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Beautylish Lucky Bags Coming Soon!

BeautyLish Lucky Bags are coming soon! (Thanks for the heads up, Kim!)

Inspired by the Japanese New Year tradition of fukubukuro, we’re offering mystery bags full of our favorite products.

Lucky Bags sell out every year, so add your name to the launch list to be first in line to shop.

Here is the early access sign up. Here are the details:

What are Lucky Bags?

Lucky Bags are mystery bags of beauty products (plus extra surprises if you’re really lucky). This year, we’re offering four types of Lucky Bags:

• Original Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of products)

• Lucky Bag XL ($150 USD for $300+ USD of products; available in the US only)

• Get One, Give One (buy one Original Lucky Bag at $150 USD and we’ll donate an Original Lucky Bag to Alternative Family Services on your behalf; available in the US only)

• Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of JSC products)

What is a Get One, Give One Lucky Bag?

This year, you can do good with your Lucky Bag purchase. If you buy a Get One, Give One Lucky Bag, you’ll receive one Original Lucky Bag for yourself, and we’ll donate an Original Lucky Bag to Alternative Family Services on your behalf.

What will I get in my Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags are filled at random, so there’s no way to know what your bag will contain—it’s a surprise! Rest assured that all Original Lucky Bags will include $150 or more of products. All XL Lucky Bags will include $300 USD+ worth of products.

Can I choose which products/brands I receive in my Lucky Bag?

Original and Lucky Bag XL are filled at random with products from various brands on Beautylish. Every Lucky Bag is a surprise—that’s part of the fun! Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bags are filled with Jeffree Star Cosmetics products only.

Will my Lucky Bag or Lucky Bag XL include products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

Lucky Bag and Lucky Bag XL may include Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag will include only products from Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag the same as the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box?

No, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag is different from the Mystery Box offered on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.

Will my Lucky Bag include products that don’t normally ship to my country?

Your Lucky Bag will only contain products that are eligible to ship to your country. Our normal international shipping restrictions apply.

Will my Lucky Bag include products that work with the skin tone I choose?

Lucky Bags are filled at random (it’s part of the fun!), so we can’t guarantee the contents of your bag. However, we try our best to make sure that Fair-Medium Lucky Bags contain products that complement fair to medium skin. Dark-Deep Lucky Bags contain products that are better suited for deeper skin tones. We don’t include foundation or concealer in Lucky Bags.

How many Lucky Bags can I purchase?

You can purchase one Lucky Bag every year. Please note that we limit one Lucky Bag per order, customer, shipping address, and payment method.

When will I be charged for my Lucky Bag?

Your payment method will be charged in full at checkout when placing your Lucky Bag order.

Can I use Flexible Payments to pay for my Lucky Bag?

Sorry, Lucky Bags are not eligible for Flexible Payments at this time.

Can I purchase a Lucky Bag if I have an open Flexible Payments order?

Yes. However, if you have a past-due payment on an open Flexible Payments order, you will not be able to order a Lucky Bag.

Can I return or exchange my Lucky Bag?

All Lucky Bag sales are final, so they’re not eligible for refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

We charge a flat-rate shipping fee for Lucky Bag, Lucky Bag XL, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag. This allows us to include more products in each Lucky Bag while keeping the price below retail value. The shipping fee varies by destination:

• United States: $10 USD for original Lucky Bag; $15 USD for Lucky Bag XL

• Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany & France: $15

• Everywhere else*: $20

Shipping is free for all Get One, Give One Lucky Bags.

*Lucky Bags are not available in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Thailand at this time.

When will I receive my Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags ship on or before January 20, 2020. Shipping times vary by location. The estimated date of delivery will be displayed during checkout. We ship via economy service so that we can keep costs low and include more products in your Lucky Bag. International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which may cause further delays.

Can I order other items with my Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bags must be purchased on their own, but feel free to place a separate order for any other items you need.

Will I be charged sales tax if I live in the United States?

Any applicable sales tax will be calculated and charged at checkout.

I live outside the U.S. Why can’t I order a Lucky Bag XL?

Due to shipping restrictions, Lucky Bag XL is only available within the United States.

I live outside the U.S. How do duties and tax work?

You will be charged duties and tax at checkout. Duties and tax are calculated based on the subtotal of your Lucky Bag.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship Lucky Bags to all regions listed here except for India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Thailand. Please note that Lucky Bag XL is only available within the United States.

Are you going to grab any of the bags? Want to see one reviewed?

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  1. I’ve never purchased a Lucky Bag. I’m torn between the Original Lucky Bag and the Jeffree Star. Hmmm….

  2. I’m pretty sure that last year’s ‘get one, give one’ deal was that you purchased your bag for $150 and they would send another to that children’s hospital, and then beautylish would send another (to match your donation) to the children’s hospital too. Seems like this year beautylish is getting out of the donations game and leaving it up to the customers. I love beautylish and shop with them regularly, but this is a very different way of going about it this year.

  3. I love Beautylish Lucky Bags. As amarante wrote, a big part of the value in this is the surprise factor. They wrap everything beautifully, so you have a bunch of little parcels which you open individually and it’s really exciting. I looked forward to this for months the past few years. Last year it was the only beauty splurge I made.

    That being said, I bought two very expensive advent calendars this year so I promised myself I would skip this.

    That being said…I am saving all my swap bait and am planning to stalk all of you once your stuff hits the swap site 🙂 I am after a Natasha Denona palette (with more neutral colors) and some nice brushes.

    • I got a small Natasha Denona last yr and still haven’t opened it bec I have no need for it. I’m hoping I dont get another one this yr

  4. I think i Will try the JS mystery lucky bag this year because i already have a lot of viseart, jouer and anatasia palette…. I don’t want To pay 75+ 15$ for a repeat product and I never tried any Jeffrey Star product.

  5. I’ve gotten it the past two years – one regular and one XL.

    The best way to keep one’s sanity is NOT to read what others have received in their boxes because this truly is a mystery box with lots of variations and some people are VERY lucky and others not so much.

    As others have posted, high end brands are included but the issue is whether you can use the product because the value of an expensive product you don’t use is zero. For example, I got some theoretically fantastic products – Kevin Aucoin, Jouer, Natasha Denona but even though the quality was fantastic, I wound up not using them.

    Also some people really get screwed. For example, generally a Wayne Goss brush is included in the regular boxes and his brushes are fantastic. I was lucky as I got a great blending brush which I used all the time. However some people wound up with a spoolie and who needs a high end spoolie? As posted above, a lot of people who got the XL box had a disproportionate amount of their “value” in the form of very expensive hair products which was disappointing to them.

    I will get one again this year and try for the XL because I am crazy LOL. But really, it’s because essentially the whole experience is fun – the box is beautifully packaged and I got pretty much the value of what I paid – I got a Chikuhodo eye brush which is fantastic and I use every day and a large Natasha Denona eye palette which is pretty but I don’t use consistently. I got a Surratt blusher which was beautiful but a terrible color for me but my friend loved it. I got an Aucoin powder which I haven’t used yet and some unmemorable stuff.

    If you think of it as a fun experience and have the $90 or $165 disposable money to spend on a fun experience, then consider it. If you have a circle of friends and family who you enjoy sharing your unloved items, then it’s a great value because *generally* each item is great – except for those who got the really “unlucky” ones. But in my experience, a lot of the items weren’t usable for me and I think many people would want a greater return on their gamble at those price points.

  6. Hello, does anyone know if these are deliverable to po boxes?

    • Just to share, Beautylish is not able to send to po boxes. Found the answer in faqs…
      Thank you

  7. I bought regular bag last year and even the product was good, it was not for me. I received ABH Subculture which I already had and TJ was filled with it for $20. Also I got full size Oribe dry shampoo. I don’t use dry shampoo so it was worthless for me. I received bioderma micellar water which I already had bunch from other subs. The only item I was happy about was viseart eyeshadow but for $90 (75+10 shipping + tax) I could bought full size palette.
    I am going to skip this year.

    • I was actually hoping for the abh subulture. I’m hoping for it this yr too but now I’m thinking I shld chk TJ for it.

  8. Browsing past bags on Instagram and it looks like they contain good stuff. I’m just not into mystery stuff though. I would be so disappointed if I received shades that I don’t like. I don’t even subscribe to subs unless I know there are at least a couple of items that I want that justifies the price of the bag/box lol.

  9. Last year I wanted an XL bag and couldn’t get one — well, I was able to put one in my cart but it sold out in the 30 seconds or so as I was checking out so I went back and got the regular bag. This year $150 is feeling like a lot more money to me than it did last year so if I even do go for it again, I’ll only be going for the reg bag.

    And just an Fyi for anyone who is new to it this year, last year they restocked a few times during the day. So if what you want sells out, you might be able to get it later if you keep checking.

    • Did they ever restock the xl?

      • I think they did. You might be able to find better confirmation and more details by reading last years Lucky bag threads on MSA.

  10. I’ve purchased these last 3 years and was able to purchase the XL last year. Honestly for me the retail value isn’t worth it because there’s a lot I don’t use but donate. The plus side is that I love the idea of it and I guess there’s always the chance for a very lucky bag (it just hasn’t been me). I’ll probably get one if able to but I wouldn’t go with the XL even if it’s available.

  11. I’m happy for all who are excited for a mystery! I love those, too. Alas, I’m not going to part with any more of my cash on frivolity until WAY into next year! I’m relatively new to subs based on the comments I see from ‘long timers’, and I already have more than I need, lol. Just organized all of what I kept after Christmas gifts to a niece and her daughter, and donations to my local blessing box, and I still have a lot of product. I support a lot of rescue animals at my sanctuary, so I’m using my money for them instead of another $75 splurge on stuff I don’t need. There is always tons of food to purchase, and always another veterinary bill. Merry Christmas, all!

  12. when companies donate items, they actually get tax write offs. often times they will donate the amount regardless of if you “donate” or not. I’m not sure if beautylish will, but it’s a cheap gimmick for them to make you pay for the supposed value of the items and then get a tax write-off anyway, especially since makeup has such a high mark up on value. of course they take advantage of people’s generosity this way.

  13. I’ve purchased these the past couple years but I’m going to skip it this year. I’m overloaded with products, and found that the products I received were very hit or miss for me. Don’t get me wrong…they were nice products…things I’ve gotten include Natasha Denona palettes, an expensive makeup brush, Jouer lip gloss, Jefree Star items, It Cosmetics Confidence in a Jar Cream…but seemed that the colors weren’t right for me, etc. I ended up swapping just about everything I received. So for me personally, at this point I think $75 for $150 or product is more than I’m willing to spend for things that may or may not work for me. I can do a regular sub box, and frequently get $150 worth of items (ie Allure, Clean Beauty Box, etc) for much less than $75.

    • Totally the same. I’d only really want to get it for the surprise/fun factor and it remains to be seen whether my logic wins out, haha!

  14. Can’t wait

  15. These seem expensive…… any past reviews?

  16. Are there any past reviews for a Lucky Bag?

    • Yes.

    • If you search for Beautylishluckybag hashtag on Instagram; you’ll see lots of reveals for past years. Sephora forums also usually have reveal/trade threads. There’s a lot of variation among the bags, but they are all usually a good value.

  17. When are these usually released?

    • They’ve always been released on December 26th. 🙂

  18. I hope I can score an XL this year! I’ve never gotten an over-the-top Original, but I’ve I’ve never gotten a bad one, either. I’ve always been pretty happy with what I’ve received. Even though my goal is to cut way back on subscriptions this year, due to my massive hoard, I just can’t pass this up each year. It’s so fun!

  19. I anticipate a ton of ABH this year – it was already heavily featured last year but they’ve had so many releases I think we’ll see a lot of that for sure. And I think we’ll see a lot of good molecule lower value filler like last year (although I actually liked what I got and bought more so no complaints).

    • You’re probably right right about the ABH considering plenty were released this year. I think the J* items will be from the jaw breaker collection. ND recently had a sale on her collection. There’s not much I was interested in by any of them.

  20. I just want that crane design!

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