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Ipsy Glam Bag December 2019 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the December 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag!

Here is the bag design:

And here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

BELLE EN ARGENT Auteur Crème Lip Color in Click Your Heels

TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Party Dress

SUVA BEAUTY Eyeshadow in Empire State

CÉLA Black Gold Supreme Coffee Scrub

PURLISSE Perfect Glow BB Cream SPF 30 in Light Medium

COMPLEX CULTURE All Over Highlight • Powder Brush

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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  1. I got my tracking for my Glam Bag and the tracking is from Fedx, not DHL. There’s also not a delay as usual.

  2. Hey does anyone know if it will be like last year and for December we get 6 products in the bag?

    • I just saw what’s in my Glambag and it’s 5 items not 6 like last year. It is a bit disappointing. All things considered, Ipsy really should be sending their loyal subscribers something for sticking around.
      Last night I saw a preview for add ons and I got SO excited for a Cake Beauty Cream but it’s not available for me?! WTH Ipsy?! I have never gotten one in my Glambag, but I have redeemed points for it. I think that’s crap that not every add on is available for everybody. 🙄 I did do 3 add ons but they are my daughters pics. I’m not sorry I picked a product but that means I’m getting blush for the 4th month in a row. At least this shade might work for me.

      • I agree with you I have emailed them and asked for Sunday Riley ,Murad and Dr Brant in my boxes and nothing. Everyone else gets these products except me. I had to buy them separately it’s not fair and sometimes they don’t even offer them.

  3. I feel like I’m so super dumb right now! But are all of these products all of the December sneak peaks?

    • Hey Charlotte! What you see are some of the products for December, but not the full list of products that might be available.

      • Thank you MSA, I didn’t read the comment about this🙂

  4. Keep in mind, there will probably be like 30-40 more products for GB other than these 5!

    • Oops! Forget about my last comment about are these the only spoilers!! Haha! I didn’t read that there are more!!

    • Please, I missed something! What is GB? I could use a legend, in fact have started one~! for my use. 🙂

      • GB stands for GlamBag. GBP- GlamBag Plus. GBU- GlamBag Ultimate.

  5. These are decent spoilers! I’m really ok with it for $12 and trying to be a little more Zen about my boxes. I get all the bmw’ing about Plus and Ult. – you definitely want to get products you want to use but with Regular and sample sizes, it’s fun to just sample everything as long as you will use most of it, like not orange nail polish or something totally off.

    I hope this is OK to post. I was turned on to Neon&Co Treatment Oil by ipsy and love their products. I have been ignoring most Black Friday sales but randomly clicked through one email this morning for $1.99 clearance items on their site. They have a few full size and travel size products (30-50ml) for $1.99 PLUS 70% off!! So they come out to be 60 cents. Shipping is around $6. Unfortunately, the travel kit and treatment oil is sold out. I got:

    Pore Refining Jojoba Sugar Scrub 50ml (full size) (RV: $32) – best deal! I love this scrub and I bought 10!
    Red Clay Face Mask 50gm (full size) (RV: $32) – good deal!
    Body Polish – Exfoliator 50ml – (RV: $15) – this is an OK deal, but it’s body scrub and it’s such a small amount
    Jojoba Body Oil 30 ml – (RV: $12) – this might be the weakest deal
    Hair Shot Ampoule – (RV: $10) – On sale for 99 cents, 70% off makes it 30 cents. They drop this at 99 cents regularly.

  6. yeah I might skip this 1. October and November were great but this is…just okay.

  7. Hmmm, I’m not feeling this at all. I skipped November because there was nothing that I needed or wanted.

    I’m so over highlighters too, and ok- I understand the red lipstick in December, but too much already.

    Ipsy has turned into a disappointment after what started out as an awesome sub.

    Oh well, I’ll be saving some cash…

    • I’m not feeling any of these December boxes. J just cancelled my Boxycharm. I might skipped this one.

      • I joined BoxyCharm in January and was OBSESSED and got Luxe in June and September. I was not into the November box or any of the Luxe spoilers, my October box was my least favorite that I had received so far. I cancelled too and was surprised that I ever wanted to because at one point I thought it was the best thing ever. I don’t mind bad Ipsy months because it is so inexpensive and I can gift them or use as stocking stuffers. I used to have Plus and I only liked one of the months so I cancelled that too. These subscriptions can be so inconsistent!

      • Yeah, i joined Boxycharm in October thinking that it was going to be a awesome subscription but i was wrong!
        The two boxes that i have recieved have been awful!, left over cheaper products that have not even came close to my profile. I didnt recieve my new members gift in October or a DOC pallet, this month my eyeshadow pallet glass was broken and little shards of glass was all over my other products causing me to get cut when i opened my box, there was no lid to my eye serum, it was a mess! BoxyCharm is replacing the pallet and eye serum but since the other products were not damaged, they wouldn’t replace my whole box. I am not using products that may or may not have glass in them, i told Boxy that but they could care less. I signed up for a 3 month subscription and December will be my last box with them, i am defitnetly cancelling! It has been dissapointing ever since i joined.

      • Yep. BC stinks.

      • yep, my term is up in dec and bye, felicia. boxy is weak.

      • That is my plan too! I didn’t know that you had to pay for shipping on the Pop Up sale unless you spend $25.00, and it said that it is not guaranteed that we will recieve the items we purchased before Christmas, WHAT? It is going to take them that long to ship out products? BoxyCharm is definitely not what i thought it was! I will be trying a different sub next year!(2020)

      • Agree. For the small investment, regular Glam Bag is the only true bargain. Plus was awful for me. Nothing resembled my profile. Couldn’t use a single product. Waste of money. Boxycharm worse because they don’t include what was promised or selected.

    • Allure had a great november box,and full sizes. I had ipsy a few months and I am over them. My add ons are better ,and that’s wrong. I may keep just for add ons. This month was so tiny.

      • My Ipsy bags used to be so on point until they updated their system and started doing add ons. After that my bags were stuff that I’d never use and not to my profile or years of reviews, so I would use all 3 of my add on’s each month to make up for it. Eventually, sounds crazy but, I felt like they were intentionally screwing with my bag to get me to buy more stuff LOL #gotmytinhaton

      • agree it’s worth it to have glam bag for the add ons!! it’s really all i need.

  8. I really love the makeup colors this month-though not sure of the Party Dress color by Tarte. Often the ipsy blushes are too warm for me. Has anyone seen that color? I can’t find reviews on the specific shade. The lipstick and shadow are gorgeous. The brush looks pretty, but I don’t need any more highlight brushes. I don’t usually get excited about face cream or BB creams, but love Purlisse, and the coffee scrub probably smells great, and at least it isn’t in a pouch. So this is new to be excited about almost everything listed. Let’s see what the choices are! I haven’t wanted any of the choices the past 2 months. If the red lip is offered, I would love that!

  9. I paused and don’t feel like getting this bag. I’ll see what MSA shows as the choice items, and if I really, really, really want one of them, I’ll reactivate. Otherwise, no.

  10. I got rid of my Ipsy Plus and nay second Ipsy bag – I feel like they are completely selling out. They used to be awesome – even sending out special gifts on our birthday. I even got a beautiful eye palette with 500 points – now you can barely get anything for 500 pts! They have gotten greedy. And their bags are boring now – I mean, this bag is boring – it could have b been so cute with a little something extra for the zipper pull, like they used to do. Ipsy was my first subscription love, but I feel like that love is fading….fast.

    • When did they send birthday gifts? Just curious.

      • I got nothing Birthday November 2. How about more body, hand and face cream

    • What??? I have been with Ipsy since 2014, and I’ve never gotten a birthday gift. Please share! Did they surprise you or email to let you know? I never get their emails…so wonder if that is why I missed out. I’ve always done an annual sub too. But that is neat you got gifts!

      • Ya… I’m curious too…

      • I am interested to know about the birthday gifts too!🤔 I have had two birthdays since i joined and have not received anything.

      • I haven’t received any birthday gifts, either. Mine just passed, November 9. No gift!

      • Same. Been with ipsy for years and never got bday gift!

      • NEVER got birthday anything from them

    • I think you’re thinking of Sephora.

  11. When is Choice for Ipsy? I’ve got too many dates running around in my head and can’t remember 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • 11/25

      • I thought it was usually the 23rd- does it change every month??

      • They have been changing it every month by one or two days.

  12. Those are probably all going to be choice items and this is first month I will choose surprise me because I don’t like any of those . The BB would be ok if it was’nt like 7 ml which is so teeny I will forget about it. However if I choose it I can give it good reviews and receive more BB creams hmmmm.

  13. Ipsy used to be one of my favorite subscription boxes. It introduced me to products I’ve never heard of before or couldn’t have afforded. It was always something I looked forward to. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s because they’ve gained so many more subscribers or what the case is but it’s been a subscription box that has really been letting me down for the past couple months. It’s disappointing and I’m almost embarrassed FOR Ipsy for the crap they are what seems like just throwing together now. I am skipping this month and it’s sad because most subscription boxes end the year with a spectacular box! (Sorry for the novel I just wrote but I had to vent, I’ve been holding it in a while now and I guess this post was the straw that broke the camels back) 🤷‍♀️😔

    • I feel you… I have noticed over the years that I will get about every 3rd or 4th bag, sometimes a couple in a row that are just off for me. When Ipsy has good customer service, I asked politely if it’s just me or what’s the deal. Ipsys response was nice and polite but pointed out that Ipsy is a subscription that does try to introduce their subscribers to new things. They do try their best to match profiles with the products they have for that month. That being said, per ipsys original design, they do or did intentionally send somewhat off bags to introduce us to new products and or brands. Makes sense to me but ever since they got a new algorithm, it’s been more off. It’s more than a little obvious that their October launch fail has hit them. I went to do my reviews and I have to get past their own pop up now. 1800 points for getting someone to sign up under your link for a limited time! It would not surprise me if they suddenly decide to offer new subscribers a sign up gift at this point.

      • I would be super curious as to how many people have cancelled. Giving 1800 points away for a referral is a huge sign that they lost a lot. Not so much that they are turning it around. There is no possibility that I would shill this bag to my friends for 1800 points, which is basically one free full size item.

      • At this point, just about everybody I know already has their favorite subs. I seldom send anybody a link for anything. I sent my Ipsylink to my niece when she asked for it.

      • It’s more that they raised the amount of points you have to use to get an item. Even the Smashbox Palette was around half that last month. So they are inflating the cost so you have to have more points. It makes it seem like you are getting more, but I’ve been around long enough, and the prices have jumped this year. A year ago, a balm was 100 pts, and now it is 600. I used to get nice palettes for no more than 700 pts.

      • Ya… It’s ridiculous! They’ve had the same stuff up for weeks and they are not selling out. Obviously, we don’t want them and/or nobody wants to get rid of that many points for an item. I redeemed points for that flower lippy for my daughter, but I don’t want anything else they have up.

      • Yes. But haven’t they also increased points you can earn? (Probably not by 600 percent tho. ) I thought the max per bag before was 10 to evidence and 10 to share and now it’s that plus 15 per item. Correct me if I am wrong. I never payed attention to points all that much cuz I forgot to do reviews but recently I went back to all my past bags until November 2015 and reviewed and shared them for 20 points total and then went back to all my bags until July is this year and reviewed all items for 15 points per item. I rounded up almost 2000 points.

        Also the window to get 1800 points for a referral was waaaaaay up short. It should be like for a month or until Xmas. I really wonder how successful it was for them.

      • I only review and don’t share; so for me, I receive the same amount of points. If I buy extras, I can review those too and get a few extra points, but not doubling or anything.

      • When I do my reviews, I do share them for the extra 5 points. But, after each review, I make sure I got the points, then I go delete it from Facebook.
        I couldn’t agree more about the rewards points items. Obviously, nobody really wants the items that have been up there FOREVER! It’s like they’re handing out points so people will redeem them for what’s available… I think, I’m the past, if things were up for awhile, they changed them out. I guess they’re too busy with damage control and worrying about profits .

  14. I’d love to get that Tarte blush; I love blushes, that shades beautiful and I’ve been wanting to try out their formula. I also wouldn’t mind getting that Suva eyeshadow and Pürlisse BB. I’m pretty sure I’m done with GBP unless they can make a big turn around. I’ve skipped 3 months in a row and there’s no FOMO after the complete spoilers are released. I just hope Ipsy is done with the collabs for a good while or I’ll drop the regular bag too.

  15. When will they stop with the RED LIPSTICK some of us can not wear red like to get other shades.

    • I just wish i could even get one red or brown shaded lip product, i have been a member for a year and a half and still have not received a red or brown lippie! I have it on my profile that i wear red and browns! I always get purple or light shades that make me look washed out!

  16. Do we think we will get a 6th item bonus like we did last December?

    • I hope so! I went on vacation and skipped last December:( so I’m looking forward to the possibility of a sixth item:)

    • I thought of this too!!! Lol! I would love it if they’d send that brush to everyone, it’s gorgeous!!!

  17. will be skipping this box

  18. Meh . Another month another skip. 4th skip in a row. Might as well cancel.

    • I hear ya! I didn’t know you could skip more than once in a row. I’m skipping too because this is awful!

      • I didn’t know you could skip a month. There is alot of times I do not like most of the contents in the bag. How do you skip? What do you do to skip?

      • ha – honestly, the easiest way is to go to your account and start to cancel. it’ll offer you a thousand chances not to, and ‘Are you getting too many bags? want to skip a month?’ will be one of their DON’T CANCEL FOR THE LOVE OF IPSY! options

  19. Looks good, but, unfortunately, items I’m just not into either product wise or shade. It’s one of those months I hope I get leftovers. But then again, my daughter’s tastes are changing. Maybe more for her Christmas makeup bag…

  20. I’m glad people seem to be in favor of these! Unfortunately, they’re not to my taste, lol.

    • Yep… skipping for the third month in a row..

    • Nor mine. May skip December entirely.

  21. I have an entire drawer full of blush but I want that one! It’s so pretty ❤️

    • I was thinking same, that shade is perfect.

  22. I hope that blush is part of choice.

    • Right! Tarte’s blushes are the only ones I use. This one looks so beautiful, like a great everyday shade. If not, hopefully there will be an opportunity to get it as an add on! I use their blushes every day, but I still havent even made a dent!

      • Right?! Finally a blush that doesn’t cause pore and acne issues. This shade isn’t for me, but it would work for my daughter. I have blushing bride and I’ve had it for over a year. I don’t wear makeup everyday and I do have one other blush I use when my skin is really tan. I’m shocked at how long this Tarte blush is lasting! It’s one of those products that is worth the money.

      • Is party dress a warm blush? I love tarte blushes, but they are all too warm (orange/peach/brown/red) for me so far. Is blushing bride a cooler tone? I need a cool plummy/pink. Thank you.

      • Same here, but I don’t like plums. I need pink! No yellow undertones. Blushing Bride is pink. Not a baby pink, not a bright pink either. I don’t think the shades online look like they do in person. I got the Dome beauty blush in English Rose. It’s not pink enough for me.

      • Hey, Party dress is a warm pink/peachy colour.

      • Thank you both about the blushes. Yes, I need no yellow undertones and can do cool pink or plum shades. The blushing bride sounds great! Thank you! I am glad to know the Party Dress has peach and won’t work for me; so I won’t ask for it if it’s a choice.

      • Blushing bride is my favorite shade. I use a more dense brush with it than others. It’s buildable without looking like you did. I have red & pink undertones. So, anything with yellow undertones makes me look jaundiced. I’m having some skin issues and just did a second makeup toss. Tarte does use talc , just an FYI. But, if I use a primer and face powder that does not have talc, I can get away with it. Otherwise, I would be without blush right now. I also double cleanse every night wether I wear makeup or not.

  23. I just received my November bag and I love every single thing (unlike my allure, it had not a single thing I was excited about). This December bag looks amazing! I really hope I get the blush and lipstick. I love that lipstick brand and I’ve wanted to try that blush forever!

    • Mine may come tomorrow, if not, Monday. Can’t wait!

    • Interestingly, I loved Allure this month, and was pretty meh with my Ipsy.

    • I really like the lipstick and blush.. I also like the brush because it looks really good for applying highlighter which is my favorite thing to do… I can’t wait for December to come.

    • I didn’t get anything I wanted from allure. No essence, no cloud cream. I didn’t want the pore putty. I think I’m about finished with subs. Ipsy has not delivered much lately. I could’ve bought the Farmacy balm myself and saved a ton of money.

      • Yes. But haven’t they also increased points you can earn? (Probably not by 600 percent tho. ) I thought the max per bag before was 10 to evidence and 10 to share and now it’s that plus 15 per item. Correct me if I am wrong. I never payed attention to points all that much cuz I forgot to do reviews but recently I went back to all my past bags until November 2015 and reviewed and shared them for 20 points total and then went back to all my bags until July is this year and reviewed all items for 15 points per item. I rounded up almost 2000 points.

        Also the window to get 1800 points for a referral was waaaaaay up short. It should be like for a month or until Xmas. I really wonder how successful it was for them.

  24. Belle En Argent (I have this in 2 or 3 shade and I LOVE it. It lasts a long time for a moisturizing lipstick, Cela (the make my very favorite lotion) and Suva (top 5 makeup brand for me. I have a ton of their stuff and never tire of it) please! I also wouldn’t mind any of the other spoilers listed here

    • I love this brand too!

      • It’s really good! I wear “I’ll bring dessert”
        nearly every day!

      • Had to look up that shade. Love it! Hope that it’s one if the colors.

    • If I don’t get one in my bag, I hope the lipstick is in the add ons. I want to try it!

      • If you like “dark nudes” with a hint of plum or mauve you should see if you can find I’ll Bring Dessert in one of the swap groups. It really is a perfect every day shade for me and I imagine quite flattering for the majority of skin tones

      • I do! That’s my color. Love it. If I don’t hat it through my GB, I’ll do that.

      • I don’t think they will have it this month because they featured it a few months back. I did see some on ebay for around $6 shipped (totally worth it!). It’s the travel size, which has 0.13 oz as opposed to 0.14oz full size. I love it so much that when I saw that Ipsy had it in a $5 duo (I can’t remember what the other product in the duo was) add on, I bought a backup

        This month they sent me Smoking on Screen and it’s gorgeous, but much bolder. Perfect Fall shade.

  25. Coffee scrub please 🙂

    • Me too!

  26. Had to activate for Dec GB 🙂

  27. Suva is always good. Everything looks great. I’m always pleased with the GB. Glad I only kept the Glam Bag and locked it in on an annual at $10 for another year. After that, I’ll probably move on from Ipsy.

    • I feel the same way, not that I don’t like Ipsy and wouldn’t keep it, just on product overload and a year from now will most likely feel even more over loaded. But I love trying new items which is why I love Ipsy. So we’ll see.

      • My thoughts, exactly. A year from now, I’ll have more than plenty of new items to try (and maybe a few repeat favorites!) from Ipsy, and I believe I’ll be quite satisfied with my subscription at that time. I’ve enjoyed it; but, I’m nearing the run of its course.

        I’ve moved on to explore ‘clean beauty’ boxes, like Kinder, and K-beauty, like Facetory. Both of those companies are fantastic with their customer service, too. I’ve really been impressed with the Plus box from Facetory. Their fall quarterly was fantastic and I know I’ll be purchasing some refills from that box!

  28. Wow!! Now these are spoilers that make me squeal for joy. I really hope I do not receive the lipstick (not that I have anything against them… I’ve just received one now for four months in a row). The blush, coffee scrub, BB cream and brush look amazing! Ipsy, very well done (so far). 🙂

  29. Quite a few repeats, but not complaining. I love that BB cream and would love to try the scrub.

    Add me to the list of people whose Plus is awful while regular is killing it lately.

    • I’m always up for trying a new facial scrub! I love the mix in GB.

  30. like the glam bag spoiler so far!

    I will see what I can choose, so many good option!

    • I am excited also I like the eyeshadow also the lipstick and brush lol

  31. Ohhh I’m pretty excited about these except the scrub.

  32. I love Belle en Argent lipsticks! Can I ask WHY it is regular bag item this month but was plus last month and has been regular past. Plus is sucking!!

    • I don’t know about the December one, but the Belle en Argent lipstick I got earlier this year in my regular Glam Bag was a deluxe sample, slightly smaller than full size. The one I got in my Plus this month was full size.

      • What Brandi said!

    • This one doesn’t look like it’s in the same packaging as the November plus lipstick. It might be deluxe sample.

  33. I really like the SUVA shadows I’ve gotten!

    • Me, too! I liked them so much I purchased some palettes as well.

    • I keep these little single Suvas in my little kit I keep in my car. They’re perfect for that.

  34. Ohhhh! Love that lipstick!

  35. I’m totally fine with these. The regular bag is really where it’s at for me right now.

    • I agree! I’ve consistently been skipping plus. Plus has been lacking but regular has been exciting for the most part.

  36. We are heading into winter. Coffee scrubs are so much better in the summer for me. The rest look like repeats of boxes.

    • I’ve been on break from regular Ipsy for a year for the Plus box.
      I just recently decided to get regular in November and skip Plus.
      The only repeat for me would be the Tarte blush, although the two versions I have are larger and different colors.
      The rest looks promising!

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