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Ipsy Glam Bag July 2021 – Full Spoilers + Flash Sale Now Live

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2019 Glam Bag!

The November 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. One thing that they forgot to mention for the Hola Neon balm in “Call Me” is that it’s actually a nude, and it REEKS of coconut.

    I got it as an add-on for my Plus, and tossed it after one use.


    • I LOVE coconut!

    • I got that as an add-on too and now that I look at the actual swatch on their site, I see it looks nothing like I expected. The ipsy swatch and product make it look like you could at least get a decent rose or light red color. Ugh.

  2. Mine are so bad I’m hoping my mailman will steal it. Since he is a really nice old Hispanic dude that has never stolen any of my parcels, I think I’m out of luck. Ipsy you are seriously on the chopping block.

  3. Mine has shipped.

  4. I ended up skipping this month because I didn’t like the bag and didn’t see anything in initial spoilers that I really wanted/needed. But that bare minerals blush looks pretty and is a shade I don’t have – maybe they will have it in a future month.

  5. Hello,
    Mot sure if this is the correct spot to post this but appreciate your allowing me to ‘vent’. I truly enjoy the Ipsy concept, their offerings. I have been a member for almost a year to the two original subscriptions. There have been a few hiccups (3) and I did contact customer care trying to resolve. But this week I have reached my limit with them. I understand growth in a company but this makes no sense. I ordered many ‘shopper items’ to use as gifts, most are the previous bags, and special collections. When shipped special collections are thrown into the bottom of the box with no packing/protection. On this past order, it was a 2 collections and 3 previous bags. Many items crushed, one bag missing the ‘toggle’ and due to the type of toggle cannot open the bag nor repair. Contacted CS, shocked at their reply: For the non- usable bag a $2.48 credit; I replied them saying that was not acceptable as the zipper cannot be repaired their reply, to ship it back to Ipsy and there will be a $5.00 restocking fee. Is Ipsy under new management or investors, extremely poor CS in my opinion. And why not put the special collections item in a zip lock why throw them in the shipping box. (as an fyi, on the crushed items I am going to wrap the ones that can be gifted in tissue paper I had tried to see if I had an earring or something to use as a toogle (but the bag clasp arm is broken)

    • WOW. I don’t believe that I like my ipsy subscription enough to stick around after this, had this happened to me. Any issues I’ve had, I’ve emailed them (probably ipsy twice in 3 years and another sub 2 or 3x in 3 years) and the responses are all basically the same- nothing we can do, we pick the items for your bag based on your profile, the point is to try new things, thanks for your business 🤷 it’s conditioned me to not contact them if I have any more issues. I’ll just unsub. Which is exactly what I’d be doing after this and telling them exactly why, too.

  6. I picked the Hola Neon lip balm, bc I can never have enough balms (they tend to grow legs and walk away), but I’m wishing I hadnt bc the rest of the bag is stuff I would never choose. Nude eyeshadow, yet another highlighter and fluffy brush, and a hand cream (the cream I’m ok with, I’ve been wanting to try one of those for some time) overall I’m just disappointed that this is the 3rd or 4th time a Huda lip product has been offered and I haven’t gotten one one single time. After skipping the last 3 months, this one is kind of a letdown

  7. I love November’s animal print bag! Was not a fan of October’s Betty Boop bag or the contents. I’m happy with my November picks

    Nail Polish in Rocky Mountain High

    The Gorgeous Contour Brush

    Confidence In a Cream

    Wanderess Glow Highlighter in After Hours

    Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude (my pick!)

    And I couldn’t resist some add-ons!

    The Only Blush in Authentic

    Less is More Lip Gloss in Get Into It

    Damn Girl Mascara

    I had no idea who Gigi Gorgeous was when I added them, I just thought the colors were really pretty. I see now that it’s a new line, so I hope its good stuff!

    • I love the animal print, too! You’re bag looks great!

      • *your*

  8. I’m pretty happy. Most of these brands I’ve never tried.

    Seraphine Blush quad (choice item – I’ve never tried this brand but this has good reviews)

    Gigi Gorgeous bronzer duo (excited to try this even tho I’m not a big bronzer person but I can use it as a base eye shadow as well.)

    Doucce Mascara (never tried this one so I’ll give it a go. I hate spending money on mascara so it’s good I get it in sub boxes)

    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer (I had never heard of this so I googled it and watched some YouTube videos and found out it is well loved so now I’m excited to try it)

    Apto Skincare Promegranate Mask (I’m middle of the road on this. I’ve never heard of this brand either but I enjoy masks)

    Add ons:

    Coco Cabana Cream
    Bare Minerals Bounce Blush
    Wander Rush Eye Palette
    Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Quad

  9. I love my bag this month it’s like they actually know me lol. Was away for awhile so happy to Resub.

  10. I like my bag except the foundation. Not always a fan of trying new foundations. But you never know. 

    L.O.C.K. COLOR

    L.o.c.k. It Good Boundation in 4 Light Buff (not super happy as is marked as rarely on my quiz)


    Mary-Dew Manizer (Love! Add over matt foundation AMD this will be perfect for upcoming Christmas events)


    Blackhead Removal Mask (will just use on my nose. This way the worst area is covered but prevents a big mess)


    Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom (Not sure until I try but not sad to get it)


    Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ (My pick, but will save for the spring)

    And last of al but so super happy I was able to get thos as an add-on!!


    Time-Filler Eyes Absolute Eye Correction Cream

  11. *VERIPHY SKINCARE Power Trip Facial Serum (love me some skincare and this is a new brand for me)

    *THE BALM COSMETICS Mary-Dew Manizer (eh, highlighter overload, have not even touched the Ofra sent a couple of months back. this looks like it could be good to mix into body lotion)

    *GIGI GORGEOUS Touch Up Powder (was hoping for the GiGi bronzer, oh well…)

    *IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cream (yesssss skincare)

    *PIXI BY PETRA Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude (my pick)

  12. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw my spoilers for my Glam Bag, but then when I look at the other options this month…I’m happier with my bag. Lol. Not really thrilled with any of it. Glad I paused my GBP.

  13. I’m not super excited about my bag, but I will use it all, so yay? It’s not terrible, but it is a very boring bag for me. Definitely going to try not picking an item next month to see if I start loving my bag again!

    My bag:
    Power Trip Phytoglycogen + AHA Facial Serum – (OFTEN) I have been wanting to incorporate serums into my skincare routine and thanks to Ipsy this is the 3rd one I’ve gotten in 3 months! Love that I have 3 different brands/types to try.

    Blush in Dauphine – (SOMETIMES) I think I did this to myself by switching my color preferences to peaches/nudes to get away from pink blushes. Terracotta is NOT my color but I love the brand and will at least try it out!

    L.O.C.K. COLOR
    L.o.c.k. It Good Boundation in 1 Fair Beige – (OFTEN) Again, set to often to try to get the Smashbox from last month (and ended up being able to pick that one as my choice), so I did this to myself lol. Time to redo the quiz! I will try it, the description seemed promising and I do like S Korean foundations/BB creams!

    MŌDA® PRO GLOW Brush (OFTEN) – YASSSS BRUSHES. Yay new brand to try, yay that it’s not an eye brush!

    Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ (OFTEN) – my pick. Love Murad, love moisturizer, love SPF.

    ADD ON:
    Tinted Lip Balm in Call Me – can’t wait for this one! Love it!

    I guess my biggest concern is that 2/5 items (foundation and blush) could be bad color matches. Technically it’s a good fit according to my quiz, so I’m going to go back through and redo it!

  14. I also added on the light pink Milani gloss because I heard it is a dupe for the Buxom formula which is my absolute favorite. Has anyone compared the Milani and Buxom glosses? The only glosses that sit on my lips the way Buxom does, without being too sticky, are Bareminerals and Butter London. I would love a less expensive option.

  15. I added the cocoa cabana cream too! I didn’t like the scent at first, but it grew on me. It smells better once it’s on. I prefer their bum bum cream scent and formula, but I really like this scent too.

    Does anyone know how good for you the ingredients in the Gigi lip balm are? I’m hoping it’s good. I don’t recognize the first couple of ingredients; so I will eventually look them all up.

  16. So happy with my bag! I’ll be getting:

    Murad essential-c cream (my choice)
    FAB dry oil
    GiGi lip balm
    Scone cosmetics eyeliner
    Pixi by Petra duo in mesmerizing bronze

    I also went a bit crazy with add ons. Super happy. Since we had to get a GiGi item, I’m glad it’s a lip balm- always useful.

  17. people keep saying that they build your bag around the item you pick, but I’m not sure how true that is. I picked Murad mousturizer this month and what i’m getting also is morrocan rose mask (I love masks that are not sheet masks), two lip balms – one from Gigi gorgeous and one tinted from hola Neon. excited about Gigi gorgeous one, cause out of everything in that collection, its the one thing i would have picked out myself. not sure about tinted balm, but at least its a balm and not a lipstick (I have lipsticks as no, and balms as occasionally) and layla nail polish in dark blue. I have nail polishes set as often (loooove them) and its within my preferred color selection. so unless its one heck of a coincidence, it seems like this bag was personalized around my choices, rather then moisturizer I picked. /shrug. last month’s bag made me a bit annoyed, but this one is right on the money as far as my preferences go, so good job ipsy 🙂

  18. It’s gotten to where the only reason I still have Ipsy is for add-ons. I’m basically paying them $12 a month for the privilege of paying them more for what I wish I had gotten in my bag. After looking at all of the products available this month, I feel like they truly went out of their way to send me the only 5 things I didn’t want. It’s so weird to me. I usually roll my eyes hard when people complain about what they get in a $12 subscription bag, but I’m starting to understand the extreme frustration people are feeling. I’m super new to subscription boxes and have only had this one for three months but every month with Ipsy is a disappointment which I just don’t understand. After looking at everything that was available this month that I could have gotten, there were TONS of things I would have wanted and would have been easy to send me if only they had paid one ounce of attention to my profile.

    Here’s the thing, if they aren’t going to use the profile why not just say that?!?!?!? Then I would know to stay away from them. But they literally state on my account every single month, “we are personalizing your glam bag just for you” and tell me to “make sure you rate your bag by x date to make sure your next bag will be personalized for you”. Yet every month they send me 5 items that are all on my “rarely” list. EVERY MONTH.

    Since I’m so new to Ipsy, I also made the mistake of ordering two mystery bags because I was so excited at the idea and both of them also contained the only 5 products from each of their respective months that I did not want. I know it’s $12 but I signed up to receive samples tailored to me in order to truly sample products in hopes of finding things I want to buy full size.

    I know that it is a sample box and I’m not going to love every single thing every month. But after 3 months to have received only items on my rarely list (or one month I got a nail polish which I love nail polish and marked “frequent” but it was in a shade I marked “rarely” and looks terrible on me) I think it’s just not for me. It might just be $12 but I guess I just need to spend $12 every month on something I’ve been wanting to try instead.

    To sum up this long boring rant I just want to say that I’ve also had to contact customer service about an issue before and they were beyond disappointing. Very unconcerned and unwilling to help.

    • My bag was spot on?

    • I don’t see this as a rant at all. I see this as a very well written opinion.
      I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for 3 1/2 years. I’ve tried several other beauty subs over the years as well and always ended up with box envy and even more disappointment than my Ipsy.
      If you want to know what other subs I’ve tried and my opinions, just ask.
      That being said, I have been very disappointed in Ipsy lately. I recently updated our budget and made some cuts here and there. Ipsy is the only sub I kept. I did mention that when I wrote into ipsycare regarding a repeat item. I would not have cared if it had been an item I had rated highly and have marked send frequently. But, it was a repeat of an item I mark low every single time, marked send rarely, yet I’m getting it frequently. Why?! Ipsy’s response was corporate bs, so I sent screenshots and got snarky about looking at my account before responding. Response was that they’re sorry, here’s 600 points for the inconvenience. Thanks? I guess. I responded back and said that I am seriously considering canceling. This IS their worst year ever. I know they’re loosing customers… I hope y’all at Ipsy are planning on straightening things out by the new year and start treating your customers right. It’s not just a subscription anymore. It’s a subscription plus . Please forward this email conversation to someone higher up. They really need to hear what their customers are feeling.
      Waiting to hear back…

      • Thank you for the response! Very kind of you. I would love to know the other subs you have tried, especially the ones you are happiest with. I’ve had Birchbox for 3 months and I LOVE it. I have found one box is not enough though as they are so addictive! I will miss the bags from Ipsy as Birchbox doesn’t have those and I have loved the bag each month. Especially November, I have been into leopard print since forever. My husband calls me leopard lady. 😊

      • Hi Joy B.! Sorry it’s been a couple of days, family in town. 😍 I have tried quite a few subscriptions over the years that are not beauty subs. I’ll tell you about the beauty subs subs now and if you want to know the other types of subs, just let me know. I will be happy to talk about that too. Please keep in mind that I was raised frugal and I still am. I’m not going to pay more than $15 for a monthly beauty subscription. 🤷‍♀️ I know longer work due to my health. So, anything I spend money on best be worth it to me and mine. Meaning, I like to share what I won’t use.
        In 2016, a friend introduced me to the world of subs! Lol! At the time, Birchbox & Ipsy were $10 per month. I signed up for both at the same time. Birchbox nailed it, Ipsy did not. Thinking I only had the budget for 1, I canceled Ipsy and ended up missing a month but I did resub and have been a loyal subscriber since. Idk how Birchbox nailed that 1st month and failed the rest. I found some of the samples in Birchbox to be so tiny that just one use??? After getting one and sometimes 2 different types of sunscreens in my box 3 months in a row, I wrote in and practically begged for no more. Response was, no problem. Next month, 2 more! Asked Birchbox wth? Oh, one is meant as a base layer aka moisturizer & the other a top layer spray so they really aren’t just sunscreen. 🙄 That was also when they completely changed their rewards points system too. So, I canceled after 6 months. I recently did their free box with subscription because I figured I would get samples I could use on vacation. 2 for $15? Why not? I do have foil packets marked which does help you get extras. I liked everything in my box except one thing. In my extra, random box, 3 different types of sunscreens! 🙄😂 One of which is the very same exact one from Coola, scent and all! 🤣 I love Coola setting spray, but I would never spend money on their sunscreen. I could not get one use out of it. The face sunscreen, well, I had to cut the tube open to get anything out and it was barely enough for my small face. Had I spent $15 and gotten just that box??? No. Definitely not worth it to me.
        When I was considering dropping Birchbox, I tried Play by Sephora. They have a set number of variations, fragrance is the 6th item & a plastic bag. They used to be cloth. $15 + taxes, plural because it will include any and all taxes including local, so it was $16.42 for me. Rewards programs? Yes, but I simply don’t spend that much… I did like some of my bags but, I always had bag envy because it never seemed like they sent the variation that fit me. More like the 3rd best option. 5 months? BB5/Beauty Box 5, no longer in business but I loved it at the time. I used to sub to the $5 quarterly beauty box but it just got pretty sad and not worth it to me anymore. That’s $20 per year that I was spending on foil packets and repeat after repeat every season. 🤷‍♀️ Target Beauty Box is a pay by the month. It used to be, people set their alarms so they wouldn’t miss out. Target boxes, $7, were so good they would sometimes sell out within hours. I think I have purchased 4 this year. Allure, $15 + taxes, I was paying $16.48. I LOVED THE ALLURE BEAUTY BOX! They didn’t use to do variations which was one of the biggest selling points for me. Plus the products and the value. Supposedly, they send you a gift every year for being a loyal subscriber, and sometimes other random extras for some. Not me. Never got anything extra. Had to hound them for months just to get my sign up gift. Idk wth they’re doing but after they started doing variations, it’s just been down hill. Getting worse by the month. In April, after 2 years of being a loyal subscriber, not only did I not get a gift which was a necklace, but new subscribers did?! Then, when I did finally get my box, it wasn’t even a variant shown. It was a box of crap from months past and inside, a tiny, colorful card showing the bottom of the barrel, repeat products (obviously preplanned) and on the other side, a note explaining that I am considered a loyal subscriber so that’s why they’re sending me this box of leftover crap. There were 2 extra items, an extra dry shampoo and some foil packet. It was my neighbor’s 1st box. She got the good stuff, the necklace and 2 sign up gifts. So, yes Allure, I know! And if this is how you treat loyal subscribers, I don’t think I want to be one. I was promised the necklace and a care package to stay. They sent me someone else’s Sunday Riley package but I never got anything. I marked “Package Refused. Wrong Customer. Return To Sender. EXPRESS! I skipped a couple of months. August or September was my last month.
        At this point, Ipsy is my only monthly sub and my only beauty sub. I purchase the occasional target box.
        I’m not exactly thrilled with Ipsy right now, but, for me, Ipsy still holds the best overall for me with what I get for the price and the perks.
        Sorry so long.

    • Have you tried Birchbox? I was a subscriber a year or two ago. I remember the style quiz being less in depth, but remember being more satisfied overall per month. A reason I do ipsy over Birchbox because the bags are more useful to me than boxes. I travel a decent amount so it’s nice to have the ipsy bags to portion out my things.
      I tend to feel just as frustrated as you. I totally understand there might be an item or two per month I can’t or don’t use. No bag is going to send you three lipsticks per month because it’s the only item in the bunch that you selected “love” for. But it seems like their algorithm isn’t great or they don’t have enough monthly variety. They also seem to miss the mark even when it’s items I do like. I have the exact same nail polish issue, I really like getting nail polish, but almost every time it’s a color that sucks. This month it’s that Layba polish in a super boring, kind of ugly blue.
      It’s a little petty, but I also hate how they missed a great opportunity for a Halloween themed bag, and instead we got a shallow Betty-Boop collab that would probably be more appropriate for February and Valentines Day. The collaborations are always cheap and disappointing.
      Someone below mentioned that if you choose a product each month that you get some pre-made bag instead of a bag based off your preferences. Which might be why we both keep striking out (and explains why I’m getting ugly nail polish and other items I won’t use, sans the moisturizer I picked). But that’s also a load of crap and completely voids the purpose of having a personalized factor.

      • I subscribed to Birchbox in 2016 for 6 months. It’s now $15 per month, all sample sizes. My 1st box was spot on, the rest were not. I wrote in after 4 months of 2-3 sunscreens in every box and was told we’ll do the best we can. Next month, 2 more sunscreen samples. Canceled. Some of the samples I got were such small samples, one use is all you get.
        I recently decided to give them another try. They had a sign up deal, free random box. Guess what? Between the two boxes, 5 sunscreens! 2 of which are actually repeats from 3 years ago. One tube was so tiny, I got 3 drops out it. I cut it open just to see if I could get more out and there wasn’t even enough for my face. I took the rest on vacation and none of them compared to what I buy at Walmart.
        If you do decide to give them a try, in the questionnaire, it asks if you are willing to receive foil packets. Check yes. It’s not a subscription, it’s an extra. I got some shampoo in a bottle but the conditioner was in a foil packet. There were 7 items in that box verses 5 in the other. Still got 2 uses of conditioner.
        Wouldn’t pay $15 per month, but once in awhile I might bite on the bogo deal.

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