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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate December 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2019 Glam Bag Ultimate!

November 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Ultimate this month:

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (127)

  1. WOW!!! Ipsy is getting shady imo. I left a scathing review on the Gigi Gorgeous powder. I refuse to try it or even gift it because of the ingredients. The two main ingredients are talc and aluminum. Is this my great great grandmother’s makeup? Or is this supposed to be antiperspirant for my face??? Idk… But, what I do know is those are the first two ingredients used in the powders women used powder everywhere with.
    I just looked through every single review of the Gigi Gorgeous powder on ipsy’s website/app, and my review has mysteriously disappeared! There are some bad reviews and a couple that mention the ingredients… I was pretty damning about the product and mainly the ingredients and why would Ipsy, a company who always seems to be promoting ingredient conscious products, back and help create a toxic product like this?
    I guess my review was full of too much truth for them.

    • Two of my other product reviews are gone as well…
      I’ve left some pretty low reviews once in awhile, but this is the worst by far.

  2. CJ I am getting the powder bronzer if you still want it.

  3. My boxes shipped, and it is 4 lb!!!!!! I am overall happy with ipsy experience for the whole year!

    I am also happy that I didn’t make it for the Boxycharm premier, so I cancelled all my boxy subscription and waitlist.

    I think I belong to ipsy!

    • 4lbs! Wow must be nice. My box weighs 2 lbs. and I wasn’t comped a month. I’m glad some people are getting great boxes. It shows I probably got the sample size that were left because of their “billing error”. I was somewhat happy they’re sending me another item but i think they should give every customer the same quality.

    • My Ultimate also weighed in at a whopping 4.1 lbs- I added on the Nomad palette, eye cream, and a .5 oz rose face mask, so nothing exceptionally heavy.
      My bag was comped this month, due to a disappointing October & if Ipsy maintains the level of quality they came through with on the Ultimate level, I’m keeping it & re-evaluating my other beauty subs. It has already shipped & should be here next week 🙂

      • I didn’t add anything, but my bag have cleanser, two serum, and dry shampoo, so it weighed that much. I am so excited for this bag!

  4. I think I am done. My whole bag is repeats of things I marked rarely on my survey.

  5. Geez ANOTHER Trestique product? If its not in boxy charm, its in IPSY. So sick of it, the products suck and the packaging is clunky. So glad I paused both GBP and ultimate this month. If December sucks then I will be canceling both.

  6. Should we use the gigi makeup people have been commenting on how the first ingredient is talc should we avoid the makeup all together because they all have talc and mica in them as diets ingredients

    • Heck, even bare minerals has mica. We consume and breathe far worse daily. As a late 1950s baby, I was probably doused in talc. I’m not going to sweat this.

      • Right lol

    • Talc isn’t necessarily bad. Talc that is contaminated with asbestos is bad. I think people are overreacting a little bit.

    • Mica is just the color pigment and talc is just a filler. No big whoop. Mica is a good thing and gives you the color or sparkle. 😊

      • My point. Exactly.

    • I’m more worried about the fact that it is made in china I’m sure, and they’re quality control is absolute zero. Products tested from china can contain anything from dangerous chemicals to feces. Absolute garbage.

      • My Suva Artistry and Saffron palettes were made in China. Suva is a Canadian company. Supposed to be CF, too.

  7. Can I pick a choice item if I sign up for the ultimate bag today, or is too late for November choices?

    • It’s too late.

  8. After octobers debaucle ..i feel Novembers ultimate is a major step up. While i did not recieve a free box i recieved points and a extra item..not worth it..but my box was missing and they are sending me another oct. Box this keeping fingers crossed i like a few of those items.

    Novembers box has much better products and seems like there will be no issues concerning full size and sample sizes..and price point is definently there this time.

    I did recieve 4 items that are very low on my list or a opt out..but they will make great gifts..some items im excited about and some im gifting. I do wish they would read and follow our profiles more than they do now to avoid opt out and low rated items we have listed. Overall though i like my products and my add ons. The ones i dont want will make great gifts..i like more than dislike.

    I rated all hair care high on rating scale and recieved none..again wish they would of followed my profile and put a hair care product in this box.

    I am getting..
    Trestique bronzing stick..opt out item..cant use most bronzers..pale skin

    Smith & Cult polish … another opt out

    Billion dollar brow set..low rate but great gift for my niece

    Beau gaches concealer brush..low rate

    Benifit cosmetics high beam highlighter

    Youth to the ppl moisturizer

    Wander beauty pallette..another great gift..dont care for their shadow formulas

    It cosmetics confidence in a cleanser..yay!

    Context lipstick in come clean..wrong neutrals on profile..gifting it

    Kismet lip scrub..fav. lip scrub! Yay!

    Murad lightening serum..yay!

    Juice beauty anti wrinkle serum..yay!

    Add ons.. gigi lipgloss..vv pallette..coulor pop pallette..and bare minerals bounce blush.

    I think ipsy is trying and needs to work out the wrinkles..i think it will keep on improving keeping faith!

  9. I’m getting:

    Trestique bronzer stick (meh, don’t use bronzers)

    Benefit High Beam (ok, willing to give it a try)

    Million Dollar Brows (excited to try this)

    Gigi Gorgeous blush duo (it’s the colors I usually wear so I will reserve judgement)

    Violet Voss fruit sorbet (I don’t usually wear bright colors and would have rather had the Wander palette. Will probably try it)

    Evolue super oil (excited to try it)

    Jeju sleep mask (excited to try)

    Luxie beauty tapered brush (I’m a brush hoarder so this is ok)

    Pop Beauty risqué rose (probably won’t use)

    Basd lotion in sandalwood (should be something I will love)

    Oribe hair care (excited about this!)

    Juice Beauty anti wrinkle (my choice)

  10. Ok, what I find interesting is I received 4 out the 6 items that were “choice” picks. Seems a bit strange to me, I didn’t pick them so why would I want them in my bag? I mean, it’s a bit of an improvement from last month but I think the ultimate bag was a rushed idea that needs a bit more work. The value just isn’t there for me.

  11. I am completely heartbroken. I only signed up for the ultimate to give my daughter a Christmas. We all know how last month turned out and now I’m getting screwed again. I haven’t stopped crying. We are polish and Irish. I have specifically said no blush or bronzers and that’s all they keep sending. My preferences are set properly but they aren’t sending what I want often they’re sending what I told them I never want. The CEO sent a survey and they still filled my box with items that no one in my family can use. It’s simple… no bronzers, blush or face oils. My daughter would have loved the eye brow set any lipsticks and definitely the moisturizers that I have marked as often in my profile. What happened was they had a “ billing issue “ so I was left with whatever they had left. The account they claimed to have an issue with had more than enough in it because I only use it for Ipsy. No add ons either since an extra $50 disappeared. I really thought I could give my girls Christmas this way because we haven’t been able to afford to celebrate the past few years but I guess I really screwed up.

    • I love the bronzer, I thought I would get it for sure, but they didn’t send me! LOL!

    • Hey Deanna!

      I think you left comments on my tweet to IPSY yesterday. If this is is you, I just sent you a DM on Twitter.

      • I sent you an email I have more lippies then you could imagine I only I use lip balms.

    • Have you emailed them?! It wont fix this month, but you are allowed to opt out of 2 mine are haircare products, and I forget what else, but you cant pick brands or anything but you can pick 2 and email that you dont want those 2 items in your bag

  12. I am so glad I skipped this month! Looking at the items it would be really hard to put together a bag without products that I haven’t already received in one of my Ipsy bags or that I have opted out of. I think the problem is they don’t have enough options available for the ultimate. You’re getting 12 items and they only have 27 (if I counted right) options of items!

  13. I didn’t add on not one single thing. My plus bag went downhill, and the ultimate barely passes as being ultimate. I only kept the ultimate this month for the train case to be honest.

  14. Much better than last month but still not worth 50.00.

  15. If the strategy was to have a horrendous launch and then slightly improve the next box so everyone would think they “hit it out of the park”, then Ipsy is doing great!! Lots of stuff I’ve seen before, same old brands, and that same feeling of disappointment. It’s not cool that some got a free box this month and others didn’t. I may resub if they truly get it together, but for now I’ll just stick with Boxycharm. They are far more impressive with the brands they are adding to their boxes, IMO. I really want to like Ipsy and I want them to do better. I spent a lot of time giving my opinion and constructive criticism in the survey they sent after the Ultimate fail. I hope they work on improving, but I still don’t think this is worth my $50.

    • Agreed. This box looks marginally better than the last. But hit it out of the park? Hardly.

      To me, the October Ultimate was the retail equivalent of getting beaten up, having $50 taken from you and in the worst boxes, maybe being spit on too.

      The November Ultimate is more like just having your pocket picked. It’s a definite improvement over getting your butt kicked and being spit on, but you’re still short $50 🤣

    • I agree 100%. They absolutely did not hit it out of the park lol

    • Wow. So glad I cancelled.

  16. My Ultimate box is greatly improved over last month and I think a more than fair value for $50. My expectations are pretty reasonable (I THINK LOL) as I don’t expect my “real” value to be the stated value since obviously I am not going to love or need every single item – that’s the nature of a subscription box.

    I received the following and feel that their stated “promotion” was received in terms of 8 full size/4 sample sizes. I also feel that the level of the brands was more of less what one would find acceptable in a mid-grade subscription box. This isn’t Sisley or Net A Porter or Barneys 🙂 – it’s a nice respectable Honda.

    I just wish they would stop with the collaborations as the are collectible only if for some reason you are into the “name” being licensed. I don’t have any attachment to Tetris and the product wasn’t good. I actually think Boop has a certain retro charm but the actual stuff was terrible. I have never heard of Gigi and have no reason to have any interest in her especially since she looks like a Barbie doll and therefore I don’t share her beauty aesthetic.

    I think my reasonable expectations were more than met in terms of both the configuration of products and the brands. While I don’t use bronzers and not much highlighter, I can’t expect that broad swath of category to be eliminated completely. I also have gotten some amazing highlighters so I’m fine with getting highlighter overload and then just using the few that are amazing.

    Benefit High Beam Liquid Highlighter – this is $18 size for 6 mili size

    Beau Gâchis Concealer Brush – $11.95

    Youth To The People Superfood Air Whip – $6 worth based on size and retail price

    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum – $80

    Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Bite Your Kiss – $18

    Gigi Gorgeous The Only Bush Duo in Authentic+ Pride – no comparable retail value so assume it’s the same price as Maybelline or other low level drugstore brand

    Wander Beauty Wanderess Rush Eyeshadow Palette – $25

    It Confidence In A Cleanser – 5 ounces – $28 – full size

    Kismet Sugar Lip Scrub in Bright & Bubbly – $12 – 1 ounce – 29.5 mili – is 1/2 ounce so worth $6

    Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – 3.2 ounces so is $20 size
    1 ounce is $10
    3.2 ounce – $20
    5.4 ounce – $29

    Soo Ae Panda Eye Brightening Mask – $2.00 each – 2 so worth $4.00

    Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum 1 ounce is $72 full size

    $288.95 “value” without Gigi product

    • Sorry, I can’t hear your voice of reason over all the whining. Seriously, though, I agree that this is a nice box chock full of interesting products and well worth the money. I think spoilers and a sense of entitlement have ruined the fun for a lot of people. I suggest they cancel and go buy one or two things a month that they love instead.

      • Yep. I wish none of them had spoilers. They would all be fun.

  17. I’m highly disappointed in my box this month. Like seriously there is only one item out of the whole thing that I’m going to keep, the rest will get dumped into my donate box. Hella lame.

  18. I am so happy with my bag this month, Ipsy really improves a lot from last time. I am happy to be a ipster, and bye bye Boxycharm!

  19. This was comped for me as last month I couldn’t figure out what was full size. If I had also paid for this month I’d be very angry, but between the two months I guess I finally got my $50. If anyone thinks I’m being dramatic they need to remember that ipsy has a profile and that they pretend to pay attention to it. They don’t. For most of the years since 2015 they did for me but they got lazy. Boxycharm doesn’t pretend to follow the profiles and still somehow gets it right more often. I think all that ipsy does with my profile information is sell it to makeup companies for profit. I don’t want bronzer. It makes us pasty women look dirty. Never fail, don’t lie to yourself. I got a nail polish that I’m excited about and that, out of 8 full size things, is it. Next month I’ll just spend $18 direct on nail polish and get to pick the color.

    Some of the stuff they have for $12 add ons is crazy. The Gigi makeup is ipsy only and limited edition, so to me that says it’s Tetris-Boop Chinese poor formulas again. The VV palette is a $6 discount, so that’s ok, but I’ll go shop it in person and maybe pick a different color and support my local economy. The Nomad palette I bought already and it’s bomb, so buy it. The Ciate dewy stix came in one of the last Allure boxes for not anything extra so $12 seems high. The rest I’m meh. They want $18 for the Huda highlighter palette, no. Highlighters line the sidewalks, that one is fine, but they’re common. The brushes almost look worth it but I’m a sucker for glitter.

    Ipsy, we need to talk. It’s not me, it’s you. You don’t bring anything to this relationship and you want too much. I’m switching to a more casual shopping experience. I don’t need your whole box of nothing, hoping for a nail polish. Bye.

    • Haha! Enjoyed reading! I thought that about the dewy stick s well. Was like 2.50 calculated in an allure box. I too agree bronzer belongs no where near me. Unless you’re going to apply it head to toe, why make your face look dirty? I don’t get it.

      Since they lost so many subscribers, they are going to be circulating a lot of products they prepurchased in advance for subscribers they no longer have.

      The people who stick it out are going to get sick of the product rotation pretty soon or Ipsy will have to wholesale or destroy the old stock or risk losing more customer base.

      I don’t know what they will do with the Gigi items. Maybe that’s what she’ll start her brand with, Ipsy leftovers? I wish her no harm, but these items will be tough to recycle on subscribers for months. They are still trying to sell that Nomad palette and it’s been three months.

      • They’ll bundle excess stock and sell it on the site with cute names like ” Santa’s Bag” and so forth. Happens every season.

  20. I got:

    Trestque Bronzer
    Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter
    Juice Beauty Serum
    Gigi Gorgeous Blush Duo
    Wander Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
    Evolve Skincare Super Oil
    Chella Eyebrow Gel
    Jeju:En Sleeping Mask
    Luxie Beauty Tapered Brush
    Pop Beauty Pencil Lipstick
    BASD Body Lotion
    Murad Serum

    I’m not exactly thrilled with this box. I received 5 products that I have consistently rated low and have marked rarely on my profile. I also received a product that I was opted out of. Not the best combination for me, but I guess the products that I won’t use will make great Christmas gifts!

    • Bag twins! At least I got the Murad and juice beauty. I love the Murad and use it daily. If anyone doesn’t want their Murad this gal will surely take it off your hands. I had major discoloration from the radiation treatment I had last year. So I have been trying to fix it with Murad and it has slowly helped. Not sure why they say they personalize our bags when it seems we get almost the same products. We even get repeats as well. The lip scrub, the smith and cult nail polish, the Murad, eyeko liber, Violet Voss pallete, and the oribe product for sure. There could have been others I missed. Overall leeps and bounds better then last months bag. Not sure if I’m keeping it, Boxylux is still better by far.

      • Hi Elisabeth Berlowitz! I too had radiation last year from breast cancer and you said the Murad face product works. How do you use it if you don’t mind me asking? Thank you so very much!

    • This is the exact same with me, and also 3 items I’ve recieved before and instead of the blush duo I got that ciate vaseline stick. Its things I’m opted out of, and things/brands I’ve reviewed low. I’m excited for the add on color pop, and to try the murad and that’s it…was so hoping for the nail polish at least. . Oh well. I think I’m canceling ultimate or skipping next month and keeping plus. I’ve been with ipsy 5 or 6 years and breaking up is hard to do. I dropped the regular glam bag…heck, it seems better then the ultimate for me . Lol. Oh well. Win some, loose some.

  21. This month is free for me after last month’s disappointment, so I would be happy either way, but I’m excited about this month’s box.

    Benefit High Beam
    Eva NYC cream
    YTP cream
    Context Skin lipstick
    Smith and Cult nail polish
    Gigi blush
    Wander Beauty palette
    IT Cosmetics cleanser
    Kismet lip scrub
    Klorane dry shampoo
    Murad serum
    Juice Beauty serum

    Added on VV palette, Moda brush and blue face brush

    I’m surprised I got so much skincare and both serums! I’m definitely getting my value from this selection and have a few items for Christmas gifts as well. Way better than last month and has me excited for this bag! Hope this means IPSY listened to the feedback from last month and is working on improving this.

    • Bag twins! I was super impressed with the value of products I received. Definitely an improvement from last month!

    • I’m really disappointed. I didn’t get any compensation for last months ultimate debacle and then this month they tried saying there was a billing problem which there wasn’t because the payment went right through. So, I’m paying for a box after last months was pretty much garbage. I get all 3 boxes and they couldn’t comp my ultimate. That’s very disappointing.

      • That’s so frustrating how inconsistent they’ve been with their customer service! I’ve heard of so many different responses to last month’s ultimate that it’s disheartening to hear. I’ve never had an issue with their customer service before, but knowing others have makes me nervous for the future.

    • I got a similar bag and am much happier than last month! They two serums alone are great for this price. And I’ve actually heard of these brands. Improvement!

    • Did anyone get that Oribe scalp treatment??? That was the ONE thing I truly truly wanted to try!!!!

      • I don’t think many people got it. I wanted it so badly. I’ve used it before and it’s one of the few products that works for my problematic Winter scalp. Unfortunately it’s just too expensive to purchase on a regular basis. I was hoping if I didn’t get it, maaaaybe it would be offered as an add-on. I would’ve bought as many as possible. But of course it wasn’t an option. It’s especially aggravating because they sent me both items I’m opted out of—highlighter and bronzer. I cancelled Plus because they sent me a highlighter every single month even after Ipsy Care assured me multiple times I was definitely opted out. There were several other products they could’ve sent me. Why they INSIST on sending me the things I absolutely hate over and over and over is beyond comprehension. I can see sending something once or once in a while to “get you out of your comfort zone” as they love to say. But every single month says to me that opt-outs are pointless and rating products does nothing but earn points. And our profiles do nothing at all. They send what they want to send. Period.

    • Free because you contacted Ipsy and told them you got items that you have opted out of or got repeat items? I got items I have opted out of in both of the Ultimate boxes. I don’t need another sheet face mask or face mask of any kind! I have 50. Don’t use them. They are sitting in a drawer taking up precious space. I’ve opted out and yet they gave me 4 sheet masks. The wander beauty palette looks like a repeat. Plus the horror they call the Ultimate Box last month was a huge letdown. I don’t try to complain about these boxes. I usually like most of the items. I’m just getting tired of it at this point. I’m starting to loathe sheet masks!!

      • I got mine comped by pointing out the $250 “value” in my box was laughable. I broke down each item with my figures and where I got them (Sephora, Amazon, Ipsy’s own shopper, etc) and also called them out for overly inflated prices (the brush set and the BB crap). I have a feeling with getting 12 products each month, it may be hard to completely opt-out of categories of items… but I agree the personalization is laughable. I’m happy with mine this month, but for $50/month, they really need to do a better job of offering a variety to attempt some sort of personalization.

      • I’m going to contact them because for 50$ a month a should not be getting sheet mask that I have opted out of. I have a drawer full of the things. I can’t give them away. I got them in the first Ultimate box and now this one. I don’t want masks. I have waaaaay too many. That’s just the start. November’s box is better but not by much. I feel like my GBP was better and that cost less. I’m paying more for a couple sheet masks? I think not!

  22. What I’m getting:

    Murad Rapid Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Serum

    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

    Violet Voss Fruit Sorbet Mini Palette

    Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream

    Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit

    IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser

    Gigi Gorgeous Contour Brush

    Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer In Bite Your Kiss

    Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid Highlighter

    Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

    Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave-In-Conditioner

    Soo Ae Panda Eye Brightening Mask

    I’m really happy with this! A few things I’m not crazy about but boy what a huge and wonderful turnaround from last month!! Ipsy did a great job and I’m planning on staying with the Ultimate bag (along with the regular and Plus).

    • You got the box I wanted!

      • Michelle what did you get in your box?

  23. What I’m receiving…

    Full Size:

    Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Serum

    Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

    It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser

    Wander Beauty Rush Eyeshadow Palette

    Gigi Gorgeous Blush Duo in Authentic & Pride

    Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller’s Kit

    Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Bite your Kiss

    Trestique Bronzer Stick in Brazilian

    Sample Size:

    Beau Gachis Concealer Brush

    Youth to the People Superfood Moisture Cream

    Context Lipstick in Sweet Emotion

    Soo Ae Panda Brightening Mask 2pk

    Add Ons:

    Gigi Gorgeous Lip Gloss

    Gigi Gorgeous Contour Brush

    Milani Lip Gloss

    Moda Pro Glow Brush

    While I am satisfied that my items are full size and sample size in the correct amounts this month. (I obviously was not last month! Found Klorane Dry Shampoo on Sephoria as full size in 3.4oz & sample size in Sephoria Favorites kits as a 1oz. Even though Batiste dry shampoo comes as 6.7oz full size and Hask is 9.6oz full size, I’m assuming that’s my 8th item)

    I’m not 100% happy that my profile and reviews are carried over into the Ultimate bag as much as in my regular bag & plus subs. I clearly have left multiple reviews and have marked for “rarely” for a year on bronzers, sheet masks, blushes, eyeshadows, and moisturizers. I have left previous negative reviews for past Wander eyeshadow palettes and asked for no more cleansers after 3 in a row, lol. I had so many other items for spoilers I would have prefered, so my frequently wanted items were available…. I will try everything and decide based on spoilers for next month but wish they had more options for Ultimate and followed the algorithms better based on profiles.

  24. I can’t view mine or do add ons. Apparently they claimed billing issues, but I re-used the same card number and payment went right through. Very disappointed. Wonder if the petition going around about Ipsy will be of any success? Some ppl are giving up Ipsy totally due to some fraudulent product issue. I’m seeing ALOT of repeated products once again!!! Definitely will be cancelling.

    • This is exactly what they did to me! There was more than enough money in my account. Plus, why wasn’t i comped this months ultimate?!

  25. I got the same items as Liz, except instead of the brush and Benefit highlighter I got the eye masks and Smith & Cult nail polish. I will use all but two items in my bag, but I don’t understand why they are sending me dry shampoo!!!! I am a curly-haired WOC with dry/damaged hair, so dry shampoos do NOT work on my hair type (I normally use cowash between shampoos). And to add insult to injury, I am getting a hair product that DOES work for my hair type in my Glam Bag this month. Ugh! Anyways, the dry shampoo and the Trestique contour stick are the only two items that I won’t use. I’m not excited about my GBU this month, but the fact that I will use 10 out of 12 items (yes, even the Gigi Gorgeous blush duo) is a win for me. But hopefully next month will be better.

    I also added on the Seraphine Bontanicals blush palette and the Delectable hand cream.

    • I’m much happier with my bag this month. Still skeptical that I have 8 full sizes as claimed but like what I got much more. Got both juice beauty and nurse serums which is a great value alone.

      Glad I gave them another month to improve. Better brands this time for sure.

      • This is my first GBU, and while my bag is pretty underwhelming for me this month, it is still a decent bag for me as I will be able to use all but two items. But what peeves me is the fact that they are sending me dry shampoo, which will be useless for me since I’m a WOC with naturally curly hair, so dry shampoos do not work for my hair type. I won’t use the Trestique contour stick either since I don’t really contour my face, but I’m fine with everything else. But I’m still hopeful that next month will be better, since GBU is still new. It may take them a while to get it together, but I’m hopeful.

    • I’m much happier with my bag this month. Still skeptical that I have 8 full sizes as claimed but like what I got much more. Got both juice beauty and nurse serums which is a great value alone.

      Glad I gave them another month to improve. Better brands this time for sure.

    • Sounds like they actually did a pretty good job with customization if you only dislike 2 products! Would any of the bag variants other people have listed work better for you overall?

      • The reason why I’m just okay and not over-the-moon with my GBU is because most of the products this month just don’t have the wow factor for me. That’s not to say that my GBU was a total bust, but I’m pretty sure that I would be feeling the same way if I got different products. Yes, Ipsy did better with Ultimate this month (I am so glad I wasn’t subscribed last month because of the outrage), but I’m hopeful that they will be even better next month. Plus, my GBU this month is better than my GBP (although I like my Glam Bag better than I do my GBU), so I am okay with that. I do feel that the $50 I spent was worth it, despite the Trestique contour stick and the dry shampoo which Ipsy (and other subscription boxes) need to stop bombarding us with.

  26. For $50… that is freaking awesome! Like seriously, what are you negative people wanting?? It’s an awesome mix of products and skincare/makeup. High end brands… good colors… like what is wrong people?? Lol they did a great job this month!

    • You didn’t see what I’m getting. Maybe some people got cherry bags but not all of us. What is wrong? Maybe there is something and you need to see what some people are getting before you think we’re all unreasonable.

      • Ok so spill what did you get? So far I have only seen 8 full size and 4 samples bags .

    • I totally agree. High end skin care that most people wouldn’t dare buy out of pocket, variety and quality! These Comments filled with Entitled Debbie Downers. My goodness! My box last month was a complete fail but they really hit it out of the park for November. I’m most excited about the high end skincare (Murad, Juice Beauty) and the IT cleanser I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about. None of which I own and even if I did, then at least I have some for when I run out. Plus even though Wander is a staple of sub boxes, you can’t deny that they make quality products and the formulas of their eyeshadows do not disappoint. I’m also excited for the Seraphine blush. Only thing I’ll pass on is the Dry Shampoo because I’m a WOC with naturally curly hair. People need to really lighten up though.

      • Not all Debbies are downers.

      • Lol! That was awesome Debbie. Made me giggle out loud!

      • Juice beauty isnt really a good brand if you research it

  27. I can’t see my personal bag yet because of a billing issue, but after last month’s disaster I was hoping they’d do better this month and it looks like they did.

    • Same here.

    • Try clicking on “Get excited-November add-ons are here!” Mine didn’t load until I clicked on this.

  28. Ugh, why did I give em another month of my money?!

    Last month I redeemed points for the violet voss palette and several days later my points returned (minus some that expired after I redeemed) and I didn’t get the palette. So, I redeem for the benefit high beam and of course they send one in my bag? Like seriously?! So now I’m getting two ugh. Plus I picked the juice serum and they’re sending me that plus another serum. Um, ok.

    • The Murad serum is for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The Juice Beauty is for wrinkles. They’re both really expensive products.

  29. Quite happy with my bag! Got both the Murad and juice beauty serums, as well as the it cleanser. Love the skin care!

  30. The only item I want is the Murad age spot so I will be looking to swap or buy that one product. Otherwise no FOMO but am happy to see IPSY add more recognizable brands in their bags.

  31. Wish I would have gotten the Oribe…

    My Glam Bag Ultimate:

    ~Trestique Bronzer Stick
    ~Benefit High Beam
    ~Beau Gachis Concealer Brush
    ~Eva NYC Satin Dream Cream
    ~Youth to the People Superfood Cream
    ~Smith & Cult Polish in Bite Your Kiss
    ~Murad Rapid Age Lightening Serum
    ~Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Booster Serum
    ~It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser
    ~Wander Beauty Wanderess Rush Palette (my pick)
    ~Soo Ae Panda Eye Brightening Mask
    ~Gigi Gorgeous Blush Duo in Authentic + Pride

    My add-ons:
    ~Colourpop Through My Eyes Palette
    ~Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara
    ~Farmacy Sheet Mask Duo
    ~Delectable by Cake Beauty Hand Cream
    ~Gigi Gorgeous Contour Brush

  32. I got thesE:

    Trestique Color + Contour Bronzer Stick in Brazilian Bronze

    BENEFIT COSMETICS High Beam Liquid Highlighter

    BEAU GACHIS Concealer Brush

    EVA NYC Satin Dream Leave in Cream

    YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream


    JUICE BEAUTY Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum

    CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion

    SMITH CULT Nail Lacquer in Bite Your Kiss

    GIGI GORGEOUS The Only Blush Duo in Authentic + Pride

    WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess™ Rush Eyeshadow Palette

    IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cleanser

    I ‘m just pissed cause I never get to pick and I never receive emails since this GBU started for customization. I contacted Ipsy and they gave me the same lame excuse that I would love their picks. I am so annoyed I told them that they are a horrible company that doesn’t care for its customers and I’m gonna cancel. I don’t care what they say in response but I’m gonna cancel after my bag ships. This is BS.

    • Mine is the same, which includes my opt outs. Not happy, but relieved I got it free due to how bad my Oct box was. I’ll be pausing or cancelling Ultimate until they are able to get more products for this one and use the customization better.

      • Same. Although it’s a bit better, I still received 3 things I have on my ‘never send’ list (which is a joke) or have rated extremely low. So, I received the box free and think of it like the last box was $25 and this box is $25. So, that’s worth it, in my opinion. And now I can cancel!

  33. Ipsy really upped their game after last month it seems. I’m getting:

    – BENEFIT COSMETICS High Beam Liquid Highlighter – Cool. I have an old one but it’s probably expired lol.

    – BEAU GÂCHIS Concealer Brush – Great, I don’t think I have a concealer brush!

    – YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream – Awesome, been wanting to try this!

    – SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Bite Your Kiss – Random, but will make a great addition to my gift pile with Christmas coming up.

    – GIGI GORGEOUS The Only Blush Duo in Authentic + Pride – Yay, blush always excited me, and the colors look great!

    – WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess™ Rush Eyeshadow Palette – Boo, wanted Fruit Sorbet! Will be a great gift though.

    – IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cleanser – Yay, will probably gift because I have so many cleansers, but it’s an awesome gift!

    (Ipsy app started having issues so I have to try and remember by myself lol.)

    – Panda eye mask – Yay, will make a great gift!

    – Klorane dry shampoo – Yay, will make a great gift!

    – Juice Beauty serum – Picked this! I’ll be keeping that lol.

    – Murad serum – Awesome! I’ll be keeping this also.

    – Lip scrub – Yay, will make a great gift!

    And I added on the Bareminerals blush, the tinted lip balm, the FAB oil, the rose mask, and the hair repair mask (all sample sizes). Excellent box for accumulating gifts and for me!

    • I’m getting this exact box as well. I love it!

  34. Personalization is on track, changed my mind about canceling. Though I already got tooooo many blushes, bronzers and highlighters in the last 2 months. I hope to get something more interesting next time.

  35. Definitely not worth it.

  36. I subscribe to all three bags and am completely happy with all three this month! Plus I was tempted to spend an additional $40 on add-ons! I got three of the GiGi’s I wanted to try for sure- one in each bag….YAY!!!

  37. I hate how negative all of the comments are towards ipsy 🙁 I cant say I love my box but there are plenty of things I can use since it was free anyway the only two things that i’m mad about are the lipstick which I got last month because they sent me the wrong bag and the juice beauty because i’m young and don’t need wrinkle stuff just yet but i’m happy with the leave in conditioner and brow kit

    • When you’re young is when you should use wrinkle creams, it helps in preventing them in the future vs starting when you start to see wrinkles. Prevention is key. You should start using wrinkle cream in your early 20’s

    • It’s never to early to use anti-aging products and start caring about your skin! The best time to start is when tou don’t think you need to! – some of the best service I ever got.

      • Advice**

      • Agreed! Due to my mom and her skincare routine, I started when I was probably 20. It has def helped though the years! When you are young is the PERFECT time to start!
        I recommended to my daughter to do the same and she started in her early 20’s. Preventative care is the way to go unless you plan on botox later.

      • I just turned 30 and just started using them! I already have fine lines and wrinkles around my eye area but no others yet. Hopefully, I didn’t start too late

      • Also to keep your youthful skin, please always use sunscreen!!! We all think we are invincible when we are young, but that’s when we do the most damage to our skin and then pay for it later in life. It’s great to start prevention now. 😊

      • My Mom and grandmother got me into skincare in my teens. I can’t begin to express my gratitude. A good skincare regimen is not something you should wait to start.

      • Thanks for all the advice I guess i’ll start using when I get a little older i’m still in my teen years

    • Not everyone who complained last month got offered a free bag so I can definitely see why some people would be negative. If we all got free bags this month it would be different but many of us were only offered points or a free item which really isn’t the same as an entire free bag.

      • I totally understand that!!

  38. Geesh! Tough crowd! I admit I wasn’t thrilled with the Ultimate premier bag and was SO disappointed we didn’t end up getting the larger (not just a little larger) bag I expected when I signed up. I still don’t love this bag design as I am not an animal print person, but I do love the size. I am also much more pleased, at least on the surface, with this months items. Many more recognizable brands and some great variety. For me, they hit it out of the park with the customization and they seem to be on point. I still can’t tell the sizes however and am not sure if they remedied the serious issue of fill size vs. sample size products!

    • I don’t think they did. Second month I am getting sheet masks as a full size item. I am getting the same bag as Liz except the dry shampoo ( I got the nail polish) and the brush ( sheet mask). I love sheet masks but I rather see them as a deluxe sample or in the Ipsy bag not a full size. When they were are advertising the ultimate they had all substantial valued items shown not “low items” like collabs, brushes ( not including IT cosmetics ), lip balm or sheet mask. They should stick to what they were advertising.

      • We’re getting the exact same bag 🙂

    • I agree with you! They did a much better job with this months Ultimate and I may just stick around for another, but they are on thin ice lol I think the value is there this month and there’s no discrepancies between the full size and deluxe sizes in my bag anyways. I am getting all three tiers this month, and they did a great job matching me with products this month!

    • I am also super happy to be getting two extra full size products for redeeming points. I’ll cashed in for the 111 Skin Vit C Booster and the Ciate Setting Powder

  39. I REALLY WISH I had gotten the Oribe but I’m happy to have the Murad AND the Juice (because choosing between the two was incredibly difficult. I already use and love that exact juice product, but I really needed help with dark spots so I chose the Murad. Seeing both was a nice surprise!)! Plus Klorane dry shampoo is always a positive.

    • I would have loved the Klorane

    • Same here, Kate! I was over the moon to get both serums! I definitely didn’t think that was even a remote possibility. I’m super sad not to get the Oribe though. And that I couldn’t even add it on. It really works on my incredibly irritated and uncomfortable winter scalp but it’s just too expensive considering it doesn’t last that long. I was really hoping I could restock because I ran out last season and my scalp started going crazy about 2 weeks ago. There’s nothing at the drugstore that works for me. I found something at Sephora that’s around $32 but it only works if I use a lot at once and it’s a pretty small bottle. Guess I’ll have to get a few while the sale is happening.

      Congrats on your double serum score! I’m still so surprised and delighted to get both.

  40. What is this strange sensation? I’m… happy ?? with my Ultimate?! LOL.

    – VV Fruit Sorbet palette (my pick)
    – Juice Beauty wrinkle serum
    – Évolué super oil
    – Billion Dollar Brows kit
    – Smith & Cult polish in Bite Your Kiss
    – Trestique bronzer stick
    – Oribe soothing Scalp treatment
    – Benefit High Beam
    – Gigi contour brush
    – Jeju:En aloe sleeping mask
    – Pop Beauty lip liner in Risque Rose
    – Basd Sandalwood body lotion

    • I am ok with my ultimate bag this month. Last month however was horrible.

      – Murad serum (my pick)
      – Juice Beauty wrinkle serum
      – Évolué super oil
      – Trestique bronzer stick
      – Benefit High Beam
      – Gigi blush
      – Jeju:En aloe sleeping mask
      – Pop Beauty lip liner in Risque Rose
      – Basd Sandalwood body lotion
      – Wander beauty palette
      – Luxie brush
      – Chella brow
      I would have liked the It cleanser and Violet Voss, but that’s ok. I wish they had more options for these ultimate bags though.

      • Omg . Twin bag. 😁

    • Could it be? I think I am feeling this same sensation myself with my:

      -MURAD Rapid Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Serum – going in Mom’s stocking this one 🙂
      -Trestique Color & Contour Bronzer Stick
      -Billion Dollar Brows – Best Seller Kit
      -Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum
      -Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Bite Your Kiss
      – Wandress Rush Palette
      – Kismet Buff Sugar Lip Scrub
      – Klorane Dry Shampoo
      -SOO AE Panda Eye Brightening Mask
      – GiGi Gorgeous Contour Brush and,
      -IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser (My pick)

      • Erika me and you are Bag Twins 👯‍♀️!! I love my bag except for the Dry Shampoo due to my naturally curly hair.
        I went crazy on add on’s lol but I definitely had to add that VV palette. Even my Ipsy glam bag is nice. Most excited for the FAB hemp dry oil and hello neon lip tint.

    • I literally got every item you did, and I’m pretty excited about them!!

  41. I was one of the (apparently rare) people that was ok with my last Ultimate. Not blown away, but ok. This time I got a highlighter and nail polish which are my 2 opt outs. I sent an email to CS to see what they say about personalization with Ultimate but if they can’t get at least opt outs right, I think I’m jumping ship too. The risk isn’t worth it…that’s why I left Boxy too. I never had a problem with regular GB or Plus.

  42. If my bag had not been free this month I would be very upset. I got the Trestique bronzer stick and the Benefit liquid highlighter, neither work for my combo to oily skin. I also received a face oil which I rate low every time and said rarely to. A lipliner, same story always rate low say no to. Got the Gigi blush wish it had been the powder bronzer. I also got the Juice serum in addition to the Murad lightening serum. I chose the Murad and care not for Juice. Oh well, cancelling for sure.

    • Sounds like we got the exact same boat, but I’m happy with mine. We have different skin types though.

      • I am happy your items work for you 🙂

    • Ok after my initial reaction and in looking at the other items I am not as upset. I agree it is better than last month. I still wish I had received the cleanser and dry shampoo instead of the bronzer stick and liquid highlighter, but it is better than last month. I will still probably cancel Ultimate and go back to Plus…

  43. I am done with ipsy except the regular bag. My ultimate has a highlighter and a blush which I’m opted out of both , plus I have constantly contacted customer service the last 2 months because they keep giving me one or the other. To top it all off though I am getting the violet Voss palette from them, which I bought from them 2 months ago! I’m fed up.

    • This is the fourth month in a row I’ve received blush AND a highlighter which I’m opted out of and have contacted them every month. They could’ve given me a lip scrub and nail polish in place of those items but noooooooo!

      • Same here, I got bronzer, highlighter and blush. I have pail very red skin so none of those are for me. Would have loved any hair care, nail polish or lip scrub and didn’t get any of those. I’ve seen people upset about getting those items and wanted the bronzer. Just seems like if they would follow profiles just a little, they could have made a lot more people really happy.

    • I cancelled Ipsy 3 months ago, but this is what makes no sense to me… how can they expect you to spend money on add-ons when they keep rotating those same items in the bags every month?

      Because they don’t take your add-on history into account and given the frequency with which they keep recycling the same products month after month, you’re bound to wind up wasting money on add-ons that you’ll very likely end up with in your bag eventually anyway. That’s just the dumbest thing to me. I discourages people from spending on add-ons. Sorry you got a repeat.

      • I fully agree with you‼️

  44. Glad I cancelled, no FOMO.

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