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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus January 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your January 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Which product are you choosing for your January 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

  • FLESH Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops in Aura $28
  • FLESH Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops in Whisper $28
  • FLESH Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops in Candleglow $28




  • KNOURS. Skin Meditation Gel Cream $36

  • NATURE’S CARTEL Lip Stick in 90’s Nostalgia $15

  • PURLISSE Blue Lotus 4~in~1 Eye Adore Serum $58

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (94)

  1. IPSY bag contents and ADD ons are available. Just shopped and saw all my bags contents. I picked up another one of each of the serums. I love serums and these had excellent reviews.

  2. I went with the serum like most people did. Was going to skip but heard really good things about this so I’m glad that I didn’t.

  3. I had a tough time deciding between the skincare items. I went with the Juice serum because I love the apple peel for sensitive skin and have a friend that loves the serum. Plus, they are ingredient conscious, cruelty free, and local to me (literally right down the street). I’d probably never pay full price for it without testing it out first and this is a cheap way to do it.

  4. The billion dollar brow set is at Ross, I saw it tonight, for 5.99 and TJ Maxx for 6.99 also saw tonight. No Fomo for me. After I felt so ripped off by the first ultimate month and they comped others and not to me I cancelled all three levels and determined to never do business with them again. I check to see if I am really missing out and glad to just be doing Allure, boxy, Test Tube and beauty fix. There is a limit of product I can consume and frankly, I received 8 of the items they are featuring this month between the three levels in the last six months so they are STILL recycling stock:( so I guess if I really, really want another Tarte lipstick I’ll head to Marshall’s where I can pick a color that works for me.

    • I’m still subscribed, but have been skipping the plus and ultimate since that first horrible month. They are definitely recycling items, and the Huda palettes were on sale on her website for $10 each, and at Sephora for $15 in early December. Looks like I’m going to skip again.. oh well!

  5. I went with the Huda Amethyst palette. It was the only thing I felt strongly about.

    I went through the Flash sale stuff and picked up some brushes and a skin care duo that had the Purlisse eye cream.

    I kind of like the lip color, so hopefully that’ll be in the add-ons.

  6. I’m a little concerned because I have gotten several of these items already in the Ultimate. I’m letting that go and going back to the Plus only. I’m hoping I don’t get repeat items in the Plus that I have already gotten in the Ultimate…Hmmmmmmm

  7. I was really torn between the Juice Beauty booster serum, and the Purlisse eye serum. I finally decided on the Juice Beauty. I hope it’s a good product for older skin concerns. It would be a great box if I were to get the Juice Beauty, Purlisse, AND the Goldfaden scrub. I need all the skin care help I can get, lol. Happy Holidays everyone!

    • well jan…I picked the same thing..and that was the choice I was trying to make…merry Christmas..

    • Me three picked the juice beauty serum. It’s usually $80 and it seems to have pretty consistently good reviews.

      If the ruby red eyeshadow pallette had been an option instead of the purpled it would have been a tougher choice.

      It’s my first Ipsy plus, and if that red pallette somehow also makes its way in there I’d be over the moon. It really is beautiful.

    • Juice Beauty is a quality product line and I’ve tried the serum before.

      It’s very nice and doesn’t aggravate my rosacea.

      You should be pleased.

  8. I went with Knours lotion. I got Huda Amethyst on sale for $17 recently. Ruby palette was in cult GWP bag, which I got.
    People who afraid that colors are too bold, please dont. I was scared of ruby colors, but they are not bright and crazy as they look at the pictures. They blend beautifully to mute colorsand I wear them everyday to work.

    • I haven’t gotten my Boxy yet this month, but based on what people who used the Tarte code got, I think I’ll be getting the Little Red Riding Hood palette from them this month…. which I didn’t think about when Boxy product selection came up, & I picked the red-themed palette for January. So even though I would prefer Huda’s Ruby palette to either one of those red ones… it would definitely be superfluous!

    • Thanks for the info about the palettes. I’m hoping that the Ruby palette is available as an add-on.

  9. So happy that one of the choices was the Huda Amethyst palette! It’s been on my wish list for ages. I don’t have any purple shadows in my collection, and it’s supposed to be a super flattering color for people with hazel eyes.

    I was planning on canceling my GBP, but this looks like a really good month. Haven’t been able to say that in a while. Crossing my fingers for the Purlisse, Hanalei, and the FLESH drops in Aurora.

  10. I finally cancelled my Plus a couple days ago. I was disappointed in only one round of spoilers. I must admit the choices for Jan are nice. I got the Juice Beauty Cellular product & Goldfaden Scrub in a special $40 box offered around Thanksgiving and they are both wonderful products. I already have a couple Huda palettes so they weren’t tempting me. I kept my regular Ipsy sub and hope I’ll get the chance for the Purlisse Blue Lotus eye cream as an add-on. It was my primary interest before I cancelled. I’m trying Boxycharm base box for the first time to replace my Ipsy Plus so I hope I won’t be disappointed. Merry Christmas to all you Ipsters!!!

    • I hope the add on is there for you! Merry Christmas!

  11. There were several good choices this month but I chose the Amethyst palette. Looking forward to finding out which other four items they will pick for me.

  12. I dropped Plus but still have the regular bag. I wonder if they’ll offer the Huda palettes for $12 add-ons?

    • I’m hoping they do! I really want the Ruby pallete.

    • I completed my Huda palette collection on Black Friday when all the obsessions palettes with the cardboard packaging were $10.60! Definitely excited to play with them 😊

  13. Did any of you receive an email for choice? I did not get any email for Plus nor the regular bag. I usually get the emails even late, but nothing today.

    • Yes… I received one email, indicating it was time to select my “Plus” product. I use the same email address for both of my accounts (Plus and Classic). No separate email for the Classic bag, but I was able to select an item for each tier.

    • I haven’t gotten my emails yet but as soon as I went to the site around noon I was able to choose.

    • No.

    • I didn’t get an email close to when it opened like normal, but I just got an email a few minutes ago. Good thing too bc I forgot choice was open!!

    • I got an email for the regular bag, but not GBP. I would assume that’s because I paused GBP for Dec, but honestly, it’s Ipsy, so who knows?

    • You don’t need an email, just open the Ispy app and the choices will come up

    • I didn’t get an email iv tried since then asking and they keep sending me same response I’m very upset usually they are very helpful but not now I haven’t even got my dec says in mass on the 24 th n they are just being rude n saying same thing spam n so on but I got my email on 17 th saying my accommodation order was sent on the 17th but never have I had support not help me and never not got email n I’m not only person I see I alwAys get to pick an item but not this time n they won’t hwlp me just say they pick m I’ll like it n why is t the time to pick the same every month isn’t it usually iv always picked mine on same day but this one time my time line is messed up on app and they are not being helpful makes me upset ud think being new year you’d want it to be a good one not stArt it off like iv been treated poorly

  14. It was hard to pick, I wish we were offered 2 choices. I picked the Juice serum and hope to get the other items in my bag. I cancelled Ultimate and I’m happy with Plus. To me Plus has the best value for the price. You pay just double the regular bag and you get full size items, so much better.

    • If we got to pick 2 items there would be so many more people complaining about their bags because choosing an item can limit your bag choices. If you pick 2 items you are limited to the bags that contain those 2 items and maybe some bags don’t even have those 2 together. Like no bag is going to have 2 palettes.

      What they could do is offer 1 choice and 1 presale add-on for like $1-2 more. That way you could lock in an add on for sure.

    • I agree that Plus has been better so far, but this month they seemed to have taken everyone’s feedback about the value of Ultimate and the same products being in Plus and tried to do better. I could be wrong, but I subbed to Ultimate for the first time today because they spoilers were so different between the two.

  15. I got to pick the juice beauty serum which was $80.00 plus a choice of everything including the 3 huda palettes. I picked the serum

  16. I chose the Amethyst palette. I have enough face goo to last a lifetime.

  17. I picked Huda in Ruby! So happy. I love berry tones shadows!

    • Enjoy it! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  18. The warm brown and ruby pallets went fast. Ipsy only gets a few of certain things in to draw more people in, in hope that when they sell out, they will just pick something else and give them money. The last few months most of their items have consisted with the choices, so if you dont like most of the choices, you probably wont like your bag that month. My bag last month consisted of 4/5 of the choice options. Luckily, I liked most of the choices last month so I loved my bag. This month I’m meh on most of the choices…I was hoping for the warm brown, which would have made the cost of the bag more worth it, but it sold out, unfortunately. I’m stubborn and wont give ipsy my money now. Till next month I guess! If more people were stubborn, the product choices and availability would get better! Look what happened when everyone was mad at the ultimate coming out and everything else going down hill!

  19. Ok so basically the same bs they’ve been peddling for months now? Plus is definitely a disappointment. Ultimate has some cool products and the base Ipsy bag does too. Plus is just the same repeated products over and over. Glad I cancelled.

    • I’ve only been plus since August but the scrub is the only repeat for me. The juice serum is a hand me down from ultimate tho.

    • All of these are new for me!

    • All but one or two of these products have never been featured in GBP before. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Also, I for one am glad there’s repeats over a couple months. It gives me another chance to get products I wanted and missed or that I’ve since heard great things about.

  20. I chose the Juice Beauty booster serum. I was all ready to skip January’s box with the choices previously shown but they reeled me back in by adding the serum.
    I received the Juice Beauty eye cream from Boxycharm in November when I signed back up and I really like their skincare line.
    I might be in eyeshadow palette overload right now because a Huda palette used to be on my want list and now I’m just not feeling like I need it. At least not this one that has been around for ages.

  21. Purlisse Eye Adore!

  22. I chose the Amethyst palette. I have blue/green eyes and those colors will be soooo gorgeous! Hoping I also get the Knours or it’s an add-on.

  23. I picked the Juice Beauty serum. I got this in my Ultimate last month and I love it and want more! (It is very expensive to buy.) It doesn’t have the weird smell that some Juice Beauty products do, and it sinks right into my skin and feels wonderful. I hope I get a Huda palette and one of those lipsticks also, but just the Juice Beauty is worth way more than the price of the bag.

  24. Skipped for the third month in a row. Getting my first Boxy this month!

  25. Picked Huda Ruby. I hope amethyst will be an add on. I love these little palettes and it seems like if i stick with ipsy GBP for a year ill have the whole collection lol

  26. I skipped this month based on these choices.

  27. I picked the brow item- looks like I’m the only one so far! I think everyone will end up w a huda pallete. Since I don’t need more eyeshadow I’ll prob swap whatever palette I get so wanted to use my choice on something else. Happy with the variety of choice items 🙂

  28. I would have picked that too but I was only offered the Amethyst palette. I found that odd that I wasn’t offered all of the colors. I thought we were all shown the same options.

    • I think the other options must have gone fast because when I got in, all three palettes were a choice :/

      • I just picked and had all 3 options. Some people aren’t getting all 3 options for some reason.

      • Yeah, I was only offered the Amethyst one which I went ahead and chose.

      • Sometimes Ipsy just doesn’t give people certain options. They’ve never said why.

    • My choices still showing all three.

    • Same here! I only had the amethyst choice inine but I would have preferred the warm browns. I’m still happy to be able to choose a Huda pallette but I think everyone should have all the same options.

  29. I went with the Huda Amethyst palette. I’m a sucker for purple-toned shadows.

  30. I picked the Huda palette in Warm brown! So excited!

    • I would have picked that too but I was only offered the Amethyst palette. I found that odd that I wasn’t offered all of the colors. I thought we were all shown the same options.

  31. Picked the Huda Amethyst…just so I don’t get another warm toned palette that I cannot use:)

  32. Loved this months choices!! So hard to choose.

  33. I don’t have Plus, but I like looking at the choices because they might be add-ons. Hoping for the Amethyst or maybe the Ruby palette and the Flesh highlighters!

  34. The warm brown and ruby palettes must have gone fast. They were not options, but everything else was.

    • I’m surprised, I’d expect the Amethyst to go first. That’s what I chose because I do not want the warm browns and I hate the straight up red eyeshadow trend. Burgundy is one thing, but red? It really does make people with light skin tones look very sickly. If not for the Amethyst palette, I probably would have paused my account for awhile. I’m getting overloaded with makeup and the skincare hasn’t been good enough lately to stick around for. I think next month, I’m going to pause my Plus for awhile and put the $25 towards some skincare. Now that I have more than enough makeup, it seems wasteful to keep going with my Plus every month just for a couple skincare items.💁

      • Completely agree! I was ready to pause, but I haven’t gotten a pretty, cool toned palette in FOREVER. I’m light with golden undertones and still can’t pull off red shadows without looking ill. Sooooo sick of warm palettes!

    • That’s really odd because I just went to both of my accounts and my choices were the same as listed above?

    • This is for Glam Bag Plus…is it the correct sub you are looking at? I just choose mine and they are all there.

      Had a difficult choice this time. Chose Knours for it being different and gets some great reviews.

    • Looks like they are only giving some people Huda amethyst to choose instead of all three, they must have more of those to go around.

    • As of 12:20, they still showed for me. A lot of ppl on reddit were saying they only had Amethyst as a choice. My profile is set to medium, black hair, brown eyes. Maybe it has something to do with skin tone? I think people with light skin weren’t shown the Ofra highlighter in reg. GB.

  35. That’s weird. I only had one Huda palette as an option?!?

  36. I got different choices and I was on first thing!

    • What were your choices?

      • These but not the Knours, Billion dollar brows or the Hanalei lip. Weird, right? There were more I don’t remember, but I just notice what wasn’t there for me.

      • Strange, I have all of the choices, I wonder why they do that?!?

      • Same

    • I picked the Amethyst palette (the only Huda choice I was given) but the only skincare option I like is the Knours, so I’ll probably cancel.

  37. I also went for the Knours lotion. I’m more of a neutral person and would not be able to pull of those colors. Skincare seems to always be more expensive, so I’m always excited to try new ones at such a great price! Especially on a teachers salary! 🙂

  38. Nice! I chose Nature’s Cartel lipstick in “Gin and Platonic” (a neutral rosy shade, very pretty!). I would have chosen the Purlisse eye serum, but I really don’t need it. I’d rather get something I can use on a daily basis. 🙂

  39. If they would let me pick I would sign back up

    • I just signed up for Ultimate and it let me choose, just fyi. Like right now.

    • I just signed up today for ultimate. I wanted the curling wand and I got to pick

      • I was torn between that wand and The Balm iced tea palette, which I ultimately chose because I’d be okay with the flat iron but not the other eyeshadow palette. Crossing fingers I get the curling wand! Will you post your bag on the 2nd so we can compare?

      • Sure! I’m also hoping for the balm pallete

      • Good luck! 🤞🙂

    • I just signed up and it let me choose. It is after the confirmation screen.

  40. ooohh If i reactivated today would I be able to get this bag or would it be the December bag?

    • I just signed up and I got charged immediately. It also showed me what was in December’s bag, so I think you get Dec!

      • I DID get to choose for Jan, though!

    • It will be January. I asked them yesterday.

      • Update: sorry, I was wrong! My confirmation email said it will be Jan! YAY!

      • Yay! January is going to be a nice one!

  41. I stared at swatches of those Huda Palettes for a while, and ultimately decided to be safe and go for the Knours lotion. I’m just not sure I can pull off such bold colors, and I know the warm browns will come off orangey on me. I haven’t gotten a plus bag in a while, so maybe I’ll take a gamble and see if they send me one anyway

    • I’m the same way, it’s hard to pull off such bold colors and warm looks orange on me as well. Skincare is safe 🙂

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