Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2019 Glam Bag!

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The November 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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  1. I decided not to pick a product this month. I’m receiving:

    MAC Cleanse Off Oil (good)
    Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Fearless (a little scared of the color but I will try it)
    Dome Beauty blush in English Rose (I love blush)
    Royal and Langnickel pro glow brush (eh)
    Delectable by Cake Beauty hand cream (fine)

    I added on:
    SDJ Coco Cabana Cream
    Bareminerals blush

  2. I read online if you pick a choice item then Ipsy doesn’t go off your profile but “builds a bag around your choice item. Someone emailed Ipsy and they confirmed this. So the guess is they have a number of premade bags based on the choice item.
    I’m going to play around with this if I don’t really love the choices next month.

    My bag is
    Tapered Face Brush P62
    Living Lip Balm in Natalia
    Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze
    Confidence in a Cream
    Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil (My choice)

    I’ve seen a few of this bag based on the same choice so it’s quite likely. Maybe this is why so many are saying Ipsy doesn’t listen to their profile.

    Overall I’m happy with my bag. I also added on the blush from bare minerals which I wanted to buy anyways.

    • I chose the IT Confidence in a cream and I’m receiving this exact same bag.

    • Anna, Your choice is also my choice and got a completely different bag from you so IDK.

      • Same here. I chose the oil and am getting a completely different bag. All four of my other items are different.

    • I also choice the oil and this is my exact bag. I’m good with it.

      I paused my gpb, but added on the wanderess palette and the veriphy serum.

    • Anna, I think it’s definitely true that they have premade bags because they have printed inserts with the bag contents, and they could not do that w/o a finite set of bags. They probably have 5-7? bags based around each main item for different options, like: no bronzers, no blush, likes masks, likes nail polish, etc. And if you fall into more than one category on the “nos” then it will seem like they didn’t listen to your profile. Like I have blush and lip gloss as rarely and bronzer as sometimes. If I had all of them on rarely, I think for sure I would have got one of them still because of them pushing the Gigi products. (I got the bronzer.)

      I read the same thing about them customizing the bag around a choice item. I think it really means that they use that one item as the “seed item” to chose which premade bag you are getting, not necessarily that they will then build out your bag and customize it the other 4 items based on your choice item. They have already determined the other contents of the bag w/ their premade picks.

      So when you choose an item, you may get stuck with an iteration of a bag that has more “no” products than you would normally get because by chosing an item you are removing one level of randomness.

      I hope that makes sense.

      • We should test this theory. If my brain still worked right…. 🙄 Just by everyone posting what they got and maybe some of us choosing the same thing but have different profiles to see what happens. Who’s got the brains for this? 🤣

    • That is ineresting. I keep getting bronzer even tho I have it listed as a rarely. LOL

  3. Really happy with a 5/5 Glam bag this month! I chose the It Cosmetics moisturizer and am also getting TheBalm liquid highlighter, Veriphy serum, Pixi bronze eyeshadow duo and Lock foundation. I added on a Coco Cabana cream.

  4. I ended up skipping plus and ultimate and only received a Glam Bag which is pretty much perfect for me this month. I added the Wander Beauty palette, the Coco Cabana cream and the IT moisturizer to round it out. Very happy!

  5. My bag was satisfactory, not fantastic. I got:

    Murad moisturizer with SPF 30 (my pick)

    Vasanti lip oil. The color looks nice, but I’m not a fan of lip oils, because they tend to disappear within an hour.

    MAC cleansing oil. Love cleansing oils. I was tempted to select this during selection time. Only reason I didn’t was because it’s tiny at 0.2 oz

    Skone eyeliner in black. Whatever.

    Lovecraft blush in Oscaria. The color seems pretty intense. Will have to see.

    I was surprised I didn’t receive any Gigi items, but I did add the Gigi contour brush and the Farmacy masks.

  6. If it weren’t for the add-ons I would probably cancel. For $12 it’s fun to get a few surprises, but only if they would be items I might try. There were so many items that clearly would have been a better fit. This bag proves that they don’t go by my profile. We should have the option in our profile to choose never on items that we do not and never will use.

    • You’re so very right Sherry Young‼️

      • Absolutely! I will use two items from this bag. The serum I chose and Confidence in a Cream. The blush they chose for me is terra-cotta. I am receiving bronzer which I never use. And of all the Gigi crap, I am getting the sparkly finishing powder. Never use that either. My “no” items are primers and highlighters. I wish I could add some others. Or I wish I could elect to receive ONLY skincare, fragrance, and lip products. If I wanted other make-up, I would have upgraded to plus. I purchased two Farmacy masks and a Juice Beauty serum. That one was an $18 splurge. I regret it now. That might end up on ebay.

    • Totally agree

      • I’m really getting two damn blushes this month! 🤦
        As per usual, I could definitely pick a great bag suited to my profile with the items they’re using, but instead I think I’ll use 1, maybe 2 items. Ipsy has REALLY been dropping the ball lately, but I’ve stayed subbed since they give you the option to buy the other items. But this month I’m seeing tons of items above that I didn’t have the option to buy, and they weren’t sold out, I didn’t see them at all.

        • Please send them an email. I got a repeat item last month and this month, the collab ingredients are absolute crap! This month, another blush in another shade that I can’t wear?
          Yes, I picked an item because it’s haircare and I have it marked frequently but never get any!
          I told them that after 3 1/2 , almost 4 years, I’m close to canceling.
          Long, drawn out, corporate response. Then, I’ve added 600 points to your account and sending you a gift that matches your profile.

          • I’ve done that once. And yeah, I probably got the same long, drawn out corporate response you did lol. And I don’t recall them giving me any points 😒 I’ve only been subbed abt 3 years. But it’s stuff like this that makes me not upgrade to either one of the other bags. Y’all can’t even get the least expensive one right, I’m not paying double just to be disappointed for more money lol. Out of all the Betty Boop products, lip, eyeliner, etc…I got a mascara. Which I have checked as rarely. Sooo…

  7. I am pretty happy with my bag and I didn’t make a choice. I am recieving Color Club nail polish in rocky mountain high (looks to be similar to nail polish I recieved last month), Slmissglam tapered face brush (this is so pretty!), Belief moisturizing eye bomb, Pixie by Petra Mineral Duo in nudes, IT cosmetics confidence in a cream.

    • That would have been an amazing bag for me. But I selected the Murad, and selecting can sometimes throw you out of a profile fit. Not complaining! It’s all experimental.

  8. I am getting in Glam Bag:

    – Dome Beauty pressed powder blush in English Rose

    – Gigi Gorgeous Trunt Touch up powder in Translucent. Not excited for this one at all

    – Royal & Langnickel Moda Pro Glow Brush

    – First Beauty Aid Ultra Repair Canibus & Oat Dry Oil

    -Naturelab. Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque (My Pick)

    • I wouldn’t use the Gigi Setting Powder as it has Talc in it, but that’s just me‼️

      • I wish I would have made the Gigi lip balm as my pick. Then I would not have been saddled with the Turnt Up crap powder. Damn!

      • Lots of things have talc in it….check the majority of eyeshadows..even if they use mica, nine times out of ten you will find talc somewhere in the list as well.

        • Agree.

        • the problem with talc in a face powder is that you’re likely to inhale it. talc is made from a raw material that can potentially contain naturally occurring asbestos which is harmful and carcinogenic when inhaled.

          • We’re all inhaling carcinogenic materials daily. That bit of talc in a cosmetic may or may not affect us. We should be more concerned about what’s spewing into our atmosphere from industry, exhaust, war, space exploration fallout, shall we continue…

          • If applying talc to lady parts is causing cancer and there is scientific proof and lawsuits regarding it, why are they still putting in anything? I’m not putting it on my face or the Dome Beauty blush either. It’s talc too.
            I do agree with you in regards to the toxic environment we live in.

          • The issue with the talc in this product is that it’s probably cheaply made like the Boop / Tetris and more likely to contain asbestos. Talc itself, pure medical grade, is fine. But it’s the lower quality talc that worries me. There is talc in my Viseart but I feel like the quality is better so I’m less worried. This cheap af Ipsy products though, I don’t trust.

  9. so glad i skipped this month. there is not a single thing i even want in this bag!

    • I skipped too! I told them if December is not better I’m seriously going to cancel

  10. Love my bag and my add ons. I believe this month’s add on selection was fabulously diverse. My only disappointment was the early sell out if the Laboratories eye cream. Drats, lol. What’s interesting is, Ipsy follows my profile on Glam Bag to a ‘T’. They didn’t on Plus. I cancelled Plus a while back. Glam Bag is a monthly little happy mail.

    • I felt the same way you do about Glam Bag Plus. I think there aren’t enough variants to customize GBP enough. I’ve not had any complaints about my glam bag customization, though!

      • I agree, Marion! I don’t ever see myself getting Plus again, nor Ultimate (that would be way too much every month w/U). I love my Glam Bag. It’s perfect every month and just enough to experiment and explore. I enjoy the option of selecting add ons at a wonderful price. Fun!

  11. Weird.

    Most the regular Glam Bag products were on my add-on choices for Plus.

    • I’m confused by the GiGi Gorgeous lip gloss I’m getting in my GBP because it’s also a $3 deluxe sample add on. If it’s a deluxe sample size why Is it in my GBP that’s supposed to have 5 full size products????

      • The GBP is receiving the full size version not the deluxe size.

      • Some of the $3 items are full size.
        Like the Gigi products, lip products and brushes. All are considered full size. Strange but true.
        I have messaged IpsyCare before regarding this issue.

        • Oh okay, thank you so much for clearing that up for me. I was very confused

  12. I’m getting:

    Glam Bag:

    Hola Neon tinted lip balm in call me (my choice)

    First Aid Beauty Cannabis and Oat dry oil

    Lovecraft Beauty Blush in Oscalia

    The Balm Cosmetics Mary Dew Manizer

    Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Body Cream

    Add Ons:

    Colourpop Through My Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (so excited for this, I just bought 3 new Colourpop palettes and I was planning on buying this one next)

    Veriphy Skincare Power Trip facial serum

    Delectable By Cake Hand Cream

    Glam Bag Plus:

    Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara in black

    Ciate London Courtney Act Stamp and Drag Liner

    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer

    Gigi Gorgeous less is more lipgloss in get into it (I’m confused about this one because they had it under the $3 deluxe sample add ons so how is it one of my 5 FULL SIZE GPB products?)

    Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus blush palette (my choice)

    Add on:

    La Chloris Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask

    Overall in really happy with both bags except for the Gigi Gorgeous lipgloss. I’m happy with the product I just dont understand how that counts as a full size item if they sell it for $3 as a deluxe sample size add on. Anyone else getting that in their GBP?

    • some of the $3 add-ons are full size. nail polish, for example, is usually a full size item present in the $3 add-on section and in GBP. brushes are also considered full size items. GBP, I’ve found, contain a mix of high and low end full size items. I’ve received $79 exfoliators and $10 NYX blushes. all in all, it’s generally a good deal if I like at least two of the items.

  13. I dislike 3 of my items this month… Nomad bronzer (NEVER use the stuff), an orangey peach blush (NOT my color) and that ridiculous shiny Gigi setting powder…. really??? My profile indicates my age. Why would I want to shine? So the powder will seek out and take up residence in every wrinkle? Disappointed.

  14. This is my first time with Ipsy Glam and out of the 5 products I can only use 2 items. In my beauty preferences I put no on foundation & no on highlighters ( I’m getting both) and I put neutral colors for blush and I’m getting a Mauve. So I added 5 products I will use, I do like the add on choice. I will give away the 3 that don’t work for me and try again in December.

    • I am pretty sure that is their intention with the offer of add ons. They know if your bag reveal sux, you will probably purchase additional stuff. I regret not buying the Green Clean last month. If you email IpsyCare, you can designate two types of items to not receive. Mine are highlighters and primers. It is a good idea to update your choices (send a reminder email) every few months to be sure the restriction doesn’t fall off.

      • Yes. But I buy add-ons even when I like my bag! And if you get the chance again, buy the Green Clean – it is awesome!

    • Interesting! I put that I rarely want neutral colors and usually only get those! For a change, I am getting a non-neutral gloss that I’m excited about. I added the mauve blush. I’m sorry I know it doesn’t help, but I’m commiserating with you. 😉

  15. Anyone willing to sell me their Beau Gachis Eye Shader Brush?

    • Look me up on swaps. Gingy from Shrek is my photo. I am getting that brush.

  16. I’m receiving:

    Gigi Lip Balm
    LOCK Color Foundation in 1 Fair Beige
    Huda Liquid Lipstick in Cheerleader
    Eva NYC Dry Shampoo
    Murad Essential C Moisturizer (my choice)

    I’m pretty happy with this month’s selection. The Huda lippy might be too dark for me… but I’ll blot my lips and then apply a gloss on top. That should tone it down, some.

    • Bag twin! I am so excited for the Huda lipstick! Not going to use the LOCK foundation nor the GiGi Balm, however.

  17. I’m getting: Naturelab Tokyo hair mask, my choice. First Aid Beauty cannabis and oat dry oil, can’t use it due to the colloidal oat. Royal & Langnickel makeup brush 🤷‍♀️. Dome Beauty blush in English Rose, color won’t work for me. Gigi Gorgeous translucent powder, and after looking at the ingredients, hell no! The 1st ingredient is TALC. The 2nd ingredient is ALUMINUM STARCH OCTENYLSUCCINATE. Nope!
    I don’t think Ipsy did their homework on the ingredients of the products they put into this absolute crap of a collaboration! Of all the products, the powder is the best product to match my profile. But, I will not be using it, nor will I even give it away. Straight to the trash is where that’s going!

    • That’s really a bummer it has talc in it! I have the worse bag I’ve ever received from ipsy! I’ve always thought that they give the worse products so you pay for the add ons? That’s just my opinion though! I’m sure others feel that way as well!

      • I’ve been with Ipsy for 3 1/2 years. Once or twice a year, I get bags that are completely off. As it has been explained to me in the past, that’s going to happen from time to time because it’s about trying new things. I get that, but I still want to try new stuff in the categories I want. However, if it hadn’t been for one of those bags, I would not be in love with facial oils and I never would have known how awesome IT Cosmetics is. Sometimes I try new stuff, other times, nope! I’m in my mid 40’s. Everything is changing!!! So, I still have my go to’s, but have found some new holy grails. But, I don’t like this collab at all.

        • Same here on the face oils! I have oily skin and love them because they actually make my skin produce less oil! I also use oil cleansers. I still am not coloring my brows, but thanks to ipsy I did realize the clear gels can be nice on them when needed. I learned that BB/CC creams are good for emergencies although I only wear mineral powder foundation. The creams work better for me than heavy liquid foundations.

          There are some things I wish we could opt out of because we *can not/will not* even try them. For example, the hair care Ipsy has sent have silicone and/or waxes in them. My hair cannot handle the buildup from even one use, and my gentle shampoos can’t remove them from suffocating my hair. So the products destroy my hair. I learned from trying some of the ones that say they have gentle silicones that don’t build up, but they do! Another thing is cleansers meant for acne cause me to produce more oil. Not a nice look.

          • We can opt out of certain categories, 2 is what I was told.

      • I agree! The disappointment drives you to spend more money!

    • I got the exact same bag

      • Did you select any of the items?

    • Thanks to everyone for explaining that talc can have asbestos in it. 🙁 Is there a way we can find out if it is a higher grade talc-for example in some higher end products we have? I wonder if contacting the company will get true answers. I have contacted a company about ingredients before and they freaked out.

      • I don’t believe there is a safe talc. I’ve been caring for people since 1996. One of the most commonly used hygiene products for babies and women was and has been body powder, which most are talc. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of women I have seen go through absolute hell because they used talc their whole lives. Google talc and the 1st thing that usually pops up is an AD for a lawsuit. 2nd is probably Wikipedia.
        I’m sure I have things with ingredients in it that aren’t safe, but I am definitely double checking everything lately.
        I did ask my teenager if she wanted either product and she saw talc in both and then aluminum in the Gigi and asked me wth is Ipsy thinking?! Neither one of us want either product and don’t even want to give them away. She’s going through her makeup now looking at ingredients. So far, so good. Not that everything is perfect or great, but talc and aluminum? She was like,”Is that Gigi powder antiperspirant for your face?” Lol! Uuuuhhhhh… Maybe? We do put aluminum in our armpits every morning don’t we? 🤷‍♀️

  18. I got-
    Pixi duo in nude (my choice)
    Gigi contour brush
    Delectable hand cream
    Hola neon lip balm (looks waaaay too dark for me)
    Wander highlighter

    Pretty meh….

    • The Hola Lip Balm is actually a rosy nude and is a your lips but better color.
      It appears dark but isn’t dark at all on the lips.

      • Good to know! Thanks!

  19. Out of my three bags this month, my Glam Bag is the one that I like the most this month.

    I’m getting:
    Pixi eyeshadow duo in Naturally Nude
    Oryza lipstick
    Qhemet Biologics hair cream
    Barefoot Venus hand cream
    Gigi Gorgeous body glow oil

    I am happy with everything except the last item, but only because I have absolutely no clue on how to use body glowing products.

    Pixi eyeshadow duo in Bronze
    Hola Neon tinted lip balm

    I’m hoping that my Boxycharm will be better this month. 🤞🏾

  20. My bag is meh. Does anyone know if I can opt out of a few brands? In past reviews there were a few brands I said NOT FOR ME! Yet they appear in future bags. 😠

    • No, you can’t opt out of brands. 🙁

      • I wish I could opt out of any more collaborations! Although I actually like the Betty Boop mascara.

    • Keep writing not for me even if you like one of their items. I think they want to see if you’ll like something else from the brand. There were a couple junky brands they used to regularly send out (HIKARI!). I kept rating it neg, but I did get one item of theirs I loved. I rated the item high and got more from them. So I made sure to always say “not for me”. It took a year or two of that, but I haven’t gotten any more of there items in the last couple years. Also, they haven’t sent out as much Hikari, but I did noticed they put out more for a while, and I stopped getting them.

  21. I’m disappointed with both my GB and GBP…my teenage daughter is getting everything.


    • FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil

    •SLMISSGLAM Tapered Face Brush P62

    •GIGI GORGEOUS Living Lip Balm in Natalia

    •PIXI BY PETRA Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze

    •IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cream


    •GIGI GORGEOUS The Sick Sculpt Bronzer Duo in Turnt + Extra

    •CIATÉ LONDON Dewy Stix in Glow

    •DOUCCE Punk Volumizer Mascara in Black

    •ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer

    •MURAD Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment

    Add Ons:

    •SLMISSGLAM Glitter Face Trio

    •VASANTI COSMETICS Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom

    • My GBP is identical to yours. I’m not wowed, but I’m thankful not to be receiving another garish eye palette

    • I can’t use the facial oil anywhere because of the colloidal oatmeal. I like facial oils, but I can’t use this one. Everything in my bag is going in stockings except for the hair mask, which I chose. I’m sure it isn’t easy, but with all the other things Ipsy is doing, I really wish they would come up with an algorithm for allergies and/or sensitivities.

      • This is a great idea! I would pay more for a bag that allows us to opt out of allergins/toxic ingredients/made in china. We can dream! 🙂

        • I wouldn’t pay more for Ipsy as there are subs like that out there. Ipsy gets their products for free or for pennies in exchange for their promotion. Ipsy banked millions last year. Enough to be able to create 3 collabs and revamp their company only to fail and cause a lot of loyal subscribers to leave.
          If you ever watch Ipsy offer videos, they’re always going on and on about certain brands and how great their ingredients are. At least the blush I got from the Madison Miller/Ofra/Ipsy collab is mica.
          Ipsy definitely chose wisely by keeping their bag below $15. At least they can still boast that they’re still the lowest priced beauty sub.
          At least my daughter will be able to use the oil. I think it will be a great starter oil for her.

  22. I got stuck with a Gigi product but thankfully it is the only one I might actually use. My bag contents

    Gigi lip balm
    Mac cleanse oil
    Royal and langnickel pro glow brush
    Verso serum
    Layla cosmetics nail polish

    Happy about the nail polish and cleanse oil which was the product I chose. The rest is usable to me so all in all a decent bag. I skipped plus though because of the Gigi collab. I didn’t want any of those makeup products.

  23. PIxi by Petra Bronze (great stocking stuffer, not for my skin tone)
    Gig Gorgeous translucent poweder (yay)
    MŌDA® Pro Glow highlighter brush (yay yay)
    IT confidence in a cream sample (yay)
    Verso serum (yay yay yay)

    I don’t know if they have been killing because my sub is up in December or I have been reviewing. Either way a win for me.

    • Bag twins!
      I’m not too happy about the Gigi powder but I’ll save it as a Christmas goodie bag item as I do with all my unwanted cosmetics, my gal pals love the beauty bags I put together 😊
      I AM excited about the Verso serum and It Cosmetics cream, I love skincare! The Pixi eyeshadow duo looks like the perfect shades for enhancing my blue eyes and as for the brush; atleast it’s not another eyeshadow brush. Overall I’m pretty happy with my bag.

  24. I’m getting MAC cleanser oil (my choice)
    Delectable by Cake beauty hand cream
    Pixi bronze duo
    Dome beauty blush
    Beau Gachis eye shader brush

    I don’t wear bronzer or blush so this month is a bummer. Hard to get excited about hand cream

    • I didnt choose an item this month.. I let ipsy choose for me. I’m getting the

      Gigi contour brush
      Sol de janeiro coco cabana
      Lovecraft beauty blush
      Nature lab Tokyo hair mask’- i opted out of hair products

      The balm liquid highlighter- I live highlighter but not liquid.. I will mix it in my body creme.

      I added on the Gigi blush and the farmacy face mask like last time.

      • I like your idea to mix the liquid highlighter with body cream! I mix liquid highlighter into some of my moisturizer to tone it down for a more natural application-and apply it while applying moisturizer but just on the targeted areas. It makes a natural glow you can control. In the summertime, some highlighters mix well into moisturizer for a nice subtle all over face glow.

    • I hear you… Not exactly thrilled with this month either. Everything in my Glambag expect the hair mask that I chose will go in a stocking. I do understand it’s hard to get excited about certain items that might not appeal to us, like hand cream. That’s exactly what I thought the 1st time I got a sample of cake beauty hand cream. My hands get pretty dry in the winter. I just started using it again at night before bed and it’s the best one I’ve ever had.

    • My mistake…the Pixi duo is eyeshadow and NOT bronzer! That makes me happier (even though I totally use bronzers from sub boxes as eyeshadow anyway.)

  25. I keep getting skincare products for oily skin or acne. My profile is set for wrinkles, redness, dryness and hyper-pigmentation. My glam bag has a mask for blackheads and glam bag plus has the Murad skin perfecting lotion which says it’s for blemish prone oily skin. 🙁 I am so tired of Ipsy paying no attention to my profile. I fill out the reviews every month. 🙁

  26. LA CHLORIS URBAN BOTANICS Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask

    GIGI GORGEOUS Living Lip Balm in Natalia

    LAYLA COSMETICS Layba Nail Polish in 1012

    HOLA NEON Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me

    MURAD Essential-C Day Moisturizer (my choice)

    I feel like this represents my profile pretty well. I’m surprised to be getting 2 lip balms. It’s not an exciting item, but I’m not unhappy about it. With the winter coming, I’ll definitely be using them.

    DELECTABLE BY CAKE BEAUTY Triple Citrus Hand Cream (my favorite brand of hand cream!)


    VERSO Serum

  27. Not a single Gigi product in my bag! Thank you ipsy!! I’ll use four of the five items (that LOCK foundation looks too dark for me). Happy camper here.

    • Me too but I’m planning on mixing it with a too light shade and hoping it will work!

  28. Love my bag this month!

    Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze

    Turnt Touch Up Powder in Translucent

    MŌDA® PRO GLOW Brush

    Hydration Serum

    Perfect Repair Treatment Masque *My pick

    *Add ons *

    Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil

    Living Lip Balm in Natalia

    Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream

    • Bag twins! Did you choose the Verso? I did.
      Different add ons.

  29. My Glam Bag:

    NATURELAB. TOKYO Perfect Repair Treatment Masque
    LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Blush in Oscalia
    SOL DE JANEIRO Coco Cabana Body Cream
    WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess™ Glow Highlighter in After Hours
    HOLA NEON Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me

    My add-ons:

    NOMAD COSMETICS Berlin Underground Intense Eyeshadow Palette
    TOO FACED Damn Girl! Mascara
    DELECTABLE BY CAKE BEAUTY Triple Citrus Blend Hand Cream
    FARMACY Coconut Gel Sheet Mask Duo
    GIGI GORGEOUS The Gorgeous Contour Brush

    • Your glam bag sounds good!

  30. I am pretty happy with my bag this month. I’m getting:

    Murad C Essential Moisture Cream

    Gigi Gorgeous Lip Balm in Natalia

    TheBalm Cosmetics Mary-Dew Manizer

    Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Cheerleader

    FAB Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil (the product I chose)

    Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Body Cream (add-on)

    SLMISSGLAM Tapered Brush in P62 (add-on)

    Grace & Stella Blackhead Removal Mask (add-on)

    • Interesting! I got the exact same bag, except I picked the Murad, not the FAB!

  31. I’m receiving:

    Tapered Face Brush P62

    Living Lip Balm in Natalia

    Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze

    Confidence in a Cream

    Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil

    Not super excited, but not disappointed.

    • I’m receiving the same items. It’s a bit better than last month’s glam bag. I’ll just give the bronzer and brush to a friend

    • This would be my perfect bag!

  32. I’m going to cancel my Ipsy bag after seeing my reveal. This month is just a bunch of useless items besides the one I picked (IT cosmetics cream):

    Power Trip Phytoglycogen + AHA Facial Serum

    L.O.C.K. COLOR
    L.o.c.k. It Good Boundation in 5 Medium Buff

    Living Lip Balm in Natalia

    Mary-Dew Manizer

    Confidence in a Cream

    • This is my bag too.

  33. I got:

    Color Club Nail Polish in Cat Walk
    Gigi Gorgeous The Gorgeous Contour Brush
    Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Snobby
    Delectable by Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream
    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil (my pick)

    Probably the best bag I have received ever! LOVE all except for the Gigi Gorgeous. I wanted the Huda Beauty so much and finally received it AND in the one color I wanted. Very happy!

    • That’s a great bag! I almost chose the cannabis oil and now wish I did.

    • Exact same bag for me (FAB was also my pick)! I wonder if they have a set group of options based on your choice pick. I’m pretty happy though – My bag matches my profile well.

  34. Murad Essential C lotion
    Oryza lipstick
    Lovecraft blush in Dauphine
    Gigi touch up powder
    Fab cannabis oil (my pick)

    Added on Veriphy serum.

    It’s an EH kind of a bag. The value is there but I am hoping for a better bag next month

    • How do you pick the sample your getting? I saw that they were allowing everyone to pick one sample but I don’t see the option anywhere for me.

      • Sample pick was on October 24th and was open for 24 hours only.

        • Thank you!

  35. I’m getting:
    – Skone Cosmetics Eyeliner in Jet Black
    – Murad Essential-C SPF 30
    – Gigi Gorgeous Lip Balm in Natalia
    – Grace & Stella Blackhead Removal Mask
    – Pixi by Petra Duo in Naturally Nude

    I added on:
    – YTTP Superfood Air-Whip moisturizer
    – Playlist Body Lotion in Pineapple Sorbet

    I’m pretty happy with this bag 🙂

  36. I skipped the choice option this month since when I chose last month I got a terrible bag when I usually get a great one. This month is better but not as good as usual. My bag:

    Lock Boundation in light buff (marked rarely won’t use)
    Gigi translucent powder (meh. I’ll try it)
    Cake Beauty triple citrus hand cream (ok but marked rarely)
    Verso serum (love!!)
    Love craft blush in oscalia (meh. I’ll try it)

    I added on Bare Minerals blush in mauve sunrise and Vasanti power oils lip gloss in super mom. I have all lip items marked as often but didn’t get any which is super annoying! I have blush marked often as well but would prefer non-Ipsy exclusive ones especially since they already included a Gigi item this month. At least I got that awesome serum!

    • That super mom gloss wasn’t available by the time I added my choices, but I got that from ipsy in summer 2017 and loved it. It is a very wearable color, nothing wow, but as someone who can’t do nudes or pinks that are too warm (super picky!), I was happy to find this pink so wearable. I hope you love it!

  37. I am getting

    Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++- I love citrus scented products.

    The Sick Sculpt Bronzer in Turnt- I was bummed until I remembered my mom is called GiGi so was planning to give her any GiGi product I got.

    Blackhead Removal Mask- I was hoping to get this I love peel off masks don’t own a black one and it is 30 ml .

    MŌDA® PRO GLOW Brush- MEH for some reason Ipsy only sends me boring black brushes. I added a blue brush to feel better .

    Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me- My choice it was full size plus I already own 2 of their lipsticks and they last a long time.

  38. My first post didn’t post so I will try again.
    Loved my bag this month, very on point with my profile. I got:
    -L.O.C.K. COLOR L.o.c.k. It Good Boundation in 4 Light Buff
    -PIXI by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze
    -theBalm cosmetics May Dew Manizer
    -IT cosmetics confidence in a cream

  39. I got:

    VERIPHY SKINCARE – Power Trip Phytoglycogen + AHA Facial Serum

    Pixi by Petra – Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude

    The Balm Cosmetics – Mary-Dew Manizer

    GIGI Gorgeous – Turnt Touch Up Powder in Translucent

    IT Cosmetics – Confidence in a Cream (was my choice)

    Huda Beauty – liquid lipstick in Trendsetter as Add-On

    • bag twins!

  40. I’m pleased with mine. I usually am. Only 1 product I’m not a fan of.

    Slmissglam tapered face brush
    Gigi gorgeous Living lip balm in Natalia
    Pixi by petra Mesmerizing mineral duo in mineral bronze
    It cosmetics Confidence in a cream
    First aid beauty Ultra repair cannibis and oat dry oil

    Sol de Janeiro Coco cabana body cream
    Grace and stella Black head remover mask
    Farmacy sheet mask duo

  41. I have 2 Ipsy accounts and opted for just the regular bag in each. And am receiving the exact same bag in both accounts. So much for customization.

    Verso Serum
    GiGi touchup powder
    Pixi eyeshadow – Mineral Bronze
    Royal & LangNickel brush
    IT Confidence in a Cream

    The only thing I like is the Verso.

    • Bag twins…it’s just meh to me.
      Picked Verso, happy to try cream, the rest is eh…

  42. I am very happy with my bag this month! It felt very customized to my profile as far as things I want, don’t want and brand favorites. I have been skipping my glam bag plus and buying the regular glam bag with $3 add ons of my choice and am very happy paying around $25 for a bag I’m actually excited to get every month.
    I got:
    Lock color foundation
    Veriphy serum
    Pixi by Petra eyeshadow duo
    The Balm mary dew manizer
    IT cosmetics confidence in a cream

    • You did get a good bag!

      I almost miss being in the dark about my bag until it’s on the way. I used to get so excited for my reg. GB.

      I think after Xmas I will try skipping on GBP and just scooping up a $12 add-on or two that I really like. I’m getting 1-2 things in by GBP that I really want and so much other stuff that I don’t care about.

  43. Wow, my bag! 😍

    – Murad SPF moisturizer (my pick)
    – FAB face oil
    – Huda matte lipstick in Cheerleader
    – Gigi lip balm in Natalia
    – theBalm Mary Dew-Manizer

    It doesn’t say what scent the lip balm is, which is a little annoying. I hope it’s anything but vanilla.

    I really wanted one of the Huda lip products this month…. amazed that I finally got one! (Of course, of the 5 shades Ipsy sent out, I received the ONE shade I won’t be able to use, lol.)

    • I signed up for the HUDA when I saw the spoiler! Love, love the products and the cheerleader shade. I thought it would be a customization option. When I saw it wasn’t, I wrote to cs to request it. My profile has “want lip products in every color in every bag” and I didn’t get a single one in the bag. Definitely disappointed.

      • Don’t give up! They’ve sent out Huda lip products in multiple months, & this is the first time I’ve actually gotten one!

        • I have 2 bags……four years now. Never a huda product!!! Always get a lippee though

  44. Bare Minerals blush

    FAB cannabis oil

    Oryza lipstick

    Delectable hand cream

    GiGi lip balm

  45. Uuuugh Ipsy won’t stop sending me blushes. I got TWO in one bag and one in another!!!! And I’m also getting a bronzer/contour powder. Between rating the items I get and my beauty profile, this definitely doesn’t make sense >:-|

    • I hear you! I am so sick of blushes at this point. I have gotten one every month for at least the last three months. I updated my profile a couple of months ago and it doesn’t seem to do any good.

    • I am the same way! This is my fifth bag and I’ve gotten blush in three. So irritating!!

  46. Im done with Ipsy at this point. So glad I skipped GBP yet again this month. Only 2 products in the regular bag that I will even try to use one of which was my pick. Its been this way for 3 months straight.

    Anyone have suggestions on a new sub to try???

    • I just switched to boxy. They send different brands and products. Ipsy sends the same brands and items over and over.

    • Allure is looking good to me for the next few months at least.

    • You know, I think I’m done too. I haven’t been happy in awhile, but Ipsy was my first beauty sub (almost as soon as it began) and for some stupid reason I can’t explain, I’m obviously sentimental about letting it go. I have skipped the Glam Bag Plus for two months in a row and after looking at the products offered this month, I see I was wise to do so. They are still circulating products I received in the September GBP! If you don’t get something now, you will eventually. But anyway, I decided to get the regular bag this month. Let’s just say it wasn’t stellar. I got a Pixi eyeshadow duo (blah), a brush, a blush that looks peachy (nope), a blackhead mask (double nope) and the Mac cleansing oil (my choice). I surveyed the add-ones and started to get a few things, but only ended up with the $12 full size eye cream (which is a steal; $56 at Nordstrom’s). I have zero interest in YouTube collabs. Maybe I’m just suffering from product overload and beauty sub burnout. I get Boxy/BoxyLuxe, Allure and BeautyFix (except the last few boxes). I’m thinking I need to cash out my Ipsy points now and let December be my Ipsy swan song. I hope you all loved what you got in your bags!!!

      • I’m the same….loyal as can be, never paused or skipped, had all 3 tiers from the start of each and finally got on after 8 months it came out, but at this point its went down hill and the lies for years about “just do reviews” and this and that and it’s still bad. This month I am getting 3 items that I have already been sent in the past 4 years. Not happy and didnt like them then and dont now..chella eyebrow gel, benefit high beam, and something else I’ve recieved already..its sad what they are doing and the direction they’ve taken. I think I am about to take a break from them come January as well.

        I dont believe they thought put the ultimate much and its messed up the whole system, then I believe add ons are designed to make you spend more money on brands/items that more fit your profile and likes vs what they send you.

        I’m hopeful they will listen to people whom are unhappy and will make positive changes to make all 3 tiers cohesive and that way a better way for us to choose what works for us and then add on things here and there as well. Right now it just seems to be a huge mess up.

  47. Glam Bag:

    -M.A.C. Cleanse Off Oil
    -PIXI by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze
    -ORYZA Lipstick in Opus
    -MURAD Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (my pick)


    -VERSO SKINCARE Hydration Serum
    -L.O.C.K. COLOR L.o.c.k. It Good Boundation in 4 Light Buff
    -VERIPHY SKINCARE Power Trip Phytoglycogen + AHA Facial Serum
    -PURLISSE Blue Lotus Brightening Serum
    -NOMAD COSMETICS Berlin Underground Intense Eyeshadow Palette

    Really like everything in my bag this month and actually kinda surprised I didn’t get a Gigi Gorgeous collab item (which I thought was the norm when they do these collabs).

    Add-Ons got me with all the serums (love skincare!) and the Nomad palette that almost tempted me into getting the PLUS that month. Glad I could snag it here as an add-on since it wasn’t available then!

  48. I may not use the choice option anymore. I feel like since I have started using it, I only get one good product, which is the one I pick. The rest are just random and don’t really fit my profile.

    • I buy add ons every month and I don’t feel that’s true for me. My bag this month felt like I picked it myself. Totally on point with my profile likes, dislikes and brand favorites.
      Are you an annual subscriber or do you pay monthly? I’m curious if annual subscribers get less than perfect bags because they know you can’t cancel. It’s what stops me from pulling the trigger on pre paying, I’m just kind of skeptical.

      • I’m annual and love my bags. Spot on to profile.

      • No, I’m a monthly subscriber. Next month I’m going to experiment a little. I have two accounts, so I am going to pick an item on one and not the other.

      • We have 2 annual subs here-with identical profiles because we have the same undertones and style and close in age-one of us gets bags more spot on and the other gets a dud. It is baffling. We have both been subbed for years, and in the beginner her was better with all the really fun colors that we love and more makeup. Now it has suddenly switched where I am getting more fun things and she gets more skin care and warm neutral makeup. I get a lot of warm neutrals too, that neither of us can use, but lately I’ve been getting more of the good fall colors…and she is getting another warm bronzer and warm blush and the rest is skin care.

    • Someone on reddit said if you pick an item, they customize the box around that item and not your profile? WTF?

      • I customized and this month they actually followed my profile, not one rarely item which is a first.

      • It’s always been that way. For a while they let us pick and it was like that. They have a bunch of preset mixes. So if you opt out of certain items, that will opt you out of bags that might have things you love. So I don’t choose anymore and I don’t opt out. I end up getting 2-3 items I love and sometimes the other items are things I will at least be able to use. So I go with it. I don’t want to miss out on a great color because I opted out of something in that bag.

      • Someone posted that Ipsy did confirm this.

    • On reddit they said that if you pick an item, they customize your box to compliment that item and not based so much on your profile.

  49. For reference, I did not choose a sample this month.

    I’m getting: GIGI GORGEOUS Living Lip Balm in Natalia (major eye roll), ROYAL & LANGNICKEL MŌDA® PRO GLOW Brush, FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Cannabis & Oat Dry Oil, HUDA BEAUTY Liquid Matte in Medusa, and BAREFOOT VENUS Wild Ginger & Sweet Orange Mini Instant Hand Repair.

    Not my best bag ever but could be worse for sure. This is the 2nd month in a row of not picking any add-ons because they all suck. I feel like I’ve seen the same 20 or so products for three months in a row. Please stop trying to clear out old stock by sending us zombie products. C’mon ipsy… You can do way better. Stop with these collabs. There are 10 billion beauty products out there to choose from already.

    • I like your bag a lot. 🙂

      • 🙂 Thanks, Marion!

  50. I got:
    Skone Eyeline
    Oryza Lipstick
    Gigi Translucent Powder
    Cake Beauty Hand Balm
    First Aid Cannabis Oil (my pick)

    Any add-ons worth it?

    • I love the add ons! I got MAC cleaning oil, a tinted lip balm, and a black head removal mask. The First aid cannabis oil wasn’t in the add ons or I would have snagged that!

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