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CAUSEBOX Winter 2019 Box Shipping Update


To our Members,
We want to take a moment to address CAUSEBOX shipping timelines. We’ve been busy preparing boxes and market orders for shipment and we lost sight of the importance in communicating updates with you along the way.

Update 1 (Add-On Market Orders): We’re happy to reaffirm that all market orders have shipped or are on track to ship this week on an expedited basis for delivery by December 24! While most orders have already been delivered (or will deliver) well before the 24th, we recognize that we should have provided more clarity on timelines for those hoping to receive product further in advance of the important gifting days. We promise that we’ll be making changes internally to improve our communication going forward — your trust and patience is not something we take for granted, we are immensely grateful for it and will continue to work to ensure it is well-placed.

Update 2 (Winter Boxes): Winter Boxes will begin shipping out this week and every day over the coming 3-4 weeks. We typically aim to begin shipping seasonal CAUSEBOXES within the first 7-10 days of the season (in this case shipping would have begun by 12/10) but we were unable to send boxes off in time because of an unexpected delay in receiving one of the products in the box. Each season over the past five years, we’ve added new measures to try and prevent delays that would affect our shipping schedule. Unfortunately, despite many months of planning and preparation, one of the products fell behind schedule in production and rather than replace it completely, we believed that the most sustainable thing to do was to move forward and accept the possibility of a slight delay. We have been deeply reflecting upon the fact that the lack of updates might suggest a lack of transparency, however, we wanted to make sure we had all of the information about timing available before communicating an update or promising anything specific. Our mission is predicated on supporting companies that we truly believe in and are making the world a better place. As difficult as it has been to work through this delay, we felt it important to maintain our voice as a supporter of our brand partners, and to find ways to work together to deliver the best products to our members that are doing the most good. Our warehouse team has been working overtime to make up for lost time — and we will continue to do everything in our power to ship you your Winter Box as soon as possible. We put so much thought, love, and care into this box and we’re so proud of it — every product is useful, gorgeous, and impactful, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Lastly, we are committed to constantly learning, improving, and growing as a company, and we wouldn’t be here without your support, trust, feedback, and love. We are endlessly grateful to have such an engaged and informed community, whose feedback has guided the decisions that we make at every stage. This past year has been one of significant growth, which is exciting because our mission and impact are being spread further than ever before. Our foremost priority is and always will be maintaining the same values that we have had from the beginning, and delivering a product that goes above and beyond. We’re so grateful for your support and promise to continue improving your experience as a member each season.

Happy Holidays from the CAUSEBOX Team! ❤️

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (195)

  1. I received my Winter Welcome Box today, Sunday. I did the $29.99 deal without bonuses. The only thing I will use from my box is the portfolio. I really wanted the jewelry box. Received portfolio, mugs, brushes, face oil, silver earrings.

    • If I get the jewelry box, it’s going on the swap site, so maybe we can work something out. My box is due to arrive Friday, 1/31 & weighs 6.1#. Did you note how much yours weighed?

      • Finally got the shipment notification and mine will arrive 2/4. It’s also 6.1# and I will lol if we get the exact same things 😏 Can you report back what you end up with?

      • I got my box yesterday (6.1#). Came with portfolio, mugs, makeup brushes and hair serum plus silver earrings. I was hoping for jewelry box and gold earrings so I am hoping to swap for those if anyone is looking to trade. I already have the makeup brushes from the Fall box, so those will be listed.

    • Can you check and post when you ordered your WWB? I ordered mine 12/8 and still has not been shipped out yet. Curious when to expect it. I just sent them another inquiry toward status. I am not impressed yet and just hoping I get at least some of the items I really want (like the portfolio! I plan to list the rest up on the swap site)

      • Hey Jen – I ordered mine 12/9.

      • I got the portfolio and brushes and I wanted blanket and jewelry box. Also don’t need earrings if anyone wants to trade any or all of it.

  2. I just got my box today! I am overall happy with the selection in my box but I only recieved 2 items in my mystery bundle.. The portfolio and a sleeping mask. Did anyone else only receive two items? I checked the packaging thoroughly and there definitely wasn’t a third. I’m not sure the retail value of the mask.. It doesn’t seem like it would have the value of two items. I emails CS so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what they say.

    • I got those two things too, plus the key bracelet.

    • I FINALLY got the box today and I must say I’m confused. I’m assuming the smaller box I received was the “mystery box” but inside was the throw and an eye mask. Wasn’t the throw supposed to be part of the main box?? I also didn’t get the candle, makeup brush set or hair serum.

  3. After the extremely long wait to get my Winter box, which was delayed due to the Derma E product delivery, I finally received my box today. There was no Derma E included! I can’t believe it. Anyway, the rest of the box was pretty good, so I’m happy, but I wish it had shipped earlier so I could have used the mugs and earrings as Christmas gifts. I’ve contacted them to get a replacement of the Derma E, but it seemed quite silly that it was missing after this long of a delay.

  4. I got my box, but I am not sure my customizations are right. since I didn’t write them down any where, there is no way to be sure.

  5. My box finally came and I must admit that while I’m still irritated at the massive delay, I think it was worth the wait. As for highlights, he earrings are actually much nicer than I expected and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them, and the spoons are gorgeous. The blanket was a slight disappointment. From a decor perspective, it’s gorgeous and looks awesome draped over the back of my sofa. Function wise its lacking. It’s both really thin and rather rough. Everything else (mugs, primer, and hydrating night cream) is nice and will be used, but nothing special. But I’ll be using every item, so that makes me happy.

    • That is a relief to hear. Best case scenario! I wouldn’t be mad at all if I got all the items I’ve been eyeing, either. Glad that there is a fairy tale ending for at least one of us lol here!

      I’m just mainly disappointed that every time I follow a sub box for months, it gets worse after I bite the bullet. Same happened when I finally signed up for an annual FFF membership…

      • Lol I know, I have that kind of luck as well. I hope you get all the items you wanted.

  6. I finally got my box today. Overall, the whole box is underwhelming. My earrings were bent and looked like something from a teen store. I also got a day cream instead of a night cream.The blanket is super thin, too. I am glad that my annual subscription will end in the spring.

  7. Sorry to hear all the people who are still waiting for shipment. 🙁 I wanted to post a warning regarding the mugs…do NOT put hot liquid in them. I used one of the mugs for tea and when I poured hot water into it, I heard cracking…and then noticed water starting leaking out of the side of the mug. I live in California so it is not as if the mug was reacting to a drastic temperature change. I thought it was just one mug so I tried the other and again heard cracking. I think there are other uses for the mugs and mine are now going to become succulent holders.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the mugs. They advertise hot chocolate in their pics for those winter nights. How can they have a mug that can’t hold hot liquids? This company is getting worse by the day. The holiday, shipping fiasco and now cheaply made items. I will be so glad when this box is done. This is one box that I am looking forward to cancelling.

      • I have put hot coffee in both of mine and so far they are fine.

      • both of mine are fine too

      • I’ve used both my mugs for hot coffee & hot tea plus I’ve washed them in hot water. They are in perfect working condition.

  8. I finally received my shipping email. From what I’ve read on their Instagram account I’m in the group of the last boxes to ship. Even though I’ve read posts on here of those who purchased theirs after me but already received them. That’s what put the final nail in the FFF coffin for me.
    Now to make things better they are going to open another Instagram account just for Q&A but with the comments and DM turned off 🤨 cuz that will make things better.

    • FFF??? wrong company

      • No, I’m referencing the same shipping issues I experienced with FFF as well.

  9. My box is FINALLY supposed to be delivered today. This was my first box from Causebox and I have to say, I’m not impressed with customer service, which makes or breaks a company for me. I’m going to give them one more season, just to see.

    • Consider yourself lucky. I started a seasonal sub (discounted) and then cancelled and I am still awaiting the next status. Status still says cancelled and a rep finally replied to my email saying the status will change as the order is processed. I am beginning to suspect my box will be lowest priority because of 1)cancelled status 2) discounted cost. I am already irritated because I have some of the repeat options and no way to modify the order unless I subscribed to an annual.

      • I am in a somewhat similar situation. I’m an annual who cancelled auto renewal status. I didn’t want to be stuck with another year. Winter box still has the “awaiting shipment” status. I am done with the lack of communication, it should have always been sent over email. There is no reason I had to search MSA and their spammy Instagram to find out about the delay. I’m not sure when I’ll get my winter box but I know for sure I will never sign up again. They used to be a decent company with great customer service but now they are shady imo.

      • ETA Causebox is the one with the spammy Instagram. Love MSA!

  10. My box FINALLY shipped. Causebox still says “awaiting shipment,” but I got the email notification from FedEx that it’s on its way. 9.25 pounds!

    • Forgot my box is coming with a mystery bundle, that’s why it’s so heavy. Oops.

  11. Seven days since my last post and still crickets…no update, no shipping information, nada.
    And whenever I finally make it to the glorious shipping point, it will take another three weeks by burro to make it here to the east coast. 🙄
    Less time posting on social media and more time packing the orders from customers who paid you two months ago would be a better use of your time @CAUSEBOX.

    • Yes! I have been corresponding with them and they keep passing the buck to FedEx. IT DOESN’T HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER. I am trying to get the box canceled and they keep insisting it’s in this limbo where it’s not getting sent but they can’t cancel and it is BS. It’s in their possession, NOT FedEx and I find it very unprofessional to suggest that this is in any way the result of FedEx employees failing to scan the labels. Either cancel and refund or send the damn box, but holding it in limbo for weeks on end for so many customers is borderline criminal.

      • I was just in contact with their CS and got a refund.
        I was polite to the CS representative but said that I require a refund of $58.80 (my total) to the card on file due to the company’s failure to provide items and lack of communication.
        I was told I should see my refund in 2-5 business days, so I’ll be on the lookout for that.
        Disappointed to not be getting that portfolio clutch from the BF mystery bundle, but happy to be free of the mess

      • I just asked for the refund of 3 annual subscriptions that I purchased in December. I have not received anything—no emails and no tracking. Meanwhile I’m receiving packages left and right over the holidays by other companies. Wish me luck on getting my refunds!

      • Causebox would never respond to my emails. This sub box needs a disclaimer that they have problems. So disappointed that I hit the link to get one of their boxes.

      • Well today they’re saying that all the winter boxes have shipped and the welcome boxes will start shipping next week thru mid-February. February! I ordered & was charged immediately for a welcome box 12/9 that will likely show up sometime in March. Never again will I get roped into another Causebox.

  12. For seasonal members, is there any way to find out what variations are in your box before you receive it? My box is 5.02 lb according to the fedex tracking info. Did anyone else receive a box with the same weight?

    • Mine is close to yours at 5.7lbs.
      I selected the spoons, gray blanket, primer, and earrings. So the items in your box must be lighter. I’m think that you must have the mittens instead of the spoons or jewelry box? The two blankets would be similar in weight. I don’t imagine a big difference between the hair clips and earrings or between the primer or hair vitamin.

      Anyhow, let us know what you get.

  13. I just got my box and absolutely love it! My favorite item are the gorgeous serving spoons. Everything will get used this time around , very happy 🙂

  14. I used to be a huge fun and have been referring many friends to causebox. I didn’t need this box to be a gift for Christmas, so the initial delay was ok. But in addition to my annual box, I purchased one additional winter box and two welcome box, I customized items so I can receive a variety of different products.

    Because of the delay, I feel that I no longer need the mittens that I customized, so I sent Causebox a request to skip my annual box and still keep the rest. Of course the annnual box was shipped out the second or third day I sent the email, and my other winter box has been in warehouse for a week since then and wasn’t shipped yet.

    Now I think it’s shady.

    • Even if it hadn’t shipped, they still won’t honor that request, tried. “Your box is already in fulfillment, and at that point it’s too late to cancel or skip a box.”

  15. This was my very first box and I ordered in November with a full year . I ordered one box as a gift . My box came today and the gift box is still awaiting shipping.
    I adore the blanket. It is heavy enough weave as not to snag . I washed mine and put it in dryer. It did shrink as expected but it is much softer. Love it!
    The earrings are cute! Mugs are substantial and I liked the recipe for the marshmallow in the book, The hair cream has a light fragrance which is important to me. I am very sensitive to fragrance and thus washes out . The face cream is a large size. I have the substitute cream that is in the yellow box the brightening night cream. If anyone would like to exchange for the hydration day or night cream let me know. I will be on the swap site. My favorite thing was the jewelry box! I am going to get some fun fabric stickers and ribbons to decorate mine. I will use strong glue. I can put my initials on it as well.

  16. I received my box today. Everything is as expected. The throw feels more like a turkish towel. I also don’t care that it’s hand wash only. Other than those couple things I’m very pleased.

  17. I received my box this week. I loved everything in it! Contrary to same reviews, I LOVE my blanket. It’s a hand loomed heavy cotton that has lovely heft and substance,although not thick. I love the feel as I’m very tactile. The hair clips are gorgeous. Jewelry box super nice. The mugs are okay; just Chinese mass-produced mugs,nothing speciao. Ive gotter similar from Dollar General!. I suppose I was expecting a more custom made mug from the Florida-based artisan. The hair product is nice. Now I’m glad I got an annual.

  18. Does anyone know what the other 2 items in the black friday mystery bundle were? I wish I could tell you, but my box still hasn’t shipped.

    • I’m curious about the other 2 items, too. Causebox said on Instagram that they’ll be done shipping boxes by end of next week, so hopefully we finally get them.

  19. I ordered on 12/4 and got my tracking notice today. My box is expected to arrive a week from Tuesday. I hope I like what’s in it. I don’t buy a lot of boxes but I like to take advantage of deals. It would have to be a very, very good deal for me to ever order from Causebox again. I think I was spoiled this holiday season by the incredible service from BeautyFix.

  20. I am an anual member and this is supposed to be my last box and I don’t think I will renew my membership.
    ZERO communication from this company and my box hasn’t even shipped yet.

    • I received mine yesterday and it all came just floating around loose in a cardboard box. All the outer packing of my items looked like they had been wet and my blanket was not packaged so it smells all musty. I was really looking forward to the box so it a bit disappointing. I have e-mailed so I am hoping to hear something back.

  21. I completely disagree with everyone saying they should have shipped the delayed product separately… that is not at all environmentally friendly with additional packaging, etc.

    To me the delay is frustrating, but honestly no big deal. I did not order it as a gift, though, nor do I NEED anything in the box, its all just fun stuff. That being said, the fact that its delayed over a beauty product is most annoying to me because I really don’t like beauty products in sub boxes (I’d subscribe to a beauty box if I wanted that type of item)

    If this were a frequent problem with Causebox, I’d say drop the sub and move on, but I don’t think they usually have issues, so I’m willing to forgive & forget.

    • Except they do have frequent shipping issues. I’d say about 50% of boxes have serious delays.

      I agree, there was no good solution to this Issue that wouldn’t upset people, but it’s a repeated issue. Maybe if Causebox took some accountability for their really lousy planning and faced the consequences themselves (extra shipping costs, allowing customers to opt out, or adding a bonus product), instead of repeated letting their subscribers down, they’d become a little more responsible.

      Their lack of accountability and the repeated problem leads me to believe that this company will remain unreliable when it comes to timeliness. Unfortunately a company that doesn’t value their customers is a company I won’t support.

      I have Little Lace Box flashbacks when it comes to CauseBox.

  22. I got mine yesterday. One of the most disappointing boxes I’ve received in years, and not even because of the delay. The blanket is terrrrrrrible

    • oh noooo! that’s the main reason I ordered it 🙁

      • oh no:( I did too. I thought it would be useful for winter, but now it’s been so long, spring will hopefully be here soon. I ordered in November, and as of Jan 14, My order still hasn’t shipped. I feel like I wasted money and wish I could just get my money back instead at this point.

    • I agree, the blanket is terrible! 🙈 it is tiny and the fabric was stiff. When I washed it one of the pompoms fell off!

  23. I hope this company gets it together soon. I’m an annual member and have two more boxes after this one and as of now will not be renewing.

    They must have picked the slowest delivery option that has ever existed. It has to go from California to Indiana.

    They printed my shipping label on 12/26 but didn’t hand it to FedEx until 1/2. Which makes me think they shut down from Christmas to New Years. If so, not a good business move with so many peeved customers. From there it went to another location in CA, then NM, OK, then three in IL, and it’s now in Indy (which my city is closer to the last location in IL than Indy). It’s departed Indy and I bet it will go right past my town and land in Michigan. My box has an estimated delivery of 1/14. So 12/26-1/14. LOL. Wow.

    • Mine hasn’t changed from “awaiting shipment” status for weeks. Ordered 12/2 to be sent to a friend for her Christmas Day birthday. This plus the extra slow shipping, she’ll be lucky to get it by the end of February. Never again, Causebox.

      • Ordered November 4th, got a shipping notice today after I told them to cancel..

      • Same here. I think it’s been “awaiting shipment” for close to 3 weeks.

    • I agree mine was 30 minutes away from my house and then visited two more states before finally arriving. Worst shipping ever. It took weeks to get to me.

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