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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Glam Bag January 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the January 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

  • GLOW RECIPE Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
  • NOMAD COSMETICS NOMAD x Marrakesh Medina Intense Eyeshadow in Desert Sands
  • OFRA COSMETICS OFRA x NikkieTutorials “Glow Goals” Highlighter in Glow Goals
  • TOO FACED COSMETICS Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer

  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 1.25
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 1.55
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 2.25
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 3.35
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 4.35
  • MORPHE Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer 5.45

  • LUXIE BEAUTY 560 Medium Fan Flawless Brush

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (97)

  1. I hate my morphe concealer. It’s so drying it wrinkles up my under eyes so terribly awful.

  2. I like the bag but I’m guessing us regular Glambag subscribers won’t see another wrist bag again.

  3. Does anyone know if the morphe concealer is full sized

    • Grace it is full size

  4. This I actually like, I don’t need anything but whatever for $12 i’ll take all this <3

    • Love the bag design!

  5. You mean your December bag …

  6. My January Glam Bag Plus was MEH to say the least. I received NOYAH lip balms, Morphe lipstick, Evolue serum, Ittse magnetic pallette w/ 4 shadows and the Complex Culture bronzer/podwder brush.

    The only thing that impressed me was the the brush. It feels heavy in my hand and the bristles are super soft like a rabbit’s foot.

    I normally don’t complain about subscription boxes, but I feel that Ipsy has been slipping. I’ve been with them on and off for the past 3 years.

    • Same here. Just cant do it anymore with them. Guess since Michelle Pham sold it, shiffs been going downhill fast. I’ve moved on and unsubbed to sub with others.

  7. I like the Glambag but I’m not too impressed with anything else. I’ve definitely had enough of Ofra…

    • Me too! I just got this same highlighter in my mystery pouch from black Friday. Not to mention every pouch had a duplicate product from the last couple of months glam bags..

  8. Pretty decent spoilers so far. 🙂 Not sure the quality is quite there with Morphe, but I always do like getting concealers.

  9. January looks amazing! I love Morphe and have been wanting to try the concealer for a while now, love Glow Recipe as well so I hope I get the blueberry cleanser, I dont need anymore primers or highlighters. The fan brush looks nice so I wouldn’t mind trying it. Love the marble bags!

    • I actually like these spoilers! I’d love to get, yet, another highlighter because Ofra highlighters are awesome. The fan brush and the Glow Recipe cleanser look good, too. Looks like I’ll be breaking my new year resolution of canceling all my subscription boxes! ;-D

  10. I’m so over OFRA highlighters. I opt out and I still get them. This is my last month if I get one in the January bag.

    • I hate Ofra. There will be another wasted product from Ipsy. I hate that company and I hate their collaborations they do.

      • amyr, you’ve posted numerous times about your hatred of Ofra, the company and the founder. can you elaborate as to why?

      • I can’t speak for Amy, but one of the things that I personally think is gross that Ofra did for a long time was go after resellers of their stuff on eBay — specifically the stuff from ipsy/BoxyCharm. They would report to eBay that the products were counterfeit, when they clearly were not. (I haven’t heard anything about this in a while, & I see Ofra on eBay pretty regularly now, so hopefully they’ve stopped.)

      • That’s wild. If you don’t like resellers then don’t include your stuff in subscription boxes

      • You spoke exactly what I meant. I got a warning and Ofra took it down. I am sick of their packaging. Actually I think Ofra is one person with nothing better to do than police people’s ads. I am not the first person this has happened to. They said I was selling counterfeit products. Yeah, like anybody would counterfeit her products.

        If I get a product it is my choice what I do with it. In this case I took a hammer and destroyed every single Ofra product I owned and I am not a wasteful person. It was fun and a release of how I feel about Ofra.

        Plus all they send is highlighter and blush over and over again.

        They slap some influencer’s name on the same packaging and it never ends.

        Sorry to be negative but that is my story.

      • Woah lol took a hammer? Some people out there in bad situations in shelters etc would have probably loved the products

      • I love their highlighters. Even bought a mystery bag from them because I liked a highlighter I got (I think from Allure, not Ipsy…) and got another amazing highlighter duo (Retrograde) in that. They seem more natural than some but catch the light beautifully almost like my skin was a mirror.

        Skincare, well, that’s more a miss. Got the Day cream in the mystery bag and while I don’t hate it, it’s pretty mediocre – something I would expect as a cheap drugstore product, not a $50 cream. And the makeup remover wipes were also pretty useless (had to scrub and use other cleansers after, these are easily outclassed by babywipes.)

        Blush seems good, lip gloss is sticky but hydrating. Eyeshadow nice, not amazing, but nice.

        I certainly don’t mind more highlighters though, lol, I’m turning into a blush and highlighter collector at this rate, but I want to try them all.

      • I am soooooo disappointed.. I was supposed to get 2 ipsy bags last month. They were paid for of course but never received them. I’ve been trying to get this resolved for weeks but no response. Very upset about this.

  11. I am 43 and I don’t need foundation and I can’t use powder cause my skin is dry AF. I started noticing increasing dark circles under my eyes. I need a concealer I can use without powder. Don’t know if this Morphe is any good but I think it’s time to change my ipsy profile.

    • Good luck having them follow your profile. They still send me medium shades of concealer and powders. I am pasty white.

      • Maybe this time they’ll let us pick a shade.

      • If that, by some miracle, is a selection item I will choose it just to avoid getting the wrong shade. I have highlighters and bronzers as my NEVER ITEMS, so, hopefully, that will opt me out of another unwanted “glow” powder. At 53, I do not want to glow. But I did buy Glossier Futuredew and I sort of love it…

      • You have to actually write in saying you want to opt out of receiving up to two categories!😉 But they don’t always apply to Plus or Ultimate as they’re limited on products and if they get abundances of certain items, you’re more likely to get no matter what!

      • Dawn just so you know, they do go by your profile for specific shading…i had my profile listed as fair and the morphe option was the lightest, but i tried both the light and fair options in store at ulta and the light matched, so i changed my profile to match the light one and it changed my available options. i would do that if i were you.

    • Try Juvias place concealer, it’s very creamy and doesn’t need powder. A little goes a long way and I find it doesn’t set in fine lines either.

      • Thanks

  12. I re-signed up because of the bag, I want that train case!

    • The shape looks like a lunch bag to me.

    • I love it, too, Anna! It’s avery classy and functional case.

  13. Hope I don’t get the cleanser, hate blueberries! Nothing too exciting this month but interested in trying the concealer.

  14. Is this all the spoilers are we going to get?!?! Any ultimate/plus spoilers now?!

    • Ikr? I’m like a day or so away of pausing and/or cancelling my Plus & Ultimate bags since they arent putting out any spoilers on them

    • Choice is on 19th this month so not much longer .

  15. Ugh. I like the highlight but I have a few right now…I dont do morphe or have this cheap brand in my collection. I might be skipping January. Would be nice to see more spoilers. I know I’m cancelling ultimate.

  16. Does Ipsy think that neutral tone complexion products work for everybody? They need to update the quiz to include undertones and more skintones.

  17. Oooo concealer. Never see that in sub boxes. I would love it

    • Same!👍

  18. I hope they don’t put more Mophe in the plus bag. It’s such a cheap makeup line (like Colourpop or ELF).

    • Ipsy is a blend of high and low end, mainstream and indie. They’ve had NYX and Avon recently, both of which are inexpensive. As long as the quality is there, I don’t mind that it’s readily available at Target.

    • You can’t compare Morphe to Colourpop in the quality department. I’d take Colourpop over Morphe any day of the week. I’d take Colourpop eyeshadow palettes over any of the Ipsy collabs or the Wander palettes that have been in Plus! I would be thrilled to find Colourpop in my Plus!

      • Shoot, I’ll take a ColourPop palette over most of the palettes I’ve ever gotten in GBP. You’re right. Morphe isn’t even playing in the same ballpark as ColourPop when it comes to quality.

      • I just bought two items from CP and forgot to buy my fave blue SSS from them, “Coconut.” They have great lip and eye shadow formulas. Morphe, to me, is chalky and cheap. ColourPop is only “cheap” in price, not quality. I’d take ColourPop anyday, too. Love it.

      • Colourpop was in ipsy, I remember getting an eyeliner from them in a bag a couple years ago.

    • You’re kidding me. You wouldn’t want a stay all day, ultra pigmented makeup line like colourpop in your Ipsy bag? Wow. I’ll take all of it. I’ve never tried Morphe, but I’ve been really favoring the CP palettes lately. Price, in that case, has nothing to do with quality.

    • I agree that Elf and Morphe may not be the best line of makeup, but not Colourpop, their quality of eyeshadows are excellent. I’d take Colourpop over a high priced brand like Natasha Denona, sorry but her palettes don’t do it for me.

      • I agree! I love Colourpop shadows especially the super shock singles. Morphe is the one that’s inconsistent in quality.

    • Colourpop is not cheap they are excellent quality. Elf also has some great products.

    • Cheap does not always mean it is bad. Colourpop makes a great concealer. And it is available in a number of shades. I wouldn’t mind trying the Morphe if Ipsy can get the shade correct. I might choose an eyeshadow as my pick. I don’t wear it, but I still get a horrible nude shade every month.

    • I can’t relate😂😂. I love them all. Elf, Nyx, Colourpop. I guess it depends on the products from each makeup brand. My has those amazing butter glosses that I would love to see in a Glam Bag, Colourpop has the bomb palettes, and Elf (well the only item that I but from them is the Putty Primer)…Now if they added some Juvia’s Place products, I would never miss a month because their shadows, foundations, and concealer are all amazing.

  19. Is it me..or do these spoilers look like same as always…maybe I’v had ipsy to long?…

  20. Yikes, don’t like any of those!

    The only one that would have interested me is the Nomad shadow, but Ipsy sent that in glambags ages ago & I’ve already obtained one.

    • Only thing is glow recipe. Sick of seeing ofra..

      • Girl, tell me about it! I got 2 of the Black Friday mystery bags… and now I am the owner of two MORE Ofra highlighters!!

      • What was in the mystery bags?

  21. I received my GBP today and most of the products were at least partially frozen. Does anyone know if Skincare is still usable after freezing? I emailed IPSY Care and am waiting to hear back from them.

  22. Love! Hope the concealer is a choice option. Always looking for a cheaper option to shape tape, and this one is only $9!

    • Please no more Ofra Highlighters! I have three already that i dont and wont use! They show my pores and flaws really bad!

  23. I love everything Ipsy sends. The Glam Bag is so inexpensive for the value received. I try everything and mostly they’re great. I got the cleanser in the Bliss Box and I love it. I hope I get another in January. I’m hoping they’ll sample the Glow Recipe Banana soon. My December curations was terrific. I’m so glad I got the annual for $10 per month!

  24. Love the bags, finding a good concealer would be great and I have loved everything Glow Recipe so that would be awesome. May just resubscribe 🙂

  25. I wish Ofra would go the heck out of business. I do not like their products and all these collaborations. Ofra”s owner is shady.

    The rest of these products are fine by me and the Glam Bag itself is beautiful!

    • amyr, can you tell me why you say Ofra Gaito is shady? I am curious. I currently use several makeup item from that company. Thank you!

  26. Oh god, another repeat ofra x Nikki highlighter! Just got that a few months ago!

    • I don’t care for Ofra highlighters either , good bag in general excited about concelear , and love me some add ons !!

    • I got an Ofra highlighter in September. I dont use highlighters but decided to try it since it came in my bag. Itdoesn’t apply properly it settles in squares on my cheeks and forehead. Ended up giving it away

    • I have really dry skin. Can that Morphe concealer be used without powder?

  27. I’ve never tried anything from Glow Recipe so I would be very happy to receive the cleanser. Hopefully, it will be one of the products we can choose, or at least be available as an add-on if it isn’t one of the items they choose for me. I have cleanser marked as “often” on my profile.

    • I agree Nancy and everything is the same for me! I too have never tried Glow Recipe, so I hope I can get it!!

  28. All looks great, minus the Morphe, but I’m not a fan of the brand’s choices for collabs, so that’s why.

  29. I really hope the cleanser is a choice item! Automatic win if so.

    Nothing else is really my style which is amusing since I’ve been loving the past three months (that everyone else has been hating lol)

  30. I’d definitely be jazzed to try that Blueberry Bounce cleanser. Decent spoilers this month, so far. It’s been a while since I’ve seen spoilers that had me excited at all.

  31. Love the bag design && the items sooo far! Great start to the new year!

  32. Looking good! I really want to try the cleanser. I’m open to every item shown.

  33. I love the bags! So cute! I wish I could get the Plus or Ultimate bags instead. Maybe they’ll be offered as an add on again this month!

    I would honestly be happy with any of these spoilers *except* for the highlighters. For someone who never ever uses highlighters, I sure do own a lot of them

    • Bring them to a high school counselor. They’ll identify girls who would love them but couldn’t afford!

    • I agree with Alice. Donate them. One of my coworkers does some work for transgendered teens for whom cosmetics is a big deal, so I give my samples and anything I don’t want to her to pass along to her charity.

      • I normally save all of the products I don’t want and then bring them to my husband’s coworkers en masse.
        However, donating to a charity that helps trans teens would be amazing. I care deeply about trans rights and can’t believe this never occurred to me before.

        Would you feel comfortable telling me what the charity is? If not, that’s totally fine! I’ll try to find one.

      • Hi Joy – The program is called HIPUP (health intervention projects for underserved populations). You can google them to read about their work. They have suffered significant funding cuts from the federal government as a result of this administration’s policies.

      • I love that Nomad eyeshadow. It is gorgeous. I hope I get one!

  34. I kind of like the spoilers, I only have Ipsy Glam Bag Plus; but I’ve put it on hold for 4 months cause it’s been so bad.

  35. Oh dang, one of the colors available for the concealer is actually pale enough for me. I may actually have to get it (I assume these will be our choice options, as has been the case in the past).

  36. Nice! I want the concealer, cleanser, highlighter, and maybe the brush since it’s Luxie. The bag is pretty but reminds me of my sister’s new countertop in her kitchen lol.

    • LOL @ the countertop comment!

  37. I love Glow Recipe, more than Sunday Riley

  38. Love Nomad! I hope this means that the Marrakesh palette will be in one of the premium bags and available as an add-on 😍

    • I bought that palette from Ipsy shopper this summer, and it is gorgeous!

  39. Great products! I would be very happy with that bag.

  40. Really nice brands this month!

  41. I have really been disappointed in the makeup/cosmetic bags with all three subscriptions. Also I receive duplicate products.

  42. I don’t like the bag style/color. I wouldn’t mind trying a new concealer. Still on the hunt for a great one.

    No primer please!

    • The new maybelline superstay I think it is in the tube 24hrs and waterproof is amazing.

  43. Not a fan of Morphe, but I see they’ve been pushing the brand a lot lately…

  44. Yeah for blueberry Glow Recipe. I would love that. I forgot that a marble bag was coming. I like that too.

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