Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the November 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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November 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

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  1. I’m looking at my content for November and I read the headline but I agree to pay for with five full-size products when I signed up it did not include a bag let’s remember that people, yet my bag only shows for products the only other items in there are the ones I paid for it which are add-ons is anybody else experiencing this?

    • Oops.. that’s what I get for talking to text LOL Drake what I was saying was I looked at my preview for my bag it shows only 4 products and the bag.
      The other content in the bag are my add-ons. Has anybody else experienced this situation?

      • Tammy. My GBP shows 5 items plus add-ons. What are your 4 products? Is your choice item showing? Another poster said their choice item (blush palette) was OOS and they wouldn’t be getting it in their bag. Was that your choice item?

  2. I just wish they would go by the beauty quiz. I asked to opt-out of bronzers last month (I get bronzer every single month, and I have pale skin – bronzer just makes my face look dirty – I have it rated low on my profile, and I give it a bad review every month – and none of my friends will take it off my hands, and I don’t want to deal with swap sites). Lo and behold I am getting another bronzer in November.

    My box:
    • Murad (I chose)
    • GIGI Bronzer duo
    • Trestique mascara
    • Illamasqua primer
    • Seraphine blush palette

    I emailed IpsyCare again, and this is the response: Thanks for writing to IPSY Care. I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting an item you’re not excited about. We definitely have your preference noted on your account, but based on your other reviews and quiz selections this box combination was the best one for you overall.

    So basically, what I am reading from this response is, you get a combination of 5 items that were curated for a specific box that somewhat matches your profile; you don’t get 5 items curated just for you.

    I should have paused this month when I saw the GIGI items (none of them excited me). I have enough products to last me years, so I should just cancel. It was fun, but now it isn’t so much anymore.

    • I paused for November however I opted out of highlighter and bronzer as well but based on that response from Ipsy I will probably still get them. Ugh! It’s hard to get rid of bronzers. If you go on the swap site you will see how many are out there.

    • Funny, they actually told you what was best for you.

      • I got the same response back and sent a “less nice” comment about their response not addressing my concern (opt out).

        What I’ve been able to gather is this: despite saying it’s an “opt out” (which has a particular connotation to buyers), they are considering that as a preference. Sorry, your consumers are expecting a particular action to be taken by that verbiage. When we opt out of email marketing or a service, companies cannot just decide they know us better than we know ourselves.

        I’ve escalated this feedback, and if more blush is in December’s GBP, I will either pause or cancel. I have one face. I have no one who wears blush in my life. I certainly do not need a FOURTH blush palette in as many months. Lol.

  3. I should have known when I saw my choice products to skip this month. Sure enough my opted out lipstick was in there and all my rarely stuff, only good thing I got was the Smith and Colt nail polish on my sometimes list . I hate lipsticks and it was a horrible color like coral. I so wanted skin care and mascara my often stuff. At least I know if my choices are bad so will will my box and pause it. Maybe after they see it’s getting paused they will do better and look at people profiles like they used too.

  4. I got GBU “free” because it was so bad last month and I didn’t stop advocating for my case. This month’s GBP might have seemed ok with the Nomad palette, but I bought it as an add on a month or two ago. It’s great, but one of the few things I saw above that would have made GBP worth it for me. I’m going back to regular GB, which I’ve been getting since 2015. Unless the good add ons are all $18 (which is going to be more likely the more we reward Ipsy for lousy premium boxes by buying add-ons) I will just continue with the old Glam Bag. If the add-ons get too expensive I’ll just go back to what I did before the beauty box bubble. I’ll shop in stores again. It was nice. I miss some of the makeup counter workers (not all of them, the good ones knew how to treat people.) I only quit shopping with them when my life situation changed. Some of those stores are gone, but I am sure there are still nice beauty counter sales people.

    I think these beauty boxes were fun but their time is probably coming to an end. Enough times lately we’re not even getting real samples, but special box versions made somewhere other than the brand usually makes (it’s usually China instead of the USA) and the ingredient list is different or in a different order (which means different concentrations. Coloured Raine and Context have both done this with box items.)

    So, nah. Regular Glam Bag until they show that’s also garbage and then none of it.

    • Agreed! I’ve been feeling the same way. I’m shopping more in regular cosmetic stores/departments and find that I use those items and love them the most. While I am currently still happy with BB I think I’m going to cancel all the rest. Most of the high end stuff is, like you said, not made in the USA and inferior. After the ipsy 111skin made in China debacle and boxy’s Farmacy “made for boxycharm” inferior honeymoon glow which burnt the heck out of my skin (I also have the real version and love it) I am just done.

      • Omgosh, it burned my skin, too! I was really surprised after liking all other Farmacy I’ve tried. What was the deal with the “made for Boxycharm” version?

        • Mine too!!!!! Ugh..

  5. Last month:
    -I didn’t receive the product I picked for 2 out of 3 bags. Was told that I really didn’t pick those items even though I had email confirmations.
    -Received a duplicate item, in plus and ultimate. Was told that doesn’t happen and to email them proof.
    -Eyeliner top was off and dried out. They sent me a replacement of a totally random product.
    -Missing add-on item. I received points for my inconvenience.
    -Ultimate bag had 4 full size and 8 sample products. Received more points.
    -They sent me a really ugly bronzer even though my profile shows that I don’t like bronzers. They told me they would opt me out of any bronzers in the future.

    Ispy has been my favorite sub so I decided to stick around this month. I haven’t had these issues with them before and have been subbing for a few years now. I figured it was just one bad month and they would get it sorted out.

    This month:
    -They cancelled my regular glam bag. I tried to reinstate but they told me to sign up online for next month. Which is irritating because I wanted the 3 matching bags. I also lost out on the product I picked for Glam Bag.
    -They charged me twice for the plus bag. Now I have to go fight them for a refund.
    -I’m getting Trestique bronzer stick in Ultimate. Okaaay… they were the ones who told me they could opt me out of two types of products on their end, I guess that is not true.
    -Received Purlisse Blue Lotus Serum again, even though I received that a few months ago in a Plus bag. It’s a nice item but I would have rather received the Juice Beauty since I haven’t tried that one before.
    -I’m getting the Gig blush duo in both Ultimate and Plus. Yea, more duplicates.
    -And the final straw…Yesterday I get an email that they had a mix up and will not be sending me the Seraphine Blush Palette that I picked as my item. Even though they had that item selling yesterday for add-ons. I checked at 11pm and it wasn’t out of stock. That was the only item I was looking forward to in my plus bag.

    • Trestique Bronzer is one of the 2 things I really really liked in Ult, and I am one of the few that didn’t get it. They gave me 2 highlighters(GBP n GBU)and blush instead, ugh, I emailed, and they said The frequency of the products you’ll receive will also depend on the items you’ve received in the past, as well as the amount and types of products we have available for the month. well I see ton of ppl complain about getting bronzer or lipstick. I don’t wear mascara and they sent me 2 in a row, I think Ipsy is just being ignorant.

      • we can switch i dont want mines

    • Wow Sunny. You’re getting screwed. 😕 Sorry.

      And yeah. I checked OOS products last night around the same time snd it was only a few $3 items OOS.

      • I know, right :o)

        This is my Glam Bag Plus:
        -Ciate London Dewy Stix (I already have this from Allure box, but can’t blame Ipsy for that. But still not excited about it)
        -Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
        -Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum (duplicate from a prior GBP)
        -Gigi Gorgeous Blush Duo (duplicate, as I’m also getting as an Ultimate item)
        -Belle en Argent Lipstick (whatever that super dark color is that nobody wants and won’t look good on me, being 40 something and having fair skin)

        No Seraphine Blush for me, even though I picked it. Not lucky enough to get the Nomad palette or Makeup Geek highlighter either. I would have liked either Illamasqua lipstick or primer, Gigi lip gloss, or Evolue Serum. Nope. The beauty box gods didn’t smile on me this month.

        • Sunny, have you contacted IpsyCare about the blush that you were supposed to receive? I’m getting in but don’t want it. Let me know if you’d be interested in swapping; I’m actually interested in the Dewy Stick. My email is jessfox81 at Gmail if you are interested.

          • Hi Jessica,

            Yes I contacted Ipsy multiple times. They have finally agreed to send me the Seraphine blush palette. They also are sending me a bonus item, not sure what it will be. And they gave me some points. So overall, I do think they are trying to make it right.

            However, I find their customer service horrible, mostly because you cannot get anything dealt with in a timely manner. Response time is between 3-7 days. Who wants to wait a week to get a copy and paste answer.
            “I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting an item you’re not excited about. We definitely have your preference noted on your account, but based on your other reviews and quiz selections this box combination was the best one for you overall.”

            It takes multiple back and forth emails and arguing with different people to get anywhere. Last month I sent 20 messages to get my issues resolved. I do not understand why a company with $500 million in revenue doesn’t have a phone number, or at least a live chat option.

  6. Yikes! So many repeat items! Glad I paused this month…thinking I may have to cancel soon though.

    • I am with you on that. The moment I saw the choices, I paused my bag. I am considering canceling and bank my $25.

  7. My bag isn’t fantastic but its not a total fail either. I’m recieving:

    Murad lotion- will give to my acne prone teenage son.

    Seraphine Blush

    Illuminasqua lipstick ( probably spelled wrong)

    Gigi – bronzer duo

    Ciate – eyeliner.

    I recently heard that sub boxes are finding it more and more diffacult to procure great items, at a cost effective rate. A lot of these brands don’t want to sell their items at cost to a sub box and have raised their margins to make profit. Think about it: you never see brands like Estee Lauder or Lancome in these boxes because they already have a strong customer base – they don’t need to be in a sub box to get exposure and grow sales. This is why why we are seeing less higher end and well known brands. I get it, and folks have a right to cancel if they aren’t happy. Even though I’m not totally wowed by this months Ipsy plus – it’s still a steal for $25. The Murad alone retails for $42. I think we’ve been spoiled and a lot of people are looking for a big return on a very small investment. It’s all about perspective.

    • Both Estee Lauder and Lancome have been featured in Ipsy GBP, though….

      There are certainly brands/items I’d never expect to see in a sub box, but the lack of higher-end or even just well-known brands in GBP is a recent phenomenon.

    • Yes, I am looking for a big return on investment, and if a box falls below a certain threshold, then that money is better spent deal hunting at Ulta or Sephora or being spent on other subscriptions with more exciting products. I’m not complaining about it, because when I saw the quality start waning in the GBP back in September, I ditched. I’m hoping to see GBP improve again because I’dlike to resubscribe, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.

      Definitely nothing wrong with having high standards or stating that a box doesn’t meet your expectations, just don’t keep getting a box that is sub par to you month after month and complain about it.

      • Ruby, I couldn’t agree more.

  8. If you chose an add on last month and you’re getting it in your bag this month, Is that considered as a repeat item?

    • Nope!

  9. Really not happy with Ipsy right now. I emailed them that in both my glam bag and glam bag plus I received skincare products for oily/acne prone skin when my profile shows dry skin, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation etc.. (receiving blackhead mask and Murad skin perfecting lotion) I have super dry skin and at 52 can use all the help I can get minimizing fine lines/wrinkles etc…They emailed back and told me to opt out of moisturizers and masks. Are you kidding me?! I wrote back and told them I shouldn’t have to opt out if they would just look at my skincare profile. Pretty much any other skincare product offered this month would have been great for me except what they are sending. Ugh!!

    • I have really dry skin and use that skin perfecting lotion under my skin. I really like it. It’s not thick like a cream I would use at nice, but it is enough for daytime to keep me hydrated and doesn’t make my foundation pill. If that helps… although I feel your frustration because I am fair yet getting bronzer and said I hate lip glosses but getting one for the second month in a row. I think they’re just sending out random things at this point.

      • Thanks for letting me know. The description on Ipsy said ideal for acne prone skin so I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it. Definitely going to try it. 🙂
        I agree, I think they’re sending random things & paying no attention to our profiles.

      • I love lip glosses and any lip products really and rarely get them even though I have them marked as frequent and always rate high…. but man I get every single bronzer or sheet masks which I mortifyingly hate… sheet masks make me gag… wet paper is a personal hang up of mine… I have opted out and still….

  10. Did anyone else receive the Gigi lip gloss in their plus??

    I received it in BOTH my regular GB and my GBP which is absolutely ridiculous considering I am paying extra money for GBP so I can get items that are higher quality than the regular GB.

    Seriously, what the heck? And why give me the same item in both bags?

    To top off the disappointment 7 of the 10 items I received are listed in my beauty profile as “send rarely.”

    I’m pretty close to cancelling after years of being a subscriber. I sent an email and will wait to see if I can at least exchange the repeat item.

    • I’m getting the gloss as well. I’m not pleased to pay twice as much for GBP only to receive a product also available in the $12 bag or for $3 as an add on. Please let me know how Ipsy responds. Thanks!

      • Yeah, the reality is that a $12 glam bag with FOUR $3 add ons still costs less than a glam bag plus. And if the GBP items are $3 add ons then there is no point to having a GBP subscription.

        Mostly I’m upset because they sent me the same item in both bags.

        IPSY said there is nothing they can do to help me and that they cannot control members receiving duplicate items in their glam bags.

        All that being said, I cancelled both GB and GBP and am not looking back.

        • Funny…their advertising said we were not supposed to receive duplicate items across bags. Now, they cannot control it? huh.

    • GBP does not market itself as offering “higher quality” products though. The promise is that you receive full size items. Maybe that’s why you’re disappointed.

  11. Phew! I’m glad that I paused. For the last 2 months, they have only shown a few spoilers and this why. I’ve been with them since June and I already have some of these items. They’re either repeat items or they’re items that nobody is excited about. I have the Nomad palette, an Illamasqua lipstick, two Illamsqua lip liners, the Trestique mascara (boxy), etc.

    I really hope they improve and soon!

  12. Btw, the Nomad Palette is amazing I received it in a past box so if you’re thinking about buying it as and add-on I say do it!!! 😍

    • I totally agree. Nomad is amazing!

    • Yes it is so amazing. I absolutely love using that palette. I think that’s the favorite I have received from Ipsy since I joined in June I believe. It goes on so perfect and the color is exactly as in the pan. You won’t be disappointed

      • I should get mine out and try it then, lol. I haven’t even bothered to look at it yet.

    • Sigh… I wish the color story had been different. I loved that palette, but I knew I’d use less than half of the colors and the colors that I would use, I already had in several other palettes. It’s such a beautiful palette, I almost kept it and framed it. Lol! In the end, I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I swapped it to someone who really wanted it and would enjoy the whole thing.😊 I hope Ipsy sends more Nomad palettes in the future, but I actually might just go purchase one with a color story that suits me better. I do really love the brand. Speaking of Indy brand eyeshadow worth mentioning, ACE Beaute has some pretty amazing eyeshadow as well, I wish they would put out a few more palettes!

    • Thank you! I just did! I’m ok with my GBP. I wasn’t thrilled with getting the To Gigi bronzer, or another mascara….but at the same time I could probably USE some bronzer and mascara. That’s the goal…get me out of my comfort zone. Other 3 products were fine. I’m happy 😁

  13. Would have loved a polish and one of the MG highlighters.

  14. Seraphine Botanicals Blush Palette (my choice)
    Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
    Trestique Mascara
    ILLAMASQUA Hydra Veil Primer
    Gigi Gorgeous Bronzer Duo

    NYX Lip Lingerie
    Royal & Langnickel Moda Pro Glow Brush

    I really wanted to purchase more add-ons but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra money after being fairly underwhelmed by this month’s box as it is already, the Murad lotion and my choice Item is really what I’m looking forward to the most. The primer looks okay and the Trestique mascara could be interesting but I hated the highlight stick I was sent by them previously….🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Bag twins…feel like it’s just ok, not super excited. Also picked the palette, like the Murad, I’ll try the primer, eventually use the mascara and don’t use bronzer so hopefully I can find someone who does or donate it.

      • I am getting the same. My choice was the murad lotion. I am excited to try everything except the bronzer. I bought the visanti lip oil as an add on. I got it a long time ago in my regular ipsy bag and it was one of my favorite things I have ever received.

  15. I’m reasonably happy with my box this month.

    Chose the Belle en Argent; I watched the spoiler video on Facebook, and it swatched fuschia on one swipe, but maybe it’ll build.

    Getting the Purlisse serum, I like their products as a class.

    Getting the Trestique mascara, also saw on the spoiler video and thought the curler end was nifty. (I have multiple regular curlers, but I’m a sucker for gadgets)

    Getting the GiGi blush/highlighter duo; not excited but it’s one of the lesser evils.

    Getting the Ciate highlighter stick. Not a fan of highlighters as a class, but would rather have gotten the Makeup Geek one, just because it’s a new line for Ipsy and, like me, they’re based in Michigan.

    I didn’t add any of the full-size products because nothing appealed. Added a stack of the samples, but no brushes this time, mostly because they weren’t what I was looking for.

    I’m starting to think about switching out one of my opt outs from eyeliner to highlighter. Really tired of highlighter. And I think I have the Ciate stick already.

    • Hey, that Dewy Stix is a terrible highlight but an amazing lip balm. I know it sounds weird but it’s filled with hyaluronic acid and is gorgeous and does wonders for the lips

      • That’s good to know. I don’t care about highlighters but my lips are a wreck and it’s barely into November.

      • That’s exactly what I use it for

  16. I am soo super disappointed with my box. I got same dark color lipstick. I got Doucce mascara, which I opted out of mascaras and highlighters. Not only that, it is an awful mascara. I got bronzer from who knows who Gigi. The only positive thing is my choice of SB blush. I am truly upset with my bag.

    • Sounds like you got the same bag as me. You’re right, is IS disappointing. I don’t know why they put two cheeks products in one bag?!

      • Got the same and also disappointed. I’m opted out of highlighters and bronzers.

  17. I’m receiving:

    Ciate London Dew Stick (I already have it & love it. I’ll gift this one to my daughter).
    Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer
    Gigi Blush Duo
    Belle en Argent lipstick (way too dark and vampy for my liking, so this is a no-no for me).
    Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (my choice).

    Three out of five products make me happy. I would have preferred one of the Illamasqua lipsticks, over the Belle en Argent lippy.

    • Bag twins. That lipstick is so dark! Not sure what I’m gonna do with that one.

  18. I got-
    Murad acne spot treatment (my choice)
    Ciate dewy stick
    Gigi bronzer
    Illamasqua primer
    Trestique mascara

    Very meh box this month

    • Box twins. I’m really not happy about the Ciate highlighter stick. I am supposed to be opted out of highlighters and have oily skin. I also received a bronzer palette last month so am surprised to get another bronzer this month. This is probably the worst box I have received since they started.

      • I already got the ciate thing in an allure box and I’ve never used it. Do t really want another. The Murad stuff I currently use and that’s why I picked it, and I’ve seen good things about the primer. But the rest is sucky.

      • Try the Dewy Stix as a lip balm! It’s amazing and I’m trying to tell everyone because I was so disappointed in mine until I put it on my lips

        • Thank you for the tip! I will give that a try. I recieved the Ciate dewy setting spray last year and hated it at first, it was way too shimmery, but I let the shimmer settle and don’t shake it before spraying and ended up loving it in the winter. Maybe I’ll end up loving the dewy stick as lip balm. I love lip balms!

  19. Meh, probably should have skipped. It’s not awful, I’m just not excited. I mean, I’m not happy to get the Gigi bronzer, but they haven’t sent one in a long time, to I suppose that follows my “rarely” option. However, I am getting the Seraphine blush palette, which is the third month in a row I’m getting blush. I picked the eyeliner, I am getting the Illamasqua lipstick in Cosmic, which I’m pretty happy with, and then the Murad lotion which doesn’t make me mad. I mean, it’s a well rounded box, so I guess there’s that.

    • I love your attitude, you just seems like someone who likes to stay positive, we need more people like you in the world 💗

      • Seem* oops lol!

  20. Am I imagining this, or are quite a number of the products in this month’s GBP item pool repeats from prior months (including last month): Nomad palette; Illamasqua lipsticks; Trestique powder stick; Apto; Ciate dewy stick; Purlisse??

    • I also thought it almost all repeats from past boxes too! I hate my box. Used to be worth a crappy box for the add ons but not anymore.

    • You’re not imagining it. Nearly half of the possible items are repeats.

    • Sooooooo glad I skipped GBP this month…. was afraid this was going to happen…. the spoilers were not great for plus and then with knowing they had to improve ultimate this month…. had a feeling… soooooo many repeats…. which would have meant getting a ton of the Gigi crap….

  21. I’m getting:
    Doucce mascara
    Ciate London dewy stick
    Illamasqua primer
    Gigi Gorgeous lipgloss
    Murad acne spot treatment

    Violet Voss palette
    Huda matte lipstick in Trendsetter
    Body lotion (forgot the brand, but definitely not the SOJ Coco Cabana cream)
    Hanalei lip scrub
    Gigi Gorgeous lip balm

    To be honest, this is my least favorite bag out of the three, hence the addons. I might use the primer if I stay subscribed to Boxycharm long enough to get a foundation in one of my boxes, but the mascara, lipgloss, and Murad acne treatment are the only three things that I know I will use.

  22. Glad I skip. Haven’t gotten a box since September. This box is going down hill. Been subscribed since the beginning but may be time to give it up.

    • I agree Veronica–the GBP has not been up to par for the last few months.
      The collaborations with products made in China have turned me off.

      • Ladies, I agree! Hopefully December’s box will be bomb or I may have to reconsider my subscription box…

    • same here, have been skipping since Sept. GBU is really screwing over GBP folks.

      • And the regular Glam Bag also!!

    • I am also glad I skipped. There was no FOMO before I skipped, I just had a feeling…

      They used to release spoilers and they didnt seem too great, and I would skip and see bag releases and kick myself. So then I wouldn’t want to skip, knowing that Ipsy would keep some tricks up their sleeves, but not anymore.

    • I know some of you are probably on the swap site here. I just requested to be let in. Do you know how long it takes to get approved and get off the waitlist?

      • It took me about six months, less than seven. Now that I finally got approved, I haven’t had the time to use it! I have so much stuff saved up, that now I’m overwhelmed with the idea of the task ahead. I just cancelled a lot of boxes because of overload/dissatisfaction and it will be nice to get things moved out that I am not gonna use. So, don’t give up if you wait a long time and remember, there’s norhing saying you will have as long a wait as I did.

        • *nothing — sorry for not catching the typo!

      • It took me about a month. Maybe a little less.

  23. Bag twins!

    I’m not happy about the bronzer. This is a “rarely” on my profile, but there it is.

    I’m getting the same product types every month: a primer of some sort; blush (though I chose the Seraphine palette this month because it was the best option I was offered during choice). I have eyeshadow marked as a love/frequent, but this is now the 2nd month I’ve received none, despite there being several eyeshadow products in the item pool.

    I haven’t been with GB Plus that long, but I’m getting increasingly disappointed with it. Contemplating cancelling and saving my money.

  24. I wanted the Belle en Argent lipstick so freaking bad.. I have lipstick checked for often and always have. They don’t look at preferences at all anymore. Lipstick, mascara and serums are an often and I got none… but my rarelys of highlighter and bronzer I get every damn month in both bags. Only lip product I got was the clear Gigi. I’m happy for my choice product of Murad, it’s worth the $25 for that, but I’m loosing the excitement bc I never get anything that’s “me” anymore..

    • I’m getting the lipstick and I don’t want it. I agree that they don’t check the preferences. I don’t use lipstick and that is definitely not my color. That is why I canceled last time. Maybe we can work out a trade?

      • Yeah, I’d have to disagree Stephanie, if you’re getting what’s marked on your profile then it’s blind luck. I have reds marked as rarely and review poorly, yet the only color Ipsy ever sends me is red and they do it often. I’m glad you feel like they listen to you, that’s great! But they don’t “definitely check” profiles for the majority of their customers.

    • They definitely check the preferences. I have nudes and light color lipsticks selected for my box and always get them and for this particular box, I wanted to try the dark lipstick so I changed my profile and got it. I change my preferences each month and this is the key. I’ve never gotten a bad box.

      • Stephanie, I also change my preferences each month, but for me it is a gamble whether I get things that match my profile or not. This month I got two items – mascara and lipstick – I have marked as send “rarely,” and one item – bronzer – I asked to be opted out from. Other than the blush palette, which I chose, the only item that matches my profile is the serum.

        • Same here. Several months ago, I noticed if I changed my profile based on spoilers it would often work, but not the last 3 months or so.

          • This has been my experience, as well. Ever since choosing an item became option, my bags have been subpar. I think they are not sending out as many variations as they used to, so there’s a smaller chance of getting your profile matched.

  25. Forgot to skip before noon and my bag sucks. No skincare and I always get lots of skincare ugh. Really wanted the Pūrlisse. I got Gigi bronzer, serphine blush, doucce mascara, ciate liner and Illamasqua. Worst one from them but my ultimate is even worse, might be worse than last months and I didn’t complain for a free bag. Poo

  26. Just sent an email to customer service because this is my third month in a row receiving a blush. I appreciate not getting bronzer but that is just too much blush for me.

    • The response was that I am getting that third blush regardless but that I won’t be getting blushes from them after this unless I ask to receive them. I haven’t had to make this complaint with them before. Not fun but I will find the blush a happy home.

  27. i got 2 items did not want…purple nail polish and a dark lipstick..no matter how you tell them on your beauty profile..they still give it to you..and I don’t buy add-ons just another way for them to collect your money..

  28. I paused my plus account again for the 3rd month. I want to see what December has to offer before I pause my account. I did see the smith & colt nail polishes… I love their bottles and the color of the polishes. I hope that we get a chance to add the on next month or buy from the website.

  29. I sure hope if she picks it up because boxycharm sure dropped the ball I think they got enough of the Natasha denona palettes for their PR so I canceled I wish people would just be honest and boxycharm always does this crap

    • I’m getting the Premium. I know a lot of people are disappointed that they aren’t but I really do think the waitlist was first come first serve. I saw the email immediately and signed up within 30 seconds and I got in. I just think it is super limited for the first month but it’s definitely not just a PR stunt because I’m a nobody lol

  30. So glad I skipped. Hoping December will be better 🤞 Dec 2018 was amazing.

  31. Not thrilled. I’m getting the Murad Lotion (choice), Illamasqua primer, Ciate stamp & drag liner, Makeup Geek highlighter and Gigi Gorgeous lip gloss. I’ll use the lotion, primer and maybe the highlighter as eye shadow, but I have so many shadows that color. My daughter will use the liner but the lip gloss is a bust. Between my 2 bags, I added on 2 Damn Girl mascara (I love this!), Farmacy masks, Dome blush, Youth to the People cream, Naturelab Tokyo hair mask and the rose face mask. I liked the items in the regular bag better!

    Could be worse. I’m giving it one more month before I cancel and just keep my regular bag.

    • My Glam Bag is always terrific. I cancelled Plus.

  32. Not a fan of my box this month… Only into two items (one being my pick).

    My GBP:

    ~Ciaté London Stamp & Drag Liner
    ~Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Palette
    ~Gigi Gorgeous Lip Gloss in Get Into It
    ~Evolue Skincare Hydrating Serum
    ~Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (my pick)

    My Add-ons:

    ~Veriphy Serum
    ~Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara
    ~Gigi Gorgeous Lip Balm in Natalia
    ~SLMISSGLAM Tapered Face Brush
    ~Farmacy Sheet Mask Duo

  33. Bag twin here, and I’m livid! This will be my 14th GBP, and I’ve only been excited about 3 or 4 of them…and they keep getting worse. I update my beauty quiz/profile every month like they tell you to for personalization, and I keep getting products that I mark as “rarely” every month (i.e. highlighters, bronzer and contour, Berry lip colors, etc.). I was so happy with my ipsy Glam Bag that I thought the GBP would be a hit, but it has been such a waste of money. I added on 2 full size and 2 sample size products that I really wanted, but that’s just costing me more money. If they would actually look at our profiles and put a fraction of the effort into customization of the GBP as they did for the regular GlamBag, I would be thrilled! But, this is just sad (and I have contacted customer care about issues in the past). I’ll give ipsy one more month to ‘wow’ me, but that’s it. I’m cancelling if this doesn’t change.

    • I feel the same ! They never follow any thing I ask for . I’m light blonde I was sent dark brown eyebrow fix – I said I wear pink lipstick- was sent a goth dark burgundy- I wear natural eyeshadow – sent crazy reds wear blue or gray eyeliner because I am so pale was sent black I’m livid …..I hated everything in my last box wrote them 3x and get a stock reply

    • You have only liked 3-4 out of 14 bags and you’re livid at Ipsy? Sounds backwards to me, you should be livid with yourself for continuing to purchase something that rarely, if ever, pleases you.💁

  34. I received the blush palette (my choice), the primer, the Gigi gloss, the Belle En Argent lipstick, and the glow stick. Sort of a meh box and I’ll most likely at least pause December’s. Maybe I’ll get the regular bag if spoilers are good.

  35. I definitely regret not skipping this month. I don’t really like anything that I got in my Plus with the exception of the Murad lotion. Ipsy definitely seems to have gone downhill these past couple of months. I received:

    Gigi Bronzer Duo
    Trestique Mascara
    Smoking on Screen Lipstick
    Dewy Stick
    Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (my pick)

    I haven’t heard any good reviews about the Dewy stick when it was in other boxes. I think some referred to it as Vaseline with shimmer in it. The Trestique mascara I received in a BoxyLuxe a few months ago but I have a ton of mascara (and I put rarely on my profile with Ipsy). I honestly am starting to wonder if they use the profiles anymore. I have gotten blush the last 3 or 4 months and have it on rarely now because of getting so many. If the Plus isn’t going to get better, I think I will just end up cancelling it. My Glam Bag is great this month but I was really hoping for the Huda lipstick.

    • Yes, I agree 100%. Prior to the last few months, it seemed they followed my profile quite well, but this month I got an item in each of my bags that I’ve opted out of.

    • Bag twins and i also picked the murad. I am wondering the same thing. Since i’ve been able to pick when I do nothing matches my profile. I have mascara bronzer and highlighter as rarely. I had to pay extra to add on the only thing i was excited. I skipped last month should have skipped this one too. Getting sick of it, sucks they’ve gone so far downhill.

    • I regret not skipping November too. I agree with you Ispy has gone WAY downhill in the past few months. I fear that Betty Boop, was the writing on the wall. Ipsy should be ashamed of that one but they follow it up with the Gigi line? Sorry, there is nothing I find appealing about the cosmetics and I do not buy or use cosmetics because of the story behind them. I have a feeling the quality is going to be just as bad as the Betty Boop.
      My November Bag:
      THE DEWY STICK. UGH, a highlighter by another name? Last Month, it was the Betty Boop blush with highlighters (which was so bad, it went in the garbage) and the ultra violet disco stick. Sept, Madison Miller, it is beautiful but there are highlighters. During the year, I received several (too many) highlighters or palettes with highlighters. Stop it already?
      DOUCCE MASCARA. I have a ton of mascara, but I do not mind getting it. I throw out what I was using, the first of each month because I have a history with eye infections. Some of the mascara, gets thrown out after the first use because I don’t like it. This is a repeat product, I don’t mind.
      GIGI BLUSH DUO. This is another UGH. Peach and Pink, I cannot wear peach or any warm tones, doesn’t work for me. The pink looks a bit bubble gum to me. After the Betty Boop garbage, I have a feeling this is going right in the trash. Like I said, I don’t care about the story behind it, it is an Ipsy exclusive….I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling from that one.
      SMOKING ON SCREEN. That color is just not me and I feel like it was an over production and Ipsy grabbed it at a good, to bless us with. Well, bless the dumps with….it is going in the garbage. I have given so much stuff from these boxes away, I know what my friends so not want.
      HYDRA VEIL PRIMER. This was my choice, never heard of this product or brand. It sounded interesting, something totally new to me and that is what these boxes are about? Reality is, pickings were slim on the choice.
      Add on:
      HOLA NEON, CALL ME. I like their products (although their color selection is limited for me). This looks like, this month’s “perfect color”.
      Dollar wise, is this a good value, of course, the boxes always are. Is it a good value for me? Hard to tell at this time. I’ll use the mascara, but it is not worth $25, like I said I toss mascara monthly, there are a couple of Maybelline mascara I like better than a lot of the box mascara. Then only other product with promise is the primer. Yes, the two products are of more value than the cost of the box. The question is, would I have purchased these products this month. NO, they really aren’t a value to me, If I don’t like them. I spent $3.00 extra to get a lip balm, if I don’t like the two products with promise, the lip balm cost me $28 plus tax…..what a smoking deal?
      Then I look at last month’s, I received the Dr Brandt, I use it and it retails for $79. I guess I am still ahead?
      One of the things, that is really beginning to annoy is the colors Ipsy started sending me. Over the years, Ipsy was great with the color choice, until recently. The email I received this morning stated they cannot control what colors. I am sorry but I am cool tone, warm tones do not work for me. Darker products, do not work for the fair skins and light products to not work for the darker skin tones. If you are a cool tone, fair skinned person and you are getting dark/warm tones, even if the products are high end, it is not a good value because you cannot use the product. At the very least, Ipsy should be able to get warm vs cool tone, colors right.
      Off the top of my head, I received an IT face palette and a Tarte bush palette this year. I love both and them and I use them. You cannot tell me, that Betty Boop or this upcoming Gigi line is of the same value.
      Of course, you get the flaming shot at you when you say something least than favorable about these boxes. Yes, they are worth more than we pay for them but if you cannot use the product, it is worthless to you. We need to be honest, stop the hero worship and let the companies know there is an issue, so they improve?
      I am just a bit annoyed at Ipsy, in the past four months, I spent over $100 and my personal value was not even close to that.

      • You’re going to love the Illamasqua. Super high end and quality. Imo, they have some of the best cosmetics in the industry. I’m not a highlighter fan,but their’s are the best.

      • Amen you are MY HERO!!!!!!!!

    • I got the Dewy Stix in my Allure and it is the worst highlighter I’ve ever used. But it’s an AMAZING lip balm. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and looks and feels beautiful on the lips. So don’t dispair and throw it out lol.

      • Thank you for the tip!

  36. Normally am happy with my Plus, even liked last month, and have been with Ipsy for 5 years… I’ve never said these words before but this is the worst bag I’ve ever gotten from Ipsy. SOOOO regret not skipping. Cancellation may be in my future. I didn’t choose a product and regret that now… not one product I will use this month. Waste of $25.

    Ipsy’s hayday is over and lower end products are going to be the norm now that Ultimate has arrived.

  37. Yikes. It just keeps getting worse.

    • Agree. Last months box is sitting on the floor in my dressing room, all item unused. I’m glad I skipped this month but I think it’s time to cancel.

      • Exactly the same over here. Getting the Ciate dewy stick and Trestique violet highlighters, when my profile has no highlighters. The rest was Betty Boop blush and I cannot even remember, because it’s all to be donated. ALL of it!

        So glad that I finally skipped a month. Now, when I see all of the same products, except with Gigi instead of Betty, it’s time to cancel.

        Sadly, I received a couple amazing months from them. Not anymore, though.

        After that, Boxy and BoxyLuxe, cancellation attention turns to you and the promotion of Premium extensively and then a big swath of people just sitting around waiting and not getting the ND palette wiggled like a worm on a hook. Uncool. Happy for those few off of the list that are off of the waitlist. I’m about to be off the waitlist, except I am doing the removing, along with BC and BL. Glad I’ll make spaces for someone else.

        Cancelled outright Allure and TestTube in last couple months. Both were really good for a long time. After canceling Ipsy Plus and all of the Boxy Charmless, I’ll be making bill paying day less painful.

        Still in a state of amazement that this box and the Plus offerings look nearly identical to mine for months! So many repeats.

  38. glad i skipped, even if they gave me a choice to pick out 5 products from the pool, i would have still skipped. I looked at the pool from GBU and I feel like they definitely reserved all the good stuff GBP used to get for GBU now. sad. if they keep this up, i will have to cancel. already skipped 3 months so far. why bother right?

  39. • Seraphine Blush Palette (my pick)
    Excited to try

    • Doucce Mascara
    I feel neutral about this. I haven’t liked their mascaras in the past but I’m open to trying this. The curler doesn’t look wide enough for all of my lashes.

    • Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
    I am sad I got this and that it didn’t go to someone else who may have wanted it. As much as I would love to try it, I have my profile marked that I have dry skin with concern for wrinkles and dullness. I don’t really get acne. I am worried this will dry me out.

    • Gigi bronzer duo
    I am neutral about this. The packaging is nice.

    • Belle En Argent Lipstick
    Looks way too dark for me but I can try it and apply lightly? I wear mostly light pinks.

    I added on the NYX lip lingerie (more of a wearable color for me), benefit mascara (good for travel and I like this brand), and the Verso hydrating serum (I will need this now that winter is here).

  40. Picked murad
    Got mascara
    Ciate stick
    GiGi Bronzer
    I don’t wear mascara and I have got them twice in a row
    Was hoping to get the lipstick that I rated high for
    I got 3/5 I liked, better than the last box,

    • I got the same bag you did! Wonder if since we picked the murad they are giving everyone the same 4 other products??? I picked the It Cosmetics cleanser as my add on it seemed the best fit for me…

      • I picked murad and got the veil primer, Ciaté eyeliner, gigi lip gloss, and makeup geek highlighter

      • I picked Murad also and got the same bag. Nothing excited me for add-ons this time.

      • I picked Murad lotion and will recv:
        Purlisse serum (will use)
        Dark lipstick (never use)
        Gigi blush (will try)…
        Ciate dewy stick (will not use)

        Added :
        Visanti gloss oil $3 (have used before and I liked it)

        This box is ok. Not sure if 2 outta 5 products that I will definitely use justifies me continuing with this subscription and I’ve skipped last three boxes … not excited anymore ☹️. Regular Ipsy bag looks more promising

    • Same. If we don’t make a selection will they go back to matching our profiles? I have oily skin and am opted out of highlighters, but am getting the Ciate dewy stick. Not happy

      • Ladies! I keep saying this everywhere because I want everyone to see it; The Dewy Stix is a horrible highlight but a beautiful lip balm. Just give it a shot before you throw it out. I’m using mine everyday and I almost tossed it out too

  41. My bag is AWFUL this month. The only good thing is the blush palette that I chose.

    I’m getting:

    – Seraphine blush palette: the one saving grace.

    – Gigi bronzer: BIG FAT NOPE. I have already requested to never be sent bronzer. This is the one Gigi product I was going to be actively angry about receiving. And I’m already getting a cheek product anyway!

    – Doucce mascara: another fail. I have mascara selected as “rarely send me” and I can’t stand Doucce products

    – Purlisse Blue Lotus serum: and now I’m getting leftovers from previous boxes?! WTF Ipsy. But at least this fits my beauty profile.

    – Belle en Argent lipstick in Smoking on Screen: another product I have listed as “rarely send me.”

    So, other than the item I chose, I received two items I have marked as “rarely send me,” one item I specifically asked not to be sent, and only one item that actually fits my profile.

    I didn’t add anything on because literally NOTHING appealed to me, the first time that’s happened since add-ons became an option.

    This is BY FAR my worst bag ever from Ipsy. I am so angry at myself for not skipping. When we didn’t receive any spoilers past the initial one – of which only the blush palette appealed to me – I should have taken it as a sign. GBP got shafted this month. Very few products, very few variations, no attention paid whatsoever to people’s profiles.

    • This was my bag, too! I ALSO chose the blush palette AND am opted out of highlighters and bronzers. Not thrilled.

      • Exact same situation here…it’s like they go out of their way to send me opted out items…

  42. It’s not bad but no real hero item. I think the Sunday riley bag was when they hit their peak.

  43. Seraphine blush palette (my pick)
    Gigi bronzer (I am opted out of bronzer but have gotten for the past 2 months in a row)
    Bella En Argent Smoking on Screen lipstick
    Illamasqua Hydra veil primer
    Doucce mascara.

    I like 3/5 but I am really missing all the skin care that used to be included. I’ve gotten minimal skincare (even though it’s rated as often in my profile) for several months. British Beauty Box is filling the skincare gap I suppose!

  44. I regret not skipping this month. I am receiving:

    Hydra Veil Primer (my choice, but I was not thrilled with the choices).

    Dewy Stick (I guess glow is different that highlighter).

    Doucce Mascara (I can always use mascara but I have several for back up).

    The Gigi Blush Duo (this is the FOURTH month, in a row that I am receiving a blush).

    Auteur Crème Lip Color (in a color I just cannot wear).

    This is going to be my 12th Plus Bag, I looked back the bags…..Ispy just went down hill.

    • Almost bag twins. I got the same, but the Gigi bronzer. I am really bummed I did not get the Ciate eyeliner. I didn’t get to pick it for my bag and hoped it would be in my bag, and then it wasn’t even available as an add-on.

      Hydra Veil Primer (my choice)
      Dewy Stick
      Doucce Mascara
      Gigi Bronzer
      Belle Argent Lipstick

      • Same as you. Lame. I picked the ciate but don’t really want anything else 🙄 what’s the point of customization if everyone gets the same bag, more or less?

      • What is the website people keep talking about where you can swap items?

  45. I am not pleased. Ciate eyeliner (I picked it), Gigi bronzer, makeup geek highlighter in nightlight, illamasqua primer veil, and doucce mascara. At least I can sell the last three, but where are the star makeup items or skincare?

  46. Received an opted out product in every single one of my bags again this month. I’m not even sure why they have that feature available.

    • Same here, across 3 accounts, opted out of bronzers and mascara, bronzer in 7 bags mascara in 4 🙁

  47. Did anyone get the Gigi bronzer duo and want to swap for the Gigi blush duo? I got the blush but prefer the bronzer. I am on the swap site

    • What is the name of that swap site?

      • It’s here on the MSA site.

        • Thank you! How long does it take to get off the waitlist?

    • I would trade.

  48. Pleasantly surprised, always good 😁

    • This is the first time I’m excited about every item in my box.
      – Dewy Stix (the item I chose)
      – Doucce Mascara
      – Murad Acne spot treatment
      -Gigi bronzer duo
      – hydra veil primer

      • I got a Ciate Dewy Stix in my allure and it’s honestly the worst highlighter I’ve ever used. But! If you don’t like it as a highlight, don’t throw it away. It’s an amazing lip balm. I’m REALLY enjoying as a lip treatment I put on before I start my makeup to prep my lips for lipstick. And it has hyaluronic acid. Which… Is kinda strange just for the cheekbones but fabulous applied all over the lips.
        I’ve also received the Doucce mascara too and I really love it. It has probably the biggest wand I’ve ever seen. About the size of Too Faced Damn Girl but it’s soooo volumizing. You may not like it if you have shorter natural lashes or don’t like a big fluffy brush. But if you like mascaras like Better Than Sex, you’ll probably enjoy it

  49. Glad I skipped again! Nothing interesting. Body does a much better job of getting different brands

    • Boxy

  50. Glad I cancelled. Only three items interest me.

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