opting out.

    • I’m not sure opting out will help, as you can see from many comments in these Ipsy postings. I opted out of bronzers by emailing Ipsy; they confirmed. First bag after opting out: you got it–bronzer. Emailed Ipsy; “we choose the best bag for you.” Next month: bronzer. You can try, but don’t place any bets on it. I agree with other posters: why offer “opt out” if it’s not honored?

      • I wonder if that has to do with what you opt out of, too! I mostly see people having trouble with opting out of eyeshadow/shadow palettes.

        I opted out of 3 categories back in ye olde days when that was allowed, & I think I’m still opted out of all three! I’ve received each item only once since then — mascara in the first Glam Bag Plus, then sheet masks AND blush in the first Ultimate (though I did receive a face palette in Plus that included blush).

  43. Ooh, they’re doing buy 2 get 1 free add-ons!
    Bag: Tarte blush in Kisses (my pick)
    Raeka Turmeric polish (curious about this)
    Suva Beauty Eye shadow in Empire Slate (never tried this brand, color seems versatile)
    Complex Culture All Over Highlight and Powder brush (brushes are always useful)
    Aromatica Absolute Rose Serum (will swap because allergic to roses)

    I added on another Tarte blush (Party Dress), the It Confidence in an Eye Cream, and a Purlisse BB Cream.

    • I got a Suva eyeshadow a few months back and I love, love, love it!

  44. I’m getting:

    COMPLEX CULTURE All Over Highlight • Powder Brush – Great, could always use more brushes.

    TARTE Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess – Nice! I somehow haven’t tried this yet.

    AROMATICA Rose Absolute First Serum – Yay serum! The description sounds good too.

    H2O+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment – Another serum, yay!

    TPSY Lip Crush Lip Oil – Great! My lips are super dry.

    And I added on:

    HEY HONEY Look Into My Eyes Retinol Eye Mask – Retinol and honey are always good.

    IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light – I’m getting more serious about SPF, and this doesn’t irritate my skin like most sunscreens.

    TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Shimma & Shake – I love Tarte blush and don’t have many neutral blushes.

    Overall great bag 👍

  45. This is my least favorite bag I’ve ever gotten. Not a total dud though. Honestly, looking at the options this month, there isn’t much that I’d have wanted, which is unusual for me. I’m getting:

    *Tarte bronzer (I have marked as rarely)
    *Belle en Argent lipstick in bright red (marked as rarely)
    *Cake Beauty body cream (fine, but I received a hand cream from this brand last month)
    *berry colored nail polish (marked rarely)
    *sheet masks (always happy to get these)

    I added on:
    Tarte Blush in Party Dress
    Clean it Zero cleansing balm
    Mystery lip product

    • I know! I NEVER complain about Glam Bag Plus either….and the add ons and choices were depressing! Ultimate is really wrecking Plus i feel. I wish more premium brands stepped back in on these choices….

  46. My Glam Bag:

    -PURLISSE BB Cream in Light Medium (really wanted this)
    -THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Mascara (my pick)
    -BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Gloss in Sunlight (not sure this color will work for me…)
    -H2O+ Hydrating Treatment (is this for the face or body?)
    -HEY HONEY Retinol Eye Mask (we’ll see if this does anything, as eye creams don’t do much for me)


    -SUNDAY RILEY CEO Cream (X-mas present for bestie)
    -BABE LASH Lash Serum (like the one I bought a few months earlier as an Add-On)
    -AROMATICA Rose Serum (I’m a sucker for serums)
    -BANILA CO Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm (have always wanted to try)
    -IPSY Skincare Pouch (will probably be a repeat item from previous months but I’m so curious)

  47. I skipped both the regular ipsy and the plus. The many reason I don’t cancel completely is because for add ons.

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