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CAUSEBOX Winter 2019 Box Spoiler #4 + Coupon!

We have a new spoiler for the Winter 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Winter box includes:

Machete Holiday Hair Clip Set or Foxy Originals Mix & Match Stud Earrings

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

VITIV Daily Hair Vitamin OR PUR 4-in-1 Correcting Primer


Bundle up under the weight and warmth of our BIGGEST CAUSEBOX inclusion ever. This oversized winter classic is the throw blanket of our dreams!

Imani Collective Knit Throw Blanket in Slate or Cream

There is love and care in every handwoven stitch, stripe, and tassel. Annual Members can choose from two cozy color ways: SLATE and CREAM.

Perfect for snuggling by the fire, lazy Sunday mornings, Lifetime movie marathons, and everything in between!


Luxe Jewelry Box by Samara

Keep your jewelry beautifully organized on your counter or in your suitcase with the vegan leather Luxe Jewelry Box from SAMARA.

Gold Serving Spoons by Artisan Direct

Serve up something special over the holidays with this gorgeous set of gold serving spoons! Each set was ethically hand-crafted by artisans in India.

Cozy Convertible Mittens by Siizu

Keep your hands cozy (or free) in the Convertible Mitten set from SiiZU. Sustainably made out of 100% recycled materials.

Annual members can choose between the Jewelry Box, Serving Spoons, or Mittens.

Which one will you choose for you Winter box?

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Comments (48)

  1. Fall Box was my first and I thought it was ok… The winter box looked pretty disappointing especially for holiday season and didn’t think the $63 was worth it for a bunch of stuff I didn’t need or want … Didn’t want the winter box nor did I reserve one and they billed me anyway to send me one … I won’t b ordering again after this … I don’t check my emails daily … there should be some kind of confirmation on my end before I am billed for anything …As with FFF I like having the option….but for the billing aspect of it FFF and cause box what’s the point of being a quarterly memeber without the perks of annual if I’m billed every season without my permission . I choose quarterly so I can choose whether I want the box that season… none should be automatically billed especially formCB when u have no choices and there’s no option to change this but to cancel subscription… unless someone knows something I don’t . Please share

    • All subscription boxes are the same in the sense that you will be automatically charged quarterly (or monthly depending on the subscription type) until you cancel your subscription. Some allow you to put your account on hold, but they only do that if you contact them and request it. This isn’t exclusive to Causebox. I have had 4 different monthly boxes and 2 different quarterly boxes and they were all the same.

  2. Annual subscriber so I’m really happy with box. Can only use the hair vitamin but all else are excellent gifts, especially the throw which covers the cost of the box itself. (In-laws in CT are big snugglers).
    The duffle/packing cubes are for traveling DIL, solar lights for son’s camping ambiance. Lots of great things in the add ons. Sure was worth it to be annual for first choices.
    Plus, as always, Causebox’s philosophy for fair trade.

  3. Customization is open!

  4. I don’t want the jewelry box or mittens – i will gift them if i get them. Did anyone buy anything from the add ons yesterday? so many were already sold out. I got a bracelet (charm), necklace (feather), lip balm and measuring spoons which i need.

    • Yes! I spent just shy of $150 in the Add-on sale.

  5. I don’t want the jewelry box or mittens – i will gift them if i get them. Did anyone buy anything from the add ons yesterday? so many were already sold out. I got a bracelet (charm), necklace (feather), lip balm and measuring spoons which i need.

  6. If I get the serving spoons or mittens, does anyone want to trade for the jewelery box? I don’t cook, and I live in southern California, so neither of those options are useful for me!

  7. Is it just me🤷🏼‍♀️ Just signed and already disappointed! I hate gold! Really not an alternative?

  8. I’m kind of disappointed in the wording of the spoilers… the blanket color & earrings/barrettes say “annual subscribers choose” but the other two just say “you choose”. I signed up for the box for the first time thinking I would get to make some of the choices. I still like most of the items, but a few will be a miss for me. With no choice options, I probably won’t get this box again.

    • I did too! I thought we got to choose as well. It is disappointing bc not everyone can afford to dish out that much money in one go to be annual. Conversion for Canadians is KILLER!!!! I’m also grumpy about the hefty shipping for add ons. $15 is alot!

  9. I like the very different options. Looking back to the only box I got last year, I didn’t like it because there were no options. Except for the color of the poncho (I think). I’m considering signing up for annual to be able to pick what I want. But I understand seasonal buyers wishing they could pick. Honestly I only like half of the things, so if I was seasonal, with my luck, I’d get the stuff I don’t want.
    Tempting, but I’d love to see a coupon.

  10. The box is feeling a little “meh” to me. However, it’s totally worth the price so far. It’s full of stuff I will be using like the serving spoons, blanket, and the earrings. I’m sure I’ll use the makeup primer as well.

    I’m not happy to see Causebox becoming more and more like FFF. I feel like they are losing their touch with curation, in having most items be selection items. However, I have very, thin, super fine hair. So the clips won’t work and the hair vitamin thing will just weigh it down. So I guess I should be happy to have a choice in those items.

    • I was thinking the same thing about this box starting to seem a lot like FFF. Not so sure that is a good thing.

  11. I wonder what add ons they’ll offer this time 🙂

  12. This is the first time signing up for this sub. How many items will there be?

    • They generally have 6-7 items.

    • Loving this box especially after pausing/skipping fall box. It’s the cream throw, primer, and hair ties for me. Trying to decide between the jewel box or the gold server set.

  13. hope i get the hair clips bc I’m way too terrified of needles to get my ears all the other variations!!

  14. So far I think any of the items would be wonderful to have. I will take what I get and be happy 😊

    • Well with the exception of the primer, I don’t use makeup primers.

  15. Liz- when is customization?

    • That is exactly what I was wondering and searching comments for information, LOL!

  16. I have lots of subs, but this is my only annual:
    earrings, silver
    jewelry box

  17. Earrings since my hair is short.

  18. I am excited to get this box, I am an annual 🙂

    1) salad servers
    2) darker blanket with tassels
    3) pur primer
    4) hair clips

    Can’t wait for full spoilers

    • I want the travel jewelry box, but my other three choices are the same as yours 🙂

  19. Wow I’m loving this box! Considering getting a second box so I can get gloves and spoons, both blankets, and both of the other choices. What I don’t keep will make excellent Christmas gifts!

    • If you are annual, and get a second box, I have had great luck asking them if I can customize my second seasonal box, and they have helped me every time! They have great CS.

      Anyway, I am getting the serving spoons, the hair clips, the cream blanket, and the hair vitamin. The hair vitamin has 5 star reviews!

  20. I’m still waiting on my fall box. I ordered on Halloween. Haven’t heard anything yet.

    • I ordered on 10/20 and received email that my box shipped today!

    • I ordered mine on October 17 and it FINALLY shipped out on Monday and is scheduled to arrive on or before next Monday, November 18. Fingers crossed yours get shipped soon too!

  21. I think I’m going to choose the earrings, I want both the hair item and the primer (so don’t know), the white blanket, and I don’t know about the first spoiler, any I guess.

  22. This is wonderful!! Keep rockin’ Causebox! I love the idea of getting the earrings to go with the jewelry box or the hair clip to go with the hair vitamin and comb. I’ll be stalking the mailbox to get this box!

  23. I have short hair and ears are not pierced…so, yeah. Only thing I really like about the box is the blanket, not worth $55. Definitely cancelling.

  24. This is such a letdown for me not because of the items themselves – I very much like them! – but I know that there are some option items I would greatly want and some I would not. The fact that monthly subscribers get no say in any of the items is a big issue to me. Like I would love the earrings, but would have no use for the hair clips with my hair type. Same goes for the other choice items. I don’t feel comfortable splurging for an annual membership on boxes like this because of how hit and miss they can be, but that just means I’m going to have to skip this sub entirely from here on out if they will be doing multiple items to choose from (FFF style) but only annual members get to choose ANYthing. A real shame.

    • Amen! This IS a very sad state of affairs. I will just buy the throw.

    • Agreed. I only have ever purchased one Causebox because of this and I was disappointed with the choice item I received (I wanted the other color, and didn’t cancel the box when given the option after they had a long delay due to supplier issues. I feel like if a customer is patient to the point of getting a summer box after summer is over, they could let them pick the color of the item in their delayed box.) I would get this box if I could choose the items and had any faith it would arrive before January. Rachel Zoe, FFF and PS Must Have let seasonal subscribers pick at least a few choices.

    • I agree. Although I have purchased their last three boxes, I won’t order this one. It has great products in it and great causes to support, however without being able to customize a couple of items it is too much of a risk to end up with things I don’t need or want. I wished they would do like Journee Box and add an extra gift for their annuals and allow seasonal to choose.

    • Agreed. If they are going to do so much customization, it makes sense to let quarterly subs choose at least something. Color ways of items aren’t as big of a deal, but things like earrings vs hair clips could be a big problem for someone (short hair, not pierced ears etc.)

      • Yeah, this box is pretty bad for seasonal subscribers. I think this will hurt causebox in the long run. I honestly might subscribe if I got to make choices but with the options of getting something I don’t want, it’s better to just buy what I do want elsewhere

  25. Man, this box is just not great. I’d love the jewelry box but can’t guarantee it. The blanket would be lovely but I can get a nice blanket anywhere. Hair stuff would be great, but can get that anywhere as well. Def not worth the $50+ and probably not even if they have the half off sale

    • You can find a similar jewelry box at Target in the purse department. I saw it the other day and thought, “wow this looks a lot like the one that will be in the Causebox”.

      • Perfect haha. That or I can find one on poshmark later when people who don’t want it inevitably get it

      • Thank you *so* much for this information! I looked for something like this at Target when the first Causebox winter spoiler came out, but didn’t see them. I just ordered two!

        (I was tempted to sign up for Causebox again because I loved my Summer Welcome I box, but the five weeks it took to get my market order scared me off. These travel jewelry boxes are meant to be Christmas gifts.)

      • OK, I picked up the Target travel jewelry cases and will probably return them. Uneven stitching, necklace tabs askew, white spots in the pink lining, only 10x10x4 cm as opposed to Causebox’s 12×12-6 cm … the thing is, at least I *can* return them. Another issue, besides the slow shipping, that bothers me with Causebox is the difficulty or impossibility of returning items.

    • This box is a huge letdown!!! The only thing good so far is the blanket! After such an amazing fall box, I feel they really failed on this one, especially with it being the winter box, there are so many great items they could have put in this box and they put in spoons, hair clip, and and conditioner? Really? This box is a definate no from me and I was really looking forward to it too!

      • And I skipped the fall box and just bought the oil off someone on poshmark whereas this box I am upgrading to annual because I want everything in it. I’m personally relieved to get a winter box that doesn’t include a candle or some other items for people who live in snowy climates.

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