Ipsy Glam Bag Plus December 2019 SPOILERS!

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We have spoilers for the December 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here is the bag design:

And here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

TARTE Double duty beauty™ Shape Tape™ Stay Spray Setting Spray

ITTSĒ The Fulton Eyeshadow Quad 

ILLAMASQUA Liquid Eyeliner 

MORPHE Mega Matte Lipstick in Dominate


What do you think of the spoilers?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The eyeshadow looks like a good idea, but honestly the 4 colors that are shown dont look like they will actually show up on many skin tones. Even for neutrals, they dont look very good pigment wise. I love eyeshadow and a good indie brand, but that just dont look good.

  2. I really need a new setting spray, so that alone makes the box worth it and it’s a great brand name setting spray. I love facial oils and this one looks decent and has some nice ingredients! The eyeshadow colors are a little plain for me but it looks interesting and I’ve never had a magnetic case before. I’m intrigued! I just hope they listen to our profiles (pleeeeeease no red lipsticks for me!!!).

    • I like the spoiler, but they always send me 2/5 things that I don’t like.

      • That’s pretty good. I always get 3-4 things I don’t like.

        • Ipsy isn’t advertising anything, this is a spoiler.

        • I see I’m not the only one! No matter what I do my Profile and put in my reviews….I STILL get red lipstick, blush, highlighter…..might have left somethings out…..
          It’s the same with both my Glam Bag and the Plus!
          I’m giving a lot of Christmas make-up gifts this year!

    • Same here and I always get red lippies. urrrgh

  3. I am loving the spoilers, the pallet looks great and serum looks awesome not a fan of the eyeliner but you can’t be happy with everything for $25 it’s such a great value. I love Ipsy

  4. All the complaining EVERY month, 1 sub box is never going to be able to make EVERY subscriber totally happy every month. Also for all the complaints about brands, colors, products Sub boxes can only offer us these great deals by buying overstock, low selling items brands want to get rid of, buying in bulk (where they also get a better deal on lower selling items) or a company wanting more exposure and making a deal with the sub box to be featured. They aren’t usually able to get the big names or most trendy products or they’d have to charge way more. Think about it even the people who buy in bulk and sell are still only able to give you $10-15 dollars off retail price. Just because you may not like bold eyeshadow, red lips, glitter, bold color lippies or that you want hair care or perfume doesn’t mean that’s what they should include because there are hundreds of thousands of other subscribers who want the opposite. Yes I agree sometimes it seems that they don’t go by our quizzes as well as others (the first 6 months Plus nailed my quiz every month, the last 3 it’s like they didn’t even look at it) and that’s because they are limited in what they have to offer so they make up different variations of boxes to be distributed then try to match each subscriber with a variation that meets their desires. Last thing these sub boxes are supposed to be a way to expose people to new brands, products n colors so they don’t always match you perfectly so you’ll explore. Sorry for the long winded rant

    • Ipsy doesn’t pay for the items that actually go in the Glambags.

      • Ugh!!!! Doesn’t look very promising for December. I’m only liking the setting spray.

      • How do you know this?

        • It’s in their business model. You can read about it on the BBB website.

          • Thank you!

    • THIS. Thank you for typing this out. I’d only add why don’t we rant about what they get right, or rant encouragement for improvement in future? And if someone cancelled, why is that person lurking?

      • I cancelled and I watch the spoilers to see if they have a decent month so I’ll know to resubscribe for it. Or maybe others are just interested in the articles on MSA or just sub boxes in general. No one has to justify anything thing though, these comments are open to everyone.

    • The quality of the GBP has had a pretty noticeable decline in the 3-4 months. People are allowed to have opinions about that, voice them and decide if it’s still a subscription they’re interested in receiving. It wasn’t for me, and I cancelled back in August. I still like to keep up with spoilers though in the hope that they might start to improve again. If the bag looks lackluster, I’ll certainly say so if I feel like doing so.

      • Exactly this. The quality took a nose dive (for me) in early summer. I’ve skipped most of them (and was changed last time even though I skipped.) I RAVED about GBP I’m the beginning. Then they started sending my opt out item every month (highlighter.) I always really wanted at least one spoiler item and now I don’t want any the last few months.

        • I noticed that as well. The last 3 months have been horrible for me. I am just hoping things can go back to before (like when I was getting the It Cosmetics heavenly face brushes ) those boxes were amazing and made me very happy .

      • I noticed that as well. The last 3 months have been horrible for me. I am just hoping things can go back to before (like when I was getting the It Cosmetics heavenly face brushes ) those boxes were amazing and made me very happy .

    • Hear Hear!

    • Amen, Sister! I get so tired of reading all of the complaints. But, you can’t please everyone all of the time.

    • I like it… It’s so dreamy… I like this curation. My November bag included Smith and cult nails polish, a perfect compliment to this …

    • Thank you.

      I sometimes read the comments simply to laugh because I’m shocked by how spoiled we’ve become.

      I’m happy every month considering the incredible value for the products we get regardless of what they are. If I really need and want a specific item, I’ll go to Sephora and buy it. I’m not expecting to receive 5 of MY holy grail beauty staples every month. That would be ridiculous.

      • This is the thing…I dont use sub boxes as my “end all be all” I dont live near a Sephora and I use sub boxes to try out items a s brands to see if their formulas work for me makeup and skincare. I dont want some “shell company” makeup or skin care and if I get something that works for me (farmacy from boxy, sunday riley from ipsy, and natasha denona from allure ) I go out and invest in every month because I found it works for me and I get results. The thing is, I’m still searching for things to switch up too, and I dont mind investing in decent items. I understand some months will be better then others and you’re always going to get items you cant use, but someone else might. The issue is, since ipsy rolled out ultimate, the plus brands and items went downhill NOTICEABLY. I am looking for good items, good/decent brands that work that I will then go buy different things from to play around with.

        You cant go by youtube, or reviews because everyone skin and living environment is so different that one item might work for one and not the other. That’s great, but when the level of standards go way down, then there is an issue. It’s not about being spoiled or entitled. It’s about quality control and consistency.

        I dont think ipsy was ready to roll out ultimate, plus and add ons. Then seem to recycle the same products for a few months..heck, just this one in plus, the serum I got in ultimate for November. Why would I want it again in plus?! I also just got a funky contour..why would I want another contour in powder this month?! Plus I got 3 items in ultimate last month I have already received in the previous year with ipsy, and they were rated low and bad, yet they sent them again. When you do things like this, there are problems. Plus I feel like a DECENT company should taketrends, feedback, general profiles, into consideration. Ipsy has been around a LONG time. Long enough to know this.

        I’ve never had an issue about plus. I found items every month in it that I loved and have bought things from the brands. EVERY MONTH…until ultimate rolled out and now its constantly went downhill. I’m not the only one saying this. Its mind boggling how ipsy must be ran as company for this to be such a drastic issue for so many, and the blank script of “do your reviews each month, update your profile” crap, when at this point they dont follow in and in most months it’s the exact opposite of the things you want. It’s almost as if you rate the things you like low, and the things you dislike high, you MIGHT have a better chance of getting items.

        I think most people want companies to succeed and do good, and to do this, you need feedback regardless of how that goes, as long as its constructive and makes sense. If not, a company is doomed.

        Sorry so long, just my .02 I hope everyone has a fantastic day/night wherever you are. You’re beautiful!!

        • I’m not fully awake yet… I don’t think I ever got the product I’m about to mention from any sub ever! But, since I love their cc cream & concealer, I have chosen Avery product as samples when purchasing online. It’s IT Cosmetics Secret Sauce! If I could afford it, I would probably be an IT Girl! That and some of the Hey Honey skincare products. But, that Secret Sauce IS awesomesauce!

  5. For everyone with questions about the palette all you have to do is click the link under the picture of the palette and it takes you to the brand site where it shows that this is in fact a magnetic palette that you can add more shadows to. It actually looks like it’s a nice quality magnetic palette so I really hope I get it in December.

    • Has it been confirmed that the palette is included? The site lists them separately, but does indicate the quad is being featured in Ipsy. This is a great deal if both are included as they retail for $60 combined. This will be my first month for Plus, really looking forward to it and hope to get this combo 🙂

  6. I actually like the colors on the palette. I wear champagne and cream colors a lot.

    I love getting black eyeliner. It goes into a box until I use one up and then I open the next one. I haven’t bought an eyeliner in a long time, which is nice. I would not wear colors other than black. I hate getting blue eyeliners. Too 80’s for me.

    The lipstick looks nice. I have been getting weird colors lately, brown and purple lip colors. So an actual red that I could wear is nice.

    I’m not into green eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, yellow lipstick. Too trendy for me! I appreciate the classic colors and looks. Ipsy (and other subs) could do a better job at reading profiles and giving people colors accordingly!

    • Olive green shadow and plum eyeliner is a classic for a reason.

      • Olive green shadow and plum eyeliner? Not together I hope. I wouldn’t call any eyeliner color other than black or brown a classic. Olive goes way in and way out of style. I’m not saying it’s not nice, but it’s either on trend or everyone is saying only their mothers wear it.

      • Classic? No. Those aren’t truly classics. They’re nice for a change.

      • You’re joking right? Classic meaning 70s and 80s maybe.

    • I think often there aren’t that many colors available to Ipsy to give each person colors according to their profile. Or a brand may actually be paying Ipsy to promote a certain item in the box. Just a theory. I always look forward to seeing what’s in my bag and being surprised, but then I’m someone that loves both classic and trendy looks.

      I hope you get to enjoy all the classics in this edition!

  7. Yeah, I’m not loving anything in these spoilers, but I didn’t love anything from the first November spoilers either, and ended up pretty satisfied with my November box (except for the bag, which looks even worse in person).

  8. I like the colors in the quad, but looks like excess packaging.

    • There’s some discussion about whether it actually comes in a z-palette you can add to. It’s hard to tell from the photo.

      • Go to the company site. It’s magnetic.

        • Yeah, but the product page doesn’t show any of the quads as coming in the z-palette.

          The photo above does seem to show the shadows in the florentine gold palette, but it looks like there is a foam insert (because there is a cut out tab in the lower right). Maybe that insert can be removed and then you have a zpalette, but it’s not 100% clear to me that that’s actually what we’re getting.

          Great it if does come in a palette, though– the empty palettes are $24 just by themselves!

    • It a Z palette with a foam insert to keep the four eyeshadows from bouncing around during shipping. I think it’s a very nice item, even if I don’t care too much for the colors. But, who knows, they might turn out to be a go to neutral palette.

        • Based on the website, the eyeshadow quads does not come with the magnetic palette. I’ve purchased the eyeshadows and the palette separately from the website in the past. I think the palette may just be in the photo to showcase the eyeshadows, and not coming with the eyeshadows.

  9. Skipped for now, but I will probably just cancel. This is the third month in a row I have not been impressed with GBP. I considered going back to the regular glam bag so I would still have access to the add-ons, but I’m on sample overload atm, and truthfully I’ve also found the add-on selection to be disappointing these past few months.

    I think Ipsy over-extended itself with the GBU, and it shows in their lack of care choosing products and curating boxes for the GBP. Treating loyal customers like second-class citizens because they didn’t spring for a $50 box seems bad for business imo, but I guess Ipsy has chosen short term greed over long term subscribers.

    • Agree! December looks disappointing again! I’ve skipped the last two months and December would make three, I might cancel. I don’t know. It seems to really be lacking lately, I don’t know what’s going on.

    • Same here. My last GBP was in August. I haven’t been interested enough in the add-ons to bother signing up for the regular bag either. It is what it is 🤷‍♂️

  10. Sigh…
    Im really saddened by this. Ipsy was knocking it out of the park for me all the way up until they introduced the “Ultimate” failure. 😕😢
    Never thought I’d say this but SERIOUSLY considering cancelling my Plus this month. Already cancelled the itty bitty rrgular bag.

    • Agree…it like they didnt plan for ultimate well, or maybe people running ipsy arent equipped to handle it because this is most definitely not the amazing boxes they were up until ultimate was released….people can say whatever, but when it comes down to every month for months on end was amazing and then they roll out something new (and a failure both months for the new roll outs) and now plus is suffering as well.
      It seems like they just dont have enough products and decent brands to introduce people too, plus add ons and they just dont care.

  11. I don’t particularly LOVE anything but for $25 it’s a great deal and a way to discover new products. The red lipstick and black eyeliner will be immediately gifted.

  12. I haven’t gotten a bag since July because I keep pausing them. I’m not thrilled with most of these items and haven’t been for quite a while. Pausing for 5 months in a row seems excessive, I’m just going to cancel.

  13. I’m intrigued by the Tarte spray and the Evolue Oil. I do not need, nor do I want yet another red lipstick… so that’s a no. The other items are wah-wah, for me. C’mon Ipsy… December is a month your subscribers want to be wowed. Please give us something to drool over. 🙂

  14. I agree. This is the ugliest eyeshadow palette I’ve ever seen in my life and I love eyeshadow–colorful, neutral, and everything in between.

    • It seems like such a waste, so much packaging and tiny pots. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • it’s a customizable magnetic case into which you can add and move around ittse shadows and blushes. it’s actually quite nice; the case alone sells for $18-24.

        • I’m super excited about this if so, because Ipsy likes to send me pans that I have nowhere to put.

    • Lol..AGREED! I have Eyeshadow chosen as something i want regularly and i’m about to go take it off bc of this monstrosity !! The Tarte spray and the oil is all that interests me. I’m furious at my November GBP. Only 1 item im getting is not on my ” rarely want” list. Ipsy used to be my favorite out of all the subscriptions. Now i’m not happy at all and i’ve been a subscriber since 2009

      • It’s a really nice large gold magnetic case with a full mirror on one side I have three of their cases.

  15. Really excited for all of these spoilers, I love anything Tarte and I am an avid eyeshadow palette collector/addict and this one being customizable makes it awesome to me (I love palettes I can add to and make exactly how I want). I love eyeliner as well even though I have a million in a million different shades and forms. I will always try any new skincare product Ipsy throws my way as well. So I’m very excited for Ipsy GBP in December. I also love the bag!

    • I’m with you!

  16. So underwhelming. Think I’ll finally just quit with ipsy. Used to love them but the past 3 months have been bad. This looks so boring and I’m done.

  17. I kind of feel like Ipsy cannot win. I definitely feel like most of us would be happier if we got to pick TWO of the 5 items. One just isn’t enough to be satisfied. While most people like colorful eyeliners those of us with darker skin like black eyeliners because colorful ones don’t really show up well. I also prefer black eyeliners. I definitely agree with better products like magnetic eyelashes. However, if Ipsy brings these items to the plus they’ll probably start charging a lot more. I feel like the products I’ve received are fair for the $25 price tag. There are boxes with way better products but the prices are a lot more.

    I also feel like Ipsy should definitely stop with the collaborations. The Gigi products from their last bag look cheap (like dollar store makeup). I have zero hopes for the Gigi blush I’m about to receive for the November bag. The Betty Boop products were just okay (again, like dollar store makeup).

    One of the positive things is that there are no cheap face masks in the Ipsy bag. If I see a face mask spoiler I’ll definitely skip this month.

    Since it is December I expect quite a bit for this bag. So far I’m not impressed at all with the tin foil bag. It’s gaudy (to say the least). It’s Christmas so I expected this bag to be red and green or at least gold. The side zip looks cute but also doesn’t seem practical for every day; I can already see products falling out of this bag.

    What Ipsy really needs (in my humble opinion) is less pictures of people wearing their makeup on their site and more dedication to their products. No collaborations, no weird brands that people haven’t heard of like ITTSE (the eyeshadow brand pictured above) and cuter bags.

    • ITTSE happens to be a really good Indie brand though. You may be surprised by how much you like them. I have a couple of their shadows (not the ones pictured I dont think) & this Gold Magnetic palette and they are pretty dang good.

      • I don’t need high end brands. I will gladly try new up and coming brands, indie brands etc. I will even try products I wouldn’t normally try. But that being said, I do want products I will absolutely use as well.

    • December can be about more than Christmas, and for over a billion people on the planet, it’s not about Christmas at all. It’s actually nice to have ipsy bags that don’t follow lemming knee-jerk reactions (October – must be orange! Christmas – red green and gold! February – pink!)… Not for adult thinkers.

      • Agree. We’re bombarded with enough of that already. The silver is fresh.

        • The silver looks lthat cheap reflective mylar you put in a car window to keep the sun off the upholstery.

          • I disagree. Love the silver.

      • Adults can enjoy fun seasonal colors. I love pink in February and Orange in October, you can keep your gatekeeping about adult thinking. December doesn’t have to be Christmas, no, but winter holidays are not just Christian. Again, more gatekeeping on your part.

        • She’s free to express her opinion. Same as you. Or me. Peace, baby. Relax.

          • I definitely agree! December could be ALL different colors. I’m just disappointed that the Ipsy bad this month looks exactly like the window guard protector I put in my car (like someone mentioned) or the inside of a cheap cooler. I feel like it could be better.

    • I’ve bought ittse for a couple years now they are really cool.

  18. Honestly, I think we are “too spoiled”! Yes, I agree that this is less appealing than what Boxy just did with their November box, but this is still an incredible value for only $25. You can hardly get any decent beauty product for $25. A single lipstick nowadays is easily selling for +25. Ipsy give you 5 full size products for only $25, it’s 5 bucks a product. Amazing! Just last year I was still spending so much at Sephora, I would buy something way over $25 just to qualify for a tiny sample gwp and I was happy. Since I discovered Ipsy and Boxy early this year, I have stopped buying at Sephora as I now have such a big collection, I can not keep up with. For me Ipsy GBP was way better than Boxy in the beginning, Boxy just catched up recently and got better which I am happy with. Ipsy is still there on top with Boxy, the other subs are far behind in my opinion. I have tried several subs and my preference go to Ipsy GBP, Boxy and Allure which I find is the best for their price range. No Sub box can make everyone happy every month, it’s just not possible, that’s how it is and we have to accept it.

    • If we’re “spoiled” then it’s because Ipsy made us that way. The GBP used to be consistently great, but has taken a serious fall off in quality in the last 4 months or so. These products may be worth more than the $25 the bag costs, but they have to be products you’d actually want to have or it’s not worth the money no matter how good of a deal it is. There is not one item here that I would be excited to receive and based on the reactions that I’ve seen so far, that seems to be the consensus. I unsubscribed starting in September and so far haven’t regretted it at all.

      • I would love the magnetic pallet. I would love the lipstick. I’d really like to try the setting spray. I think the bag is cute.

        This is why spoilers are released. Some people will like it, some won’t. That’s why there is a pause button.

        • Agreed!😉

        • Agree! And I love the magnetic pallette, too. Also glad it’s not outlandish colors.

      • This is exactly it. The first 6 months at least were excellent. They put in full size high quality name brands. It’s what we all came to expect. Once I started getting things every month my profile clearly states I don’t want or have opted out of shows they don’t pay attention or care about our profiles. and also these collabs which not every likes they then have disappointed us. Maybe those who didn’t start from the beginning like some of us did due to the waitlist came in when things to us were going down hill. I’ve paused three months in a row. Close to cancelling altogether if it doesn’t get better. My FOMO on many boxes is over. I get 3-4 now 2 of which are seasonal. I am good for a nice break from them all

      • Same

    • $25 for five products isn’t a good value if you won’t use any of those products. None of the spoilers pictured is stuff I’d actually use.

  19. I like the lipstick, but it’s $9 on the Morphe website, so if I don’t get it, I’ll just buy it outright.

    Don’t use setting sprays at all.

  20. What Ipsy needs to start doing is going for the most popular makeup trends. Right now everyone’s trying the magnetic eyelashes, I would be over the moon if they sent some magnetic eyelashes rather than regular eyelashes. Also, the 4d fiber mascaras are popular. Everyone wants super long eyelashes! Also, colorful eyeliner is in. Blue, purple, any color really. And lip gloss , lip balm infused lipsticks would be great for the cold weather. ALSO, what about our hair??? Where are the hair care products like masks and hairsray? Ipsy rarely ever sends any foundation too, which is a bummer. And glitter eye shadow is in because of the holidays. They really need to pay attention to popular makeup trends on Pinterest, and need to focus on what they AREN’T sending, like foundation, more brow gels/powder, magnetic eyelashes, etc. And focus on our profiles and stop sending us surprise items that we don’t want based on our profiles. We are grown adults who know what we want and what we don’t like!

    • Totally agree on eyeliners. I opted out on eyeliners because I was sick of getting black liquid liner.

      Unfortunately, fiber infused mascaras make my eyes itch, and I don’t do brow products.

      Really like the red lipstick, though.

    • Please! No brow products!

    • Sorry, I don’t care how popular they are on Pinterest–I do not want fake lashes, fiber mascara, colorful (or any other) eyeliners, foundation, or hair products.

      Will I still get those things? Of course. Will I be mad about it? Only if they all come together in tha same box. LOL.

      Bottom line, though: not everyone is in to following trends.

  21. Boring. The setting spray would be cool but otherwise not worth me upgrading. They need to step up their game to catch up with boxy

    • Yep

  22. Ugh! Well… Here goes three months of skips in a row 🤷🏾‍♀️. In 5 years I have never skipped or paused until October😭. Since I have to pay for Boxybase, Premium, and Luxe next month I may just skip the $12 glambag as well.

    • Aye, I’ve been with Ipsy since the first ever bag, never skipped a single month, and since switching to Plus I’ve been skipping left and right. I don’t want to cancel, but these boxes have been terrible 🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. Ehhh…may skip.

  24. Illamasqua is a British Brand. It is supposed to be edgy and unusual.

    It began in 2008. I had never heard of them until Ipsy

    I like their products.

    I will do December but after that I am going to skip for a while. I like the silver bags. And the November Ultimate bag is awesome!

    I have enough makeup and skin care for more than a year.

    I wish Ipsy would offer another not black magic marker eyeliner.

    I would like a brown, plum, teal, indigo, anything different from black.

    • Illamasqua is a fake brand owned by the Hut group. That’s why they are out of London. They created the brand to put in beauty boxes. They’ve done a good job on the packing and photos but it’s just private label crap from China. Ipsy has been getting more and more of the Hut groups products. Feel free to google the Hut groups address. It’s a shipping warehouse at an English airport.containers from China come in, distributed into our beauty boxes.

      • Woah, really? I love their primer. Had no idea they weren’t a real brand. That’s a bummer

        • So I took your advice and I looked up the Hut Group and Illamasqua. Illamasqua existed for over five years before the Hut Group bought the brand. The Hut Group operates out of a shipping warehouse because they own a large ecommerce site that sells regular luxury brands. None of this means that Illamasqua stopped making things according to their own formulas. If you want to be shocked, look at all the brands Coty owns, and yet Rimmel powder doesn’t smell like Coty Airspun. Maybe it’s easier for Illamasqua to get into boxes with their new owner, but this still doesn’t mean it’s a cruddy white label product. So, thanks for the tip, but unless you have more deets than I can find, there’s no reason to hate a brand just because it’s owned by Hut or because Hut doesn’t have a glam London address.

          • Thanks for looking into it for us!

      • This is the tea I came here for!

        • Haha right?

      • The Hut Group did NOT create Illamasqua. They did however buy the brand in 2017 but the brand was founded in 2008 by Julian Kynaston. Illamasqua is not a fake brand created for beauty boxes.

      • Hello, Eyeko is not a fake brand. It sells in stores in England. My daughter brought me back a bunch of mascara because I really like it.

      • the Hut group owns tons of brands. that doesn’t mean those brands are fake~
        adidas, benefit, birkenstock, braun, brita, burts bees, butter london, calvin klein, caudalie, champion, ciate, coach, converse, disney, doc martins, first aid beauty, guess, hasbro, kate spade, kitchenaid, l’oréal, lancôme, LEGO, levi’s, marc jacobs, michael kors, murad, north face, nuface, oral-b, perricone md, peter thomas roth, phillips, pixi, playmobil, poloroid, polo ralph lauren, puma, ray-ban, reebok, s’well, shiseido, sigma, sirius, st. tropez, stila, strivectin, the ordinary, thermos, tom ford, tommy hilfiger, true religion, tweezerman, vans, versace…

        see the entire list~ thehut.com/brands.list

  25. I wish there were a few more premium or luxury brands here n there.

  26. I switched to regular Ipsy and doing add ons.

    • That’s exactly what I did as well. The plus for me has just become a box I give away. So I figure get the regular bag and buy the add ons I want and will use.

    • That’s what I do as well

    • Same …because theykerp having the same items too. I may skip the regular one too because they have had the same add on too.

  27. I’m not impressed. Will keep my eyes peeled for more spoilers.
    I like the bags
    We’ll see if I don’t just cancel.
    Ipsy what happened to you? With all the hype over the ultimate bag. I’m just not impressed. I do like the boxy premium and luxe. And I’m liking the winter box for fff. So maybe I’ll just cancel ipsy

    • 👍

      • Ugh! Well… Here goes three months of skips in a row 🤷🏾‍♀️. In 5 years I have never skipped or paused until October😭. Since I have to pay for Boxybase, Premium, and Luxe next month I may just skip the $12 glambag as well.

  28. I’ve heard good things about the Ittse brand, & it doesn’t appear in sub boxes that often, so I was actually pretty excited to see that spoiler. (Even if you don’t like the colors, the palette itself has a $24 value!)

    The rest is…. not as exciting, though, lol.

    • I agree. Having a z palette would be nice. The shadows are pretty and I can pop a few more in there to travel with. I have the tarte setting spray and really like it.

  29. Skipped

  30. I got the Skincare Super Oil by Evolue this month in the Ultimate bag and the lid was off and everything was covered. So Sad…

  31. I need setting spray but the rest is boring

    • Like the eyeshadow palette.. o could use another z palette. I think it’s a great idea by ipsy because I order a z palette from them 2 months by the balm… I hope they offer this palette as an add as well. I might buy an extra one of them… the lipstick is a gorgeous red.

  32. I think Liz at some point is going to stop asking what we think…lol ipsy seems to be on a downward spiral.

  33. Yikes! That’s so underwhelming. The bag is cute. Everything else is just meh.
    And how about a different color eyeliner than black for once?
    It’s like they’re not even trying, just dumping low selling products in a box. So over it!

    • Right? – blue, purple, pink.. anything. I will even take brown.

    • That’s EXACTLY what it’s like! I’m quitting my + bag too. Staying with Boxycharm…hoping to get the premium if my name ever comes up on the list.

  34. The eyeshadow palette and the eyeliner are disappointing

    • I just cancelled my subscription. Other than Tarte, these are a bunch of discount brands no one has heard of. Other boxes are sending popular items but the last 2 plus have been awful.

      • I cancelled as well for the same reasons.

      • PLEASE not black eyeliner…..what about brown,purple or any other color!!! IDo love ipsy but….come on you can do better!!!

      • Agreed. I’m not getting December’s. I’m thinking of quitting too. I’ll probably keep the reg GB for now.

  35. I like it so far , not amazing, but not horrible . I’ll just keep watching for more spoilers

  36. This is disappointing. I hate bullet lipsticks and keep getting them. I have enough black eyeliner to open a store and the palette is boring. Setting spray is useful at least. C’mon Ipsy, I know you can do better!

  37. For the first time ever I’m skipping a month. Nothing to love here!

  38. I think I’ll continue with the ultimate this month and skip plus. The choice items could change my mind.

  39. I like the tarte spray, and I’d be okay with the lipstick or the oil – but nothing about this is exciting.

    I think it’s also a mistake on ipsy’s part not to advertise the palette as being magnetic, because it just looks sad and weird otherwise.

  40. I was hoping for items I like but just the lipstick is not enough to re-subscribe. Not really happy with them bringing the bags back.

  41. I would like to try the Tarte spray and I don’t have a magnetic palette so that could be nice. I skipped November but I think I’m back on board for December.

  42. Yet another matte red lipstick. An eyeliner from a “brand” owned by the Hut Group. Not resubbing to ipsy anytime soon.

    • It looks like the Hut Group bought an established brand. I don’t see what the scandal is. Lots of smaller brands are owned by parent companies. Look at what Estee Lauder and Coty own. If the daughter companies keep control of their formulas and marketing then there’s often no difference to you or I.

    • Debbie there’s a whole thread up above about this exact thing. Just because it’s owned by Hut doesn’t mean it’s “no name” Plenty of smaller businesses are owned by larger corporations and actually brands owned by HUT are well known established brands (Peter Thomas Roth n many many many others) I encourage you to look it up or just scroll up n read the thread. Just like Coty owns tons of smaller brands. It doesn’t mean the brand is less than it just means it’s a backer with money and access

  43. I’m not interested in any of these. Again.

  44. Yay, Tarte!

  45. So happy I cancelled!! Ipsy what are you doing? You started off with some good name brand products and the last four months have been nothing but disappointing. Bunch of off brand items with the exception of some skin care items. BoxyCharm is running over you

    • I dropped Ipsy for boxy! Boxy has different brands and items every month! Ipsy is just repeats over and over!

      • Me too! I just got my boxy premium today and ❤❤❤ the boxy brushes are awesome too which I was kinda surprised by.

    • I need a magnetic pallet and kind of like these neutrals. Also am in need of a new setting spray. Nothing looks exciting here but I’m excited for such usable product.

      • Definitely usable palette, and better than the clown colors other subs are offering. I like it.

    • Boxy n Ipsy seem to go back n forth. I’ve been subscribed to both for a very long time. Boxy was majorly sucking for MONTHS and Ipsy was absolutely KILLING it now it’s flipped and Boxy has been ok for the last 2 months n Ipsy has been lackluster. The 2 things Ipsy has over Boxy is Ipsy has incredible customer service n add ons O n they actually try to follow your quiz which Boxy openly admits they don’t (the 2 times they tried for the Cover FX palette n Becca they failed horribly) At least with Ipsy you can pause when the box isn’t up your alley n as far as I know Ipsy has never pulled a bait n switch which Boxy does damn near monthly.

    • I completely agree! I was anti Boxy pro Ipsy and ever since they did the ultimate which I didn’t get, and SO glad I didn’t it’s been nothing but junky colabs people can’t even give away.. Tetris Betty boop some blonde chick I’ve never heard of! No thanks not wasting my money! DECEMBER WE EXPECT MORE not less! Pausing for 3rd month or just canceling terrible!

  46. Thank you for the spoilers 🙂 I need more spoilers to see if I need to skip this month again.

    • This is what I don’t like, the evolue was sent in november. And they keep sending the same brands like illamasqua, juice beauty, purlisse, eyeko over and over. There is never anything New and different.

  47. The palette looks silly. Big palette, 4 tiny shadows.

    • Agreed. What a waste of over packaging.

    • I thought the same, looks like it’s actually a magnetic palette like a Z palette. Could be nice, but it’s definitely not at the top of my list.

      • No, the shadows look embedded in the packaging. Does not look like you could add more.

        • It’s magnetic. This is a nice product.

        • They’re not embedded, you can see the notch in the cover where you remove it (Bottom right). Once you open that cover, you can add to/rearrange the shadows.

    • Looking at the website, I’m thinking it’s a magnetic palette with room for more pans.

    • It’s a magnetic palette! I have three of them filled with their shadows, blushes, highlighters, and bronzers. They actually have really good quality stuff. And the palettes are well constructed. And I like that you can customize your own palettes!

  48. The brands are decent that’s for sure.

    • Definitely. I’m not a user of liners, but Illamasqua is high end.

  49. I’m addicted to eyeshadow palettes, but that one looks terrible. Waste of space and the shades look to light to do much with. The other spoilers are fine. Lipstick looks like a nice red for the holidays.

    • Same. Those 3 light shades would not even show on my skin so I’d probably never open this palette to use.

      • It’s a magnetic pallete that just comes with a quad already. Throw them away and add your own pans. It’s so you don’t have to open a bunch of different palletes to get to the ones you use often.

    • Same. Hate that pallet. Too light and boring. Everything else is good.

    • Totally agree on the shadow pallet being too light, but a serious fiend for a decent liquid liner so at least there is one thing I’ll be excited for. However I could definitely just go to Sephora instead of being underwhelmed with a bag of Meh items

    • This looks to be a customizable palette. Meaning you remove the cushion around the pans and use the additional space for other shadows, I’m rather excited for this bag. Come on Ipsy… keep it up!

    • I also am addicted to eye-shadow palettes. That’s all I really need in a box and I am so so happy. I looked at the website and the palette itself looks to be one we can add more pans to. There is also I think 8 different variation in colors so maybe we will get lucky and have the possibility to get the palette with different colors. There is 8 quad options and 6 of them I wouldn’t mind at all so that’s good chance. Who knows.
      Oh and I am LOVING the bag.

      • Ooooh, I hope you’re right about the color variations!

  50. I like these so far.

    • I do, too. Nothing wrong with these. Most folks don’t need liner,at least this is a very good one.

      • The advantage of having daughter’s….one always needs liner lol.

        • Yes!

          • 🙂

          • 😄

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