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My List At Bloomingdale’s Clothing Rental Subscription – Should We Review It?

My List at Bloomingdale’s is a new monthly clothing rental subscription from Bloomingdale’s!

With My List at Bloomingdale’s there are so many ways to do new and never have to say “I have nothing to wear” again. Choose the styles you love, and we’ll send them your way, 4 at a time. Your designer rental wardrobe includes unlimited box exchanges and free dry cleaning, all for a monthly fee of only $149. Plus, enjoy a member discount when you purchase must-own styles.

How it works:

  1. Create a Guest Account. Simply use your email address and set a password.
  2. Browse the available collection.
  3. Check out all the styles and looks.
  4. After you look around, Subscribe.
  5. Add clothes to your virtual Closet.
  6. Try the looks you love. It’s rental—not ownership.
  7. No strings attached.

We will ship your first box within 2–3 days, filled with four items that you’ve added to your Closet.

If you can’t bear to part with a My List at Bloomingdale’s item you have at home, you can purchase it directly from your Closet. When you’re ready, use the prepaid envelope to send all items back (that you’re not purchasing). As soon as you let us know you’re dropping all items in the mail, we’ll start preparing your next box.

The Subscription Box: My List at Bloomingdale’s

The Cost: $149 per month

Coupon: Use this link to get $75 off your first 60 days ($50 off your first month and $25 off your second month)

The Products:  “My List at Bloomingdale’s is an online monthly subscription rental service that gives you access to hundreds of Bloomingdale’s looks for one flat fee of $149 per month. Each box comes with four pieces. Subscriptions include unlimited free shipping and exchanges.”

Sizes: XS–XL, 0–16 and 24–32.

Ships to: USA

What do you think of this clothing rental subscription? Would you like to see it reviewed?

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Comments (16)

  1. Did this service close?

    • Yes, final shipments were made in September.

  2. I’ve been using this service for about two months now. Overall, I do like it. It does take a long time to get a new box. One customer service agent informed me that new boxes take about 72 hours to be prepared and shipped. They do have a Return Notify feature that lets you inform them when you’re going to ship back your items. This kicks off preparations for your next box. They won’t send you the next box, however, until USPS scans your previous box, proving you’re sending the items back.
    I wouldn’t use this service if you want to be able to choose exactly what you want in each box. If that’s you, I would recommend Rent the Runway. I was an RTR member for years before switching to different services. One thing I hated about RTR was that many of the items I had chosen for my shipment would all of a sudden be unavailable when my old items were finally scanned in by RTR. I kind of like the element of surprise here. When I get the email that lets me know what’s coming, I get creative and start planning how I’ll wear each item.
    I LOVE how every piece of clothing has a size chart. Thanks to that, I have yet to receive something that doesn’t fit. The size chart so far has been very accurate.
    If MyList can solve the delay issue between boxes, RTR will have a some very stiff competition. I’m going to stick with it another couple months to see how it works out.

  3. I currently subscribe to my list and there is too much of a delay between when they put together your next shipment after you notify them that you are returning your current 4 items. I sent items back on Tuesday and on Saturday I have yet to receive notification that they have put together the next box. So I usually see a 5-7 day gap between orders. I don’t think it maximizes the value for me just based on their slow operations. I wouldn’t recommend this service.

  4. Please review! I am an RTR Unlimited member and curious to see how this compares.

  5. I’ve had a terrible experience with this service and I’m beyond disappointed, as a longtime Bloomingdales shopper.

    First of all, there’s no guarantee that you get the items you’re interested in. Their structure is to have clients fill a closet with items they are interested in and select some ‘priority’ items. These priority items may or may not be available and, they won’t tell you what they are sending your way until it’s been sent. So, say you have an event coming up that you would like to wear a specific dress for. There is *no* guarantee whatsoever that you will get that item or any way other than generally labeling it as a priority. You cannot even rank priorities.

    I have an issue with paying $150 for items when I don’t have much of a say in what arrives in my box. Especially when that money could go towards buying the items you actually need. The purchase prices don’t even match prices on the Bloomingdales website, making it seem like a scam. For example, I ordered a pair of J Brand jeans that were priced at $270 with 10% ‘MyList discount” but they are on for $208 currently…

    The delivery time is quite slow, as well. Their customer service is also abysmal. I wrote in with some feedback regarding my concerns and received quite the condescending response in return, suggesting that I simply didn’t understand how the service worked.

    Needless to say, I’m cancelling (unfortunately, I’m locked in until the end of the month). But I don’t recommend wasting your money or time with this service until they get their act together–if they ever do. Plenty of better options out there.

  6. Not interested in any clothing rentals.

  7. Not everyone is into clothing rental, but I suggest you review it for those of us that do enjoy this option. I have Nuuly, Armoire, and LeTote. For me (city dweller in a very small apartment) clothing rental has been perfect for me. Instead of stuffing my closets with cheap clothing that I end up getting rid of anyway, I get to experiment with quality, trendy clothing without the commitment. I do purchase shoes and jeans which I am extremely particular about but I love the flexibility of clothing rental for everything else.

  8. Yes, please review this! I’m interested to see what they offer since it’s a lower monthly fee than Rent the Runway unlimited.

    • I have been using this service for a few months now and have really enjoyed the access and discovery aspect of this. I have tried a lot of new items and brand that I would not have otherwise. The clothes have always arrived packaged nicely in great condition. The price is also lower than RTR and while you can’t specifically pick items for a certain date and time, I find the assortment broader within each brand and as a result the ability to try the most newness. I also did RTR for a while and found that it was often impossible to get that “Veronica Beard jacket” that would become unavailable instantly. If you are open to rental and a constantly rotating wardrobe of newness I would try this!

  9. If I had a monthly budget of $149 for clothes, I’d use it to buy just one piece in person there that I really wanted and that fit well. Personally, I wouldn’t wear anything from the photo (except the black t-shirt, which I can get from a catalog like Blair or Woman Within for $20). None of the jackets and pants in the photo are corporate-appropriate, and that’s exactly the category where I have to shop carefully and get a great match.

    • I wouldn’t wear anything from the photo either because it’s all neutral (I strongly dislike neutrals).

      I can’t shop in physical stores though because nowhere around here carries my size. If you are 8-16 you are golden, here, but if you are any smaller you are out of luck unless you want to shop in the juniors’ section, and I don’t because I’m 42.

      However, I don’t think this is quite the right subscription model for me, either. I need something more like “order it, try it on, keep it or send it back.” Not quite like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix because honestly the stylists there don’t get me (If I could do Trunk Club or Stitch Fix but bypass the stylists, that might be something). I have a lot of clothing storage space (I live with one other person in a 4 bedroom house) so I don’t need to rent for space saving reasons.

      But what I’m looking for is more like those subscriptions (i.e., Stitch Fix) than clothing purchases and returns from random stores so I wouldn’t have a charge for the whole purchase sitting on my credit card statement until I got around to making returns (and didn’t get marked as one of those bad customers who returns too much).

      In the meantime I’m just going to hit Kohl’s online for Black Friday so even if one or two things I choose don’t really work, it will have been really cheap. Quality may be less than Bloomingdale’s but I can buy some bright colors and not spend a lot.

      • Hi Ragan, have you tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe? That might work for you as they do carry a ton of smaller sizes and you pick what you want to try on. Love your reviews, thanks!

  10. I actually signed up for this to try it out and canceled within the first month. The clothes seem “used” so they are not new with tags. They’ve been dry cleaned and recycled but if you want to keep them they give you a discounted price but nowhere near a realistic discount. I ordered 3 dresses and 1 skirt and the “discounted” price was still $300+ for each item. The fit on all items was off since you have to guesstimate your size. And I think for that price I’ll stick to going into Neiman Marcus (my equivalent to Bloomingdale’s) and try on items I want for that price point. I ended up mailing all my items back and canceled before the auto renew charged my credit card again.

  11. No. $149 for four pieces at a time seems crazy for my lifestyle.

    • I received the box of clothes that smelled like BEO it was so awful I couldn’t even take it I had to send them right back they didn’t do anything for me and send me a new box of clothes in a hurry I think it’s terrible I did the customer service is terrible

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